Cake Play

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26 Mar. '17

Hannah bit her lip and stared at the three cakes on the island counter. One was red velvet, rich and dense with a thin layer of cream cheese icing between each thick layer and covering the outside of the cake. To her it was a sophisticated cake, something timeless and chic that would stand the test of time. Beside it was a traditional white cake, complete with a Venetian cream filling and bubblegum pink frosting. It was fun and carefree; exactly what one wanted in a birthday cake. The third was black forest, an old time favourite of moist chocolate cake, bursting with tart cherry filling, whipped cream frosting, and chocolate shavings. All three were the best of her repertoire, but the tri-county bakesale was offering serious cash for first place this year and she was determined to win. There was nothing else to do but call in some backup.

Ten minutes after she sent the text to Ben, he was bursting through her kitchen door.

“That was fast,” she said.

Ben grinned, a little out of breath, his dark hair flopping into his eyes. “You said cake and I ran.”

“Are you going to be able to try them after running here?” she teased, leaning against the counter.

“I could eat your cake anytime, anywhere.”

Ben’s face was flushed from the exertion, a thin sheen of sweat on his brow. It was a good look, Hannah decided. She liked when a man smelled of heat and fresh sweat. That, combined with the sweet scent of sugar and butter in the air, and she was feeling a little flushed herself.

“I just need you to try a few bites and let me know which you think is best. I’ve tweaked the recipes a bit since you last had them.” She pulled a large knife out of the block, wiping it on a clean dishtowel before marking the center of the red velvet and sliding it in. The knife parted the cake beautifully, and when she removed the slice it was evenly layered and picture-perfect.

Ben groaned. “You are the greatest best friend ever.’

Hannah smiled and licked her lips, handing over the slice of cake. It wasn’t a small piece, definitely not the size a tasting piece would normally be, but she couldn’t deny that watching people eat what she made gave her a thrill like nothing else. And when Ben ate it, she experienced a whole new level of excitement.

She watched as he ignored the fork sitting on the counter and broke a piece of the cake off and ate it. He chewed for a minute, then slowly licked his fingers clean, savouring the crumbs and leaving Hannah with a desire to see what else that mouth could do.

“Did you add lemon that one? I taste lemon.” Ben’s voice was deep and thick from the texture of the cake still in his throat.

“It’s in the icing. Do you like it?”

Ben answered by picking up the remainder of the piece and shoving it in his mouth, grinning as he chewed. Hannah laughed and used her thumb to wipe off a smear of icing left behind on his cheek. Ben’s eyes widened when she stuck her thumb in her mouth, sucking it off. Hannah smirked and turned to wash the knife. She could feel Ben’s eyes on her at the sink and she thought maybe this was it. Maybe today was the day he would finally see what had been in front of him for the past five years. Hannah wanted him. What had begun as a schoolgirl crush had morphed into a powerful desire as the years passed and the two of them grew closer.

Ben cleared his throat and Hannah bit back a smile at the flush that had crept up Ben’s neck while he watched her dry the knife.

“Ready for the black forest?” she asked, cutting another thick slice.


She slid the plate over to him, her eyes drawn to his wide hands and long fingers. She’d seen those hands do a lot over the years, from chopping wood to rolling dough, and they still hadn’t lost their appeal. If he wanted to, Ben could probably pick her right off the floor with them. And my god, did she want him to.

Ben once again used his hands to eat the cake, picking up the entire slice this time and trying to fit it into his mouth. A large dollop of cherry filling dropped onto his shirt, smearing down his chest and dropping onto the counter.

“Oops,” he said around a mouthful of cake.

“Are you wasting my food?” Hannah demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

Ben swallowed thickly and shook his head, then he bent down and licked the sticky filling off the counter. Hannah’s breath stuttered and heat rushed through her body.

“Better?” Ben asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“You should take your shirt off or it’ll stain. I’ll rinse it out for you.” She could hardly believe the words coming out of her mouth, but there was something about the way Ben was looking at her that made her think maybe, just maybe, the spill hadn’t been an accident.

He wiped his fingers on the shirt, spreading cake, and cherry, and whipped cream across the white cotton, then he pulled it over his head, dropping it to the floor.

“You don’t have to rinse it, I have others.”

