Fatal Edge

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23 Mar. '17

Smokey Saga #73 (March 2017)


Brand-new one here as of publishing on NT, March ’17’s story. I’m really pleased with this one, I feel it all came together very nicely. This story’s pretty intense (as my BDSM stories have a way of being). Its erotic scenes are amalgams of a number of my favorite elements I’ve put in other stories (like the story on which the poem I just published a couple days before this is based)—between two new characters, who comprise a very young married lesbian couple. So settle in, get comfy and enjoy!


A Picnic Blanket, Some Sandwiches, And Thou

Saturday, June 25th, 2016, 10:45 a.m.

It was a beautiful breezy summer morning shortly after the solstice. The crystal blue sky was dotted by only very few cloudlets. Birds and squirrels mingled in fully bloomed trees waving in the wind. Nature’s warm perfume was seductive and elegant. It was green as could be in dozens of suburban neighborhoods throughout town, including that which Sequoia Avenue called home. 1124 Sequoia was the residence of Barbara and Josie Greer, two elatedly wedded wives in their mid-20s.

The Greers held hands, adjourning to their backyard. Barbara’s other hand toted their tablecloth, Josie’s the basket. They perched at the picnic table and got brunch started. Alongside lay their garden, which was one of the great joys of Josie’s life, she being the gardener between them. Barbara and Josie—or Babsy and Jojo, as they affectionately referred to each other—kept what many would consider a remarkable marriage. They were one of the younger same-sex couples to tie the knot, especially fortunate to have met and fallen in love. Both Barb and Josie had one unique, common trait passed down by their folks. Even as kids, they were viewed as just a bit more responsible and mature than their peers, wired like grown women already during childhood. They were always good girls, diligent in their schoolwork and chores. Today they remained both intelligent and well-read. But this certainly didn’t mean they did not enjoy having fun. They got playfully creative in courtship and flirting. Dating since teens, they married a year ago—and as was often the case with young exuberant lovers, maintained a smoking hot sex life.

One of the reasons they had things cooking so splendidly was that they were positively fearless in their lovemaking. They weren’t half-bad at continuing to romance and woo one another either. They went on the occasional fancy date, gazed demurely into each other’s warm, loving eyes, and flirted like the teens they were not very long ago at all. To be sure, things weren’t always easy, but thus far, the Greers’ love had conquered everything that was thrown at them.

Here today, as with many picnics at their backyard table, they held non-dominant paws—Josie’s left, Barbara’s right—while eating with their others. Random, indeterminable points witnessed them caressing palms with their thumbs, which still sent a tiny tingle of excitement through them. As far as their friends, families and everyone else who knew them were concerned, Jojo and Babsy were as firmly in love as the day they pledged their vows.

The couple earned enough to support themselves and their two cats, but would’ve been hard-pressed to raise children. Josie Sue Greer worked at a jewelry store in the Juniper Mall. Barbara Ann Greer (nee Cafferty) telecommuted from home on weekdays, enabling her to tend to their felines, Bumpers and Maxwell. Their schedules didn’t always sync up, but both were free this gorgeous, sunny Saturday morning. And they loved the relative freedom of taking care of pets while not worrying about kids. Not that they didn’t like children, but having kids was not to be their domain. They’d begrudge no one else the privilege; it just wasn’t for the two of them personally. Besides, if caught by a child in the midst of private activities, they’d have to handle things carefully to avoid scarring the kid for life.

Barbara felt Josie give her fingers a little squeeze. “I love you, honey doll,” she cooed between bites.

Barb coyly smiled and squeezed in return. “I love you right back, sweetie bear.”

As so happened semi-often, after a few more moments of drinking in the limpid pools of their eyes, the Greer wives felt that familiar funny feeling. They proceeded to polish off their PB&Js, clean things up, vacate the picnic table and saunter back on inside, already beginning to tingle in their special spots.

“My, my, but that was a quick ‘bruncheon,’” Barbara chuckled.

“Indeed. Not nearly as long as what I’m about to do to you,” grinned Josie.



Saturday, June 25th, 2016, 11:32 a.m.

Babs and Jojo decided to play one of their favorite games today. In just about all their sexy scenarios, Josie played the domme to Barbara’s dainty, delicate sub. As this setup worked so faithfully, marvelously well, they stuck with it. They’d virtually never tried the reverse, but both loved the way things were status quo. Babsy absolutely adored being on bottom, helplessly locked under Josie’s magic passion spells. And Jojo could neither get enough of Barbara’s yearning, pleading gasps for release, sumptuously begging to be allowed to climax. Both got so madly off on it, it was frankly hard to imagine altering.

The fantasy they were implementing this late morning was a cruel—but sizzlingly hot (and completely consensual)—roleplay. Just between the two of them, they called it “Beloved Rapist.” It started the usual way: Josie remained dressed while Barbara slipped into the bathroom, turned on the shower, removed her clothes and replaced them with only a towel. The running of the shower served no purpose other than to help make it feel more real. Babs took her time undressing, while Jojo seductively leaned against the door frame and waited. Both got mentally into character. Finally, towel-clad Barbara shut the shower back off. Hearing it from outside, Josie curled her eyebrows down and lips up, into an evil grin. The doorknob turned, and out innocently stepped Babs, pretending to suspect nothing. She only hummed softly, until she noticed who else was here.

She gasped in mock fright. Josie let her grin spread, baring pearly whites at her. Barbara clutched one hand to the sternum, taking a first quivering step backwards. They loved to really get into the spirit of these games. Jojo stopped leaning on the door, and closed the space between them Barb just opened. She couldn’t stop gleefully—and maliciously—smiling. This part was method acting.

Barbara’s eyes trembled with theatrical fear. “Oh no,” she whispered.

Josie nodded. “Oh yes. Greetings, lassie.”

Her wife-slash-scenario victim whimpered. “W-wh-what-what a—…h-how-how d—…”

Jojo wagged a finger. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Both you and I know, your Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to be home for a long, long time. It’s just you…and me.”

Babs feigned more severe terror, blinking crocodile tears. “No…please…” she whined.

The first time they’d played this out from their fantastic imaginations, they took some temporary pauses. Barbara wasn’t a professional actress, but she was so convincing, Josie began to fear she really didn’t like it. But Barb assured her she truly loved being fantasy raped. It wasn’t fantasy rape unless she really pretended to not want it to happen. And it blazed her up like wildfire. So since that day, Josie had only upped the ante on her. The mock-leer she held on Babsy’s mock-grimace was mock-terrifying.

Well…” cooed Josie, her voice dripping with syrupy malevolence. “I’ll tell you what, little one.

“If you hand over that towel right now…I might go a little easy on ya.”

Barbara was of course playing as frightened as could be, and so logically did as her character’s captress asked. She let the towel drop to the floor, shielding her tits with one arm and concealing her pussy with the other paw. Josie’s smile grew with satisfaction.

There’s a good little gal!” she praised, stooping to retrieve it. She rose back up to meet Babsy’s eyes.

“Then again…” added Jojo, tossing the towel behind her. To her wife-slash-victim’s horror, the sadistic smile returned.

“…Maybe I won’t.”

Babs fake-cried again. “Oh, no,” she pleaded tearfully. “Please don’t…”

Josie mercilessly marched on her, forcing the naked frightened Barbara back into the bedroom. Once she had her cornered, Josie poked her shoulder just enough to coerce her off her feet. and onto the bed. She proceeded to give Barb her next order.

“Now get on up there, sweetie pie. On your back.”

Barbara tried to stand up.

“No. I don’t want to. Please don’t make me.”

Josie’s expression turned stern, boring into her with cold eyes.


Her victim shook her head. All part of the act. Josie seized her cue and delivered her next action.

“You say ‘no’ to me??...”

“…I…I-I just don’t w—”

Josie grabbed her by the arm and turned her around. She reared back with her other hand.

