The Sexual Adventures Of Exine III

Info P_Ptyza
23 Mar. '17

The carnival had come to town with all its trucks, amusements and various carnival color and noise. Everyone loves a carnival, especially our heroine Exine, who was looking forward to checking it out one Friday night after she got home from a rather dull but well-paying LEGAL job. As she got in the door, she noticed a voice message on her mobile phone. As she peeled off her shoes, rubbing her toes, she listened to the librarian she had made friends with during the week. He sounded a little too eager and presuming to warrant her curiosity tonight. She wanted a night to herself.

She popped in the shower and let the hot water run down her back, almost massaging her shoulder blades. Goosebumps rose on her skin from the sudden hot water enveloping her body. She caressed her body with soap and let the water wash away any stresses from the day. She considered calling the librarian but pushed it out of her mind. She remembered how thick and hot his cock was and before she new it, she was washing her snatch a little too earnestly and was starting to feel very turned on. She rubbed the rough material of the washcloth against her crotch letting the memories run over her like the falling water. She let herself have one quick but slightly unsatisfying orgasm because she was starting to run a little late. A thought entered her head and she got out of the shower and briskly dried her body. She went into the bedroom, lay on the bed and picked up her mobile. Exine dialed and waited. A woman's voice answered,"Hello?"

"Hi, Rita, this is Exine. You got any plans for tonight?"

"Hey chick, what's up, you asking me out on a date?"

"Well the carnival's in town and I thought it'd be a fun night. I'm going either way, but I thought you might want to join me."

"Yeah, sure, give me a few minutes and I'll be down."

Rita lived on the third floor of the five story apartment building. Rita was one of the few females that Exine could tolerate. But their friendship was much more than just tolerance, they got along quite well. Exine wondered what she should wear. The weather was still hot and humid beings it was the middle of August. So she grabbed a pair of cut off jeans and a tank top and put them on. She was still towel drying her hair when she heard the door open and Rita's raspy voice chant,"It's only me."

"Geez, that was fast, Rita, you that hard up for a date?"

"Oh, eat me, I had nothing better to do." Exine looked up from under the towel.

"Well, I was hoping to get something a BIT more nutritious for dinner, you know."

"Hey, something’s better than nothin' ya know." Rita got along with Exine because they had the same personality. Also when neither had a date and both had some appetites to be satiated, they played with a few toys in each others apartments such as dildos and various strap-ons.

"I just have to dry my hair," Exine called from the bathroom.

"Hey, need a hand," Rita asked from behind her. Before Exine could answer, Rita took a comb from the sink and started combing Exine's long locks. "Oh, no bra tonight, looking for a quick pick up huh?" Exine chuckled.

"Nah, just looking to stay cool and not sweat so much." Rita put the dryer on low and combed out Exine's hair. The warm air on the back of her neck was almost hypnotic and definitely a turn on and didn't go unnoticed. Rita reached down and cupped Exine's breast pulling on the nipple just slightly. Exine could feel herself starting to moisten her shorts. Sitting on a stool in front of the vanity, she looked up and smirked. Rita winked back and slowly pulled off her own blouse. Her own nipples were hard and pointing, waiting for stimulation. She whispered,"I'll be in the bedroom." Exine wasn't slow in following her to the bed. "You know," Rita said,"it's been a little while since we got together like this. Let's get some wine, too." Rita, knowing where Exine kept her liquor, bounced out to the living room. When she returned, Exine had taken out some of the "toys" and put them on the nightstand next to the bed and started burning some incense. "Oooh, I even get wild cherry incense," Rita purred and she walked up behind Exine and reached under her tank top to her breasts, squeezing softly, rubbing the nipples. She helped Exine off with the garment and then reached front to the snap holding her shorts on. She unsnapped and unzipped and reached down without taking them off and played with the coarse pubic hair underneath. As she reached lower, she felt it was drenched with anticipation. Exine wanted it just as much as Rita did. She pulled the shorts over the girl's hips and slid them down. She knelt down and pushed Exine's legs apart, sliding her fingers up into her oozing pussy. Without saying anything, Exine crawled onto the bed and laid on her back. Rita crawled up between her legs and open mouth kissed Exine's wet pussy. The soft tender lips were so contrary to the male attention Exine had received lately that it sent a shock throughout her whole body. Her hips bucked slightly as Rita cat licked her pussy, taking little stabs at her clit, and long strokes at her dripping hole. Rita starting fingering her own pussy as she was eating Exine. She wanted Exine to taste her juices too. Rita pulled herself up on the bed, covering Exine with her own body, rubbing her own aching pussy onto Exine's, simulating fucking. She took Exine's tits in her hands and kissed and sucked on each one, then kissed her mouth openly reaching in with her tongue.

