Dorm Encounter Part I - Part V

Info Ben43
11 Apr. '17

Part I

It is a calm and quiet night. I sit quietly at my desk at midnight, typing away on the computer. Due to the lateness of the hour, I have turned the lights out and the dull glow of the computer screen casts an almost eerie pallor onto the room.

Suddenly, out of the quiet darkness, a knock comes at the door. As the door is locked, I get up to see who it is. I look out the peephole and, to my great surprise, it is Jim, alone, and smiling. I immediately throw open the door.

Jim walks in and says, "I'm not disturbing you, am I?" I immediately answer, "No! Not at all. What are you doing here this late at night? Where's Kathy?" Jim seats himself in his customary seat on the couch and hesitates. As he slowly answers, I can tell that he is about to say something difficult. He looks me dead in the eyes and slowly says, "Kathy is at home asleep. I am here because my curiosity finally got the better of me, and I want to be with you.... you the way that you want."

Flabbergasted, I stare in disbelief and reply, trying to hide the excitement growing in my stomach, "Are you sure? Why now, and why me?"

Expectantly I wait for him to phrase his answer. "Why now? Because I'm just curious enough to do it. Why you? Because I love you and I want this to happen only with you."

I quickly reply, "I'm flattered, and eager to fulfill your wish, but I want you to really think about this before you jump in. You'll never be able to go back once you've started."

"What do you mean?" he asks.

"I mean that once you've committed to this, you can't say that you never did it. It's an accomplished fact once you start. That's not to say that I won't stop if you say so, but until you have begun to have sex with a man, you'll be able to say you haven't done it. Understand?"

"I've thought about it a lot, Andrew, and I know I'll never know what it's like until I do it, and I'll always be curious. I know that I love you, and I know you want me badly. We've talked about it a million times. I also know that this will be a major bonding between us that only we can share, and I'd like to have a part of you that no one else has."

"Well, do you have any rules or requests?" I ask eagerly, the love for this man building within me to the breaking point.

"My only request is that you take charge and love me like no other man you have loved."

With that, he came over behind the desk, took my hands from the keyboard where they lay immobile, and turned the computer off. Suddenly, the room was plunged into blackness. I let go of his hands and stumbled to the bedside table where I pulled out four votive candles. I placed them on the bedside table and lit them. I then went to the stereo, pulled out the soundtrack to "Somewhere in Time," and put it in the stereo turning the volume down low.

Jim and I met in the middle of the room and hugged ferociously. Our embrace, which began with great expression of need, evolved into a tender embrace full of the love we shared and the passion that was building within each of us. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it from his shoulders. He did the same to me. We stood, facing each other, naked to the waist. I began to trace circles with my fingers around his chest and nipples, reveling in the feel of his soft and smooth skin. I then unfastened his belt as he slipped out of his shoes and socks. Pulling his zipper down while looking him straight in the eyes, I removed his pants. I then took off my pants and shorts. I eased my fingers under the waistband of his jockeys, and slowly peeled the last article of clothing from him. As he stood, hesitant, I removed my shorts and shoes and we stood, finally, naked to the skin before each other.

Again we embraced, this time as our cocks wrestled with each other between us. My hands roamed all over his body, caressing and teasing as they went. Hesitant at first, Jim mimicked my actions. As he became more confident, his touch became not hesitant but insistent.

I bent my head and laid my lips over his. Our kiss was tentative and curious at first, but as the seconds passed, his lips opened to accept my tongue. I searched the caverns of his mouth with my tongue, and met no resistance. He kissed back, now full of passion, and our dueling tongues fought back and forth from my mouth to his.

Our cocks were now fully hard and becoming uncomfortable meshed between us. I led Jim by the hand to the bed and gently laid him down on his back. I lowered myself to the bed and lay myself along side of him, our hips and feet and shoulders touching.

I turned over onto my side and began caressing his entire body with my fingertips. I told him as I moved, "Don't do anything. Just lay back and let the feelings overwhelm you." He nodded and closed his eyes. I traced his eyes with my fingers, and then traced his mouth, dipping my finger inside. He sucked on my finger with the tenderness of a small child playing with a doll.

My hands moved to his chest where they circled his nipples and slightly pinched them. As my hands moved, his skin alive to the touch, he began quietly moaning. My hands roamed across his smooth chest and stomach and began playing with his pubic hair. I wrapped the hair in my fingers and gently tugged. This elicited louder moans from him as if he were trying to tell me that his cock was begging for attention.

I moved my head so that it was laying on his belly looking directly at his crotch. For the first time, I visually drank in the most perfectly formed cock I had ever seen. It was not short, but it was not long. What it lacked in length, it made up for dramatically in girth. His cock was tapered, and was incredibly think at the root. His cockhead was beautifully shaped. I caressed the length of his cock with my hands, jacking it in long luxurious caresses. With my other hand, I grasped his balls and lightly squeezed them.

