Song of Myself

Info Annamagique
23 Mar. '17

I was excited! More excited than I could ever remember having been in my whole life.

After more than fifty years of existing in a life of pleasing my husband, family, relatives, friends and keeping up a façade of an ordinary working woman and mother, I was about to burst out, to shed my old life as a snake sheds its skin.

This night I was about to do something that I could never have imagined and I was buzzing with anticipation.


Let me explain.

A couple of years ago my life had reached a low point. My children were grown and had families of their own and I was sick of my life, sick of not having sex, sick of existing from day to day and I had begun to look at websites without my husbands knowledge.

Yes, all right, pornographic websites. The kind where one can watch others perform on cam and talk to them via text.

Don't get me wrong, I would never perform on these sites, heaven forbid, but I did begin to converse with a young woman.

She was not a performer either but someone like me who was just fed up with her husband being away all the time.

We began emailing each other and sharing our fantasies only my fantasies began to get longer and become like stories as I explained to her the things I had felt.

I began to create stories around situations that I had seen and she loved them.

She kept saying that I should publish them but I never really thought much of them.

The more she urged me, the more I began to consider what she said and so, one day, I collated all the emails I had sent her about my first fantasy and edited them together.

The result was a short story and so, I looked for a way to share it.


It wasn't long before I found a site and posted it there, never once thinking that anyone would be in the slightest bit interested in my amateur jottings but how wrong I was.

It was read by thousands of people and I received some wonderful comments so I wrote another and another until I was hooked.

All of a sudden I had found something that excited me and my life began to change. I was happy again and my life had meaning once more, I could make people happy just by writing stories.

As time passed I began to make friends and very soon, after thanking a reader for her kind comment on my story we became close... very close.

She was not like anyone I had ever known and I let her into my heart.

One of the many things that fascinated me about her was her love of music, in particular, Metal!

She introduced me to something I had not taken much notice of before, a genre of music called 'Symphonic metal'.

All of a sudden I had found the kind of music I had bean yearning for all my life.

I love rock music, I love it loud, very loud, and heavy but musical, not just something hammered out to make a noise.

I also love classical music, particularly loud, very loud and heavy! Wagner, Beethoven, Bernstein and more.

I realised that Symphonic metal was all that and more, a kind of music I could disappear into, to crank up, close my eyes and live... really live!!

I began to buy CDs. Nightwish, Xandria, Leaves Eyes... I loved it and, to make matters worse... or better, I loved the style. I adored the way the singers dressed. Black leather, Gothic dresses and coats and the jet black hair and make-up.

I had begun to live again!


And so, here I was, in my bedroom, preparing myself for the first time in a life of over half a century, to attend a metal concert!

I stood in front of my full length mirror totally naked and devoid of any make up whatsoever. A blank canvas with every vestige of my previous life erased even to the point that, an hour before I had shaved my sex totally smooth, another first.

I looked down between my legs and smiled, pleased with the effect.

I was still a little pink down there but I had carefully moisturised and had managed to avoid any nicks that would spoil the effect.

I couldn't help but run my fingers over the soft, naked flesh even allowing one to dip between my petals momentarily.

I shuddered before the beautiful vision, at least to my eyes, and felt a bead of moisture form as my finger passed over my entrance.

Without a single thought I lifted my carefully manicured finger to my lips and sucked my own moisture from its tip.

I looked at my fingers in the reflection, the long black painted nails being the only part of my new image I had so far completed.

I was quite pleased with my body, considering my age. I exercised regularly and ate all the right things, even working out with small weights.

At five feet ten in bare feet, I was tall and because of my exercise regime I was also quite slim and toned but not hard like a bodybuilder.

Standing with my feet slightly parted I looked at my mound. I was pleased with what I saw, a neat slit with lips only slightly protruding and I also noticed that, due to my building excitement, my nub had become just visible, peeping out shyly from its sheath.

My breasts too were still quite firm, being small they had not sagged and as I had bottle fed my children, had maintained their natural perkiness but for how much longer I couldn't begin to imagine. For now, however, they looked good and my long, straining nipples proved testament to how pleased I really was.


