Dorm Encounter Part XVI - Part XX

Info Ben43
11 Apr. '17

Part XVI

Marty was one of my residents a couple of years ago. He was a music major, and took great pride in sharing all kinds of music with anyone who would listen. He found a willing listener in me and we spent many enjoyable evenings attending concerts on campus and listening to stuff as we shared a bottle of wine. We had fooled around in the past, but nothing really significant had ever happened. I think we both knew the other was gay, and I think we both knew what we wanted to happen-- we just had never tried anything that significant.

One particular night, Marty invited me to a Dvorak concert in the Fine Arts Building. We both enjoyed the deep music immensely and returned from the concert in good spirits despite having both had really long days.

We returned to my room and I lit a candle while Marty sat on the bed. I took my coat off. Deciding to get more comfortable, I removed my shirt and threw it on the desk and kicked off my shoes. I stood in front of Marty, who had, by now, stretched out on the bed.

Marty looked up at me and said, "Candlelight and music and you! Perfection. Andrew, I want you to fuck me-- here and now!"

"With pleasure," I said. This was too easy, I thought.

Marty got up to take off his shoes and open his Levi's. I helped him slip the pants off his body. Next his white shorts, socks and his sweatshirt. Marty stood there completely naked, his penis swelling between his spread legs. He laid back down on the bed.

I opened my pants and took out my cock, holding it in my hand. "What do you want me to do with this, baby?"

"Fuck me, Andrew. Fuck me hard!" He reached up and put his hand around my throbbing cock.

"You ever been fucked before?" I asked.

"No. Maybe a carrot now and then. Sometimes, my finger, and once... a Polish sausage," he laughed. I too, laughed out loud. The thought of screwing a virgin delighted me. In fact, it made Marty all the more desirable.

I went to the cabinet and came out with a tube of KY. I dropped my pants and shorts and left them lying in a heap. Marty sat on the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist, stroking my ass and legs, while my cock met his mouth and entered.

He sucked hard on my penis, kissing the tip of it, down the shaft to the balls below, over them, around them, in the thick hair surrounding the base of my organ, down lower beneath my balls. I raised one foot to the bed and Marty's tongue went further under and finally, licked the crack of my ass. My cock grew larger and almost reached the bursting point.

"How shall we do it?" I asked him as I applied KY to my iron-hard erection.

"I want to see it," Marty said.

"OK, listen, you lie on your back. Now get that pillow and put it under your ass... and lift your legs into the air. Yes, that's it! Hold them back like that."

Marty did as I asked, spreading his ass and cock and balls before me as I was on my knees in front of the boy. Marty could easily see my penis as I rubbed more lubricant on it. As My slick finger touched his ass, sensations of pleasure visibly ran through him. Now my organ and Marty's cock were thoroughly lubricated, and ready for the moment.

"OK, baby, now relax and just let it happen. Just let it happen, baby." I said. I put the tip of my cock to the boy's opening and pressed gently. Marty moaned as the first inch entered his body. And he watched closely, seeing and feeling at the same time.

"Easy, now easy, baby. It'll be good...." I whispered, lovingly. "You feel it? You like it, baby? Here's some more."

I pushed a few more inches in and Marty's eyes began to swell up with tears. I could tell that it was the most marvelous mixture of agony and ecstasy that he had ever felt. My cock was so big and so long, and his expression said that he wondered if it would ever get all the way in.

I gave another push and Marty let his feet rest on my shoulders, and his arms stroked my back. Then, the entire length of my cock was in his body. My balls and his ass were touching.

"OK, baby, are you all right?" I asked.

"Oh, it's beautiful!" Marty groaned and I bent forward and kissed him on the mouth. We kissed for several deliciously long moments, enjoying the feeling of the physical and emotion bond we were sharing.

I pulled my cock out a few inches and pushed back in, then out again, and back in again, each time my balls smashed against Marty's ass and each time we both felt another spasm of pleasure.

Marty let his hand slip down to my cock that was moving in and out of him. He touched it, held it, felt it rising and falling-- felt the opening to his body, felt the huge cock ramming his ass. He was, from his facial expression, lost totally in his lustful reverie.

I kept pumping, slowly at first and then building speed, my balls still smashing against his ass as my cock moved in and out of his tight steaming hole. I threw my whole being into the masterful fuck I had started here, and gave him every ounce of my concentration as I tried to make this the most meaningful sexual experience of his life.

I withdrew my cock, eliciting small whimpers from him. I flipped him over and rammed into him again, this time doggy-style. I rode him like a horse and slapped his buttcheeks slightly as I rode his sweet little tight ass. He moaned in ecstasy as I plunged deep into him, and I grabbed his hair, pulling his head back, and rammed my tongue down his throat as I continued to ravage his ass. We kissed like demons possessed, panting and gasping as we did so, my cock still plunging in and out of him.

I withdrew again and got down off the bed. "Come here, Marty. I want to try something," I said. I met him in the middle of the room and told him to wrap my arms around my neck. Then I told him to sit down on the desk as we backed up to it. From this angle, I was able to bend him back enough to drive my pulsing member back into his tight little hole. I moved him back and forth a few times on my cock, and he slid easily on the formica. I wrapped my arms around his middle and backed back to the middle of the room, Marty clinging to my neck and my cock still up his chute.

He caught on quickly and began bobbing up and down on my cock. "I feel you in different places now, man," he panted, still riding up and down on my rock-hard cock. The feeling was intense on my cock as well, but incredibly tiring, and I backed up to the armchair in the corner and sat down. He took the hint and began bouncing voraciously up and down on my cock as if he couldn't get enough of this ass-spliting fuck I was giving him. My cockhead was literally aching from the friction and I knew I was close.

