Vacation Time Again

Info BobbyParker
02 Apr. '17

The trip to the island was pleasant enough, except for the mild turbulence that had lasted twenty minutes. Now the hot, humid, tropical air wrapped around him like a wet blanket, making even the casual clothes he wore seem confining and sodden. Jeff picked up his bag and rode the special chartered bus to the hotel. The bus wasn't a marvel of modern technology. It was a 1958 Ford bus, well preserved and sound, but lacking air conditioning as well as soft seats. The vinyl seats made the heat seem worse, causing him to soak the back of his shirt with sweat.

Jeff mused over the last time he'd been this hot riding a bus. That had been eight years ago, riding a military bus when he was stationed at Guam. He did some calculations and figured that this island was just south of Guam, and some 1200 miles west. At least this time he wouldn't have to wear a stifling uniform.

The resort hotel was pleasant, modern but built with a nostalgic touch. The guests queued up in the lobby, with the staff handling their arrival efficiently. Jeff glanced around at the other guests, those that had arrived with him and those already into their vacations. He smiled inwardly, congratulating himself on making the right choice. He'd heard how some places show ads with young, athletic looking people at the resort, but their clientele is made up mostly of retired senior citizens. This resort had some seniors to be sure, but plenty of younger guests.

Jeff found his room, unlocked it and entered. Pleasant and cool, with air conditioning for comfort. He dropped his bag and looked over the pamphlet of activities, the same ones that a young staffer had explained earlier while Jeff only half listened. Jeff knew that bored monotone voice was the way he sounded before this trip, and besides, he was watching a very sexy brunette walk through the lobby in shorts.

Jeff decided that he would walk the beach, let the sand sift between his toes and make no decisions for a while. He hadn't walked barefoot on a beach in years, and he smiled longingly as he began undressing. He found his trunks, and put them on, looking in the large mirror at his body. At 32, Jeff was still in good shape, thanks to tri-weekly trips to the gym and bicycling to do his errands.

Walking down the beach proved to be delightful. The fine white sand shifted and gave under his feet. There was a light breeze which didn't cool him much, but felt good anyhow. All along the beach, here and there, were people sunning themselves, completely relaxed. They were spread out enough to give each blanket dweller or couple privacy, but close enough for Jeff to take in several at a time. Some of the women were very shapely in their bikinis, and some of the men looked trim. Jeff would wonder whenever he saw a mismatched pair, a heavy man and shapely woman or the reverse. Physical appearances change over the years Jeff knew. Just two years ago he'd been overweight, and out of shape. Now he felt terrific, free and so alive.

Jeff approached the end of the beach where it was cutoff by a outcrop of volcanic rock. The fifteen foot high wall of rock divided the smooth sands of the beach neatly, and Jeff wondered how many aeons had passed since the volcano poured its hot lava down to the ocean. The rocks were worn smooth by wind, sand, and rain. He was about to turn and go inland when he saw motion atop the end of the rocks.

The woman stood on top of the old lava flow, walking towards the sea. She pulled her neon orange swimsuit bottoms over her cheeks as she walked. Jeff noticed her breasts were bare, and he could see the tan lines were her fair skin gleamed in contrast to her tan. Fascinated he watched her stop at the end of the rocks, swing her arms back, then forwards, diving off the rocks, out of sight.

Jeff now walked up the beach, to climb around the rock outcropping and see what was on the other side. He found a small fence and followed its wooden pickets down the other side, stopping at a gate that hung over a well worn pathway. A sign on the gate held his attention for a moment.

"Clothing optional beach. Adults only", the sign read. It was painted by hand, in a neat lettering. Jeff pushed the gate open and headed in, feeling a growing sensation in his loins.

On the beach people lounged about in however much, or little, fit their taste. Most of the women were topless, and there were quite a few fully naked women. The men seemed evenly divided, most wearing very brief suits. Jeff felt that his squarish boxer trunks made him overdressed. He strolled down the beach, looking out towards the sea at the exposed people. A young woman ran past him, looking over her shoulder to catch a frisbee, her firm young breasts bouncing happily. She caught the plastic disc, and spun, flinging it back towards a naked young man, her breasts swaying and even slapping together audibly. She ignored Jeff, shouting at her friend's clumsiness as he missed the frisbee.

