Dorm Encounter Part VI - Part X

Info Ben43
11 Apr. '17

Part VI

Programming has always been something that I'm good at. I seem to have the knack for creating entertaining and worthwhile stuff for my residents that is not the run-of-the-mill "here's someone who is going to babble about safe sex for an hour" kind of presentation.

I had spent some time trying to come up with a social kind of program for the six or seven men staying over break. I wanted to give them something fun to do that would alleviate their boredom during the evening. What I hit upon was an informal gathering in the lounge where we could play some games, eat some pizza, drink a few beers, and perhaps peruse a movie.

I posted a flyer in the bathroom (the best place to communicate with everyone!) and made arrangements to get some food delivered.

That evening, at the appointed time, I was surprised to find all eight men still on the hall in the lounge, salivating. Right behind me came the pizza man with several steaming pizzas. We devoured them and the additional munchies that I had brought in no time at all. Someone suggested a movie, and we put The Godfather on. We turned out the lights and relaxed on the comfortable furniture and enjoyed the movie. By the time it was over, a couple of the guys had fallen asleep. They got up when I turned the lights on and went to sleep. That left me, Steve, Brad, Clark and Eric. We sat and stared at each other for a while, and after a lengthy pause, I said, "OK, fellas. What are we going to do now?"

Steve suggested that we play a game, and I began listing all the board games we had in the office. None sounded terribly interesting, though, and we just stared at each other. Suddenly, as if inspired, Brad yelled, "What was that game we used to play as kids? Was it Truth or Dare?"

Clark echoed, "Yeah! That was a cool game! Let's play!"

I looked at all four of them in turn with a question mark face. Each nodded almost gravely-- it was comical and eerie all at the same time. Once I realized that everyone wanted to play, I motioned for them to join me on the floor in a circle. We all sat facing each other and sat nervously. I told them that each would get a chance to challenge all four of the others and that everyone had to take this seriously.

Steve started by looking at Brad. "Truth or Dare?" he said. Brad replied "Truth, man." "OK...." started Steve. "Have you ever had sex with a girl?"

Brad immediately spat out "Sure, man! Are you kidding?"

Then Steve looked at Eric. "Truth or Dare?" Eric looked straight at Steve and said "Truth."

Steve thought for a moment and said, "Have you ever had sexual thoughts for a man?" There was a long pause. Time seemed to drag out. Finally, Eric answered meekly "Yes. Yes, I have."

Steve finished his round with much the same innocuous questions until Clark began his turn. After asking me if I had ever tasted my own semen and I had replied yes, he looked at Eric and said, "Truth or Dare?"

Eric said "Truth" and appeared to hold his breath.

"This is a two-parter, man. Second round questions are allowed to be two-parters, right?" Everyone nodded. "What I want to know, then, is (a) if those sexual thoughts you've had about men were about anyone on our floor, and (b)if so, who?"

The electricity in the room rose unbearably. Suddenly this was not such an innocent game. We all looked expectantly at Eric who was, at this point, sweating bullets. "C'mon, guys. This isn't fair!" he wailed.

"We all agreed to do this, man. You can't back out now!" I replied.

"Okay, okay, let me think a minute, then," Eric mumbled.

We waited in silence for a few seconds and then Eric spoke. "At first, I was not sure who I was interested in. There are several very handsome guys on our floor. I started lusting after several of you guys even though I assume you are all straight. I've narrowed my lust down these past few weeks to two guys. Now don't get pissed, but one is Clark and the other is Andrew."

No one spoke for a few seconds, then seeing that it could get out of hand, I said, "Well, frankly I'm flattered, Eric. I think it's cool."

"Yeah, me too, man. No sweat," said Clark.

Brad looked around and said, "This is making me horny. Why don't you blow me, Eric?"

I looked at Brad with shock and said, "Jesus, Brad. The man just told you a deep dark secret and you are trying to make him feel worse? You should be shot!"

"Oh, man, I'm sorry. I'm just so horny I can't stand it. Hey, Eric, I DARE you to eat this...." and with that he whipped out his monster cock, the cock I had seen earlier in the showers and beat off over.

Eric looked around helplessly, but grinned and said, "What the fuck.... a buddy in need is a buddy in need!" With that he crawled across the circle and swallowed Brad to the hilt. Brad, somewhat surprised that Eric had actually been so bold, let his hands fall to his sides and moaned. "Oh, shit, Eric. That feels great."

We were all enjoying the show. I could see big bulges all around the circle, and several hands crept secretly to caress what lay beneath those mounds. I felt a little bolder and took my aching cock from the confines of my jeans and began jacking. Steve looked at me questioningly and I nodded. He scooted over and swallowed my cock with the practice he had gained earlier in the week. I turned myself around and pushed his shorts and jock down and took his rockhard cock down my throat.

Clark seemed to be the only one who was alone, and he was apparently pretty nervous. I saw him eyeing all this hot action out of the corner of my eyes and stopped sucking Steve long enough to say, "Why don't you drop those drawers and join in, Clark? You've got nothing to lose!"