I stood up with him still attached and walked to the bed, throwing him down. My cock popped out and I told him to get on his side. I got on the bed beside him and scooted up to him, our bodies fitting together like gloves. I aimed my cock at his hole and drove in with immense force drawing a stifled cry from him as I did so.

I fucked with abandon now, sure to get off soon and loving every warm delicious minute of it. I bit down on his neck and licked all of him I could reach. He moaned uncontrollably and I saw his hand go to his cock. I pulled it away and hissed, "Not yet. Let me do that, lover."

With that and an extra hard lunge, I began to shoot my copious load deep within his bowels. Jet after jet of steamy spunk bathed the ravaged walls of his ass and coated his insides. My ejaculation kept coming and coming until I thought I would faint from the repercussions of the explosive orgasm I was having. Finally, my cum subsided and I pulled out. I rested for a moment as I watched musky cum dribble from his little butt and I flipped him over on his back.

With no foreplay whatsoever, I squatted over his rockhard cock and sank down, moaning and sweating bullets as I did. His cock, though not long, was incredibly thick and it took some work to open my seasoned ass to this brutish invader. Finally, I was all the way in and I began to bounce on his meat, drawing purr- like sounds from him. He opened his eyes and we watched each other intently as I continued to ride his sword like a pro. He reached up and twisted my nipples and grabbed my cock, rubbing it with all his might.

He began to enjoy the fuck as much as I was and started to bounce up and down off the bed himself. We created an artful cadence quite quickly and bounced together, his cock reaching new places in my ass as I wiggled around each time he thrust deep within me. Each time he hit my prostate I groaned audibly and grasped my own nipples as I rode him.

He stiffened completely as I felt the first blast of his cum shoot deep inside my ass. He spewed for some time coating the insides of my ass completely and causing some to run out of my ass and down his shaft into his pubic hair. He continued to come as he ran his hands through his pubes and smeared his creamy spunk all over my chest and his.

When he could shoot no more, I raised off of his deflating cock and lay down on top of him, covering his mouth with mine. We kissed forever, sliming around in our own semen between our heaving chests and bellies. Our cocks nestled together between us as we continued to cool down.

We lay that way for quite some time until I finally got up and led him to the shower. We soaped and washed each other lovingly and played around a little, kissing all the while.

As we dried off and he dressed to go back to his room, Marty said, "That was incredible. Can we do it again some time?"

"You bet!" I replied. "The more often the better." I smiled and kissed him lightly. "But right now I've got to get some work done or I am going to fail out of here tomorrow!"

"Same here," he said, and walked to the door. "I want to thank you, though, for a purely enjoyable evening. See you later."

And with that, he was gone, another spirited resident who had come to me for pleasure and left a satisfied man.


Undergraduate professors are seldom interesting looking. This was not the case in a recent class I took that was taught by a fellow named John Eric Maley, a doctoral student.

The class was an introduction to advertising class and it was one of those daily lecture classes we are always tempted to skip except on test days.

On the first day of class, I went in with this same attitude, preparing myself to get the syllabus and bug out. Imagine my surprise when Maley (that's what he wanted us to call him) walked in and took the podium.

I looked around and noticed that I was not the only one in the crowded room squirming. Some of the women were whispering and I was experiencing more than a routine horny stirring in my crotch.

Imagine, if you will, a tall, quite thin, fair haired man that looked to be about 25. He had straight blond hair that was perfectly in place, his face was soft and fair, and I could see no evidence that he had ever shaved. Total baby face.

He had a rather infectuous smile and little baby blue eyes, creating such a picture of innocence and youth I could hardly sit still. Top that with the fact that he was dressed perfectly in the yuppie teacher outfit and you had an image that definitely got you interested.

When he began to speak, I knew I was hopelessly in lust. Despite his almost frail frame, he had a rich, deep but gentle baritone that would have melted butter. I caught myself boldly staring at him as he paced the stage, and I totally forgot to take notes.

Time passed. He gave the first test and I did rather poorly and called to make an appointment to see him. We agreed on a time and I went to his office at the appointed hour.

I knocked at the door and his soothing voice rang out, "Enter, please!" I walked in to his office and was pleased to find not the usual mess of papers and books, but a very cozy atmosphere. Books lined the walls, of course, but there were plants everywhere and a long sofa lining the wall under the bookshelves. He sat at his desk with his glasses perched on the end of his little button nose and smiled.

"Hello, Andrew. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I'm having trouble with some of the concepts on the first test and want your advice on how to study so I can do better on the last three."

He motioned me to the sofa and turned in my direction, smiling that cute little smile he smiled all class period long, driving me and the women crazy. "Why don't you try these study tips," he said, handing me a thick handout, "and let me know if they help. They are more or less proven, in my mind."

I looked through the pages and said, "This ought to help a lot. Thanks!" I smiled and looked at him expectantly, waiting to see if he had anything else. He smiled back and my heart fluttered. I started to get up and he said, "Wait a second. Would you mind if I asked you a personal question?"

"Not at all," I said, warming to him hoping this would lead where I wanted it to.

"I hope you won't be offended here, but are you, by chance, the Andrew Whitaker that is the author of Dorm Encounters?"

"You've heard of it?" I asked, taken totally by surprise.

"Yes, I read it as fast as you post it. Actually, I'm even on your mailing list but I use a secret email address to hide my identity. We've even corresponded a little about your stories."

"Wow, I mean, I get to meet a fan in real life! This is cool! Are you gay?"

"Sure, I thought the class had decided that by now. My classes usually decide that in the first couple of weeks."

"Do you have any idea how much I have lusted after you each day in class? You know, the funny thing about it is that I only come to class regularly to watch you talk and move. I've actually had this class before and just needed to pull my grade up to graduate."

"Well, I'm flattered," he said looking intently at me. He got up and closed the door, pushing the lock button in. "Are you as hot as your stories say, Andrew, or is all that just fantasy?" he asked.