Finally, I looked at my hair, my crowning glory.

It was naturally brown, chestnut when I was younger but now I had to help it a little with a bottle to hide the ever increasing grey.

It wasn't brown now though. I had spent the whole morning at the hair dressers having it trimmed and coloured and now it hung down to the middle of my back, gleaming in the artificial lighting, a shining jet black parted in the centre and brushed straight down over my shoulders!

I noticed that it made my deep brown eyes look even darker, almost black themselves and as I stared they seemed to narrow and take on an almost evil appearance which I thought only enhanced the over-all look.


Eventually I turned away, time was passing and it was time to begin constructing the image I had long dreamed of creating but never had the courage.

Sitting at my dresser, the mirror, surrounded with small but bright LEDs was my easel.

I painted my face with the care of an artist, not missing a single detail. Black Kohl for my eyebrows, not too thick but very dark.

Black, thickening mascara to make my lashes longer and blacker and again, the black eye pencil to create that wonderful look that seemed to extend my eyes to points at the outer edges.

A little blusher to accentuate my cheekbones and finally a cherry red lipstick.

I could not believe the reflection I saw staring back at me. I did not know this woman but I sure as hell liked her!


With a smile I turned away from the mirror and went over to the bed where my new outfit was laid-out ready.

The first item was a black suspender belt of lace and a shining satin ribbon which I carefully placed around my slim hips, fastened the hooks and turned it until it was in the correct position and comfortable. Next, I took a pair of sheer black stockings from their wrapper and draped them beside me on the bed.

This was another first for me as I had not worn stockings before, always tights and these were very fine indeed, just ten denier.

I took the first one and pulled it up over my hand and arm, luxuriating in the smooth unstressed nylon then let it slip down into a bunch around my hand, leaned forwards and pulled it slowly over my toes of which I had also painted the nails gloss black.

Carefully, so as not to catch the fine mesh, I shimmied the stocking up over my ankle and higher, smoothing as I went, over my knee and on until the top had stretched out and formed around my thigh, high enough for the hanging suspenders to reach and hold it in place.

Once I was satisfied that all was well, I repeated the whole thing with my other leg and then stood up and walked over to the mirror and smiled, still pleased as this piece of self art began to take shape in the way I had planned.

On the bed was a small stiff paper bag tied at the top with a pink ribbon which I slowly untied. Inside, a pair of Black, semi see-through lace briefs adorned with a tiny black bow on the waistband at the front.

I stepped into them and, once again checked my reflection, turning around to check the sheer lace covering my rear and so, the foundation was completed. Now it was time to complete this living masterpiece.


The first garment was a short black skirt of the softest leather. When I fastened it around me it was like pulling on a glove and moulded itself to the contours of my hips and buttocks. The soft suede against my naked flesh felt like the gentlest of caresses.

It was long enough to be decent but short enough to reveal that I wore stockings and not tights.

The next item I took from my bed was a Bustier, once again of the softest black leather that I could afford and laced at the front with black strips of fine leather.

That also fitted like a glove and I threaded and tied the laces up the front which left a gap of about one inch, revealing pink flesh. Because I was small busted I had no cleavage but the merest hint of my breasts was visible through that narrow, open space.


The image was almost complete. There was just one more thing to complete my transformation so I went back to the dresser and sat down once more.

In front of me, on the table, was a thin black velvet choker with lace edging and an ornate cross of black metal with a diamond stud in the centre... well, all right, it wasn't really a diamond, that would have been far too extravagant, even for this outfit.

I had spent over a thousand pounds already, so a diamond?

No, a Swarovski crystal was perfectly good enough.

I put it around my neck and fastened it at the back then looked at my reflection in the large mirror.

I shuddered with pleasure.

I could not see me any more but a gorgeous Goth stranger and that thought gave me a shiver like a shower of ice crystals had just blown straight through me.


