A Wild Bachelor Party

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01 Feb. '16

My parents always had dreams of me being a doctor or a lawyer. I really didn't have the grades for any of those career options. I wasn't even sure I wanted to go to college. I really didn't know what the hell I wanted to do. I wanted to take my time and find something that interested me. I always liked to entertain people. I thought maybe I could be an entertainer. Except the kind of entertaining I wanted to do was with my body. 

I've always been told that I'm quite beautiful. I can't be a model because I'm too short. I'm 5'4" and weigh one hundred pounds. My best attributes are my breasts. I have a 38 D cup size. I have long brown hair and brown, almond-shaped eyes. I have always enjoyed dancing and I'm really good at it. 

My family was pressing me to go to college and I really didn't have the grades. I never really applied myself when I was in high school. Eventually, I told my parents that I didn't want to attend college. My father was not happy with the news of me not attending college. He told me if I didn't go to college, I would need to get a job. 

I told my parents I wanted to find myself. My father was not impressed and told me to go find myself out of his house. I packed my bags and gathered all the money that I had saved and left my house. A few friends of mine had told me about a reasonable apartment in the city. The apartment was perfect and the landlord rented it to me. I had enough money to tide me over for a little while. 

I figured I'd look for a job as a dancer. I was a really good dancer and figured I could find a job in a strip joint. I have a really great body and thought that would be a good job until I could figure out what to do. I walked around aimlessly, most days trying to find work. I found a really cool club that had exotic dancers. I went in and asked if they had any jobs. The bartender told me they had positions open for lap dancers. I met with the owner and gave him a lap dance. He was impressed and gave me a job. 

Luckily, they gave me a lot of hours and I worked as a lap dancer. I was really good at my job and eventually made an impression on my customers. I had regulars that wanted lap dances frequently. I made a lot of money doing that. I guess I did it for about six months.

Eventually, one night at the end of the night when all the customers had left, I got up on the stage and did a dance. The owner was impressed and asked me to give dancing a try. I agreed and that's how I became an exotic dancer. The money was better than being a lap dancer. Once I started to dance, people came from all over the place to see me. I became pretty popular at the club. The owner eventually made me his headline dancer.

It was exciting seeing my name in lights. I was the headline dancer for about a year. The owner introduced me to one of his clients. I got talking to her and she told me about another opportunity she thought I would be better suited for. She was a madam and told me about the perks of being an escort in her brothel. The money was much better than I made at the club. I accepted her offer and moved into her brothel. I still kept my apartment because it was cheap.

I lived with her and the other escorts at the brothel. All the girls made seventy percentof the profit and the madam kept the other thirty percent. Diane was the madam. She took care of all the business. She found all of our clients and made sure the customers were disease free.

My name is Brenda Ross and I'm going to tell you about a job that I recently did. I'll go over all the details. 


“Brenda, you’ve been chosen to work at a bachelor party tonight. You’ll need to go to the catering hall about an hour early. Ask for Mr. Davis and he will help you get ready for the party. This particular job pays four thousand dollars."

“Okay. That sounds exciting. I can't wait to go. I'm excited about the fee, I just wonder what I'll be doing." 

“Most of the evening, you'll be on display."

“Display? What do you mean?”

“I don't want to ruin the surprise."


“Talk to you later.”


I went back to my room and took a nap for a while. I couldn’t imagine what she meant about being on 'display.' When I woke up I took a long bath and got myself ready. I wore a black dress, stockings, and pumps.

I did my make-up and fixed my hair. I wondered what I’d be expected to do. The fee was large, so I was expecting a gang-bang. Gang-bangs brought in the most money. Four-thousand dollars was definitely a pretty large fee.

I walked outside where Louis was waiting with the limo. I got into the car and relaxed. I had some wine on the ride over there. My mind was filled with interesting thoughts about the evening.

The limo stopped and Louis came and helped me out. I walked into the establishment. 

“Hello. I’m here to see Mr. Davis.”

“Sure. Follow me.”

I was brought into a room that was off of the kitchen.

“Miss Ross, I’ve been expecting you.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Brenda."

“Tonight you're going to be a model. My staff will be arranging sushi all over your body."

“Like a human sushi dish?” 

“Yes! Just like that."

“That's one for the books. Wonderful. Do you have a robe I could change into?"

Mr. Davis went into a closet and pulled out a robe and handed it to me.

“You can change in the restroom and put this on. Here's a bag you can keep your clothes in. I’ll take them and give them to you at the end of the party.”


I took the robe and went into the restroom and removed my clothes. I put everything into the bag. I put the robe on and walked out of the restroom. Mr. Davis was waiting for me and I handed him my bag.

“Follow me, Miss."

Mr. Davis took me to another room. I removed the robe and got comfortable on the table. A group of men came in and arranged the sushi all over my body. They carefully put the sushi rolls up and down my body. They put spicy mayo around my left breast and wasabi sauce on my right breast. They put a dollop of the mayo on my bald pussy. 

I had sushi on my arms, legs, and stomach. There were all types and styles (Ikura Gukan, Sake Nigiri, Kappa Maki, Maguro Nigiri, Uni, Toro, Hamachi, Ebi Nigiri, Amaebi, Tamagoyaki, California Rolls, Futomaki, and Tekkamaki.)

“You look beautiful." 
“Thank you.”

Once they had arranged the sushi, Mr. Davis came back and took several pictures of me. I could hear the people starting to gather for the event. I knew it was a bachelor party and was pretty sure after they ate the sushi, I would be entertaining them with my body. 


