Convention Conversion - Part 3

Andy stepped back (because Kathy couldn't) and reached to the hem of her t-shirt.  "May I?" he asked.

At Kathy's nod, he began to lift her t-shirt, drawing it slowly up her body. She raised her arms and pulled them out of the shirt, and soon he had slipped it off of her head, leaving her standing there in a lacy purple bra and jeans.  He murmured, "Nice ..." as he tossed the t-shirt across the room and ran his hands down from her shoulders to the tips of her breasts.  His hands were warm, and smooth, tender as they caressed, yet knowing as he palmed her nipples and squeezed her gently through her bra.  She shivered with pleasure, her breathing quickening slightly.

He stooped and unfastened her jeans, opening them enough the to see the top edge of her purple panties.  Tammy spoke up then with, "Turn around, Kath - don't want to surprise him too soon."  Kathy grinned as she turned, and then gasped as he caressed her buns through her jeans before pulling the jeans down slowly.  When they were puddled around her ankles, he lifted each foot out of them, kissing her ass through the panties as he did so (since his mouth was right there anyway) and then tossed them aside as he stood again.

Then, he stepped up close to her and put his arms around her waist from behind, bending his head slightly and breathing warmly into her ear.  She leaned back against him, feeling his solid body behind her, most especially that bulge in his jeans pressing into her buns.  Now that she was letting herself, she found that she was very eager to see the cause of that bulge - see it, touch it, taste it, and feel it in various intimate places ...

His hands moved up from her waist to her breasts, and he started to lick at her earlobe as he played with her nipples.  She moaned softly, and rubbed her ass across his groin, reaching an arm around behind her to squeeze one of his cheeks and then pull his hips closer to hers.  He laughed and pressed closer himself, complementing her rubbing with a slight motion of his own.

Andy moved his nibbling action to her neck, and Kathy felt the nips of his teeth and the rasp of his tongue as acutely as if he had been playing with one of her nipples.  She gasped and shuddered, and ground her ass into his crotch.  She heard Tammy's chuckle and looked over at her, standing there naked and watching.  When Tammy pointed, she looked down and saw the massive tent her cock was making in her purple panties, and she laughed too.

Andy's nibbling turned into an intent sucking as he worked on a hickey right on the side of her neck.  Kathy shivered from the heat generated by his biting and sucking, and ran a hand up to his cheek, and then to his hair, running her fingers through his thick but soft locks.  Andy slowly dropped a hand from her nipple to her stomach, and then slid it down and around to the edge of her panties.  He first encountered the edge at her hip, and he slid his hand along it around back, and then down her cheek and back up the outside of her hip.  Then, he traced the edge around to her stomach where he noticed that it was pulled away from her skin.  He slid his fingers along her skin downward, not having to move panties out of his way and curious as to why.

The back of his hand encountered Kathy's cock as it worked itself under its arch just about the time his fingers started to touch pubic hair.  He turned his hand, and closed it about familiar tubular flesh, and stroked his way up to its tip, encountering consistently familiar configurations that formed an image of a healthy cock in his mind.  He pulled himself away from the mysterious woman, leaving a large, purple bruise on her neck, and turned her around slowly, going to his knees.  He saw the tenting of the purple panties, and he saw, through the wispy fabric of those panties just what was causing the tenting.  He reached up and gently pulled the panties down partway, freeing the cock that grew from the groin of Tammy's lover.

He closed his hand about its root, and leaned over to place a kiss upon its flared head.  He looked around the wide hip the cock was framed by and winked at Tammy.  "*Very* nice surprise, dear.  You have such luck, you know?" Returning his attention to what was in his hand, he started to lick down by his hand, working his tongue around and around the shaft until it reached the head.  Then, rather than lick that head, he just popped it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around as he pressed his head down, taking more and more of that cock inside.

Kathy all but swooned as Andy sucked down her cock - in fact, before those moving lips had reached more than halfway down her shaft, her knees gave way and she collapsed backwards onto the bed with a loud moan.