I’ll give you ‘no,’ you little brat!!”

SPANK! Josie smacked her ass. Hard. Barb shrieked in oncoming tears, throwing her voice into the upper register to sound more like her violated child character. She was becoming very aroused already. And she had to figure Jojo was feeling the same. Jojo gave her a more forceful shove this time, again down onto the foot of the bed.

“Now get the hell up there, you little pipsqueak!” she growled. “This is your rapist speaking, and that’s an order! When an adult tells you to do something, you do it! Do not keep me waiting, and do not make me angry.”

Barbara gave another whimper, writhing and wriggling up the mattress while trying to keep her privates just that. Of course, her hands verified that she was already getting stiff and wet where it counted. But as they’d done time and time again, they kept up the pretense. So that for all intents and purposes, Barbara was being sexually stimulated against her will. It remained as delicious as ever.

That’s more like it!” Josie praised, in a much nicer tone. “See how smoothly things go when you do what you’re told?”

In still timid character, Barb slunk up to the array of pillows waiting for her, and tucked herself into a ball. Josie became moist and excited as well, watching how Babsy curled up at her disposal. Her beloved’s hand was between her thighs, concealing her clit and bush. But the way she lay on her side, face buried in her breasts, the slit of her pussy was exposed and vulnerable. Like a tasty fluffy muffin beneath her round, supple ass. Just begging to be consumed, despite how its owner felt about it. Jojo sauntered around to the side of the bed, where she could get Babsy’s attention. She tapped her on the spine. Barbara only trembled and curled up tighter.

“I said…”

Josie reached out, kept her smile ear-to-ear, and with her next menacing words—

“…On your back.”

…Tickled her pussy slit with a single index nail.

“Eeeee-hee-hee-hee!” Barbara squealed with laughter. The sensation indeed tickled, and sent wild lust through her at the same time. But for the fantasy to prove most effective, she had to go on faking non-consent, pretending she didn’t like it. So once through with her laugh reflex, she reverted to panicked fear, and quickly did as her beloved rapist instructed.

“’Atta girl,” said Josie. “Now then, assume…the position.”

Both of course knew what this meant. Slowly and reluctantly, Barb shut her eyes, uncovered her genitals, and spread her limbs to the shape of a perfect ‘x’. She turned her blushing, shamed face to one side, stewing in imagined humiliation. Her playmate Jojo retrieved the unwieldy but preferred device for her capture. It was a six-foot rectangular clothing rack the girls used as a shackling post. It was cumbersome, but not especially heavy. Josie placed it on the bed, encompassing Barbara’s body.

“There we go! Now be a good little honey and hold still.”

For convenience, they kept fuzzy cuffs attached at each corner of the rack, so restraint was quick and easy. Josie took Barb by the front and hind paws and cuffed her up, amid further entreaties of, “No, please!” Even though she of course really loved it.

“Oh, please, please don’t do this to me!” Barbara blubbered.

“Oh, but it’ll be fun!” Josie cruelly insisted. “Don’t you wanna have fun??

Now with her bride down and immobile, Josie seized the liberty once more and teased her taint with the same fingernail.

“AAAAAHHHahahahhhh!” Babs genuinely reacted. The outbursts brought on by violation of her nerve endings were legitimate, and needed no dramatic flair. These would be identical were she a woman of her own age or otherwise. Now shackled down, she reflexively struggled to get loose, but naturally to no avail. Josie was pleased.

“Oooh, you’re likin’ that, are ya?” she cooed, keeping it up and making Barbara break out in raucous laughs.

“No-o-o-o-o!” her betrothed wailed, flopping back and forth, tugging on the cuffs. “Ple-e-e-e-e-ease stop!”

Jojo laughed at her, then feigned sympathy. “Aw, what’s the matter, sweetie?” she taunted. “Tickle?”

Barbara(’s character) stopped laughing and promptly returned to weeping. “Miss Lady, please, let me go!” she begged. “I don’t like this! You’re scaring me! You’re not supposed to touch me there!”

“Now, now, don’t fight me,” Josie(’s character) leered, smoothing her wifey’s pussy between her fingers. She reached for one of Barb’s tits with the other hand. “I know better than you. You’re just a child. You see, honey, your pussy’s wet. That means you do like it. This is for your own good, dollface. I’m gonna make a woman outta you.”

“B-b-b-but-but I…I-I-I don’t wan—”

“OOOOOhhhhh…” Jojo admired, tweaking her nipples. “Well, you’re already quite developed for such a young lady, aren’t you now?”

“Eee! Eee!” Barb repeatedly exclaimed. “No! Stop!”

Josie sneered at her. “You didn’t say ‘Simone says.’”

“Simone says!”

“Sorry; Simone’s out of town at the moment. Ergo, her words have no pull.”

Barbara whimpered, dropping her head back on the pillow. She winced and cringed, shutting her eyes as she felt Josie continue copping feels over her fragile bare flesh. She whined and struggled, keeping up the act brilliantly. It went without saying and yet bore repeating that deep down, she loved this. God, it was so damn hot. She was already soaked, both knew it, and there was no denying it. Josie toyed with her pussy, collecting musky moisture from her inner lips and smearing it about the outer. Barbara went on spouting protests and objections, but her dear Jojo wouldn’t let up for a moment. Her character was known as the “Beloved Rapist” for a reason.

“Ahhh…” Josie exhaled. “You silly, silly little thing.”

Barbara’s only response was a pitiful hint of a sob.

“You know, I must say, sweetheart…” continued Josie, stroking a fingertip over Babs’ quivering abs.

“…I’m really quite disappointed in you.”

Her wife wept like the character she was portraying, feeling shamed by any adult being disappointed in her, even one sexually accosting her at the moment. Jojo went on.

“I’ve visited you…molested you…and put you through absolute hell, time and time again.”

Barb couldn’t very well argue with that. Josie shook her head, t’sk’ing her.

“Kidnapping you…tying you up…taking away your clothes…and your virginity…torturing you…sexually abusing you…

Terrorizing…tormenting…violating…haunting you…taunting you…forcing you to surrender to me…

“…All against your will. All these times.”

Her eyes narrowed. Barbara knew she was in deep trouble now.

“And this is the thanks I get?...A refusal?!...

“Now what sort of way is that to repay me for all I’ve done to you? You think you can just say ‘no’ to me, your beloved rapist?...”

She shook her head again. “Mm-mm. Bad girl. Bad move. Big, mistake.”

She separated Barb’s drenched labia, pulled back her hood, exposing her clit, and fingered. Barb shut her eyes tight and screamed.

“That’s right. See what happens when I seduce you, and you try to resist?...”

Her menacingly wicked smile returned. Barbara looked back up at her, and a delightful chill attacked. Josie’s perfect eyebrows arched exquisitely down over her eyes, to put the fear-inducing evil in her full hearty grin. There was no doubt about it: Josie Sue Greer was born to be a top and a domme.

Now look at’cha. Cuffed up naked, trembling like a little flower, nipples hard as stone, tight young pussy soaking wet…and that poor beautiful face a mess of tears.” Josie shook her disapproving head yet once more.

“I certainly hope that you’re satisfied, honey. That it was worth it.

“Don’t you see??...Now I have to punish you for that!”

Barbara was so sizzlingly fired up and turned on she thought she would lose her mind. She heard each scolding word Josie laid on her, but her perception was growing fuzzy. Josie poured on the chiding as Barb burrowed her head back, moaning in sensual heaven.

C’mon now, Barbie…you’re a smart girl. You know better than that. You know the intense power I have over you. And you know just how easily I can break in on ya, grab ya between these pretty little legs…hold you down…strip you naked…get that ripe pink pussy as wet and red as I want it…make you cry like a bitch…and leave you sorry you were ever born.

“And yet…you refuse my advances?...”

