A Nice Hotel

Info chestnut_
28 Mar. '17

"This water feels just right," she purred as she walked out from behind the waterfall, "do you suppose they heat it?"

He waved a hand in front of him, setting off ripples in the pond where he was sitting, "I would imagine so, the water here in the pond is warm enough to not even need a swimsuit." He watched her walking towards him, the waterfall had turned her suit almost transparent, but it was her hazel eyes, set off by her brown hair that captivated him.

He also knew that what she saw in him had nothing to do with his dark hair and blue eyes. There were other features that kept her by his side. Other features he was sure they would explore now that they had the full evening to themselves. It had been his idea to rent the "Tropical Room" at the hotel, and the room had lived up to its billing. The main feature was the waterfall pouring into the pool. A rock cave, dimly lit, had a stone pedestal which hid the bed, and the occasional noises of the jungle were piped in through hidden speakers. Not that he was planning on studying wildlife.

She sat down beside him, and ran a hand through the hair on his chest. He turned, and placing himself behind her, began to massage her neck and shoulders, pausing now and again to kiss her neck. A few minutes passed, and he could feel her muscles relax. Smiling, he untied the bow which held the one piece up, and let the suit fall away from her body. His hands now caressed her back, then came around the sides to gently stroke her ample breasts. Moving closer, his right hand began teasing her nipple as his left hand moved across her stomach, and began massaging her thigh.

Her back arched slightly, and his hand moved from her thigh to massage her pussy. The outer lips parted, and he ran his palm against her clit, stoking her inner fires.

"You think you can bring me here and then have your way with me?" she panted, teasingly. "Well... oh that feels good... you're right." And her legs opened even wider, allowing him to place two fingers into her pussy as he continued to stroke her clit.

This was not a one-way street, however. As he watched the passion rise in her, his dick rose as well. She began bucking her hips against his hand, and he began to pull at her nipples, making them hard. She moved faster, and he put a third finger inside the warm tunnel of her pussy, stroking her inside and out.

She inched back against him, and her hips grinded against his dick, still covered by his suit. He thought about fixing that, but didn't want to interrupt the pace they had going. As if she had read his mind, she reached her hands back, and with him lifting up slightly, was able to pull down his suit, freeing the long, hard dick like a jack-in-the-box.

"I ... want you... in me. I want... all of you... in me." She gasped. He leaned back, and helped her scoot into his lap, then he felt her hands directing his cock into her cunt. "Oh... that feels... much better." she groaned.

Both of his hands were roughly kneading her breasts as she moved up and down against him. She leaned forward slightly, and he could feel her playing with his balls as her pussy grabbed at his dick. "You're such a hot... cunt. I love to fuck... with you." He moaned.

They were both panting and grabbing now, wrapped up in each other. He felt the trembling of her pussy around his dick, and knew she was starting to ride her orgasm. The shuddering of her cunt muscles sent him over the edge, and he could feel his cock spurting from his own orgasm.

They laid back in the pond, his back against the "shore", his dick still inside her. Resting for a few minutes in the warmth of each other, his fingers idly brushed her legs and stomach. He felt her get up, and thought she was going to get dressed for dinner. He was about to get up when he felt her hands pushing him back down.

"You didn't think I was through already, did you?" She said, staring into his eyes. Then she ducked under the water, and in a moment he could feel her lips wrapping around his dick. Her head bobbed in and out of the water, and he was surprised and pleased to feel his cock responding to her ministrations. "Oh... I love it when you suck me... take it all... take all of me." He grunted.

Slowly, not losing a stroke, she moved farther and farther down his shaft, until his balls were slapping against her. She came off, just a bit, to allow her hand to squeeze and tug at his balls as she continued sucking his dick. He noticed her other hand moving between her legs as she began to stroke her pussy in time with the movements of her head.

He moved his hips up, so that his ass was clear of the water, and her sucking intensified. He could feel her tounge tracing the veins in his shaft as he moved between her lips. "Ahh... I'm going to cum... I can feel it in my balls..." he nearly screamed as his orgasm hit him, and she continued to hold him in her mouth, swallowing, and sucking until he was spent.

When he caught his breath, he asked her, "Can I assume we'll be using room service tonight?"

She smiled, "Depends on what you had in mind..."

"Oh, something like this." He said, suddenly picking her out of the water, and carrying her to the warm waterbed.

"I didn't think you went in for that macho junk." She stretched on the bed to make sure he knew what she meant.

"Oh, every now and then those primal urges just overtake me." And with that he began licking and sucking on her toes.

It was going to be quite an evening.