Convention Conversion - Part 2

There was no way she could hide her erection - her panties were too sheer and not restrictive enough.  But, at that moment, she wasn't thinking about the fact that she wasn't either a man or a woman.  She wasn't thinking about whether or not Tammy would be pleased with the mixture she represented.  She wasn't thinking about the fact that the magic (or whatever) that had transformed her had seemingly left her penis intact while changing absolutely everything else.  She was just thinking about being in bed with her love, being so close to her...about finally having sex....

Tammy smiled and rolled closer to the edge of the bed when she saw the bulge in the blue panties.  She said, "Come closer, darling," and Kathy took two steps forward, legs almost touching the bed.  Tammy reached out a hand and touched the blue satin bulge, stroking two fingers along it and down between Kathy's legs.  Kathy shivered while Tammy almost purred.  "Very interesting underwear you have, dear.  I knew there was something special from the first time I saw you..."

Kathy just stood there while her groin was caressed.  She had never felt like this before - playing with herself had been nothing like this, and the feel of the panties on her cock was even more exciting.  She was full of desires, flooded with feelings, and she had not idea what to do first - or even, in some cases, how to assuage some of the thirsts she seemed to have developed.

Tammy seemed to read the confusion in her face, because she rolled away from Kathy and said, "We've got all night, love.  Why don't you come over here and get to know me better?"  Kathy climbed onto the bed and knelt beside Tammy, looking at her body like it was some kind of salad bar.  Tammy said, "You don't have to just look, love.  Go ahead...touch too.  I like being touched."

Kathy grinned at Tammy's gentle teasing and stretched out her hands, grabbing both wonderful breasts and squeezing them.  Kathy had had very little actual experience with breasts before she had acquired a set of her own, and she had only had them for a day.  She found them fascinating, and it was just as pleasurable fondling someone else's breasts as it was having hers caressed.  Running her fingers all over them, she marveled at how soft the skin was.  She circled her way to Tammy's nipples and pinched them lightly, shivering as Tammy gasped and lifted her hips involuntarily from the pleasure.  On impulse, she bent down and licked the tip of one while she pinched the other.  Tammy tossed her head and moaned again, her hips twitching.  Kathy closed her lips around the little nubbin of flesh and sucked on it, drawing it and some of the breast into her mouth.  She held the nipple between her teeth and flicked her tongue across its tip, then just sucked as much as she could into her mouth.  Tammy was writhing by now, her face clenched in pleasure, one hand between her legs, one hand gripping Kathy's thigh with strong fingers.  Little cries escaped her clenched teeth as Kathy continued to suck and lick the nipple, enjoying how much pleasure she was giving her love.

Following those impulses, she released the nipple and leaned across Tammy's body to suck in her other nipple.  She caressed the breast with one hand, but she ran her other hand down Tammy's body until it found Tammy's hand between Tammy's legs.  It explored, moving along her fingers, feeling pubic hair and wetness underneath satin and nylon.  Tammy's hand retreated to clench at the sheets and Kathy slid her hands all the way inside Tammy's panties and into the one aspect of femininity that she hadn't been given by the magic of the emerald earring.

Cupping the mound she found there, she felt Tammy's pubic hair slightly coarse against her palm, as well as moistness and heat.  Instinctively (rather than by impulse) she pressed her middle finger against Tammy's body and felt it slide easily between Tammy's nether lips.  Incredible slickness allowed her finger to sink deep into Tammy, so that it was swiftly almost perpendicular to the rest of her hand. It took her a moment to realize that her finger was now inside of Tammy, and that realization made her bite just a little hard on the nipple in her mouth.  Tammy cried out and short fingernails dug into her thigh as she felt a churning around her finger as Tammy's hips fairly danced.  Seconds later, all tension left Tammy's body, and Kathy realized that she had just driven her love to her first orgasm.

Kathy let the nipple *pop* out of her mouth and she looked at Tammy, who was lying there with her eyes closed, a beatific smile on her face.  After a moment like this, while Kathy stroked Tammy's breasts lightly, Tammy opened her eyes and said, "Very nice, love.  Think you could do it again?"

