Dorm Encounter Part XI - Part XV

Info Ben43
11 Apr. '17

Part XI

I am not athletic. I detest sports of all kinds. Physical activity of any kind makes me queasy. But I do love athletes-- love them to death. There is nothing more fine in the whole world than a sinewy tight athlete.

I had just gotten a call from a frantic mother of one of my residents. She called trying to find her son Jay, one of my residents. She said that it was urgent that he contact her and asked that I try to find him as soon as I could.

I walked down to Jay's room and asked Phil, his roommate if he knew where Jay was. Phil told me to try the gym-- soccer practice had just begun and he was likely to be in the locker room before I got there if I walked slowly.

I headed off to the gym hating the fact that I was headed to the one building on campus that meant absolutely nothing to me. My spirits lifted slightly at the prospect of perchance seeing a few hunks in the raw, and I walked across campus humming softly to myself about that prospect.

I arrived in the locker room later than I thought. Upon asking where the soccer team cage was, the trainer said that most of the team had already showered and left, but he pointed to a cage down the hall and wished me luck in finding Jay.

I walked down the hall slowly and as I approached the cage in question, I stopped. I peeked around the corner hoping to get a good look at some fine athlete ass before I waltzed in and was amazed to find Jay sitting on the bench alone, his back facing me, apparently busy with something in his lap. I stood and watched for a few moments and was further amazed several anxious seconds later to see spurts of cum shoot out from his lap across the small cage. He was breathing heavily and sweat ran down his back. I quickly ducked into the next cage as he got up and grabbed a towel, laying something down on the bench. He walked to the showers, not noticing me at all.

I stole into the cage and walked over to the bench where he had been sitting and bent over, running my hands over the warm spot on the wood where he had sat while jacking off. I looked over and was astonished to see that he had put down a magazine when he had gotten up to shower. I picked it up and the "fake" Time cover fell off, revealing a XXX hardcore male porn magazine called "Locker Room Romp." I paged through the magazine revelling in each page that was graced with photographs of two hot and horny young studs sucking and fucking in various stages of athletic dress. I particularly found one set of pictures with one fucking the other through the straps of his jockstrap appealing. I sat down and whipped out my rod, jacking softly as I turned the pages. My cock grew rapidly and soon I was earnestly stroking my rod and drooling over the photos in the magazine.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I did not see or hear Jay return from the shower. The first I knew of his presence was his timid cough about a foot away. I dropped the magazine as if it were burning my hands and took my other hand from my throbbing cock.

"Looks like you found something interesting to read, Andrew," he said, looking down coyly.

"I guess so," I replied. "I never knew you were into this sort of thing, man." I replied.

"We all have our secrets, Andrew. Not everyone is as open as you about their sexuality. I've wondered if all the rumors I had heard about you fucking most of the floor were true-- I guess they are, huh?"

"Well, I haven't heard the stories, but I do get a fair amount of action on our floor. Even the totally straight ones are willing to have their cocks services sometimes, Jay!"

Jay dropped his towel that he had been holding in front of him and I saw his cock for the first time. It was beautiful! I should stop now and describe the man himself, I suppose.

Jay stands about six feet tall, is broad shouldered and broad chested. He has reddish brown hair and moustache and deep green eyes. His chest is more or less devoid of hair, and there is a small trail of curly pubes heading from his navel to his nestle around his fine cock. His cock arches about seven inches and is turned slightly to the left. Under it hangs two perfectly round and quite heavily laden testicles in a smooth ballsac. Running down from there are the two finest legs I've seen in a while. Total muscle, no fat, and only a smattering of downy hair. His feet are defined as totally manly-- it's hard to describe.

After dropping his towel, Jay reached down and stroked his massive cock. It bounced and quivered to his touch and I was amazed that he could elicit such a response after having just cum so recently. He looked me deep in the eyes and said rather shyly and in a voice I had never heard from him before (childlike, I guess), "Do you think maybe you could service this little ol' cock, my RA?"

I didn't answer with words. I simply slipped from the bench and sank to my knees in front of this classic looking man. I grabbed his cock out of his hands and licked the tip. He shivered as my mouth slowly began to descend upon his rod, inch by thick, hard inch. Before too long, and with a little effort, I had managed to swallow him whole, eliciting moans of pleasure from him. I began to suck him slowly, rocking his cock in and out of my mouth.

He grabbed my head and pulled me down hard on his cock. He began shooting gob after gob of creamy spunk down my greedy throat as he moaned and grunted with each spurt. When it was all over and cum was dripping from my chin, I sat back down on the bench. I watched as he bent and began drying the sweat and shower water from his body. I eagerly drank in each motion as his towel filled hands ran up and down his sinewy body drying every crack and crevice. He turned and faced the row of lockers and bent over to dry his legs. From my vantage point I had a bird's eye view of his ass and could have sworn his rosebud winked at me. As he continued to dry and show his ass, he said, "You know, that was the first time anyone has ever done that to me. I've dreamed of that moment for a long time and never realized it could be that good. Thanks for initiating me. The only problem I have is that I somehow feel that you got left out of the process!"

I nodded and said, "Yes, I did, but I get such a rush sucking a good cock I almost come in the process. Perhaps we can get together some time and I can show you some of the finer points!"