Barbara gasped as she felt Josie indeed grip her cunt. She arched her back, clenched her paws into fists, and cried for mercy. Her legs shook, her feet flexed, and her captress wife lowered her voice to an ominous whisper.

Little girl...you have no idea how big you just fucked up.”

Her beloved Babsy blubbered in humbled embarrassment. She also pretended her virgin ears had been offended by the ‘f’-bomb. She kept struggling, much to Josie’s cruel glee. The next bomb was then dropped on her.

“Now, I was actually gonna be a little gentler with ya this time...”

Barb rose her head to meet her eyes.

“But obviously, you wanna play rough. Well…I think I can arrange that…”

“Oh no-o-o-o-o…” Barbara complained. “I’m so sorry, Miss Lady, I…I didn’t mean i—”

“No no no; it’s too late for that, ragamuffin. I’m afraid you’re going to have to pay for this, but good.”

Barb pulled on her cuffs, grimacing and moaning. Josie took her chin in her hand and thought.

“Now then…how shall I teach you a proper lesson for this…” She gave it another few seconds’ consideration, then snapped her fingers.

“I’ve got it!” She roguishly narrowed her eyes, settled down horizontally over the trembling Babs, rubbed her pussy, burrowing digits beneath, and glared straight down into the wifey’s eyes.

“I’m gonna force you…” Josie quietly snarled, “…To tell me where your Mommy and Daddy hide their money.”

This was new. Josie must have thought it up recently, because that particular element had never found its way into their games before. Barb thought she would laugh if it didn’t jeopardize the mood, and if she wasn’t so dizzied up in burning passion. She did the opposite, letting her character’s motivation carry her.

Gasp. “What?!...Oh, nooooo!...Pleeeeeeeeeease!”

Josie chuckled sadistically, her face mere inches from Barbara’s. She kissed her lips.

“Oh, yesssss, pleeeeease,” she contradicted. “Now, I’m gonna rape you either way, honey cub.”

Her smile abruptly vanished.

“But if you don’t tell me where that money is…” She took Babs’ nipple between two fingers and pinched.

Aaaaaahhh…” Babs groaned, squeezing her eyes shut in agony.

“…I will harm you. I’m a nice lady, but I can be very mean if I don’t get what I want.”

Barb continued bawling and begging on the outside. On the inside, she had never been so explosively revved. Lust seared her from the core. Her wife was a genius. An absolute genius. It proved to her that great minds really thought alike, because Jojo knew exactly what to say, how to say it, and what facial expressions to use. The woman owned her, in the sack, in their fantasies, in the palm of her hand. Quite literally. And oh, how Josie adored torturing her for sexplay. She got as madly off on it as Barbara did. Sometimes she secretly wished she could feel Barb slipping her own pussy some attention, but she was overall happy with this arrangement. She vastly loved jilling off on her own—sometimes using Barbara’s hand—almost as much. But nothing stroked her libido quite so marvelously as being top to her wifey’s bottom. For her money, sweet Barbara Ann—whose forebears were giant Beach Boys fans—was the most beautiful, glorious, fantastic girl on Earth, and Josie couldn’t be more pleased they’d ended up together.

Her character in this roleplaying game, conversely, couldn’t be more pleased to traumatize the hell out of her and usurp her innocent essence. She couldn’t help it. It was ever so easy, like taking candy from a baby—not an entirely inaccurate simile. This, maintenance of such a brilliant sex life, was one of the keys to the Greers’ successful marriage. They were entirely open and honest about their kinks early on, and went into it with both minds open. They experimented, found some things that worked and others that didn’t, and always kept in mind there’d be another opportunity if today’s proved less than fruitful.

They wouldn’t have to worry about negative sexual experiences today, however. Josie had fed two fingers into Barbara’s swollen, blood-red cunt and was jilling her off like mad, driving her insane. In between verbal taunts and threats, she descended onto Barb’s chest, sucking and grinding the erect pink nipple between her teeth, sprinkling Barb’s torso with wisps of curly blonde hair.

Barbara felt as if her brain were about to explode. She smacked the mattress with her heels and the backs of her hands. This was as wild, violent and intensive as their sex ever got. Barb almost couldn’t believe it. It felt surreal. Like an out-of-body situation in which part of her slipped into another dimension and went to heaven. Her love for Josie and Josie’s sexual prowess were just so paramount. And she could still hear what Josie was saying to her. She tried to keep pretending, but was it ever getting difficult.

You’d better tell me, little girl,” Josie hissed. “Tell me where your parents’ money is. Talk. Now.”

Ohhhhh-ho-ho-hohhhhh…” Barb caterwauled. “But, I…I do—…I-I-I don’t know!

Josie smirked. “Yes, you do, Barbie. Don’t make me get it outta ya the hard way. You think this is bad? This is just the beginning. I’ll tell you what you don’t know. You don’t know just how much of a nightmare I can make your entire life. Take it from me: I can do things to you that’re scarier than you could ever imagine. Don’t underestimate me, sweetheart…”

She held on to her by the breast, jilling her off all the while. Once more, Babsy’s eyes widened as Jojo’s narrowed.

You have no idea what I’m capable of.

And I’ll tell you something else, too: you can’t tattle on me. Because you’re just a little girl, and no one’s gonna believe you. You’ll never be safe from me. Wherever you go, no matter what you doI’ll be there. I’ll find you. I will get you alone, and in my clutches. Your life, your soul, and your pussy belong to me. You’re mine. Forever.”

Her persuasively potent words brought Barb so monstrously near orgasm, Josie could almost convince herself she already felt her cum on her fingers. Barbara cried genuine tears, brought on by mindscrambling passion as well as the fantasy trauma. She pulled on the cuffs as hard as she could, balling up her fingers and toes. Her skin blotched and flushed. Her sweat ran. Her back arched and her cunt clenched on her rapist’s digits. Jojo’s thumb brushed her clit, which hardened and bulged from under the hood. It was all getting to be far too much to handle. Josie was still talking.

How about it, princess?...Hm? Whaddaya say? Feel your memory being jogged yet?

Barb only kept sobbing. Jojo pretended to lose her patience.

“A’right, that’s it,” she snapped, curling her fingers upwards inside Barbara’s pussy and applying pressure. She lowered nose to nose with her, seizing her delicate tit with the other mitt. “I’m done playing with you, Barbie girl. No more Miss Nice Rapist. I want an answer, and I want it fucking now, you miserable little cunt! Where’s the money?!!

Barbara screamed through her tears in a mix of terror and anguish. This would be her cue to talk.

“It’s…i-it’s-it’s in the top left dresser drawer in their room!”

She heard Josie spitefully chuckle and felt her ease up on the painful grasps.

“Hm-hm-hm-hmmmmm! There we go! That’s a good girl! Now was that so hard?...”

Barb dropped her head straight back and wailed, (her character) unable to swallow the fact that she’d just disclosed this. But Josie knew what she was thinking. She laughed at poor Barbara.

“Oh, if you can’t believe that, you’re in for a big surprise, young lady.”

“Oh, God, no, please,” Babs desperately implored. “You did enough to me already, Miss Lady!”

Jojo flashed her teeth. “Mm, not quite.”

Before even giving Barbara a chance to register these words—much less answer—Josie kicked her right hand into overdrive, ramming her dear sweet bride’s blood-engorged pussy. Barb’s muscles flexed involuntarily as her face contorted into a portrait of violent distress. She screamed through the ceiling, and squirted the essence of her eruptive orgasm all over Josie’s paw.

HA ha ha ha ha ha ha!” the victorious laughter splashed over her. “Yessssss, baby. Let me see that beautiful face cry out in passion for me. Let me see those eyes water.”

Josie quieted down and pumped Barb through the rest of the supreme, almost unbearable orgasm. Barbara leaked several different fluids from her body, trying to twist her wrists enough to grab the mattress. When this didn’t work, she grabbed either side of the rack she was cuffed to and rattled for her sanity. Josie’s prolonged laughter faded beneath the noise.