She pulled her body up further and kneeled over Exine's face, her pubic hair dangling barely an inch from her mouth. Exine reached up and held Rita's ass and pulled her down. Exine worked her tongue up into Rita as the girl moaned and writhed. Exine stuck her middle finger in the girl's pussy and fucked Rita as she sucked on her clit. Then she took the finger and slowly worked it into Rita's tight ass. Rita cried out in pleasure and her body jolted as she came in Exine's mouth. Rita noticed out of the corner of her eye that Exine had her curtains open and somebody was watching the two girls. Exine had a ground floor apartment, they didn't have this problem with Rita's place. It was the landscaper's teenage helper, maybe college age or so. Rita pretended not to notice him. She whispered to Exine to really play it up and see what would happen. The boy had a hedge clippers and was staring open mouthed at what he couldn't believe he was seeing. Rita climbed off Exine and took the strapon off the nightstand and put it on herself. Exine came over and started licking the plastic dick pretending to give head to Rita who was busy with melodramatics of how it was turning her on. The boy outside looked around himself, seeing that it was the back of the building and fairly deserted, pulled his dick out of his terry cloth shorts to jerk off while he watched. Rita broke concentration when she saw his dick out of the corner of his eye. For being 19 or 20, the kid was huge. He had to be nine or ten inches. Exine's window was open slightly. Rita called,"Hey baby, don't waste that tool out there, ya wanna come in here where's it's more useful than those clippers?" He hesitated for a second. Rita was almost sure she scared him off. He put his penis back in his shorts and put down the clippers. Her heart sank, he was just going to take off. He leaned closer to the window and said,"You serious?" Rita's heart skipped a beat and she said,"Oooh, yeah, apartment 15, and hurry!" She looked down at Exine. The two girls laughed like high school girls which they hadn't been for about ten years. Exine said,"Hey, I get him first you already came."

"Sure, I don't think this kid's gonna expect what he's got in store." A soft knock came at the door, Rita was there in a flash, opening it slowly in her nakedness. As he came in, Rita said,"Just one question first, how old are ya, boy?"

"Uh, 20, why?"

"Mind if I see a driver's license, call it paranoid but I don't wanna go to jail neither. Don't get me wrong, you're hung like a horse and we really want to fuck you but we don't want any trouble." He fumbled for his wallet and pulled it out. As Exine walked out to them she watched his dick get hard under his terry shorts that left absolutely NOTHING to the imagination. Rita was right, the kid WAS a horse. Rita was scrutinizing the license like a bartender.

"Hey Exine if he's born in 1996, he's like..."

Exine came over and wrapped her hand around his cock through his shorts and said huskily,"Very legal." Then looking up at the boy said,"Hey, you ever party with two others before?" He shook his head and smiled. "Are you a virgin or do we have to pull in the blackboard too?"

He found his voice, which was rich and deep like molasses with a bit of a Southern twang to it and said,"Oh no, I ain't no virgin. I'm not saying that I fucked a hundred women but I ain't no virgin. I was on the football team in high school."

Rita giggled,"So you had your share of cheerleaders huh?"

"A few," he said. Rita wanted to embarrass him a little so she went around behind him touching his ass and asked,"So, baby, you ball players ever get it on with each other in those hot steamy locker rooms?"

He didn't embarrass easy and answered,"Well, I wasn't on the receiving end but I poked a few in the shower, hell yeah, something wrong with that?" Exine was stroking his hard-on and without letting go led him to the bedroom. Rita closed the curtain so that there wouldn't be any more viewers and they undressed him. He definitely had an athlete's body so he must not had been lying about the football. Exine thought,"Christ, even his cock feels like he had it lift weights." He was as perfect as a Greek statue. Exine pulled down his shorts and immediately started sucking on his massive cock. Rita had helped him take off his shirt and was stroking his chest. They let him lie on the bed. Exine went back to work on his cock and Rita laid next to him, kissing him on the mouth. He was massaging Rita's tits and leaned down to suck them.

Exine climbed on top of his cock and slid down onto it. She moaned out loud. "Oh God, Rita, you got to feel him inside you, he's so big, not just long, but nice and thick too." She started a slow steady rhythm not wanting to go too fast. Rita pulled away so she could watch the two of them. The boy held Exine's hips and easily fell into her steps and was pushing his cock further into her as she pushed her pussy onto him. Oh yes, he WAS experienced. She felt like his cock was up in her stomach but it felt so good. Not too big that it hurt, but just right, like the Goldilocks would have said. She reached behind her and touched his balls which were tight and hard like his cock. A sweat was breaking out on his face, he was trying hard not to cum. So she brought her hand back, no sense in making him cum too early. He guided a hand to her back and brought her body down lower. She kissed his nose and he pulled one of her breasts up to his open mouth. He sucked softly, too gently, not wanting to hurt her. Pumping harder she growled,"Bite me." He gave a little more pressure. "No, bite me, it's okay," she said. He gave a nip that started her orgasm to mount. She pumped harder until her pussy clamped him tight and her body went rigid. In her blinding orgasm, she hoped he hadn't cum so that Rita wouldn't get pissed. She opened her eyes and kissed him and climbed off him. He was still hard.

"Hey, what about me," he asked.

"Oh, it's not over yet, baby," Exine said.

"No way, Stud," Rita squeaked as she straddled him.

"Ya know, Rita, this is better than the carnival. We brought the merry go round horse in here to ride."