Kathy nodded eagerly and bent down to lick the nipple again.  Then she got an impulse that made her pantied cock throb.  She abandoned the nipple and turned her attention fully between Tammy's legs.  She withdrew her hand from Tammy's panties and used both hands to push both panties and hose down.  Tammy lifted her hips, and then her legs, and soon the undergarments were tossed across the room.  Kathy found herself between Tammy's legs when she put them back down, looking at the surprisingly light blond hair covering Tammy's pussy.  She lowered herself to her stomach, face very close to Tammy's sex, and went exploring with her fingers.

Tammy spread her legs wide, spreading the outer lips apart slightly.  Kathy spread them wider with her fingers, opening up the mysterious organ to her eyes.  It was certainly more complicated than her own genitals - all folds and flaps, little bumps and deep holes.  She ran her fingers around the slippery membranes, grazing them across the lump at the top of the inner folds and smiling when that made Tammy jump.  She had heard of the clit, and didn't think that it was so hard to find.  The other thing that all of those stories had lied about was the smell - there was no denying that there was a definite scent to the moist flesh she was only inches away from, but it didn't smell bad at all.  In fact, Kathy wondered what it would taste like, so she stuck out her tongue and touched it to the clit, licking at it with a strong motion that made Tammy gasp again.  She slurped her tongue back into her mouth and paused to analyze the taste of the pearly, slippery fluid on her tongue.  A smile came to her face as she found that it had a faint tang to it, and it wasn't at all unpleasant.  Scooting a little closer, she began to give Tammy's pussy a good going over with her whole mouth.

She licked and gently sucked on Tammy's clit for a while, until Tammy said somewhat breathlessly, "Honey, that feels just too gets sensitive after too much stimulation, but it only needs a short rest to be as good as new."  So, Kathy licked downward some until she found Tammy's vagina.  The first time her tongue went into it, Tammy squeezed her legs hard around Kathy's head, making strange little noises in her second orgasm of the night.  Kathy started licking and probing again almost immediately, eager to give Tammy as many orgasms as she could.

Almost an hour later, Tammy weakly pushed Kathy's head away from her thoroughly pleasure-soaked pussy.  There had been too many orgasms for Kathy to count, and though she was tired, her jaw ached, and her face felt almost glazed with excess juices, she was very proud of herself.  She crawled up until she was lying beside Tammy, who turned her head and kissed Kathy deeply, slowly, and despite the mess on her face.  She said, "That was as good as I've had in a very long time, Kath.  Thank you.  And, as soon as I rest up a little, I'm going to return the favor.  Why don't you go freshen up while I recover?  But throw me a damp towel first, okay?"

Half an hour, some freshening up, and two glasses of 'bug juice' (as Tammy called the green concoction) each later, Kathy was lying on her back on the bed, with Tammy, back in her red panties (but nothing else), kneeling beside her.  Tammy leaned down and kissed her, pressing her breasts into Kathy's bra-encased chest.  Tammy proceeded to kiss Kathy's cheek, down to her chin, across her neck to her ear, and down along her shoulder.  She then moved down Kathy's chest, across the expanse of breast above her bra-line, and then to the covered nipple.  Kathy giggled as Tammy's mouth pressed her bra into her nipple - it felt strange at first, but soon she was squirming her hips like Tammy had before.

Tammy slipped an arm around Kathy's back and lifted her upper body off of the bed with ease.  A deft fingerflip, and Kathy's bra was unhooked and loose.  Tammy slipped it off, and then just stared at the flesh revealed.  With a murmured, "Such beauty," she bent back down and licked the same nipple she had licked before, this time directly.  Kathy gasped this time - the feeling of a tongue, quickly followed by lips and the wetness of a mouth, was very much more pleasurable than pinching with fingers.  There was a delicateness, a softness to the way that Tammy pleasured her nipple that was even more pleasurable at the moment that pinching fingers could have been.  Her cock throbbed, and her hips churned, and she moaned, "Oh, Tammy!" over and over.

When Tammy switched to the other breast, the feelings generated were exactly the same, but the tension and excitement in her loins were building rapidly - there was a growing wet spot on her panties.  Tammy didn't suck the other nipple as long as the first - after she ran a finger across Kathy's bulge and found the wet spot, she said, "We don't want you wasting your first load in your underwear, my love.  I'd better transfer my attentions lower now."

