Moscow Showers

Moscow Showers

Disclaimer: All places, events and names in this story are 100% fictitious. Any resemblance to persons (including serving and ex-presidents) living or dead is absolutely coincidental. Yes, really!

The alluringly soft, innocent, white-shimmering clouds began to nervously part, inviting the mighty thrust of the solid jet between them. The moisture from them hung loosely in the air, like vapour from an E-cigarette after an obnoxiously large puff. The heaving white dripping candy floss members pleaded mercilessly for the plane to slide through and put them out of their gaping misery - to end this forced chaos that shamelessly gripped the sky. The heavens opened, moaning a ray of eternal, unforgiving light that beamed down on the city of Moscow - transforming the hard-faced jungle into a glistening metropolis, beams of glorious gold bouncing off the fountains and cutting through the city, blinding drivers and alerting lovers to the beauty of their chaotic land.

The jet began to descend, ploughing into a vacuum of turbulence as it began to edge itself towards the landing strip. The long, silver beast bounced helplessly in the sky, shuddering and rocking, collecting moisture on its tip and spraying it back into the sky. Inside the vessel, people were desperately grabbing for oxygen masks, foolishly tending to their children first before putting on their own masks, ignoring the well laminated signs in front of them. An air steward looked at the chaos, with the hindsight ignorance of sending those last minute texts whilst the safety instructions were read out.

“Why bother,” she muttered, coldly, as she smiled, unfastened her seatbelt and prepared herself for what she hoped this time would be a certain death.

A figure at the back of the plane, bold in stature and orange in face, began to panic and remove other passengers’ oxygen masks - taking as much air as he could in the hope of pumping himself so full that he would simply float to the ground. All the control tower could do was offer crackly panicked words of advice, gasping breathlessly for words of encouragement as they saw the silver Eagle plunge through the sky, the force of it so heavy that it took two well trained men to hold it up and stop Lady Gravity from committing her most deadly of sins.

No wall could slow them down, no travel bans could dent the murderous mentality that possessed this 500 ton tin can, hurdling directly towards the Earth. The sensual Slovakian whimpered, grabbing hold of her husband’s arm and pleading him to save her from this awful fate. The vessel jerked and rocked, bouncing violently through the sky as the first lady knelt down in front of her husband and opened her mouth, her moist trembling lips trying to steady herself before the final plunge into darkness. Her knees grazed from the rough, peanut-covered floor, began to part as she placed her tumbling hands on her husband knees.

“Please” she begged, embracing his eyes.

“Please, save me, Mr President.”


The reception in Moscow was a mixed bag of stern faces and cold, morbid smiles. It was hard to believe this is what sheer delight looked like in the former USSR country. As soon as the plane door swung open, a frenzy of government approved Journalists swarmed the runway. President Derek Trunk pressed his lips and gave a wave, as he and first lady Monica were ushered briskly into the presidential limo. Mr Trunk spotted the limo driver's license that was framed on the back of the headrest.

“Dmitri… Sokolov” He sneered.

“God damn foreigners.”

He grumbled an inaudible slur about the Chinese industrial revolution as he stared intensely at his wife’s chest. Monica smiled back at him in loyal encouragement. He patted her patronisingly on the leg and slid the window down to peer outside into his 2nd favourite nation. (Israel was too hot this time of year, and thus was classed a “national threat” due to his militant caucasian heritage and burnable orange completion. As he was down to his last layer of skin, Mr Trunk had been strongly advised to stay away from any countries where hummus was a local dish).

Monica sat with one leg elegantly folded over the other as she prudently peered out of the window at the forest of grey columns that whizzed by the car. All eyes of the world were on her now, and she’d never felt more alive. She had the well toned athletic body of a 1st lady in command; legs long enough to kick North Korea back into the dark ages and breasts soft enough to melt a Mexicans heart and bounce them right back over the border. She loved her president. The way he acted, the way he talked - the way he seemed to interrupt every senten-

“You know, if these Ruski sons-of-bitches took a break from pickling everything in sight they could make this city into a billion dollar franchise” said Trunk, staring at Monica as if she was stupid not to have thought of it herself.

“You’re right, people need to be much more proactive, but how can you make them understand?” said Monica , her eyes fixed on the droplets hitting the window.

“This town is nothing more than a gimmick! It’s a cheap gimmick that everyone has bought into. I mean you may as well rename Moscow to “Big Boris’s Cabbage and Vodka Land” it looks like a meteor struck and no-one bothered to clean up the debris, instead they opened a god damn tobacco kiosk on top of the ruins, and whatever they couldn’t sell, they put in a stew for the whole god damn family!”

Monica nodded in agreement, not knowing what her husband had said, but knowing he was right.

“If I bought the rights to this hell hole then we could franchise Moscows all across the world - folks looking for a bit of rough urban adventure could get it right at their own doorstep!”

“That’s a wonderful idea, but how co-”

“There could be a Moscow in Santa Cruz, Atlanta… we could even open up a Moscow in Afghanistan, give those A-rabs something else to do other than sit around eating sand and trying to work out how to train suicide camels.”

“We could even open up a Moscow in St Petersburg!” said Monica with genuine enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I’ll stick to the business baby, you just sit there and look pretty,” Trunk said, smiling at her the way you would smile at a child when they’ve done a good painting that you promised to put on the fridge.

As the long black limo ploughed through wide Moscow highway, Trunk began to look his wife slowly up and down. Each inch of her toned, bronzed body bought with it a thousand thoughts of how he could control it, master it and make it his toy. He reached into his pocket and took out a label-less medicine bottle. Her eyes gazed over the bottle as she bit her lip, feeling a small tremble going down her body from the bottom of her neck to the base of her spine. She shivered and looked her president in the eye as he started to unscrew the bottle, their gazes locked intensely like a burning rod of fire, branding one another with their loyalty and devotion to each others’ bodies.

Trunk unscrewed the lid, threw his head back and swallowed a little blue pill.

“This erection is rigged,” he said, with a flirtatious smile.

Trunk didn’t need the enhancers, but when he took them, it drove him more wild than a taunted caged animal having a steak thrown slightly out of its reach. Monica unbuckled her seatbelt and pushed herself up against the luxurious leather of the limousine. Normally a reserved, quiet type, Monica truly came into her own during the physical act of love. Her scattered thoughts collected and focused on one aim - to please her husband. With the world wanting him to go, her only wish was for him to cum.

He unbuckled his belt and looked lazily around the limo, making sure all of the dividers were closed so that the driver wouldn’t see his wife’s writhing delight. Crouching towards her seat, he slowly pushed his weight on top of her, grabbing her hair and pulling it towards her back. She let out a whimpering moan as he started to bite her neck from her ear to her shoulder, allowing each sensation to send a signal of pleasure pulsating around her body. Despite his stagnant views on immigration, she knew there was about to be a foreign invasion through some very choppy waters.