My actions were taking their toll as he began to lift his ass into the air and whimper like a puppy. I slowly lowered my head to his cock, and drew it in. As my tongue swirled around the head, he began moaning in earnest now. His hands, which, up to this point had remained motionless at his sides, grasped my hair and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. Although it was thick, I slowly eased down on it until his angelic pubic hair was scratching my nose. I slowly withdrew and began sucking him in earnest. I dove onto the shaft with the skill of an experienced fellator, and rode his cock with my mouth, tongue and throat for all it was worth. I could tell that he was close to coming, so I eased off and began to suck first one and then both of his balls into my mouth. As they rolled around my tongue, Jim began writhing on the bed almost uncontrollably.

I lifted his balls out of the way and began to teasingly lick the cord of flesh between his balls and asshole. I think he knew where I was going, because he raised his hips off the bed and parted his legs to give me better access. As my tongue tickled across his asshole, he clutched my ears with great force. I began swirling my tongue around his asshole repeatedly, drawing shivers and moans from him. I eased my tongue into his asshole and he began bucking like a wild horse as I toungefucked him.

Seeing that he was reaching the uncontrollable stage of orgasm, I quickly returned to his cock and swooped down onto it taking it to the hilt. I sucked hard and earnestly and as he began bucking again, he whispered, "I'm going to blow, Andrew. I'm going to blow!" Happy with the progress of his impending orgasm, I sucked harder and harder. Finally, without any warning at all, floods of semen filled my mouth. I swallowed what I could, but he came with such force that some of his semen dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. He kept coming and coming until finally the spurts became gentle and I was able to continue to drink him in. As his orgasm subsided, I laid back and licked the cum from my lips and chin, savoring each drop of the fluid.

As our breathing came back to normal, he rolled over and said, "God. That was the greatest orgasm I've ever had in my life. I love you, Andrew." With that, he kissed me long and deep, tasting his semen for the first time.

The passion of the kiss reawoke his cock which now stood at attention again. He looked me deep in the eyes as his hands roamed my chest and said, "Can I fuck you?" I looked him back in the eye as my hands caressed his face, and said, "I would love nothing more in the whole world."

I leaned over to the bedside table drawer and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. As I applied it to my fingers, he told me to wait. He climbed over my body until he was face to face with my raging hardon. He took my cock to the root in a flash and sucked gently for a while, driving me nearly crazy. He parted my legs as his tongue traced a line from my cock to my asshole and he tentatively licked at my hole. This made me wild with passion, and as he stuck his tongue in and out of my asshole, I thought I was going to explode. Reaching for the KY, he greased his own finger up and began applying the cool jelly to the insides of my ass. The jelly did not do much to quench the fires burning in my asshole, but the anticipation of having that thick, beautiful cock plunging in and out of my ass sent my mind reeling.

He put the tube aside and laid down on top of me. Our cocks, slippery from our mouths and the KY he had applied to his throbbing member, slid against each other creating total bliss in my mind. He bent down and kissed me deeply and as we kissed, he raised his hips and pushed my legs up above his shoulders.

I felt his cockhead at my back door, and wiggled in anticipation. He slowly pushed his cockhead into my ass, sliding effortlessly into the tight warm confines of my ass. He buried his cock in my ass and lay back down on top of me, smiling as he felt his manhood fill me completely. Slowly and teasingly, he began pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. I was in ecstasy. My whole body was alive with fire, and the passion building within me was growing to heights I have never before achieved with anyone including myself. His fucking increased steadily until he was literally pounding in and out of my ass, oblivious of me and in tune with his own feelings. With one hand, he reached down and began furiously jacking my cock, replacing my busy hands. The fever of our lovemaking soared, and just as I thought I could hold out no longer and began to blow my seed all over both of us, I felt his powerful orgasm blast into my ass. I felt his sperm shoot into the deepest depths of my ass, and I cried out in anguish as I took his second and more powerful load into my body.

He bent down and took my spewing member in his mouth, swallowing the final blasts of my orgasm. Our pulses raced, and I could feel his as his arms engulfed me in the most fantastic kiss I have ever experienced. It went on for many minutes, our tongue dueling with each other exchanging our fluids as they fought.

Finally, we became still, his enormous cock still lodged in my ass. We embraced and rolled together into a ball and lightly caressed and kissed each others' bodies as our pulses slowed to normal.

We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, our cocks soft and spent between us. We were covered from head to toe in cum.

A while later, I awoke to find him staring at me with an expression I can only describe as pure love. I looked at him and knew that he had enjoyed making love with me as much as I had with him. We kissed again, this time slowly and deeply, and fell back asleep.

We awoke in the early hours of dawn, and made love again, this time slowly and passionately. As we reached simultaneous climax, we were as close to being at one with the other as humanly possible. The thoughts running through my head were of such great love I thought my heart would burst. We cuddled as the sun rose, and then got up and went to shower. We returned to the room, kissed and embraced again for several minutes, and dressed for school.