Tammy moved over to the bed and kissed Kathy while Andy removed Kathy's panties and helped her move into a better position on the bed for a continuation of the blow job.  When her ass was properly positioned on the edge of the bed, and Andy was properly positioned between them, he started to lick and kiss her very hard cock again, his hands beginning to caress her groin, stroking her smooth skin, combing fingers through her pubic hair, rubbing gently along her thighs.

Tammy, meanwhile, was still kneeling by Kathy's head.  She deftly unhooked the front-closure of Kathy's purple bra and, peeling its halves back, bared Kathy's breasts.  She bent down and closed her lips around one pink-rose nipple, sucking on it, biting lightly at it, licking its tip rapidly back and forth. Kathy moaned, and then groaned and threw back her head as she was assaulted by sensations from her cock and groin, and her nipple.  Then, she realized that Tammy's breasts were right there over her face, so she craned her neck up and stuck out her tongue to lick at Tammy's nipple.  The blond moaned softly and dropped her back so that her breasts were more easily available to Kathy.

She drew one of Tammy's nipples into her mouth more firmly and sucked on it lightly, trying to concentrate on moving her tongue carefully against the firm nubbin of flesh in an effort to keep the floods of sensations her two lovers were inundating her with at bay.  Andy's hands moving about her groin, caressing and stroking her, were sending almost as much pleasure into her brain as the sensations of his lips and tongue on her cock.  And, it almost seemed as if her nipples were sending more pleasure through her as Tammy licked and sucked one and pinched and rolled the other.  Her whole body was tingling, and she was moaning continually as she suckled Tammy's breast.  To further distract herself, she pushed an arm up over her head and found Tammy's leg.  Then, she followed that leg up to Tammy's groin and started caressing her lips and clit.  If she could have reached Andy's groin from her position she would have, but as she couldn't she concentrated on trying to give pleasure to Tammy and prolong the pleasure being given to her by staving off her orgasm.

And it worked, for a while, though Andy's expert abilities with respect to oral ministrations played quite a part in the duration of the blow job as well.  But eventually the pleasure overwhelmed her, colors exploding behind her eyes, electric shocks leaping from her nipples and cockhead, ripples of tickling fire washing across her skin again and again, and then her entire body went rigid as her groin muscles contracted, her balls jumped, and her semen rushed through her cock and into Andy's mouth in pulse after pulse.  Andy swallowed each pulse expertly, continuing his hands' motion but ceasing the movement of his head.  Tammy continued to lick and suck Kathy's nipples even though the rigidity of Kathy's body ended the massaging she had been getting in return, at least for the moment.

Andy kept his lips closed around Kathy's cock until every last drop of her spend was in his stomach.  Then, with a quick motion that stimulated her almost over-sensitive cock head, he released her cock from his mouth and rested his head on her thigh, licking his lips and smiling.  Tammy also stopped playing with Kathy's nipples, letting the she-male relax and recover from her orgasm.  She dropped to the bed beside Kathy, and stroked her hand through Kathy's hair, murmuring sweet nothings into the ear of the almost- asleep brunette.

Even after her breathing had returned to normal and the overwhelming pleasure had faded to a pleasant warm glow, Kathy just lay there.  She loved the feel of Tammy murmuring into her ear and stroking her hair.  She loved the feel of Andy's cheek on her thigh, warm breath gliding along her skin, his hands idly stroking up and down her leg.  It was such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such gentleness and caring - almost better than the sex itself! (But only *almost*.)

Eventually, though, she remembered that her two lovers hadn't yet had their own orgasms.  She reached up and pulled Tammy's lips over to hers and kissed her, then sat up with a little groan and pulled Andy up from his crouch to kiss him too.  "Thank you, both of you, for an amazing experience!  But, I think that its my turn to return some of the pleasure."

Tammy, after flinging Kathy's discarded bra off the bed, said, "Tell you what, love.  Since Andy here is the only one of us still dressed, why don't we have him do us a little strip-tease while you and I watch.  I'm sure we'll think of something to do once he's buck naked like us, right?"

A brief flurry of activity resulted in Kathy getting somewhat toweled off and repositioned sitting up by the head of the bed, Tammy leaning against her front, though not sitting on her lap.  Andy opened the playlist on his cellphone and when the women were ready he took up a position at the end of the bed and pushed 'play'.