Hannah’s mouth watered at the sight of his lean chest and wide shoulders. She wondered, briefly, what he would do if she smeared the rest of the piece across his skin. Would he be mad or would he let her lick if off?

“Onto the next one,” Ben said, rubbing his hands together and bringing her attention back to the cakes.

“This one is my favourite, as you know,” she said, again washing and drying the knife.

“You’re so boring,” Ben teased as she cut a slice and slid it onto a plate.

“It’s not boring, it’s tasteful. Simple, but elegant. You can’t go wrong with white cake and buttercream,” she argued.

Ben stepped around the island, leaning in close. “Bo-ring.”

Hannah’s mouth thinned at his jeer. She’d show him boring. Hannah sunk her hand into the cake, the smooth buttercream squishing between her fingers as she curled them, scooping up a handful of cake and shoving it into Ben’s face. She smeared it down his cheek and neck, wiping her hand off on his bare chest.

Ben stood there in shock, eyes wide and jaw slack. Slowly, as though he was afraid that any movements too quick would spook her, he collected his own handful of cake and rubbed maroon and white over her mouth and chin, dropping the rest into the gaping neckline of her shirt.

Hannah let out a little choked sound and stared up at Ben. She could feel the chunk of cake lodged in her bra, the icing that now decorated her cleavage.

“You should take your shirt off,” Ben said quietly, repeating her own words back to her. “Or it’ll stain.”

Hannah’s breath caught in her throat when Ben stepped toward her and reached for the hem of her shirt. His eyes were warm and dark as he peeled the shirt off her and Hannah couldn’t help but shiver despite the heat of the kitchen. Ben discarded the shirt on the floor and dipped two fingers into her bra, fishing out the cake. He barely got it to his mouth before Hannah surged up to kiss him, crushing their mouths together and chasing the taste of cake on his tongue.

Ben groaned and grabbed her ass, pulling her flush against him. His mouth was hot and wet, and Hannah wanted it everywhere right now . Her hands smoothed up his arms to his neck, encouraging him to stay right where he was while they kissed. Hannah bit at Ben’s lower lip and his fingers curved around her thighs, hoisting her into the air until her legs were wrapped around his waist. Ben turned them and sat her on the island countertop, pulling out of the kiss to suck and bite at her neck.

“God,” Hannah whispered in awe.

“Is this okay?” Ben mumbled against her skin.

“Yes, yes, this is so okay.”

Ben pulled back and grinned, then licked a swipe through the cream cheese icing on her chin. Hannah stared at him with wide eyes, her hand searching behind her for black forest cake. When Ben leaned in for another kiss, she smushed a handful of chocolate cake and whipped topping onto his cheek and laughed.

“It’s a good look for you,” she told him, mouthing at the smear of cake.

Ben retaliated with a handful of pink icing across her chest, bending down to lick it off. Hannah moaned and threaded her fingers through his hair, leaving trails of cake and icing in their wake. Ben’s tongue chased some runaway venetian cream into the cup of her bra, deliciously warm against the sensitive skin of her breast.

“Can I take this off?” he asked, his hands brushing against the clasp at the center of her back.

Hannah bit her lip and nodded, her eyes closing briefly as Ben carefully unhooked her bra and slid it off. When she opened them again he was watching her, his gaze flitting from her breasts to her mouth to what was left of the cake on her body.

“What?” she asked quietly.

Ben smiled. “You look good enough to eat.”

Hannah flushed and, feeling emboldened by the desire in Ben’s eyes, scooped up some of the white cake and rubbed it over her breasts.

She leaned back on the counter and let out a shaky breath. “Come and get it.”

Ben didn’t hesitate. He planted his hands on either side of her hips and dove in, mouthing at the sweet confection decorating her chest. Hannah gasped, warmth pooling between her legs as Ben enthusiastically lapped at her skin, smearing pink icing across his face in his attempt to devour her. Hannah shuddered and grabbed a handful of Ben’s hair when his teeth grazed her nipple. He took the hint and did it again, humming with pleasure when she arched into his mouth.

“Fuck,” Hannah swore, wrapping her legs around his hips again, pulling him closer. She gathered some of the red velvet and spread it over Ben’s collar bone, sucking it off and using it as an excuse to explore his chest some more. Ben’s fingers scratched down her back when her mouth dropped to his nipples, swirling her tongue around them until they were stiff pebbles between her lips.