At the side of the dresser was another, larger paper bag and I reached down and took out the large box it contained. Placing it on the floor I removed the lid to reveal a gleaming pair of black Victorian style ankle boots which laced up the front and had four inch heels which were little more than spikes.

I was a little concerned that they were brand new and I would be wearing them all night but, once they were both on and laced to the top I didn't care whether they pinched or not, they looked perfect!


There was one last item, a final piece to top it all off, my coat.

The coat cost almost half my budget. It was a heavy, pure Alpaca wool, black Anastasia coat with a fur lined hood and silk embroidered buttons and hooks down the bodice to my waist. Its skirt reached to my ankles leaving only my boots visible and when I walked it would allow my legs to appear briefly through the unfastened overlap.

At last I was satisfied. My work was done and now it was time to leave and I stepped out of the bedroom feeling fantastic!


There was just one obstacle that I could see at this point, my husband.

He knew how much I loved the music but he had no idea about my outfit. He did know I was going to the concert and he was quite happy for me to go on my own but as he had no interest he had no idea whatsoever how much I had been drawn to it.


“I'm going now,” I called as I passed the living room door, “The taxi is here.”

“All right, Darling,” he called back, not once taking his eyes from the TV screen, “Have a nice time.”


I sighed.

I had hoped that just this once he might take a little notice. I really wanted to see his reaction when he saw me but it was not to be. Ah well, his loss.


The concert was being held in the grounds of an old castle ruins which gave the whole show an extra dimension. Lighting had been set up to enhance the venue and large burning torches had been placed around what remained of the castle walls.


I paid the driver and stepped out into the darkness. I had seen him looking at me through his rear view mirror for the whole journey. I was flattered as he was young and quite good looking but I couldn't help but wonder whether he thought I was hot or just an old woman grasping at lost youth and in a moment of madness I allowed my knees to part ever so slightly in a way that looked as though I had not realized.

My question was answered as I went to step away,

“Excuse me... Miss,” he called through his opened window.

I turned.

“I'm sorry,” he went on, “I don't usually make comments about my passengers but I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous and your outfit is fantastic.”

Even in the darkness I could see his face was flushed and I felt my own flush a little with pride.

I didn't reply but just smiled and turned away wondering if I had unintentionally revealed more than I should.

Deep down something stirred and I felt terribly wanton at that moment as I kind of hoped that I had!


Until that point my confidence had begun to wane and nerves were beginning to get the better of me but with his sweet words still echoing in my ears, I stepped out towards the entrance, taking long steps to ensure that my legs were visible when I walked as much they could possibly be.


There was about thirty minutes until the show was due to begin and the arena was already crowded. I looked around desperately trying to spot someone nearer to my own age but there didn't appear to be anyone over the age of thirty.

My stomach began to flutter, had I overdone it? Everyone seemed to be wearing black so at least I wasn't too out of place but most of them were dressed in jeans and t's with bandanna's.

I felt very conspicuous until I spotted another leather clad woman and another. Now I could relax and enjoy the show.

Because the castle was used regularly for music concerts and plays there was an entrance complex with ticket office and cloakrooms.

It was Autumn and although it was dark now the temperature was cool rather than cold so I decided to leave my coat with the attendant, certain the rising heat from so many people would keep me warm.

The young lady behind the desk took my money and handed me a small ticket and held out her arm for my coat.

I couldn't help but notice that she watched me intently as I released each of the embroidered buttons and seemed to give a little gasp as I slipped it from my shoulders.

I had not really taken a lot of notice of females before but I did notice this one because through her thin black tee shirt a could clearly see two points appear on her breasts.

For some reason I found it incredibly arousing that a woman was finding me attractive and not just a woman but a very pretty young woman too!

“Oh wow! I love your outfit!” she gushed.

“You don't think I'm a little old?” I asked her, suddenly feeling very conscious of my age again.

“Old? Hell no! What are you, forty one, forty two?”

I smiled and shook my head.

“Add ten,” I whispered loudly so she would hear above the general hubbub.

“Nooo, Wow, you must be doing something right then.”

There was a small pocket in my skirt and I slipped the ticket into it, thanked her and headed towards the auditorium.

