Dorm Encounter Part XXI - Part XXIII

Info Ben43
11 Apr. '17

Part XXI

Jason and I had begun to spend a lot of time together, much to the wonderment of the rest of the staff and much to the pleasure of the many gossipy students in the dorms.

We talked about our developing relationship and made several important conclusions. First, we decided that we would promote our relationship in public so that people could see that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals could have healthy loving relationships just like straight people could, and that our behavior in public was no more deviant than anyone else's. Second, we decided that while we would prefer to be exclusive to each other sexually, an occasional slip would not cost us the relationship.

I had done this kind of thing once before with Jay, of course, but had chickened out at the last minute. I was wary at first of making any kind of commitment to Jason, but after spending a lot of time with him and being seen with him in public, I must admit that my self-esteem went way up. We walked around campus hand in hand everywhere we went, and though we initially drew some stares, people got used to it and eventually we saw some other couples doing the same thing.

You have to understand something about our campus. New things are just that-- new things. There is always the initial shock of something new and exciting, but once the papers have written about it and the students have chewed it over, life continues without much hubub.

So Jason and I became lovers. Our sex life continued to get more interesting and we spent a lot of time making passionate love in a variety of settings. Our favorite place became my room because people on my floor understood well what my closed door meant, and since I had slept with so many of them, they were able to afford us some sense of privacy.

We both had our RA duties to attend to, of course, but when we were not on duty, we spent the nights with each other either at his place or mine, always so engrossed in bring each other pleasure that we hardly noticed the distractions of the outside world.

It was on one such occasion that we found ourselves curled up naked, wrapped around each other in front of the television watching the U.S. gymnastics team in some sort of Olympic qualifications meet. We both enjoyed watching the lithe young men perform these feats of skill and athletic prowess, showing every muscle at work so gracefully. As we watched, Jason began semi-stretching on the bed and I asked him what he was doing.

"I used to be pretty limber when I took Karate, years ago. I wonder how limber I am now." he told me.

He climbed off the bed and began posing for me, his soft cock nestled in his rich brown pubic hair, his long shiny hair cascading down his back. Every muscle in his body bulged as he struck a variety of poses for my enjoyment. My cock began to rise on its own accorded, unaided by anything. I was becoming incredibly aroused watching his display, and slowly started caressing my throbbing member.

His poses got more interesting as they went along, each more intricate than the next. He did backbends and headstands and handstands and his cock, too, began to show signs of coming to life. I watched in utter awe as he contorted his body into newer, stranger positions.

He relaxed for a moment and came over to the bed. "Want to see something really cool, my darling?" he asked.

"Sure, but I have to warn you. This could get out of hand!"

"Go for it," I said, smiling, anticipating something outrageous.

He crawled up on the bed and lay on his back, placing his legs high in the air and his feet on the wall. As I watched, utterly amazed, he began scooting his ass closer and closer to the wall until his cheeks were pressed tightly against it, his legs flat against the wall above.

His cock stood straight up from his groin, arching slightly and I began to lick my lips in anticipation of whatever he was going to do.

He grabbed his cock with one hand and began bending his legs down over his body, his ass riding up the wall slightly as they bent. As I watched in total fascination, his cock pointed down and aimed at his mouth. He worked his manly hand up and down his shaft and pulled it towards his mouth as his body continued to curl up until his velvet-like cockhead brushed his lips.

I was so hard and horny I thought I would blow apart. My hands were working furiously on my own cock as he began licking the head of his. His long thin tongue snaked around his cockhead and began crawling down his shaft. With quite a bit of grunting and a little pushing, he managed to swallow about half of his shaft, and I sat quite still watching in utter amazement and listening to the slurping he was making.

I think he forgot I was there as he concentrated on bringing himself off. He sucked and licked his cock expertly, and I was truly beating myself into a frenzy watching him at work. He continued to work on his cock, pushing it deeper into his throat a little bit at a time as his body strained and stretched.

Finally, he pulled his cock out of his mouth and said, "So what do you think, man?"

"I have NEVER seen anything so fucking hot in my life! I wish I could do that. You have no idea how incredibly erotic that is to watch!"