Clark stood up and shucked his clothes off and stood totally naked, towering over the four of us sucking so madly. He suggested we form a chain, and with a little maneuvering, we did so. I sucked Steve, Steve sucked Brad, Brad sucked Clark, Clark sucked Eric and Eric sucked me. The room was filled with the musky smell of these five bouncing crotches, and the sexual tension was high.

Eric was the first to come, blasting his cum all over Clark. This apparently triggered Clark because I heard Brad swallowing madly, trying to catch every drop. Brad came close to that because Steve gasped as Brad's sperm shot all over his face, dripping onto the floor. I shot about this time, surprisingly down Eric's throat. He took every last drop and smacked his lips when it was over. Steve shot down my throat shortly thereafter.

We all lay back and grinned. "Shit, I never knew it could be that good, man," said Brad. "I can't believe I've been trying for six months to get Susan to do that and I could have had it right here!"

Everyone seemed kind of uncertain what came next, so I lay on my back and asked Steve to fuck me. He mounted me with a grin and began pummeling my ass with a vengeance. The other three stood over us, beating renewed erections furiously. Just as Steve shot deep within my ass, I was showered with cum from the other three. Steve and I licked each other clean much to the delight of everyone present, and we all lay back exhausted.

No one spoke for a while as we fondled ourselves to a third erection. The cadence of our slow jacking increased until we were all in a circle jerking for our lives. I shouted breathlessly, "The one who hits closest to the bottle cap in the middle of the floor gets to fuck me!" They all grinned gleefully and began to concentrate. When everyone started shooting, only Eric was able to hit the bottle cap. When it was all over with, I got down on all fours and offered him my ass.

He got behind me and plunged headfirst into my ass, sliding effortlessly in and out of the well lubed canal. It felt so good that I started moaning groaning with each thrust. We were feverishly rocking back and forth as the other three watched. They were grinning intently and concentrating on every move we made. Eric shouted triumphantly as he began pouring shot after shot of hot steamy spunk into my ass. He came for a surprisingly long time considering what he had already poured forth, and pulled out as the last shot arched over my ass and hit my back. He fell back on the floor panting and gasping and I crumpled on the floor.

Just about this time, the night security guard was walking the hallway and hearing the ruckus, knocked on the door. I knew from his jingling keychain who it was and threw my shorts and t-shirt on and ran to the door. I opened it slightly and stepped outside.

"Is everything okay in there, sir?" he inquired with a curious wink and grin.

"How long have you stood here, officer?" I asked.

"Just long enough to get pretty turned on, man. Wanna let me have a try at that sweet ass?"

"Sure, man. Let me deal with them, and I'll meet you in my room in a few minutes."

With that, he turned and walked towards my room. I went back in and told the guys that a security problem had come up and I had to go deal with it. After assuring them that we could do this again before break was over, I headed down the hall to my room and to the hunk that was waiting to ravage my ass. Needless to say, the security guard and I had a wonderful evening that lasted way into the early morning hours.

Part VII

Now that the inspection was over with, I could concentrate on the next things on my calendar. I dug down through the piles of paperwork on my desk and found it, the book that governed my existence.

Scanning the next couple of days, I saw no major events until my eyes wandered to Friday where I had penciled in "Mark?" Could this be the weekend that my little stepbrother was coming to visit and see what college was like? I quickly called him.

"Hey, Mark, this is Andrew. Are you still coming up this weekend?"

"Yeah, man, if it's OK with you. I've been looking forward to this for months!"

"Sure," I replied. "My room is a mess but that shouldn't bother a slob like you! Ha!"

"No, you know I don't give a shit about what your room looks like. I guess I will be there before dinner Friday. Wanna go out somewhere?"

"Sure! I'll be looking for you. You know how to get here don't you?"

"Yepper! See ya Friday, man!"

"Bye!" I hung up the phone and stared at my messy room. Beginning to straighten up a little, I thought to myself how much I was looking forward to seeing Mark. I don't get to see him often since he is a three season athlete in high school. Since he was on spring break in the middle of his senior year and had not opted to take the traditional cruise with his friends, coming up here would be a perfect vacation for him and a welcome respite from the grind for me.

Three days passed quickly, during which time I made some plans for friends to join the two of us and cleaned up my room. I was tempted to forget moving in another bed for him and just have the two of us sleep together like we did when we were younger, but since Mark is quite popular with the girls, I decided to give him the option of having his own bed.

I waited around Friday afternoon in anticipation of his arrival. At about 5 o'clock, he finally showed up, having drive the better part of the morning and afternoon. He jumped out of the car and ran to me, yelling all the way. We met on the sidewalk and hugged briefly, shook hands, and I helped him carry his stuff inside to my room. As we were walking down the hall, several heads popped out to see what he looked like since I had described him to my friends as a model- quality god. They smiled as they realized I was right.

We went into my room and I tossed his stuff on the bed. I offered him a coke which he accepted and we sat down and caught up on the boring family stuff. I asked him how his love life was going, and much to my surprise he looked down and said nothing.

"What? My little stud-brother having a hard time with the chicks? I don't believe it!" was my amazed response to this. He looked at me and said, "Well, the truth is, I don't think I like them anymore."