"It's true, I guess. Would you like to find out?"

He nodded, unbuttoning his shirt. I stood up and began throwing my clothes all over the office as he frantically tried to get naked before me. We met, naked and hard, in the middle of the room. Wrapping our arms around each other, we kissed deeply for quite some time. I felt his smooth back and tight buttocks with my hands and got incredibly excited about what was to soon happen.

I backed up still clinging to him and sat/laid down on the sofa. I pulled him on top of me and continued to explore his mouth with my tongue. I reached up and removed his glasses, laying them carefully on the windowsill behind us, and ran my hands through his soft silky hair as I continued to taste his mouth.

We broke the kiss and he slid down my body a little, dropping little kisses and pecks as he went. His tongue found my nipples and swirled around them hungrily, biting slightly as he went. His tongue traced the muscle groove down the middle of my tongue, stopping to service my belly button for a long delicious moment and then he dove into my bush.

His tongue swirled around the base of my cock and I was now going crazy with lust. I grabbed his ears and led him to my cockhead, pushing his open mouth down until he had swallowed my whole shaft. He bobbed up and down slowly, wrapping his tongue around my pole and swiping my cockhead lovingly as he went.

He was making me crazy and I knew I would shoot in a second if he didn't stop so I pulled him up. His tongue snaked down my rod to my balls and he lathed my ballsac with spit. He drew each ball into his warm mouth, first one at a time and then both together and applied firm pressure with his mouth muscles. I was writhing on the sofa.

He then began tonguing my asscrack and found my little puckered hole quickly. He darted his tongue in and out of my ass until I was moaning so loudly we were worried that someone would hear us. I was bouncing on the bed uncontrollably and knew I was close to blowing my seed.

He scooted back up my chest and drove his long thin cock down my throat. Knowing where it was to soon go, I lathered it up with spit, exploring every crevice of his baby-smooth cock. I loved the feeling of it deep in my throat and really wanted to taste his load, but knew that I would feel it soon enough somewhere else.

He grabbed my ankles as he slid back onto his knees at the foot of the sofa and put them over his soft shoulders. Aiming that long thin diving rod at my hole, he eased in slowly and luxuriously as I moaned. He drove in to the root and rested there for a moment, both of us feeling the intense pleasure that we had found. Realizing that I was ready to be fucked like a whore, he began slowly driving in and out of my ass, building speed and intensity as he went.

Soon he was driving in and out of my ass with abandon and jacking my cock in rhythm with his plunging. I was totally engrossed in the feelings my body was experiencing and closed my eyes to get the full effect. Every nerve in and on me was alive and singing as this beautiful man plunged deeply in and out of me. Sweat poured from both our bodies and we grunted and moaned quietly as the fucking continued.

After a couple of particularly strong strokes from his delicious cock, he froze and began pumping his semen into me, just at the same time his hand brought my hardon to tumultuous orgasm.

We shot together, me all over his chest and hands and him deep within my bowels. It was truly and explosive mutual orgasm and it seemed to last forever.

As we finally began to calm down, we caught our breaths as he lay down atop me, his long cock still hard and still embedded deep within me. Our mouths met in a fierce kiss as our tongues wrestled with each other. Our hearts continued to race as we kissed, and I got the feeling that his cock wanted one more run before he took it out.

I was right. He raised up and told me to bend over the arm of the couch, which I did, pulling my asscheeks apart for his wonderful poker. He sank quickly into my ass and began riding me with newfound energy.

I felt like a horse as this cowpoke rode me (or should I say, poked me). He plunged in and out, grabbing my hair as he rode me masterfully, and literally beat his cum into my ass.

He exploded quickly, shooting another enormous load up my chute. He continued to fuck me as his spunk shot out of his cock, making his ins and outs smooth gliding moves. My ass felt totally awesome as his semen bathed my anal chute and we cried out together as each spurt hit deep within me.

Finally spent, he pulled his cock out and moved his sensitive cockhead around on my ass. He reached under and grabbed my throbbing cock, flipping me over in the process. He swooped down on my cock and took it to the hilt, drawing my semen from my balls quickly. I bathed his tonsils with several fortiferous spurts of hot creamy spunk, shots that he drank as if starving for it.

Once my cock had begun to shrink, we fell apart and laid at either end of the sofa, our feet rubbing each other. We panted and heaved for some time, wiping the cum from our bodies and tasting it lovingly.

I stood, after a time, touching his cheek lightly, and dressed. He followed suit and I stood at the door. I turned back and said, "Thanks for the help, Sir. I feel better already!"

"I hope so," he said. "But if you need anthing else," he smiled, "do not hesitate to come back!"

Time told the tale that I squeaked out a C in the class in spite of spending many long afternoons getting extra help!


I've always had a fascination with swimmers. Male swimmers, that is. Their sleek refined muscular bodies melt my heart and raise my cock every time I see one. Every time.

There were two swimmers on my hall, and they were roommates. Terry and Peter lived about ten doors down the hall from me, and as they were always practicing, I rarely saw them at all.

One night, though, I was startled from my studies to a knock on the door. In strolled Terry and Peter, dressed in warmups. Their hair was still wet, and I guessed from the early evening hour that they were just coming in from practice.

I looked up from my desk and said, "What can I do for you, fellows?"

They stood there awkwardly for a few seconds and then Terry spoke, somewhat shyly. "Look, Andrew. We need some advice. Tomorrow's our biggest meet of the season and Coach told us all to go home and shave our arms and legs so we can be sleek in the water tomorrow. We wanted to know if you knew any secrets or something...."

"Well," I replied, warming to the subject suddenly, "I've never shaved anything but my face, but I used to watch my Mom as a kid when she shaved her legs and stuff. What sort of advice did you have in mind?"