"Like what?" he asked.

"Like I'd really like to investigate your cute ass, Jay!"

"Well, there's no time like the present, Andrew. Investigate away!"

I reached out and pulled him towards me, still bent over. He stepped back a couple of steps until his ass was right in my face, and I pressed my mouth between his cheeks, prying them apart with my hands. I locked my mouth over his rosebud pucker and began to tongue his crack from top to bottom, pausing as I passed over his hole to quickly insert the tip of my tongue. He giggled uncontrollably the first couple of times I did this, but soon got used to the new sensations in his butt and pushed back, indicating he wanted more.

I honed in on his rosebud and rammed my tongue in and out of his sweet manhole, loving the warmth and tightness of his anus. Pulling my face back, I sucked on one of my fingers and slid it gently into his ass, pushing and poking around until I found his prostate gland. He squealed in delight as I hit that magic spot and begged me loudly for more. I inserted a second then a third finger, and soon I had him whining that he needed MORE MORE MORE.

Only too happy to oblige, I pushed him forward until his hands were placed on the lockers in front of him. I kicked his legs apart until he looked like he was spread for a frisking and whipped my cock from my shorts. I spit into my hand and ran it up and down the length of my cock and guided the head to his hole. I ran the head up and down his slit, teasing his quivering ass with the delicacy of a fair maiden and the insistence of a sturdy farmhand. Without a lot of pretense, I pushed the head into his hole and began ramming in deeper and deeper until his ass was totally full and clinching my cock in a death-like grip. He groaned as he felt me fill his crack, and pushed back to ensure total penetration.

I slowly withdrew, loving the feeling my smooth cock was experiencing as it retreated from the warm depths of his asshole and pushed back in again. With each inward thrust, he met me with a backwards push of his own and I realized he was really getting into having his cherry busted by a pro. My fucking became insistent and then frenzied as I rode this athletic god and I pounded his ass with all that I had. I slapped his asscheeks a couple of times, garnering incredible groans from him. I reached around and felt for his cock to discover it was up and hard and arching out in front of him.

I began to jack him and just as I began filling his belly full of my precious and copious load, he shot into my hands, the sperm arching forward and coating the locker doors in front of him. We both came for what seemed blissful eternity, and I felt the semen inside his ass building to bursting level. I quickly pulled out and shot the last load over his shoulder and onto the locker door high above his head. He raised his head up and licked the door clean as I grabbed him, spun him around, and planted my mouth over his.

We kissed, moaned, and ran our hands over each other like lovers who hadn't seen each other in months, whimpering and whining all the while.

"God, Jesus and Mary!" he cried, breathing heavily. "You are some goddamned good fucker, Andrew!"

"Why thank you," I said, tucking my deflated cock back into my shorts. "Anytime you need it, just ask. I'm always hot and horny-- I'm the Horny R.A.!"

We dressed in silence and I suddenly remembered why I had come to the gym in the first place. I told him of his mother's call and offered to walk back with him.

As we walked, he seemed troubled, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help. He fumbled for the right words and took my hand in his. We stopped momentarily in the quad in front of the dorm and he turned to me and said, "I've just messaged to my Mom that I am gay. I guess she just got the message. As cool as she has always been, I'm sure everything will be OK. Will you come with my while I call her, my studfucker?"

I followed him to his room and listened as he talked to his mother. She was very understanding and asked if there was anyone special in Jay's life yet. Jay said that he and I had just had sex for the first time (his first time) and that he had feelings for me. She didn't know I was in the room listening until he told her and the three of us ended up making plans to have dinner several weekends later in town.

The dinner went well. Jay and I had couple several times in between and found each other to be the wonderful man we were each seeking. I told her of my many wanderings up and down the hall, and that I thought perhaps this was the man I could settle down and get to love, and she cried saying that she thought it was all too beautiful.

We all cried and held hands, and she told us that she had always known Jay was gay and was proud of him and of me for being honest and open with her. We vowed to continue to do so, and bid her a teary but fond farewell.

Jay and I headed across the quad after dinner. He and I held hands as we walked, much to the consternation of some of the people outside wandering around, and Jay turned to me and said, "I love you, Andrew, with all my heart. Will you be my lover?"

I was choked with emotion and replied, "My darling Jay, of course. You are mine and I am yours."

With that, we went to my room and fucked harder and with more intensity than we ever had before. We had found love and it was grand!

Part XII

Jay and I had just had our goodbyes and I waved as his car left the parking lot. In a few short months, Jay and I had developed not only a wonderful sexual relationship, but a friendship beyond measure. Unfortunately, he had just graduated and went on his merry way to the great void we know as the real world. I turned from the parking lot and headed back in, feeling a little down, but happy for my friend as he moved on.

This week promised to be a busy one, the most important reason being that we were expecting a VIP visitor to address the Journalism school. He was to be housed in the room next to mine, traditionally reserved for visiting professors and other VIPs.

I returned to the dorm and keyed into the VIP room to check everything over once more. I had left a carefully displayed set of current magazines, some fresh cut flowers, and some fruit on the table. Everything was up to standards so I went to my room and changed.

Several hours later, I climbed into a school van and drove the hour and a half to the airport. I had a sign saying "XYZ College" to hold for the VIP who I didn't even know the name of.