Jeff strolled on, and about halfway down the beach, stopped to remove his trunks. The air felt good on his newly exposed skin, and the warm sun seemed to caress his skin, a feeling he found exhilarating. He wadded the trunks into a ball, carrying them in his hand. A shapely woman of about fifty approached him, walking with a much younger woman of perhaps 20. Both of them were as naked as Jeff, laughing and talking. The older woman was nice looking, with a light tan, full breasts that sagged a bit, and shapely legs. Jeff thought that without looking at her face, he might've guessed her to be only 35. Only the graying hair and the maturity of her face gave away her secret. The younger woman was a knockout however. Very shapely, with smallish breasts, a slim waist, and slender but tantalizing hips. Her golden hair trailed behind her, hanging down almost to her waist, and her deep tan made her hair glow. Jeff's eyes compared the triangles of curly hair between the four approaching legs, preferring the soft, almost luminescence of the blonde's to that of the darker bush of her companion. Jeff noticed the complete lack of tan lines on the younger girl.

The three bodies came close, then diverted slightly to avoid a collision. The women looked at Jeff, their eyes just briefly glancing down together. Both smiled, as did Jeff.

"G'afternoon ladies." Jeff managed in a pleasant fashion. Both of them smiled and the younger one laughed a little. "Hello", and "G'day" came their responses as they passed.

Jeff resisted the urge to stop and watch them walk away, at least until he'd travelled three more steps. He paused and turned, seeing the blonde looking over her shoulder at him turn her head away again. From behind, the two looked much closer in age. The blonde's slim behind wagged invitingly, and she was a beauty to watch with her even tan.

Jeff wandered down the beach again, and saw a naked, fair skinned young lady with a wide brimmed hat attempt to put a beach umbrella into the fine sand. She had a lovely figure, with breasts large enough to sway erotically as she struggled with the uncooperative contraption. Jeff walked towards her, approaching her from the side of her blanket. Still thirty feet away she turned her back on Jeff and bent over to pick up the umbrella again, exposing her nicely shaped behind and the wonderful shape of her pussy. Her creamy white skin seemed out of place here, until Jeff noticed the reddish-orange hair under the wide brim of her hat. Jeff slowed and waited until she stood again and turned her profile to him.

"Need a hand?", Jeff asked politely. The woman turned, and Jeff felt his heart jump. Her face was a lovely and delicate as the rest of her.

"Um, well, yes, I could use some help.", She said, glancing over Jeff's nudity.

Jeff took the umbrella from her hands, and looked at the base. It was squared off, not pointed.

"We'll have to dig a small hole in the sand for it.", He said matter of factly. "There's no point for it to dig in."

"I was trying to avoid that.", the redhead said glumly.

Jeff knelt in the sand and began scooping handfuls aside until he found the damp, packed sand underneath. He scooped out several handfuls and then put the umbrella into the pocket. It wanted to pry the sand up, so Jeff scraped out several more handfuls.

"Now, let's see if this works.", Jeff said, glancing at the redhead who sat on her haunches, watching with her hands on her thighs. Jeff put the pole into the deep pocket, finding that it wasn't wide enough to accommodate the umbrella. He stood, grasping the umbrella and jamming it down into the hole as deep as it would go. When he felt it hit bottom, he looked at the redhead, intending to ask her to pack the loose sand around the pole. She was still staring with wide, blue eyes at his crotch, watching his flesh sway and bounce as he moved. Jeff smiled and began packing the sand around the pole with his feet, giving the redhead more to stare at. Her stare aroused him, and he felt his shaft growing slowly, a little embarrassed by it.

"There you go.", Jeff said, finishing. "Nice and deep."

"Oh, um, thanks.", She said, tearing her eyes off Jeff's gonads.

"By the way, I'm Jeff.", He said, smiling down at her.

"Hi, I'm Bev.", the redhead replied. "Care for some shade?" Jeff smiled and nodded, looking down and watching her open the umbrella's canopy. He drank in the shape of her lush breasts, which were just full enough to be enjoyable. Her behind was round and smooth, blending with her thighs by way of subtle curves. Bev brushed sand off her hands and sat down on the blanket, leaving only her legs in the sun. Jeff slipped under the umbrella beside her, his arm touching hers briefly.

In that brief contact, he felt the electricity jump between them, and saw her slight jump. Bev turned and rummaged in her small bag, pulling out a plastic bottle of suntan lotion.

"I have to put this on before I turn lobster red.", she said. "One of the curses for being a redhead."