Instead of maneuvering herself between the legs as Kathy had done, she just swiveled on her knees a bit so that she was facing 'south' instead of 'north'.  She bent over again and licked at the bulging panties, again creating sensations Kathy had never felt before as the sheer fabric of the panties was pressed into her cock, caressing it just as much as the tongue did.  When the front of the panties were soaking wet, revealing even better the cock they didn't quite contain, Tammy pulled away enough to hook her thumbs in the waistband and start pushing them off.  Kathy obliged by lifting her hips, and her blue panties joined the pile of lingerie in a corner of the room.  Tammy caressed Kathy's cock and said, "Oh, very nice.  Not too big, and not too small.  And so deliciously little hair!"

A small, soft hand started to caress Kathy's shaft, holding it straight up.  Tammy's lips descended and a tongue tip was teasingly drawn across the super sensitive glans, causing Kathy to moan loudly.  Another hand drifted across Kathy's thigh and then down to cup her balls, holding them carefully, the heat of Tammy's hand sending even more heat into Kathy's loins.  Tammy's lips followed her tongue into contact with the cock head and, with the tongue still licking and teasing, the lips opened and the mouth slowly engulfed Kathy's cock.

Keith had never had a blow job before.  Kathy cursed her former male self for denying himself this much pleasure.  She watched her cock disappearing into Tammy's mouth and the sight was easily as stimulating as the sensations created by Tammy's tongue, lips, and the moistness of her mouth.  She felt the lips as they worked their way down her shaft, and even though her glans was the major source of her tactile pleasure, the lips felt good too.  Tammy's hand, displaced by her lips, started to caress Kathy's stomach while her other hand slid down under Kathy's hips, caressing tender flesh.

Kathy was swiftly being overwhelmed by pleasure.  She rested a hand on one of Tammy's silk-clad cheeks, and clutched the sheets with the other.  Her head rocked slowly further and further back, and she thought her nipples would harden so much that they would pop right off of her breasts.  She felt her balls begin to contract, and everywhere that Tammy touched her body, she felt electricity spark through her.  Tammy's hand caressed her ass-cheeks, and her head moved up and down over Kathy's cock, her tongue working across the glans again and again.  Ecstasy grew, getting away from her before she even thought to  try to contain it.  She panted, gasped, 'I'm cumming,' and a second later her cock was pulsing out its white load into Tammy's accepting mouth.

Continued stimulation kept Kathy in the clouds for a long time.  Her body was washed again and again by pleasure as her thighs and breasts were caressed, and her cock was held and licked inside of Tammy's mouth.  Even after the actual spasms stopped, the pleasure continued for far longer than it had ever stretched before.  And, when the waves got farther and farther apart, somehow Tammy knew and she turned and cuddled up to Kathy, and started sucking on her nipple which started another cycle of pleasure waves.  By the time that they ended altogether, she was fast asleep, a smile of complete contentment on her face.

When she woke up, she thought that she was still orgasming.  Then, she realized that the pleasure she was feeling was just Tammy stroking her cock, which had erected while she was asleep.  She opened her eyes to see Tammy sitting on her knees by her hips, smiling sweetly.  Tammy had one hand on Kathy's cock, and one between her legs, which were now pantiless.  She caught Kathy's eye, and said, "We've each given the other pleasure.  This time, we'll do it at the same time.  Do you have a favorite position, love?"

Keith hadn't exactly had the opportunity to develop a 'favorite position'.  Kathy was still a little tired from her previous orgasm, so she said, "Well, not exactly...but I'm really comfortable right now..."

With a wicked grin, Tammy said, "Talk about coincidences - I just happen to *adore* the female superior position."  With that, she swung her leg over Kathy's middle, straddling the reclining she-male.  She reached behind her, rising up on her knees and moving back slightly.  Kathy felt Tammy take hold of her cock and then she felt it's head come in contact with a furnace-hot wetness.  Tammy said, "Ah ..." as she teased both of them by running Kathy's cock up and down her slit.  After rubbing it a few times over her clit, making them both moan, and feeling it throb in her hand, she slid it back and pushed back with her hips.  Kathy felt the head part the folds of her inner lips and begin to enter.  Tammy sighed, and settled back some more.  Kathy shuddered as her cock was engulfed by pressure and wetness, feeling it delve deeper and deeper inside of her love.  Soon Tammy was resting her rump delicately on Kathy's thighs, sitting on Kathy's cock to the hilt.

