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30 Mar. '17

11 p.m and right on time. One balding middle aged man. Not particularly tall or fit, all alone at the bar. Only thing truly appealing about him at all is the promise of his compensation for my "company". I check his dating profile on my phone one more time just to be sure it's him and head on over.
"Hi, I'm Jewels." I lean in to meet his eyes and offer up an enticing view of my cleavage as I reach in for a hug.
"David." He managed to choke out after getting an eyeful. "You're more stunning than the pictures you've posted."
"Thank you David!" I purr out his name and give him a slow twirl for a better view. I place my hand on his knee and ask "have you been waiting for me long?"
"No, not at all, I've only just gotten here myself."

I can tell he's lying by the number of empty glasses stacked beside him on the bar. "Besides, for you, I'd wait forever." he says hungrily undressing me with his eyes.
I'll admit, I did make him wait but only to get him to this point, boozy and anxious. I find that they're more generous with their wallets with their inhibitions gone. I slide my hand up from his knee to his inner thigh. "Well, I'm assuming that HE has been waiting a pretty long time, shall we give him what he needs?"
He hurriedly nods and orders us two drinks from the bar before we head up to his suite for the promised fun.

The suite is bigger than I thought it would be with a most impressive view. I step out of my heels and stroll over to the big windows, drink in hand. While admiring my view I can feel him admiring his, lingering on my firm round ass that got him to message me about and arrangement in the first place.
"Don't just stare silly, I am yours for the night." I gesture for him to join me. He loosens up his tie and pulls my hips in to meet his. I can feel his excitement growing with every inhale he takes of my perfume. He kisses my neck, down to my collar bone, gripping my waist tighter. I roll my head to offer him the other side of my neck. His kisses trail across my throat and up to my ear.
"Oh David, that really tickles."
"Right here baby?" As he licks and nips my earlobe.
"Yes, right there but don't tease me too much. I'm sensitive there." my breath intensifying with every touch. He reaches for the zipper on the back of my dress and helps me slide out of it. He steps back and gives a nod of approval for my choice in lingerie.
"Damn." He whispers as he reaches down to adjust himself considering his pants are starting to fit a bit tighter. I tip toe over to the large King size bed and lie across the feather soft bed spread. I pull my feet up, spreading my legs wide, trailing up my inner thigh with my hands.
"David..." I breath as I bring my fingers to my lips and tongue to wet them " me".

David immediately pulls up the nearest chair and positions it directly between my gaping legs. I let my fingers dance across the surface of my tummy right into the front of my black lace trimmed panties. Sliding my fingers further to my swelling clit. I wet it with the spit from my lips, rubbing slowly and deliberately for David whose been eagerly gripping his cock that's rock hard now.
"Mmm, can you guess what I'm thinking about?" I hook my thumbs into the sides of my panties to peel them off letting David have a clear view of my bare pussy.
"No, tell me what your thinking about baby." stroking a little faster now that he no longer has to imagine whats underneath my panties.
"I'm thinking about how hard I just made you exposing my pussy to you. How much your cock twitches when I spread my lips and show you the soft glistening pink on the inside and how much your holding yourself back from cumming right now, while the pre-cum roles down your thick shaft." David bitting his lip now, hanging on the thought of every word. I can hear him breathing harder now. Rubbing my clit more desperately I ask David if I can have a taste. He springs up from his front row seat, eyes wandering all over my body.

I roll over on all fours, crawling my way to the edge of the bed where David stands. I caress the imprint his cock makes pressed against his paints and circle the wet spot from the pre-cum with my finger. I slowly undo the belt, then the zipper. David exhales slowly when I finally reach his boxers. I open my mouth and let the spit slide from my tongue, covering the head of his cock. I press my lips to it gentle, massaging just the tip with. I grip his hard shaft with my right hand and cradle, then caress his balls with my left. I guide him in past my lips and swirl my tongue across the smooth, veiny, ridges of his cock. I moan in delight at the sweet, sticky taste of David's pre-cum. Sucking harder for the rest. He places both hands on to my head, fingers twined in my hair. His head tossed back, mouth open, trying to steady his breaths. I take nice long licks of his pulsing shaft, coating his dick in glistening strings of saliva. Taking my time to gentle suckle at his balls. Tickling them with the tip of my tongue. David groans at the building pleasure.

He motions me to lay down on my back while he undress to climb on top of me. His hot dick pressing on to my now throbbing clit, tongue circling my stiffened nipples. My moans building from within. Pleasure arches my hips up and toward him, begging him to slide deep into me. Rubbing just his head around the opening slit I shudder and bring my legs around him. Eventually the pressure between us gives way and he slams into me. Deep, rough strokes, causing each thrust to echo through the room. Soft screams starting to emerge from my lips as I clinch the sheets at my side. I reach up to slow his pounding but he is relentless. I beg David to slow but he's already too far gone. With my pussy fitting tightly around him and the sounds of squishy suction ringing in his ears, he's given into his lust. I wiggle and squirm underneath his hands that hold me steadily in place. I bite my lip and endure as I'm brought to my climax. David quickly releasing me to spray his hot cum all across my tummy.

He sinks back into the chair, panting heavily. I stare up at the ceiling, feeling the beads of cum roll down my sides. "Sorry that was quick, it's been..." David says while bringing me a wet rag to clean off with. "Well you did say it would be, but don't worry, I don't mind." I say and give him a reassuring wink. Once I'm finished I slide back into my things and onto David's lap. I flash him my sweetest smile, knowing I'm waiting on the final promise of the night. He smirks back at me, digs into his pocket and hands me an envelope with my name inscribed on it. I thank him for the night as I stroll down the hall back to the elevator, thumbing through the bills enclosed inside as I wait.


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