"Fair skin has disadvantages doesn't it?", Jeff replied calmly.

"Oh! You know it!", Bev laughed. She proceeded to tell Jeff of the teasing she'd taken all her life about "blinding" people with her fair skin at the beach, and how, even her sister at least had freckles that darkened. Jeff watched her spread the oil over her legs, working her way up to her stomach. He had a hard time tearing his eyes from her orange pubic bush, fascinated by the luxuriously thick triangle of hair.

"But being a redhead has other advantages.", Jeff laughed.

"Hmm, yeah, I suppose.", Bev replied, then launched into a humorous string of stories about being called "red", "carrot top" and other names. She was spreading the suntan lotion over her breasts, making them wobble erotically, glistening in the tropical sun. "I was about five or six, and some woman in a store said, 'my aren't you pretty, and where did you get that red hair?' Well, I looked at her and fluffed my hair and said 'out of a bottle'!"

Jeff laughed hard, imagining the look on the woman's face. Bev finished her front and handed Jeff the bottle. "Would you mind doing my back?", she asked, looking intently at his face.

"I suppose I could force myself.", Jeff said playfully.

"Oh! Fine then! I'll just tan my front for a while instead.", Bev shot back in mock offense.

Jeff grabbed the bottle. "Turn over you flirt, before I paddle your bottom for being a snot."

"Gee-awd.", Bev smiled, "What a brute. And helpless me at your mercy too!" Bev rolled over, propping herself up on her elbows, leaving her hips flat on the blanket.

"Helpless and naked.", Jeff said, pouring some lotion on her back. "Not a bad combination." Jeff was glad that her back was turned, as his shaft had begun to rise beyond mere arousal. As his hand spread the warm oil over her shoulders and back, his shaft became more insistent about standing, and Jeff moved himself around so that she wouldn't see it if she turned her head his way.

"Men! Always taking advantage of us poor helpless females.", Bev shot back in an amused tone. "Always thinking with their groins."

"Women!", Jeff retorted. "Always teasing us poor guys, getting us all hot and bothered, then laughing about it."

"Ha!", Bev said, "Rough, tough, macho guys can't take it can you?" Jeff had covered her back with the slick oil, and now her behind was the only dry area of skin left to be covered. Jeff poured some of the oil into his hand.

"Careful, remember I have you naked and helpless.", Jeff admonished her tongue-in-cheek.

"Riiiight.", Bev said. "Just what do you think you can do on a beach full of people that I couldn't...couldn't...ohhhhh."

Jeff's hand slid up from the bottom of her behind, spreading oil over her round ass as she talked. He'd pulled her left globe like cheek, spreading her cheeks. His fingers brushed lightly over her bush as he slid to the other cheek, causing her to stammer. While his hand rose up her ass, pulling the right cheek open, he'd poured a little of the oil out, just above her anus, and watched as it rolled down her body, trickling along her pussy. Bev went silent for a long moment, and Jeff slid his slick fingers along her pussy, spreading the oil over her damp folds, making Bev's hips arch slightly and a surprised moan escape her mouth.

"I could do lots of things here on the beach.", Jeff said softly, caressing her slippery labia. "Things that you might enjoy."

"I...I...mmmmmmm.", Bev moaned breathlessly.

Jeff's fingers had parted her labia, finding her own oils to spread. Bev's hips moved upwards slightly, and her legs parted a little more.

"What...what sort of things?", Bev said in a loud whisper, her eyes closed.

Jeff pressed his finger forward, sliding into her opening. Bev moaned softly, parting her legs even more. "These kinds of things.", Jeff whispered.

"Ooohhaaa.", Bev moaned. "What else?"

Jeff's cock lurched, fully rigid, standing to its full eight inches. He moved deliberately, brushing the head against her lower ribs. "How's this?", he asked, slipping his finger in further, and using the others to reach down and caress her clitoris.

"Ohhhhhhh I-I'm gonna cum!", Bev moaned softly, arching her oily ass up so Jeff's fingers could stroke her clit unimpaired. Jeff felt her pussy throb and grasp his finger, and her legs closed, trapping his hand between her legs. "Mmmmmmmmmm."

Her quivering ass held Jeff's hand, and he slowly flexed his finger, flexing his cock against her side in time with his finger. Bev's hips slowly writhed about, moistening his fingers with her cream. Silently they continued, and her legs parted again.

