A Rainy Day Fulfillment

Info MichealK
25 Mar. '17

I couldn't be sure how we got to this point, really. He had just turned the lights off and my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. I could hear him taking his towel off, dropping it to the floor. I grabbed the tucked corner of mine and pulled it free. My eyes were just able to tell that he had sat down, just a few feet from me on the bed.

We had been swimming, enjoying the darkening skies. When the lightning started getting close, we figured it would be stupid to stay in the water and we sat in the pool house. There was no desire on either of our parts to find anything else to do, so we began to empty the fridge of its store of beer. It had gotten colder with the ensuing storm, so both of us had, at some point, dropped our shorts to the ground and continued sitting on the pool house floor, against the bed, in our towels.

Todd and I had been good friends since we met the first year in college. Five years later, we were finishing up our degrees (finally), each the only friend to the other who lasted all the way through school. Friends and lovers and come and gone, but in the overwhelming calm that the storm forced within each of us, together with the beers we were downing rapidly, we both began seeing that we both hadn't been able to drive away the urges that we had known we had for so long.

At bars, we could usually find some girls to flirt with, to channel the attraction that we otherwise had for each other. Eventually we would get too drunk and stumble back to our respective abodes.

But this time the night was young, the house was going to be empty for a week, and the beer was working only so far as to remind us of our longstanding desires. I'm not sure how the conversation came around, but one minute we were talking about some beautiful girls we had seen in the bars the other night, and then we were silently contemplating something else.

And then he said, "So ... should we try it?"

And I said, "Umm.. yeah. We should."

My heart was beating so loudly I could feel the pressure in my jaws. My hands shook uncontrollably, I couldn't remember ever feeling so scared. It wasn't fear so much, but actually facing a side of me that I never actually expected to act on, in real life. I had spent many nights fantasizing, masturbating my prostate to orgasm. 

I was so incredibly hard it hurt.

I felt Todd's hand on my knee. Neither of us had moved yet, so I reached for him, laying my legs on either side of him, resting my calves on his thighs. I could feel him shivering a bit, and we let out a small laugh, glad to recognize mutual anxiety.

I placed my hands on his chest, touching him in a new way. We had wrestled and hugged and walked with our arms on each others' shoulders, and while it was a denied flirt before, there was a notable difference in the touch now. I stroked him gently, moving my hand down to his abdomen.

Todd was, objectively, a very attractive guy, in a most unassuming way. I couldn't believe that after all these years, all these fantasies, we were going through with something we'd always professed to be open about, but never courageous enough to try.

As I brought my hands down to his thighs, towards his penis, he put his hands on either side of my head and brought me closer for a kiss. And though a kiss should have been a kiss, this first kiss held within it more tension and joy, simultaneously, than any other I could every remember. I felt his lips brush mine, his tongue lightly touching the inside of my mouth. We turned our heads and opened our mouths a bit more, allowing our tongues to come out. It was a slow, light kiss, but my head was in the clouds and my thoughts were running a mile a minute.

I had my hands closed around his penis, feeling its intense rigidity along my fingers. His precum had already coated his head, and I ran my thumbs underneath it, spreading the slick coating more. I wanted him closer, so I reached around him and pulled on his hips, so our thighs were together, our penises rubbing each other.

It got very intense and we slowed down for a second, resting our heads together, our arms relaxed.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah.. wow," was all he could muster. "This is soooo much."

I had the urge to have him relax a bit, so I pushed on his chest, inviting him to lie down. As he put his back on the bed, I turned around so that I was lying between his legs. His penis was still rock hard, lying against his stomach. I ran my hands up his thighs, together to his penis, and then across his abdomen. He crossed his arms across his face, moaning lightly and undulating his hips a bit.

I brought my lips together on his balls, pulling a bit of skin into my mouth, touching it with my tongue. I opened my mouth and pulled more in, rolling my tongue around on the sac. I brought my lips and tongue, together, up and along the shaft of his penis. At his head I could taste his precum, the saltiness and consistency new, exciting. It wasn't as unpleasant as I figured it must have been, but I'd gotten a little use to it, occasionally licking it off my hand when I released a wild and crazy orgasm onto myself.

I took his dick into my mouth, rubbing it against my cheek and the roof of my mouth. He was about the same size as me, and though I always figured I was about average, I realized what an effort it would be to take in an appreciable amount of his dick. I felt like I could only get a small bit of it in. At this point he was squirming quite a bit, and I was a little nervous that he would push it in too hard if we didn't realign.

I flipped around, into the sixty nine position, and we rolled over onto our sides. He wrapped his hands around my ass and guided my dick into his own mouth. With his penis pointing down, more directly, my throat, I took his head directly into my mouth and let it pass to the back of my throat. I could feel his lips pressing on my shaft pretty close to the base, and I was surprised to feel the taughtness of his throat around the head of my penis.

I felt like I was going to come right there, but he continued stroking my balls and I was determined to hold on longer. I relaxed my throat as much as I could, cleared my head and allowed his dick to slide a bit further into my throat. I was suddenly aware of how still our bodies were, how little we were actually moving. I swore he was actually swelling up bigger, and it was easier to run my fingers along his ass than to reach up to his balls.

I began to pump my mouth on him, and his legs opened wider, pushing against my hand at his ass. He pushed his finger into mine, and I could no longer hold on. He pulled my penis out of his throat but kept the head in his mouth, taking my cum into his mouth.

"Oh, sorry.." I began to apologize, but he shook his head and swallowed.

"No.. that was fine," and headed for the bathroom. I heard him searching around the medicine cabinet. Finally he came back, a tube of lube in his hand. 