As Jim was sitting on the couch putting on his shoes, he looked up and said to me, "That was the most incredible night I have ever spent with anyone. Thank you for making my first experience with a man such a great one."

I smiled from across the room and said, "As often as I have had sex with me, I have never felt what I felt last night. I don't know if this was a one time thing or not, and if it is I will be content to know that I have had it. The memory of truly loving you will fill my heart and mind forever. But if this is something that you don't want to repeat, I will understand."

Jim stood up, came over to me, ran his hands through my hair and kissed me tenderly and passionately. "I need to think about all this before I answer that. Kathy and I love each other very much, our sex is great, and I am not willing to give that up. But what we had last night, you and I, wildly surpasses anything I have ever felt before. I love you, Andrew, and I know you know that. I enjoyed what happened too much, really. But I'm just not sure about doing it again. It was such a beautiful experience I'd hate to try to repeat it and fail. We'll talk some more about it later."

With that, he hugged me close, kissed me long and hard, and left my room. I stood in the middle of the room not wanting to let go of the incredible feeling my soaring heart was experiencing. I closed the door, hugged myself and smiled. It had been all I ever dreamed of and more. I sat on the bed, still smiling, undid my pants, and beat myself furiously to climax reliving every moment of our night together.

I then dressed, smiling to myself as I did so, and headed out to class.

Part II

It was late, about midnight as I recall. I was just sitting down to study since, as a Resident Assistant, I got very little done during the evening. I had just turned the stereo on to some relaxing music, Kitaro I think, when one of my residents barged into my room.

Steve was totally buck naked and dripping wet. Once he had closed the door, I asked if anything was wrong. He replied, somewhat testily, that someone had stolen his towel from the shower room. He was livid! I don't even think he noticed that he was naked.

I offered him a towel saying, "Dry off. You're making a mess." He did, and then put the towel in my hamper. He then sat on my bed, still naked, and asked what I was doing.

In the habit of teasing my residents, I replied that I was going to study unless he could suggest something else. This particular guy was too cute for words. Small, hairless for the most part, blond, big baby blue eyes.... you know the type. Having seen him naked just now, I could also see that his daddy had been good to him in the dick department.

Much to my surprise, Steve put his hands over his face and started sobbing. I sat on the bed next to him and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. In my softest voice, I asked what the problem was. He was slow to reply as he was quite choked with sobbing, but he got it out eventually.

"Andrew, I didn't get my towel stolen. It's still in the shower room. I came in here because I wanted to talk to you. I think I am interested in men, but I am scared to find out if I am or not. I figured since you were so open about being gay, I could talk to you."

"What makes you think you are attracted to men?" I asked. "I thought you had a steady girlfriend."

"Sure," he replied. "Sarah is great. But I can't make myself have sex with her. I just can't make myself touch her. I can't... you know... I can't...."

"You can't get it up?" I asked.

"Yeah. It just doesn't feel good. Does that mean I am gay?"

"Not necessarily. Have you ever thought about loving a man?"

"Yeees," he shyly replied. "And I thought...maybe...."

"That maybe we could try it out?" I asked. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea. What if what we do does make you happy, and you decide to become gay and maybe you're not supposed to be?"

Steve looked me straight in the eyes and said, "That's my choice, I suppose. All I know right now is that I want you to show me how to make love to a man. Right here, right now."

I looked down and discovered that his beautiful cock had risen to full height, about seven delicious inches, and was waving furiously in his lap. I reached down and put my hand around it. He jumped slightly. "Must be the first time someone else has touched it," I thought to myself. I took my hand away, and turned his face towards mine, locking my lips over his. His kiss was tentative at first, exploring, cautious. Soon, though, he had parted his lips and was swiping the inside of my mouth with his young tongue. Our tongues battled furiously, fighting each other in passionated love. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed me to the bed, still kissing his heart out. I broke the kiss, gasping, and said, "Hold on kiddo. Let me get out of my clothes.

I stood up and quickly shed my t-shirt and shorts. my eight inch cock sprang out of my shorts like a prisoner let free from a cell. I joined Steve back in the bed, lying prone on top of him. Our cocks rubbed together causing intense frictional pleasure as my tongue again found his willing mouth. We rolled on the bed for several long minutes, kissing hugging and thrashing our legs and arms around each other in a frenzied passion.

I finally had to come up for air, and I sat up on the bed. I told Steve to lay back and relax, and do nothing. He complied, closing his eyes and putting his arms by his sides.

I began kissing his forehead, and slowly worked my way down his face, stopping to tongue fight for a brief second. I traced his neck and adam's apple with my tongue and then swirled around each nipple, causing them to harden immediately. I lightly nipped at each nipple, causing Steve to moan slightly.