When she pulled back, she could see the outline of his cock jutting out from his shorts and it thrilled her that she’d done that. She finally had him right where she wanted him, and his appetite was proving to be as insatiable as her own.

“Lay down,” Ben requested, kissing her before moving the cakes out of the way.

Hannah did as she was told, gasping at the cold countertop under her back. Ben loomed over her, his breath heavy and fast, like it had been when he’d first burst through the door. His hands went to the button of her shorts, pausing for her nod before he popped it open and nudged her hips in the air to peel them down and off her legs. He dropped the shorts beside her bra and ran a hand over her ankle, squeezing her calf before continuing upwards, his thumb caressing her inner thigh.

“I can’t believe I have you like this,” he whispered. “You’re so beautiful.”

Hannah smiled, a flush spreading over her whole body.

“I don’t know where to start,” Ben confessed. “You look delicious.”

Hannah grabbed another hunk of the pink cake and dragged it over her body, starting at the hollow of her throat, moving over her sternum, and down to her navel. Ben grabbed a stool and knelt on the seat, bending over her to eagerly taste the trail she’d left for him. Hannah sighed, quickly growing addicted to the soft, wet feeling of Ben’s mouth on her skin. He was attentive, but sloppy, leaving smudges of cake, cream filling, and icing in his wake and all over his face.

He was sold and warm between her legs, moving slowly as he made his way down, brushing against the heated swell hidden by her cotton panties. He stopped to suck on her nipples, switching back and forth until Hannah was panting and squirming beneath him. She’d always been sensitive there, but never quite like this. If he continued, she was certain she could come from that alone. Just as she was about to tell him that, Ben moved on, his tongue smoothing down and around, collecting bits of cake as he went. He sucked cake out of her bellybutton, returning to swirl his tongue around it, lapping up every last crumb.

His hand brushed over her inner thigh, spreading icing around in a series of loops from the junction of her hip to her knee. Once both legs were covered, Ben pulled back and grinned.

“Go on, then,” Hannah urged, stretching her arms above her head.

Ben hooked his hand behind her right knee, raising it to his mouth so she could watch him scrape the icing off her skin with his teeth. Every inch he covered drove her wild and by the time he was sucking a mark into the crease where her thigh became her groin, Hannah was writhing.

“Yes,” she hissed when his tongue slipped under the edge of her panties to tease at her core. She jerked, wanting his mouth there immediately, but Ben huffed a laugh and switched to the other leg, starting once again at her knee.

He went slower this time, drawing out his movements and even stopping to add more icing when he found a spot that made her swear and tug at his hair. He licked along the edge of her panties when he finally got there, nudging at her with his nose and mouthing at her through the cloth.

“You’re so warm,” he muttered, his lips growing firmer against hers.


Ben trailed two cake-covered finger over her panties, ducking in to suck at the cotton and pressing them against her. Hannah’s gasp turned into a moan as his tongue came out to rub at her through her underwear, a teasing glimpse at what she was in for. Ben pulled back and frowned at her.

“You should take those off before they stain,” he told her, mouth quirking up on one side. “They’re all wet anyway.”

Hannah laughed and tilted her hips, inviting him to take them off her. Ben’s fingers were sticky as they hooked under the waistband, brushing against her skin as he removed the panties. He tossed them over his shoulder and waggled his eyebrows.

“I have a feeling this is going to be my favourite flavor.”

Hannah laughed and rolled her eyes.

Ben sat on the stool and settled in, his breath ghosting hot and moist between her thighs. His big hands spread her legs wider rolling her hips forward and opening her up to him. His tongue traced her outer lips, dipping into her slick folds here and there and making her gasp and curl her fingers around the opposite edge of the island.

Ben shouldered in closer, sliding his hands under her legs and wrapping them around the back of her hips, keeping her pinned down and in place. He plunged in, groaning as he dragged his tongue around her quim, exploring every crevice.

Hannah cried out when he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue, her toes curling against his back when he sucked gently. Every muscle in her body was pulled taut and she tried to buck up into his mouth, but his strong hands held her down, his mouth like a brand on her tender core.

He raised his head and smirked at her, his breath quick. “I was right, this is my favorite.”