After resting like that for a moment, savoring the feeling of the cock within her, Tammy began to rock her hips back and forth.  Immediately, Kathy started to moan as the friction began to fire pleasure into her brain.  She just lay there for a bit, clutching at the sheets as her cock was pleasured, and then she reached up and took hold of Tammy's breasts and started to caress them, flicking her nipples and fondling her smooth, creamy flesh.  Tammy moaned in return, giving a little gasp each time Kathy flicked her nipples.  She was concentrating on her hip motion, moving just enough to get the full benefit of Kathy's length, not wasting anything.  Kathy started to rock her own hips somewhat involuntarily, caught up in the moment - Tammy adapted instantly, keeping the rhythm going.

Kathy felt her orgasm coming on, far too soon for her own liking.  She did what she could to forestall it, but didn't have too much faith in her multiplication tables - she hoped that with practice, she'd get better at lasting longer.  Tammy had yet to cum, though, and she knew that once she got her own rocks off, she would have trouble doing the same for her lover, so she knew she had to increase her efforts to bring Tammy to orgasm, and quickly.

She dropped a hand from one of Tammy's breasts to the juncture of their bodies.  She slid it along Tammy's belly, and then groin, until she could feel pubic hair.  She twisted her hand then, and probed for Tammy's clit.  When she found it, she began to rub it, pressing it against her thrusting cock, flicking her thumb across it, stimulating it in any way she could.  She could feel her hand cramping all ready from the difficult position she was twisting it into, so she moved her hips faster, trying to push her love over the edge of ecstasy.

Kathy knew she had succeeded both by the clenching of Tammy's pussy around her cock, and by the scream of pleasure the blond let out.  Surprisingly enough, though, her hips didn't stop their rocking at all.  Kathy switched hands, finding that her left hand worked better in the awkward position required to stimulate Tammy's clit, and Tammy began her second orgasm before she was quite through with her first one.  Hips locked in sync, the two lovers fucked faster and faster, the blond on top wailing, now louder now softer as each orgasm peaked inside her, the brunette on the bottom gasping almost in time as her orgasm drew ever nearer.

Kathy actually lasted longer than she had thought she would - by the time she exploded, she had managed to drive Tammy almost crazy with pleasure.  Kathy's orgasm was the best she had ever experienced in either of her incarnations - flashes of light, stars, rockets exploding, her mind rushing out of her body through her penis and into heaven ... Her groan of pleasure came from her soul and rattled the windows, triggering a final eruption in Tammy as well.  She drew her lover down on top of her, holding Tammy close as both of them lost consciousness from pleasure overload.

Kathy woke up some time later, briefly.  She found that somehow in their sleep, the two of them had worked themselves into a tangle of limbs that was so comfortable that she hadn't even realized it.  She smiled at the blond in the light of the digital clock, and leaned over to kiss her love.  Then, smiling beatifically, she fell back asleep.

Sunlight in her eyes woke her up at just about the same time Tammy awoke.  They were still in the same position that Kathy had found them in when she woke last time, and she found it a wonderful way to wake up.  She almost purred as she kissed Tammy again, this time getting some tongue action in return.  Hands began to wander, and she could feel her cock beginning to stir against Tammy's thigh.

Tammy's bright laugh broke the kiss, and she said, "I can see - or feel, at least - that you're not completely worn out by our fun last night.  Why don't we shower together and see what kind of fun we can generate this morning?"

Showering with Tammy proved to be a long and drawn out process that involved them each getting soaped up and rinsed off about half a dozen times each, as well as several activities not normally associated with a bathtub.

