Bathhouse Bear

Info BearHunter
26 Mar. '17

    Upon this particular visit I made my way up to the second floor where the seedy rooms were located. The rooms in this bath house had a definite "bunkhouse" atmosphere as they were all located next to each other with a single hall running the outside perimeter. The rooms had no individual ceilings so the collective moans and grunts could be heard echoing off the high ceiling of the complex.

    I unlocked my room and turned on the solitary red bulb as I stripped off my levis and flannel shirt. I donned the customary towel as my only attire and prepared to make the rounds of the upper floor, peering into the opened doors to view naked men fondling themselves, having group sex with whoever wanted to walk in, or simply lying prone on their mattress with bare buttocks summoning any willing erection to indulge.

    While I had become somewhat seasoned by my previous visits, the bizarre sex circus atmosphere still amused me. It was only the beginning of a debauched period of constant and unlimited sexual gratifications, when six partners PER NIGHT was about average. It may have started with a blow job or two in the back room of a bar then on to the more varied bathhouse satisfactions which could be done in positions other than standing or kneeling.

    I did my slow stroll around the hallway noting which rooms or cruisers appeared to have the most potential. I had just about returned to my own room when my eyes caught a hirsuite, muscular type sitting by the stairwell. We exchanged glances and I smiled. I tried not to appear bowled over as I just continued my strut checking out the hallway a second time.

    As soon as I knew I was out of his sight, my pace markedly quickened as my eyes bugged out at what I had just spotted. Damn! I hope he's still there when I circle the second time! No longer peering into rooms, I probably looked like some of the sports-walkers you see these days with their curious gate.

    Slowing back to my swaggering stride, I approached and yes, he was still there. Don't ask me why such a manly specimen should be sitting so idly by himself but that was *just* how I wanted to catch him. Returning an inviting look as we met eyes once again, his perch was within clear sight of my doorway. I looked back as he watched me unlock and enter my room.

    Only partially closing my door, I gave a quick stroke to my cock to encourage a semi-hard status then returned to the doorway. My intended was focused on me, so I pulled off my towel and lingered in the doorway. My already-aroused organ tingled and began to swell even further as the bear stood up and lumbered towards me. I stepped back into my room as he entered and closed the door to the curious lurkers.

    His eyes looked soft and warm in the dim light, I had to look up to gaze right into them. His light brown hair glistened in an attractive rather long, neat style which matched the full, straight pelt which ran from neck to ankles, front and back. I reached up to touch his broad, developed shoulders and stroked the fluffy fur which covered them. Whew. My friends, THIS was one hot number!

    Reaching for his towel and removing it, my hand gently caressed his privates which affirmed to me he was amply aroused too. Instinctively after a true BEAR-hug I ran my tongue through the thick hair on his pecs to find his nipples and gave them a loving lick. I rubbed my face in the soft rug in the center of his chest and deeply inhaled his sexy scent.

    I nuzzled the line of hair as it formed the trail down to his crotch. My very best man-pleasin' skills went to work in tickling the shaft of his dick with my tongue, then lapping at the hairy ballsac. I gave his cockhead a caress then slowly worked it into my mouth, forcing the thick shaft down my throat. I relaxed to keep from gagging and stroked his balls as my nose buried into his pubes with his full erection pulsing inside me. Backing off and using my hand for further stimulation I began the more rhythmic milking, pumping motions while licking the sweet nectar of his pre-cum between strokes.

    His furry paws held my shoulders as he pushed me back onto the bed and went to work on my own needs, rubbing his beard down my chest and exploring my body with his own oral finesse. He heartily lapped up my own pre-cum which had generously flowed from the highly throbbing cock I was sporting, then gave me equal pleasure feeling the inside of his mouth and throat encased around the sensitive skin of my boner.

    He laid atop me and rubbed his dick against mine while we plunged our tongues deep inside each other's throats. We bear-hugged and panted at the mutual electricity being generated from getting off on each other's bodies. I had never been more turned on.

    He asked if he could mount me and I was more than willing to oblige, "But first," I told him, "I have to wash the hair on your back." He laid on his belly as I crawled atop him, taking my first mouthful from the hair beginning at the nape of his neck and working down between his shoulder blades. I lovingly pulled the long hairs through my lips, enjoying the sweet scent and the full coat of fur needing to be licked. It was a thrill to caress and worship the patterns of his pelt while working my way down to his hips, then licking the covering of hair on his ass.

    I knew what I had in mind, washing along the firmly muscled cheeks, working towards the center. He had undoubtedly been wondering where or if I would stop, so it was a pleasure for me start parting his ass with my hands and working down toward his now-exposed lovehole. I felt him quiver as I first stroked my tongue across it, knowing full well the intense sensitivity of the area. He let out a loud moan of approval so I continued the prodding and poking of my tonguefucking, forming into a rigid pole to satisfy his smooth insides, then pulling out to tickle the hairy rim. From his reactions, I could tell he rarely got this kind of service, and surely did love it as much as I loved performing it. I gave his ass a playful slap then rolled him over to suck on his dick some more before we proceeded his final gratification.

    I readied the KY as I assumed the position on my stomach, waiting as the big bear greased himself, straddled towering over my willing ass ready to be taken and pumped by this hirsuite stud. I saw his big furry arm over my shoulder as his other hand directed his cock to its intended port. He made a quick contact with my fuckhole and I arched up to feel his beard against my neck, relaxing to easily take in his aggressive forcing. He moaned in my ear as he slid inside me, I took his hand to clutch in my own delight at our coupling.

    For a second he lay still, buried inside me while stars danced in front of my eyes. Here I was with a once-in-a-lifetime trick, and he's honored me with the gift of his meat now buried deep at my other end. I felt I had reached a plateau where time should stand frozen. Aside from feeling his delivered prize there was no point in ever seeking further enjoyments.

    I turned my head to be closer to his face but he pulled up and started working his hard-on. My legs spread to welcome his exhibition of his male prowess. Laying on the mattress I took in his increasingly stronger pumping, letting out my own moans of passion—involuntary utterings of approval and delight. I lifted myself to my elbows to feel his pelt rubbing against my back, now breaking into a sweat and emitting a musky sexual odor. Wait, he wanted more.

    We pulled apart and he hastily spun me onto my back, throwing my legs onto his broad shoulders, quickly re-inserting his anxious member. He pushed forward, curling me into an easy position for his continued routine. Now I could see his handsome face, reach up and stroke his beard. He liked that. Now he could see my own delight in rubbing his dense chest hair and see my facial reactions to his thrusts.

    He grabbed my hips, kneeled erect with more commanding grunts. I knew he was about to climax. His thrusts were now long and deliberate, his muscles more tense and flexing, his head thrown back in a telling pose of a bear about to shoot. He did. By now my insides had become quite loosened so as his loud groans and spasming frame announced his cuming, I could feel his warm jets flooding inside me. I simultaneously stroked myself to shoot my own hot load up his hairy chest, leaving it to hang in lovingly suspended gobs.

    After a gracious and caring pull-out he tried to towel my cum from his full body hair without much success. We relaxed and cuddled as I soaked in his unmistakable hairy, sweaty aroma. I had known the smell of spent hairy men after they had worked their loads into me; it was always a treat to have that post-sex whiffing.

    I never saw Mr. Bathhouse Bear again, though I did learn in our chat that he was a cop from Cleveland. His husky, athletic build did speak a bit of police training though I surely would not have guessed (or assumed) his occupation in such a place. He will always stay in my memory bank as one of the most outstanding men I've had the honor of bedding down.

    It reminds me of a bumper sticker I've seen: CALL 911--MAKE A COP COME.