Temporary seating had been set up around the sides but the main part was devoid of chairs. I assumed that people preferred to stand and dance which I totally understood. I had a seat in one of the stands but doubted I would be able to sit still for long.

After a short time the stage was plunged into darkness and gentle violins began. I knew the tune immediately and, suddenly the lights flared brightly, simultaneously with the crash of drums and bass guitar.

In that instant all my fears were gone and the music took me.

My assumption proved to be correct as, along with everyone else I was on my feet dancing, my hair swinging back and forth as I shook my head up and down and side to side.

Somehow, I found myself at floor level, crushed amongst all the other fans and the touch of their bodies pressed against mine as we swayed and moved to the heavy beat of the music was beyond anything I could ever have imagined!

I felt hands touching me. Strong masculine hands, soft feminine hands and I didn't care one little bit. I was ecstatic and then a strange sensation gripped me, I felt myself being lifted, many hands were raising me off my feet! I didn't resist but remained rigid as I tipped onto my back and began move, feet first, along a sea of hands towards the stage and as I moved I could feel those hands touching every inch of me, supporting me and when I felt hands on my buttocks, I loved it, hands on the bare flesh of my thighs, I loved it. My skirt had ridden up a little, exposing my lace see-through panties and I loved that too.

My mind was in a spin and nothing mattered anymore, all my inhibitions were gone!

Before I knew it I was being lifted onto the stage and I stood beside the singer who looked at me as she sang and smiled.

She was gorgeous, mid thirties and dressed in a similar fashion to myself except that she wore shorts with a skirt of soft leather that hung almost to the floor behind her and I felt myself go weak at the knees. I had admired her since I first heard her but never imagined that I would ever be this close to her.

During the guitar rift she lowered her microphone and said,

“Came backstage, afterwards, have a drink,” but before I could reply she was singing again and I was ushered from the stage by the security staff.


The concert lasted over three hours in all but it seemed as though time had stood still and I was so disappointed when it was over. It had been the best night of my life and I felt as though I belonged there, accepted and welcomed.

Every penny I had spent on this single night had been worth it and, as I made my way to the cloakroom I felt as though this was the first day of a new life.

I put my hand in my pocket for the hat-check ticket and my heart jumped into my mouth, it was gone! I searched but the pocket was barely big enough for it to be hidden, it was definitely gone!

The young woman appeared.

“Are you all right, Mistress?” she asked. “Is something wrong?”

“Erm, yes,” I replied, panicking now that my beautiful coat could have been stolen, “My ticket, it's gone!”

The girl smiled.

“Oh, don't worry about that. I remember you and the coat, I will get it for you,” and she turned and went between the rails, reappearing a few seconds later with my coat over her arm.

“Oh, thank goodness,” I breathed a big sigh of relief, “I was worried for a minute.”

She handed me the coat and as I took it from her, she said,

“I saw you on the stage with Tanya. She is beautiful isn't she?”

I nodded agreement as she went on,

“You looked very sexy together.”

“Oh, go-on with you,” I giggled and made a play of pushing her shoulder but I also noticed that her nipples were again pushing outwards through her t-shirt.

“No, I mean it, you looked great up there.”

As she spoke she had put the palm of her hand on my waist and had a far away look in her eyes.

“What did she say to you? I saw her whisper something.”

I laughed then.

“She invited me back stage for a drink but I expect she says that to everyone.”

The young woman frowned.

“No, she doesn't. She never invites fans back, ever. Aren't you going then?”

“Well no, I...” and as I spoke I saw something protruding from the pocket of my coat. I took it out and saw that it was a backstage pass. 'Access all areas' it said.

The young woman looked at me and raised her hands, tilting her head to one side as if to say 'well then?'.

I took a deep breath and heard her say,

“I doubt you will get a second chance.”

She helped me on with my coat.

“Follow the castle wall to the rear of the stage where you will find a heavy wooden door. Use the knocker and they will let you in.”

I didn't need to me told twice so I turned and followed her directions.