Hannah whimpered and squirmed, needing more. Ben dug his hand into what was left of the red velvet cake, giving her a devilish grin before coating her with it and diving back in. The texture of the cake felt cool and foreign, but the friction it created as Ben licked her clean was better than anything she’d ever felt and soon she was grinding up into his mouth and begging for more.

Two thick fingers slid inside her, making her choke on a moan and clench around them. Ben started curling his fingers, rubbing them gently against her g-spot while his tongue circled her clit, drawing her closer and closer to the edge. She could feel how wet she was, her body desperate and screaming to come.

“Yes, fuck, right there!” she cried, pushing down onto Ben’s hand. He sped up, fucking her hard with his fingers two, three times, then going back to rubbing at her. His tongue was performing some bizarre dance that was lighting her up from the inside, and the next thing she knew she was coming, screaming Ben’s name as she shook apart beneath him.

He stroked her through it, not removing his mouth until she pushed him away, her skin flushed and oversensitive. She whimpered when his fingers slid out and met him halfway for a kiss, tasting herself on his tongue, mixed with the sweetness of the cake.

“I need you inside me, now.”

Ben nodded and climbed onto the island, urging her further up so he could lay himself out over her. Hannah bit her lip when she felt his cock nudging her hip, and she arched against him, wanting him closer.

“I’ve dreamt about this,” he confessed, staring down at her with wide eyes.

“Me too,” she smiled, nipping at his chin. “Now fuck me.”

Ben groaned and pushed up to his elbows over her. Hannah reached between them to grasp his cock, stroking him a few times just so she could delight in the velvet feel of him. She guided him between her legs, wet and open from his fingers. He slid in slowly, letting her accommodate to his girth. Hannah moved her hands to his ass, squeezing firmly once he was all the way in.

“You’re so hot,” Ben said in awe.

Hannah clenched around him, making him gasp. “Move,” she whispered.

Ben drew back until only the head of his cock was inside, then surged forward, slamming into her and shoving her up a few inches.

“Fuck, yes!” Hannah shouted, crossing her ankles at the small of his back and holding on for dear life.

Ben fucked her fast and hard, grunting with every thrust until the room felt too hot, their bodies sliding against each other. He slowed down, hooking one of her legs over his arm and changing the angle. Hannah groaned, her hands seeking purchase on the island beneath her and landing in the black forest cake. Ben growled when she offered him her fingers, bending down to let her slide them into his mouth. He sucked the cake off, his tongue swirling around and between her fingers as he fucked her slowly.

Hannah fed him the vanilla next, rubbing it over his lips so she could kiss it off. The red velvet she smeared on her neck, letting him bite at her skin until he was satisfied. Tomorrow she’d have marks all over her body from his mouth and she planned on enjoying them. Ben’s cock was slow and thick inside her, filling her up and rubbing against all the places that made her body sing. She was spread out beneath him, sticky and sweet, and the happiest she’d ever been. She could feel the places where cake was glued to her in patches, icing drying like body paint on her chest and thighs. Ben wasn’t much better, pink icing streak on his cheek, his whole face a mess of cake and her juices. Hannah wanted to lick him from head to toe.

Ben pulled out and tapped her hip. “Roll over, get on our knees for me.”

Hannah hurried to comply, dropping to her forearms and spreading her knees. Ben groaned and grabbed a handful of her ass, plunging back in, his hips snapping against her. Hannah fell forward from the force of it, landing on top of the vanilla cake, pink buttercream coating her chest. Ben thrust again, slow and hard, and the cake rubbed against her nipples deliciously.

“More,” she cried, pushing back into it.

Ben picked up what was left of the black forest cake and coated her back with it, the cherry filling cold on her heated skin. He leaned over her, his chest slipping over her back as he mouthed at her shoulder, no doubt adding to the mess on his face. His hand slipped over her hip, fingers sliding between her folds to stroke where they were joined. He traced his cock as it rocked into her, gathering the wetness there and slicking it up over her clit. He felt huge inside her like this, and his hand on her was almost too much.

“Come for me again,” he plead. “I want to feel you come around my cock.”

Hannah dropped her head to the counter, meeting him thrust for thrust and focusing on his steady fingers teasing around her clit.

“Will you come for me?”

“Yes,” she choked out, wanting to give him that. Wanting it for herself even more.