While he didn't have the artistry of the Limey, he certainly had spirit, and the erotic nature of the setting excited Kathy as much as the Limey's raw talent had.  She had one hand wrapped around Tammy's chest, playing with her nipples, and her other hand was buried between Tammy's legs, caressing her inner lips, massaging her clit, and plunging deep inside of her.  Both sets of eyes were riveted on the man dancing to the rock music that filled the room, staring as the polo shirt came off slowly, revealing browned skin that had just a touch of muscle definition and no hair on it at all.  He danced bare-chested for a little, muscles moving beneath smooth skin, his sleek chest only a little wider than his narrow waist, his strong arms moving around him, running up and down his torso like he was caressing himself.

His hands moved to his belt buckle and soon his belt was flying across the room.  He unbuttoned his jeans and opened the fly, peeling back the edges to show his light green bikini briefs bulging hugely.  He turned around and wiggled his ass at the two women, and slowly took down his jeans, bumping and grinding all the while.  He stepped out of one leg and kicked the jeans out of the way with the other, and then pranced about like that, still with his small, tight ass toward the two women.

Kathy was breathing as heavily as Tammy, even though Tammy was the only one who was being physically fondled.  Tammy, it's true, was moaning too, and her leg was propped up giving Kathy more complete access to her honey trap which was sopping wet, both from Andy's show and Kathy's fingers.  But Kathy's arousal was somewhat caused by Tammy's reactions to her, but more by Andy's dance - his body, the way he moved, the energy in his dance, just by his being here and being turned on enough by Kathy to dance for her.

Finally, Andy turned around, his erection making an obvious bulge in his briefs.  His hands massaged around his groin, cupping his bulge sometimes, bending over and rubbing his asscheeks sometimes.  His thumbs went under the tops of his briefs right at the center of his stomach, and he pulled down the fronts until just his brief black bush was visible.  After teasing the women with that, grinning and grinding his hips to the music, he let the briefs snap back up.  He grinned wider as both women groaned at that and just danced some more, his strong legs, as hairless as his arms and chest, flexing and moving with sensual grace.  He turned around again, and peeled his briefs down over his ass, revealing cheeks that were a shade or two lighter than the rest of his tanned body.  This time, though, he didn't just tease - he slipped the briefs down to the bottoms of his cheeks and danced like that for a little, cheeks flexing and moving, underlined by a roll of green cloth.  He turned before removing them entirely, revealing that they were caught on his erection in front, hiding it.  Rocking his hips from side to side to the powerful backbeat of the song currently playing, Andy slipped the briefs over the root of his cock and, snapping his hips together and bending swiftly, giving only the briefest glimpse of the shaft so freed as he removed his underwear and kicked them aside.  Then, moving to the music still, he straightened up and struck a pose, fully exposed, as by design or chance the song ended with a flourish.

Kathy removed her hands from Tammy to applaud vigorously, echoed by Tammy, as she stared at the one part of the artist she hadn't seen yet.  His groin was almost completely hairless, just sporting a brief, soft-looking bush of black hair about the base of his cock.  That cock was ...  well, pretty - long, straight, clean lined, with a flaring head of a pinkish hue.  Kathy was no judge of size by sight, but she thought it wasn't much longer than her own, though possibly thicker.  His balls hung below the cock, pink and hairless.  The whole thing made her mouth water - she wanted to taste it, to feel it within her mouth, touch it, stroke it, love it ...

Andy was moving toward the pair on the bed, but Kathy was moving too.  She met him halfway, on hands and knees on the edge of the bed, one hand out and grabbing at his erection.  She pulled him in close and started licking his cock eagerly, starting with the pink head and working down to the furred root.  This being her first time, she was using more enthusiasm than skill, but there was certainly some natural talent as well (or just a very good memory for what Andy had done with *her* cock, perhaps).

Tammy chuckled, not at all miffed at being 'abandoned' by her love for the boy-toy Andy's cock.  She moved over to the kneeling brunette and started caressing her back and ass.  She slid a hand around her waist to her cock dangling down hard and stroked it.  Then, she lay on her back and slid herself under Kathy, craning her neck to catch the bobbing cock in her lips and sucking on it.  Kathy gasped and slid her knees apart, lowering her hips for Tammy's convenience.  Tammy swallowed more of the cock, and slid a hand down to her own crotch, continuing the stimulation Kathy had begun during the show.