"Stay still.", Jeff whispered, then he removed his hand and moved to straddle her thighs, resting his cock between her cheeks. Jeff poured some more oil on her back and began rubbing it in. Leaning forward to reach her shoulders forced his cock to slide between her cheeks, and Bev squeezed, trying to grip the long, hard shaft. "Relax, be still.", Jeff said. He glanced around and no one was paying attention, the nearest people being almost a hundred yards away. He leaned forward, and whispered in her ear. "Naked and helpless."

Bev gave a light, moaning sign, hearing those words. Jeff sat back, and pressed his thick shaft between her cheeks, sliding it right into her pussy with a slow, even thrust.

"Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwdd!", Bev moaned, feeling his swollen rod invade her depths. She arched her hips back, letting him drive deeper.

Jeff felt his cock enter, then slide inside her, the arch of her hips, and the slippery wetness that flowed around him. He was very aroused and feared that he would come much too quickly. An idea flickered into his head, turning a premature ejaculation into an erotic coup.

"Stay very, very still.", Jeff said quietly, leaning over her back. He still pretended to be massaging her with oil, and then flexed his cock hard, pressing it deep into her. Bev moaned again and her hips moved up and down slowly, erotically. Jeff's hips moved too, a barely perceptible rocking, in time with his flexing.

"Cum in me.", Bev gasped, "Please, cum IN me."

Jeff couldn't resist her voice, her lush, oily softness. His cock swelled, and his hip drove forward, pressing hard against her buttocks. He felt the surge expand his cock, and his thick semen erupted like a gusher from the head, deep into this hot redhead's pussy.

Bev felt it too, deep within, a surging tide that washed up over the inner walls of her pussy, coating them with warm sperm. Her pussy contracted, gripping the thick invader of her pussy, sucking and milking the warm cum into her. She spasmed and moaned, feeling the throbbing that seemed intent on spreading her wide open, even though it expanded only by a few millimeters at best.

The two of them stayed still for long moments, unable to move, to speak. Then Jeff leaned forward, whispering.

"You, m'lady, are something else!", He said, kissing her ear softly.

"Gawd!", Bev moaned. "You got me so hot!" Jeff and Bev moved apart, looking at each other as if for the first time. Bev looked even more radiantly beautiful than before, her face slightly flushed, and her blue eyes sparkling. The two finally headed up the beach toward the resort. Jeff donned his trunks, and Bev put on her bikini, a tiny lime green affair with almost no covering for her behind. Bev said that she felt very hot, since Jeff's thick cum had run down her thighs as they walked up the beach. Jeff reassured her that it wasn't visible against the oily sheen of her body. Jeff's body glistened too, from sweat, not oil.

They went to Jeff's room, after Bev said that she was sharing hers with others. They showered together, soaping each other up and exploring those ever-important erogenous zones. Bev had difficulty letting go of Jeff's erect shaft, wanting to stroke it, roll it between her hands and feel its warmth.

They toweled off and Jeff led her to the bed, but Bev pushed him onto his back. "My turn.", Bev said playfully.

Bev took her turn at pleasing, and Jeff relaxed. Bev slowly pumped his cock up and down, examining it closely. A drop of pre-cum formed at the tip, and Bev licked it off, tasting his salty juice.

Bev moved down between Jeff's legs, and licked his balls, still stroking his shaft. Her tongue traced a line from the base, up the underside to the head. Jeff looked down and watched Bev press the wet tip against her cheek, spreading the thin pre-cum over her cheek and upper lip. Bev swirled her tongue around the head of the throbbing shaft, then sucked.

Her mouth felt like warm, slick velvet, and Jeff moaned as her lips encircled the base of his shaft. Bev moved back, keeping her lips at the base, lowered her head until the tip of his cock pointed at his feet. The pressure he felt seemed constraining, like a tight pair of pants with a massive hard-on. His cock was fully engulfed in her mouth and throat, throbbing and flexing. Now, slowly, Bev slid back and off his cock, pressing her lips tightly around him, using her tongue to press him to the roof of her mouth, lightly grazing the top of his shaft with her teeth.

"Ohhhh gawd!", Jeff moaned. "Ohhhhhhhh!" Bev laughed, sending vibrations through his shaft, deep into his balls. Jeff felt every nerve in his cock tingle. She stopped and then slid down his cock again, using her lips to pull it into her mouth as she moved forward. Jeff felt the sensation of her lips pulling him into her mouth, and began trembling.