"What do you mean?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well, you've told me many times how wonderful your life is, and how much pleasure you get from fucking and sucking men. I think that maybe I am supposed to be that way too. I've never tried anything much, but there's this little nerd who picks up our equipment after track that has sucked me off a couple of times, and each time he does it I want to suck him off even more. That's why I came here, man. I thought you might be able to help me find out which I really prefer."

He looked at me with pleading puppy-dog eyes and I could think of nothing to say. Finally, I sqeaked out, "Are you saying what I think you are saying, man?"

He looked at me and nodded, got up, closed the door and locked it. He took his clothes off slowly with his back turned to me. As he turned around, the first thing that came into view was the most incredible cock I had ever seen. He smiled sheepishly as he gave it a playful tug and walked towards me.

I stood up and started unbuttoning my clothes. He stopped me and did it himself, taking off each piece slowly and seductively. When he had completely disrobed me and my cock was bouncing in the wind, he knelt down and looked long and hard at it. Tentatively, he stuck out his tongue and touched it to my cockhead. He seemed to like the taste and feel since he slowly began inhaling my tumescent shaft, inch by deliciously slow inch. Finally, with his nose nestled in my pubes, he began his first suck job with the skill of a novice and the dedication of an expert. I began to shake uncontrollably from the action he was taking, and sat down on the bed. I grabbed his ears and pulled his mouth off my cock, making a plopping noise as he released it. I told him to stand back up and as he did, his enormous cock brushed my cheeks in passing.

I looked at this marvelous piece of manmeat for ages, taking in each vein, crevice and pore. It was truly the most amazing cock I had ever seen. The head was huge, the size of the larger mushrooms you find in the grocery store. The shaft was at least ten inches long, maybe more, and I could just barely get my medium sized hands around it. Thick, blue veins throbbed the entire length of it and I watched the blood flow from the tip to the root curiously engrossed. I finally snapped out of my daydream and licked the head all over. This made Mark shudder, so I had him lie down on the bed where I could work on him better. I took the head in my mouth and lavishly swirled my tongue around and around its soft velvetness. He moaned in appreciation as I began inching down, down, down, down until I could take no more. I looked down and realized I only had half of it in my mouth.

I was determined to take the whole thing and show my stepbrother why men give better head than women. I concentrated on nothing else, and soon found my throat muscles relaxing enough to take a few more inches. Finally my nose found his soft and thick pubes, and I drank in his manly scent for the first time. This was pure, raw, animal magnetism at its best here, folks. The tastiest piece of fuckmeat I had swallowed in ages! I slowly slid up and down on the shaft, fondling his heavy ballsac while I was sucking him off. He began writhing on the bed, and I knew he was close so I eased off.

I lay atop him and looked deep into his eyes. He smiled weakly, still in the throes of trying to cum and not being allowed to. I looked down and asked him if he was enjoying himself and he could only nod and lick his lips. As he opened his mouth to say something, I locked mine over it and stuck my tongue in his mouth. My tongue played hide and seek with his, searching and seeking until the two met in the middle, wrestling to express the emotions that we both felt for each other. My hands wandered over the broad expanse of his body rejoicing in the smooth but well toned muscles they found as they glided. I inched my hands down until they found our cocks, and I grabbed them and began to rub them together, kissing all the while.

Gasping for breath, I broke the kiss and traced his chest with my tongue. I swirled my tongue around his firm pectorals, and honed in on his hard nipples, each chocolate brown and hard as nails. My mouth followed the light trail of hair formed between his tits down to his navel and into his crotch. I gave his cock a few more loving strokes with my tongue and then lifted his legs over my shoulders. I followed that wonderful little cord of flesh between balls and ass and reveled in the musky smell of it. My tongue found his ass and began pushing its way into his virgin hole by swirling in circles, closer and closer and closer until it finally hit the bullseye and began prying its way in.

Hitting paydirt, I felt around the insides of my little brother's asshole with my tongue, sending as much spit as I could inside. I pulled my face away and jabbed at his shitter with my longest finger, inching those tight walls open and feeling around inside. He began to whine like a beat child and surprised my by begging for more. "More fingers! More fingers! Don't stop!" he cried.

Eager to please I inserted one then two more fingers. I had three fingers planted firmly in his ass, writhing around. He was almost in a frenzy to be fucked, and this only turned me on more. With one hand I lubed my dick with some additional spit and pulled my fingers from his ass. He whimpered for more, and then sighed contentedly as I slipped him my throbbing rod.

I pushed in slowly, trying to minimize the pain and shock I knew he was experiencing. His face had screwed up in a scowl as he grimaced from the shock of the intruder, and I continued to ease in slowly.

Each inch brought me closer to being all the way there, and when I finally pushed my pubic hair into his asscheeks, I knew we had become one. His face had relaxed somewhat, and the new expression was one of pure wonderment. He smiled as he noticed me looking intently at him and said, "Fuck the utter shit out of my hole, big brother. I want to feel your wonderful stud-cock beating in and out of me! Fuck me to death!"

