Plato's Retreat

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30 Mar. '17

We were in the city to see a play and have dinner and had decided to make a weekend of it. We checked into the Sheraton Russel hotel and since our dinner and play arrangements were for the next evening we decided to go to Plato's and enjoy ourselves. After we arrived at Plato's we got our locker and stripped for action. I always love the preliminaries at Plato's standing in amongst strangers and watching as people take off their cloths loosing there inhibitions as they shed their cloths. That night was quite crowed and I could tell it was going to be fun. By the time we had undressed we had already struck up a conversation with a stunning blond and her husband who were getting undressed next to us. Sue helped Jill the blond take off her garter belt and in the process began to rub her firm ass cheeks. Her husband Bill saw Sue's advance and began to rub his wife's tits making Jill moan. Sue seeing that her advances were welcome gently slid her finger into Jill's pussy and began to work our new friends cunt in earnest. I rubbed my now stiff cock into Sue's firm ass cheeks while I squeezed her firm tits and pulled on her now erect nipples. Bill suggested we all retire to somewhere we could lay down and get it on which met with all our approval. Leaving the lockers I took Jill's hand and Bill put his arm around Sue as we walked naked thru the crowd near the door.

For those of you who have never been to Plato's there is no requirement to strip down so that there are a few people who come in and never get into the action or mill around watching the action until they get comfortable with the open sex and nudity and begin to participate. This upsets some people but it really adds to the pleasure of the exhibitionists as they can prance around in front of the straighter types. All in all I don't mind it and I think it gives the reluctant some time to adjust to the surroundings and get worked up enough to participate. Well we went straight to the mat room which is a large room with mirrors on the walls and ceiling and the floor is covered with mats making the maximum room available for horizontal activities. We proceeded to the middle of the room where a group of about 8 couples were engaged in some hot group action. Jill and Sue wanted to be eaten so Bill and I went down on our wives as the played with each others tits and watched the action. I signaled to Bill and we switched partners and I watched as Bill sucked and licked Sue's now erect clit while he probed her slick pussy with his fingers. I spread Jill's legs and began to tongue fuck her sweet cunt as she and Sue continued to kiss and play with each others tits. I moved to Jill's clit and began to lick and suck her erect bud as I rammed two fingers deep into her sopping slit. This brought a deep moan from her lips and she arched her back forcing her hot slit into my mouth. I heard Sue begin to climax as Jill's pussy began to spasm and clamp down on my fingers Jill came and came thrusting her hips up with each spasm as she ground her pussy into my mouth. Sensing her need I pushed a finger into her tight anus making her climax even more intense and causing her to cry out. As Jills climax subsided I looked over to see Bill gently licking my wife Sue's wet slit making her legs tremble each time he flicked his tongue over her now nearly inch long erect clit. I patterned my licking to his and soon both ladies were twitching in post climax tension.

Jill told me to mount her and fuck her cunt so I lifted her legs up and slowly forced my stiff throbbing meat into her slick tight vagina. Jill's pussy was tight and still pulsing from her climax as I probed her depths feeling those pulsing walls massaging my cock. Sue got up doggy style and had Bill ram his cock into her pussy from behind as she kissed Jill fondling Jill's tits. Jill now moaning from the deep probing fuck I was giving her reached up and grabbed Sue's tits massaging her firm globes and pulling on her erect nipples. We fucked like this for a few minutes when I felt a warm wet tongue probing my ass then a hand gently squeezing my balls. Looking back I saw a big titted red head had joined our fun and the guy who was with her was up behind her ramming his cock into her pussy. I went right on stoking into Jill's hot twat and watched as a slim girl positioned herself with her cunt just to the right of my wife's head and grabbed Sue's head moving her to her cunt. Sue said hi and introduced herself and the new girl said her name was Nancy and she and her husband Dave who was now coming around to join her would like to add to the fun. Sue said sure and bent her head down and began to eat Nancy's cunt. I could tell that Nancy had just been fucked because I could see the cream running out of her pink pussy lips. Sue began licking in earnest and Nancy began to moan and thrust her cunt into my wife's face. Dave came over to Jill and rubbed his stiff cock against her cheek, Jill turned her head and took his shaft deep into her mouth sucking it deeply into her throat as I pounded her cunt with new vigor. I heard Sue start to cum and looked up to see Bill ramming his cock into my wife's cunt burying it deep into her slippery slit with each pounding stroke. All to soon Bill climaxed filling her slit with his cream until it began to drip out and run down her legs. I began to cum and filled Jill with my spunk as she began her climax and Dave began to feed her his load. Dave pulled out and Jill grabbed his cock milking his sperm into her open mouth until he was completely drained. I pulled out and turned around and fed my cock to the red head who sucked my ass and balls until her husband filled her cunt from behind and I let loose in her mouth. Once she had swallowed my load John introduce her as Beth and I introduced her and John to Bill, Sue, Nancy and Dave.