He unbuttoned her shirt as carefully as pushing out the last Jenga block, making sure to not allow her appearance to be anything but perfect when he met with the Russians. She kissed him passionately and grabbed hold of his shoulders, dragging his blazer down his body and giving him permission to take her with full force. With the last button sliding out of its cotton loop prison, he threw her top open like a magician and stared down at her heaving, goose-bumped breasts. Each breath she took aligned with his own as they synchronised their heart beats and committed to each others’ pleasure.

Monica took her hands and ran them up Trunk’s legs towards his golden Hannah Clinton belt buckle, which he wore during the campaigns in order to emphasise that no matter how untouchable Hannah thought she was, she was always one slight move away from being totally fucked. Slowly unfastening his belt she revealed his swollen member beating inside its cotton fortress and yearning to be let out. Trunk grabbed her by the pussy, his favourite of flirtation methods, and started to knead his thumb around the top of her vulva. She moaned out in pleasure as she wriggled around his hand, closing her legs and biting the headrest in order to stop her screams being heard through the windows that separated them from the outside world.

“I think it’s about time I got myself into the oval office” Trunk said, circling her vagina with his thumb.

“Please, don’t pledge your allegiance inside of me. It will drip down my legs all day…” she whimpered, eyes closed.

His breath became deeper and he started to pant. Taking off her tights with one hand and rolling them slowly down each leg. At her feet he gave a small tug to set them free, leaving Monica in her dress and shoes, dripping quietly onto the leather beneath her. Struggling to get out his words, he began to run his fingers up her legs towards her entrance.

“Honey, I own this car. I own this driver. I own the god-damn $400 bottle of untouched champagne. that’s in your door. And guess what, now, I own you”

With that he slipped his finger into her sodden tight, pink hole.

“And when I own something, I do what I damn well please with it. I’ve built an empire, and I’ll plant my seed wherever I want,” he said, breathing deeply into her ear.

The rush of his fat, wide digit made her recoil into her chair and moan out even louder. The finger that, at one touch of a button, could start a nuclear holocaust. That finger that, if pointed at someone, could have them fired from their job and left penniless on the streets. That finger that, with the right dexterity and maundering, could cause a frigid Latvian girl turned-first lady into a hysterical fit of moans and mumbling that not even an exorcist could understand.

She reached inside his navy blue boxer shorts and slowly pulled out his throbbing member. Rubbing the head of it between her thumb and forefinger, she, for a short amount of time, was his only fixation in the world. Trunk grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over like a Texan steak at a bbq, revealing her soft flesh, grazed with the red lines of the sticky back seat leather. With one hand he slid her skirt all the way up her back, and with the other parted her legs allowing an entrance to form which beckoned and guided him in like the distant glow of a runway.

Upfront, as the car rocked side to side like a seesaw in a storm, a disgruntled and baffled Miklavich fiddled with dials on his dashboard and peered out of his window at the front two tyres, thinking that his suspension had broken. “Blyat,” he sighed to himself. Looks like another trip to the mechanic.

Trunk pounded his solid orange carrot into Monica with the entire force of the USA behind him. Her ass was huge and round, like a tear drop splashing into the milk white ocean of his broad legs. He moaned holding onto her collar as she panted and bit deeper into the headrest, allowing herself to be fully lost in the intense moment. She knew that if these windows weren’t tinted, the entire world would be able to see her eyes rolling back into her skull and her exposed breasts bouncing off the top of the seat. This excited her tremendously, as she felt so vulnerable, being one tinted pane of glass away from being fully exposed to the judging gaze of the world.

Spreading her buttocks she allowed him to see herself slapping against his thighs and moaning into him as each stride hit deep inside her, making her drip onto the floor and her juices get absorbed into the carpet. Days from now, on his hands and knees, a daydreaming young Slovak cleaning the limo would recognise that smell, and sell the 3 inches of sodden carpet on eBay for the hefty sum of 68 Rubles.

Fastening his pace, she could feel that he was close to finishing his term inside her oval office. She reached her hands back and held onto his, which were gripped tightly around her waist. She turned her head and saw him panting, staring down at her open ass and beginning to groan louder with each plunge he took into her moist, dripping vulva. She dug her nails into his hand, leaving red marks on him, a souvenir from their hidden journey of passion. As well as, in her mind, something for him to look down on when shaking hands with gorgeous Russian diplomats, to remind him that he belonged to her.

He spanked her ass as she began to moan louder than before. She could feel that he was about to unload inside her as she bent down even further, opening herself up as wide as she could for him. His rhythm increased and he grabbed hold of her hard, biting down on the back of her neck and groaning into her ear. Trunk grabbed hold of her swinging tits and began his ceremonial countdown before he exploded inside of her.




With that he drowned the inside of her, making her scream out in delight and hold onto the unfastened seatbelt. He pushed her shoulders down with his hands and laid on top of her back, allowing them both to breathe deeply on top of each other. His member naturally slipped out of her, and their juices collected at the bottom of the seat. As she turned around and looked him in the eye, he smiled at her and ran his thumb across her lips.

“Get dressed. We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”


The reception at the Creamlin was just as expected. Hoards of government approved media vans waited eagerly for Mr Trunk as his limo slid into the vast presidential driveway. Fur hatted soldiers half-smoked cigarettes and threw them out on the ground / pile of other cigarettes.

Members of Plukin’s ensemble flooded out the doors to warmly greet the US hero of independence. The man who stood up for every man, the man who challenged the establishment, the multi billionaire climate change-denier who really stuck it to the man.

“Dezza!” shouted the president of Russia from the other side of the room, causing the gathering to split in two and create a pathway for the two kings to meet.

“Vlammers!” Yelled Trunk, walking eagerly towards Plukin, his hand out ready for a shaking that would knock the richter-scale of its axis.

The two men embraced eagerly, nodding and smiling as hundreds of cooks, cleaners and butlers rushed frantically around them. When two men meet that both could end the world at the touch of a button, you don’t want an over-cooked lasagna to be the prime catalyst. Monica walked in behind the men, absorbing the insanity of the frantic atmosphere. Although she was used to attention, the madness of going from the solitude of a car to a flurry of cameras and servants always required a few minutes of mental adjustment. Lurevnaza, the first lady of Russia, soon greeted her and looped arms, as they toured the other side of the Creamlin as the men disappeared out of sight. They made FLST (first-lady-small-talk) as both were accustomed to, and looked at old paintings of transparently white Russian men wearing bear-head gloves and wolf hats. Monica smiled and nodded with interest, as the laborious, unavoidable history session began once more. She felt like she was at school, but without the official uniform and sensual threat of the ruler.