It was the brotherly thing to do. I did as he asked and began pummelling his ass to death! I was heaving my whole body into the fuck, moving forward and down, backward and up, until we had established a cadence that would keep us going. He met each thrust eagerly and as sweat sprayed off both of us, we shouted in unison, alternately praising God and calling on the Devil.

I was close. So close that I could not stop. I reached down and began fisting my little brother's cock with all the energy I had left. I beat him furiously to the same beat that I was raving his tight little ass. We worked in tandem, shouting and yelling as we reached pleasures with each other that we had not even dreamed of.

Suddenly, without warning, Mark began to literally spray our bodies with jet after jet of steamy cum. It kept coming and coming until I thought he would drain his whole body of fluids. He grunted and panted as he came and his face was screwed up in an image of pure animal lust. As he continued to whitewash his belly and mine, I began pumping an incredible load of my own, bathing the inside of his ass walls with creamy spunk. We both were frenzied, and were yelling at the top of our lungs. I continued to jack and fuck, milking out the trail end of each of our huge loads.

Finally spent, I reached down and slurped up some of his sperm from his belly. It was so like mine, and so different, all at the same time. I kissed him deeply, feeding him his own load in the process, and our hearts beat on, still quick, but slowing.

We cuddled on the bed, covered from head to toe in sweat and semen, and fell asleep as a light breeze caressed our naked skin.

Several hours later, I felt him stir beneath me and I awoke to find him staring deep into my eyes. I grinned and asked, "Still confused about which sex brings you more pleasure?"

"Nope. But I would really like to do it again, just to make sure!" he said.

And we did.


College for me has not been all fun and games, fucking and sucking. Every now and then, I have to settle down to some serious schoolwork. As I am basically the center of attention on my hall, I rarely get anything done in my room. As such, I have been known to haunt the college's library from time to time.

On one such night, I had been at my desk in the stacks somewhere for about two hours, when the urge to piss overtook me and would not allow me to concentrate. I'm not terribly fond of public bathrooms on this campus; for some reason they are always dark and seldom cleaned. I had never actually been in any of the bathrooms in the library, but had to go so badly I would have peed in a can if I had one.

Bucking up my courage, I put my book down and headed off in search of the bathroom. It was in the center core of the building where the elevators were, and I was surprised, upon entering, at the overall brightness and cleanliness of it. Don't get me wrong, now-- I wasn't about to eat off the floor, but I felt more than satisfied that germs flying through the air would not land on me and turn me into The Fly.

I appeared to be alone, and went into a stall. I hurriedly unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began pouring forth the torrential rains that I knew were lodged within my bladder. As I stood there, I realized that other bodily functions were required as well. I undid my pants and turned around and sat down and went to work. As I sat there, I began to notice the graffiti on the walls of the stall. "For a really good time call...", "I suck big cocks only if you call...","I need to get off bad...", and one that caught my eye especially: "I am new to cocksucking and need practice. Will be here at 9:00 pm on the 17th. Tap your foot if you want service."

I looked at my watch and realized it was one minute until 9:00 on the appointed date. Just as I was marvelling at the boldness of this invitation, the outer door to the bathroom opened and someone came in and took the stall to my right. I heard jeans unzipping and a little shuffling around, but did not hear any of the typical sounds of someone using the bathroom for its intended purpose. This was getting interesting.

The person next to me began making "obvious noises" and so I stuck my foot under the partition and tapped it a couple of times on the floor. He pushed my foot back to my side and a piece of paper came floating down from over the partition. I unfolded it and it said, "Throw this back if you are interested in some serious head, and do not move from where you are right now."

The mystery and intrigue levels here were starting to get me excited and my cock reacted appropriately. I threw the piece of paper back over the partition and waited, my cock throbbing in my lap. I couldn't resist giving it a couple of strokes as I waited for the mystery man's next actions. I was completely unprepared for what happened next. As I sat there, the front of the large institutional toilet paper roll holder opened to reveal my mystery man's side of the stall. He had removed his unit completely, and was pulling the "innards" of my unit to his side. In a second or two, he had a large hole between the stalls that was just the right height. I looked through the hole and saw nothing at first, then a finger beckoned me (or my cock, I should say) to stick itself in the hole.

"What the hell," I thought, and stood up and stuck my ramrod through the opening. In nothing flat, sweet and terribly wet lips had encircled my knob and were sucking insistently. I put my hands on the top of the partition and let this guy go to work. He sucked like a novice but was insistent and trying very hard to be good at what he was doing. His tongue flicked around my engorged cockhead and each drop of precum that seeped out went straight down this guy's throat. I moved my pelvis with the rhythm he was creating, and before long, he had managed, much to my amazement, to swallow the length of my rod. I began building my fuckpace to a slow canter, pounding the partition harder and harder as my cock sunk in and out of this sweet mouth. He was getting better with practice, and soon had me humming to myself as I prepared to blow.

I began rocking harder and harder, pummelling his face with my tube until the moment arrived when my balls began forcing their sweet nectar to the outside world. He sensed my impending orgasm and clamped down on my cock with all his might as if daring any spunk to leak out. The pressure was all I needed and I began to unload blast after blast of sexjuice into his waiting and greedy throat. I came four or five times, shooting slightly smaller blasts each time, until my legs were shaking so hard that the partition was banging back and forth. As the last dribble poured out of my cocktip, I withdrew from his mouth and stepped back, gasping for breath. I looked through the hole and was amazed to find the last person I expected to find sucking cocks in a library bathroom: my next door neighbor, Ted.