Peter took up the conversation. "Actually, we think we can do it, but we don't want all the other guys laughing at us if we do it in the community shower. We were wondering if (a) you could help us since we're totally clueless and we don't want to get any cuts, and (b) if we could use your bathroom."

RA's on my campus had private baths, and I've always been thankful for that, now more than ever! "Sure, I think that would be fine. Do you have some razors and shaving cream?"

Peter held up a bag containing all the necessary tools. I ushered them to the bed and told them to take their warmups off and leave their underwear on. I discovered, watching the undress, two very fundamental things. First I discovered that they were both really HOT. Second I discovered that they were both still wearing their regulation Speedo bathing suits from practice. This made it easier to accomplish the task, I thought.

I showed them into the bathroom and told Peter to fill the tub with bath-temperature water and submerse himself in it to get his legs wet. I then told him to sit on the toilet (with the cover down) and Terry and I began lathering up his legs. Truthfully, there was not a whole lot of hair on either one of them, and it looked like it would be an easy job overall.

Once Peter was covered from the edge of his bathing suit to his ankles, Terry and I each took a leg and began shaving, dipping the razors into the tub after each stroke. At first it was kind of difficult because I didn't want to hurt Peter at all, but once I got the hang of it, I began really enjoying myself.

I was getting really wet and covered with shaving cream from the process and stood up to drop my shirt and pants, leaving only my tight g-string undies on. Neither man gave me the slightest look as I lowered my dress to this level, and we continued to shave Peter.

Once we decided that his legs were done, we had him rinse in the tub and wet his arms. I had him stand in the middle of the bathroom and raise his arms above his head. Terry and I began carefully moving our razors around his underarm, taking every little hair out of there with the utmost care. He wiggled a little every now and then as it certainly must have tickled. We then had him lower his arms and we did them too until the only hair left on him was on his head and a slight downy effect on his chest.

"Now if you want to be totally right about this, Peter, we're going to have to do the chest, too, man!" I said.

"OK, but take it easy. I'm really ticklish!" he said.

With that we washed his chest off and I ran my fingers over it lightly, feeling for hair before we creamed him up. Shaving his chest proved to be the most difficult since he was so ticklish, and I had to step back every few seconds and let him get a hold of himself before we went on. Standing back at one point to survey my work, I noticed that his cock had taken on a definite rise inside those tight little Speedo's. Oh my, I thought to myself. This could really get interesting.

Terry and I were finally satisfied that we were done and we let Peter shower quickly to rinse off. I began to clean up a little while he did so, and I was amazed to find Terry staring at his teammate with rapt attention as Peter caressed himself with the soap and rinse under the spray. I looked down at his crotch and realized that he, too, was turned on by all of this, and began to wonder if there was more to this roommate/teammate relationship than met the eye.

Peter got out of the shower and began to dry off. Once dry, he and I repeated the entire process for Terry, starting with the legs and ending with the chest. Terry was a little hairier than Peter and it took a little longer. Glances every few seconds revealed hard lumps in both pairs of Speedo's and I threw a rod after some consideration of the effects it might have. This was getting too hot!!

We finally finished Terry off and as he rinsed, this time with Peter watching fervently, I cleaned up the floor and put all the razors in the garbage can. As I stood up, Peter looked me up and down and said, "You know, Andrew, you have quite a bod, yourself, man. You would look awesome shaved!"

"I don't know, Peter. It's kind of strange, isn't it?" I asked with fake innocence that he probably didn't read correctly.

"No, actually it feels really cool," he said, caressing his arms, chest and legs. "Really sexy, I mean. Here-- just run your hands on my chest and tell me what you think!"

I placed my hands on his chest and moved them around, feeling the soft skin and, I must admit, really liking what I felt. "So what do you say, man?" he asked me with a glint in his eyes.

"OK, it'll always grow back if I don't like it, right?"

"Right!" Peter said. Terry had been listening to all this and still had his hardon, I could see. They prepared the bath for me and had me dunk, then lathered my legs and began shaving. I squirmed on the seat of the john as the razors ran up and down my legs and felt really fine! My cock soared in my tight underwear, and it was making me very uncomfortable.

I think Terry noticed this because he said, "Your underwear is in the way, man. Can't get into the cracks with it on." With that, the two looked at each other and together yanked my underwear down and off. They stared at my erection and smiled at each other knowingly. "Jesus, man," Terry said, "He's as hard as we are!"

I looked down and, true to his word, they were both rock hard with cocktips showing above their waistbands. We were all a little nervous at this point, and I suppose to ease the tension, the simultaneously stepped out of their suits as well, causing their cocks to bounce up and slap their rock hard stomachs. Resuming the shaving, Peter "accidentally" slipped and began shaving my pubic mound. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the sensation immensely, and allowed both of them to continue until my cock, balls and crotch were totally devoid of hair.

"Look at him!" Terry exclaimed. "He looks like a little baby now!" he continued, running his hands all over what was once a luscious bush. "It feels really hot! You guys gotta do me next!"

Well, to make a long story short, we ended up shaving all three of our crotches and we joined each other in the shower, somewhat cramped for space, I might add, to rinse off. We ran our hands over each other as we rinsed, and I believe the touches were a little more than lingering. Our cocks waved in the fine mist of the shower and we all grinned as we continued to caress each others' smooth bodies. We got out of the shower and dried each other off.

This was too intense for me. I ran my hands over my new clean-shaven friends and exclaimed, "This is by far the most erotic thing I have ever done, guys!"

"We think so too, man. Let's go into the other room and check each other out!" said Peter with a grin. He pulled both of us into my room and we climbed onto the bed.