As the young woman had said, just behind the stage was indeed a small wooden arched door. A typical medieval style door of solid wood and black iron fittings.

In the centre was a large old knocker. It was shaped to represent a grotesque creature's face holding the ring of the knocker in its mouth.

My heart was in my mouth as I carefully lifted the ring and banged it three times in quick succession. The sound seemed to echo behind the door and moments later the handle turned and the door opened a little.

“What?” said the somewhat rotund, greasy looking ogre of a man who stood in the narrow gap that had appeared.

“I... I was invited...” I began nervously.

“Invited? By 'oo?” he snarled before I had a chance to finish.

“Tanya,” I told him.

“Really. An' 'ow do I know yoo ain't makin' it up?” he growled.

“Oh!” I remembered the pass and took it from my pocket, holding it up for him to see.

“Well, why din't yer say?” he sighed, pulling the door wider. “It's that way, Mistress.”

I followed the direction his chubby finger had indicated and jumped as the door banged shut behind me.

The passage way I found myself in was eerily lit by flaming torches placed at intervals along the stone walls. I didn't find this odd for some reason, even though this was the twenty-first century, as I assumed it was all part of the effect for the concert and deep inside I felt good being a part of it.

The effect was so Gothic, the echoing of my heels as I walked slowly along the stone flags and the shadows flitting about the walls as my passing disturbed the flames and made them flicker. It was a world apart from my usual mundane existence.

After a little time I began to wonder where I was going. I had not passed any doors and the passage seemed to stretch far further than I had imagined from the apparent dimensions of the castle itself.

I stopped and looked back but the passageway was just as I had thought and disappeared into the darkness so I walked on.

I looked at my wrist to check the time, after all, even though this was my night I didn't want my husband to worry.

Oh, who was I kidding? He would go to bed and wouldn't even notice I wasn't there until he awoke in the morning and I was certain to be back by then.

I tutted, of course, no watch! I hadn't worn one so not to spoil the effect of my outfit. Ah well, never mind.

It was while I was thinking about that when I noticed the door ahead. As it was the only door I could see I guessed that was where I was heading and knocked firmly upon it.

Immediately it creaked slowly open and I stepped inside.

The sight that greeted me was so intense.

The room was fairly large and windowless. It was, like the passageway I had just left, lit with torches attached around the great stone walls and in addition, several wrought iron candelabras each containing many tall black candles. As a result, the room was brighter than the passageway but not much.

I noticed that there were several people here in addition to the band who were sitting on the floor around two large throne like wooden chairs which appeared to be upholstered with thick velvet cushioning.

One of the chairs was vacant but, in the other, a statuesque woman dressed completely in black leather.


“So, here you are at last,” she said, getting to her feet and walking slowly towards me. “I knew you would come.”

“I wasn't sure you meant it,” I replied, still nervous but no longer afraid. “The girl at the cloakroom, she...”

“Yes, a good slave. Very faithful.”

Tanya waved her hand with a flourish and a young woman appeared at my side dressed in a black knee length dress which seemed so thin it should be see-through but, in the dim flickering light, it was not.

“Give her your coat, she will keep it safe until we are done.”

I unfastened the buttons and let it slip from my shoulders as the young woman took it from me.

“You!” I recognised her suddenly, from the cloakroom.

“Yes, Mistress,” she smiled. “I am here to serve you.”

As she faded into the background, Tanya took my arm.

“Come,” she said, “Take your rightful place beside me.”

“You said you knew I would come,” I queried. “How could you know?”

She smiled.

“I knew,” she said, “You are chosen. You could not refuse.”

I didn't understand but somehow I knew she was right. As soon as the girl in the cloakroom handed my coat to me with the pass in the pocket I could not have made any other decision but to go to her. Yes, I could have left, it was completely my choice but the attraction was far too great to even contemplate any other course.

I walked slowly towards her, suddenly filled with confidence and every face in the room was turned towards me as I strode out. I was fully aware that each step I took revealed the tops of my stocking and the merest hint of naked thigh.