I stuck my face through the hole, smiled, and said, "Goddamn, man! If you wanted action, you should have just come next door!"

He bent over and smiled. "Don't you find this a little more exciting, though, man?" he asked.

"Well, sure. I must admit it was really hot knowing we could get caught, but I'm so hot now I could go again!"

"Well, why don't we go home and do something about that, Andrew?" With that having been said, he closed up the hole, putting the toilet paper units back into place. We went into the library proper, I gathered my books, and we began the long walk back to the dorm. As we walked, I hung back a little so I could look at him. I had never really noticed Ted before-- he's not terribly good looking but he's not ugly either. Kind of nondescript, really. I checked him out as he walked, and I like what I saw very much. He had a tight little ass that just begged to be plugged.

We arrived back at the dorm and went straight to his room. With almost no conversation, we undressed and met on the bed, mouths open to each other, kissed long and hard. While rolling around, I could feel my cock rubbing his, both of which were hard as rocks. I knew what I wanted and flipped him over so that he was on all fours. I pried his buttcheeks apart and sunk my tongue into his musky hole. I reamed him for a considerably long time, enjoying the feelings and sensations that my mouth was experiencing. Ted seemed to be enjoying himself as well as he pushed his ass back towards my face and wiggled around, trying to create new depths for my tongue.

Able to stand the pressure no more, I got on my knees and pushed my cockhead against his hole. I began to push in and he roared, "Take it easy, asshole! I've never done this before!"

My cock instantly got harder knowing that I was about to fill virgin territory. I eased my cockhead past the constricting muscles and it sank into his ass canal. Ever so slowly, I eased my fucktube into his tight hot hole until I had buried myself to the root and my pubes were scratching his asscheeks. He moaned in pleasure and that gave me the go-ahead to fuck the crap out of him. My passion and lust had built to a frenzied level, and I began thrusting in and out hard and long. He was moaning loudly now, grunting as I hit rock bottom at each thrust.

I grabbed his hips and threw myself into my fucking, pounding his ass with all my might as I rode this guy like a cowboy. He grunted and moaned in appreciation, bucking with me until we were literally a blur.

With little warning, the lava in my cock began to flow deep within his bowels, bathing the hot rippling flesh with warm creamy spunk. I blasted several big shots and withdrew, shooting the rest all over his asscheeks. As I calmed down, I bent down and licked his ass clean, rimming the entrance to his ass, tasting my semen mixed with his musky goo. I flipped him over and sat right down on his cock, bouncing up and down until he was digging his fingernails into my arms. I knew he must be close, and true to form, he shot his hot load with great force up into my ass. I slid up and down on his pole as he shot, relishing in the squishy pleasure we were both experiencing. I slowed as I felt the last spurt shot inside me and allowed his cock to find its way back to the outside. I laid down atop him, and we kissed deeply, rolling around on the bed.

Panting and with hearts racing, we drew apart and laughed. "Had I known you were this good, I would have never left this building, stud!" Ted said to me.

"Well, I'm always here, always horny, and always willing," I said with a wink. "Come back any time."

Ted left shortly thereafter, after planting a few more kisses my way, and I sat down at my desk and returned to my studies.

Part IX

Once a year the entire Housing staff, comprised of two hundred RA's, thirty GR's and several other assorted Housing folks leave campus en masse and travel to some cheesy campground or other such "resort" for two nights and three days of intensive training and bonding for the following year.

I have always hated these adventures. There's always a lot of touchy-feely activity that frankly gags me thinking about it. I have, in the past, always had a miserable time.

This year looked no different. We all amassed at some god-forsaken camp that the Health Department might be really interested in, and were given bunk assignments in an acre of cabins. I was bunked with other members of the staff of my building and for some reason, there was room for one extra person and it was filled by a guy from another community that I didn't know.

I could tell, as we all unpacked and goofed around, that he was very uncomfortable being with a group of people who knew each other well and didn't know him, so I went up and introduced myself to him. Standing close to him, I got a good look at him and realized, much to my pleasure, that he was quite attractive. Jason was about five ten, was slight in build, and had long flowing auburn hair that almost reached his waist in the back. It was perfectly straight, perfectly sparkling clean and blew gently in the wind. His face was smooth and clear. His smile was absolutely flawless, and his big manly hands felt good in mine as we shook hands. Jason was, in a word, a handsome boy!

I told him about some of the people on my staff and suggested we walk down to the "chow hall" and get a coke while we were waiting for the first session. As we walked, we talked about ourselves and our lives. Several minutes passed as we walked and enjoyed each other's company when Jason stopped and turned to me.

"Are you, by any chance, the Andrew that is Andrew, the gay RA?" he asked me.

"Yes, I am. I guess I have quite a reputation, don't I?"

"Well, if what I hear is true, you are a real voice for the gay community on campus, and represent yourself and your peers well when confronted with residents and staff that have questions and concerns about gay life."