My tongue then travelled down to his navel, across his tight and smooth stomach, and found his cock. Slowly, with the grace of an English monarch, I traced the length and girth of his cock as he began writhing in passion. His hips lifted slightly, indicating that more intense adoration of his manmeat was in order. I swallowed the shaft in a couple of easy strokes and began worshiping his tool with all my energy. My hands alternated between fondling his tight ballsac and roaming his smooth chest. I tweaked nipples as I passed by, all the while sucking my heart out. He was really getting into it bouncing up and down and crying my name over and over.

"Oh, God. That feels so good. Don't stop. Please, keep sucking. Oh Christ!" was all he could manage. I kept sucking, eager to taste the nectar of my sweet little man. I was soon rewarded as He pushed firmly upwards and blasted several long shots of semen down my throat. His was the sweetest semen I had ever tasted, and I relished each tangy drop. I let the final few shots hit my face, and fell down, exhausted, atop him. I inserted my tongue in his mouth, and he swabbed my mouth tasting his own semen. He then licked my face clean, smiling all the while and running his hands up and down my back.

I moved down his body, still kissing and licking until I had reached his balls. I think he knew what was coming because he lifted his legs up in the air. My tongue traced a line from his balls to the opening of his anus, and swirled around and around. This drove him crazy, so I sucked on a finger and rammed it in his hole quickly. I began moving it around his chute, and ultimately must have hit the pleasure spot because he literally screamed, "Fuck me, man. Fuck me, please. Fuck me!"

Only too happy to oblige, I offered him my throbbing prick for lubing. He swallowed the shaft awkwardly, but like a dog takes to water, he quickly developed some fine cocksucking skills. Once my rod was slippery, I pulled out and placed the tip at the entrance to his tunnel. Slowly, almost painfully, I sank into him. He tensed at first, breathing only slightly, but once I was in and held still for a minute, he let out his breath and pushed back on my cock. I pulled out and slowly sank back in, relishing in the soft tight hole. He was moaning loudly, crying and laughing at the same time.

"I knew it would be like this. Oh, God, keep fucking. Don't stop. Don't ever stop. Oh Shit that feels so fucking goddamn good!" he repeated over and over again.

I fucked him slowly at first, building speed and intensity over several long, delicious minutes until he was bouncing all over the bed, we were both shouting, and sweat was flying all over the place. The crescendo came when I shot my pent-up creamy load up his chute in such a force that I even surprised my seasoned self. I came and came and came until I thought my cock was going to fall off, shouting all the while, "Here it is, you fucking stud! Take my load! Take it! Take it!"

Finally, my cock having subsided, it slipped from his hole, bringing with it a flood of semen that just wouldn't fit. I sat back on my haunches and tried to catch my breath. We looked at each other, our hands meeting mid air, and I said, "I think you might just have some potential, my man!"

Suddenly, thunderous applause broke out from behind us, and we turned in shock to find several of the other guys on the floor standing there in the doorway, fists around cocks, shooting all over my floor. They were cheering and smiling, and the only thing I could think of to say was, "Don't waste it on the floor! Steve and I could use another meal at least!"

Part III

Steve and I had just finished a masterful lovemaking session only to find that several other men on the floor were standing in the doorway jacking cum all over the floor.....

I was the first to speak. "Holy shit, guys! Don't waste that precious cum! Come over here and let me and Steve work those loads out!"

John, Sam and Scott looked at each other sheepishly. John became the spokesman for the group saying, "Well, God-- we're not gay like you two lovebirds. We just got hot watching you get off."

I replied, somewhat coyly, "Well, sure. But you seemed to really enjoy it judging from what's all over my floor, man!"

With that, all three shucked what remained of their clothing, closed the door, and sat next to each other on the bed. Steve looked at me, I looked at him, and we both dove into two laps. I sucked John's root to the base and he grabbed my head and began pulling my ears and hair. I glanced sideways and saw that Steve was giving admirable service to Sam who had thrown his head back and was moaning in pleasure. Scott appeared to be content to watch as he had his fist wrapped around his throbbing cock, precum leaking from the slit like water from a leaky faucet.

The sucking got intense. Steve and I were milking these two magnificent cocks for all they were worth, bouncing up and down and fondling balls as we went. I began to feel that Scott might need some attention, so I moved over and swallowed him to the hilt. He screamed in ecstasy and pushed my head down further. I sucked for all it was worth, while at the same time running my hands over his chest. His broad and smooth pectoral muscles caused my hands to sing with rejoicing in having found such a splendid example of young manhood.

There was little noise as the sucking continued. I was just about to start wondering what had happened to John when I felt a tentative lick on my cockhead. I looked down to find John laying on his back, his lips wrapped around my cockhead, bluntly and inexperiencedly sucking me off. I pushed my cock further into his mouth as he muffled a groan. His left hand was busy pumping his rockhard prick and his other hand found the entrance to my asschute. Tentatively at first, then boldly, he stuck his index finger up my chute and prodded around inside. When his finger reached and caressed my prostate gland, I immediately filled his mouth with my sweet nectar. He swallowed quickly, and as I looked down again, I saw that he had managed to grab almost the entire load, only a trickle escaped from his mouth. Watching his hand flail on his rod made me feel guilty, so I stopped sucking Scott and turned and sat right down on John's prick. He moaned in delight and began humping his hips upward, meeting every downward plunge of my tight moist ass. We were oblivious to the other guys as we met in a frenzied cadence that defied all logic and fucked with everything we had. I was quickly rewarded with blast after blast of hot searing cum shooting deep within me. As his cum subsided, I fell of him and lay on the floor trying to catch my breath.