"You know what would make it even hotter?"

"I can't imagine, but I'm game, Jason." I said, expecting something totally exciting!

"Come over here and take care of my ass and help me push it deeper." he instructed.

Jason sank his lips back around his cock and I crawled across the bed to his side. I placed my hands on his ass and pushed down gently, causing his cock to sink deeper into his mouth. I ran my fingers over his winking puckered hole, caressing his anal entry. He moaned deeply and put a hand on mine, urging it to take a more active role in its playing.

I slipped my longest finger in my mouth and coated it with spit. I then slid it into his hot ass, moving it around and brushing it across his prostate gland. He wiggled and moaned profusely as I continued my finger spelunking as he did so.

I could stand this no longer, this sitting by his side watching him get all the pleasure. I stood up and pulled his body around until I could approach him at the right angle. I stood on the bed, sort of behind him, and aimed my spit slicked cock at his hole. I bent at the knees until my cockhead came next to his hole. I pushed in slightly and noticed that below me, his cock slipped that much further into his mouth.

He continued to moan and slurp on his cock as my cock sunk into his bowels. I plunged in to the hilt, finding his wonder gland, and began to slowly fuck his ass. He groaned deeply as I pressed his cock further and further into his mouth, and spit began drooling out of the cracks of his mouth.

I started fucking him earnestly, and he let his cock slip from his mouth. He reached around and pulled my ass close to him, allowing me to reach interesting new depths in his hot steamy ass. I fucked him hard and long, both of us gasping for breath and sweat pouring off of both of us. The fucking took its toll rather quickly, and I began pelleting his insides with hot searing cum, blast after blast shooting through his tunnel of love and hitting the deep back walls.

I shot and shot and shot until my legs wobbled so badly I could no longer stand on the bed, and I fell back, utterly spent and exhausted. He climed abord my chest and placed the head of his dick at my mouth, insistingly pushing it past my waiting lips. I sucked him in deep, wrapping my arms around his waist and began giving him the attention he needed. He pinched his nipples and moved his hands over his body, moaning and groaning loudly. I sucked him expertly and fondled his balls lightly. Suddenly he stiffened and began pouring gobs of hot steamy sperm into my mouth. His semen blasted my tonsils and slid down my throat as I sucked him dry greedily.

Once it was over and he had spent his rich load, we fell down onto the bed, draped over each other, and panted and gasped for breath. As our breathing eased, we crawled over each other, curling up like two spoons, me in the back with my soft cock nestled in his ass crack.

I wrapped my arms around him and said, whispering in his ear, "That was the most incredible sexual experience of my life, Jason. Never have I done anything or seen anything so incredibly erotic. We've got to get that on video or something!"

He turned his head and kissed me. "I don't know if I can do that often. You've no idea how incredibly painful that can be and how difficult it is to hold that position for very long. I would consider another attempt for video though-- give us something to really jack off over, huh?"

"You bet," I said, kissing him back. Our tongues lingered together, lazily dueling between our mouths.

"I really do love you, you know. You have become the most important person in my life, and these times that we spend together are the happiest moments of my life," I said.

"I feel the same way about you, my darling man."

We curled up together and watched television for many hours into the night, pausing between programs to give each other more loving attention. As I recall, during that one particular night, we each suffered amazingly through seven or eight tumultuous orgasms. Definitely a night to remember!


Jason and I decided to go to Mexico for Spring Break-- just the two of us. We had planned to spend the week in a romantic escape kind of mood, and made few tangible plans. Whatever happened, happened.

We flew from school to Mexico City and spent the night in a quaint little hotel right across the street from the park. After a wonderful dinner in the courtyard of the hotel during which we were entertained by colorful and very talented musicians and dancers, we strolled hand in hand through the park, marvelling at the ancientness of everything and discussing our lives. It was one of the most intense evening of my life. Upon returning from the park, we climbed in bed and curled up around one another, naked in the warm moonlit night. We slept peacefully and woke the next morning to make love slowly, effortlessly, and peacefully.