“I want to welcome you all here to John’s bachelor party. We have an open bar with premium alcohol. We'll be wheeling out the appetizers for you to enjoy. Have a great time, everyone.”

“You guys are great," John said.

“We have a big surprise for you. Close your eyes and we'll bring it out.”

Mr. Davis and his staff carried me on the table and put me in the center of the room.

“Holy fuck! She’s absolutely beautiful. What a clever idea.”

“What’s your name, sweetie?”


“A human sushi platter. That's really incredible," John excitedly said.

John and his friends all came towards the table. A few of them took pictures of me with their cell phones. The men began to eat the sushi. They would pick the sushi up with the chopsticks and swirl my breasts with the sauces. It was very exciting and felt really amazing. They would take the sushi and rub it all over my pussy and then eat it. A few guys came over to my pussy and just licked it. The groom-to-be took a California roll and pushed it into my pussy and ate it out with his tongue.

“Fuck, you're so sexy. Your pussy tastes amazing.”

A few of them put their fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me. Once my pussy was juicy, they would dip the rolls into my cunt. This went on for a while. I was kissed, fondled, finger fucked, and orally eaten. Each man enjoyed me in some kind of capacity.

When all the sushi was eaten, I was naked on the table. The men took their clothes off and circled around the table. The groom-to-be approached me first. He licked my pussy up and down like an ice cream cone. He sucked on my clit and pushed one finger into my warm box. He proceeded to push several fingers into my cunt and fingered me hard.

“Fist her!" they shouted.

The groom-to-be pushed his fist deeper into my pussy. I was squirming all over the table which was making me excited. He pushed it in and then pulled it out. He did this several times. Eventually, I began to squirt.

“Fuck! She squirts. That’s fucked up!”

The men were enjoying that I could squirt. They were all pulling on their cocks while they watched me have squirting orgasms.

“Fuck! You’re so fucking hot.”

While my pussy was being adored orally, another man put his cock into my mouth. I sucked and slurped on his large cock. He was moving his hips and fucking my mouth fast. I kept pace with him while I was making all kinds of sucking and slurping noises. The guy got very excited and blasted his cum down my throat. I swallowed it all down.

“I’ve got to fuck her," John announced.

The groom-to-be moved me down on the table. He slid his cock into my pussy. His cock was on the bigger side. Once he was inside of me, he fucked me hard and fast. My legs were at his side while he pushed in and out of my bald cunt. A couple of the other guys stood on either side of me. I stroked their cocks up and down and all around. They were moaning and groaning.

Another man approached the table. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock. His cock was on the smaller side and I was able to deep throat him. He was moaning while I gave him head. He got very excited and dumped his load of cum down my throat. I swallowed it all down. Everybody got a turn.

The groom-to-be didn’t want to share me. His cock was about eight inches long and felt amazing in my cunt. He was thrusting in and out of my pussy. The guy was never coming. My pussy was soaking wet while he fucked me.

“If you pull out now, I will squirt!”

The groom-to-be pulled out of my pussy. I screamed and had another squirting orgasm. All the men rushed over to my pussy and took turns drinking down my juices.

“She’s so fucking hot! I wish my girlfriend did that.”

“She’s a professional. Professional women are always wild. She’s so sexy.”

“We should all fuck her. Get her on her hands and knees. One of us can fuck her ass!”


One of the guys got positioned on the table. I eased my pussy down on his cock. I rocked and moved my cunt all over his dick. He sat up and played with my full and firm tits. I was rolling my hips while I fucked him. The groom-to-be came behind me and spread my buttocks. He licked my puckered asshole. He put his finger inside of my asshole and fingered me.

I was moaning while I was fucking the guy. The groom-to-be pushed his cock slowly into my asshole. My asshole was tight, and began stretching while he eased himself inside. Once he was in, he fed the rest of his cock in slowly. I was grunting while he got inside of me. He was pulling my hips while he pushed the head in and out of my asshole. He was slapping my buttocks while he fucked me hard.

The guy I was fucking blasted my cunt with his cream. My pussy was filled with his cum. The groom-to-be pulled out and I got off of the one guy. They all switched and I got on top of the next guy. I eased down on his cock and another guy entered my asshole. I was moving and rocking on the one cock, while the other guy entered my asshole and fucked me hard. This went on for a while. They all took turns. All of them came in my pussy.

After they were done having me as a group, each of them took turns fucking me regularly by themselves. Sometimes I would be on my back. Other times, I'd ride them cowgirl. A few of the men only wanted anal sex. I sucked all their cocks many times during the night.

I was a real cum slut that evening. I swallowed loads of cum. I was definitely earning my fee. Once it was over, the best man handed me an envelope.

"Thank you, Miss! Our groom-to-be had an amazing time. Your fee is in the envelope with an additional tip. Thank you for your services.”

I looked into the envelope and checked that the fee was inside. There was a lot of extra money too. That must have been the tip he had mentioned.

“Thank you. I hope you all had a great time. Have a good night!"

Mr. Davis came into the room and handed me the robe. I put it on and got myself cleaned up in the restroom. I walked out, and Louis was waiting for me in the limo. I got inside and had some more wine and counted my tip. I was given two thousand dollars extra. I smiled and was quite happy with myself.

I put the money into my purse and had several glasses of wine. Eventually, I was dropped off at the brothel. Next time, I'll tell you about another story that happened to me. Always, another John and another story.


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