"Ohhhhh jeeezus!", Jeff said. "You'll make me cum." Halfway down his cock, Bev moaned, making a "yummy" sound before continuing. It only took about two more of these long, slow, incredibly erotic motions before Jeff felt his resolve give way. He moaned and raised his hips.

Bev felt it coming, halfway up his shaft. The throbbing shaft expanded, making room for his cum to surge through. She stopped, with almost half his cock in her mouth, and used her tongue to tickle the underside of the head. She got her reward in the form of a thick stream of sperm, rushing into her mouth and splashing against the back of her throat. It was followed by another, fuller, thicker stream of salty jism. Jeff's cock pulsed and spurted into her mouth, creating a thick, heavy pool of sperm in her mouth. She slid back up his shaft, sucking the last drops from the head before she swallowed his warm cum, gulping noisily several times.

Bev kissed and licked Jeff's body, working her way up from his cock. She pressed her full breasts against his semi-hard cock and kissed his stomach, then moved higher and sucked his nipples. She took her time, arriving at his lips just as he was fully hard again. Bev reached down and placed the head of his cock to her sopping pussy, sliding it part way inside her.

"Now, I'm going to fuck YOU!", She said softly. "Naked and helpless." With that, she sat down on Jeff, impaling herself on his rigid cock. Both of them groaned. Bev worked her hips up and down, back and forth, and side to side, stirring her juices with Jeff's tool. She leaned forward and pressed each pink, rosy nipple to his lips and told him to suck, and he did, listening to her hiss at him to suck harder. The more he sucked, the wilder her gyrations became, until she began slamming her ass down on his cock with her full weight rapidly. Bev came, arching her back and clutching her tits hard, Jeff's hands on her hips, holding her tight on his upraised cock.

Bev fell forward, breathing heavily and sweating. Her pussy was still spasming around Jeff's hardness. Jeff moved his hips, slowly moving in and out of her, just an inch or so.

"Here's my cum.", Jeff whispered in her ear.

Jeff's cock surged and gushed sperm into Bev once again, and she shuddered with each pulse of his cock. She felt his cream wash her insides and then form a warm pool around his cock.

The two of them awoke about an hour later, still joined, with Bev on top of Jeff. They kissed and touched for another half hour, then showered again. Jeff asked Bev to dine with him that evening, and she countered with asking him to dine with her instead. Jeff agreed, and they set up a meeting by the dining room.

Jeff dressed nicely for dinner, wearing loose, white cotton slacks, and an airy cotton shirt. He left the first three buttons of the shirt undone, since the heat was still evident. He glanced at his watch, then sauntered over to the dining room to await Bev's arrival with her friends.

Just a few minutes past the appointed time, Bev turned the corner, walking with two other women. Jeff's eyes relished in the vision Bev presented, wearing an azure blue dress which made her orange hair much more evident, and flattered her lovely figure. Then he noticed who her companions were. The shapely older woman and the knockout blonde he'd seen on the nude beach earlier in the day!

Bev introduced Jeff to her friends Margo (the older woman) and Michelle.

"You're the guy we saw on the beach earlier.", Michelle said abruptly. "Don't you remember Marg?"

"Oh yes.", Margo said, looking Jeff over again, "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on." Jeff blushed slightly.

"Well, I'm starved.", Bev said, "let's go eat!" The four of them entered the dining room, and chatted while waiting in line for the buffet-style line to move. They gathered their food and sat at a small table, the conversation taking second place.

"Hmmmm.", Jeff said. "Try the chicken, it's fabulous."

"This lasagna is really good.", Bev said.

"Did you get one of the stuffed potatoes?", Michelle asked. They ate in silence for a few moments.

"Nothing kills a conversation like good food." Margo said to the others. "This is really outstanding for a buffet."

"That girl in the gym told me of a great place in town that serves terrific Italian.", Michelle said.

"Really?", Bev asked. Michelle nodded, her eyes wide. As the dinner line thinned, a band began playing exotic, rhythmic music, and Michelle asked Bev if she would mind letting her dance with Jeff. She didn't mind, and Michelle and Jeff took to the dance-floor and found that they danced well together. Michelle was smaller than Bev, and moved with the grace of a cat. No sooner had Jeff and Michelle returned than Bev took him back out for the next dance. Jeff didn't mind, even though he felt the sweat trickle down his back. Bev danced well too, and the looks that she passed to him were clearly intended to remind him of earlier.