In no time flat, we were caressing and stroking each others' smooth bodies, our erections straining with the erotic pressures. I could stand it no longer and sank my lips onto Terry's smooth cock. I took him whole to the root and ran my tongue over his smooth pubic mound and absolutely went nuts with the sensations my tongue was feeling. Peter was quick to join in, swallowing my pounding throbbing cock to the hilt as well. I suppose Terry felt a little left out because he told us to get on the floor so we could daisy-chain.

Soon the three of us were writhing around on the floor, each mouth busy on a cock and each pair of hands feeling and caressing the smooth naked body it was sucking. It was intense, absolutely marvelous. Like sucking off a man-sized baby or something.

The sexual pressures were too great for this to last much longer, and we each climaxed into waiting mouths violently. My cum shot out of my cock like wet bullets and I swallowed Terry's hot steamy load hungrily. Once we had all drank to our fill and pulled off the dick we were working on, we fell back, panting and breathing hard as we did. I lay, looking at the two smooth demi-gods before me and was moved beyond words. I couldn't speak they were so incredibly gorgeous. Something like models in gay porno magazines, I suppose. They are always clean shaven and oiled down.....

Oiled down? Did I think Oiled Down? What a wonderful idea. As I sprang up and ran to the desk, I could see they were puzzled, but when I returned with my huge family sized bottle of baby oil, they got the idea.

"Now here's the rules," I said. "You can't put it on yourself but you have to be totally covered by the time it's over," I continued. They nodded comically and held their hands out. I let them work on each other for a few minutes and was incredibly hard in minutes watching these two men, who, by now I realized had done something like this to each other before, oil each other down. It was erotic, kinky and sexy as hell. They finished each other and went to work on me together until the three of us glistened in the lamplight. I got my camera out and we took turns photographing each other solo, and then together in sexy poses. I got the brilliant idea to take some fuck shots.

The two of them seemed ok with that, and Terry mounted his teammate with great ease and began pistoning in and out of his smooth oily ass. I took several shots and finally had to put the camera down as I could not hold my hands steady. This was better than any porno movie I had ever seen, and I had to get in on the action before I spewed all over the place.

I came up behind Terry and rammed into his warm tight ass. We fucked in tandem creating a marvelous rhythm that had us all grunting and groaning loudly. Our six arms roamed each others oily bodies and the feelings and sexual tensions were just too much for words. Infuckingcredible is all I can say!

Without much pretense, I began pounding my fuckee, shooting gob after gob of hot sticky semen up his chute. I could tell from his grunting that he was filling Peter at the same time, and I looked around the slimy bodies just in time to see Peter fisting his load all over the floor.

When it was all over, we fell to the floor and took turns sliding all over each other and kissing. The passion wearing thin, we jumped in the shower and cleaned up, dressing after doing so.

As Peter and Terry left, Peter smiled and kissed me saying, "We will most likely need touch ups in a few days. Interested?"

"Of course, stud! You bring the razors, I'll bring the oil!!"

Part XIX

If you've never sung in a college choir, you will have little to go on to imagine all of what I am about to tell you, but bear with me. It'll be worth your while, I assure you!

I have sung in our university's choir for three years now and have finally become not only the Section Leader for the Tenors, but the Stage Manager as well. As such, I am responsible for transporting the orchestra's equipment and instruments as well as our own when we go on tour.

This particular year that I am writing about, we were given the opportunity of a lifetime: a huge tour covering many states with six television appearances as we travelled around. We had our own representative from our state's public television network documenting all aspects of our trip, and we found the attention he and his crew gave us a real trip. Of course we were stifled into our best behaviors at times, but it was OK knowing that a television special was being made about us in the process.

Our tour took us to several large cities with many stops in small towns in between. The choir rode on one bus and the orchestra rode on the other. The two directors drove in a car leading the pack, and I, as Stage Manager rode in a 15 passenger van with the equipment. I had a hard time at first keeping up with the busses, but they learned to watch for me and we had a wonderful time.

At each location, we would be housed either in college dorm rooms (if we were singing on a campus) and in alumni homes if we were singing in churches or places like that. I had chosen a guy named Rob to ride in the van with me, not really because he was good looking or anything, but because I knew the long driving hours could be taken care of quickly with his witty conversations.

The first several days went uneventfully, the camera crew doing its job and we doing ours. On about the fourth day, the conversation in the van finally turned to sex (it had to sooner or later-- you know me!) and I discovered that though Rob was straight as an arrow with a girlfriend in the Soprano section, he was very curious about gay sex and the gay lifestyle in general. I found great pleasure leisurely describing my life to him and what adventures I had experienced to that point, and he hung on every word with utter fascination.

At one point, the cameraman asked to ride with us as his van was quite cramped and we let him ride in the back. The discussion of sex continued and I was quite aroused to find that this hunky man was gay and looking for some action.

We arrived at our stop for the night, a small provincial town near a big southern city and were given our housing assignments. I was quite surprised to find that Rob, the Cameraman and I had been sent to a hotel when alumni housing ran short. We agreed to share a room to save the school some money, and settled into our room with no trouble. It had been decided that it would be logical for Stuart, the cameraman and I to sleep in one bed and let Rob have the other to himself.

We went to dinner and came back and lay on the two beds watching TV. Stuart and I were lying close together and before too long, his scent began to empassion me. I reached around his stomach and pulled him to me, caressing him lightly. I looked over at Rob who had been watching us and had quickly turned his head. I giggled and leaned down to kiss Stuart. He kissed back with a vengeance and we were soon locked in a lover's embrace, swapping spit and moaning slightly. We broke apart and looked at the other bed, only to find Rob staring intently and groping himself openly.

I got up on my knees and ripped my t-shirt over my head and pulled my shorts and underwear off, my cock bouncing to my stomach. Stuart watched my display in fascination, stripping as he went. I got my first really good look at him and I discovered that five years of carrying a camera had been good to him. His chest was well defined, his arms were huge and masculine, his butt's two little round globes looked tight and delectible and his cock, though shorter than I usually like them, was magnificently hard.