Being a bit fucked out for the moment we all decided to get something to drink and see what else was happening. We left the mat room and walked past a foursome on what I can only describe as a fucking horse it was constructed so as to completely expose its riders genitals while providing support to keep the rider off the ground. The rider a full breasted blond was positioned on her stomach with her legs spread as this well hung guy reamed her asshole with his cock while the other woman was eating her spread pussy and finger fucking her cunt while the second guy was filling her mouth with his big cock. While we watched I held Beth in front of me and massaged her tits while I fingered her tight anus. Beth reached behind her and pulled on my hard cock as I probed her butt and pulled on her nipples. Sue was in a similar position as John had her in front of him and had his right hand on her cunt with two fingers working in and out of her steaming snatch. Seeing how much fun we were having Jill got in front of Dave and pulled her ass cheeks apart allowing him to finger her rosebud while he played with her tits. Nancy move in front of Bill and spread her legs as Bill probed her pussy from behind and shoved two of his long fingers into her cunt from the back as he squeezed her tits and pulled on her taught nipples. We watched until the Guy in the blond's ass came and filled her butt with his cream and the woman below her sucked up the overflow. I could tell the blond was cumming and the Guy in her mouth fired off a big load filling her mouth with cream until it ran out the sides of her well worn mouth. Sue and Beth said they would like to try that later and I promised Beth and Sue I would fill their butts with my cream any time. We got something to drink and headed for the pool to take a dip and refresh ourselves.

When we got to the pool there were a number of other couples enjoying each other and this one foursome was really getting it on, on the bench next to the pool this slim brunette was sitting on this guys cock while another blond was licking her clit and the blonds partner was fucking the blonds cunt banging her mouth into the brunettes pussy. I heard the Guy sitting on the bench signal he was cumming and the brunette lifted her hips and the blond stuffed this guys spurting cock into her mouth drinking his load down her throat. The brunette figuring that turnabout was fair play waited for the blonds partner to cum and in the meantime frigged the blonds pussy. When he began to shoot he pulled out and the brunette forced his big cock into her mouth slurping his sperm into her belly while the blond reached under her and finger fucked her sopping cunt. I suggested a swim and we all jumped in and began to molest each other after a bit of swimming we guys climbed out and sat on the edge of the pool as the girls continued to swim and play with each other. I called Sue over and asked her to suck my cock Sue spread my legs and in her true form rammed my cock down her throat until my balls rested on her chin and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Sue began a deep sucking action while ramming my cock into her throat. Seeing Sue working my cock the other ladies joined in and took their mates cocks in their throats. The sight of four ladies deep throating us guys was too much I could feel my balls throbbing in response to the hot scene. Just before I could shoot my load Sue pulled off my cock and signaled to the other girls to switch and Nancy swam over to suck my cock deep throating my rod while she massaged my balls and fingered my asshole. One by one each girl rotated taking each of us guys in her mouth until we had all shot our loads at least once. I had managed to fill Beth's mouth and came hot and heavy in Nancy's tight throat.

The ladies claimed their turn and climbed up on the pool edge and opened their pussies to us as we took turns eating each of them to climax. By the time we had finished we were hot and ready for some deep pussy probing so I suggested we go to the front and put on a show for the crowd still dressed. The girls loved the idea and suggested we take the first bench and they would sit on our cocks and fuck us in front of the whole room. We dried off and went to the main area and picked out our bench the guys sat down and spread our legs giving the crowd a good look at our hard cocks. My wife Sue got in between John's legs and began to give him head making sure to spread her legs and give the crowd of clothed onlookers a good shot of her shaved snatch as she plunged John's cock deep into her throat. Jill came over to me and pushed my legs open grabbing my cock and stuffing it down her throat and started plunging my cock deep into her throat as she fondled my balls. I could tell she was hot and she reached back between her spread legs and finger fucked her hot pussy as she sucked my dick. I watched the reaction of the crowd and I could tell our show was getting a number of them very excited. Beth and Nancy joined in the fun Nancy pouncing on Bill's cock and deep throating his stiff long meat at a furious pace. Beth wrapped her tongue and lips around Dave's stiff throbbing dick and began a deep sucking action that had Dave rolling his eyes back and thrusting his hips forcing his dick deep into Beth's mouth and throat. The girls really wanted to fuck so the head job only lasted a few minutes and then they stood up placed their asses in our faces and asked us to lick them. I stuck my tongue deep into Jill's cunt lashing her erect clit and thumbing her anal pucker until I felt her near her climax. The crow of watchers was now growing and I could sense an all out orgy in the making. I pulled Jill down onto my lap and she guided my straining cock into her hot wet cunt ramming herself down hard until only my balls were visible to the crowd. I looked down the line and saw that the other ladies had also mounted their steeds and were riding the hard cocks with mindless abandon.