Jeff and Bev came back from the dance floor, and Michelle announced her intention to "powder her nose", so Bev went with her. Some slow music played, and Margo and Jeff looked at each other.

"Well?", said Jeff, "I've danced with the others, shall we?"

Margo smiled, hesitated for a moment then accepted. Jeff had taken some lessons years ago when he'd wanted to date a dancer, only to find out that she didn't like to dance for fun. The lessons weren't completely wasted at least.

Margo and Jeff danced easily, until Margo leaned against him just a little closer than necessary. They continued dancing, well aware of the effect they were having on each other. Jeff, the younger man, the "stud", dancing with Margo. And Margo, the mature, experienced, straight-forward woman, dancing with the younger man.

"Hmmm, the things I'd do to you if I were fifteen years younger." She said softly.

Jeff smiled. "You look quite able to me.", He replied. Margo smiled and looked admiringly at Jeff. No bashful young stud here, she thought. "More than able hon.", Margo replied, letting the unspoken word, willing, hang in the air between them.

The music ended abruptly, and the dancers began milling about. Jeff and Margo eyed each other for a moment, then returned to their seats. They found Bev and Michelle waiting.

"It's so nice to find someone who can really dance.", Margo said, covering her own slight embarrassment. "You girls ought to slow dance with him, quite a treat."

"Michelle knows a good hot spot in town.", Bev said to Jeff, "Are you game?"

"Sure.", Jeff replied.

"Well, you guys run along and have fun.", Margo said. "I won't wait up for you, as long as you don't wait up for me!"

The girls laughed and said good-bye, and Jeff escorted them both out of the dinning room.

"Michelle, didn't you say you had a great idea for Jeff?", Bev chuckled, looking over at her. Michelle laughed and the three of them went to Jeff's room.

In the room, the girls told Jeff to take his clothes off and to turn out the lights. They disappeared into the bathroom together, giggling over some devious plan. Jeff began undressing, and turned out the lights, climbing onto the bed. The room was very dark, and he saw only shadows appear from the bathroom.

Soft flesh found his leg, a breast moving sensuously up his shin. A hand found his thigh on the other side, caressing him lightly. There was no need to arouse him, as Jeff already was fully erect and willing. A mouth slipped over the head of his cock, and slid down halfway, the tongue swirling around the tip. Lips pressed against his nipple and sucked, making him moan softly. The mouth on his glans sent small electric shocks through him, and he felt a hand slid between his legs and cup his testes.

Bev moved and knelt along side the bed, whispered into his ear,

"Naked and helpless."

Jeff moaned softly and Bev took his hands, guiding them to her full breasts. "Naked and helpless.", she said again. Jeff fondled her tits and then felt Bev's hands at his wrists. A loud clicking noise rattled his ears and he felt the cold metal around his wrists.

"What the?", Jeff said, a little alarmed.

"Relax.", Michelle said. "This is for your benefit, your pleasure." Bev led Jeff from the bed to the far wall near the foot of the bed. She found what she was looking for, a projecting beam that ended just inside Jeff's room. Some rustling activity and Michelle said she was ready. Jeff felt Bev tie something to his shackles, and the turn him around. His arms were raised over his head until his arms were fully extended.

Michelle turned on the room lights and Jeff felt his cock twitch. She was nude, wearing a leather harness that criss-crossed her breasts, then dove between her legs. The leather straps were adorned with shiny studs, attaching with chrome buckles. Her wrists had leather manacles which Bev now fastened to Michelle's harness, holding the blonde's wrists at her sides. Bev was completely naked, and her fair skin contrasted sharply to Michelle's even, all-over tan.

Jeff was facing the foot of the bed, his cock sticking straight out, arms high above his head. He looked up and saw the thin rope that tied his hands to the beam, and the rope came down, tied off at the foot of a heavy dresser. He had no doubt that he could have pulled hard and loosened his bonds, but he was also eager to see what these women had planned for him.

Bev brought Michelle over to Jeff, pulling her by the arm roughly.

"On your knees.", she said gruffly, pushing Michelle down. Michelle knelt in front of Jeff, looking frail, helpless. "Now suck his cock."

Michelle moved forward and took his cock into her mouth, sucking him about halfway down. Jeff moaned, watching his cock disappear into her mouth. After a few moments, Bev again ordered Michelle.