“So, I trust you are looking forward to tomorrow night?” Said Plukin, a grin beginning to appear on his face.

“Yeah you can say that again. Makes this whole fucking journey worth it! No-one puts on a show quite like you Ruskis!” said Trunk, as he slapped Plukin on the back. “So what’s on the menu, you gonna get that Minx broad here again? The one who had the tassels?”


“Janet?” said Trunk, bewildered that a name as repugnant as Janet had made it over the pond and into the body of a woman who should at least be a Jessica or a Saffron.

“No, niet means no”-

“Niet means NO in Russian?”

“Yes, but her name-“

“Fucking hell you give your kid a negative name like ‘no’ and of course they’re gonna rebel and become a fucking whore! What a whore though”

“Da, da-”

“Haha, yeah talk about her daddy issues!”

Plukin and Trunk continued to talk as they slowly led themselves to the bedroom where Monica was resting. Like any strong relationship, their prime common interest was Middle Eastern affairs, of which they both ended up finishing each others sentences. As they approached Monica’s bedroom, their voices fell to a hush.

“Tomorrow, when your wife has gone home, we will begin the party” said Plukin, whispering in such a sleazy tone that young maids all over the country felt a shiver go up their spine.

“Oh I’m counting down the hours, believe me!” said Trunk with pure enthusiasm.

“Tonight, come down for dinner when you are ready. We will eat, discuss and have a good night. But tomorrow…well. Put it this way. Tonight, Russia has no beaches. Tomorrow, you will think us famous for our water sports.”

At that, Trunk and Plukin shook hands and smiled at each other, eager for the politics to be finished with and the party to commence.

A few hours later, Monica and Trunk emerged from their chambers and entered the dining room for the presidential feast. The most exotic wines and alluring meats were spread lavishly before them, a banquet of such luxury that it would make the Queen of England feel ashamed of her shanty palace, and severely under-dressed for the occasion. Around the table stood the most gorgeous of Russian maids, each holding a bottle of wine and a grudge against their position in life. Under strict dress code, their skirts had to be a maximum of 10cm in length. Their tights, which wrapped around their legs like ivy, drew the eye from the base of the foot all the way to where it disappeared under the black umbrella of the skirt. When a glass needed topping up, they would stride gracefully over to the table, allowing the gaze to fix mesmerisingly on the soft flesh that penetrated the vision of anyone who dared to look. With the meal being placed in the middle of the table, they had to reach significantly over in order to grasp the empty glasses. With every stretch their minuscule skirts would ride up just a few inches, revealing the bottom of black thong which disappeared into their cheeks, being pressed down by the tight grip of their stockings. It was delicious side dishes like this that made Trunk enjoy Russia more than any other country.

“So, Monica . How are you enjoying your visit?” said Lurevnaza, dabbing her red-wine stained lips with a handkerchief.

“Oh it’s a wonderful country! It’s amazing what you have achieved after coming out of the nightmare of communism,” said Monica, proud that she had mentioned something political, but unsure if it was in the correct context.

“Yes, we are proud to finally have democracy. Just like in the USA, here you can be whatever you want.”

A Russian waitress stood at the side and bit her lip, her nose twitching at the inequality that existed within this very room. She composed herself and turned her burning heart of hatred into a warming sensation that allowed her to calm and breathe. She exhaled, catching Trunk’s attention, who subtly looked her up and down and winked.

“I don’t know ‘bout you, but I’m dying to go hunting again. My boy’s been out-doing his old man in the trophy department!” said Trunk to Plukin with a mouth full of half-chewed steak.

“Yes, I also would relish the challenge of a hunt. The bare, ruthless Russian outback, is a fine place to track wildlife this time of year. The snow is not so thick so you can still see the footprints-

“You guys have elephants here?” asked Trunk, in a way that could be either a question or a statement of fact.

“Elephants?” said Lurevna, unsure whether or not to giggle. Trunk put down his knife and fork, in order to gesture the size of an elephant.

“Yeah, elephants, you know? Big fuck-off-grey balls of animals that stomp around and flap their ears, spraying each other with water like boys in a locker after the game?”

“No, we don’t have any of those here I’m afraid. In Vladivostok there have been sightings of wolves, but we can arrange an elephant hunt if you wish? I can have one bought over from Octoberski zoo first thing tomorrow, we can put it in the parlour and-

“China!” yelped Trunk, as if he had tourette's. “You guys still share a border with them right?”

Plukin and Lurevnaza nodded.

“I was thinking, we hunt an elephant, then get inside it and trojan-horse those commie bastards! Two world leaders jumping out of their God, strike first y’know?”

“I don’t think the Chinese worship the elephant?” said Lurevnaza, unsure and looking around the table for confirmation.

“Well then we’ll hunt and hide in a fucking panda!” boomed Trunk .

“Or one long chopstick if we stand on shoulders?” said Plukin.


As the leaders continued to joke at the prospect of invading China via a small army of dead animals, preparations for the next night were commencing just three rooms down. Harems of beautiful young Russian women were being instructed by the madam of the rules of the night. It was vital to Plukin’s agenda that Trunk had the most outrageous, hedonistic of nights, to ensure that US - Russian relations would be tighter than Natalia, who was soon to experience her first night of passion with the leader of the free world. Alyona, a voluptuous escort, somewhat older than the others, had been orchestrating these types of parties for many years. She specialised in organising the most outrageous of events for world leaders and business tycoons from around the world.

She began the pre-night preparation by addressing all the women in a military style, making them believe that their only purpose was to do anything, at any cost, to please the guests at the party. Alyona knew that the men would not go easy on the young damsels, wanting to vent their deepest frustrations throughout this one intense night of illegal, scandalous passion. Alyona knew that the girls needed to be prepared for who, and what, was to come.

“Natalia!” Alyona barked, cracking her black whip at her side.

Natalia, a 22 year old Russian escort from windswept city Volgograd hesitantly stepped out of the line-up. In the outside world, as beggars begged and wars raged on, inside the Creamlin a fireplace was roaring and candlelight was flickering across the walls, creating a flame red backdrop, setting the scene for an evening of endurance. It was here, in this sacred room, that 12 women stood, bearing everything bar their most intimate areas, which were poorly concealed by black, laced thongs.

“Yes, Madam” said Natalia, looking Alyona directly in the eyes.

Her young, smooth breasts bounced slowly as she walked across the room. As the only warmth came from the fire, her cold nipples stood out perfectly erect. She noticed them as she walked, but didn’t dare rub them to warm them down, in case this created further punishment than she was already about to receive. As she left the line the other women watched her every movement, looking at her legs, her arms, her hips - they knew she was one of the most beautiful new women, and that they must increase their sexuality if they were to compete with her natural beauty.