A short but immeasurable while later, the smoke cleared. Barb floated down through the stratosphere, and her out-of-body experience changed back to a normal one. Her eyes needed time to readjust, and her cunt was a maroon, swollen mess, but she was afterglowing. When she at last came to again, there sat Jojo, waiting for her. Barbara reacted, now out of character as her grown-up self.

“…OH! Whew! Oh my good God,” Babs panted, blinking repeatedly. “Well, that sure goddamn happened.”

Josie’s expression remained strangely unplaceable. She again slid her index nail up the slick slit of Barb’s pussy.

“Watch your mouth, kiddo.”

“Wh—” Barbara was a bit disoriented, and unsettlingly confused. “We…we’re…not done yet?”

Josie’s face was hostile. “Not quite, dollface.”

She began rubbing Barbara’s coochie anew. Barbara gasped, feeling the now less than welcome arousal reapproach.

“But…but, I…I came.”

“And now, I think I may just make you cum again.”

Barb’s eyes rolled back. “Oh God…Jo, baby bear, I…dunno if I can take another one. Mayb—…maybe we should just untie me now.”

Josie shook her head for the umpteenth time. “First of all, that’s Miss Rapist Lady to you, my little Barbie doll. Secondly, I haven’t finished playing out my scenario with you. You see…you have just made quite the faux pas of telling me where your parents’ stash is kept. So once we’re through here, and I’ve taken all your money…you’re coming with me.”

She went on fingering Babs over again, to help put her back in the motivation. Barbara moaned, now feeling spent.

“…What?...But-but…uh, but…”

“That’s right. Here’s what will happen. You’ll write your parents a letter, explaining how you stole the money from their dresser drawer. Then, after I decide a suitable amount of time has passed, you’ll be sent back home. I, by then, shall be long gone. For now.

“In the meantime, my dear, the rest is up to you. Best of luck in answering to your Mommy and Daddy. The truth will get you nowhere, sugar; I already told you no one’ll believe you. As far as your folks are concerned, your new dishonest behavior will be a mystery. They’ll never determine what made you take their money. They’ll lose their trust in you, little Barbara.”

Her evil smile spread once more as she charged Barb and her libido back up again.

“You’ve betrayed your parents. You’ve stolen from them, and fibbed about it as well.

“You’re a bad little girl, Barbie. You’ve become a criminal.

“And do you know what happens to little girls who turn to criminal behavior?”

Barbara’d almost be freaked out by this story if she didn’t know Josie was making it up. One thing was for sure, though: her wife hadn’t ceased to surprise her. Babs knew Jojo had a vivid imagination, but didn’t know it was quite this vivid. And she didn’t expect the game to continue post-climax. She hoped Josie’d understand if she hadn’t the energy to maintain portrayal. She shook her own spinning head.


Josie insufferably leered into her damp eyes.

“They get sent to a place called prison.”

Gasp. “J—…j-jail??”

“That’s right, very good!” said Josie. “And, do you know what happens to pretty little girls like you in jail?”


Well. If you like being taken advantage of by moi, your beloved rapist…” She chortled. “…Oh-ho-ho-ho! Just you wait, lassie.”

Barb leaned up her weary head. Josie nodded, massaging her pussy with her fingers, palm and the heel of her hand.

“Mm-hm, that’s right. Damn, are they gonna be happy to see some super-fresh meat like you,” she menaced Barb. “And all ’cause you stole your parents’ money. T’sk, t’sk, t’sk…shame on you, little Barbie. You brought this on yourself. There’s no one else to blame.

“It’s all…your…fault.”

Little Barbie dropped her head yet again and shut her eyes—both in obedient abashed shame of Josie’s story, and anxiety in approach of a second orgasm she didn’t know if she could handle. It remained still a white-hot scenario for her libido. But even the hottest sex inevitably became too much.

Oh, lady, please…” she whispered solemnly. “Why would you do that to me??

Jojo smirked, tracing a pattern of kisses from Barb’s torso up her sternum, to the neck and jaw. She answered matter-of-factly.

“Because I’m a rapist, darling dear. This is what we do. And because you’re my victim. It’s all very simple and logical, you see?”

Barbara felt the warm breath from her wife’s nose and mouth caress her. Her next words came in soft and smooth.

Now thenwould you like to cum for your beloved rapist one more time?...”

Barb had stopped crying. Besides the fact that her tear ducts had been sucked bone dry, her head would start pounding if she attempted to weep any more. The Greers had seldom if ever gone this long messing around in the sack. On top of which, Barb’s limbs were seriously craving their mobility. So she spoke up, returning to her normal voice.

“Okay, but—time out. Jojo, sweetie, I really am just about ready to stick that fork in. So let’s make this it and call it a day.”

Josie’s brows hopped into benevolent arches as she stepped back out of character as well, and mouthed a silent, “Oh. ’Kay.” She threw Barb a wink, smiled, and mouthed, “I love you.”

Barb smiled back, soundlessly moving her own lips. “I love you too.”

Jojo’s eyebrows arched back down, turning her smile ruthless again.

“A’right, baby dolly; let’s finish your cute little ass off.”







Josie couldn’t help but giggle through her second forced handjob on Barbara. “Would you like to buy another vowel, hon?”

Barb grinned through her moans. “Ayyyyeeeeeiiiyyohhhhyewww, sometimes wiiiiiiiiiyyyy!” she quipped, cracking them both up. Just another couple of seconds later, and Jojo was sending Babsy fast over the edge again.







She collapsed. Josie grinned one last time with satisfaction, fondling and rubbing her thigh, before she got up, uncuffed Barb from the rack, and adjourned to the bathroom.

She turned back from the bedroom door.

“Have a pleasant eternity, my little angel slave. I’ll see you again very soon.”


Garden Varieties

Friday, July 1st, 2016, 11:31 a.m.

Barbara was at work in her office, as she was each weekday from 8:30 to 5:00. Josie was off today, so she slept in, had a lovely shower and some breakfast, perused the newspaper, and went to the lawn and garden emporium for some supplies. The store was stupendous, and very easy to get lost in. It opened in the spring, did its best business in the summer, and closed midway through autumn. Josie visited it about every one and a half to two weeks. Between her, herself and she, she was a little surprised the place maintained such strong business in such an enormous building. But then she amused herself with the thought that maybe customers got so lost inside, they’d be shown their way only if they made a purchase. Or lots and lots of purchases.

Today Josie specifically needed a few different kinds of seeds, a new trowel, a spare pair of gloves and some straw. But she also always took her time through each aisle to see if anything else struck her fancy. She paused midway down aisle five to study the shelves.

Another cart entered the same aisle. Trying to fully distinguish between a few similar items, Josie was too engrossed to notice. Her fellow shopper halted momentarily as well, noted Josie’s presence, and approached.

“Oh, y’know what, I definitely recommend those pruning shears. Extra strength. They’re great.”

Josie turned her gaze twenty degrees. Addressing her was a smoky-eyed brunette in a peasant blouse and light skinny jeans.

“Oh…oh, yeah? Well, I…” She plucked them off the shelf and clipped them a few times. “…Might have to give ’em a whirl.”

“Yeah, they work awesome for me. And if they don’t for you, well, that’s why they give you a receipt,” the brunette smirked.

“I guess I could use some new shears. Well, thank you for the tip.”

“Welcome. Maybe you could return the favor for me?”

“Uh…well, what’re you looking for?”

“Well, to be honest…I’m kind of a beginner. Everything I know about gardening my Mom taught me. We came here together once and got those shears, that’s how I know they’re so good. And I lived with her and my Dad until just recently. Gotta milk that cow for all she’s worth, right? So now I’ve got my own place, although it’s a good ways from the folks. So since we don’t see each other so often anymore, she’s encouraging me to learn on my own.”