The flight I was to meet had just deplaned when I walked through the airport concourse doors, and I held the sign high in the air towards the flood of people coming from the baggage claim. I waited for some time until I saw a familiar face coming towards me smiling. I wasn't sure, but it looked like Wil Weber of Star Mission, the Next Generation! I smiled back and waved the sign some more. He walked up to me and said, "You can put the sign down. I'm the one you're looking for."

I was flabbergasted. Absolutely astounded. I said nothing as I grabbed his bags from him and headed out the door. I stowed his luggage and opened his door. I stuck out my hand and said, "My name is Andrew. I am the Resident Assistant in the dorm you will be staying in, Mr. Weber. Welcome! And may I add, I am one of your biggest fans?"

"You may. Thanks, Andrew. Good to be here. Let's go!"

We rode in silence for some time. There were a million things I was dying to ask him but didn't dare. Finally, he spoke.

"So what is there do to at night, here, Andrew? Any interesting night life?"

"Depends on what you call interesting. I am sure your life in Hollywood is much more interesting than life in this little town!" I replied.

"Well, you would be surprised, man. Hollywood is OK, but there are no REAL people to hang out with. That's why I do these college trips. I get to meet real people and frankly, have much better times when I am on the road at places like your school. What I meant by interesting is, are there good night spots in town? Any gay bars? That kind of thing. You know."

"Gay bars?" I asked incredulously. "What would you want with a gay bar, Mr. Weber?"

"First of all, my name is Wil. And second of all, whether you heard from the media or not, I am gay. I love men. I noticed by the way you have been staring at me that you must be, too."

"Well, yes, I am, actually. And to tell you the truth, you are my greatest media fantasy at the moment. You have no idea how often you and I have slept together in my dreams, Wil!"

"Sounds good to me, buddy. When?"

We were approaching the dorm. I pulled in the parking lot and said, "How about now? You don't speak until tomorrow."

"OK, let me get settled and I will call you."

"My room is right next door. Bang on the wall or something."

I went to my room and quickly showered and changed. Packing a few necessaries in a bag, I waited for the signal. Several minutes later (seemed like hours) I heard tapping on the walls. I flew out of my room and ran in the next, closing and locking the door. There, standing in the middle of the room, was Ensign Germain Cruise, complete with Star Mission uniform, rank insignia and communciator. Jesus Christ I flipped. I dropped my bag and fished out my Science Officer Uniform I had gotten at the last convention. I quickly changed into my Lieutenant Commander outfit and stood before the Ensign.

"Ensign Germain, my name is Lieutenant Commander Wheaterton, Science Officer of the Excessor. Welcome aboard. Please come this way." I led him to the bed and pulled him down next to me. I removed his communicator and rank insignia, doing the same to myself. Feeling less conspicuous now, I wrapped my arms around my TV idol and kissed him deeply. He frantically searched the insides of my mouth with his tongue and I did the same.

We broke apart long enough to rip our costumes off, and I looked down to his crotch and was astounded to find the largest cock I had ever seen on someone his size. Nothing terribly big, mind you, but on someone that skinny and small, it was enormous! I grabbed his hot poker and jacked a couple of wonderful strokes on it, loving the feeling my textured hands had on his smooth cock.

He grabbed the tower rising from my lap and did the same. We kissed again, this time passionately, lovingly, as if we had all night to fuck and suck away. My hands roamed his perfect body, reveling in the smooth skin and well defined lines. We lay back on the bed, side by side and began exploring what we saw before us.

I licked from his lips down his chin, across his adam's apple, and down his pefectly smooth and taut chest. I swirled around each nipple, biting them as I passed by. He moaned. My mouth trailed kisses and licks down his washboard stomach until my tongue hit soft angelic pubic hair. I swooped down on his cock and sucked with all my might, drawing his cock to etheral hardness.

He turned around and began sucking me as I continued to worship his perfect prick. We slid in and out of each others' mouths perfectly, as if we were specifically made for the sport. Moaning and grunting, we pummelled each others mouths until we were both cumming feverishly into each others' mouths. Semen shot down our throats and bathed us. I couldn't handle the load I was getting, and some dribbled down my chin onto my neck. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was havinh the same problem.

We broke apart and licked each other clean. I laid him on his back and lay atop him, 69 style and began tonguing his ass with a fever I never thought possible. He reached up and did the same to me. Soon we were writhing on top of each other and bouncing all over the bed as we tongue-fucked each other feverishly. I could stand this torment no more and rolled off Wil. I squatted over his midsection and sank down on his hard prick, truly feeling every tingle in my ass as my asslips opened to accept this monster invasion. He pushed up as I pushed down and we were soon locked together. I rose up and down slowly at first, then building speed, until I was bucking wildly on this stallion of a man. He rolled us over, his turgid cock still in my ass and took me from behind, slapping my ass as he plunged in and out. He cried loudly on a particularly deep thrust that bounced off my prostate making me scream in ecstasy, and shot deep within my bowels. I felt the hot spunk coat the insides of my ass-canal and pushed back to get the thrusts as deep as possible. The force of his spurts sent semen deeper than any previous lover I had encountered.