Kathy had licked down, and then back up, Andy's cock and as Tammy licked her cock she opened her lips and took Andy's cock into her mouth.  He had tasted - well, neutral, except for some saltiness at the very tip, but licking it and feeling him respond to the pleasure had been very exciting.  Now, she wanted to know what he would feel like in his mouth, so she started sliding her lips down lower and lower, feeling his skin move over her lips and teeth, moved her tongue around and over the shaft until her mouth was too filled to move her tongue anymore.  She took enough to feel the head against the back of her mouth, and she saw there was plenty more to ingest.  She pressed her head forward again, flattening our her tongue and trying to take the cock into her throat like she had seen in those pictures and read about.  But, as she felt the thickness at the back of her mouth and against the back of her tongue, this irresistible urge hit her and her stomach seemed to rebel, clenching tight and sending a spasm all the way up to her throat.  She pulled back and thought, "So *that's* the gag reflex - I'm going to have to practice to get over that, but not right now ..."  She ran her fingers through Andy's bush as she pulled back farther, marveling at the softness of his pubic hair.

Tammy released Kathy's cock and said, "You know, we've been doing a whole lot of oral things, leaving a whole other form of sexual expression untouched.  Now, I'm not a traditionalist or anything, but I think these two nice cocks should find something to do below the waist, don't you?"

Kathy laughed and rolled onto her side, releasing Andy.  Andy laughed too, and said, "Sure!  Why don't you set things up, since you like being in charge so much."  His grin took any sting that might have been in the words away.

"If you insist," laughed Tammy.  "Well, let's see.  I think that the best thing to do would be to have Kathy fuck me while you teach her the one thing I can't by fucking her ass.  But be gentle - she's a virgin."

Kathy shivered at Tammy's suggestion, but couldn't deny that it intrigued her.  She wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked - a new need, but one she was no longer afraid of.  She reached over and gave Andy's spit-lubed cock a stroke, trying to imagine what it would feel like inside her ass.  She looked up at Andy's grinning face and said, "Yes.  Mmmmm, please fuck me gently, Andy."

Andy drew Kathy to her feet and hugged her, kissing her neck and then her lips.  He looked into her eyes and said, "I will be as gentle as possible, but there will still be some pain at first.  Just remember that the pain will go away - I know this from experience - and the pleasure that will replace it will be worth it."

Tammy got off the bed and hugged Kathy from behind.  She whispered in her ear, "Andy's right, love.  There will be pain, but it will end.  Remember also that all you have to do is say 'stop', and Andy will.  Neither of us wants you to go farther than you feel comfortable going.  Okay?"

Kathy nodded and turned to kiss Tammy.  "I'll remember.  Thanks."  She turned back to Andy and said, "How will this work?"

Andy teasingly looked to Tammy to set them up, but Tammy already had things figured out.  While Andy fetched his lube from a drawer, Tammy drew two of the chairs over to the end of the bed, then laid down on the bed between the chairs, her ass right at the edge.  She lifted her feet onto the chairs, having Kathy move them slightly farther away so that her legs were comfortable.  Kathy then moved between Tammy's legs and rubbed her fingers across and within Tammy's spread-open pussy.  Tammy reached up and fondled Kathy's breasts, and Kathy moaned as her cock twitched.  She pulled back and aimed her cock, dragging it's head up along moist folds until she found the opening she sought, and then pushing forward.  Sliding easily inward, she hissed in pleasure, feeling the heat and pressure as her cock was enveloped by Tammy.

She felt a hand on her back, indicating that she should bend forward.  Those same hands spread her legs slightly, and then pushed her hips forward until her cock was completely within Tammy.  She felt warm breath on her asscheeks, and then a finger moved between her cheeks, covered with something cold and greasy.  She gasped when the finger touched her asshole, and gasped again, louder, when it pressed against her muscle steadily until it entered her.