Sue my wife had John's thick prick buried in her cunt and was frigging her clit in time to her downward plunges on his stiff meat. Her tits were bouncing and John was pulling on her very stiff erect nipples. Beth had Dave's cock in her pink pussy and was pounding it up her slit with long hard strokes as she massaged her big tits and brought each tit alternately to her mouth to suck her own nipples. Nancy the slimmer of the ladies had Bill's cock rammed in her cunt and had reached down to squeeze his balls in time to her deep plunging strokes which buried Bill's cock deep in her sweet slit. All at once the girls began to climax and as soon as they reached their peak each jumped up and switched cocks. Nancy came up to me and straddled my legs facing me and quickly rammed my cock balls deep in her slippery snatch I grabbed her small firm tits and began to suck her nipples as I reached around to finger her asshole. Sue did the same to Dave and slid down his stiff pole until her little tuft of cunt hair meshed with his. Dave seeing me finger fucking his wife Nancy's ass spread Sue's firm cheeks and probed her hot anal channel until he had buried his finger fully up her quivering butt. Beth had mounted Bill's tool and was fucking the shit out of her cunt with that hard cock while Bill sucked and licked her big tits. Jill climbed on Johns cock and reamed her pussy with his stiff fat prick while he pulled and squeezed her firm tits and nipples. As the ladies ground and rammed their way to climax I looked out into the now very large crowd that had assembled. A couple of guys had their cocks out and either they or their female companion was stroking their stiff poles. At one table of two couples the women had raised their skirts and were fingering their own pussies as there guys looked on at our show. Right up front there was a table of four single girls only single women and couples are allowed so I guess they were more than just acquaintances. They must have been close because each had already opened their blouses and pulled up there skirts and while they massaged their tits with one hand they had two fingers of the other rammed up each others cunts. Our ladies were climaxing again and it was all I could do to resist joining them in there orgasmic bliss.

The girls were ready for another switch and they went back to the first position facing the crowd with their backs to us guys exposing their now swollen pussies and our stiff cocks to the eyes of the onlookers as they each mounted their third prick. I grabbed Beth's firm ass as she settled down on my cock forcing the head deep into her pussy. I licked a finger and slowly forced it up her tight pink anus as she began her hard ramming strokes on my cock. My free hand found her tits and I pulled her erect crimson nipples as my tool probed her hot slick twat. Nancy had mounted John and was fucking his cock like a demon stretching her pussy with each downward stroke. John had Nancy's tits in his hands and was pulling her down with each stroke fully impaling her lithe body on each plunge. Sue had climbed on Bill and was stroking his cock into her hot shaved pussy lips with hard fast strokes making her tits jump each time his cock touched bottom in her tight hot slit. Jill had perched her sweet cunny on Dave's hard cock and was plunging it in and out of her slippery snatch as she frigged her stiff button and Dave pulled on her stiff nipples. The crowd now included nearly everyone in the place and there were people fucking on the tables and some of them were still half clothed. One table had two women naked to the waist one was sitting with her legs up while being eaten out by the other. While the first gave head to guy with his pants down around his ankles. Another guy who was completely naked was fucking the girl doing the pussy licking while the guy she was with stroked his own cock and watched. The table of four single girls was something else, they were all naked by now and they were standing each one with one leg up on their chair finger fucking their own cunts while they pulled and squeezed their tits and erect nipples. I heard Bill call out that he was going to cum and I knew I would soon be joining him. Sue called out to the girls I was just watching and asked them if they would like to lick some pussy a big brunette strode out and got down between Sue's legs and began to suck on Sue's stiff clit while she played with Bill's balls. Seeing their friend join the action the other three move in and each took up a position between one of our ladies legs and began to suck and lick their prick filled pussies and our balls. One by one the girls started to climax Sue first and as she clamped her talented cunt around Bill's cock Bill started to pump his spunk into my wife’s cunt. After his first shot Sue got up and grabbed his spurting tool and pulled the Big brunette's mouth onto his cock feeding her Bill's frothing sperm. The brunette sucked the cum from Bill's pecker and swallowed it down licking her lips and then chewing Sue's clit as she fingered Sue's pussy. Beth was next and I could feel my sperm rise in my cock as her orgasm tighten her cunt like a vise around my throbbing dick. Beth jumped up and fed my load to this pert little red head who had been licking her cunt. This petite lady sucked my load down and rammed my cock balls deep into her tight throat as she slipped her slim pussy juice covered finger deep into my asshole. As soon as she was finished milking my cock she rammed two fingers up Beth's hot cunt and licked Beth's enraged clit sending shivers of pleasures into Beth's sexy body. Seeing her shaking with orgasm again I shoved a finger up Beth's asshole to complete her pleasure. Jill and Dave got a similar treat as did John and Nancy.