As soon as he had finished cumming, and before he even had a chance to catch his breath, I flipped him over, grabbed his ankles and put them over my shoulders and rammed my cock into his love chute. I plugged that tight hole quickly, pounding my prick in and out with the voracity of a first time fucking teenager. I screamed and yelled as he grunted with each thrust. I began to shoot deep within him and continued to thrust in and out as my semen blasted into his deepest cavities. He moaned and groaned as he felt my essence fill him to the rim and begin leaking around my cock onto the bed.

We fell back, happy and exhausted. We kissed and rolled around lavishly enjoying the experience of being naked together, and allowed our racing pulses and breathing to return to normal.

Several hours later, after awaking, we went at it again, and again, until he had to address the J. school.

Over the next couple of days, we became inseparable, both in public and in the bedroom, and fast became good friends. When I saw him off at the airport, he promised to write and to return to my school and I drove back happily ensconsed in reliving the fantasy-of-a-lifetime come true.


One night not terribly long ago, several of my residents had come to visit and play some board games to pass the time. We began with Trivial Pursuit and having finished that, I pulled out my X-rated version of the game.

The four of us, myself, Tim, Kevin and Matt, had just begun play when a question about rubber toys came up. After a somewhat lengthy debate about what the game meant, two of the guys admitted that they had never seen a vibrator or fake cock or other toys in real life. I was quick to say that I had several toys they could look at if it would give them a better idea of what I was talking about. They all quickly agreed that they were interested in playing "show and tell."

I got up from the table and went to my desk. Opening my bottom filing cabinet drawer, I pulled out several shoeboxes and placed them on the table, moving the game board out of the way. I opened the lids of the three boxes and watched the guys pore over the contents. I suggested that we dump them out and examine them further, and met with no hesitation. So I did. Soon, covering the table, was a vast collection of every conceivable sex toy available on the market. (I am in the habit of buying everything and trying them out).

The guys were hesitant to touch until I told them that all of them were clean, and they began picking different things up and waving them at each other. Kevin was the first to look at me questioningly and ask, "Exactly why do you have all these things, Andrew?" The other two chimed in with similar remarks and faces. I took all of the toys from their hands and laid them down. I picked up the first thing I saw and said, "Well, here is your five minute education in sex toys, guys. First of all, you all know I am gay, right?"

They nodded, somewhat solemnly, glancing sideways at each other curiously. I resumed my discussion. "On the table are represented many of the sex toys you see in the dark spots of the internet. First, we have the classic fake penis, represented here in several styles and sizes. Each is different and provides a different stimulation. This one here, for example, has raised ridges which provide extra frictional stimulation going in and out.

"Then we have the battery operated vibrators. I have, as you can see, five or six of these, and each is different like the dildoes I just mentioned.

"Then we have the class that is a collection of a bunch of different things. These, for example, are various sizes and styles of cockrings, these are anal beads, and these are some other anal masturbation devices."

Matt said, "You mean you put all of these in your ass?"

"Yep. Most of 'em. I have found that they enhance my masturabatory experiences tremendously when the real thing is, for whatever reason, unavailable."

Tim held up my 24 inch rubber cock. "Surely you can't be serious! You put this huge thing up your ass?" he cried incredulously.

"Not all of it, mind you, but I've managed to get over half of it up my chute with relative ease."

"I just cannot believe that, man," Tim said. "Never in a million years will I sit here and listen to you tell me that you put something almost the size of my arm up your ass and you LIKE it!"

"Actually, I love it. This is one of my favorite toys," I said, caressing the length of the enormous rubber penis.

Kevin said, "I don't believe you, either. I'd have to see it to believe you can take half that thing, bubbah!"

Matt chimed in with a similar comment.

"OK, guys, put your money where your mouth is. How many think I can't do it?" They all raised their hands and Kevin said, "You can suck my dick til morning if you can take that thing, man."

"Deal," I said. "Everyone else agree to the same terms?"

They nodded and looked at each other nervously.

I stood up and took my shirt off, peeled my socks off, dropped my shorts, and ripped off my underwear. I noticed, looking at all three of them, that the nervous tension in the air had caused three little tents to rise quite high in their laps.

I got up on the table facing the three of them and lay back. I grabbed some lube from one of the boxes and began lubing the entrance to my ass. I worked my asshole with my fingers for several delicious moments and gave my cock a playful tug at the same time. I handed the monster cock and lube to Kevin and asked him to grease it up. He hesitated but did it quickly, covering the "headed" end well with lube.

I took the dildo from him, raised my feet to bend my knees, raised my ass, and began sliding the head up and down my asscrack. Ever so slowly I honed in on my puckered rosebud and began to push the mammoth rubber cock into my willing ass. It took some work at first as my ass had not been fucked in some time. I slowly inched the cock into my ass until well over half of it was buried in my ass. I relaxed my ass and sat down, the end of the cock hanging from my hole invitingly.

They all stared in disbelief as I raised up again and began pulling the thing from my chute. I pulled it almost all the way out and sunk it back again, groaning in sheer sexual passion as I did so. It felt so wonderful to be so full, and could have only felt better if the cock up my ass had been alive.

Kevin reached out and grabbed the end of the dildo and pushed it back in again. He pulled it out and pushed it in, and said, "Never would I have believed this if I weren't sitting right here doing this with my own hands. What does it feel like inside you, Andrew?" he asked.