Tammy reached up and caressed Kathy's torso, trying to distract her a little.  Kathy leaned down and kissed her love, hissing as the finger moved inside her in strange ways.  It withdrew, then returned a moment later, again covered in cold grease.  The finger pushed into her again, deeper and deeper, moving around, pulling against tight muscles, trying to stretch them out just a little.  The movements, the pressure, the stretching, were all strange to Kathy, but she soon got used to them - they even started to feel somewhat good.

Andy probed in her ass for a good long while, taking his time stretching her out.  Meanwhile, Tammy and Kathy kissed, and stroked breasts, pinched nipples, licked necks, and tried to keep the pressure of Kathy's cock in Tammy's pussy from becoming too arousing without becoming not arousing enough.  Finally, though, Andy withdrew his fingers and didn't return them.  Instead, after a stretch of time filled with the faint sounds of a hand rubbing a greasy cock, Kathy felt Andy's hands on her cheeks, pulling them slightly apart.  Then, she felt something thick and blunt easing between them, coming to rest touching her anus.

Andy's hands moved to grip her hips.  He said, "Okay, lover, take a deep breath and try to relax.  As I push in, try to push out - that relaxes the muscles a little more.  If it hurts too much to take, just say 'stop', and I will.  Ready?"

Kathy took a few deep breaths, nervous and quick, and then sighed, firming up her resolve.  Turning her head, she looked into Andy's concerned yet still smiling face, and nodded, then turned back to be kissed by Tammy.  She tried to think only of that kiss, the lips against hers, the tongue moving in her mouth, she tried to concentrate on the fingers rubbing across her nipples and the pleasure that generated, on the little moans that Tammy breathed into her mouth as her fingers squeezed Tammy's nipples.  She felt pressure against her anus, and fought the instinctive tightening reaction to it, pushing back instead as Andy had suggested.  The pressure increased as she felt Andy's cock move against lubed skin and the tapered, yet still very blunt, head of that cock started to work its way past the tight muscle, pushing her flesh out of the way and opening her up.

The pain began then as her sphincter expanded larger than it usually was made to.  It hurt, but not nearly as much as she had feared.  She gasped, and dropped her head to Tammy's shoulder, wanting to feel Andy within her, and so braving the pain, believing that it would pass because her lovers had told her it would.  Andy's cock pushed in farther, and the pain increased, and she cried out into Tammy's shoulder, clutching hard at Tammy's arm as the blond did her best to soothe Kathy by stroking her back and sides, and making reassuring noises into her ear.

Andy stopped his pushing at this point, letting the stretched muscles in Kathy's ass get used to his thickness.  He felt her ass clenching around him fiercely, almost hard enough to be painful, but slowly the clenching eased, and Kathy's frantic breathing eased with it.  When she lifted her head a fraction from Tammy's shoulder and said, "Oh, God," in a breathless, awed way, he started moving forward again, the thickness of his cockhead slipping fully inside her.  Her anus closed around his shaft, and he moaned at the heat he was boring into steadily.

Kathy wasn't really sure whether the pain turned into pleasure, or she just grew to like the pain, but between one moment and the next she was feeling the most incredible sensations flooding through her body, all originating from that intrusion in her ass.  She lifted her head and said, "Oh, God," not quite believing just how good it felt, and when the cock started to move inward again, she arched her neck, an ecstatic grimace on her face.  Her little cries and whimpers now were purely from pleasure, not from trying to contain pain.

Andy stopped moving when his hips contacted the soft, smooth flesh of Kathy's ass, and Kathy could feel every inch of his cock inside of her pressed, squeezed by her insides.  The feeling was incredible - indescribable! - and it just kept getting better and better as her muscles loosened and she got used to the feelings, able to actually *feel* them rather than be overwhelmed by them.  Andy ran his hand up her backbone and she shivered from the touch, so different from the way Tammy touched and caressed her.  "Ready to fuck now, Kath?" he asked.  "I think that Tammy has earned something special for being your mattress and comforter while your ass got used to me - make sure she gets it, okay?"

With that, he started to pull back, and as he did so, he pulled on Kathy's hip moving her back and away from where she rested between Tammy's legs.  She remembered her own cock then as it slid along slippery, clenching walls, and she shuddered with the resumption of that kind of pleasure.  She lifted her body off of Tammy's and smiled into her love's face, then kissed her before bowing her neck to suck at her nipple.