After a splendid breakfast, we rented a car and drove to my favorite place in the world, Cuernavaca. In this dirty little hidden town, my father owns a hotel/resort kind of place that literally takes my breath away every time I go there. It is called Las Mananitas (The Little Mornings) and is nothing short of Paradise.

Imagine parking your car on the dirtiest most narrow street in the world and walking a block or so. Imagine finding yourself standing in front of the largest, oldest pair of wooden doors you've ever seen. Cut inside the big doors is a small door with a large iron ring. You pull the ring, the small door swings open, and suddenly you have stepped into another world. Whereas the street was gray, brown, dingy, dirty, etc., the inside of this place was teeming with smiling people, absolutely resplendent in green, pink, blue, every color under the sun. For as far as you can see there is green grass, beautiful fountains, peacocks running all over the place, and tables with cheerful rich people sitting all over the place. This is heaven to me. No other place in the world cheers me up so fast.

We spoke with the Manager who knows me well (my parents came here 30 years ago, fell in love with it and bought it, to return twice yearly), and got our room, the best in the house.

I have to describe our room, too. Back in the back of the courtyard are several small buildings. Each is a "special" room, reserved for those with connections or a lot of money. You walk through a gate into your own private courtyard with its own private pool (quite small-- about twelve by twelve, I think) and then across your own little courtyard and through double doors into a beautiful sunlit room. There is a sitting room with elegant leather furniture, a bedroom with a massive king-sized bed, a small kitchenette stocked with most of the necessaries, and an enormous bathroom with sauna and whirlpool. Best of all, it's totally private. No one can see it. No one.

We paid the bellboy and ran around peeking and poking into everything. Jason comes from a middle class family and he had never seen anything like this in real life. I sat back and watched him, amused and touched by his curiosity and awe. I suggested we go into town for a while so I could show him the sights.

We went to the marketplace where he saw dead animals hanging from hooks, we tasted the many fruits and vegetables grown in the area, we lunched at a small restaurant on the pavilion, and we took in all the touristy things to see. Everywhere we went we were stared at, I think in admiration, I'm not sure. Jason is such a beautiful creature that man and woman alike have watched his every move, and I've rather enjoyed being attached to this object of such intense scrutiny. He seemed to love it as well, and smiled at everyone who looked his way. Hand in hand we explored the little town until we had gotten tired of walking.

We returned to Las Mananitas and went to our room. On the way the Manager told me that he had set two places at his table for us for dinner, and we would dine at 7 if it was convenient. I told him that we would be there, and Jason and I traipsed across the lawn to our room. Once behind the gate, I took him in my arms and held him at arms length.

"Baby, are you happy?" I asked.

He smiled that incredibly melting smile of his and said, "Yes. I know now what it is to be in heaven. All this beauty and you in one place-- I haven't come down from my high yet!"

I hugged him to me tightly, caressing his long silky hair and kissing the side of his neck. We stood like this for some time until I could feel the heat from his crotch. I dragged him inside and asked if he wanted to swim. He said he did, and we stripped, grabbed towels and ran outside to our little courtyard. We dove into the pool and came up gasping, treading water around each other like some sort of mating ritual for fish. We relaxed in the warm water until our muscles felt like butter, enjoying the birds singing in the trees, the smells of dinner coming from the restaurant, and the amazingly colorful flowers surrounding us.

We got out and kissed briefly, and went inside to dress for dinner. I watched Jason dry himself with rapt attention. He lovingly caressed every square inch of his wonderful body with the plush towel, and paid particular attention to his cock, which, by now, had risen slightly to the occasion. I stood motionless, watching him, and my heart swelled to the point of becoming painful as I realized that this man was what my life was all about. This man was what made me go from day to day.

We had a marvelous dinner with the Manager. The best wine poured freely, the best food in the house was presented for our opinions, and the conversation was scintillating. The Manager told me that my parents had just been there two weeks before, and that they had, as always, had a wonderful time. I gave Jason a chance to practice his Spanish and the two of them got along admirably. I am quite sure the Manager knew the exact nature of our relationship, but he said nothing. He smiled at me several times, though, giving me the idea he knew what we had planned for the evening.