“Stop,” said Alyona, cracking her whip down to the floor.

At the foot of the whip laid a mattress, covered in a blood red silk throw. At each edge of the bed were black satin pillows, arranged in a way so that multiple people could lay their heads in every corner of the mattress. Natalia looked at the mattress and braced herself for what was about to come. She felt a tingle run down her arms to the base of her fingers, pure electricity, stemming from the depths of her perfectly flat stomach to the end of her soft, pale toes.

“Get down on your knees,” barked Alyona.

Natalia slowly began to crouch at the foot of the bed. Facing away from the other women, they could see her perfectly round ass. The teardrop shape it made could make any man weep, and would turn the humblest of men into raging animals. As she bent down at the foot of the bed, her thong moved to the side and her cheeks parted at the bottom, showing her perfect, soft vagina. Her legs trembled as she balanced herself on her knees, her breasts heaving in the flickering candlelight.

“Good, now turn around to face the other whores,” said Alyone, in a calm and relaxing tone.

Natalia turned to face the other women in the line. Each of them were staring at her body. She felt vulnerable and exposed, almost her entire being was being laid bare to complete strangers. She looked nervous, but deep down, found this to be the most arousing situation of her life. Having grown up in a small city, she was used to the constant attention of men and their need for possession. She’d always liked women, but had never been able to approach them, for fear of rejection and shaming from her Orthodox family. Since leaving for Moscow, she’d had a few passing experiences, but nothing like this. Nothing as raw and uncompromising, as out of her hands as this.

Alyona walked around the bed, trailing her whip behind her. The other girls followed her with their eyes as she approached the front of Natalia. Dressed in a tight green corset, with fishnet tights and long, flowing brown hair, she bent down to Natalia’s level. Staring deep into her eyes, she slowly began to approach Natalia and opened her mouth. Natalia, although undoubtedly sure that this was a trick, parted her lips and closed her eyes. As Alyona reached Natalia’s mouth, she placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her gently backwards towards the bed. Natalia fell ungracefully back onto the mattress, as Alyona crouched down in front of her. Natalia’s legs were limply spread open, as Alyona inspected her newest recruit. Alyona smiled and raised her whip, for a moment, Natalia thought she was about to be struck. However, as Alyona lowered her hand, she moved the whip over her body, gently tickling across her shivering naked breasts and smooth, ample stomach. When she reached her groin, she stopped, turned the whip around and grabbed it by the base of the handle. Using the end of the whip as a hook, she slipped the leather shaft between Alyona’s leg and vulva, moving the thong off her body and sliding it down her legs. Natalia dutifully responded, raising her body into an arch and allowing the underwear to be removed without any struggle. Alyona smiled once more, looking at Natalia’s completely naked body. Her vagina glistened as the light of flames reflected off the walls, on the inside of her thighs, the girls could see she had already become wet.

“Now,” said Alyona, standing slowly. “You will be expected to perform. You are not just whores, you are entertainers too. And as such, you must work together.” Her eyes scanned across the young women’s faces, looking for anyone who seemed intimidated by these words. Her eyes settled on a young blond woman by the name of Sabina. A 19 year old actress, who had been pursuing modelling before getting into this type of work in order to complete her studies. She had thin blond hair that stopped at her shoulders and crystal blue eyes. Her ass was small and petite, but her breasts heaved of her chest as if they were trying to escape the angelic beauty that they were joined to. Her hands were placed gently over one another, and covered the top of her vagina. A beginner’s mistake in trying to hide your modesty around Alyona. A woman who preys on those who think they have the audacity to hide their body in front of her, who thinks they are too good, too royal, to allow her to see every inch of their naked bodies.

“Sabina. Come here in front of Natalia” said Alyona, trailing the whip across the floor and guiding her towards Natalia’s open legs. “Now, if you are going to work together, you must perform together.

“The pillows are arranged at the end of each bed for a reason. You must stimulate each other and each rest your head at separate ends of the mattress. I hope you understand” said Alyona, smiling at Sabina. Sabina now was also smiling, a nervous smile, but a smile nonetheless. She walked towards the mattress and looked at Natalia. They both held their gaze as they inspected each others’ bodies, both waiting to make the first move in order to impress Alyona. Sabine slowly bent down and removed her thong, her small white ass shimmering in the roaring red light of the fire. She knelt down on the mattress and crawled over to Natalia, turning herself around in order for her to see both of her holes open and inviting her inside.

“No!” shouted Alyona. “Switch,” she said. Alyona got great satisfaction out of leading the women into a false sense of complete understanding. She enjoyed the tricks and mind games that she could input into people at the bark of an order or crack of a whip. As she said this, the two women changed position, putting Natalia on top of Sabina. Natalia’s perfect round ass covered Sabinas face, and allowed her pussy to gently rest on the upper lip of her mouth. Alyona glided her hand up Natalia’s back, a signal that she must bend down lower. As she did so, her ass opened and Sabina was trapped underneath Natalia’s now dripping vulva. Natalia too had her lips pressed against the opening of Sabina, and instantly started to run her tongue up and down her, sucking gently on her vulva and running her tongue in circles around her clit. Sabina let out quiet moans as she began to do the same to Natalia, she put her tongue rapidly in and out of her vagina, which caused her to moan and shiver as Sabina held on to her by the waist, giving her support as her legs trembled and juices began to flow all down Sabina’s chin.

She had never found girls’ asses to be particularly arousing, but in Natalia’s case it was too irresistible. She kissed around her pink assole, on the openings of the cheeks and bit her gently around her bouncing buttocks. Natalia moaned and held on to Sabina’s feet, as she grinned her pussy slowly into her face whilst trying, in between moans, to lick Sabina’s dripping young vulva. Sabina began to move her tongue upwards and licked directly into Natalia’s ass, running her tongue around it she felt an enormous sense of achievement when she saw Natalie grab one of the satin pillows and heard her quivering voice moaning deeply into them. Natalia reached round her ass and began to touch her own pussy, giving her a double sensation that was exploding within her. Her legs began to shake more violently, and Alyona could see she was on the cusp of climaxing. The other girls meanwhile watched on, a few of them beginning to get wet and slowly drip between their tightly clenched legs. One girl thought about touching herself and volunteering to join in, however, she knew better than to interrupt something as sacred as their training.

With Natalia shaking and grinding harder than ever, Alyona knelt down next to Natalia and kissed her gently on the cheek. Her face buried in the pillow as she moaned and shook.

“Not yet” she whispered into Natalia’s ear.

Natalia bit down on the pillow and breathed heavily. She could feel that she was extremely close to cumming, and could tell by the sounds that Sabina was making that she was soaking wet.