I was already in a high state of arousal after the concert and that feeling was overwhelming now and suppressing my inhibitions so completely that I didn't care what they saw. I was in control now, I knew it and they could not touch me unless I permitted it!

The two chairs were on a raised stone plinth and I climbed each of the three stone steps slowly and deliberately, the flesh of my inner thighs becoming exposed each time I lifted my leg to step up.

At the top I stopped in front her and she stood to face me. With my heels I was nearer to her height and she embraced me like a long lost friend, hugging me tightly and kissing me fully upon my lips.

The sensation was incomparable to anything I had felt before and yet it seemed natural to part my lips and respond to her, accepting her exploring tongue and greeting it with my own.

After a moment of bliss, Tanya broke our embrace and stepped back, indicating that I should sit beside her.

I lowered myself down into the sumptuous cushioning and sat, waiting for what, I did not know.

With eyes sensually narrowed, Tanya again gestured to some distant person hidden in the shadows and, from a far corner appeared a young woman dressed in the same thin black attire as the cloakroom attendant but she was carrying a tray which contained two large pewter goblets and a jug.

Slowly, she ascended the steps and offered the tray first to Tanya, who reached out and and took a goblet then, turning to me said,


I took the remaining ornate goblet from the proffered tray and looked at it. It was decorated with skulls and dragons and the stem seemed to resemble a claw which was holding the bowl.

The stunning young woman then placed the tray on a small table to the other side of my hostess and lifted the jug.

Tanya held her goblet steady as her servant poured a generous quantity of red liquid into it.

The girl turned then and asked,

“Wine, Mistress? I have white if you prefer?”

I shook my head,

“Red is fine, thank you.”

With a smile, she tipped the jug and the dark red wine splashed into my own goblet.

Once she had returned the jug to the tray she sat at Tanya's feet whilst this stunning woman, whom I now saw as her mistress, stroked her sleek black hair with her free hand.

“Look around you,” Tanya spoke as she gestured with the goblet in her hand. “For tonight, they are yours to choose.”

My eyes, now accustomed to the dim, flickering light picked out various forms around the room. The other band members were lounging, each with girl, the drummer even had two, one of which was totally naked. He was reclining on cushions scattered across the floor and, as I watched, the naked girl unfastened his pants and pulled out his erect member, caressing it, making it stiffen under her expert touch and then, when she was satisfied with it's rigidity, she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around it, taking it deep into her mouth. I had never before witnessed such a scene of wanton depravity and it excited me beyond belief. I had not had sex with anyone but my husband and he was not exactly adventurous in such matters.

As I watched I felt a hand on my thigh, stroking the naked flesh atop my stocking and a bolt of electricity shot through me. I could feel the juices soaking into the gusset of my panties as Tanya's fingers stroked ever nearer.

I had no intention of preventing her and I relaxed my muscles, allowing my legs to slowly part.

Her finger tips began exploring the coarse fabric which was the only thing separating her from my burning sex.

Suddenly, she stopped and her hand left me as she snapped her fingers, making my insides jump.

From the shadows the young girl from the cloakroom appeared. No words were exchanged but she released a hidden fastening at her neck and the thin black dress slipped from her lithe body and pooled around her feet.

I gasped in awe of her beauty, she was every inch as gorgeous as I had imagined just a few short hours before.

I turned my head suddenly as I heard Tanya speak beside me.

“For you,” she said.

“For me?” I whispered, “What do you mean?”

“She is my gift to you. For tonight you may use her in any way you desire.”

I was speechless and the words that followed came slowly and with great effort.

“You mean...?”

Tanya nodded, smiling.

“You may use her for any fantasy you may have.”

I looked at this vision before me and she smiled back, her exceptionally dark eyes flashing and twinkling in the flickering candle light. She nodded her assent.

“Anything you wish, Mistress, anything.”

She emphasised the final word and stepped towards me.

“Your wish is my desire.”

I studied her intently as she stood before me. Her small pert breasts with nipples long and erect standing proudly out from firm flesh and her belly perfectly flat with a pentacle tattooed around her cute belly button.