I looked at him and said, "It's hard to describe. It is the most completely filling feeling in the world, it's incredibly erotic, and it feels wonderful. Now that I have shown you that this works, I think you all owe me something."

I climbed down from the table and knelt in front of their three chairs. All were fondling their cocks through their pants and I began with Matt. He unzipped his pants and dropped them with his boxer shorts onto the floor. His cock, a seven inch thick whopper, rose from his midsection in splendor. I leaned over and devoured his cock in one downward motion, causing him to raise up in the chair and cry out sharlply. I sucked him expertly, bringing him to the brink of orgasm quickly several times until I felt him dump his creamy load into my willing throat. As I was drinking him dry, I noticed the other two were rapidly fisting their cocks and I reached out and pulled their hands away.

Once Matt had emptied his nuts, I scooted over to Tim's lap and pulled his pants and g-string underwear down to his ankles. I grabbed his cock, one of those amazingly long and incredibly thin ones, and tried to take it all in at once. His sheer length prohibited that but I soon developed a sucking rhythm that allowed me to take him all in. I brought him quickly to orgasm and swallowed every creamy delicious drop.

Kevin was last and was sweating and writhing in his chair by the time I got over to him. It took only several long delicious slides on his average sized cock to bring him off, and he dumped torrents of sperm down my greedy and near-sated throat.

Once they had all cum, they relaxed and sat back in their chairs, idly fondling their cocks. I reached around my back and shoved the dildo further up my ass as it had slipped out some during my suck-a-thon. I began manipulating it in and out of my near-ravaged ass when Kevin got down on the floor behind me and began pushing and pulling for me. I reached down to work on my cock a little bit, and Matt surprised me by crawling under me and awkwardly taking me in his mouth. He was clearly new to the art of cocksucking, but took to it quickly, developing an interesting bobbing rhythm that had me close to shooting in no time. I pulled the dildo out of my ass and begged Kevin to give me the real thing.

He was so caught up in giving me pleasure that I don't think he noticed that he had sunk his hard cock up my ass and was pummeling me for all it was worth. Tim stood up over me and began to beat his cock in my face. I reached up and drew him into my mouth again, sucking his delightfully rigid member deep into my throat. I ran my tongue around his cockhead as he pulled out, and gave him the best head I could muster under the given circumstances while Matt continued to blow me from underneath and Kevin continued to plow me from behind.

We were all grunting and groaning and Kevin said, rather suddenly, "I want to know what it feels like. Somebody fuck me!"

I motioned for Tim to have the honor and he scooted up behind Kevin and greased his ass a bit and then sank into him. Kevin cried out as his bung cherry was broken but soon discovered what bliss can be had when something soft and wet slides across the prostate gland! Matt climbed out from under me and mounted Tim effortlessly, making me wonder if Tim was the "virgin" he had made out to be. Tim moaned deeply in his baritone voice as Matt began riding him harder and harder.

Though awkward, our position was interesting and all of us were deriving intense pleasure from being part of this daisy- fuck-chain. Moans and groans quickly became grunts and shouts as the fuckers found their cadences, and soon those of us being fucked were being bathed with semen in our deepest depths. I fisted myself to an explosive orgasm as I felt Kevin explode within me, and this chain reaction sped down the line until everyone was coming at once.

After we had all cum, we collapsed in a tangled heap of heaving, sweating naked flesh and lay there panting.

Kevin and Tim spoke almost at the same time, each offering some mild expletives. Matt just lay silently nursing his shriveling cock, smiling curiously.

Once we had all caught our breaths, we separated and began to dress. I told them anytime they needed this sort of education, to let me know, and we all agreed to start the game again the following night.

Part XIV

Near the main part of campus, mostly hidden by a grove of tall northern pines, is a small river that runs along the edge of campus boundaries. I have found this to be one of the few places on campus where I can go to be by myself and think. More often than not, I am the only person there and the solace and peace there is more than pleasurable.

There have been times when I was not there alone, though. One time in the middle of the spring, I decided late one night that I needed some peace and quiet and headed across campus to the river.

Upon arriving there, I sat down high up above the river and sat, staring at the water lazily wash by. Thinking I was alone, I lay back and began to hum softly, truly relishing the quiet night. Suddenly, my ears picked up a low moan coming from the sandy beach along the riverfront. I sat up and looked down. There, kneeling in the sand, was a young guy, perhaps eighteen or nineteen, oblivious to my presence. He was moaning softly and appeared to be swaying in the sand. I began to become very interested and watched him closely. As my eyes adjusted to the moonlit beach, I realized that he was rubbing his crotch with both hands. I immediately became interested.

As his caresses got more intense, he unzipped his pants (I heard this more than I saw it) and he began making love to his young cock with earnest. Still oblivious to my presence, he laid back in the sand until I could see his stiff cock arching from his small pubic thatch. He was running his hands all over his naked chest with one hand, pausing to tweak his nipples. His other hand was busy bringing pleasure to his cock and balls as it roamed from one another in a causual but intense way.