"I'm flattered, Jason," I commented. "It has always been my hope to be open and free with information to foster growth of the gay/lesbian/bisexual community on campus."

"I think that's cool. I've always wanted to sit down with someone like you and find out about gay life."

"Well, there's no time like the present," I said.

We left the main path and headed off into the woods. Within 100 yards, we had found a clearing that was rather well protected from the rest of the woods. We sat on a fallen tree and began to talk. An hour later (missing the first session, of course), we were still sitting and still talking. I had told him about my varied experiences and about coming out, etc. The conversation was pleasant to say the least, as I enjoy talking to people about my homosexuality. As we talked, we inched closer together quite unconsciously until our knees touched.

The electricity that flowed from Jason's knee to mine was intense. I stopped talking and looked right into his eyes and said, "Do I take it that you are more than just curious about all this?"

"I think so. I find the thought of male to male sex so arousing I cannot explain it." he said.

I took his hands in mine and looked deep into his gorgeous eyes. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He kissed my cheek back, and without warning we were deeply kissing, wrapping our tongues around each other. We broke the kiss and I began to run my hands over his shoulders and down his back. He did the same to me as we resumed kissing. We kissed violently, passionately, hungrily until we had rolled to the soft ground in front of us. I laid Jason gently down on his back and unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was totally smooth and so incredibly soft that I almost came just running my hands across it. I tweaked his nipples as he raised his back up to remove his shirt. I laid it beneath him to form a cushion and began tonguing his chest. I sucked on his nipples, eliciting soft coos from him. He was running his wonderfully long fingers through my hair and whispering great things as I travelled down. I unsnapped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees and then off, finding, to my surprise that he was wearing no underwear!

His cock was rockhard and curved slightly to the left. It was not massive in length, but was quite thick, tapered from the head to the root. It was nestled in soft auburn pubic hair and I ran my hands through it loving the soft feeling of it. I pulled his pants all the way off and hefted his heavy balls in my hands. They felt full of spunk, and I lowered my head to his cock to draw it out.

I licked the head softly and gently as his hands found my hair and began twisting it. I took the shaft in my mouth and sank down to the root, easily filling my mouth with his rockhard member. I glided up and tongued the veins as I came up. I licked around the head, swirling my tongue in sheer adoration of this favorite piece of mail anatomy of mine. He was obviously enjoying what I was doing as the pressure he was putting on my hair got stronger and stronger.

His hips began to lift off of the ground and I stopped sucking to lick on his balls. His ballsac, like so much of his body, was completely hairless and I licked each ball carefully, drawing them into my mouth first one at a time and then together. I continued my downward journey and licked the cord of flesh I find so erotic, the one that connects the balls and the asshole. As I arrived at his ass, he lifted his legs so that his knees were bent sharply, and presented his ass for my inspection.

I tongued his cheeks in my traditional circling motion, getting closer and closer to his rosebud hole. Finally, able to stand it no more, I honed in on his hole and began actively licking and sucking it. I rammed my tongue inside his tight steamy bunghole and began a fucking-like assault on his ass. He pushed my head out of the way and rammed one of his long, bony fingers inside, pushing and pulling quickly, panting and gasping as he did so.

I quickly shed my shorts and jockstrap and spit on my raging cock. I pulled his hand out of his ass (he was now shoving several fingers in and out) and rammed my cockhead towards his hole. Meeting a lot of resistance, I pushed hard until I felt the head slip by his gate. I sunk slowly to the hilt, joining his groans with my own. I lay atop him with his feet up in the air, and pulled out. In and out I fucked, eliciting sheer pleasure from his mouth and face as he looked up at me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me deep into him as his cock shook beneath my stomach and began spewing a huge load of cum. I pulled out and pumped my prick until it began spewing as well. We both watched as his chest became covered with our spunk. I shook the last drops from mine and pushed my fingers all over his chest, mixing our cum into a thick puddle. I leaned down and licked it up, keeping it in my mouth. When his chest was pretty clean, I laid down atop him and fed our loads to him.

He swallowed hungrily, searching my mouth's many cavities with his tongue. We continued to kiss well beyond the consumption of the sperm, and our cocks hardened between us.

We broke apart and I squatted over his cock. He pushed me away and knelt in front of my upturned ass and dove for my pucker, locking his lips over my hole and pushing his tongue as far in as it would go. In and out he teased me. Then he inserted one of his fingers and began scraping around, loosening me for his throbbing cock. I raised my legs high in the air and yelled, "Fuck me, Jason! Fuck me, you stud!"

He needed little encouragement and mounted me like a stallion, driving his rockhard member deep into my bowels. I filled quickly and thrusted my ass muscles to tighten around his cock. I met each thrust he made by pushing my hips up off the ground. Our fucking gained a frenzied cadence as his cock sank in and out of my lusting hole.

I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him deeper with each stroke. As his cockhead banged my prostate, I grunted and moaned in appreciation. His thick cock filled me completely, and I did not want this moment to end. Suddenly, with little warning, I felt the first spurt of his jetting semen hit the deepest confines of my ass. He continued to pelt my insides with hot creamy cum until he was flailing his arms and sweat was pouring from his cute chest.