“Please…” Natalia begged “Please let me…”

Alyona stood up and looked at her masterpiece. Two stunning young women, each enwrapped in each others’ body and breathing in unison. Sabina’s pussy was dripping heavily into the silk sheet, desperate to be touched, as Natalia bit her lip and cried to hold back her desperate need to orgasm.

“You may cum…” said Alyona, as Natalie shot her a staring look into her eyes, thanking her forever. “You may cum, only when Sabina cums,” Alyona said, grinning and walking over towards the back of the room. Natalia closed her eyes and threw her head down on the pillow once more. She knew her orgasms were too loud to go undetected and tried to keep her pulsating clitoris calm whilst she waited for permission. Alyona emerged from the back of the room holding a dark purple, long cylindrical object. Sabina tried to see what she was holding, but the view of Natalia’s shaking ass obscured her focus. Alyona sat at the foot of her bed and placed the object on the corner of it. Natasha opened her eyes and could see that right next to her was a large, thick dildo. With both ends resembling a shaft, this was a toy to be shared.

“Remember, Natalia, you may only cum when Sabina cums.” With that, Alyona stood up and allowed the girls to manoeuvre themselves into a new position. Natalia’s legs were stiff as they’d been in the same bent over position for a while. However once she was lowered down, the size and weight of the dildo came into Sabina’s full vision. She looked at it and thought of her own pussy. It was so tight and in-experienced, how could it ever handle something as large and intimidating as this? Natalia, desperate to keep stimulated, reached for the dildo and slid it effortlessly into her tight, dripping vagina. She let out a quiet moan as Alyona stood by her side, shooting her a look of denial. Sabina hesitantly reached for the other end of it, and began to try and fit it into her tight moist pussy. She tried to put it in slowly but it failed, her cervix spitting it back out again. She tried licking it and then inserting it, but to no avail. An increasingly frustrated Natalia pulled at her leg and dragged her closer. She pushed Sabina down on the bed, and knelt above her open pussy, with the dildo still tightly hanging out of her. She opened Sabinas vagina with her fingers and, using her own weight, plunged the dildo deep into Sabina’s pussy. She let out a moan that echoed across the room, as she laid back and allowed Natalia to ride her up and down.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and goosebumps appeared all over her naked body. Natalia moaned and held onto her own breasts, stopping the weight of them from hurting her back as they bounced violently up and down in front of Sabina’s face. Sabina’s moans started to become louder and more rapid, as Natalia bit her lip tightly and tried to ignore the fireworks that were exploding in every fibre of her body. Her naked ass bounced up and down as it hit against the bottom of Sabina’s ass and drenched, open pussy. Sabina reached behind her head and grabbed a pillow - she bit into it deeply and grabbed hold of Natalia’s legs. Natalia could hold on no more, and she could see Sabina was on the edge too. They both looked over at Alyona, as the purple dildo plunged deeply into their slender naked bodies. Alyona looked at the girls in the lineup, who were now crossing their legs in order to stop the temptation of self-pleasure. She smiled at them and then nodded once towards the girls on the bed.

Natalia quickened her pace dramatically, allowing the member to rub against her throbbing clit. She threw her hands down either side of Sabina’s head and began to let out a climactic moan. Her ass trembled as her body convulsed under Sabina, who was also moaning, writhing around under Natalia’s breasts that were now wet with the saliva of Sabina as she placed her mouth around her erect nipples. Natalia looked at Sabina, begging her to cum so that she too could climax. Sabina looked at Natalia and kissed her heavily on the lips, as she did this, both of the girls shook violently and moaned into each others mouths. Their bodies erupted in pleasure, as their vulvas rubbed frantically against the dildo, bringing themselves to the fullest climax they could master. Sabina whimpered under Natalia as they both slowly kissed each other, allowing themselves to recover from the most maddening sexual experience of their lives. They held each other and panted into each other's arms, as Alyona walked over to them and addressed the line up of girls.

“Good.” she said, emotionless. “Who’s next?”


With four limousines, two armed trucks and snipers spread out over 16 miles of highway, Monica’s send-off was the most expensive ‘goodbye!’ party ever recorded.

“I really can’t wait to be home, I feel exhausted. But I don’t want to leave you...” said Monica, gazing into her husband's eyes.

“You go home and have a rest. Nothing will happen here, if distance builds a wall between us, then I’ll make it pay for it,” he said, seemingly winking at an imaginary camera somewhere far in the distance.

Monica followed his eye line briefly, but was interrupted by a drizzle of rain that began to fall onto her face. She wiped the rain away and kissed her husband goodbye.

“I’ll see you back home. Take care, sweetheart,” Monica said, blowing a kiss in his direction and slinking into the back of the limousine. Trunk kissed his hand and threw the imaginary kiss her way. Mikal, one of the guards unlucky enough to witness this expression of affection, streamed with tears and pinched his leg, in order to hold back the tidal wave of involuntary vomit that was sure to rupture from him at any moment. Hearing of Mikal’s bravery, three weeks later he was awarded the Starovski Badge of Honour, the highest medal a Russian soldier can achieve. Despite this, his PTSD still endlessly haunted him and he eventually took his own life by leaping into the largest pickling tank in Moscow and preserving his misery for years to come.

Trunk walked back into the Creamlin and greeted Plukin with semi-opened arms which screamed ‘Well, it’s always sad to say goodbye to your wife, but now she’s away, shall we get down to business?’. Plukin raised his hands slightly and opened his palms towards Trunk, in a responsive manner that yelled ‘Certainly, it’s always hard to say goodbye to the ones you love. We as leaders of men must get used to heartache and making sacrifices for the greater good of the nation’ he then gently scratched his nose, in a way that bellowed ‘As you know, my wife too left for a meeting in Georgia. I miss her greatly, but, let us not dwell, why don’t you come into the parlour room and we can see what tonight has in store for us.”

“Sounds great!” A guard said, as the two leaders turned to stare at him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sir, I thought you were talking to me.”

Plukin and Trunk walked side by side through the corridors of the Creamlin, eagerly anticipating the hedonistic kingdom that was lying in wait for them behind the final closed door. Plukin himself had put all of his trust in Alyona for organising the party, thus the evening was to be a complete surprise to him also. The long, velvet carpets stretched out into every hallway and passage that embodied the majesty of the Creamlin.

They arrived at the grand hall that, inside, housed the most beautiful collection of women this side of Turkmenistan. Plukin knocked on the door and waited three seconds before the door was unlocked, but not held open. Trunk and Plukin looked at each other, smiling at the door as if it was transparent enough to see what laid on the other side. They gently pushed the door open to reveal the sexual utopian buffet that was on display before their eyes.