Rob watched this disrobing with great interest and when we settled down to a good sixty-nine, he seemed utterly fascinated. Stuart and I sucked each other expertly, drawing each others' cocks in and out of our warm mouths. I fingered his butt and found it to be quite tight and very warm. He squirmed on my finger and began rooting around in mine as I pressed my long thin finger against his prostate gland.

Rob was openly groping himself and rubbing what appeared to be a pretty good sized cock through his jeans. I looked over at him and suggested, "Why don't you take it off, big guy, and come join us?"

He said, "I'm fine, man. Just watching you guys go at it is getting me really hot! You should see what you guys look like doin' that!"

Stuart and I thought of the same thing at that moment: why not see it? He jumped off the bed and quickly set up one of the smaller cameras he had been working with and aimed it at the bed. He started it rolling, shooting me working my thick cock with my hands, eyes closed and moaning. He motioned to Rob and told him what to do with the controls, and joined me on the bed.

You have no idea until you try it how strange it feels to perform sexually for a camera, even when it is in such a causal setting as this! We resumed our sixty nine and butt ramming finger action for Rob who was breathing rather heavily looking through the lens. I backed up a little and spread my cheeks for the camera and heard the zoom motor honing in on my little rosebud. I pulled my cheeks apart as far as they would go and made my ass wink for the camera.

"Do that again! That was cool!" Rob said. I flexed my ass muscles and gave him the winking show he asked for. He was awestruck. "I've never seen that before. That was so fucking awesome, man!" he said.

I rejoined Stuart and began tonguing his asshole, first running my tongue up and down his crack and then darting my stiff tongue deep inside his anus and out again. The zoom lens took care of capturing the details and I could tell Rob was beyond the point of being able to control himself. I whispered to Stuart to go put it on autopilot or something and bring Rob back with him, which he did.

Rob seemed really nervous at first and just lay on the bed, fully clothed. Stuart and I both glanced at his crotch, and ascertaining that his rod was as stiff as ever, we began to slowly undress him, one of us on each side of his body. He trembled slightly as we passed out fingers across his now naked body, and closed his eyes.

I leaned over and planted my mouth over his, sucking his tongue forcibly into my mouth and eliciting little moans from him. I could feel Stuart behind me, drawing Rob's incredibly hard cock into his mouth. The slurping noises coming from that end of him told me that all was well there, and I began to kiss my way down to his cock as well.

Soon we were both tonguing his shaft, me at the head and Stuart up and down the shaft. Rob moaned and wiggled in his wrapped up passion. I allowed my tongue to search out his balls and drew them both in my mouth, swirling my tongue around each of them. His hips raised off the bed as I released them and travelled farther down.

I reached his ass as he raised his legs in the air, and began swirling around and around his hairly little hole. I tried to push my tongue inside but he was too tight from fear that I couldn't get it in. I continued to lap at his anal entrance for a while, trying to ease the tension in his sphincter muscles. Finally, he eased up a little and I was able to push my dick-like tongue inside. I swabbed around, loving the tight warmth of his hole. I took my tongue out and wet my index finger, poising it at his hole. I swirled it around a while, tickling him and teasing him, then jabbed it into his ass with one mighty push. He grunted and began bucking as my fingertip found his prostate gland.

As I began fingering his ass earnestly, I looked up to discover Stuart squatting over Rob's face, his cock sunk deep into Rob's throat. I watched Rob's throat muscles throb around the massive intruder and he seemed to enjoy sucking with somewhat of a gusto.

My finger just wasn't enough and I raised his legs and began to prepare for dick entry. He seemed to know what was about to happen, and tried to scoot closer to me, but the action at his face prevented him from moving. I placed my dripping cocktip at his anal entry and began to push forward just as Stuart placed his ass over Rob's mouth. I heard Rob's muffled groans as I pushed in, and watched his tongue flit back and forth over Stuart's asshole. It was too hot and I was moved to fuck with a vengeance. I drove in and out of him mercilessly while he continued to alternately suck Stuart off and eat his ass, whimpering at each of my thrusts.

Stuart must have decided that he needed more action and bounced over behind me, inserting his dick in my ready and willing ass. I flipped Rob over to make us all more comfortable, and while the two of them held relatively still, I bounced back and forth between them, reveling in the fact that I was fucking and being fucked at the same time.

This went on for several meaty moments until Rob cried out, "I've got to get my dick into someone's ass and NOW!"

We disengaged our heaving sweaty bodies and changed positions, this time with Rob fucking me and me fucking Stuart. The ryhthm and positioning was better this time, and while I was still in the middle, it just plain felt better. We writhed and moaned and grunted as we heaved in and out of one another until I felt the first blast from Rob's cock hit the depths of my asshole. He came like nothing I've seen and began dumping huge loads of cum up my chute while I, in turn, volleyed gob after gob into the sexy cameraman's butt. We all came for some time, and moaned and groaned and yelled as we did.

Once the seed had been spilled, we fell apart, gasping for breath and dripping with cum and sweat. I pulled Stuart's ass around and began eating my cum from it, sucking and licking as I went. Rob seemed intent on copying my every move and pulled around behind me and began to ream my ass out. Soon we were all worked up again and lay on the bed, side by side, propped up at the headboard, beating out meat in unison. Without much fanfare we began pumping cum all over ourselves, flinging our dicks around and causing cum to hit each of us. When it was all over with, we lay, sticky and wet, until we fell asleep.

Some time later, I awoke to find Rob plugged deep inside Stuart and riding him wildly, shooting as he bucked back and forth. I looked around to get my bearings and my eyes fell on the camera, still set up and still running.