I pulled him deep inside and pulled him down on top of me as my cock began spewing between our heaving bellies. I kissed him deeply as our cocks subsided, his in my ravaged ass, mine between us. We kissed long and hard until our breathing returned to a more normal rate, and we rolled around a little, licking each other clean like little kittens. We met to kiss again, and then rolled apart to dress.

As we dressed, we spoke little, but Jason smiled a lot at me, as if saying he was OK. I finally asked him what he was thinking, and he said, "You have no idea how much I enjoyed that! I know I am straight, and I love my girlfriend very much, but I now know how wonderful fucking between two men can be, and I think it is great! I can see why you like being gay!"

I smiled at him and said, "Anytime you feel the need to do this again, just let me know. I think you are about the hottest little thing I've come across in a long time, Jason!"

"Well, I hate to admit it, but I think we have some free time tonight after sessions. Can we come back and fuck some more?" Jason asked.

And we did-- all night long!! (And boy did the staff whisper the next morning!) Hee Hee.

Part X

There are very few things that relax me more than playing the piano. Near my dorm in the Fine Arts Building, there is a whole floor of private practice rooms housing some fine pianos. Every once in a while, when I really need to relax, I pack up my music and head to the practice rooms to play.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these practice rooms is that once you close the door, no one can see in to see who is playing. You even have the luxury of locking the door if you so choose. All of this is to say that anything you feel like doing while practicing is pretty much fair game.

I find the piano a highly erotic instrument. I play with the passion of a Master though I play poorly in the grand scheme of things. I am in the habit of wearing almost nothing when I play, and at some point during my session, I end up naked as a jaybird. It is amazing how you can feel each note of the piano deep into your body if you are not encumbered by clothes!

At any rate, I was playing one Saturday afternoon and had reached that naked state. I was the only one in the building as far as I knew, and was playing away to my heart's content. The music had found its way into my soul and I was enraptured.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I stopped playing and threw my shorts on quickly and jumped up to open the door. Throwing the door open I was confronted with a fine specimen of man the likes of which is rarely seen on this campus. He was well over six feet tall, had a rugged, chiseled face, a warm smile and wavy blondish brown hair cascading over his face and down his back. What a vision! He smiled at me and said, "I am terribly sorry to interrupt you, but I was wondering if you would let me come in and listen for a few minutes. You play so well I was moved in the hallway here!"

I looked at him and said, "Sure! I am flattered! I'm Andrew, by the way," I said, sticking out my hand.

He clasped my hand in his and I saw that his hands matched the rest of him-- huge!

We went in and I closed and locked the door again. He sat down in the corner and said, "Pretend I am not here, man. I just want to sit here quietly and listen."

"Well," I said, "if you weren't here, things would be a little different. I usually play in the nude, but in this case, I think I can adjust for you a little bit," I said with a laugh.

"Hey, man-- don't change your routine for me. I have no problem with your being naked!" he said, smiling deviously. "That certainly brings a new twist!"

"OK-- you asked for it." I then removed my shorts and threw them towards him where the rest of my clothes were. This was truly strange, but I decided that since he was behind me, he couldn't see much, and I began to play.

I was enthralled so deeply several minutes later in a Chopin Etude that I didn't feel him standing behind me for several seconds, and when I did, I felt his presence deeply within me as he swayed with me to the music. I stopped playing and turned slightly around to face him. He put his hands on my shoulder and said, "I hope you won't find this obtrusive, but your music has moved me. I feel the need to touch you. I guess you may have figured from all of this that I am gay, and I will understand if you are not and are turned off by all this, but I find you a beautiful man making beautiful music, and I can't stand it."

This was a real twist! I am so used to being the instigator of this sort of thing I was slightly taken aback by the advances of this stranger. I looked up at this massive man and said, "Actually, I am gay too. Why don't you take your clothes off and join me on the bench and let me show you something?"

He disrobed eagerly and sat down next to me on the bench, our naked bodies touching at the hips. He looked at me and said, "By the way, my name is Ian."

"Well, Ian, I said, grabbing his rockhard cock with my right hand, "feel this!" I struck a deep note on the piano and the reverberations shook through my body down my arm and into his cock. He shivered as the note shook through him. "Isn't that cool, man?" I asked.

"I've never felt anything like it! Do it again!" I struck another note, this time deeper, and he shook from the feeling he was experiencing. I placed his hand on my cock and hit another note, this time letting both of us rock from the vibrations.

I took my hand off his cock and began playing Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony. His hand was still on my cock and was shaking as he swayed back and forth to the music, eyes closed and smiling. I played on, getting so wrapped in the music that I forgot Ian for a second until I felt his hand sliding up and down on my cock. I looked down as I played and drank in the vision of this enormous hand softly caressing my throbbing member.

I stopped playing and grabbed his dick. It was not particularly large considering the size of him, but it was smooth and hard as a rock. I looked more carefully at him and was quite impressed with his massive chest adorned with a soft nestle of hair just in the cleft between his pectorals. His nipples were huge, taut and hard as nails. His eyes were closed and I couldn't resist leaning over and kissing him. He opened his eyes and kissed me back deeply, passionately, warmly. We turned to face each other, our cocks rising between us in mock defiance of each other as we kissed. He wrapped his big manly arms around me and hugged me tightly.

