On the way home

Julie had a lovely great wide open smile and loved to laugh. She was all natural curves, so cute and sexy, a woman who knew how to catch a man's eye. I was lucky to have her as a girlfriend and made sure that I enjoyed every second of her company and her delicious body. Her dark brown shoulder length hair, stunning green eyes, beautiful classic hour glass figure at a size twelve was complimented by a bouncing handful of busty beauties. Her natural tits were just gloriously firm and pert, gorgeous pointed dark nipples which I just had to suck every time we got naked or played together. I adored how feminine she was, always wearing a skirt or dress, sometimes free from her knickers and occasionally wearing stockings she knew how to tease and attract all kinds of men. When she was drunk on a walk home some nights she was not shy to give her plush hairy bush a cheeky flash to a stranger passing by to give them an eyeful. Thats what I loved about her, the care free and measured approach to sex and teasing, she always knew when the time was right and who to play in front of anywhere she wanted. 

After a long hot sweaty night clubbing and quite a few drinks later we were making our way back to my place. I took my chance in a quiet lane not far from the club and grabbed her from behind, I wanted a squeeze on her perfect tits and needed to taste her mouth against mine. She surprised me by spinning around and dropping to her knees while unzipping my jeans, expertly freeing my cock and swallowing it deep into her open mouth, so warm and wet her excellent technique had me throbbing rock hard against her tongue in seconds. As she grabbed at the base of my cock working her magic with her mouth, I became aware that I could smell cigarette smoke nearby, and quickly noticed that there was a shadowy figure just a few feet away standing in a doorway, I was a little startled but it turned me on to know someone was watching. I took a handful of her hair brushing it free of her face so the person could get a better look at her working on my cock. I whispered gently to Julie to make her aware that we were being watched by someone close to us. She looked up withdrawing my cock from her mouth looking in the direction of the stranger and gestured with her pointing finger to our shadowy friend to come closer. A guy emerged and took a few steps towards us and Julie quickly gave him a flat palm to signal that he should stop. He stopped dead in his tracks and flicked his cigarette away. It was difficult to tell in the dark lane however he looked roughly in his late thirties, fairly smartly dressed, quite short,slim and by now we could smell his musky male spray-on fragrance.

Julie got straight back to sucking on my thick hard cock, although this time she added her porn sound effects for our voyeur friend. She slurped, moaned and groaned putting on a little sex show as she sucked my cock deep. I had to join in groaning as this was just too good to be true, letting Julie know how good she was and how great her mouth felt all over my solid cock, and adding effect for our strange viewer. To my surprise Julie got up and stood opposite me, flipped her dress up over her hips tucking it in at the waist, she spread her legs and positioned her hands carefully on the wall in front of us presenting her delicious hairy pussy to me. I did not waste any time and firmly grabbed a hold of her hips, positioned my cock at her dripping wet pussy and slid my rampant thick hard cock the whole way up inside her red hot soaking wet cunt. She gasped and I immediately went into top gear pumping and slamming my cock deep right up to my balls into her eager pussy with our shadowy friend standing close by watching. For about five furious minutes I hammered every inch of my swollen throbbing cock up into Julie's dripping wet greedy little cunt and by the gasping and yelping sounds she was making she loved every inch of my dick pumping into her pussy. Soon we became aware of our new acquaintance moaning and his frantic movement, he was clearly enjoying our little sex show and had his cock in his hand giving it everything he had, wanking, groaning and gasping as he watched.

Julie began to tremble and was making such a noise by this stage as I hung onto to her slamming everything I had right up inside of her cunt, she gave out a screaming yelp and a loud sigh clearly cumming all over my thick cock, which was very quickly followed by some uncontrollable grunts from our shadowy friend as he obviously came judging by his shaking and trembling. This tipped me right over the edge so I let myself go, that gorgeous throbbing tingly feeling when my cock gets to its biggest just before it twitches and jerks... I flooded her adorable wet hairy cunt full of my cum. The thrill of squirting all of my thick creamy sticky juice inside of Julie right in front of this man was a huge turn on and had me really horny. I squirted what felt like every last drop I had into her tight wet pussy. Our shadowy friend had squirted everything for her too. 

I tucked my swollen cock away and Julie pulled down her dress and adjusted herself to look decent with my cum dripping from her, as we rushed off past our dark voyeur heading for my place to enjoy fucking each other for the rest of the night.

Written by Fran Dessop©