He moved both hands to his cock and began thrusting his hips into the air as he beat himself furiously, and shortly thereafter, an enormous arc of semen flew from his cock and arched back, hitting him square in the face. He came for some time, each spurt carefully aimed at his face until he could come no more. He caressed his softening cock with one hand and wiped his face with the other, licking the cum from it as he did so.

He then lay there in the sand, breathing heavily until he regained his composure, dressed and walked down the beach towards town.

I never saw him again, but was so moved by his display that I beat myself to a furious climax right there on the spot.


Several nights ago, I found myself sitting at my desk staring at some boring text book or another, wishing I was anywhere but where I was. Lost in a daydream that most likely was sexual, I was suddenly jolted out of my reverie by a knock at the door. I said, "Come in!" and was surprised to see Stan, one of the residents from upstairs standing at the door. We had made friends with each other through class more than through living in the same building, and though we knew very little about each other, I had always hoped we could develop the friendship a little more.

"What are you doing studying on a beautiful night like this, Andrew?" he asked.

"I have no plans for the evening and thought I would get a little work done. Doesn't seem to be progressing very well, though, I must admit. What's up with you?"

"About the same. I've been working on that assignment for Dr. Schiller for hours now and have made no progress. Thought I would stop by for a chat since we've been saying for months that we wanted to chat about non-class stuff."

"Cool. Pull up a chair. Want a coke?"

"No thanks. Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk. It's such a beautiful night and it seems a shame to waste it inside!" Stan commented.

"Done!" I cried, slipping into some comfortable walking shoes. "Where to?"

"How 'bout down to the river. The moon looks pretty inviting down there, you know."

"I thought the river was a well kept secret. You've been there?" I asked.

"Yep. Been there a couple of times. Never anyone around, you know."

We headed out the door and took off across the campus. We talked as we walked and slowly divulged a lot of personal information as we walked. I kept pace with him and as we walked, I began to study him carefully. The more I saw, the more I liked. He was six feet easily, maybe taller and had very soft skin. The moonlight cast beautiful shadows on his body as he walked and I thought that I caught a glimpse of a pretty full basket. His face was one of classic Greek features, chiselled, manly, masculine. His curly dark hair cascaded over his brow and spilled down the nape of his neck in a subtle but wild array. Truly, this was a handsome man.

We arrived at the river. Now, there are two ways to get to the beach. One is to slide down on your ass, the other is to run and hope you can stop at the beach before you plunge in the icy water. We opted for the first choice and bounced laughingly down the embankment. We arrived in somewhat of a heap at the bottom and sat down on the beach, about six feet from the water's edge. We talked about a lot of things for the next couple of hours, and we edged closer together as the air got nippier. After a somewhat long pause as we each reflected on what we had been talking about, I could stand it no more and put my hands on his face, drew him close to me and kissed him lightly on the mouth. I jumped up and walked over to the water's edge and stood there, facing away from him.

"I'm sorry, Stan. I don't know what came over me, man. I just had to do that." I said, still not looking at him.

After a few seconds, I heard him get up and approach me. He put his arms around me and drew me close to him and said, "Don't be sorry, I want this just as much as you do, Andrew."

I turned to him, somewhat puzzled and said, "But I thought you didn't go for guys!"

"So did I, but spending the last few hours with you has made me want to do this so badly I can't stand it, man." With that he planted his mouth over mine and began kissing me, lightly at first and then deeply, searching my mouth with his tongue as if on a life-threatening quest. We kissed for several long delicious moments until we were both shaking.

I stepped back for a second and he turned his back to me, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. He dropped his shirt in the sand and kicked his shoes off. Then, still with his back to me, he dropped his shorts revealing that he was not wearing underwear. I looked at him standing there in the moonlight, and was awestruck. This man was god-like! If Michaelangelo had a model for his "David," this would have been him: strong muscular legs and thighs, rich full arms, incredibly manly hands and feet, and tight round buttocks.

He stood there for several minutes, as if not knowing what to do. I walked up to his back and knelt down behind him, grabbing his asscheeks in my hands. I pushed my nose into his crack and inhaled deeply, enjoying the manly scent emmanating from his body. I pulled his cheeks apart and stuck the tip of my tongue to his rosebud. I pulled it off quickly and repeated this action, poking my tongue in and out of his hot little hole until he was moaning.

I flipped him around and saw his cock for the first time. It was long, thick and hard, sticking out of his dark pubic bush defiantly. I licked the head slowly and teasingly, drawing little whimpers and moans from him as my tongue glided back and forth. I took his cock in my hand and rammed it slowly down my throat, drinking him in and loving the feel of my tongue running down the length of it as I swallowed him.

He grabbed my head and pushed and pulled it on and off his cock. I could tell he was close, and withdrew, gasping for breath. I stood and quickly shed my clothes joining him in nakedness.

We embraced awkwardly at first, our thick turgid cocks pressed between us as we kissed deeply. We ran our arms up and down each other's backs, and explored each other as we did so. Our pelvises ground together causing our cocks to slide against each other deliciously. As we continued to search each other's mouths with our tongues, the friction of our cocks caused them to wiggle together, and soon we were spraying our loads between our heaving bellies, tongues still battling to show our feelings towards each other.