We all sank back and rested while the crowd gave us a rousing round of applause. We were all tired and got up to leave for a quick soak in the hot tub when our cunt licking, sperm sucking foursome of single ladies asked if they could join us. I told them to stow their cloths and meet us at the hot tub. We were relaxing in the warm water when the impromptu foursome joined us and they quickly got in with us and began their introductions. The tall brunette was great her figure was perfect for her size 6' and she lead the introductions telling us her name was Carol. She then introduced her friends Linda a pert blond with a nicely proportioned body, Ceil the short very petite read head who had slurped down my load and swallowed all of my ten inch cock and Robin a big busted girl with a look of fun in her eyes and the largest erect nipples I had seen in a long time. I asked the girls if they had enjoyed their part of our little show and the all said yes. Carol asked if we had enjoyed their addition to the show and Sue told her yes very much. Carol asked if our ladies were willing to share their men in return for the pleasure they had received and Beth who had been silent until then answered for the group saying they would gladly share as long as they too could participate. All the girls seemed to be in agreement and I knew the guys would not have a problem so I suggested we go back to the mat room. The ladies however had another idea they wanted all of us to retire to one of the private rooms so that we could play undisturbed.

We went back to see if any rooms were available and as luck would have it there was a large one empty so I requested it for two hours. We all piled into the room and I could tell we would all be totally drained when we left. Once inside our new lady friends got down doggy style and asked that they be fucked by the guys and eaten by our ladies. I moved in on Linda spreading her ass cheeks and licking her exposed cunt and asshole in preparation as Nancy moved under Linda making her cunt available to Linda's mouth and fingers. As soon as Nancy began to lick and suck Linda's sweet slit Nancy grabbed my cock and guided my stiff meat into Linda's wet tight pussy. I rammed my 10 incher deep into Linda's pussy with one long hard stroke and began to fuck her sweet slit with pounding strokes. Nancy spread her slim thighs and pulled Linda head to her cunt urging her to lick and suck her cunt. Linda moaned and buried her mouth in Nancy's pussy as I pounded her cunt forcing my dick fully up her hot pulsing slit. Looking around I saw that the others had gotten into similar threesomes. Ceil was straddling Beth's face and had Bill's cock deeply inserted in her hot pink pussy as Beth lashed Ceil's clit with her tongue. Ceil's face was buried in Beth's cunt and she had a finger rammed up each of Beth's holes and was ramming them in and out in time to Bill's pounding in her own sweet slit. Carol had Dave's thick meat rammed up her lush pussy and Dave was pounding away in her hole while my wife Sue licked and sucked Carols cunt and clit. Sue had her legs spread wide open and I could see Carol's tongue working frantically on Sue's clit and her fingers were deeply inserted up my wife Sue's cunt and ass making Sue squirm as she rammed them in and out. Robin was having the time of her life and her big tits shook and jerked each time John rammed his fat cock deep into her wet pussy. Jill was licking and sucking Robin's cunt and clit and had her finger shoved up John's asshole giving him a good reaming. Robin's face was buried in Jill's cunt and her fingers were working in and out of both of Jill's stretched holes making Jill moan and squirm for release. In short order each of the ladies began to climax and their tight cunts brought the guys off filling their throbbing cunts with sperm. When we pulled out to rest our ladies licked our cream from our new found friends cunts as they continued to pleasure each other. Each of us guys changed partners as did our ladies and this fucking and sucking orgy kept up until we had fucked each of our new lady friends at least once. Just before our time was up we got in one round of fucking with our spouses and one of the girls. I pounded my cock up Sue while Carol sat on Sue's face getting the tongue lashing of her life and after I had filled my wife's pussy with my cream Carol went down on Sue and sucked my load from Sue's pussy.

All in all it was a great night and it has lead to many other fun times as we get together with the other couples and some of the single ladies from time to time on an ongoing basis.