Andy controlled the motion at first, knowing what it took to get two bodies moving in the kind of unison it took to make a sandwich like this work.  He worked his own hips, moving his cock in and out of Kathy's ass, and he pulled on Kathy's hips, moving her cock in and out of Tammy's pussy.  Eventually, Kathy's hips got the idea and started moving between the two bodies in their own, and Andy was free to caress Kathy's back and sides, to lean over and take her breasts in his hands and fondle them, to lick and nibble at the back of her neck.

While Kathy fucked and was fucked, she concentrated as much as she could on stimulating Tammy with her mouth and hands.  She caressed Tammy's torso, playing with her breasts and nipples, she licked Tammy's neck and throat, nibbling on earlobes, thrusting her tongue into Tammy's ear, kissing her, nibbling on her jaw, her cheek, her shoulder.  Tammy just lay there, clutching the sheets and moaning, kissing back when there was something within reach to be kissed, but mostly just receiving the pleasure she was being given.

Tammy's body jerked and tensed in orgasm under Kathy, squeezing her cock and bucking her chest against Kathy's nipple-sucking mouth.  Kathy eased up for a moment on her digital and oral attentions, though the rhythm of the cock in her ass didn't allow her to do much in the way of slowing down her own cock's motions.  When Tammy relaxed again, Kathy renewed her efforts at pleasuring the upper part of Tammy's body, hoping to urge her love through a couple more such orgasms before her own peak was reached, and she was climbing swiftly toward that peak, too.

Kathy succeeded in her intention, with 'a couple' turning into 5 body-tensing, screaming orgasms.  The last two, however, almost undid her - she could almost feel Tammy's pleasure seeping into her body, increasing the pleasures she already felt, shaking her resolve to do her best to ignore what was happening in the lower half of her body lest she explode into a million fragments of ecstatic pleasure.  She held on mostly because she wanted Andy to come next - he deserved that for treating her ass so tenderly, and for making it feel so incredibly good, beyond all of her expectations or fantasies.

Andy found Kathy's ass as wonderful as he found her cock.  It was tight, of course, but once the muscles got used to the intrusion, it wasn't vise-tight, just pleasurable clenching.  He loved the way the muscles of her back moved beneath her creamy skin when she shifted her hips, the way her ass cheeks flexed when he pulled out of her ... but, in all, if  it weren't for the fact that he wanted Tammy to get as much out of this as he was, he would have loved to turn his new found lover over and fuck her front-to-front, to see her face, to kiss her mouth and suck on her nipples, to stroke her cock until it shot all over his chest.  'Ah well,' he thought, 'there's always next time.'

Almost as if the thought of something beyond the confines of this act of pleasure signaled its end, Andy felt his balls clench in that way that meant he was past the point of no return.  He pushed himself rapidly all the way into Kathy, and leaned over her back, groaning as the first pulse of seed left him and then kissing her back as further pulses wrenched him again and again.  His hands dropped beyond Kathy to stroke Tammy's chest as he emptied himself into Kathy.

Kathy felt the first spasm of Andy's cock behind her without realizing what it was.  Then, as he collapsed over her back, groaning, she was able to tell that what she was feeling back there was his orgasm.  The fact of the act, separate from any additional sensations the spasming of his cock or the rush of thick liquid into her may have caused, was enough to pull her trigger.  While she had yet to taste Andy's semen ('There's always next time,' she thought), the fact that she had managed to get him off and was taking his seed within her excited her in a way that was almost beyond sexual.  Her whole body quaked, and her cock, buried deep within Tammy, exploded.  Rippling bolts of pleasure washed over her whole body, from her head down to her balls and then out through her cock that was tingling like it never had before, not even the first time she had fucked Tammy.  Flashes of light went off behind her eyes, and she felt her 'self' receding from her body as she was filled with ecstasy faster than she could fire it out of herself through her cock.  Trapped securely, serenely between two loving bodies, faintly feeling the last of the orgasm of the body above her and the beginnings of the orgasm of the body below her, she left consciousness behind to ride out the rocket of pleasure.