Eight of the most beautiful, sensual women stood in a perfect line at the back of the hall, just as they had been taught, and smiled flirtatiously at the two men. The fireplace crackled and burned, flickering embers of light into the darkness that absorbed the corners of the room. Alyona stood forward and greeted Plukin, pecking him on both cheeky and gently stroking his back. It was more of a sign of respect than flirtation, a warm welcome into his new playground. She greeted Trunk with the same embrace, before walking across the room and sitting on the plush sofa that nestled against the fireplace.

“Gentleman, these women are the finest whores from all across the world. Tonight they are at your complete command. No wish is too big for them, and no request is too outrageous. Whilst they are not servicing you, they will be servicing each other for your pleasure” Alyona said.

The girls smiled back at Alyona and then stared lustily at the men, whilst wriggling on the balls of their feet, eager to get started. As men of business, they knew the importance of not wasting time.

Plukin was the first to stand forward and grasped a young woman, Maya, by the hand, taking her over to a blue velvet sofa that had been arranged in the corner of the room. She laughed with him as he took her by the hand and laid her down on the sofa, stroking her bare legs as they laid over him and rubbed his hips. With her curvaceous thighs, enormous breasts and tight, small ass, she was Plukin’s ideal woman. As she laughed, her breasts began to bounce up and down, allowing the beginning of the areola to show at the top of the bra. By the way she kept slightly adjusting her bra, Plukin could tell her nipples were erect and rubbing on the soft inner padding of her underwear.

Trunk had selected two gorgeous women, who accompanied him over to the plush cushioned mattress that sat in the middle of the room. As he began to talk to them, they started to unbutton his shirt, causing his member to begin to bulge noticeably in his pants. Anna, the first girl he laid eyes on, was a brunette with slightly tanned skin. Her thighs were extremely curvaceous, and her breasts seemed to heave off her chest. Her ass was a sight like no other. A perfect round example of a woman that could drive any man insane. Her delicious ass was not huge, but was certainly a prominent feature of her body. With a small gap between her legs, you could easily see the bottom of her vagina glistening through the wet line that ran down her ass.

The other girl, Nika, was a redhead with eyes brighter than the jewels on a Tzars wedding ring. Her jade green eyes pierced the mortal soul of any man that dared to look into them, and her slender body showed just how vulnerable and innocent she was, in stark comparison to her lusting, enchanting eyes. Trunk reached up the inside of one of Anna’s thighs, and began to work his finger towards the outside crease in her thong. As his hand went up her leg, she began to squat down, allowing him easier access to her private area. With his shirt completely open, Trunk began to feel the warmth of the room bouncing off his chest. He became even more aroused, and slowly put his finger under the lacey opening of her thong, and straight into the depths of her tight, wet vagina.

Nika smiled at this and began to kiss Anna, who was now quietly moaning out in pleasure at the sensation that was throbbing in her vulva. Nika positioned herself next to Anna, with her back arched towards Trunk, giving him a perfect view of her bent over ass as she engaged with Anna, who was squatting just over his member and riding his finger with delight. Even though she was wearing a thong, Trunk could still clearly see her asshole and pussy that appeared from either side of the thin bit of lace that poorly covered her intimate areas. As Trunk began to stroke down her cheeks, he started to feel the warmth of her vagina across his hand. That humid, pure erotic sensation confirmed his beliefs that she was a whore that had gone into this business because of her unquenchable desire for forbidden sex and hedonistic pleasures. Before his hand reached the opening lips of her vulva, she sensed his presence and began to unzip his trousers, taking his cock out of his boxers and resting her lips on the tip of it.

Whilst Trunk’s blood began to run down towards Nika’s soft, wet lips, Plukin was in the full throes of passion with Maya. Her gigantic breasts bounced up and down as he inserted his throbbing penis inside her dripping wet pussy. He had wasted no time in going inside her, and had moved her thong slightly to the side in order for him to gain easy and instant access to her vagina. She was surprised by this, as she had been told he enjoyed being teased and led on before any intimacy. However, the pounding cock that was now sliding inside her, and his hands grasping against her warm, soft breasts, made her think that maybe those rumours had not been so accurate. Plukin put his hands underneath her body, grabbing hold of her ass as he slowly forced himself in between her legs. She let out a moan of genuine pleasure as she felt him enter her as deeply as any man physically could. She panted into his ear as he moaned deeply, staring at her breasts that glistened off the orange light of the fireplace, making her erect nipples stand out from her pale, innocent body.

As he mounted her, she began to grasp his balls that were swinging wildly from underneath him, heavily slapping against her open ass that laid on the sofa, collecting a small pool of liquid that flowed from her vulva, all the way down her ass and onto the soft padding of the cushion. Plukin began to let out deeper and faster moans, as he drew closer to his explosion that was sure to fill her already overflowing pussy. However, as Plukin edged further, so did Maya. Her clitoris was pounding with the sensation of the tip of his shaft rubbing against her most sensitive area and leaving the rest of her completely exposed to him and the other women; those of whom were currently pleasuring each other and taking delight in the stimulating, heated atmosphere that engulfed the room. As she found herself becoming uncontrollably close, she begged Plukin to go faster, and began to apologise. In the heat of the moment, he thought he misunderstood her pleas for apology for moans of passion, but it soon became clear she was saying sorry.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop.. I’m sorry, it’s going to… i’m sorry” she begged, as sweat from the back of her neck dripped down her curved, limber back.

Plukin was wondering why she was apologising, but had no physical ability to stop making love to her. His rhythm increased and he could feel that he was about to ejaculate heavily into her tight, moist pussy. As he rubbed against her, holding her arms down on the sofa, he began to feel that she was dripping all over the sofa, and was about to climax. He looked down to see his shaft buried deep inside her vulva, as she let out a moan so deeply passionate that it even turned some of the girls’ heads. As she did this, Plukin looked her in the eye and slowly slid his throbbing cock back inside her. She overpowered his arms and grabbed him by the shoulder, once again she apologised and looked down at her wide-open legs. Involuntarily, she reached her climactic point and screamed deeply into his chest. As she did this, a gush of liquid squirted out of her pussy, landing directly on the base of his dick and flooding the cushion that laid underneath them. She started to shake and continued to orgasm in his arms. She looked up at him, her breasts quivering and her pussy and ass now completely drenched, as he held her even tighter and bit her lip, sensing that he too was about to reach the point of no return. Maya could feel his cock becoming even harder and could sense that he was soon to explode, with no power to hold it in any longer. She thrusted her hips towards his, allowing for an even greater sensation of the two bodies meeting and becoming one. As he felt the soft, wet opening of her pussy rubbing against the top of his pelvis, he knew he could hold it no longer. Breathing down heavily on her bouncing, gigantic breasts, his legs began to tense as he started to release a jet of hot, sticky cum directly into her sodden pussy, already covered in her own ejaculate and moisture. She moaned deeply as she felt the fire of his passion invade her area, and held him closely as he began to shake and kiss her neck lightly, a moment of tranquility as they both laid there in each other's arms, her breasts red with soreness from the groping and her pussy so wet that his penis slid out almost instantly after he was finished.

