Her Scent Leads The Way

What's that scent in the room 
He knows it very well
The scent of pussy perfume
His cock begins to swell

She wakes up and parts her thighs
He gets into position at her feet
She yawns and opens her eyes
She's on her back on their sheets

He admires her bald mound
And licks her pussy lips
He licks her all around
He wants to make her drip

She's excited and she sighs
She grinds down on his face
He loves her moans and cries
He's tongue fucking her tight space

A finger up her bum
Tongue inside of her cunt
He plans on making her come
She screams and then she grunts

She orgasms and she screams
His licking does not stop
He tastes her pussy cream
He says to fuck him on top

He wants her to ride his cock
She climbs up on top of him
He's hard as a rock
His cock is in her quim

She now rides his dick
Rolling her curvy hips
She's fucking his prick
She loves that he's thick

He sits up and holds her tits
Her pussy is incredibly wet
He bucks up into her slit
They both start to sweat

He says he wants head
She moves onto the floor
He wants a blow job instead
His cock needs to be adored

Her lips around his cock-meat
She sucks his cock like a good girl
It's time for her come treat
He blows his load while she rubs her pearl

She swallows his come and stands
They share a passionate kiss
He's holding her hands
They've enjoyed sexual bliss 


2013 - (2016) Copyright Mysteria27

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