"I said SUCK!", the redhead said sharply. He forced Michelle head further down Jeff's straining cock, making the blonde gag slightly. "Suck it!", Bev spat out, again shoving Michelle's head. This time Michelle took all of Jeff into her mouth, and he could feel the head in her silken throat. Bev grabbed Michelle's hair and used her to fuck Jeff's cock, until Jeff's hips began to move forward.

"Enough.", Bev commanded, pulling Michelle off Jeff's rod. "Lay down on the bed."

Michelle complied, and Bev moved her around so that Jeff could see the blonde bush that covered her pussy. Bev spread the girl's legs and slid two fingers into her, pumping them in and out slowly. Jeff's cock jumped at the sight, and he stared at the tableau before him.

Bev fingered Michelle until she began tossing her head from side to side. Then she pulled her around until her head hung over the edge of the bed. Bev backed her naked body up until Michelle's head was between her thighs, long blonde hair hanging down to the floor.

"Suck me off.", Bev commanded her.

Michelle lifted her head and began licking Bev's orange-furred pussy, making wet kissing noises as her tongue flicked all around. After a few moments, Bev reached down and pulled the blonde's head between her legs, gyrating her hips against the girl's face. That not only supported Michelle's head, but gave Jeff a raging purple hard-on of all time.

"Eat me.", Bev hissed. "Make me cum all over your face." Michelle moaned into Bev's reddish snatch, her own hips undulating on the bed. Jeff watched Bev's face flush, and the flush covered her chest too. Her eyes closed and her mouth hung open. She began to tremble, slightly at first, then her breasts began to shake along with her thighs.

"Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Ohhhh!", Bev cried out, shaking and pulling on Michelle's hair. The redhead came, her face contorting with her orgasm, and her body shook, making her tits wobble sensuously. After a moment, she stood upright and moved away from Michelle's head.

"On the floor.", Bev called out, pulling Michelle to her feet. Jeff saw the blonde's face what slick and shiny with Bev's cream, and Michelle made no move to lick or wipe it from her face. Bev positioned the blond on her back, then took two pieces of rope, tying the blonde's legs at the ankles, then high in the air, knees bent. The rope was tied off against the leather harness she wore. Now Michelle was spread before Jeff, her pussy fully exposed. He could see her labia glistening wetly.

Bev knelt down and sucked the blonde pussy, making lots of slurping, smacking noises. Her orange hair shook as she tossed her head from side to side, licking and sucking Michelle's pussy. She brought Michelle within a second of orgasm then stopped.

"NO! Don't stop! Please! Don't stop!", Michelle pleaded.

Bev sat up, smiling and wiping Michelle's cream from her face. She rose and stood in front of Jeff, then wiped Michelle's juice over his lips, face, and cheeks. Jeff licked her fingers off, sucking each one of them to taste the blonde.

Bev turned and opened her purse, pulling out a long double-headed dildo that she'd curled up inside it. One end she inserted into her own pussy, then she knelt and pushed the other end into Michelle.

Bev looked up at Jeff. "You wanna watch me fuck her?"

"Ohhh, God yes!", Jeff moaned. Bev slid the long shaft deep into Michelle, then began to rock the two of them back and forth. Michelle's hips rocked wildly, and after a few moments, she began to climax, moaning and straining at her bonds. Bev took a few seconds longer, coming just as Michelle stopped. Now Bev rose slowly, and took the dildo out of their pussys. She stood in front of Jeff, holding the plastic cock to his face.

"Suck it!", Bev commanded. "Lick my cum off of it."

Jeff did, and Bev pushed it into his mouth until he gagged slightly. The other end she used to spread Michelle's juices all over his face. When she was satisfied, Bev pulled the dildo from Jeff's mouth and returned to Michelle.

Michelle had watched, her hips rocking sexually the whole time. Now Bev pushed the dildo into Michelle and fucked her with it, pumping it in and out of her sopping pussy with one hand, pulling on Michelle's nipples with the other. Michelle whimpered and shook, climaxing twice more while Bev fucked her with the thick dildo. Bev continued until Michelle was on the brink of her fourth orgasm before she stopped, making the blonde moan. Bev released Michelle's hands.

"Strip off that stuff.", Bev said. "I want you completely naked." Michelle's hands flew over the restraints and buckles, and quickly she was bare. Bev pulled the girl's face to her pussy and commanded her to suck. Michelle did, reaching up and pulling on Bev's nipples, making the redhead gasp several times. Jeff had a wonderful view of Michelle kneeling between Bev's legs, her own ass pointed at him, and her gaping pussy leaking her thick white cream down thighs.