As we finished dinner and strolled out into the gardens, the Manager pulled me aside and said, "Your friend Jason is truly a work of art, Senor Andrew. Never have I seen a more beautiful man in all my life. You are very good for each other, and I wish you all the happiness life has to offer."

I patted him on the back and smiled, unable to speak for fear of crying at these sentiments. I joined Jason next to the large pool where he was watching some wealthy American children swimming. I took his hand and led him to our room, not speaking a word.

I sat him down in the sitting room and poured a glass of icy Chardonnay for both of us. I sat down next to him and put the glasses on the table. I took his hands and looked him in the eyes. "Jason, I've never brought anyone here before. I've never had such a significant relationship with anyone before. This place, you in this place, us in this place makes me happier than I have ever been. I love you!"

The tears running down my cheeks prompted his, and soon we were locked in each others' arms crying softly and caressing each other lightly. We broke apart and I made a toast. "To you, my wonderful, beautiful, loving man. And to us, that we may never be apart-- ever."

"Here, here," he choked out, and started crying all over again.

We set our wine glasses down and stood up, dropping clothes as we did. We ran to the bed, threw back the covers, and dove in. The mattress was soft, the sheets were clean and cool, and we rolled all over the bed locking in the most passionate kiss of our lives. We kissed and hugged for some time, relishing in the feeling of our naked bodies pressed together. I moved him to where he was laying on his stomach, and I pushed a pillow under his stomach, raising his ass slightly in the air. "Now I am in charge here, Jason. Let me do what I want, OK?"

"OK," he said, rather sultrily.

It was all happening very slowly, very sensually, even though the lights were on and no music was playing. I felt more excited for that reason. Here in the bright room, a new excitement, a new discovery, was to be had.

I put my hands on his body, feeling the soft smooth skin and nearly going crazy from lust. I put my tongue on his leg. On his balls. On his inner thigh. Higher, higher higher. I spread his asscheeks open wide, and started slowly and carefully bringing him pleasure.

I kissed the inside of Jason's knee and let my mouth work up the beautiful boy's hairy thigh. I came to the ass and kissed both cheeks gently, nibbling a bit, biting a bit. Then I started the final phase of pleasure that I knew would drive him wild.

I licked his balls which were against the mattress between his legs. Then I sucked them in and released them. I blew my soft, warm breath over his asshole, rubbed my hair over it, touched it with his fingers, played with it, massaged it.

I looked at it. It was soft, smooth, dark, and surrounded with dark hair, the same beautiful silky smooth hair that flowed freely from his head. I put my hands on his buttocks.

Jason was moaning, "Andrew, please Andrew, suck it, oh please suck it...."

And then I placed my lips at the opening of his anus and the tongue he had been begging for finally touched the spot and the sensation was too incredible for me to realize.

I put my tongue in.



Out. The rhythm slowly increased.

I suck and blew, all the while rubbing my lips against the buttocks. My tongue now began a rapid licking and lapping until Jason seemed to be going out of his mind.

I lay back on my back and had him stand over me, positioning him over my head. He bent until his balls touched my nose and his ass was fitted against my lips.

"Andrew, I can't stand it," Jason said as he moved his butt over my tongue. "I'm going to come!"

"Go ahead," I said, jacking on my own cock as well, "only don't catch it, let it run down, let it fall."

Jason brought his ass down hard and I shoved my tongue in it as far as it could go. At the same time, Jason grabbed his cock and began working it up and down frantically. Our breathing became labored, and that was the only sound to be heard other than the sucking I was making and his light moans.

After a few strokes, he came; it shot out of his cock and his hand stopped it from flying all over the bed. Then it dripped down, over his balls, and fell onto my forehead, and onto my hair. He fell to the side and watched my cock erupt all over my stomach, chest and face, and then crawled all over me, licking it off.

"Wow! That was unreal," Jason said, still panting.

"I know, baby. I know." I said, smiling.

We talked for a while, showered, and then slept, wrapped in each other.