Steve and the others had watched our fucking with great interest. Steve, apparently eager to plugged again, yelled, "Somebody shove it to me NOW!" Scott, only too happy to oblige, stood, bent Steve over the edge of the bed, and ran his sword straight into Steve's ass. Steve howled in delight and met the thrust head on. Soon they were fucking up a storm. Sam, apparently feeling left out and feeling the moment, stood and sank his shaft into Scott's unlubed virgin ass. Scott screamed in agony and Sam began to withdraw. Scott reached around, grabbed Sam's hips, and drew him in saying, "Don't stop. Oh, God it feels so good!"

Soon the three had reached a cadence that was comfortable. Steve and Sam basically stood still and Scott bounced back and forth between them. The grunting and groaning reached a new height and John and I were getting hard watching them. I flipped John over on his back, pulled his legs up and over my shoulders, and sank my tongue into his sweet asshole. I swabbed around, lubing him up as he squirmed in delight, making sweet cooing noises. Impatiently, he pulled at my hair, urging me to complete the act. Needing no further encouragement, I sank all eight inches into him slowly and seductively, relishing in each gained inch as his ass submitted to and clung to my throbbing aching hardon. I slowly began moving in and out of him, creating the most sublime friction I've experienced in a while. His ass was hotter than hell, and tight as a glove. It was tremendous. He was bucking his ass trying to meet each thrust as we finally found our rhythm and began fucking in earnest.

Looking over to the others, I noticed that the heat of the moment was upon them as sweat flung out in all directions and they were yelling at the top of their lungs and panting. Suddenly, Sam tensed and shot what looked to a huge load up Scott's ass. This apparently triggered Scott's internal mechanism as he began moaning and shooting into Steve. Steve, not to be outdone, stood up, the two men still attached to him, and showered John and myself with cum. We licked the raindrop type shots off of ourselves, enjoying the creamy semen.

Just as all this was happening, my dick slipped from John's ass and began wildly spraying John and myself with the biggest load I ever shot. Gob after gob of creamy white spunk shot out and covered the two of us. I lay down on top of him and slid around in my semen, finding his cock with my hands and milking it for another delicious load.

The three musketeers had calmed down and were sitting on the bed watching us, tasting their semen from each other's bodies and jacking their still hard cocks. I suggested that they join us on the floor.

Having not tasted Sam yet I swallowed his raging cock to the root, sucking and tasting this sweet boy. Sam reached out for the nearest throbber, John's and swallowed him. The others got the idea and soon we were sucking each other in a crude daisy chain all over the floor. Each was sucking and being sucked, and the sounds and smells coming from the floor were intense, better than any artificial high I had ever experienced. We were all really into the scene, sucking and thrusting.

Almost as if ordered, we began a chain reaction of ejaculations that literally went around the circle. Each of us attempted to swallow the load we were being fed, and when we each in turn reached capacity, the remaining load was shot into the middle of the circle until there was quite a puddle of semen in the middle of the floor. I was shaking and freaking from the experience, and without knowing what I was really doing, I crawled from the heap of manflesh to the puddle and began lapping it up like a little kitten. One by one, each guy came to me and kissed me deeply, taking away a sample of the mixed sperm until my mouth was dry, and we were all laying on the floor atop one another exhausted.

No one spoke for some time. Finally, John said, "Never in a million years did I think I would have done something like this, but Goddamn it to Hell it was GREAT!"

Several of the others echoed his thoughts, and soon we began getting up and getting dressed to the extent possible to head to the showers. Only Steve remained, and he took my hand and pulled me to the bed where we fell onto it, wrapped our arms around each other, kissed deeply, and fell asleep.

Part IV

My position as Resident Assistant afforded me the opportunity to be quite involved in the managment of my dorm. Though I had a supervisor, he was inept at best, and all four hundred men in the building knew where to come when they had problems or concerns. In addition, I found myself repeatedly getting involved with staff members from other departments that supported Housing efforts: groundskeepers, custodial staff, maintenence men, and the like. Every so often, when confronted with a situation with one of these type people, my professionalism as a Resident Assistant gave way to sheer animalistic lust where the other person was concerned.

One such occasion happened close to the beginning of my third year on staff. The dorm I work and live in is somewhat isolated from the rest of the residence halls and as such, we get forgotten every now and then on the routine groundswork cycles. Several of my residents had complained of the inordinately large amount of trash that had blown from the street into our "yard" and had asked what could be done about getting it cleaned up. I called the Physical Plant and told them of our dilemma and they said they would send someone to talk to me. Our physical plant always talks first... never in a million years will I understand why so many people have to discuss a simple problem before it is solved, but hey!