With deep sighs, we pulled apart and laughed as we saw the rivers of semen running down our chests and legs into the sand. We rubbed our hands on each other, cleaning up a bit and let each other taste the combined loads from our fingertips. We kissed again, deeply, and sat down in the sand, fondling each other and quietly sharing the moment.

A slight mist began to fall, and we dressed each other leisurely, kissing and touching as we went, until the mist became rain and we began walking, arm in arm, back to the dorm.

Arriving there, we went to my room and continued our lovemaking well into the next morning. By morning, I had convinced him that male-male sex was the only way to go. Our cocks and asses were happy, but sore.

Part XV

Each year that I have been an R.A., there has been one man on my floor that just didn't fit in well. The stereotype was always the same: he was a nerd. They were always so similar it was scary. Always computer people, always math or science majors, always studies when everyone else was playing. The stereotype never deviated. And always, once per quarter, I made the extra effort to attempt to bring them into the mainstream of dorm and campus life with a personal visit to their room.

My nerd of the year this year was no exception. His name was Chris something or other, a polish name I think, and he lived alone in a room at the dead end of the hall. I hardly ever saw him in public, and only occasionally saw him at the dining hall or in the bathroom. I had never heard him speak, and found out from the guys that lived on his end of the hall that he always had his door shut and never made a sound.

Four weeks into the quarter, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time for the quarterly RA visit. I closed my door and locked it, and headed off down the hall. I stopped several times to poke my head into doorways and say hello, and was met with casual greetings at each stop. Finally arriving at my destination, I stood for a minute collecting my thoughts. I took a deep breath and knocked tentatively at the door.

No response.

I knocked again, this time a little louder. I heard a chair slide on the floor and then I heard footsteps approaching the door. The door opened slightly and Chris stuck his head out. "Yes?" he asked, somewhat shyly.

"Hi, Chris. I'm Andrew, the Resident Assistant for this floor. I apologize for not having done this sooner, but I came to introduce myself and see how you are doing. Can I come in for a minute?"

"I don't see why not," he said. He pushed the door all the way open and let me pass, quickly closing it behind us. He motioned for me to sit down on the bed and I did so, taking in the room with a wide sweep of my eyes. It's always the same, you know. Totally neat, everything in its place, carefully selected science fiction and astronomy posters mounted impecably on the walls, no dust or trash in sight, and the bed-- you could have easily bounced a brick off it it was so neatly made!

We sat in silence for a few moments and I got my first really good look at him. He wasn't bad, actually. Kind of scrawny but in an academic sort of way. He wasn't the typical polyester nerd, though-- he was dressed rather preppily. And though he did wear glasses, they were not those plastic black things that make you afraid to touch him-- they were designer frames and they suited his fair face quite nicely.

He had brown hair, every hair in place, of course and tried very hard to hide the fact that he had an interesting mound in his lap.

I looked at him and said, "This is all rather routine, I'm afraid. I just haven't had a chance to meet you yet and wanted to make sure you got settled all right and you have found everything you need here, Chris."

"Yes. This building suits my needs perfectly, actually, and I am quite fond of my room."

"I'm glad to hear that. What sort of stuff do you work on?"

He looked at me and got up, walking to his laptop and said, "Let me show you!" I noticed that he had suddenly gotten some pride in his voice and realized that I had piqued one of his interests. We sat down side by side in front of the laptop and his hands flew over the keys logging in to some system. Soon he began showing me projects, games, and other stuff. After an hour or so, I was enthralled, and he was warming to my enthusiasm.

Unconsciously, I put my arm behind his back on his chair and relaxed as I listened to his soft voice extol the virtures of some computer crap that was totally over my head. He was about to show me something else when I noticed something that shocked me! He had a directory entitled 'naked men' on his desktop and I just had to know what it was. I asked him, and he blushed deeply saying, "Oh, just something a friend sent me."

I told him I was interested and we viewed several interesting and quite hot pictures. Some were just single men posing, but as we flipped through the extensive library, other men joined the solo's and soon the most amazing series of men fucking and sucking appeared on the screen.

I looked down at his crotch and noticed not only an enormous bulge but a growing wet spot. I took his hands from the keyboard and placed them in his lap, covering his crotch briefly as I said, "This turns you on, doesn't it Chris?"

He sat incredibly still and said nothing.

"It's OK, Chris. It turns me on, too! Feel this!" I took one of his hands and placed it on my raging dick, letting it go to see what he would do. At first he let his hand rest there and tried to look noncommital, but I think his curiosity got the better of him after a while and he began caressing my mound intently.

"Have you ever done this before, Chris?" I asked.

"No," he said, his voice cracking, "but I've always wanted to!"

"Say no more, man!" I said and stood up. I took his hand, leading him to the perfectly made bed and lowered him down onto it until he was lying flat on his back. I gently removed all of his clothing, and took his glasses off last. I dimmed the lights in the room a little and undressed in the middle of the room, dropping my clothes as they came off.

I lay down next to him on the narrow bed and began running my fingers through his hair, down his face, across his chest and down his legs. His cock, an impressive six-incher, was swaying in the air, harder than I've seen a cock in some time. I stayed away from it at first, learning his body through touch, and trying to make him stop shaking.

"Shhhhh." I said, trying to comfort his nervousness. "Just relax and let your body feel what is happening. Don't try to think about it, just let it happen" I said.