The rest of our stay went much the same way. The sex was minimal, but exquisite. We ate our way through the town, and became literally the talk of the town everywhere we went. Heads turned and people seemed to kill themselves to make us welcome and happy. When we said goodbye to the Manager of Las Mananitas, he told us to come back soon, and we vowed to do exactly that.


We returned from Mexico much as we had left, but with one major difference. We were in love; true love. Never in a million years had I thought that I would find a man who made me so incredibly happy all of the time, but Jason had edged his way into my life quite suddenly and filled those shoes completely.

I decided that this was the opportune time to take him home to meet the folks. We sat up for several late nights discussing this as Jason was quite contrary to the idea at first. He knew that I had not officially come out to my parents, and he had listened to me talk about them for long enough to know that they were not exactly going to love the idea easily. But the incredible support we gave each other won out, and we made the decision to head to Atlanta the following weekend.

With the discussions over, I called home and asked if we could come and visit. While my mother seemed reticent to entertain a friend of mine, she agreed as long as we would only mess up one bedroom. Naturally, that was not a problem, if only she knew. Jason and I laughed hard and long about it.

Friday afternoon never wanted to come. The week dragged into infinity until my last class Friday finally let out. Jason and I met in my room and shared a few deep intimate moments before packing the car and heading out.

On the way to Atlanta, I gave him the standard briefing I give all my friends that I take home to meet my parents. "Here's some things you need to know, Jason. Just so you won't be surprised. My parents are mega millionaires, and act like it. The house was recently appraised at $32 million, we have servants, and there are a lot of things you can't do in their house. You can't smoke, you can't curse, you can't sit on any furniture that has ropes on it, you can't walk on any of the rugs, and you can't wander around the house unattended. These are the cardinal sins of the Whitaker Estate."

Jason sat and listened to all I had to say and smirked as I continued the "can't" list for some time. He seemed amused rather than worried (like most of my friends receiving this briefing) and that affirmed my realization that this was the man for me.

We arrived at home, passed by the security guard, and parked the car. Jason and I primped for a moment and went to the front door. After ringing the bell, the Butler led us inside to the room my mother calls "The Great Room," a room that is so incredibly huge you can't help but be intimidated. I watched in amusement as Jason glanced around the room, drinking in all the incredibly expensive things carefully and artfully perched here and there. Jason is a book fanatic and the wall to wall, ceiling to floor bookshelves that covered two of the walls, complete with the rolling ladder on the brass rail amazed him.

I motioned to him the furniture with the ropes, and pushed him into a chair that was safe to sit in. We waited for several minutes for my parents to make their entrance, during which the Maid took our drink orders and brought us each a glass of Chardonnay.

Finally, (and you could almost hear the trumpet flourish in the background), my parents made their grand entrance. My mother and I hugged briefly, I shook my father's hand, and then I introduced Jason. "Mom and Dad, may I present Jason Hugsely, a fellow Resident Assistant and good friend?"

Mom and Dad ordered wine and the four of us sat down for the traditional grilling. Mom and Dad asked the basics first, like where are you from, what do your parents do for a living, what religion are you, etc. Naturally, I had coached him a little, and he gave all the right answers without straying from the truth. See, there's a way to talk to my parents that works, and a way that doesn't work. You get the idea.

After an interesting discussion during which Jason and I compared our experiences as Resident Assistants in different kinds of dorms, we went in to dinner. We were joined there by my stepbrother and stepsister. Dinner progressed as any fine dining experience might, with servants passing in and out refilling glasses and plates, and the usual marvelously sintilating conversation passing back and forth across the table. Jason had the opportunity to speak more with my mother and father, and I could tell that my sister found him unbelievably cute as she began kicking me under the table.

Sis of course knew about my sexual orientation, and her playful kicks were to say, if nothing else, that she approved and that she was quite jealous. I kicked her back to indicate that I understood.