I was lying on my stomach, and he came up on the bed again, lying with his chest along my side and his leg across mine. He had his hand on my ass, rubbing up and down along my anus. I felt a bit spent, but he was arousing me again and I told him to just put the tip of the lube against my hole and push some in.

He knelt between my legs and burrowed his face in first. I could feel his tongue lapping from the base of my balls, slowly up and around my anus. He spread my asscheeks apart and move my legs out. He flicked his tongue around and I pushed up, wanting him to push in so badly. He tensed up his tongue and pushed in pretty hard, but as relaxed as I was, it only served to tease and titillate.

Finally I felt the tip of the lube pressed against me, the nozzle pushed in. The coolness of the lube spread within me, and while there was an urge of tautness, he rubbed his fingers around my anus and relaxed me further.

He pulled the tube out and tossed it aside. By squirming my ass I could feel that I was very lubed and he lay directly on top of me, laying his dick against my ass, rubbing up and down. I could feel the buzzing of my arousal down into my legs, and my dick was painful hard underneath me again. His arms came up underneath my shoulders, and even with his support on his elbows, I could feel his chest against me back.

He pushed his dick against me, and I pushed up against him. He was fucking against me and the rhythm of his abdomen against my ass cheeks was getting unbearable. I wanted him inside of me and I told him.

He pulled back and down a bit until his dick was more perpendicular against me. He pushed against me until his head was pressing on my ass hole. I relaxed again and let him push forward, into me. I felt the familiar penetration but this time I wasn't controlling it. There was no motor coordination between my hand and a dildo and that feeling of entry into me.

There was a tinge of pain as his head pushed me open wide, but then that passed and he was entering me further with the rest of his dick. As he pushed in further, down to the base of his dick, I could feel the muscles transmitting the tension and excitement throughout my body, up into my head and down around my knees. I lost a sense of the familiar and was transported to a new level of exstasy, an area I couldn't remember.

He was resting on top of me, pushed in all the way. The initial reaction of tensing up was passing, and I could relax again, comfortably holding his penis within me. He hugged his arms around my shoulders and asked me if it was ok.

I nodded and he pulled out and began to pump slowly. With each motion, his legs and chest and abdomen traveled along my body, passing skin upon skin, much as his dick inside me was passing along the nerves and sending fire through my body. I brought my knees up a little and pushed up against him, holding his body up, feeling the weight of him.

I could feel the fire building up again, that familiar orgasm swelling up inside my body, fanned by his rhythm. I couldn't help but moan, loader as he began to push faster and harder. He gripped my shoulders and allowed his body to thrash more against mine. His dick seemed to go in even further, penetrate me even wider. We were both moaning, and I collapsed against the bed again. As I came my ass tightened, and his dick inside me pained me, in a good way. The penetration of him against the tightened muscles catapulted me out of my mind, into an orgasmic high that I can't remember ending, coming to with his on top of me, lying still.

We were both breathing slowly once more, time must have passed. His arms were still around me and with each breath I felt his chest against me. There was cum all over me, between my chest and the wet bed. My ass was soaked and as he came around, he shifted the weight of his hips and I felt that he was still inside of me, half erect but penetrating me still.

I brought my hands up to his, resting on my shoulders, and held them. My prostate hurt, from so much direct contact, but I squeezed my ass and felt him inside of me. I could feel every inch of him, pressing on all parts of my insides. I kept feeling him, and he began to get hard again.

"Christ.." I said.

But he pushed again, and the pain inside me subsided as even I began to feel aroused once more. I pushed against him again, and now he was totally hard.

I lifted up and rolled him off and over, onto his back. We were a mess, wet and sticky, smelling strongly of the musky sex. I straddled him, a knee on either side of him. I sat against his groin, finding his erect penis against the back of my ass. I rubbed it up and down, touching its length against my backside, leaning forward to feel it against my ass hole. I reached back and held it so it pointed at me. I aligned it against my ass, and once again pushed down to take him in. From this angle it hurt more than it did before, the tension stronger in my ass from my spread legs.

But I wanted the most, I wanted to take it further. I pushed against him more, pain and arousal together spreading through me. Even my tautness brought him pain, but as he entered into me, he clearly wanted more and once again he was sliding effortlessly inside of me.

I was on top and now had control. At first I sat straight up, but it pushed up too much and I didn't have much room to move. I leaned forward, resting my hands on his shoulders, and moved back and forth. I rolled my hips and with each motion, pumped his dick in and out. I didn't start too slow, needing the constant movement and arousal to outstrip the pain of an abused prostate, an overworked opening.

Todd brought his hands down to my penis, and wrapped them around, pumping it more with each of my movements. By now we were both passed ignoring our animal instincts, and our movements were hard and severe, our moans loud and deep.

I wasn't thinking any longer, the friction of our bodies making us raw, our groins worn and spent. Still, there was a determination to make this last one carry us completely over the edge. We pushed and pumped and took the pain with the highest level of arousal yet. We were both harder than we had been yet, but it didn't take as long, this time, for us to come. I came first again, sending cum all over his chest and neck. 

He came shortly thereafter, filling me with even more cum, the slickness and wetness alleviating some of the rawness. As I kept moving, finally the tightness of my ass pushed his flaccid penis out, and I stopped, laying my chest upon his, wrapping my arms around him and holding him, waiting until I would recover my senses.

We woke up quite a bit later, fairly immobile but messy. I listened for the storm, but the rain was quiet and steady. Silently we rolled out of the bed and into the shower. He turned the water on hot, and we both stood under the water, still. We each took turns with the soap, cleaning each other off. We kissed gently, and reached for the towels.

Back in the other room, we looked at the bed and elected to grab the blanket and curl up on the carpet. With our bodies intertwined, and our minds almost asleep, Todd nudged me.

"We have all week, you know.