Fun In A Taxi

A couple in love share a cab 
They're looking for naughty fun
Both of them look fab
Each will try and come

Kisses deep on their lips
Hands unzip his fly
Hands rubbing on her nips
She's going to excite her guy

She pulls on his growing cock
He squeezes her plump tits
He's hard as a rock
He rubs at her slit

The driver hears moans
While she jerks her boyfriend's dick
He rubs her pussy and she groans
Her pussy feels very slick

Head down to accept his prick
Lips around his baton
Sucking noises on his joystick
She's acting rather wanton

He's massaging her wet box
While she sucks on his wand
She's his gorgeous fox
Her pussy starts to respond

The driver is watching and excited
The driver clears his throat and coughs
He wishes he'd be invited
Instead he just jerks off

The girl sits on the guy's lap
And puts his cock into her cunt
He gives her ass a slap
They both start to grunt

The driver watches them fuck
He's horny and wants to join in
He'd love a little cock-suck
He takes a sip of his gin

The couple are going at it
The driver stops the car
He hopes they won't quit
They haven't come so far

The girl starts to scream
He fills her with his seed
Her pussy is filled with cream
They both have filled their need

The driver asks to lick her pussy
They agree and she lies down
He opens the door and licks the hussy
She's moaning with no frowns

Her boyfriend plays with her hair
He also plays with her tits
The girl doesn't care
As the driver licks her split

The girl starts to come
On the driver's face
He hopes she's not done
He keeps up the pace

The driver drinks her juice
The girl is moaning loud
The driver is named Bruce
He says he's endowed

The driver asks to fuck the girl
The boyfriend says sure
He loves her pretty curls
The girl is hardly pure

The driver pulls out his bat
And enters her pussy hole
He fucks her like an acrobat
The driver is in control

He fucks her pretty mound
Her boyfriend is turned on
Her pussy makes squelching sounds
The driver feels like Don Juan

He comes in her cooze
Fills her up with his junk
Her pussy is filled will ooze
The driver is a hunk

The driver licks her muff
And returns to the driving seat
The girl has had enough
He drives them home to their street

The driver said the ride is free
The couple get out and say thanks
They run into the house to pee
She kisses her boyfriend named Hank

What a sexy night they had tonight
Sex with a complete stranger
The couple enjoyed their night
Luckily there was no danger

2013 - (2016) Copyright Mysteria27

This work and any audio recordings may not be copied, transmitted or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the author (Mysteria27) expressed written permission.