“Oh, I see,” nodded Jojo. “Well, congrats. Green thumbs-up; welcome to the world of horticulture.”

“Thanks! So, uh…I thought maybe you could offer me a tip or two. You looked pretty friendly, and like you know what you’re doing.”

Josie modestly placed a hand to her chest and turned her eyes upwards. “Well, I don’t like to brag…”

Her acquaintance smiled, offering a curtsy paw. “Cleo Rogers.”

“Josie Greer.”

“Oh, like the Pussycats!”

“And the Steely Dan song. Pleasure to meet’cha.”

“Mine,” insisted Cleo. “All mine.”

“…I’m not gonna argue with ya,” Josie joked. “A’right, well, why don’t we just walk and talk a while, you can tell me about your garden, and I’ll see what I can recommend.”


Kyss mig (inte!) med varje hjärtslag

Friday, July 1st, 2016, 5:24 p.m.

The Greers sat together in the living room, sharing a movie and a bag of party mix, shortly after Barbara clocked out. Bumpers and Maxwell mingled about, going about their Royal Catness activities. Josie noticed Barb had put this film on as if to watch it intentionally, rather than find it by chance. It seemed to be a semi-hetero/semi-lesbian movie in another language with subtitles. But even in English, Josie wouldn’t have been able to focus on it. Or on anything else.

She couldn’t forgive herself.

She couldn’t begin to fathom what she’d done today.

She could not believe she had allowed Miss Cleo Rogers to kiss her…

…And hadn’t stopped her.

Things had begun innocently enough. Following a spell of shopping, garden chat and getting to know one another, it was after 12:00 noon, and Cleo was hungry. So as a way of thanking Josie for her advice, Cleo offered to take her to lunch. Josie couldn’t see big cause for alarm in this, so she accepted. It was just lunch, after all. So they went to the Rainforest Café. It was a beautiful day, so they’d placed their purchases in the cars and walked the several blocks over. This was everything Josie remembered.

All she could recall since was Cleo accompanying her back over to the garden emporium, thanking her for the delightful company…and abruptly slipping both arms around her neck, to lay one hot smacker on her. It was fleeting, completely unexpected, very forward, and caught Josie totally off-guard. But she knew these weren’t excuses. The second she felt Cleo making this move, without a shadow of a doubt, she should’ve halted her. She didn’t honestly know if Cleo hadn’t noticed her adorned ring finger, or hadn’t cared. Either way, she’d been left dizzy, disoriented, and with a phone number and e-mail she knew she shouldn’t have. She needed to make another stop on the way home and gas up the car, so she “accidentally” disposed of Cleo’s contact details at the pump.

Five hours later, she remained utterly unable to swallow it.

Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with me??! I’m married! I have a wonderful, beautiful wife sitting right next to me, andand I all but just cheated on her! Maybe it was “just” a kiss, but no one who saw it would call it just a friendly peck on the lips. This Cleo chick had intentions. Yeah, she was the kisser, I was the “kissee,” butII just let her do it! I did nothing to stop her. Nothing! I should’ve said I was married. I should’ve told her to cool her jets. I should’ve given her the…other finger. The one that’s burning right now with this ring on it that I dunno if I even still deserve to wear.

We have to tell her, Jo, she ordered herself.

Oh, God, but look at her! She’s so happy! She’s just so pure and innocent and angelic and perfect, and everything else that makes it so much fun to pretend-rape her in bed, and

STOP that right now, Josie. Don’t change the subject. You know we have to do this, and face the music.

I know, butI just dunno if I can! I don’t wanna be a chicken shit about it, butwould it be more cowardly to tell her, or not to tell her? I mean, she didn’t do anything wrong; she doesn’t deserve to hurt. I did. I committed the indiscretion here, so shouldn’t I be the one who suffers for it? I mean, it was clearly a one-time thing. It’ll never happen again.

How can we be so certain about that? Before today, we were prepared to say that kinda thing would never happen, period! It should have been a zero-time thing! It’s best to just confess and let everything fall where it does. Besides, we’re gonna have to go back to the garden store at some point. What if Babs wants to come along? What’re we gonna do, just avoid Cleo if we see her again?

Thatsounds like a plan?

Whatever. This side of us says tell Barb.


“What’s wrong?”

She looked up suddenly. “Huh?”

Barbara was staring tenderly at her. She reached over to clasp Josie’s hand.

“Honey, you okay? You’ve barely said a word or touched the snacks the whole movie.”

Jojo’s heart started accelerating above her backflipping belly.

“Barbie, I…have to tell you something.”

Her wife sat the party mix aside.

“You do?” She picked up the remote and paused the film. Josie collected her feet up on the couch.

“Yeah, um…”

She proceeded to do something she realized would not give way to confession. She looked into Barbara’s eyes. Those two sweet, loving, gorgeous baby teals she could never resist. They were simply too magnificent for words…like every bit of the rest of her. Barb was exquisite. She did mean the world and more to Jojo. Still yet to wear off was the amazement that Barbara had chosen her to spend life with, when she surely could have her pick of girls. Josie couldn’t do anything to endanger this…even though she sort of already had. But it was a one-time thing. After falling in love with her wife anew, she’d never let someone else kiss her again—let alone go further.

She leaned in close, hugged her warm and tight, and laid her head on Babs’ abs and thighs.

“I love you.”


Woven Tangled Web

Friday, July 8th, 2016, 5:07 p.m.

Josie had left a couple of hours before for work. She had a long day today, and would be helping close the store. So Babs was essentially fending for herself till 10:00. Which was okay; while she missed her bride, she could find ways to keep herself…busy.

She clocked out from her own job, emerged from her office and headed for the study, their miniature library tucked in a secluded nook. The study was comfy and cozy, with bookshelves, a small fireplace, cushy matching armchairs, desk lamps and a laptop that dwelled in this room. The girls toted about their own personal laptops, but more often than not their batteries ran low. So the study laptop—which sat stationary and fully powered—Barb and Josie agreed to share. So Barbara pulled up an armchair and seated herself.

The first thing she fondled was the touchpad. The screen saver vanished, presenting her with Josie’s Facebook page.

Oh, thought Barb. She must’ve forgot to log out. She maneuvered the cursor up to do so herself, when a different corner caught her eye. An instant message appeared.

Barbara reflexively looked for just a second, intending to leave well enough alone. However, one word seized her attention.

One four-letter ‘k’-word, in all caps…punctuated with the appropriate emoticon. Barb found her curiosity piqued. Perhaps it wasn’t any of her business, but then again, perhaps it very well was. It was from a person called Cleo Rogers.

hey josie and the pussy cats!! you never called so I looked you up! luved meeting you last week at the garden place. thanks and youre welcome again for lunch! I really had a good time. wonder if youve been thinking about that KISS of ours as much as I have. msg me! c

Barbara’s eyes widened. Her heart sped with alarm. This was clearly addressed to her wife; Josie was a pretty uncommon name to begin with. And the likelihood of finding another Josie Greer, also an avid gardener, to whom this Cleo could’ve mistakenly sent a message? Not even worth considering. Barb felt a strange, new feeling settling upon her. A feeling she didn’t much care for.

Wait a minuteare you telling me that my wifekissed another woman?

Barbara did not immediately flip her lid at the revelation. She did not burst into tears, scream or swear. She did not even take out any aggression on her armchair or the laptop’s desk. She merely felt disconcertment.

The truth was, with all their exploration of sexual kinks and desires, the subject of getting a third playmate involved had come up. And if both were completely frank, neither rejected the idea out of hand. The lasses’ marriage was a shared commodity, and all big decisions were made together. If both were consensual, and so was anyone else they chose to bring onboard, they could do whatever they liked.

