On The Dock

I've rented a cabin for my one week Summer vacation. It's way out in the woods of Maine, with a path that leads down to a privately-owned beach with a low dock and a canoe. I'd been there several times before, and it is just the perfect place to get away from it all, and to recuperate from the rigors of my work and my increasingly wild and complicated social life. As soon as I pull into the driveway and drag my suitcase into the bedroom, I walk straight down to the water's edge.

It's so secluded there. Only one other cabin is on this stretch of the shoreline, and I've never seen anyone occupying it. Otherwise, it's a half mile to the nearest civilization. As I had done in other years, I feel comfortable with skinny-dipping in this secluded spot, and so I strip down immediately and dive into the cool, clear water. It is such a sensual feeling having the liquid press against all of my flesh, intertwining with my long flowing blond hair and my arms and my legs and my sparse pubic hair. Immediately, my nipples harden and become sensitive, and I can feel the contrast of cold water and the warm flesh of my cunt. The breast stroke is my favorite when I swim in the nude, as it allows the water to wash deep in between the folds of my labia.

After swimming out a hundred yards, I flip onto my back and float on my back, paddling slowly back into the dock. The sun beats down on my face, and through my squint I can see the erect nubs of my nipples floating above the lapping wavelets.

I pull myself up and onto the dock, and arrange myself on the chaise lounge chair facing the sun. Then I smear sun lotion all over my body. Once the wide expanses of skin have been covered, I drop some lotion onto my breasts and give them a deep and gentle massage, twisting the slippery nipples. Oh, I'm getting stimulated now, and it's not long until I squirt lotion into the palm of one hand and smear it into cunt, and I make circular motions with my fingers that push and pull my swollen lips back all around. I pull my knees back toward my shoulders and let my feet be planted on the dock well to the sides of the chair. Now using the fingers of both hands, I grasp the outer lips and pull them wide apart, leaning forwards to examine my wet, pink flower of womanhood. The petals are crinkled and scalloped, and I can see the opening to my vagina winking open and closed. It is too much for me to hold off, so I insert one finger deep inside and hook it upward so that it can circle and play over my G spot. My other fingers dart and dodge all over my unhooded clitoris and inner lips, and I can feel the flesh inflating with the hot blood of my desire. It is amazing how quickly my orgasm arrives, I'm sure that I have only been playing with myself for a couple of minutes. But here it is already, pulsating and throbbing all through my body. In the solitude, I feel safe in expressing the beauty of this moment, so I let out deep sigh that slowly transforms itself into a guttural grunt and finally a rising scream that would probably scare anyone if they could hear me. But this is exactly how I feel -- wild, uninhibited, and free.

Gradually, I let the muscles of my body relax, and my head loll back. Pulling my soaking-wet hands out of my pussy, I spread the liquid over my upper thighs and up to my belly button. Hearing the twitter of the birds over my head, I am soon fast asleep, dreaming of wild sex with strangers.

Slowly, the dreamy sleep state ebbs from my body, and I become increasingly aware of reality. But with my eyes still closed, there is something going on that seems connected in with my dreams. I hear people talking about sex. Where am I? I though I was alone out in the wilderness of Maine. But I'm sure that these voices are discussing sex, specifically stories that they have read online, maybe on noveltrove.com. Oh my god, these are real people that read that stuff. So do I, and recently I even posted a story myself. They have probably read my story, I realize. Hearing them talk, it is obvious that they really get off on the wild fantasies.

Opening my eyes slightly, I squint out over the water to the dock of the supposedly uninhabited cabin. Sitting on the edge facing my dock are two young and beautiful people, a man and a woman, maybe 25 years old or so. They look like they could be magazine models: sleek, tanned, and tightly muscled. Their bodies are certainly easy for me to examine, as they are also enthusiasts of skinny-dipping. Their wet hair lets me know that they have already been in for a dip. I must have been deep into my sleep to not be awakened.

As I sneak my look at them through hooded eyelids, I realize that what I can see of them, they can see of me. I am also nude. In fact, I am laying back on this chaise lounge with my legs still spread to either side, and my pussy spread wide. Now that I focus attention on my position, I can even feel the cool touch of the breeze on my damp cunt. Without looking, I know that my golden pubic hair is matted flat to my pubic mound, stiff with the dried up vaginal juices that I spread around. My instinct is to pull my legs together and to run away back up to the cabin. But I feel frozen in this position, and now that I think of it, it is a little late to be modest, for they have been sitting on the dock facing me for a while, I guess. They are only 40 or 50 feet away, so it seems a little silly to become modest and secretive about my body when they have already examined it in detail.

So here I am being an exhibitionist, and it is a new and exciting experience. I can feel the first tendrils of sexual flame coursing through my nerves, yet I'm not sure what to do about it. So far, they have no indication that I have awakened. Should I sit up and wave to them, starting a conversation as if this was a chance meeting in the supermarket?

As I lay there trying to decide what to do, I let myself hear the content of their dialogue. They aren't talking about the erotic stories anymore. They are now discussing parts of a woman's body. How beautiful a woman's breast is when it is firm and upright, and when it has a kind of secondary breast that lies just under the surface of the areola. how perfect is a nipple when it is hard and straight, with a squared-off end like a pencil eraser. And how attractive blond pubic hair is, the wispyness that only partly hides the narrow crevasse of the pink-lipped cunt. How an excited woman's pussy becomes engorged with blood and swells up until it looks something like a fuzzy, ripe peach, juices running down the slice until the drip into the rosebud of her asshole, and then down onto the plastic cushion of the deck chair.