I could feel him relax a little, and I bent down and brushed my lips across his lightly. He reached up and grabbed my head, pulling it down until our mouths were crushed together, and opened his mouth. Our tongues found each other and we rolled on the bed embracing and kissing deeply.

I broke my mouth from his slightly and pulled back, trailing his face with little kisses. I moved downward and kissed his chest, drawing each of his tiny nipples into my mouth and sucking on them until they stood up pertly. I continued my downward trek until I came to his cock, and I lightly lapped at his throbbing cockhead. The head was velvety smooth and felt incredible against my tongue. I drew him into my throat and began the earnest work of providing his first blowjob. I sank down to the root and drew back up again, running my tongue up and down the length of his pole as I went. He moaned and groaned quite loudly and begged me not to stop. I kept sucking and licking until I felt his entire body stiffen. I sank down to the base of his cock just as he began shooting his load.

I pulled back to taste his sperm, and was amazed to find that it was really sweet, almost like sugar! I sucked him dry, gagging slightly on the copious load he was shooting into my throat, and pulled back, allowing the last shot to hit my face. I lay back to catch my breath and rest.

He got up on his knees and began treating me the same way I had treated him. His kisses and licks were tentative at first, but as he gained confidence, he became bolder, sucking on my neck and producing a huge hickey (which nearly drove me over the brink right there, I might add) and then honing in on my aching cock. I pushed it into his throat and allowed him to adjust to the size of it. He signalled, by smiling, that he was comfortable, and I began rising off the bed, thrusting in and out of his warm mouth. He was really making me hot, and I knew it would not be long.

Sure enough, within four of five good, deep strokes with his tongue and mouth, I began shooting my load into his greedy throat. He gagged audibly on the load but took it like a little trooper, swallowing deeply as I shot spurt after spurt of my wonderfully creamy spunk down his throat.

We both lay back, panting and moaning as our erections returned to full tilt. I leaned over him and asked him, "Would you mind terribly if I assaulted your anus, my friend? It's just too hot to pass up!"

"Just be gentle. I've never done this before, but I must admit that the sensations I feel in my anal orifice indicate a strong likelihood that I would find it a pleasurable experience."

God, these nerds were all the same! Too funny for their own good!

I parted his legs and lifted his ankles to my shoulders, easing my nose between his cheeks. The musky smell was overpowering and I was driven by a lust I hadn't felt in a while. This was, after all, virgin territory and I got to break it in! What a rush! I pulled his cheeks apart and began assaulting his asshole with my hard little tongue, pushing gobs of spit into his hole to ease my cock's entry.

Once I felt he was lubed up enough (and once he was squirming uncontrollably), I placed my cockhead at his entrance, pushing slightly. He was more ready that I thought, however, and pushed back on my cock, forcing it to make a quick and deep descent into his inner cavity. My God, it was so tight and so warm and so slippery. Jesus, what a feeling!

I pulled out and pushed back in again, slowly as if to not hurt him. He cried out, "Enough with the gentle shit, man, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" What could I do but obey the little guy. And so I rammed my cock in and out of his little bung hole, almost raping him with my frenzied need to get off in his little ass, and I fucked deep and hard.

"Fuck me, you goddamn stud! Ram that cock in and out of me! Fuck me harder! Harder! Harder!" he shouted. "Blow your wad up my chute, man. Spray my insides with your hot seething cum! Do it, man, do it!!" He grunted over and over and over.

His words drove me to passions I had never felt and I continued to ravage his ass. Finally, upon reaching his utter depths with a particularly hard thrust, I began dumping gallons of spunk in his ass, bathing his prostate and pushing my cock back our of his hole with the force of my blasts.

My cock popped out with a little popping noise and a flood of musky sperm followed it, oozing onto the now messed-up bed. Chris reached down and gathered some of it up on his fingers and brought it to his lips, sucking and licking his finger clean. He did this several times, each time getting more intense with his passionate writhings on the bed. I sat back and watched him get off all by himself as my cock sprang another hard on. I began fisting myself unmercifully as he continued to gather spunk up and suck it from his fingers. His eyes were closed and he was moaning to himself almost uncontrollably.

Suddenly, his hips went rigid and his cock started shooting straight up, covering his midsection, chest, arms, face, and legs with gob after gob of geyser-like shots. He came like a madman, consumed with lust and moaning deeply. I was so moved by this erotic display that I began coating his entire body with a surprise third load, just as big and wet as the first two. I bathed his face in cum until it shone in the dim light and he continued to fist and pump as I shot.

Finally, totally exhausted, we lay atop each other, sliding around in our combined loads until we drifted to sleep, our hands around our pricks and our faces pressed close together.

An hour or so later, I awoke to find him angling his cock into my ass. I back up on it and let him ride me until he came deep within me, and we lay there for some time, not talking, not moving.

Finally, as I heard the chapel bells ringing, indicating dinner time, I got up and dressed leaving this ravaged and spent cute little nerd curled up on the messy bed, arms wrapped around him, lying in several big puddles of our spunk. I tiptoed from the room, closed the door, and returned to my own room. While I was showering, it hit me what had transpired, and as I walked to dinner I thought to myself, "You definitely cannot judge a book by its cover!"