Stroking Out My Love

Late at night
Sitting alone on my bed
Thinking of you
Yes thinking of you
As I often do
With my cock in hand
Slowly squeezing and stroking upward
Then down
Up and down
Taking my time
Thinking about the way I took you the last time
The way I touched you
And made you mine
The way I commanded you to be my little slut
And you were
The perfect little girl for your Master
You were perfect
As you always are
My treasured treat
My own
You are mine and you will always be mine
You know you are mine now
And I stroke my hardness thinking of the way you cried out for more and more
More and more
Wanting and needing more of your Daddy 

Oh god my sweet little one you are mine
As I feel the love
As I feel the power of my lust
For you
Little one my own little one my dearest precious one
My own
You touch me 
I feel it I feel your delicate hand stroking me now stroking me into ever harder ecstasy
Ever harder for you
For the needs you have
And I lift your legs and spread them wide open with my hands
Seeing the swollen lips dripping passion
Entering your arousal with my urgency
My questing needs thrusting into you
Making you my own
My little one
Oh yes crying out begging Master Master Master of god Master
Daddy please fuck me now now now
Oh shit
My Daddy my Master use me
Make me yours
And I do I do I do I do
Oh fuck
I do
I do
Fucking in and out and hard and hard and harder and deep
Oh shit
Fucking my baby girl
My own little one
My precious one 
My own
You are mine
Jesus god yes you are mine
Close now little one 
Yes please sweet little one
Make Master happy now
You are happy and Master is close now
Oh god yes
Coming now 
Just for you precious one coming for you filling you filling my little one
Oh fuck
We are one
My treasure and I
Master and Little One
We are one


Copyright © 2016 by Lorenzo Abajos.  All rights reserved.  This written or audio or visual work may not be reproduced or distributed or published in any form without the express permission of the author.  Send requests to