Wait a minute.... did they say deck chair?... WOW, this isn't an abstract discussion of an anonymous woman's sexual parts. They are talking about me, and through squinting eyes, I look into their faces and see their gazes fixed directly on my totally exposed body. Those double-mounded breasts and the swollen, dripping cunt that they have described with enthusiasm and admiration are mine. I guess that I am dripping with sexual tension and anticipation, now that I think of it. This is so arousing being discussed as if I am not here. And the compliments are making me feel good too. A big part of me knows that I am an attractive and healthy looking woman, but every once in a while, I begin to doubts begin to creep in. Just a few minutes ago I found myself comparing myself to these two beautiful people, so it boosts my ego to hear myself praised.

Their appreciation of my sexual attributes has had a not-too-unexpected affect on them. Dropping my hidden gaze down the man's body, I can see his erection pointing straight up into the air, and now the woman reaches over his thigh and begins to squeeze and fondle his cock. In turn, his hand inserts itself between her thighs and she spreads her legs. And I thought I was uninhibited to remain lying there for them to see. Don't they think I might wake up? Well I guess they don't care, or maybe they are hoping that I will wake up. They certainly haven't been speaking in whispers, for I have been able to hear every word over the short expanse of water.

Again I am wondering what I should do next, and My thoughts are preempted by their actions. I hear the woman say that she doesn't feel the need for physical foreplay, that the scenery of the lake and their graphic talk has made her ready and anxious to have the man start to fuck her right away. They speak so explicitly to each other! He teasingly tells her that perhaps they should wait a bit, but she laughs and then pleads with him to get with the program. With that, she twist around so that she is kneeling on the deck with her rear end pointing right at me. He kneels beside her and reaches over her ass cheeks and runs a finger down into the crease of her cunt. Now that they have turned away from me, I can open my eyes more fully, and this allows me a better view. The first thing I notice is that both of them are shaved completely. There is not a single hair on either of their pubic hairs. It makes them seem younger, although they are obviously not teenagers. And in their current positions, I can see her cunt looking just like the peach that she saw in my cunt, with the wet split down the middle. His cock juts out and arches up, occasionally bumping into her hip as he slides his finger back and forth in her cunt, massaging her clitoris.

She is obviously enjoying this stimulation, but she isn't satisfied by it. She wants his cock now, and he finally relents to her begging and position himself behind her ass, toes draped over the edge of the dock. My view of her cunt is now gone, but is replaced by his smooth ass with rippling muscles fluttering around as he inserts his cock into her cunt. Once he is deeply embedded, he shifts his weight onto his left knee, and lifts his right foot up and over her leg. His right thigh is almost up and over her ass, and now I can see his hairless balls dangling below his exposed asshole. Since they are both facing directly away, I lean forwards and crane my neck towards the couple. One finger begins to toy with my clitoris, but I am too enchanted with the view to pay much attention to myself.

Now the woman is emitting a sharp grunt each time the man sheathes his long curved cock deep into the scabbard of her vagina. her shoulders drop to the deck, one fore arm cradling her head. Her other hand reach under herself and I can see exactly what she is ding in the shadows of their thighs. She is using four of her fingers to prod and juggle his balls, and as he saws back and forth, she extends her thumb back into her cunt, so that it can rub hard over her clitoris. The work of her hand results in the reward she has intended, for now they are both howling and hollering. Maybe this is kind of like what I sounded like when I was masturbating a few hours ago.

I am amazed at how long they are able to keep this up. They seem so close to the peak of their excitement, but they hold off having their orgasms. When they appear to be getting close, the man becomes motionless, and the woman rocks herself methodically onto his cock. When the time finally arrives, he grasps her hips and pull her ass hard into his groin as he repeatedly lunges his cock into her as if he were the piston in a motorcycle engine. I can see his sweat-shiny ass cheeks glisten in the hot sunlight. His muscles suddenly tense up and he stops moving as his orgasm seizes control. The woman screams at his that she is coming as well, and she starts to grind her ass around in a circular motion.

Just at that moment, the man swivels his upper body around so that he is facing me again, and his eyes lock with mine. A broad and friendly smile covers his face, and the tip of his tongue licks around his lips. As his orgasm mounts and then passes its peak, his eyes clench shut, and he surprises us all by arching his body backwards, which shifts his weigh enough to pull the woman and him out over the edge of the dock. Joined together still at the hips, they flail their arms outwards and splash into the water. And then they sink below the surface. Where did they go? They have disappeared for at least 30 seconds, and the surface of the water becomes mirror-still again. With the glare of the sun, I can't see through the reflective veneer.

I begin to worry about their disappearance, when they scare the daylights out of me by launching themselves out of the water like cruise missiles, only 3 or 4 feet in front of my position, splashing water all over my sun-heated skin. It makes me jump up from my chair, and on impulse, I leap into the air, curling myself into a tight cannonball, and land next to them in the lake. When I come to the surface, we wordlessly come together in a three-way embrace. Each of my hands slides down a back and grabs hold of a hard ass cheek. They do the same to me..........

It's going to be one hell of a week here in the Maine woods. I thought I was here to get away from it all in complete solitude. Now it appears that I've stumbled into a wild and animalistic orgy that will both excite and relax me in a way that I could only dream about. Will I need any of the clothes that I brought? I hope not. Time will tell. I'm tingling all over thinking about the rest of the week.