The Bookshelf

Info Adrian.T.
27 Mar. '17

     I had hungered for Vic for as long as I had known him.  I wasn't sure if the feeling was mutual, and hesitated to make the first move.  Our times together became a mixed blessing as I would want to be with him, but couldn't express how I really felt.

     One night he invited me over for dinner.  He was running behind schedule when I arrived and -- as is my habit -- I began looking over his bookcase.  It was the usual mix of best sellers, old favorites, forgotten textbooks and...  Hello, what was this?  "The Joy of Gay Sex."  Vic, you devil.

     Not saying a word, I took the book and sat on his couch.  I thumbed through it, enjoying the erotic drawings, waiting for Vic to notice what I had found.

     "What d'you find?" he asked.  I held up the page I was opened to, a nicely done sketch of two men sucking each other off in a friendly 69.

     First he paled, then he turned red.  Before he could react further I said, "Looks like fun."  I then walked over and kissed him before he could say another word.

     Our hands ran over each others' bodies, looking for the buttons, zippers and belts that needed to be undone if we were to try what the fellows were doing in the picture.  When our clothes were scattered on the floor, Vic led me to his bedroom.

     We were both erect when he climbed into bed with me.  Kissing me deeply, his hand went for my cock, gently stroking it.  Then, lowering himself down the bed, he took my engorged penis into his mouth.  He gently licked the tip, then ran his tongue down to my balls, swirling around them as he teased my asshole.

     Then Vic began to blow me in earnest, spreading my legs apart so that he could lie between them as he began swallowing my swollen member.  Up and down he went, until I began to buck beneath him.  Vic suddenly stopped, pulled off and rolled over.  Now it was my turn to taste him.

     His meat was warm in my mouth, growing harder even as I sucked.  He held me by the back of my head so that I couldn't stop even if I had wanted to.  Deeper and deeper he thrusted until I thought I would gag, but he then released me, and pushed me on my back so that he could climb on top of me in the 69 position.  Just like in the book.

     His weight felt good as he began sucking my rod.  Vic's cock slid easily down my throat, and I ran my hands over his tight, muscular ass.  Running my fingers down his crack, I slid one up his hole and began fucking him with it.  He writhed to meet my finger, and then thrust down again with his cock in my mouth.

     There was only the two of us now as we impaled each other's faces.  I could feel the tightening in my balls that told me I would soon spray my come down his throat.

     He must have sensed this for he tightened his grip on my finger and penetrated my mouth so deeply that his balls lay across my nose.  Then he shot his load deep into me as he throbbed around the finger up his ass.

     That set me off, and I erupted like a geyser.  He took it all, except for a drop that trickled out the edge of his mouth and onto my cock which, in spite of my shattering orgasm, had remained rock hard.

     He got up, and rolled over, raising his legs to expose his puckered hole.  "I want your hot cock now," Vic said, "Fuck my ass and fill me with your come."

     I placed my dick, slick with a mixture of his saliva and my juices, at the entrance to his rear portal then, with a thrust,  I was balls deep.

     "Harder," he pleaded, "Fuck me with all your might.  I've been wanting your cock for so long.  I can't get enough of it."

     Vic wrapped his legs around me, crossing them over my ass, pulling me deeper inside him.  "Come inside me," he whispered into my ear, "Fill me with your hot load."

     I was pumping so fast now that my ass must have been a blur.  Finally thrusting home, I came for the second time.

     We lay there for awhile, and then I pulled out, exhausted.  "I'm going for a quick shower," my friend said, adding with a lascivious grin, "And then your ass is mine."