An hour later, I was roaming the halls trying to find a couple of residents I hadn't seen in a few days and was worried about. I had my nametag on and as I approached the main lobby, I saw the most incredible looking young guy standing there looking totally lost. Though he didn't have the standard PPD uniform on, the gloves sticking out of his pocket gave him away. I approached him, introduced myself, and asked if I could help him.

He smiled as our hands met and told me that he was new and that the PPD had sent him to talk to "the RA in charge" about the garbage on the lawn. I told him I was the right person and took him outside. We stood on the front steps in the sunshine and I showed him what I was talking about. Not having been outside in several hours, I was surprised to find that the temperature had soared during the early afternoon to a roasting 85 degrees. I told him if he got tired or hot, to stop by my room as I had some cokes in the fridge. He said that would be great, and started collecting the garbage.

I went back to my room and sat on the bed. I started thinking about this guy, and the more I thought about him, the more I wanted him. I got up and looked out the window. There he was, facing away from me, bent over picking up trash from the grass. As he stood up, I studied him carefully. He was tall, thin, and had broad muscular shoulders. As he was in shorts, I was able to see the incredible definition in his perfectly tapered legs, devoid, for the most part of hair. His hair was long and blond, and hung below his shoulder blades. It was perfectly straight, and shone in the sunlight like tv commerical hair people's does. He turned as I watched in awe and saw me watching him. He smiled, waved, and continued to work, this time facing me. Each time he bent his hair fell over his face and he would swish it back as he stood up again. His face was rugged, handsome and chiselled. He was incredibly tanned for this time of year, and I could not help but drop a hand to my expanding crotch and give it a caress or two.

He looked up again, and seeing that I was still watching, slowly peeled his tight-fitting t-shirt off. His chest was truly a sight to behold. Smooth, incredibly defined pecs glistened with sweat. His armpits were peppered with light blond hair that looked as soft as cotton candy. Each nipple was a work of art in its own right, small, taut, brown, hairless. A thin trail of hair led from him navel to the secret treasures within his shorts. He began flexing more as he moved, obviously enjoying the show he was giving me. I was rapt. I couldn't move. I had never seen anything so incredibly gorgeous in my life. He could have easily posed for a gay mag and put most of the models to shame. God, what an incredible hunk!

He worked away from my view, and I sat back down on the bed trying to decide what to do with my raging hardon. I sat for a moment rubbing it through my pants fantasizing about this man I knew absolutely nothing about. Just as I was about to pull my boner out and make love to it with my fists, a tentative knock sounded at the door. Composing myself quickly, I squeaked,"Come in!"

The door opened and the object of my fantasies walked in. He tossed his shirt on the chair next to my desk and asked if the coke offer was still good. With shaking hands, I got it for him and gave it to him, motioning him to have a seat on the bed.

He sat and drank in silence. He looked around my room carefully as if casing the joint, and stopped moving when he reached my bulletin board. My bulletin board has a collage of naked men on it. It's about five feet wide and four feet tall, and is completely covered with tasteful centerfolds from some back issues of my favorite fist mags. Naturally, no cocks are showing, and it is rather artful in presentation. He seemed enamored.

I couldn't help myself. I was staring at him with all my might, trying to memorize every square inch of him for future fantasizing. I didn't even realize he had spoken until he touched my arm gently.

"Wha...What...?" I stammered.

"Those are some really hot looking dudes, man. I would love to make it with some of them." he said matter of factly.

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. I stammered around for a few seconds and then, figuring honesty is the best policy, asked if he wanted to do me. He didn't answer with words, but got up, locked the door, and dropped his shorts in one fell swoop. There was nothing between them and his cock which quickly arched to its full nine and a half inches. As if lead by his cock, he approached the bed, grabbed my head, opened my mouth by force and stuck that monster penis right down my throat. God it was wonderful. He tasted lightly of sweat and heavily of pure man. His cock was veined in just the right places, providing my tongue interesting places to follow and trace. His cockhead was enormous, completely round, and smooth as a baby's butt. He pushed in and out with a sense of urgency I was not about to deny, and just as I was really getting comfortable with this monster meat in my mouth, he began cumming. Load after creamy, delicious load shot down my greedy throat. I couldn't hold it all, and it began running down my chin. He reached down, wiped it off my chin and slurped it off his fingers. I was so fucking hot I couldn't stand it. I stood up, stripped, got on the bed in a dog stance and yelled, "Fuck me now, fuck me hard, fuck me forever. Just do it!"