Thoroughly awake, completely clean, and rather satiated, Kathy walked out of the bathroom with Tammy, both of their heads wrapped in towels, to realize that she really didn't want to put on the clothes she had worn yesterday.  She hadn't, of course, brought anything else, so she ended up borrowing one of Tammy's robes (it wasn't exactly 'decent', considering the disparity in their sizes, but it covered most everything) and walking back to her room with a dressed Tammy in tow.  Resisting the fleeting thought of trying out her bed and/or bath with her love, she dressed in her 'normal' con clothes - jeans and a t-shirt - and she and Tammy went off to lunch.

Kathy was astonished by the number of people who waved, hugged, or otherwise greeted Tammy as they walked through the halls on their way to the hotel's least expensive restaurant.  At every opportunity, Tammy introduced her to her friends, and she found herself greeted as enthusiastically as Tammy had been.  In one lounge they encountered a group of her friends who were just gearing up to do lunch themselves, and Kathy found herself attached to the group as they went across the street and down two blocks to a Denny's.

Even though she only knew Tammy in the group of 8 people, she didn't feel left out at all.  She talked with more self-confidence than she ever had before - in fact, when she thought of how Keith would have reacted in this situation (namely, he would have eaten silently and listened carefully, speaking only when asked a question), she was even more glad that the emerald earring had altered her.  By the end of lunch, she had found herself 7 new friends, most of whom were from her own home town, or very close, and who shared many of her interests even besides Science Fiction.

It was still before noon when they got back to the hotel, so as the lunch group broke up to go their several ways - to the gaming room, to the dealers' room, to the pool, etc. - Kathy and Tammy settled into a couch in a lounge and studied the program booklet.  They chose several things to do during the afternoon - three panels, one movie, and the art show just before dinner.  It was surprisingly easy to chose the panels, too - Tammy's interests were close enough to Kathy's that they only had to choose between two different panels happening at the same time.  And though they could have split up for that hour, Kathy decided to try something new and gave in to Tammy's preference.  She found that she wasn't sorry - the panel turned out to be very interesting after all.

Kathy found her enjoyment of the convention increased at least a hundred-fold in the company of Tammy.  She could finally tell someone what she thought of an attractive hall costume (or person within the costume), or how she enjoyed a discussion panel.  When they moved on to the art show, she found that she really liked having someone to discuss the paintings with - someone to bounce her likes and dislikes off of, someone to listen to as they did the same with her:  someone to share with.

They came eventually to the painting Keith had bid on - the cat-woman version of Tammy by the Robinson person.  Fortunately, she as Keith had just used his first initial on the bid-sheet - she intended to tell Tammy everything about who she was and how she had come to be like this, but the middle of the art show wasn't the place.  Her bid hadn't been topped, but there was still another day until the auction, so it wasn't hers yet.

"So, you like 'Tigress' enough to bid on it?" Tammy said, standing before the painting with her arm around Kathy's waist.  "Andy sure does good work."

Kathy said, "Well, it was more the choice of model, though I do like the painting style very much.  Um, who is Andy?"

"Randal Robinson is the artist - he never signs his first name though, and he prefers to be called Andy.  He's a very good friend of mine, and he's from our home town, too.  Say, would you like to meet him?  He's at the convention - he doesn't like to sell his work if he's not present.  I promised to have dinner with him one night - we could do it tonight.  He and I are very good friends - casual lovers, in fact - and I have a feeling you'd like him very much.  And I *know* he'd like you ..."

Kathy blushed, wondering just what kind of 'like' Tammy meant.  She said,  "Well, um, sure - that sounds cool.  Has he done any other paintings of you?"

They started moving again, having only covered half of the art show.  "He's done exactly three of me so far.  One before we became lovers - it was a regular nude, though what he did with the background made it suitable for an art show like this.  Someone bought it at a local con two years ago.  Then, he did one after our first time - that one I have in my bedroom.  And third, when our 'romance' cooled and we became just lovers and not 'in love', he did 'Tigress'.  I hope you get it, love. but if you don't, I'm sure that I can convince Andy to do another one ... and I have just the pose for it, too ..."  Her wicked grin made Kathy grin in return, and she kissed her love right there in front of a spaceship painting.

Tammy called Andy and found that he hadn't made any plans for dinner yet - in fact, he had forgotten all about eating so far.  Kathy, listening with her cheek pressed against Tammy's, heard him discussing evening plans with a man who seemed to be his model, and she wondered with a little thrill whether the man had been posing nude.  Apparently, the model had plans with some friends for dinner and later, so Andy asked Tammy to come on up in about half an hour to give him time to clean up and take a shower, and they could be on their way to food.