"Oh, yeah, this is the perfect stud pony, Sister."

"You guys are sisters," he asked. They laughed and said no.

"I guess we should have been cuz we like to share everything," said Exine.

Rita leaned close to him as she rode him and said,"Everything. Clothes, jewelry, cock...can you handle it."

He sneered and bit her neck. "I'll take that as a yes," said Exine. As she sat on the pillow, her pussy was still throbbing from the brief workout his cock gave her. He was really equipped. He made the other guys she had recently sound like old men. He looked over at her while Rita was still on top of him.

"Exine, right? That's your name." She nodded. "Exine, that's pretty. I got a wild idea. Why don't you sit on my face as she's fucking my bone?" It would have sounded so crude and disgusting coming from anyone else but it sounded cute coming from his Southern accent. She straddled his face and he dove into her snatch with fervor licking her cum right out of her. She held onto the bedpost to keep her balance. He sucked her clit just right, making her ooze all the more. He licked it like honey out of her slit. His tongue worked like a little prick in and out of her so that she came again quickly. Rita came also and climbed off him. "I gotta rest," she announced.

"Hey, what about me," he asked again. Exine got a wonderful idea.

"Hey Mr. Football, you said you were never on the receiving end of ass fucking. Wanna try it out?" Without batting an eye in hesitation he asked,"How, I don't see any dicks hanging off you girls?" Exine went into her bureau drawer and pulled out a strap-on with a very thin dildo.

"With this dear. It won't hurt like that cock you're swinging between your thighs. Are you game?" He thought for a second and said,"Ok, but if I don't like it, you stop when I tell you." She agreed and put it on. Rita had that hungry look on her face as she got off the bed and sat next to the dresser to watch. Exine took out some lubricant and put it on the dildo.

"This could be a little cold. Hey, hon, what's your name?" He answered that his name was Derek. "Ok, Derek, I'm gonna put some gel on your asshole. It's gonna feel a little cold and then it should warm up." She squirted some on her fingers and he got on all fours. She knelt behind him and parted his cheeks with her slick fingers. She put the tube down and with her other hand reached between his legs and massaged his cock and balls. He moaned a little. He was still rock hard, she assumed he was still turned on, and that was very correct. She talked him through it so that he didn't feel strange. "Derek, I'm going to start putting my dick into you. That's what it is, my dick, and I'm gonna fuck you good, baby." She put the tip in his asshole and held it there. She put in a little more and then pulled back and pushed it in some more. "You like that, Derek, you want some more of my cock? Tell you what, if you want, you straighten up some and Rita will give ya some head while I fuck ya, honey." He slowly straightened up on the bed and Rita took her cue and sat yoga-style in front of him, taking his long hard cock in her mouth slowly, not wanting him to cum before Exine got a good chance to get him off. Exine eased the dildo in and out some more until she was sliding it in all the way. He never flinched, maybe he lied about not being on the receiving end, Exine thought. She held onto his hips and fucked him while Rita caressed and licked his shaft. He was muttering bit and pieces. "Oh yeah....that's the way...fuck me...c'mon eat me" He was really getting into it. The dildo was made that it was positioned on Exine's clit, so that she was getting just as much pleasure out of this. His body started losing the rhythm and she could tell he was cumming. He groaned louder and harder until he cried out. As his cock started spewing, Rita capped it with her mouth and sucked it all out. Exine pulled out and unstrapped the device, tossing it on the bureau, letting Rita enjoy the last of his orgasm. As she licked the head he pumped his organ himself so she could get all she could. His cock was starting to soften and as he went limp he was still an impressive six inches. Exine was starting to really like Derek, even though he was at least five years younger. She had a feeling he liked them too.

"So Derek, did you like that?" She asked.

He grinned, not knowing quite what to say. She asked him,"Come on level with us, was that REALLY your first time getting it from behind?"

"Hell, yeah, but that was fantastic! I don't think I would have liked it so much if it was from a guy, but it was knowing it was from you that really turned me on."

"Well, Derek, if we could arrange it, do you think you'd like to do a foursome and have another guy?" He hesitated.

"Let me think about it. I don't know."

"Don't worry, I wouldn't make you do anything you really wouldn't want to do. Derek, have you ever sucked a cock?"

"Uh, no. I don't know if I want to get into that."

"Aw come on Derek," Rita chimed in. "You liked it when Ex stuck it to you and you like GETTING head. Don't you think you could figure out how to GIVE head. You just think about what you'd want someone to do to you." He looked a little uneasy.

"Well, you know Derek. I'd find someone who wouldn't MAKE you do anything you didn't suggest. Could you handle that. Maybe just a night of switching partners back and forth without going with the same sex. You could handle that, right. Oh sorry, you probably got a really cute cheerleader type girlfriend and already I'm arranging your social life,"Exine said, hoping to get a lead as to how he was attached.

"Well, actually, I don't have anyone right now. I dropped out of college and my girl got pissed and dumped me. So I'm pretty free." Exine ruffled his hair and asked,"So you want to hang with us, baby?"