She returned to the bedroom to find that the sandwich had been taken apart and she was lying on the bed with someone - she looked:  Andy - applying a damp washcloth to her groin while Tammy lay beside her, stroking her hair again, and looking into her face.  Andy was also rubbing another washcloth between Tammy's legs, and alternating kissing the thighs of both the women as he performed the ablutions.  Kathy found herself refreshed by her experience so she propped herself up on her arm (only wincing slightly at the dull ache in her ass) and kissed Tammy thoroughly.  Then, sitting up fully, she drew Andy up from his position on the floor and gave him a sound kiss as well, her hands moving over his shoulders and back, and even playfully down to his crotch, which seemed to have been cleaned already.

She sat back and drew both of her lovers close, holding them tight.  She said, "I want to thank you both for all of the pleasure you gave me.  I just hope that we can do this again, soon and often."  She looked at Andy when she said this because she was fairly sure that she would be part of Tammy's life for the foreseeable future, but she had no idea what Andy might want.

Andy kissed Kathy's shoulder and said, "I have no objections to having fun, lovely one.  I find you exciting, intriguing, I enjoy your company and you bring me pleasure.  If Tammy has no objections, I would be pleased to play with you some more, and maybe go beyond just playing.  I can't promise commitment or anything, certainly not after just one night.  But I would really like to see you again, Kathy."

Tammy kissed Kathy's other shoulder and said, "Andy is a good friend and an excellent lover, Kathy - as you know by now.  Also, I do my best not to deny pleasure to any of my friends, no matter how closely involved I am with them.  All that I ask is that I get asked along to play with you two every once in a while."

Kathy hugged them both, and they all three kissed.  Kathy didn't know whether Andy would be more than a lover to her, but she was glad that her love didn't find him a threat, because she *was* sure she was at least infatuated with his cock!

Tammy looked at the clock and noticed how early it still was.  "You know, we could still go do some parties, or play in the pool for a bit, or even stop in at the filk room.  And, after we've recharged ourselves somewhat, maybe we can see whether we can put some more wear on the bedsprings in my room."

They wandered around the more official late-night functions of the con for a while, and then visited some of the parties.  When they returned to Tammy's room, they proceeded to while away the hours 'till dawn discovering the many ways that three bodies can be fit together.  Andy got his wish to fuck Kathy front to front, and they both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Kathy got to suck Andy off, and she loved the taste and feel of his semen.  Kathy fucked Andy as she ate out Tammy, and fucked Tammy's ass while she sucked Andy.  She watched Andy fuck Tammy and marveled at the play of the two bodies, the somewhat silly but still beautiful movements and sounds - and even more she marveled at the lack of jealousy she felt at seeing her new-found love being taken by another.  The trio didn't do *everything* possible, but they certainly exhausted each other trying, and they didn't wake up until well into the afternoon.

The rest of the con was a continuous whirl of wonderful things for Kathy.  Andy asked to, and was eagerly invited to, tag along with Kathy and Tammy, and so Kathy got introduced to a whole bunch more people who were friends of Andy's.  She ended up getting the 'Tigress' painting, as well as promising to sit for a several more paintings for Andy - one just of her, and one of Tammy and her together.  Her sexual horizons were opened even wider as she attended mini-orgies of anywhere from 6 to 10 people.  She met Jeff, Andy's mer-man model at one of these, and found the sight of two men fucking to be as amazing and arousing and beautiful as the sight of Andy and Tammy had been.  She saw, and participated in, all kinds of things she had only read about before, and it was made clear that this kind of sexual freedom wasn't reserved for Science Fiction Convention hotels either.

She rearranged her travel plans to return home in the company of Tammy and Andy.  The trip was somewhat prolonged by their frequent 'rest'-stops, but Kathy didn't mind.  But her reluctance wasn't her usual post-event reluctance at returning to her boring, lonely life - she was just enjoying herself.  She knew that what she was returning to was going to be as different as Kathy was from Keith.  She had friends, lovers, a love, and a new life.  For the first time in a long time, she was truly glad that she had attended a convention.  And she fingered her earring and blessed the proprietor of "Illumination Magic Shop" for changing her life.