A Walk In The Park

Tania and I were out for a walk on a beautiful sunny day during the height of summer. We had dressed for the weather, I was wearing loose shorts and 't'- shirt, she was wearing a light and revealing wide knee high A line summer dress. We had been flirting with the occasional grab and a squeeze as we walked along the river on our way to the park.

Once we got to the park it was great to see lots of other couples embraced and displaying their affection sprawled out on the grass making the most of the hot summer sun.

We found a spot after getting some ice cream and sat down together. Tania sat on my knee and then on my lap as we giggled and chatted. Her dress covered most of our legs as we sat together kissing in between licking our ice creams suggestively, laughing together.

Then Tania took me by surprise straddling me in front of everyone who could see us. Well they could see that she was sat on top of me, but what they couldn’t see was that she had cheekily pulled the front of my shorts down revealing my manhood, and that she was not wearing any underwear exposing her femininity, and that her smooth pussy and my shaved dick and balls were pressed naked together.

It felt electric, I could feel her damp flower against my manhood… which wasn’t hard yet because I just was not expecting her to do this in such a public space. I soon began to feel that familiar swelling and that delicious throb between my legs. My shaft did not take very long to get thumping rock hard, stretching its full length along her now very wet and juicy swollen lips.

I was flustered, and I was feeling very horny because Tania had never done anything like this before. We were giggling and kissing together, then I whispered gently in her ear and asked just how far she was going to go with this. With one very delicate and incredibly quick move she swiftly rose up, took her hand grabbing my cock to position it at the lips of her pussy and sunk down her full weight onto my pulsing rock solid cock swallowing it deep right up inside of her.

I could have flipped right there and then. Tania's dress was hiding everything, and to any on-lookers and all the people around us we were just kissing and sitting together… with Tania on top. She could not slide up and down on me because that would give the game away. Instead she just rocked back and forth every time she kissed me, grinding her pussy down hard on my full length. I squeezed my thighs to her rhythm as our delicious public fuck unfolded in front of everyone in the park. Occasionally she would hug me pulling my close with her arms wrapped around me as she adjusted a few subtle up and down movements, and sometimes she would make out like she was play dancing on my lap, bouncing around teasing my cock... fucking me in front of all to see.

It was so deliciously hot and I could feel my cock swelling up to the point of no return, as Tania rocked herself back and forth on me I squeezed my cock further up into her pussy until I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I exploded inside her and completely emptied my balls in about four or five massive jolts between my legs. I felt Tania go tight and quiver on top of me as my cock twitched and jerked inside of her delicate pussy, squirting all my creamy juice deep inside her deliciously tight and welcoming hot little cunt.

We sat there gasping for a few minutes but knew we had to get up and leave. In a commando style move we were up clothes sorted and on the move again. However as we walked from the park, it was plain to see that all my creamy cum was running down Tania’s legs and she was dripping with my juice. She laughed as we ran back home, hoping that no-one would see her wet legs covered with my come. What a fantastic day in the park. I often think of sweet smiling Tania, and the way she sat on my cock that day, and all of my creamy cum dripping down her sexy thighs.

Written by Fran Dessop ©