It was easy to kill the half hour - Tammy wandered through the halls until she found a group of friends in a lounge, whereupon she joined them, introduced Kathy, and started talking.  Again, Kathy found it very easy to talk to these strangers and even though this particular group was not from home, she had still made a set of friends to seek out next time she was at a convention.

They knocked on Andy's door exactly half an hour from the moment Tammy had hung up - even though it had been difficult breaking off the lounge conversation, Tammy said that she was always as punctual as possible even though most of her friends weren't nearly so clock-oriented.  As they rode up the elevator she said that this sometimes bothered her, but at least it could never be said that *she* made someone late, and she had to settle for that.

The door was opened by a young man with slightly oriental features and very black hair that was very wet at the moment.  His torso was deliciously bare and hairless and glistening with a sheen of water droplets.  The towel he held wrapped around his middle was soaked in back at least, molding to his hard, taught buns.  Kathy found herself breathless looking into his hazel eyes and friendly smile - he was absolutely gorgeous!

Tammy laughed and pushed him back into the room, saying, "Late as usual, eh, Andy?  Get back in the bathroom now and finish dressing - if I introduce you to my new friend with you in that state, we'll never get to dinner."  Andy's blush and smile was nearly as devastating as Tammy's was, and Kathy had to be led to the bed as she stared at the closed bathroom door as if she had x-ray glasses and was watching what was going on behind it.

Eventually, Andy - drier, and wearing a polo shirt and black jeans, his hair combed back - emerged from the bathroom and rummaged around in one of the drawers, coming up with a pair of socks.  He sat in one of the chairs and put on his shoes and socks, then stood and said, "Okay, am I presentable to your new friend now?"

Tammy stood and hugged Andy, then turned and lifted Kathy to her feet. "Kathy, this is Andy, artist extrordinaire and chronically late.  Andy, this is Kathy, my newest lover, with whom I am most definitely in love."

Blushing at the compliment, Kathy held out her hand to Andy, who took it and raised it to his lips just like a medieval courtier.  "My pleasure, I'm sure," he said, looking at her intensely and smiling broadly.  She could feel the heat of his lips on the back of her hand, and that heat seemed to travel into her body, making her nipples tingle and her cock start to twitch again.  The moment stretched, and Kathy was just about to fling herself into Andy's arms when Tammy cleared her throat and said, "Okay you two, let's save that for later."

Giggling nervously, Kathy pulled her hand away from Andy's loosened grip and turned away.  She noticed the easel in the corner, covered by a cloth, and she was just about to ask if she could see it when Tammy said, "We should get moving, folks - if we are early enough we won't have to battle the dinner crowd for seats - I *hate* waiting in line."

They walked out of Andy's room with Tammy in the middle and both Kathy and Andy with their arms wrapped around Tammy's middle.  Of course, this made their arms touch, and Kathy could almost feel electricity arcing into her from where that forearm touched hers.  She had never felt this kind of lust before - with Tammy, there had been more than lust involved - and it made her both giddy and nervous, not in the least because Andy was quite male.  Despite her reaction to the Limey last night, Andy made her nervous as he made her horny.  Probably because the Limey wasn't approachable, while Andy seemed as interested in her as she was in him.  She wondered what would happen after dinner.

They exited the hotel from its 'back door' and walked two blocks down and three blocks over to a steak house that was well recommended but not too ritzy to let in a couple of people in very casual attire.  The mean was wonderful, and the conversation was too.  The three of them talked like they had known each other for ages, and while this was true of Andy and Tammy, Kathy found that she didn't have any problem joining in, nor did she feel as if she was intruding on their interaction - they both listened attentively to her, responding to her comments, drawing her out on points that they found interesting.  And she found herself doing the same with them.  She learned a lot about both of them, and felt herself draw even closer to Tammy even as she started to develop deeper feelings than lust toward the beautiful artist.

