The Locker Room

Info AnnD
24 Mar. '17

I'm the woman you've been watching at the gym. You don't think I've noticed you, but I have. You've watched me working out, watched me in the locker room. I've noticed your eyes on me, noticed you sneaking glances.

So what's the story lately? You always changed in a private room, but lately I find you in the locker room at the same time I am. And what's this? You're not going into the private room. You're changing right here in front of me! Oh baby....don't you know what that does to me?

Do you know? Do you suspect? Do you realize that I've had my eye on you too? Oh sweetheart, you are so beautiful. I fantasize about you all the time. Do you know that I want you? Do you know that I crave a beautiful woman's body, that I crave your body? Can you tell? Do I show? Or am I just another invisible person to you?

It's been a long time since I've been with a woman. In my bed at night I've been with you over and over....Soaking my nightclothes....soaking my sheets....humping my blanket....humping you....your fingers circling my clit, leasing my lips, coming with your frantic rubbing.

Can you possibly want me? Have you come in the arms of another woman? Are you showing yourself to me? Is that why you're changing right here, in front of me? You've noticed me, haven't you? You remove your skier, your sweater. Oh bra. Such beautiful, firm breasts. Your nipples, they're hard. Is it cold.... or is it me? Your camisole....hard nipples piercing the fabric. I want so badly to grab you. Your slip, old fashioned, so feminine. And pantyhose, I love pantyhose. And no panties. I can see your sex so clearly. Do you know what you're doing to me? You're moving so slow, stretching, watching yourself in the mirror. You must be doing it for me....Oh I wish you would touch yourself. Do you touch yourself? Do you make love to your beautiful body? Would you make love to another woman's body? My body?

Do you see me? See my nipples getting hard. Do I dare? Do I approach you? Are you telling me you're available? I'm standing here in my bra and panties, looking at you, trying not to stare. Do you notice the lingerie? The pink panties. Can you see that they're wet, that I'm creaming in my pants looking at you and I can't help it. I don't want to help it. I want you to take your finger and ever so gently rub it up and down over my slit, press the wet fabric into the lips....oh honey, I could come just my looking at you.

I know, I know what I'll do. I'll touch myself. Just grazing, lightly. If I don't, I'll go crazy. Oh, it feels so good. Your back is turned, I can see you. Oh damn, I'm so hot....I'm going to come baby, just looking at you....touch me, I'm so wet....oh...oh...Here's looking at YOU kid....I gasp, I can't help myself....You turn your head....My fingers are still over the crotch of my panties....Do you want me honey? Don't run one else is aware of what's happened. We're the only ones here. I'm naked in front of you....what can I say....How will you react?

I wait....I don't move. Just my finger, still pressing, in my crotch. I'm frozen. You're looking at a funny way. Your eyes are burning into me....I feel so ashamed. You turn, facing me. It's so feels like an hour, but it's only a smile.

You smile! What's it mean? Don't laugh at me. But no, it's not that kind of smile. It's understand! You run your hands up and down your own body. You are smiling seductively at me. You lift your slip and press both hands into the crotch of your pantyhose, pushing your crotch out at me. You are fascinated by my are exposing yourself to me. Can this be real? My fantasy come to life? I press my fingers deeper into my slit and feel a fresh flood of my sweet, warm, syrup run into the crotch of my panties. I can't help staring at heat builds again immediately and once more my body is shook by a powerful orgasm.

I think, honey, that this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...