However, what was happening here was different. Barb had to be all but certain, Josie had gone behind her back. She’d kissed someone else without telling her. They hadn’t agreed on this. It was possible they’d done more than kiss, but this was all the message mentioned. But Barbara of course didn’t know this Cleo; she’d no idea who she was, or if she’d approve of her, even had Josie brought her up. She didn’t feel this was right. Even if her wife had done something like this, whatever the circumstances, she should’ve told Barbara. They’d discussed these things. She had to have known Barb wouldn’t divorce, maim or kill her.

She decided she needed some fresh air to think about this. She didn’t want to try and hash this out with Josie on the phone. She didn’t want to go to the mall and confront her about it in person either. Josie was at work, and needed to focus on her duties. Barb got dressed and went for a drive. She rode out to an area closer to the pasturelands where the business district faded, but there were still some commercial endeavors offered. Amongst them were a large Italian restaurant and a neighboring shopping center Barb fancied. A little shopping—window or otherwise—was usually good for cheering herself up in tough spots.

A few purchases later, Barbara guessed she felt a little better. This wasn’t really the type of malady for which shopping was prescribed. But it remained a delightful activity, and a good way to kill time until her wife finished work. Evening had arrived, according to the clock, but there were still a few hours’ daylight left. It was again glorious outside, in the mid-70s, so Barb took a little stroll behind the shopping center, where a foot/bicycle path wound in a circle around a pond. The signs asked no one loiter after dark, so Barbara was within her rights while the sun wasn’t down. She sighed, feeling still disappointed as she watched the ducks and swans.

Gosh, I wish I was an animal sometimes. Their lives are so simple and peaceful and carefree. All they need’s someone to feed them and a place to relax with their own.

A gaggle of honking geese waddled before her sauntering feet, back to the pond for another dip. A few flapped their wings, causing a bit of traffic in their queue and some more honking. Once they’d cleared her path, Barb watched them swim off with a small chuckle. She looked down in front of her, and something else captured her gaze.

She stopped. Her eyes slid back over to the geese again.


You know, fellas, I think you may have just given me an idea.


Turning The Desks

Friday, July 8th, 2016, 10:18 p.m.

Barbara waited in the living room as the lock finally clicked, and Josie swept back inside.

“Oh,” she expressed in relief, kicking off her shoes. “Well, that was a day. So happy to be home.”

“That makes two of us, sweetie,” Barb smiled. “Long one, huh?”

“Practically interminable! All I could think about was getting you in my arms and never letting go.”

“Indeed. What time do you start tomorrow?”

Josie tossed her a funny look.

“Well…thankfully not till 2:00, babe,” she chuckled. “What, ’re ya trying to get rid of me again already?”

Barb stood. “Not at all.” She placed her paws around Josie’s ribs and pulled her close.

“Quite the opposite, in fact.”

Jojo arched her brows, accepting Babsy’s seductive greeting as the blessing it was. They kissed for several straight moments, before Barb took one of her hands and led her elsewhere. Upon being informed they’d reached their destination, Josie was a tad bemused.

“…The study?”

“That’s right. It occurs to me this is one of the lesser-used rooms in our home to do…things,” Barbara cooed.

“Um…well, gosh, I guess you’re right, hon. But y’know, I am pretty tired tonight. It was a long day. Maybe in the morning?”

Barb was not so willing to wait. She groped her. Aggressively.

“Oh, but I think not.”

Josie gasped. “Oh God.”

“Mm.” Her wife nodded. “I’ve already brought in all the equipment. Y’see…silly goose…I decided I was gonna surprise you tonight.”

Jojo took a necessary breath, suddenly quite a bit more in the mood.

“I, uh…I do see,” she exhaled. “Well…’dya have anything special in mind?”

“Very much so, as it turns out,” Babs told her. “Tonight, my sweet angel, we’re breaking the mold.”

“…And how’s that?”

“Well, for one thing, Pussy Cat, tonight, I’m in charge. For once, I’m gonna make you get naked, and I’m gonna tie you up.”

Josie felt herself dampen. Barb went on before she could respond.

“And I’m also gonna take only ‘yes’ for an answer, Jo. Tonight you do what I say, and that’s final.” And just to drive home the point, she snaked a mitt under Josie’s trousers and grabbed her once more.

Holy f—…” Josie’d never experienced such a hunger for power and domination in her shy bride before. And it excited her. Babsy let go of Jojo’s rapidly moistening pussy and delivered her next order.

“Now off with those clothes, young lady…and I’ll take them for you.”

Josie was abruptly amped up. She began unbuttoning her top, starting to feel very warm.

“I…I guess I still have a…a-a little stamina left in me tonight.”

“That’s a good girl,” Barbara smirked, accepting the shirt. Nods of approval followed as Josie shed more garments. By the time she got to her underthings, the aroused entities beneath couldn’t wait to come out and frolic. Barb’s lips opened to a mine of pearly whites.

“Fabulous,” she commented, adding Josie’s bra and panties to the pile. “Now then…”

She positioned Josie in front of the laptop desk, facing away from it, and instructed her to stand still. Josie obeyed, but turning her head in the direction of the next sound she heard. Barb slunk around the side of the desk and retrieved the first pair of handcuffs.

“Oh,” Jojo remarked. “Did you take those off the rack?”

“I did. How astute of you to notice. No worries; I’ll put them back on it when we’re done. Now give me your foot.”

Barbara took Josie’s right foot first, kissed her toes, and shackled the ankle to the corresponding desk leg. She did the same on the other side with the left. Josie reacted to the unusually wide distance her legs were now spread.

“Whoa…uh…I guess I didn’t realize just how long this desk is.”

“I know; it’s brilliant, isn’t it?”

Babsy then gathered both remaining sets of cuffs together. She commanded Jojo to raise both hands over her head, crossing the wrists. Barb used one of the other sets to connect her hands, and the last to secure them to the ceiling fixture. Now that her bride was about as helpless as could be, Barbara dropped her own hands behind her back, took an innocent step away, and looked her up and down.

“What a beautiful picture.”

A light bulb clicked over Barb’s head. Her eyes lit up.

“And what a wonderful idea. I’ll be right back, baby. Do me a favor and don’t go anywhere, okay?”

She left the sheepish-feeling Josie alone a moment, and trotted off to grab her Smartphone. Upon her return, she began the little photo session with Josie, snapping her shapely curvy physique from various angles.


Click. Click. “Yes?”

“…Wwwwwwhat’re you gonna do with all these pics?”

“Part of the fun of having them is figuring that out, my dear,” smiled Barb, cycling back through the photos. “Oh, that’s a pretty one. Perhaps under some circumstances, they’d serve as effective blackmail material.”

She took her turn to flash Josie her evil smile. Josie’s expression was a bit unplaceable, less than certain if Barbara was serious or not. But that hot smile indicated she was just flirting. And it also made her tingle inside.

More tingles waited in store as Barb laid down the Smartphone and made her next move. She stood inscrutably before Josie for a few silent moments, making her wait a bit…then clutched Josie’s chin, swooped in, and sucked her into a mesmerizing kiss. Josie’s entire body heaved, and melted into Barbara as her heart began going crazy. Barb orchestrated proficiently and efficiently, forcing her way into Josie’s mouth, slicking her tongue and teeth. Before Barbara knew it, she had Jojo mutually swishing her tongue and moaning back into her mouth. She smirked through the kiss in satisfaction.

When Babs felt the moment was appropriate, she abruptly popped her lips off Josie’s and leaned back to stare her in the face. Josie’s eyes needed a minute to flutter into proper position, which flattered her wife. She blinked the smiling Barb back into focus.

“Enjoy that, sweetie?”

Not sure she trusted her voice for right now, Josie vehemently nodded.


“...How did it taste?”

This query stymied Josie a bit. She wasn’t sure how to respond.


“Oh?” Babs coyly took a step towards her. She caressed her on the cheek.

“So you wouldn’t say it tasted like…oh, I dunno, say…”

Her brows arched.

“…Cleo Rogers?”