I reached out and gently touched it with my finger tip, allowing my nail to gently trace the lines along its five points, flicking across her navel and then down towards her completely naked sex.

She breathed deeply when my nail found the tip of her nub, awake now and jutting proudly from its fleshy nest.

For a moment her gasp sounded like a hiss as I gently pressed my fingertip against her straining button then continued my journey of discovery downwards into her hot moist slit, my nail causing her clitoris to drag slightly and then flick as it released.

I had never touched a woman before, apart from myself, of course and my heart was pounding in my ears as I rotated my hand and followed her soft crevasse to the entrance of her cave.

I was trembling as I curled my finger and oh so gently inserted the tip and began the final stage of this part of my awakening.

The sensation of her heat enveloping my finger as it entered was incredible and I could feel my own excitement building.

Further and further, deeper still I pushed as she gripped my finger with her internal muscles, caressing it, welcoming its intrusion until I could go no further as my knuckles were now pressing against her pubis.

Inside I was trembling with desire, her juices running down my hand as I began to curl my finger inside her, trying to emulate what I would do to myself when I was alone, looking for that trigger which would finish her as she stood before me.

My face was burning as though I were in front of a roaring fire and my finger searched inside this beautiful young woman, gently rubbing against her front wall, my nail scratching carefully at the sensitive ribbed flesh and pressing, pulling her toward me.

I felt her tense, felt her muscles grip my finger and a low groan began from deep within her becoming ever louder until, suddenly, she screamed out, moisture gushing across my hand and wrist and she clamped my finger tightly like a hot vice as she orgasmed violently, her knees buckling but not collapsing and then she fell forwards, her hands on my shoulders and dropped to her knees trembling uncontrollably, forcing and my finger from her sex.

I looked down at my hand, now slick and glistening with her juices and I raised it to my mouth, sucking her moisture from my fingers.

Oh my lord it was nectar! She tasted slightly metallic but so sweet and I sucked and licked every drop until my fingers were clean of her.

Slowly, this beautiful young girl recovered her senses and looked at me, gazing happily into my eyes.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she said, her eyes twinkling with joy. And then she placed her hands on my knees and gently pushed then apart.

There would be no protest from me as I shuffled forwards slightly on my chair, giving her more access for whatever she had in mind.

I knew she could now see my soaking panties which where probably completely opaque now but I no longer cared. Any inhibitions I may have once entertained were now gone completely, this incredible young woman could do whatever she wished and I would let her!


Through the haze of excitement I vaguely heard a click of thumb and finger but it barely registered with me until a second pair of hands began to caress my breasts from behind, kneading me through the soft leather of my bodice and, at the same moment, hot breath between my legs as the cloakroom girl pressed her sweet lips against my burning sex. She exhaled through the sheer lace of my panties causing me to squirm with the sudden heat and expel yet more of my own nectar. She sucked it through the fabric, a strange slurping sound as she did so.


Any resistance I may have had was totally gone now and fingers explored through the laces which held my breasts encased, fingers which sought and discovered my aching nipples between flesh and soft leather, pinching and pressing.

I couldn't keep still, my whole body squirmed and twisted as my muscles tried to increase the wonderful sensations these two nubile young women were producing between them.

I slowly became aware that my panties were slipping slowly down my thighs and I had raised my bottom unwittingly to allow them passage and, at the same time, the laces of my bodice were loosened and removed, allowing the black shining leather to fall away to the sides, revealing my naked breasts.

My eyes were closed. Had I wanted to I could not have opened them. Not being able to see intensified every touch, every sensation to an almost unbearable pitch.

Something was different, suddenly. I could feel hands on my thighs and lips on my sex, a hot tongue circling my clitoris and lips sucking it into a hot mouth and I could also feel lips upon my breast, sucking my so hard teat between them but I could also feel lips on my other breast, teeth nipping and biting the straining flesh. Hands seemed to be everywhere, on my breasts, my stomach, between my thighs and under my buttocks.

It was all too much, I couldn't take much more.