"Are you ready?", Bev asked Michelle, lifting the blonde's face from her pussy. Michelle nodded and looked back over her shoulder at Jeff, her face once again glistening with Bev's creamy wetness.

Michelle lay with her head between Jeff's feet, and Bev knelt between Michelle's legs. Once again they pushed the double-headed dildo into their pussys and began rocking each other. This time, Michelle wrapped her legs around Bev's waist. They found the rhythm they wanted. Bev looked up at Jeff, who's eyes were glazed with a lustful glare. His cock stood straight out, throbbing and jerking, the head turning purple.

Bev looked down at Michelle, and the blonde cupped her pert tits, then opened her mouth. Jeff saw her, then looked at Bev. Bev cupped her full tits together, squeezing them over and over, pulling on her nipples until they stretched her tits.

"Naked and Helpless.", Bev said. "Shoot your cum all over us." Jeff groaned, and arched his back, trying to move his cock closer to Bev's open mouth. He came, spurting a long stream of sperm through the air, right onto Bev's tits. His cock jerked again, and another stream leapt from his cock, spraying as his cock jerked upwards, painting a white line of thick cum up Bev's stomach, tits, neck, and face. A third squirt shot out, this one starting on Michelle's blonde covered mons and streaking up to Bev's belly. Each time his cock relaxed, thick drops of Jeff's sperm dripped onto Michelle, splattering her left nipple, neck, and chin. Michelle watched the sperm gush from Jeff's cock, orgasming as she heard it splat against Bev. She felt the spray of it landing on her legs, and her stomach. She couldn't stand it anymore.

After Jeff's third gush, Michelle reached up and grabbed Jeff's throbbing cock, pointing it straight down and milking it. She watched the drop of jism at the tip of his cock fill, then streak towards her face. She opened her mouth just in time to capture Jeff's fourth stream of hot sperm on her tongue. Pumping him, harder, she continued to orgasm as more warm cum landed on her chest with an audible splat.

Bev watched Michelle milking Jeff's cock onto her face and tits, her own pussy clenching the dildo in her pussy hard, over and over. Her hands slipped over her sperm drenched tits, and she felt the warm semen drip from her chin to run down between her tits. The cum running down her belly to her clit tickled slightly and when she realized the volume of sperm that Jeff had shot she orgasmed once again.

Michelle released Jeff's cock, letting the last drop fall onto the tip of her nose. Her body was wracked with mini-orgasms as the creamy cum trickled down her sides and neck. Michelle looked down at Bev, and her pussy clamped down on the dildo hard enough for Bev to feel it. Bev's chin was a white, glistening mass of sperm, dripping onto her soaking wet tits.

Almost as one, the girls looked at each other, then moved towards each other, flexing the semi-rigid plastic cock in their pussys and giving themselves miniature orgasms. Michelle licked Bev's chin, then shoved kissed her, using her tongue to shove the thick cum from her mouth. They licked it, and swallowed, then Michelle licked Bev's chin, sharing the remaining jizz with her redheaded friend. Michelle broke the kiss, then began licking sperm from Bev's tits, pressing her face between the soft, jism covered mounds of flesh.

Slowly the two girls returned to the here and now, looking at each other and laughing briefly. Bev stood, pulling the dildo from her pussy, then from Michelle's. Michelle's pussy released the invader with a loud "schlurp", getting laughs from all three.

Michelle reached over and untied the rope from the dresser leg, letting Jeff's semi-numb arms down. Bev unlocked the restraints.

"That was so incredible!", Jeff said. The girls had been so hot that they'd gotten Jeff off without touching him! Jeff moved his arms, trying to get circulation back, and Michelle sat up, licking a reluctant drop of his cum from the tip of his cock.

"It was Michelle's idea actually.", Bev said. "She likes kinky stuff."

The three of them turned out the lights and crawled into bed. The next three hours became a mass of hot, sweating flesh, wet smacking of lips against wet pussies, cock in one pussy, then another, mouths on nipples, and finally thick cum in Michelle's tight pussy. Bev sucked his jism from her Michelle's pussy, and Michelle ate Bev to orgasm. Thoroughly fucked out, the three curled up in the warm bed, and slept.