Josie’s eyes widened. Her blood ran ice-cold. Her feet started to quiver.


“That’s right.” It was now Barb’s face and tone that Josie couldn’t place. She was unable to discern if she was in a little trouble…or big trouble, and a lot of it. Barbara continued.

“I know you kissed her last week.”

Josie’s timid eyes darted. Her mouth trembled.

“B-bu-bu—…h—…uh, how…h-how d—”

Barb held up a finger. “Funny you should ask.” She reached behind Josie, momentarily unplugging the laptop to hold it up and show her. “As it turns out, you left your Facebook active. I was about to log you out, but right at that moment you got an IM from our friend Cleo.” She read the message out loud and showed it to Josie. Then back went the laptop to its rightful spot on the desk.

“So, wifey,” Babs rocked on her heels. “Anything you’d like to tell me?”

Her beloved Jojo went into panic mode.

“Oh God…oh God, oh God, Babsy, hon, I am so, so sorry. I…I-it-it was a one-time thing, that’s…a-b-but, sweetie, you don’t understand. I didn’t even kiss her; she kissed me. But…I-I didn’t exactly pull away or stop her when she did, so I…I guess that makes me just as guilty. It-it was just so sudden and it caught me totally off-guard! I-I guess she didn’t notice I was married, or…or…”

She sighed, hanging and shaking her head. “I’m so sorry, honey.”

Barb took her time to reply, making Josie sweat a bit waiting for it. At last, she nodded back.

“All right. I believe you.”

Josie’s eyes turned hopeful. She looked back up, both figuratively and literally.


“Of course. You’re my wife. I know how much I mean to you.”

A smile of elated relief washed over Josie’s face.

“Omigosh, sweetie, thank you, so much! You really are my world, I swear. I could never cheat on you.”

“I know, Jojo. And I wasn’t really all that shocked or appalled when I found out. We have discussed ménages à trois now and then, you know. What bothered me most was that you kept it from me.”

“I know…I’m sorry. I just felt so terrible, but I knew it would never happen again. And-and after I chickened out the first couple days, I…I guess I just didn’t think about it much anymore. She-she gave me her number and e-mail, but I got rid of it as soon as I was alone.”

“Mm,” Barb assessed. “Well, it would seem we know how to get in touch with her anyway, just in case we felt the urge to conduct any little, eh…shall we say, ‘experiments’ with her.”

Josie wasn’t sure how to respond to this. But she didn’t have to; Barbara went on.

“In the meantime, honey bear…I’m sorry too, but I’m going to have to reprimand you for not telling me.”

Jojo looked down with a whimper. Barb crossed behind her for her next prop: a long thin silk scarf, which she proceeded to slip over Josie’s eyes and tie behind. Her now blindfolded blushing bride gulped.

“Oh God.”

“There we are…” She heard Babs step back in front of her, adjusting the scarf.

“Now can you see anything, honey?”

“Nope…just a great big zilch.”

Barb grinned at her. “Can you see if I give your nose a little…honk honk?” she asked, impishly doing just so.

“Ahh!” Josie laughed. “Honey! Don’t do that!”

“Aw, you don’t like that? Sorry. Just checking.”

It was time for Barbara to retrieve her other tool, the object provided for her by one of the flapping geese she’d met at the pond. The object which also gave her the idea how to teach Josie her lesson. She twirled it back and forth, fluffing the end so its edge was nice and pointy. After which she pushed the armchair in front of Jojo and sat facing her.

What an effective idea this seemed to be. Josie’s legs really were a pretty wide ways ajar. They were spread open enough to make her labia almost achieve the same on their own. This was just what Babs had wanted. It was perfect. She could slip the blade of the goose feather in there and hopefully drive Josie utterly crazy. She tried to suppress her giggling.

Josie was about to decide whether or not she should ask what Barb was giggling at. But she wasn’t allowed the chance. She felt a sharp, chilling tingle ride her from the taint up into the slit of her semi-moist cunt. She jumped.

“AAH! EEE! WHOO-HOO!” Josie cried out, making each sound in quick succession. Her wife laughed, in a more sinister tone.

“You know, I must say, sweetheart…” she heard, as the feather slid to the top of her pussy, activated her clit, and slowly down again.

“…I’m really quite disappointed in you. I’m afraid you’re going to have to pay for this, but good.”

“AAAHH! OMIGOD!” Josie shrieked, momentarily ignoring those lines being thrown back at her. “FUCK! Honey, what is that?!”

“That, Pussy Cat, is a goose feather tickling your coochie-coo.”

EEEEEEEEE!!” exploded the Pussy Cat in question, as the feather blade flicked one of her weakest spots. “Babsy, NO! Please!”

“Oh, yes. Please.” The feather teasing continued. Barbara was highly enjoying this, being in charge and playing domme for once. No wonder Jojo relished lording such power over her. It was fun!

While gliding the feather up and down Josie’s red, wettening cunt, Barb began to twirl it as well, just to see what else might happen. To her surprise and delight, Jojo’s sensations—and reactions—intensified. She giggled and squealed to the ceiling, violently rattling the cuffs. Babs was utterly wowed, laughing right along with her. This “lesson” was turning out even better than she thought. If they lived in an apartment where neighbors might hear them, or if Josie was capable of breaking down the ceiling fixture, Barbara might have been a little worried. But with no need to be, she just poured it on.

“Babe, stop it!”

“You didn’t say ‘Simone says.’”

Josie laughed. “Oh, fuck you!”

Her actions were achieving desired effects. Josie was slowly going insane. She actually kind of liked being blindfolded, but wasn’t sure how she felt about it while having her pussy playfully tormented. With one sense taken away and the rest heightened, her persecution was quite a bit overwhelming. To compound things, Barb was verbally harassing her with more of Josie’s own phrases.

Now, now,” Barbara called up, shouting to be heard over Josie’s squeaks. “Be a good little honey and hold still!”

Jojo shut her eyes tight under the scarf, tilted her head back and grimaced through the agonizing passion. Her soft pink nipples grew erect and plumped out, not so soft anymore. Her legs and thighs quivered. Her cunt secreted another coat of moisture, which wet the tip of the feather, but failed to dull its ticklish terror.

“What’cha think, cinnamon buns?” Babs hollered, relentlessly torturing her. “Learning your lesson?”

“YES! YES!!” Josie screamed, saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth. “PLEASE STOPPIT!”

“Oh, but it’s fun!” Barbara cruelly insisted. “Don’t you wanna have fun??

Josie whined and whimpered, feeling herself powerlessly paid back for all she put Barbara through playing their normal sub and domme roles. The distinction was, of course, she was sure Barb only loved all those games and fantasies so very much. While part of Josie enjoyed this dastardly treatment, part of her despised it. It drove her batshit mad. And she told Barb so.

“Oh?” asked her leering captress. “Well, that’s good, ’cause the mean part of me’s liking making you suffer right now. Sort of a nice little outlet, y’know, for all those annoying things in life, taking it out on your loved one. I feel much better already. And the best part is that you have to forgive me, ’cause I’m your wife and you love me too much. You can’t live without me, y’know.”

Her words were vindictive, triumphant, and spoken in a sugary sweet tone. Josie knew she was right. She tried to chuckle through her anguish to croak out, “You are such a bitch,” but with little success.

Meanwhile, the feather continued swishing and swirling up and down its merry way. Its territory was puffed, crimson and swollen. Little Josie dripped and trickled down her inner thighs. Her clit stiffened into a diamond, bulging out from beneath its hood. When she reached the top, Barbara maliciously tried to brush her clitty and both labia, with the rapidly twirling feather. Every time she rang the doorbell, Jojo felt like her head would blow up. Her sweating face twisted and contorted through the rigorous nightmare. She could not stand it. It was inexorable. She was willing her libido to get to the point where she could overcome the suffering and finally build towards orgasm. Down below, her dear sweet Barbara was having the time of her life.