"Oh fuck," I yelled, pointing. The other two stopped what they were doing and followed my finger. They saw the camera and began laughing hysterically as I joined in. We laughed for some time and finally turned the damn thing off and went to sleep.

When we returned to school a week later, the three of us got together and watched the entire film. We found it arousing and quite interesting to watch both ourselves and each other in action. Needless to say a rescreening was in order!

Part XX

Summer quarter seems to come and go so fast at this school that I hardly have time to catch my breath as it happens around me. Our school has a short quarter with extra long classes since they use the campus for other activities during the summer as well. As such, just when you are getting comfortable in a class, it's time for midterms and then finals come right behind them. Get the drift?

At any rate, we were in the middle of a quarter such as the one I'm talking about. The dorm was in the throes of a wild midsummer party and the noise was reaching levels I could no longer tolerate. It being a Friday night, however, there was not much I could do about it since we had no noise restrictions on the weekends.

I was sitting in my room trying to concentrate on my French midterm and was having no luck. My door and windows were closed and despite the air conditioning, I was feeling stifled beyond hope. I roamed around my room restlessly, searching for something, anything to take my mind off of what was going on around me. Just when I thought I would lose my mind, my phone rang. I went to answer it and was pleased at who was at the other end of the line.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi, Andrew. This is Jason."

"Jason!" I exclaimed. "How are you? Is your dorm as wild as mine, man?"

"Wilder. I am about to lose my mind and have got to get out of here for a while. I called to see if you wanted to go for a ride off campus somewhere with me-- perhaps bring something to eat or something."

"Love to. You just don't know how close I was to setting the place on fire just to shut everyone up, man. How soon can you be here?" I chuckled loudly.

"Ten minutes, tops. Meet me out front. Bring some money."

"Cool, man. See you then!"

I hung up the phone feeling suddenly better about the whole evening, and quickly brushed my teeth and hair. I donned some shorts and a clean t-shirt, slipped a couple of condoms in my pocket (just in case), and stepped into my sandals. In ten minutes, I walked out the door, hair waving in the wind.

I stood in front of the building and before too long, Jason came barreling around the corner and into the parking lot. He has a relatively old Mercedes with a convertible and the roof was down. His long brown hair billowed in the wind as he screeched to a stop in front of me, reaching over and throwing open the door.

I climbed in and we were off, careening around the parking lot. We stopped at a JiffyMart and picked up some chips and sodas and stuff and Jason pointed the car into the country.

We drove silently for some time, munching and drinking and taking in the night air. I watched him eat and drink and realized that there were few men on the planet that were as sexually alluring as he was without knowing it. He's one of those classical men with the square jaw, the long straight hair, the smooth tan skin, the large veiny hands and feet, that you see in cologne ads on television and in magazines.

Once we had eaten and finished our sodas, we began to chat about residence hall life, our jobs, our lives, etc. until we had a pretty interesting chat going. We had, by this time, driven an hour or so out of town and were literally in the middle of thousands of acres of farmland. The starlit sky was brightly lit with dancing stars and the cool breeze blowing over the fields blew our hair restlessly.

Jason drove the car off the road, down a dirt lane and across a wide pasture, coming to rest next to a large tree that graced a small lake. I turned to him and said, "You know who owns this land or something?"

"Yep. Friend of mine. Said I could come here whenever I wanted. So here we are, and isn't it the coolest?"

"I must admit," I said, looking around, "this is the most peaceful spot I have seen in ages. What bliss!" I yawned and stretched my arms up in the air, feeling the cool night air blow around me.

We sat for some time, sharing our lives and talking about important things. Time passed and we leaned back to watch the stars go by. He pointed some of them out to me and I realized at that moment that Jason was one of the most wonderful men I had ever known. His soft gentle voice and his way of saying things melted me.

At one point, the conversation lulled, and we sat, side by side, staring at the sky. He reached over and put his hand on mine, and for many quiet moments, our hands gently caressed each other. My hand crept over his hand and began running up and down his bare thigh. My fingers sang the joys of his smooth skin as they traced his firm muscles.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, saying as I did so, "Do you have any idea how much I needed this, Jason?"

"I think we were in the same boat, Andrew. I just needed to be out in the natural world with you so badly!"

We kissed, deeply and soulfully, pouring our entire beings into each other as our tongues found each other and danced between our mouths. The kiss lasted forever-- it was not the frantic, passionless, lustful tongue-fight I was used to, and I loved it, every second of it. I felt as if we were transferring our lives' data from one mouth to the other and back again. Each lazy, playful swipe of the tongue brought me closer to him, and vice versa. It went on for some time.

As we kissed, I began running my hands over his chest and legs. He did the same to me and without much more than that, we were groping, kissing, fondling and enjoying ourselves tremendously. Our kiss broke and I raised Jason's shirt over his head, marvelling at the moon's glow on his smooth muscular chest. I ran my fingers over it lightly, tweaking his nipples as I went, and leaned down to kiss and suck each one. His hands ran through my hair as I did so, and electricity flowed from his fingertips into my soul.

I released his seat belt and pushed him upwards until he was sitting on the headrest, his feet in the seat. I grasped his belt buckle and pulled it loose, freeing his jeans. I pulled them from his waist and dropped them on the floor. As I had suspected from looking crotchward, he had no underwear on, and his magnificent cock sprang up and bounced on his stomach, happy, apparently, to be free from its bonds.

I continued to caress his washboard stomach until my fingers found his navel. They followed the little furry trail that pointed downward until both my hands were wrapped around his thick cock, squeezing and caressing all the way. He moaned lightly as I leaned over and kissed his velvet-like cockhead, drawing it into my warm wet mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around, eliciting little murmurs of pleasure from him.