Ben spread his fingers, stroking either side of her clit and fucking her shallow, but steady, brushing over her g-spot with every pass and stoking the fire building inside of her. Hannah’s fingers pressed into the counter until they hurt, the soles of her feet growing hot as Ben worked her. She was getting closer, and she could tell by the slow creep of it that it would be big. One of those orgasms that rolled through her, contracting every muscle until her skin was buzzing and her mind was blank and she could no longer remember her own name.

Ben was urging her along, whispering filthy bits of praise like tight, and wet, and take it, never slowing, never faltering in his sensational assault, fully committed to getting her off before he fucked her into the counter.

The heat travelled up from her feet, into her calves and thighs, making her legs shake and tingle. Her quim was nearly vibrating with building pleasure, tightening and slicking the way for Ben’s cock as he plunged into her over and over again, bring her higher and higher until she was teetering on the edge.

Her breasts slid through the cake, nipples hard and sensitive, coated in smooth buttercream. She wondered if Ben would lick it off her when they were done. She arched her back, drawing him deeper just as his finger slipped over her clit, sending her tumbling into the throes of her orgasm. Her breath punched out of her chest, her eyes going wide, then clenching shut as wave after wave of shocking vivcation pulsed through her. She squeezed around Ben’s cock, making him swear and speed up, fucking her hard and deep, heightening her orgasm until her vision when white and she started to shake. Ben’s hands curled over his shoulders, holding her together and using it as leverage to push himself deep in, keeping her pinned in place with his throbbing shaft.

Hannah felt like it went on forever, but eventually she came back to herself, flattened to the island, cake decimated beneath her, with Ben spread out over her back.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said, wonder evident in his voice. “Your pussy was like a vise.”

Hannah laughed weakly, feeling him still hard and hot inside her. “Happy to be of service.”

Ben groaned, rolling his hips. “I feel like I’m about to burst.”

“Fuck, do that again.”

“What, this?” Ben asked, grinding his hips against her ass.

“Yes,” she hissed. “I need you to come.”

Ben’s fingers dug into her shoulders, his head dropping to suck at the top of her spine. There was cake smeared under and between them, letting them slide against each other as Ben stroked into her, deep and hard until he was panting and swearing behind her. Hannah pulled her knees up to either side of her, allowing Ben’s hips to drop down a few inches for a better angle. He bit off a groan and reached over her head for the edge of the counter, fucking her harder and faster. Hannah’s body was still tingling from coming and Ben’s thrusts were like a refreshing dessert after a tantalizing meal. Palate pleasing and a much needed finale to the main event. He fit so well inside her that it felt like he was made to be there, the fat head of his cock brushing against her inner walls and dragging back out, her own heat and tightness drawing out his pleasure a little at a time until he buried himself as deep as he could and came, emptying himself inside her, a cooling remedy to the overheating of her body.

Ben started thrusting again, little jerks of his hips, milking his cock for all it was worth. Hannah clenched around him, doing what she could to give him everything she had. He stayed inside her, resting on his elbows so he wasn’t crushing her, until he grew soft and slipped out. He groaned and rolled off, the cake between them making a squelching noise as they separated.

Hannah laughed and looked over at him. “Well.”

“Well,” he agreed nodding. He was a slippery, sweaty mess, but he still looked like the best thing she’d ever seen.

“So I’ve maybe had a crush on you for the past five years.”

Ben huffed out a laugh, his teeth a white flash beneath the wreckage of cake on his face. “The feeling may be mutual.”

“Good to know, because you’re going to have to like me an awful lot to clean all this up for me.”

Ben gaped at her. “Why do I have to clean it up? You were just as responsible!”

“You called me boring, what was I supposed to do?”

Ben grinned, inching closer. “I definitely don’t think you’re boring now,” he told her, kissing the tip of her nose.

“Good,” she said, moving closer for a kiss, only pulling back once his eyes were closed and shoving the last of the red velvet in his face.

Hannah yelped as he reached for her, caked covering his face and matting his hair. She scrambled off the island, laughing as he scraped it from his eyes and mouth.

“You’re going to pay for that,” he promised, laughing.

“Only if you can catch me,” she taunted and ran, laughing back at him when he lept off the island and slipped in the cake debris on the floor. Her heart felt light and her body ached wonderfully, and she was going to let him chase her for as long as he wanted.

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