Finally, dessert had been cleared and coffee and brandy were being served in the Salon. (I've always thought I had to get a haircut in that room!) This is the time where most serious discussions in our house occured, and after some incredibly dull banter, I cleared my throat loudly, indicating that I had something to say. Jason was sitting next to my sister on a small sofa and I went to him. My sister with her incredible intuitive sense, got up and moved to another seat. I sat down next to Jason and patted his knee. I noticed that he was shaking and I looked at him and smiled. His expression told me that all was OK, and I began to speak.

"This is a rather big piece of news that I am about to give you all, and I am glad that you are all here together so I only have to go through this once," I began. In a clear, firm, and steady voice I continued. "I have thought about what I am about to say for several long years, I've thought about how to say it, when to say it, who to say it to, and what to say. After a lot of thought and some recent events in my life, I find this the most opportune moment to share this news with you."

I paused to let this sink in, and then continued. "I've known what I am about to tell you for a long long time. You've probably known it too, but were, for whatever reason, unwilling to believe it. I know only too well how conservative the thinking is in this family, but I want you to open your minds as much as you can before I tell you this." I stopped again and looked around at everyone in the room, ending by gazing quickly at Jason.

"This is the short and long of it: I am gay." I stated.

They all looked uncomfortable for a few seconds, then regained their composure. The look on my father's face told me that more explanation was warranted.

"I have known this since I can remember, and acted on it for the first time in eighth grade. Since then, in every phase of my life except here at home, I have been open and positive about my orientation. Before any of you speak, I want you to know that this will never change how I feel about any of you, and I hope, in time, you will come to think the same way. I realize this is a shock to you, but I know that you are all intelligent enough to think about this before you go flying off the handle. Finally, and this is the end of my statement, I want you all to know that Jason is actually a lot more than a friend to me." I took Jason's trembling hand in mine and squeezed it hard. "Jason and I are in love, the kind of love most people search all their lives for, the kind of love that knows no bounds, the kind of love that lasts forever. End of statement."

There was a long uncomfortable silence in the room, everyone taking all this in, no one willing to open up and talk. Finally, as I knew it would happen, my mother got up, crossed the room, stood in front of me and motioned for me to stand up. We hugged ferociously for several long seconds. She released me and moved in front of Jason and repeated the same motions, this time with tears in her eyes. She took each of our hands and said, "Andrew, I am your mother. I have known this for many years, and your father and I have discussed this many times. We love you more than anything in the world, and want you to be happy. If loving this wonderful man you have brought into our home this evening is what that means, we stand behind you one hundred percent."

My father is a man of few words, and he stepped totally out of character as he stood and began to speak. "I've known for most of your life that you were different, Andrew. I tried to interest you in sports, and that failed. I made you be a Boy Scout, and you hated it. I made you go into the Army, and you hated it, although I must admit you surprised all of us in your many successes while on active duty. In all of these endeavors, I tried to force you to become something I didn't think you were capable of doing: becoming a man. I have seen, though, in the last several years while you were in school and leading your dorm, that you have become much more of a man than I ever thought you would be. And I can honestly say, no matter what sexual orientation you are, that I am proud to call you my son, and honored to call you a man."

With that, he walked over and hugged me lightly and touched Jason's head as he returned to his seat.

The evening passed quickly with me explaining the gay lifestyle to my parents, and with both Jason and myself detailing our plans for our life together. Many hours and several bottles of champagne later, Jason and I headed off to bed, happy, relieved, and at peace.

We undressed in silence and took care of the bathroom things. We met back in the middle of the room in t-shirts and shorts and hugged for a long moment, ending the hug in one of the most intense kisses of either of our lives. As our tongues sought and found each other in the warm confines of our joined mouths, a knock sounded at the door. I called out, "Come in!" while still wrapped in Jason's arms, and my mother came in with a smile.

"I must admit, I've never seen two better looking young men in my life! You do look good together." She reached into her pocket and pulled something out, placing it in my hand. I looked down to find two condoms. I looked up at her questioningly, and she said, "You may needs these, and I want you to use them, got it?" she said, smiling.

"Got it," I said, kissing her on the cheek. She left us and we giggled hysterically for several wonderful moments, ending in another wonderful kiss.

Much later, when the condoms were used and gone, we curled up together in the big poster bed and slept soundly.


The End.