Trunk was near to reaching the same conclusion with his mistresses. Anna was bent over right in front of the president, allowing him to see her spread cheeks and pussy in all their tight, keen glory. He was quickly thrusting himself in and out of her vagina, whilst Nika laid in front of Anna with her legs open, allowing her to lick and moan into her pussy. It seemed that all three of them could feel themselves beginning to be on the cusp of climax, all apart from Anna, who found it near impossible to cum unless she was on her own. She knew this time she would have to fake her orgasm as best she could, so as not to displease Alyona or the men. However, just the sensation of Trunk’s rock hard cock ploughing into her tight, innocent pussy, and the taste of Nika’s dripping vulva running down her lips and chin, was enough to make her feel as if she had been steadily climaxing this entire time. Anna began to recoil, arching her back further towards Trunk thus unintentionally spreading herself even wider for his pleasure. Seeing this made him rage with passion, as he began to pump Anna harder and more vigorously than ever before. With this she moaned deeply, burying her face in Nikas dripping pussy as she too began to feel the force of the leader beating down on top of her partner. Trunk grabbed hold of each of her ass cheeks and spread them even wider with his thumbs. Anna’s face withdrew momentarily from Nika’s pussy, and looked at his naked body staring directly at her ass and beginning to feel his penis swell up even stiffer inside of her.

She knew she was about to get a full load inside her tight, innocent vagina. Bracing herself, she started to rub the top of Nika’s clit with her tongue, sending her into a loud delirious state of arousal. Nika began holding tightly onto Anna's shoulders and pushing her head deeper into her pussy as she writhed on her face, using the friction as an extra source of stimulation. Trunk started to breathe quicker and shallower as he reached forwards and grabbed Anna’s swinging tits that gently rubbed on the surface of the mattress. Anna knew that he was about to release inside of her, and reached underneath Nika, grabbing hold of her tight ass and squeezing it to signal that it was time for her to also climax. Feeling Anna's hands reaching under her provided the extra dose of excitement that Nika needed to send her over the edge. Digging her nails into Anna, Nika inhaled deeply and let out a whining moan as her pussy tightened and released, her moist lips shaking as her vagina began to tremble under the soft touch of Anna's tongue. Seeing this, Trunk could hold on no longer, and arched his stomach forward, leaning over Anna and grabbing hold of her hair with one hand and her tits with the other. Anna loved the sensation of feeling restrained, and let out an intoxicating moan that sent a wave of lust down Trunk’s body. With that, he looked down at Anna's open, dripping asshole and began to explode inside of her. Torrents of ejaculate sprayed the inside of her vagina as she moaned deeply into Nika’s open pussy, which was now still dripping from the excitement unfolding around her. He panted, laying on top of her back, and slowly withdrew himself from her filled pussy. She stayed motionless for a few seconds, her ass open and in the air, as she closed her eyes and took in the experience.

Before Anna had time to recover, she could hear the footsteps of Alyona slowly approaching the mattress. The other women stopped their passion and voices began to hush around them. Plukin, who was gently kissing Maya’s back, toying with the idea of another round so soon, also looked over at the mattress. Trunk, who was now recovering laying back on the pillows, followed Alyona’s heels as they stomped gracefully towards the edge of the mattress, and stopped purposefully next to Anna.

“Was something wrong?” Alyona asked, sternly.

Anna was shocked, surely there's no way Alyona could have known she was faking her orgasm. Not with the harem of women and sexual exploits that were occurring in every space of the room?

“No miss, it was perfect. I want to serve some more,” Anna said, with panic in her voice, as she seductively lent over to Trunk and began to put her hand on his leg.

“You liar.” Alyona snapped.

Suddenly, all the women slowly stopped their activities and turned to look at Anna. Even the two most powerful men in the world averted their gaze from the multitude of women to watch this argument unfold.

“I don’t know what you mean” said Anna, nervously.

“You didn’t climax with Mr Trunk. This is because you cannot climax with a man. Am I right?” Alyona said, in a matter of fact tone.

Anna locked eyes with the president who was still recovering from their session. He looked at her, pondering how such a beautiful girl with so little experience could be the best sex he’d ever had. Anna knew lying was not an option. Nakedly, she covered her dripping vagina and turned to Alyona.

“No... I did not cum. I’m sorry, I tried so hard and-“

Alyona stomped her heel down, sending Anna flinching back on the bed.

“Enough!” Alyona yelled, walking over to Anna and kneeling beside her. She reached underneath Anna and slid her finger up the middle of her buttocks. Exposing a dripping wet substance that glistened on the top of her finger. Alyona inspected it and licked her finger, causing the other girls to giggle in excitement. Trunk and Plukin began to grow excited again, and reached across their whores’ backs, grabbing at their hips and drawing them closer once more.

“If you feel you cannot cum for us. Then we must cum for you, no?” Alyona asked with anger in her voice.

Anna laid looking at Alyona, not knowing what to say. She looked down at her soaking pussy and her pulsating clit. She wished she could cum, but couldn’t seem to force it out of herself. Every time she faked her climaxes Alyona always knew - she could hear the vibrations in the girls’ voices and knew which octaves were put on and which were channeled from the depths of their loins.

“Everybody. Gentleman included, come gather round Anna. Poor Anna cannot seem to make her tight pussy cum, so, I think we should show her how it’s done, don’t you?” Alyona said, as all the girls began to stand around Anna in a circle, biting their lips and eagerly awaiting instructions. Slowly, the presidents came forward too, admiring the soaking wet whore that laid sprawled on the mattress before them. Not to mention the eager, beautiful women that stood side by side to them, touching their vaginas and staring down at the floor.

“Girls, you know what to do if someone fails to join in with the party. Show the men how it’s done,” Alyona said, taking a step back. Anna knew what was about to happen and braced herself for the humiliation. She sat upright, her back arched forward to maintain her posture. Her heaving breasts shook gently as her breathing became more rapid. Small goosebumps appeared around the areola of her breasts as she felt another tingle emerging from between her legs. As she made eye contact with the girls, Nika began touching herself. She gently squatted allowing her pussy to open up as much as she could without having to sit on the floor. She began to rub her clitorus and moan gently as she did so. The moisture from her vulva dripped down the inside of her legs, and seemed to cover her pink slit in a transparent film of arousal. The effect caught on, and one by one each of the girls began masturbating towards Anna, who sat there helplessly staring at the women, trying not to fixate on any one person, not knowing where to begin to look. Soon Trunk and Plukin began to follow suit, and started to rub their stiff, hard members. At first Trunk was uneasy about touching himself in front of another man, but he soon realised that the attention was far from on him, and that if there was ever a definition of a heterosexual bonding experience - this was it. The men began to rub themselves harder, as the women reached underneath them, touching their balls, rolling them in their hands as they continued to play with themselves at the same time.