I then began the job of bringing his magnificent cock to orgasm, running my tongue all over his cock and balls, bending in a little to dab at his puckered hole, and then back to swoop down on his dripping rod. He tugged at my hair and ears and kneaded my shoulders in a lazy insistent way, as if begging me to commit to the cocksuck itself. I did, eventually, and sucked him with the expertise of a seasoned veteran, drawing every ounce of strength I had to work his cock in, out, and around my mouth.

His cock swelled and got much harder at one point, and I knew he was close. Squeezing his juicy balls with one hand and fondling his asshole with the other, I brought him to a screaming orgasm that had his yells echoing across the farmland around us. He shot an enormous load of spunk down my throat, yelling and pulling my hair and ears as each jet of warm, creamy semen blasted my tonsils and slid down my waiting throat.

When he was finished, his cock still hard as a rock, I pulled off and pulled him back down in the seat, meeting his mouth with mine and feeding him some of his load. Despite the cool night, sweat poured from his body, allowing him to slide around in the leather seat easily.

I thought at first, when he began tugging at my clothes, that he was going to give me the same treatment, but once I was naked, he bent over in the seat and began to blow me expertly. Jason's long hot tongue snaked over and around my cockhead, and then began running up and down the length of my veiny shaft with a touch that sent shivers running down my spine. He took me in quickly, comfortable with my length and girth, and began giving me the release I so needed.

I thrashed in the seat and pawed at his body as he blew me, moaning and grunting loudly as he continued to minister to my cock. Without much warning, his sucking and caressing brought me to a screaming orgasm and wave after wave of searing hot sperm shot from my cock, blasting the back of his throat. When it was all over, and I had stopped shouting and stopped shaking, I lay back in the seat, spent and wonderfully tired.

We lay that way in the car, holding hands and murmuring lightly to each other for some time, our cocks dancing in the breeze before us.

Jason let go of me and climbed out of the car and opened the trunk. Pulling a blanket from it, he beckoned me to follow. I watched as his lithe naked body walked into the shadows beyond the trees, and followed his footsteps carefully. We ended up on in a small wood, and he led me to a clearing amidst some small cedar trees. The woods were alive with sounds and smells, and I stopped for a moment to listen and smell the creatures of the night. Totally serene this place was, and my heart beat faster with the passion that was building up inside me.

Jason spread the blanket and lay down on it. I joined him and soon we were wrapped in each others' arms, kissing, hugging and fondling each other with utter abandon. This was not the frenzied fucking around of the dorms, this was something totally new and totally exciting.

We ended up in a sixty-nine position and sucked each others' hard throbbing pricks. I pulled back a little and dove into his ass, marveling at the musky smell and wonderful taste of his rosebud. My little tongue penetrated his wiggling ass about the same time his did mine, and we licked, sucked and rocked for quite some time.

I had to have him inside me. It was as simple as that. I got on all fours to give him the hint, and after sliding a condom on his cock (must have been carrying it, I guess) he plunged headfirst (you know which head) into my waiting and willing ass. I tightened my ass muscles to give him the friction and warmth that he so desired, and rocked back towards him to allow him maximum penetration. At that angle, his cock jabbed my prostate every time he sank into me, and my whole body was tingling excitedly.

His lazy fucking had me whining for more, and he began to thrust with some sense of urgency as he heeded my cries for more. His thick cock ravaged my tight ass and I rocked with him. Suddenly, I felt the warmth of his ejaculation as it filled the condom. It sent shivers down my spine as I felt the rubber around his cock fill and tighten with the pressure of his load. He stopped shooting and pulled out, whipping the condom off his cock and holding it to his mouth. I watched in fascination as he ingested his load, every drop of it, until the condom was as dry as when he started.

He then rolled onto his back and slipped a tight condom on my aching cock. Raising his legs into the air, he begged me, no pleaded me, to fuck him hard and long. I couldn't resist that invitation and quickly filled his waiting hole. His ass was so tight, so warm and so fucking hot that I almost came sinking in for the first time. I concentrated on something else, though, and was able to begin stroking in and out of him gently and lovingly.

"Fuck me harder, man! Give it to me! Plow that furrow, farmer!" he cried.

I hardly heard his words. I was fucking with total abandon, banging my ballsac on his ass at every stroke, and feeling the pleasure of his ass with every rise and fall. Deeply I plunged in and out of him, sliding effortlessly through his tender chute. At that point, I began filling my condom with juice so fast that I thought it might slip off. My cock was loving the slippery feeling of the friction caused by its endless rising and sinking, surrounded by its own juices.

I pulled out as I shot the last jet into the condom and ripped it off my dick, spilling some of my load on my chest. Jason quickly licked it off, running his tongue through and around the little puddle. I raised the condom to my mouth and sucked in the lifeserum it held. My cum tasted wonderfully sweet and salty all at the same time, and I smiled at him as it ran down my throat and into my stomach. I threw the rubber to the side and leaned down to embrace him fiercely.

We lay like that, stark naked on a blanket in the middle of the woods for hours. We talked of our families, our friends, school, the whole gamut. As the passion we had experienced overtook us, we performed sexual feats for and on each other. I had never felt so wonderfully free as I did that late night/early dawn.

As the sun began to come up, we heard awakening sounds from the paddocks and farmhouse nearby. We touched and caressed some more and then scampered to the car to dress.

As we rode back to town and to campus, we held hands and played in each others' laps a little. We didn't say much: we didn't have to. It had been special for both of us, and we needed no further spoken acknowledgment of that.

When Jason dropped me off at my dorm, he leaned over and kissed me for some time, uninhibited and uncaring of any onlookers. I waltzed into the building, somewhat under a spell of sorts, and went to my room, passing the doors of my residents who were busy snoring and sleeping. I showered for a long time, loving the feel of the hot water on my body, and crawled into my bed. As I fell asleep, I thought back over the past hours with Jason and thought to myself, "It just doesn't get much better than that!"