Not to be shy, he quickly climbed up on the bed and in one swift stroke, mounted me to the hilt. Never have I felt so full so quickly. It was pure bliss. Every inch of my ass canal was singing the praises of the incredible totem pole that had plunged into it. In and out, in and out, in and out he stroked, finding rhythm quickly and smoothly. He fucked as one with lots of practice, finding new and far-reaching parts of my ass as he pushed and pulled within me. I reached down and jacked my dripping cock feverishly, enjoying every single second of the excruciating pain/pleasure I was experiencing.

Apparently bored with the position, he flipped us over and went at me while I was on my back, staring up at this sweating heaving man who was putting such effort into this masterful fuck. He brushed my hands from my throbbing oozing cock and took over, beating me in sync with the cadence of his fucking. Then, he amazed the shit out of me by bending over and swallowing my cock whole as if it were an easy feat. I was in total bliss. Every nerve of my body was shouting and screaming with pure animal, lustful joy.

Sensing that we were both close, he sucked and fucked with a pace that made me dizzy, and as I felt the first spasm of my cock hit the depths of his throat, he began unloading his creamy sticky jism into my ass by the gallon. We both came for what seemed an eternity, panting, groaning, and moaning, until finally, with almost no energy left, he pulled out and met my mouth with his, feeding me slowly my own creamy load. We kissed for what seemed like hours until our hearts had stopped beating.

We lay there quietly, fondling each others' now dwindling cocks. His fingers found my ass and swiped a fingerful of his cum for me to taste. The combination of his semen and the bung-taste of my ass sent me to new heights and I shook with delight as he continued to feed me.

Finally, totally spent, he rolled off the bed, toweled dry and put his shirt and shorts back on. It was only then that I noticed that he had never removed his shoes! He asked if he could come work outside my window again, and you bet I replied to the affirmative!

I stood looking out the window as he headed back to the Physical Plant. I was tired, sore and sticky, but I felt like nothing in the world could get me down!

Every now and then, as I sit at my desk by the window, I get this feeling that I am being watched. Sure enough, my groundskeeper lover is there outside the window with an inquisitive look on his face. I motion for him to come in, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Part V

Once a year, usually in the spring, the Director of Housing makes his annual rounds through my building. This is a time, much like in the military I am sure, that everything has to be perfect. I had spent days and nights coaching the new RA's and my supervisor, the idiot Graduate Resident on exactly what to do and what to say. Certain contraband items had to be hidden and all the paperwork that had accumulated during the quarter had to be caught up and filed.

I had worked through the night catching up on all this bureaucratic bullshit and was exhausted. I got up from a quick two hour sleep, showered, dressed and went down to the office. The secretary alerted me that Dr. Smith was on his way.

Let me stop here and tell you a little about Dr. Smith. He is one of those go-getters that rose to the top of the bucket rather quickly. He is 32, tall, incredibly handsome in a preppy sort of way, and though he reeks of authority, he is quite friendly. I had dealt with him several times in the past on housing related matters, and to my satisfaction, he agreed with me more than not. As such, I was looking forward to showing off my building to him since he knew very well that I was in charge here and that the GR was just a puppet.

I waited for a few minutes chatting with the secretary, and then began roaming the halls in search of the Director. As I was turning the corner to check back with the office again, I saw him coming up the walk. I immediately went to him, shook his hand and said, "Welcome to Swanson Hall, sir!"

"Hello, Andrew" he replied. "You're certainly looking professional this morning!"

"Yes, Sir. I try to look the part I am playing whenever I can. Would you care for some coffee?"

"No, thank you. Why don't we get on with the tour? I have several other buildings to visit before lunchtime. Where is the GR?"

"He is taking a test this morning and has asked me to escort you around the building."

"That doesn't surprise me," Dr. Smith replied. "Lead the way, Andrew!"

Dr. Smith and I walked the length of each hallway, peeking into doors that were open. He smiled and said hello to residents who I had strategically placed throughout the building that I trusted to present a proper image to him. He seemed impressed with the facilities and the people who lived in them. We ended up at the office, and I began opening file drawers for his inspection. He waved his arm, as if a Sultan, and said, "I've no need to examine your files. I am well versed in your talents as a clerk. There is one other thing I need to see, before I move on."

"What is that?" I inquired.

"In all my years here, I've yet to see what the RA rooms in this building look like. I am in the process of evaluating living spaces for staff members, and was wondering if I could see an RA room."

"Well, Sir, I am the only staff member in the building at the moment, but I must warn you that my room is not terribly neat at the moment."

"Oh, that's OK. I'm not particularly interested in your room's contents. I just want to see the structural layout of the room, and check the furniture."

I wasn't exactly sure where this was leading, but I had my suspicions. Every person on staff knew I was gay, and we have all wondered about Dr. Smith. He has no wife, lives alone, and is rarely seen in public other than on campus. So, I lead the way, somewhat apprehensively, to my room down the hall from the office.

I keyed in, stepped aside, pushed the door open and waved the Director in. Once in, he waved me in, and pulled the door behind him and locked it! Holy Shit! Now I was more than certain that something interesting was about to happen.