The passion was intense. I broke the kiss and slid off the bench and onto the floor. Pulling Ian down to me, I flipped him around and we ended up in a sixty-nine position. Quickly we devoured each others' cocks, rising and falling from the tumescent shafts with practiced expertise. I grabbed his ass and kneaded it as I sucked him off, revelling in the smooth feel of his skin and the toned musculature of his ass. He did the same to me and soon we were rolling around the practice room floor feeling, sucking and moaning.

I slipped a finger into his tight little bunghole after sucking on it for a second and pushed in and out. His hips undulated in pleasure and he sucked harder on my cock. I withdrew from his mouth and told him to bend over the piano bench. At this height, his rosebud was winking at me at just the right height. I crawled to his rear and sank my mouth over his asshole, sucking in and running my tongue around and around his bunghole, inching closer with each pass. Finally I rammed my tongue into his hole, fucking him with light little jabs of my tongue. He writhed on the piano bench and his sweating body made him glide on the ebony finish easily. I stood up and placed the tip of my cock at his entrance and pushed in ever so slightly. Passing the flange, my cockhead became alive with the pressure and feeling of his warm, tight ass. I thrusted hard and sank deep within this beautiful hunk of a man as he cried out in pleasure/pain.

"Take it easy, man! I've only done this a few times!" he cried in anguish. I stopped my entry and remained still for a few seconds so he could adjust to my cock, and when I felt him relaxing, I continued my push inward. I found rock bottom soon enough and my cocktip glided across his prostate gland. He moaned appreciatively as it did so, and pushed back on my cock to get the total depth penetration possible.

Sensing that he was ready for more massive fucking, I withdrew and began my slow thrust inward again. He groaned as my cock slid through his bowels, and I began thrusting more earnestly. Slowly I built this masterful fuck into a rocking rhythm until he was moaning uncontrollably. I pulled him off the bench, still inside him and almost threw him on the floor, turning him over as he went.

He was now facing me and put his legs over my shoulders. I reached down with my hands, still fucking frantically, and began running my hands all over his tight muscular body, gliding easily in the sweat that was beading on his skin. I fucked with all abandonment, plunging all the way in and pulling all the way out with each stroke. My cockhead was alive with feeling, and I knew I was close.

"Don't cum in me, man!" he panted. "I need that load in my mouth!"

I knew I was close, so I pulled out and fed him my aching cock. He sucked masterfully, drawing my cock in and out of his throat with wild abandon. I fucked his face, eager to shoot my load down his greedy throat. Without much fanfare, my cock erupted in an enormous lavaflow of semen, shooting deep within his throat. He drank greedily groaning deeply as he did so.

I pulled my cock out of his mouth and stroked the last few spurts all over his face. Gasping for breath, I fell on him, wrapping my arms around his head. I licked my cum from his face and kissed him deeply, sharing my load with this wonderfully hunky man.

I sqatted over his midsection and sank down on his rockhard member slowly and seductively, sighing and pinching his nipples as I sank down.

I began to bob up and down and after several quiet and meaty moments until I felt his hips shaking. I looked down at his face and saw that he was grinning from ear to ear. "Here it cums, man!"

With that, I felt a warm wave of semen splash my inner ass walls as he began shooting load after creamy load up my chute. I continued to bounce on his now sensitive cock as he shot his load, groaning in pleasure and passion as we rocked up and down together. His load began to dwindle, and his cocked slipped from my ass as it began to soften. Cum leaked down from my ass all over his crotch and I sat back a few feet from him and tried to catch my breath.

We looked at each other, smiling, for several long minutes until he reached over and touched my cheek. "That was by far the most intense sex I have ever had, man! You are one talented dude!" Ian said.

"You're not so bad yourself, handsome!" I replied.

I crawled up to the bench and slid across it, hands on the keys. I turned to him and said, "And now, to show my appreciation for having had the experience of making love with you, I'd like to play an original composition."

He sat up and wrapped his arms around his knees. I could see his soft cock nestled in his pubes as he closed his eyes and smiled.

I began to play the composition that I had been working on for months. As I got into it, and as my hands coaxed the hauntingly eerie tune from the piano, I forgot that he was there for a moment and put my soul into it. I played the complex melody through several times and on the third time, he began to hum along with it. I grabbed the lyrics from the top of the piano and flung them at him.

He grabbed the lyrics as I restarted the melody, and began to sing in a deep melancholy baritone that made my skin tingle. I had imagined how this would sound ever since I wrote the lyrics, but he made it come alive in ways I never dreamed possible. I played, he sang, we made music. We did it over again several times until we were too emotional to continue, and I joined him on the floor for a hug and kiss.

We fell asleep there on the floor for some time, woke hours later and dressed quietly.

"Would you like to meet here again and sing and 'play'some more?" I asked coyly.

"Just tell me when, Andrew!"

I did, we did, and the rest of the quarter sped by as Ian and I made more than one type of beautiful music together!