I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted to savour this wonderful experience forever, but it was just too much.

I could feel myself letting go as my muscles began to seize and then to spasm as a hot tongue pushed its way inside my dripping, burning pussy and teeth bit and tugged at my nipples whilst slender fingers massaged the screaming flesh of my breasts and belly.

I was struggling now, trying desperately to hold back but then, a finger pushed its way between my buttocks, finding the tight and, as yet, virginal entrance and pushed forcefully through the tight ring of muscle and on, deeper and deeper.

That was it, that was the trigger which tipped me over the edge and I screamed out, loud and long, my muscles contracting with a strength I had never before known as my body went completely rigid, trapping the finger inside my rear passage and flooding the mouth which still sucked hard upon my clitoris, teeth biting hard on the sensitive flesh.

I thought I must surely break and that this feeling would never end but slowly and surely I relaxed and sank back down into the large chair, my fingers still gripping its ornately carved arms with a vice-like grip.

I jumped and twitched almost painfully as that finger slid slowly from my rear and again as two lips kissed me firmly upon my sex. One final pinch of my nipples and another painful but arousing twitch and I was allowed to relax, breathing slowly, my whole body trembling and a tear of joy fell from my eyes and rolled down my cheek.

Darkness overcame me as my senses left me and I fell into a deep, trance-like sleep.

I thought I felt myself being lifted and placed on something solid and cold and was vaguely aware of cool breath upon my neck and then, a long, drawn-out hiss like a cat that has been denied its prey.


I opened my eyes and quickly closed them again as the bright sunlight beamed through the bedroom window and burned into my retinas.

“Morning, sleepy head. Did you enjoy the concert then?”

I opened one eye just a slit to see my husband placing a coffee mug on the bedside table.

“Erm, yes, I did, thank you. What time is it and why am I in the spare room?”

“Almost Eleven-thirty. I assume you slept in here so as not to disturb me when you came in. What time did you get back?”

I pulled the thin quilt up around my neck as I became aware that I was completely naked. I liked the feel of the cool cotton sheets against my flesh, something else I had never appreciated before as I always wore a nightdress.

“I don't really know,” I replied truthfully but it can't have been that late, surely?”

“I heard the taxi but I fell back to sleep almost immediately but it must have been almost dawn.”

“No, surely not that late!” I was astounded but the memories of last began to return through my sleepy fuzziness. I actually couldn't remember coming home at all.

“Nice choker,” he said as I stretched my arms, “Shouldn't wear it in bed though.”

I touched the band of soft velvet fabric at my neck, puzzled that it was the only item of clothing I was still wearing.

“Do you know what I would like to do today?” I said, dreamily.

“No, What?” he replied.

“I would like to go to the castle.”

“The castle?” he frowned, “Isn't that where you went last night?”

“Yes, but I realised that we have never actually been and looked around it, you know, properly.”

“All right,” he smiled widely, “Good idea. We can go this afternoon.”


And so, after lunch, we jumped in the car and drove the short distance.

It looked so different now, the stage was still there but all signs of the concert just a few hours before were gone, the band moving on to their next gig, wherever that was.

I followed the wall round behind the stage and found the door which I had entered the night before.

There were no flaming torches now but bright electric lights at intervals along the corridor.

At the end was the door which stood slightly ajar and from inside I could hear voices.

With some trepidation and my heart beginning to beat a little harder, I pushed the door further open and stood looking into the brightly lit chamber.


“Come in, come in,” the mature woman facing the front of a small group of visitors waved us through. “I was just about to begin.”

We stepped inside and stood quietly at the back of the group.

“This room was hidden for many years,” she began. “When it was discovered it was found to have been used by a coven of witches for devil worship and many pagan symbols were found here. Some have even said that vampires also used it when they chose a victim or a new leader but that, of course is just folk tales because, as we all know, vampires only exist in the imagination of writers...” she suddenly looked straight at me and winked. “Don't they?”

I touched the cross hanging from the choker at my neck and smiled, remembering the hiss I had vaguely heard...

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