Yessssss, baby,” she purred, reaching up with her free hand to toy with Josie’s tits and nipples. “Let me see that lovely delicate mouth cry out in passion for me. Let me see those nostrils flare.”

Jojo complied, though very much against her will. She arched her back, pulling hard as she could on all of the cuffs, bending her body backwards as if about to win a limbo contest. She let loose with the most vicious profanity she knew, turning red and dizzy all over. It was a good thing she was suspended by the wrists, or she’d have fallen right on Barbara.

Finally, at long long last, her libido started catching up. Little by little, degree by degree, her hellish horror metamorphosed to heavenly bliss. The prickly ticklishness softened to tingles of searing hot lust. Her raspy screams turned to pleasure-drenched moans. The moans were not all that was drenched. Barb read her signs. She leered up at her.

“You’re startin’ to like it, aren’t’cha, sweetie?”

Josie nodded adamantly. Barbara went on teasing and twirling for another few moments, firing her up ever hotter and hotter. The evil feather started feeling like an oscillating laser beam singeing her from clit to taint. Perspiration rained off her flesh. She began to see stars. Pre-cum squirted between her legs. She wouldn’t last much longer before being forced to cum for real.

However…Barbara had other ideas.

She watched as Josie got closer and closer and closer…and suddenly ceased.

Jojo gasped and groaned for another couple seconds, until she registered. Her eyes blinked open.

“Wh—…what…what th—…honey?? What happened??”

“What happened? Why, I stopped, princess.”


“Isn’t it obvious? Because now you’re enjoying it, of course!”

Josie blinked a dozen times, unable to believe it.


“Why, yes. Did you forget you’re being admonished here? This isn’t supposed to be for your enjoyment.”

The reality sank in. Josie turned her face to the ceiling, shook the hell out of the cuffs, gnashed her teeth, and screamed.

Darling, calm yourself,” urged Barb. “It’s just a short break. We’ll start again in a bit.”

Josie grumpily grunted and grouchily growled, but made herself be patient. Uncountable seconds later, she again finally felt the tingly feeling resume. Barbara picked up where she’d left off, titillating her waiting, sopping cunt. Josie threw her head back, caterwauling even harder and louder. Before long, back came the stars, the fire, the sizzling torridity. She felt herself being launched into space and blazing up anew. Perhaps Barb knew a thing or two. Perhaps it could be even hotter after a short deprivation. Perhaps—

Babs stopped again.

Gasp. “ERRRRRGGGH…” Josie winced, clenching her coochie. “Fuck! What the HELL?!”

“Ah, ah, ah. I’m still not certain you’ve completely learned your lesson, Jojo.”

Jojo let out an angry sob.

“I’m beginning to not like you.”

“Now you know you don’t mean that. A little edging can be good for you. It’ll help teach you some manners and put you in your place.”

Josie felt miserable. She jerked and wrenched on the cuffs, although she was losing energy.

“Oh my God, Barbara Ann, I am so the fuck gonna get you for this when I get the fuck outta here.”

“That a fact, Josie Sue? And just who said you’re getting outta here?”

She saw Josie’s eyebrows leap over the scarf.

“You are not goddamn serious, right?? You have to let me outta this. You c—EEEEEheeeheeheeheee!

Her little tantrum was cut off as Barb swished the feather across her hips, ribs and belly. She thought she heard Barbara say something in response, but couldn’t decipher it. When the upper-body tickling tapered off, Josie went back on her rampage.

“Oh God, I hate yoooohhhhhhhhh!

Barb again waggled the feather over her maroon cunt, this time lengthwise. Once more, Josie was forced through the most intense pleasure she’d possibly ever known. Everything went psychedelic and fluorescent in her mind’s eye. Each time the passion ran rampant on her again, she felt herself careening to Climaxland quicker and quicker, like a speeding bullet. Her lungs begged for some relief, but until either laryngitis set in or play time was over—whichever occurred first—they weren’t going to get it. Barb spun the feather end over end over end, clockwise and counter, until she saw Josie’s pussy quaking on the verge.

She stopped again.


Babs sat and watched as Josie did her best to stamp her feet and shake her fists. She began legitimately weeping. Once she saw real tears appear from under the scarf, she felt sorry for her. She finally felt Josie’s punishment had been adequately served, and she should now be rewarded with her orgasm. If she still wanted it, that was. Barb stood for the first time since the start of their little adventure.

“Okay. All right, sweetheart,” she said, lovingly stroking Josie’s tears away. “I don’t want you to cry, baby, please don’t. I did mean for this to be a fun little sexcapade for us, but I guess I let it turn a little serious. Don’t worry, hon, I love you. And you can cum this time.”

The dizzy, overwhelmed Jojo all but tangibly felt a ray of sunshine beam down on her.


“Absolutely. You’ve more than earned it.”

Josie turned so happy she wanted to burst. Then a worrisome thought occurred.

“This isn’t a cruel joke you’re playing on me, is it?”

“Of course not!” her wife assured.

“’Cause I swear, so fucking help me, Barbara, if you tell me this now and then cut me off agai—”

Babs cut off her threat instead, with a gentle, spousely kiss. Following it with a tender nose nuzzle, she whispered—

I won’t. I promise you.”

So back down Babs sat in the armchair. And with her tach rested to zero, Josie settled in for the ride once more, letting herself be rocked by the sexual hurricane her bride now guaranteed. And deliver good on her promise she did. She gave Josie another thorough taste of the feather blade, while adding the touch of her fingertips. Josie’s clit had softened, but Barb hardened it right back up by massaging in a circular motion. Before they knew it, back went Josie’s head and eyeballs for the last time.

Out came the moans. Up she reascended into the stratosphere. She rode the rocket to the bountiful promised land, plain by plain, plateau by plateau. After all the messing about Barbara’d done with her, it wouldn’t be long now. Still blindfolded, Josie’s imagination was free to run wild while escorted to Eden. She reached out the digits of her front paws, as if to nab the fleeting brass rings on her path. Crashing stars buffeted her like a pinball. Sparks and fireworks ignited her. She couldn’t stand to wait another moment.

That’s it,” Barb urged. “Let it loose, princess! Cum for your majestic queen!”


“Ahhh! Ahhhhh! AHHHHHHHH!!


Josie obediently, finally, stupendously came, all over Barb’s paws as well as the notorious goose feather. It was all so explosive, she’d have sworn her clit actually burst. The remainder of her screams penetrated the peaceful study, until she was at last ready to slip back down from the apex. She would’ve loved to climax longer—as long in fact as possible—but all the excitement had worn her flat out. She decided she’d be afterglowing in bed with her beloved, as they headed off to Dreamland.

Barbara stood back up. She softly, serenely kissed Josie on the cheek.

Good girl.”

She pranced to the bathroom and rinsed. Then it was time to unshackle Josie, and take her to bed. She too was tired and ready to hit the sack. They’d leave the cuffs there in the study and reattach them to their shackle-rack another time.

“Come along, my love dove…beddy-bye-time.”

The Greers climbed into their queen-size, dragged the cover over themselves and snuggled up to sleep.

“I do owe you payback for that, you realize,” Barbara heard Josie mutter.

“I look forward to it. Bring it on. And Jo?”


“…About that Cleo…”


Eyes shut, Barb smiled.

“She hot?”

The corners of Josie’s lips curled up as well.


Mmm…perhaps we could get in touch and have a little fun with her. Y’know…team up and teach her a lesson, for kissing a married woman. I’m sure you could conjure up something from that amazing imagination of yours.”

“Heh…calm down, honey. Let’s get some sleep first.”

“You’re right. Of course. Sweet dreams, Jojo.”

“Sweet dreams, Babsy.”

Their last thought of the evening before falling asleep was shared and mutual, though neither realized it.

And wherever you might be tonightsweet dreams, Cleo.