They lingered over dessert - the raspberry tart was heavenly! - talking and laughing and getting closer.  They decided to vacate their table when they realized that the restaurant had filled up dramatically, and they left a nice tip for their waiter who hadn't rushed them out even though it was obvious that their table was needed (well, the fact that he was cute didn't hurt either).  They wandered back to the hotel, still talking, and found themselves eventually back in Andy's room sitting on the beds and still talking.  Kathy and Tammy sat on one, arms around each others' waist, while Andy half-reclined on the other.  In a brief lull, Kathy asked, "So, what's the subject of your painting over there?"

Andy rolled off the bed and stood by the easel.  "Well, it's not *quite* finished, but it's close enough to show.  I met Jeff the first night here, in the pool.  It didn't take much to get him to pose nude for me - of course, his swimsuit was so small and sheer that I almost didn't need him to!  Anyway, here's the painting - it would be done by now except that our second posing session was cut a little short by his erection - in trying to get it to go down, we kind of lost track of time, and by the time he was ready to pose again, he had to be somewhere else. "  He grinned as he told his little story, and Kathy found herself excited by it - she wondered what he and Jeff had looked like, going at it together in this very room ...

Andy removed the cloth covering the painting, revealing a strikingly handsome young man of an aqueous derivation - he had gills and fins at his wrists and ankles, but was otherwise very human.  Some of the background detail was still lacking, but there was enough there to see that the young mer-man was swimming through an ocean somewhere.  His nakedness was natural, not crass - the picture was very well done, and Kathy hoped she'd get to meet the model, if only to see how well Andy had captured him.  Judging from the portrait of Tammy, he knew he had skill in that department.

Andy returned to the bed, this time on his stomach.  He said, "So, got any plans for the evening?  There's going to be a dance in the main hall, and of course there are room parties as usual ..."

Tammy said, "Well, I do like to dance, but I can dance any time.  The room parties tend to be far too noisy to be much fun, and these hotel rooms aren't much good for large parties.  However, I can think of a smaller party - of say three? - that these rooms are just the right size for ..."

Andy's eyes lit up, but it took Kathy a moment to realize what Tammy was suggesting.  Even though her first impulse was to rip off her clothes and jump on Andy, her second response was to be afraid.  She said, "Um, Tammy, could we talk privately for a moment?"

"Of course, love," Tammy said with concern in her voice.  "Why don't you go and get us some refreshments, Andy - and take your time, okay?"

Andy, also concerned, nodded and rolled off the bed.  He slipped his feet back into his docksiders and padded out of the room, leaning down to kiss Tammy and give Kathy a shoulder-squeeze as he passed.

When the door clunked closed behind him, Kathy turned to Tammy, pulling away a little, and said, "Tammy, I - I've got something to tell you.  I've been meaning to for a little while, but this situation requires it because you wouldn't understand why I'm hesitant about a little threesome with Andy otherwise.  You see, two days ago, I didn't have breasts ..."

She took her time and told Tammy everything, but there wasn't all that much to tell.  At first, Tammy didn't really believe it, and it didn't help that when Kathy went to show Tammy her driver's license, the picture and name and stats had all changed to reflect her new body.  She scrabbled through her wallet (which was a man's, though that didn't prove anything as Tammy's wallet was also a man's) for some kind of proof of her former identity - she was glad the spell had taken care of details like her driver's license but wished it had taken just a little longer to do it - and finally came up with her old college ID.  For some reason (because it was expired?) it hadn't changed, and it showed the old Keith on it.  Though there wasn't much resemblance between that picture and the person sitting next to Tammy on the bed, Tammy believed the story.

"So you see, before yesterday I never had a homosexual thought," Kathy continued, getting to the root of the problem finally.  "Before seeing the Limey dance, I'd never even thought about the male body as being sexy - well, I don't remember doing so, anyway, though there was the time at the lake ... Anyway, so here I am in love with a beautiful woman and lusting like you wouldn't believe after a gorgeous man!  My body has changed, my personality has changed - has my sexuality changed too?  And what has it changed to?  Andy is just so - so - fantastic!  From the first moment he kissed my hand, I've been fantasizing about him - but I don't love you any less, and the thought of all three of us in bed together sends my mind reeling with fascination ... but there's still that confusion, that fear ..."