Soon, Yasmin, a young 23 year old whore with fiery red hair and round, tight buttocks, felt that she was getting close to climax. She was known to be the first person to reach this point, and knew she had to hold back to wait for the others to catch up with her. She began rocking back and forth, closing her legs and allowing her dampness to spread between them and drip down the back of her, sliding down the base of her buttocks and trembling legs. Nika, seeing Yasmin frustrated, grabbed her by the hand and squeezed her tightly, allowing her to release some of her desire by holding onto her tightly. She could see that her legs were shaking almost uncontrollably, and that soon she would have to release her orgasm. Alyona, watching from behind, could see all of the women, and the men's, shaking buttocks. With this view she could tell who was edging closer to climax. Seeing Plukin’s legs beginning to tense up and shake, she decided now was the optimum time to let Anna's punishment begin. Alyona walked over to the circle, immediately commanding attention. Anna looked up at her and around the circle once more, seeing all the dripping vulvas and the two now hugely erect members, she knew her fate was sealed.

“Ladies and our two special guests, please show our beloved Anna how much you adore her,” Alyona said, smiling and stepping back into the shadows once more.

Almost instantly Yasmin felt the pressure from her vagina build and release, as a jet of orgasmic liquid shot out of the centre of her tight, dripping pussy. Anna gasped as it landed on her chin and soaked the middle of her breasts, dripping down onto her stomach and the mattress below her. Yasmin shook on her legs and held on to Nika for support, as her ass trembled from the pressure that was flowing from in front of her. Nika, unable to contain herself any longer, also felt the uncontrollable desire to let herself go. Nika, taking Yasmin by surprise, turned her head and gripped tightly onto the back of Yasmin’s neck. The girls kissed passionately as Nika began to feel the electricity run through her body. Biting down gently onto her lip, she let out a series of high moans that signalled that she was about to climax. As she did so, her legs trembled and she too fired a liquid stream of ejaculate right onto Anna's soft, shaking body. Her stream landed directly between Anna's legs, and added to the orgasmic juices that were collecting around her pussy.

Seeing this, Trunk could hold on no longer, and felt his load building up inside his balls and making its way to the base of his shaft. He let out a deep moan as a gush of hot liquid semen flew out of the tip of his shaft, landing directly on Anna's face and making her moan with pleasure. He continued to rub himself until every drop had left his member, completely coating her in his juices and allowing her to feel the warmth of it sliding down her face and onto her stomach. Plukin, almost simultaneously, began to feel the need to cum. Reaching over to Anna, he pushed her violently on the back, sending her to fall onto her front. There, he grabbed her by the waist and arched her towards him. Her ass was now completely open as her naked breasts and arms laid in a pool of ejaculate. She breathed heavily and felt the powerful thrust of Plukin’s cock go deep inside her anus as her buttocks trembled at the power that was being inserted inside of her. She gripped hard on the mattress as her ass tightened around his dick, making it even more pleasurable for him. He thrusted deeply inside of her, before the image of her ass was too much for him to bare. Seeing her ass so open and inviting, he grabbed hold of her cheeks and came deeply inside her ass. Anna moaned and bit into the pillow, as Plukin’s dicks naturally fell out of her ass, exposing the white drips that fell from her hole and onto the bed.

The other women continued to touch themselves until they too came heavily over Anna. By the time it was over, Anna was completely drenched in juices of all sexes and from all orifices. She laid on the bed, a sticky, naked mess, as she laid on the mattress, contemplating her humiliation and the sheer unapologetic sexual thrill she gained from it. She looked between her legs to see she was still soaking wet. She reached her hand down between her legs and started to stroke her clit. Before she could begin to enjoy it, Alyona came over and moved her hand away from her sodden pussy, making an example of Anna's messy, untamed state.

“See, Mr Presidents, we may be whores. But we still look out for our fellow women,” Alyona said, smiling at the naked Anna, breathing shallowly on the bed. Alyona walked over to the wall and picked up a whip that was laying across the mantlepiece. She looked at Sabina and slapped the whip in the palm of her hand.

“Now” she said, smirking at Sabina.

“Let’s play a new game.”


Morning dew gathered on the grass outside the Creamlin, as Boris the janitor mopped up the floor from last night’s debauchery. Boris marvelled on how he’d never seen such a sticky, vodka-stained floor, despite working as Jr Janitor in Ibiza for the last 6 months. He pondered on the possibility of collecting all of the fluids from his bucket, and selling them on eBay as ‘Potential Leaders of the Free World!’. He shook his head and carried on mopping.

“Stupid fool,” he muttered to himself, but in Russian.

“You don’t have an eBay account” he said, hanging his head heavily as he stood in the centre of the room, balancing on his mop for physical and emotional support.

Such dreams were never meant for those who swept the floors of millionaires’ palaces.

Outside the Creamlin, hoards of security and a convoy of military cars awaited the President elect. As Trunk and Plukin straightened their ties and ironed their slacks, ready to greet the press and bid farewell on live TV. Trunk buttoned his USA flag onto the lapel of his blazer, just in case he forgot his destination. He combed back his hair and smiled at himself in the mirror, before turning to his side and seeing a sleeping Anna and Nika, spooning each other fast asleep on the edge of his bed.

“Still got it,” he said, winking into the mirror before placing a $100 bill in each of their hands.

As he got to the doors of the Creamlin, Plukin put his arm around Trunk and both of them exchanged an all-knowing glance, summarising the night in one subtle smile. As they got to the front door a hoard of photographers and paparazzi engulfed the President’s view. He waved at them politely with one single hand in the air, as the driver opened the door to Trunk’s limousine. Plukin patted him on the back and they embraced, talking quietly into each others ear.

“Are you… itching… down there?” said Plukin, with concern in his voice.

“Like a dog in heat!” Trunk replied.

The two men looked at each other for a moment and smiled.

“Worth it!” they both said simultaneously, as the powerfully shook hands for an explosion of camera flashes, news channels, mainstream and fake news channels across the globe. A successful diplomatic visit that single handedly re-affirmed the sheer strength, companionship and loyalty between the two nations; for many years to cum.


Copyright: JamesD, 2017. All rights reserved. Feel free to quote from this story, but give credit where it's due.