I turned towards the Director and looked at him inquisitively, and asked, "Well, what do you think?" His eyes swept the room quickly, and stopped dead in their tracks on the wall with all my naked men. He looked at me, sneered a bit, and said, "Let's not beat around the bush. I don't have much time, but I bet you'd be interested in a little action."

"Well, Sir," I replied somewhat cautiously. "It's no secret that you are the best looking administrator on campus. I've often fantasized about making love to you."

"Well, then," he said, "Let's do it!" With that he quickly disrobed and stood in all his glory before me as I shucked my duds. He was a specimen! Six feet tall, dark hair, incredibly toned though not terribly muscular. He had long tapered legs that made me want to scream in lust, and had just enough hair on his body to prove he was a man. Perhaps the most stunning part of him was his cock. I'm guessing at least seven inches long and so thick it looked like a beer can! It was nestled among what looked like downy-soft hair and hanging below were the most incredibly edible looking testicles I have ever seen. Each was a work of art-- huge, smooth and pulsing just slightly. His ballsac was completely devoid of hair. In all, I was overcome with lust!

I knelt in front of my boss, and started licking his huge cockhead. Trying to swallow his pole proved a task for someone with a much bigger jaw, but I did my best. He didn't seem to mind that I couldn't take it all and was running his long fingers through my hair and moaning audibly. I continued to suck, running my tongue up and down his shaft. The veins that lined his cock were now beginning to really bulge, and my tongue sang its praises as it glided up and down. He was leaking precum copiously into my mouth, and I savored each drop as it melted down my throat.

My hands found his tight, smooth ass and began kneading his cheeks. He moaned louder when my long bony index finger found his asshole, and I sunk it in quickly and effortlessly, discovering that he had lubed his ass recently. I looked up inquisitively at his face, which was contorting in pleasure, and he smiled and said that he had prepared himself just in case this was to happen.

I stood up and wrapped my arms around this gorgeous sexy man, and we kissed hungrily. I tasted the raw sensuality of the man as our tongues battled for territory. We broke away only when we were about to turn blue from lack of oxygen and threw ourselves still joined on the bed. Somehow I ended up on the bottom of him and he began licking and kissing his way to my cock. Without warning he swallowed the entire length of my root in one fell swoop and applied intense vacuum-like suction to it. I was in total heaven. My hips bounced up and down so hard that I am sure I was hurting him, but he grunted in pleasure with each thrust. Somewhat without warning, my cock just unloaded every ounce of sperm it had saved up since my last cum. Gallons of spunk flooded into Dr. Smith's mouth and to my surprise, he drank it down like milk.

When my cock had subsided, he let go of it and began tonguing my asscheeks. Drawing closer and closer to its target, his tongue licked and caressed the area around my hole. I was so caught up in the intensity of the moment that I didn't even hear myself shouting, "Fuck me you goddamned tease!! Fuck me until I scream, you studfucker!"

With little hesitation, he aimed that massive cockhead at my hole and began slowly pushing in. The pain was intense and I grunted as his cock advanced each little inch. Finally he had speared my ass with his entire shaft and he settled in to fucking the utter shit out of me. Slowly at first, then building in pressure and speed, his cock moved within me making music with the walls of my ass. Each time his bulbous head hit my prostate I whined loudly. Each time his shaft sounded its depth I moaned. I was writhing on the bed, thrashing my head back and forth, and moaning unintelligible garbage at this stud who was raping my mancunt with such expertise.

After a lengthy pillage of my ass, he began shooting. Gob after gob after gob of creamy white spunk bathed the hot walls of my ass, cooling them off. I moaned as I felt within me each new spurt hit the depths of my ass.

Spent, he lay on top of me, his mammoth cock still inside me but losing his erection. Our mouths met and we kissed silently for some time until his cock plopped out of my hole followed by a virtual river of his semen. I reached my hand down and scooped a small puddle from the bed and brought it to our dueling tongues. We shared the wonder of the stuff and pushed it back and forth until we each had a mouthful to swallow.

Dr. Smith got up and wiped his cock clean. I gave it a few playful licks as he did so, and soon he was hard again. I quickly brought him to orgasm and allowed him to shoot all over my chest so that I could lick it off later and savor the experience.

We didn't talk much while he dressed. I lay on the bed, utterly spent, cum dripping from my face, my chest, and my ravaged asshole. I smiled as I watched him return to the professional look I was used to. In his Director tone of voice he said, "Your building will receive the highest rating. I hope you will come to me with any problems and concerns in the future."

I smiled wearily and said, "You can count on seeing me more often, Sir. Thanks for showing me what authority is all about in this department."

"No problem. I felt it worth my time to spend some extra time with you, Andrew. I think you have a real potential in Student Personnel." With that, he winked and was gone. I fell asleep almost immediately, and woke many hours later to find that I was still covered with his spunk. I licked it off, jumped in the shower, and continued with my day.