Tammy thought for a few moments, formulating her response.  Finally she said, "Okay, love.  I'm glad you told me about your transformation, though it doesn't change a thing about what I feel for you.  In fact, though I'm not at all sorry you did get transformed, I'm kind of sorry that I hadn't met you before it happened - maybe I would have been able to transform you without magic.  And maybe not - maybe the earring is the right way.  Anyway.

"Your dilemma is not unique.  You should know that there are many bisexuals in the world - Andy is one, as you must realize having heard from me that he is my sometime lover, and from him that he seduced Jeff right here in this room.  I'm one too - I have to say that you are definitely a fantasy of mine, having breasts and a cock all in one package.  That's not, however, why I love you.  What you need to do is free yourself of your fears of being homosexual - there's nothing wrong with being other than straight.  You find yourself getting turned on by Andy - what could be wrong with that?  Even if you no longer got turned on by me, it still wouldn't be wrong, but I don't think that's the case, is it?  So, think of yourself as a bisexual she-male.  Accept the affection, fucking, and love that Andy has to give - he's very good in bed, very gentle and supportive of a virgin; I've seen him with several of either sex.  Accept what Andy wants to give to you in the same way you accept what I give you.  Love is love, my love - it matters not the form it is clothed in, or what genitals its giver has.  If you find Andy exciting, then be excited by him.  There's nothing at all wrong with what you are feeling - how could there be?  Okay, love?"

Kathy let Tammy's words sink in.  They certainly made sense.  As she thought about them, let their meaning unlock thoughts of her own, she felt a weight lifting from her shoulders.  She was bisexual.  It was that simple.  And even if that label didn't exactly fit, she certainly was turned on by Tammy *and* by Andy, and that was close enough.  She decided that what she was feeling was right, and with that, she leaned close to Tammy and said, just before she kissed her lover, "I hope he hurries back!"

Andy's return found Tammy naked with Kathy (still fully clothed) between her legs licking away.  Andy set the sodas, chips and dips on the table and sat on the other bed, grinning in fascination at the sight before him.  After a moment of staring, he nervously cleared his throat - neither of the girls had yet acknowledged his existence, and he didn't want to be a 'peeping Tom' without their consent.  When Tammy's head turned to him and her eyes opened (Kathy just flicked her fingers to him, keeping her attention focused on the task at hand), he said, "So, did you two get everything worked out?"

Tammy nodded and opened her mouth to say something, but at that moment, Kathy pushed two fingers inside of her and nipped down on her clit, and she exploded in orgasm, a scream of pleasure coming out of her open mouth.  Andy grinned, and leaned back, waiting for the moment to end.

Tammy's scream turned into gasps as the pleasure faded, and she relaxed completely, her arms and legs, which had tensed and curled up a little, falling back flat on the bed.  Kathy raised her head from between Tammy's legs and smiled at Andy, and said, "Welcome back, Andy.  Care to join us?"  Then, she sat up and licked her lips, slurping in the juices coating them while she rubbed Tammy's thigh with one hand and stared intensely, hungrily, at Andy's body.

Tammy sat up too, after a moment, and said, "Yes, please do, lover.  I think that you'll like the little surprise Kathy has in store for you.  In fact, why don't you unwrap your present while I nip into the bathroom and freshen up a bit?"

She rolled off the bed and padded into the bathroom as Andy rose to his feet to stand in front of the seated Kathy.  She found herself staring at the bulging crotch of his jeans, and her lip-licking took on a different meaning.

Andy reached down to caress her cheek, finding a little wetness by her chin and bringing it to his lips, savoring the flavor of Tammy's juices.  He smiled, and said, "She sure tastes good, huh?"  Kathy smiled at that, and nodded.  Andy reached down again and pulled on her shoulder to get her to stand.  He was standing so close that when she complied, she ended up pressed against him.  They put their arms around each other and the kiss was completely natural.  Hands roaming up and down backs, tongues probing and playing, both sighing with sensual pleasure.  They might have spent much longer like that had Tammy not cleared her throat just then.  They both looked over to see the pretty, naked blond leaning against the bathroom's doorjamb, a grin on her face.

"You haven't unwrapped your package yet, Andy-doll," she said.  "Don't you want to see her surprise?"