Ch. 1 - Jennifer Discovers her Exhibitionist Side with a Strange

Jennifer was 37, and happily married to John who was 42.  They were both attractive, worked out regularly and kept in great shape.  Jen and John had been married for ten years now.  They had a profound connection and emotional bond together.  They loved each other very much.  The success of their marriage hinged on the deep-rooted trust they had for one another.

John and Jen had a great sex life.  They were good together in bed.  They also were also open-minded about opportunities that could enhance their sexual experiences together.  They were open to having sex with other partners, but that’s not to say that they had an open marriage.  Jen and John’s sexual exploration was done together, as a couple.

John worked hard, and was often required to travel for work.  Sometimes just a night or two away, but other trips often required being away for a week or more at a time.  Many of the longer trips involved travel to foreign countries.  Jen would often accompany John on the longer trips.  She liked to travel and see new places, but often the trips could be boring as she was by herself most of the time.  Jen figured that even though she’d be bored during the day, at least she could be with John most evenings.

One summer, Jen and John were on a business trip to Brazil.  Jen originally thought it was going to be exciting to get to see Brazil, but after a couple days of sightseeing alone and not knowing where to go, she had found her experience thus far disappointing and was getting bored.  Jen was asleep one morning while John was up getting ready for work.  Jen had seemed tired the prior evening, so John didn’t want to wake her and quietly slipped out the door once he was dressed.

Jen awoke when she heard the metallic click of the hotel room door closing behind John as he left.  The noise woke her up in the middle of a very vivid, erotic dream.  In a hazy morning fog, she didn’t know where she was at first.  After a few seconds, she got her bearings and realized where she was.  Jen looked over and saw the other side of the bed was empty.

“John?” she called out.  With no response she realized he had left already.  She recalled John saying the night before he had to be to the client’s office early that morning.  He was there working on a very large transaction that his team had being working for months.  Jen let out a sigh and thought to herself this would be another long boring day.  She would soon learn that this was far from the truth.

After the morning fog had cleared from her head, Jen started to recall parts of her dream, but could not recount it all.  All she could remember was that it was very hot and very dirty.  She soon realized that it was a kind of wet dream, as she noticed she was wet between her legs.  Jen again looked over at the empty bed next to her and sighed again as she laid back down staring up at the ceiling.  She wished John was there, as she really liked fucking him in the morning after having erotic dreams.

Feeling horny and unsatisfied, Jen reached down and started rubbing her wet pussy.  Already aroused from her dream, she enjoyed her own touch instantly.  Jen continued masturbating her clit for a while.  She was getting quite worked up and was breathing heavily.  Her back started to arch as she tilted her head back toward the headboard.  Jen was about to cum, but caught herself and suddenly stopped right before orgasming.  Despite wanting a release, she knew that stopping herself short of orgasm now would lead to a much stronger orgasm with John when she finally did cum later.

Jen crawled out of bed and looked out the window.  The sun was out with a clear blue sky.  She looked down and saw that no one was at pool.  Jen was a little surprised no one was at the pool on such a nice day, but figured it made sense since they were staying at more of a business hotel than a resort.  Having not really enjoyed sightseeing and not knowing where to go, she decided she would go get some sun and read a book by the pool.

After cleaning herself up for the morning, Jen rummaged through her suitcase to find a swimsuit.  She didn’t much care for big tan lines, and since no one was at the pool, she decided to go with a tiny G-string bikini.  It was more revealing than what she normally wore in public, but figured she had her cover up in the event anyone else showed up at the pool.  Jen grabbed her sunglasses, suntan oil and book and headed down to the pool.

The pool was a pretty standard rectangular hotel pool lined with lounge chairs along both of the longer sides.  Jen took a towel from the stand by the door, walked around, and selected a chair toward the end of the pool farthest from the door that looked to be getting the best sun.  She set her things down and spread out her towel.  She covered herself in in suntan oil and then laid down on her back, cracking open her book to read.

After laying a while in the sun, Jen decided it was time to flip over.  She got up, lowered the back of the lounge chair to be flat and laid back down on her stomach holding herself up on her elbows.  Jen looked around and surveyed the pool to see there still wasn’t anyone else there.  So, she pushed the straps of her G-string a bit lower on her hips to avoid too much of a tan line.  Then, she laid down and reached behind her to untie the top of her bikini to avoid more lines.  She left the top of her bikini on underneath her, trapping it between herself and the chair.

Jen continued reading her book, but soon fell asleep.  She started to have more of the same vivid, erotic dream.  The dream caused her body to shift around a bit on the chair, but not enough to dislodge her top.  As Jen was sleeping, a young man walked out of the hotel into the pool area.  He was 23 years-old and had a rock hard, chiseled body of a professional swimmer.  The man walked by Jen’s chair and noted her beautiful butt covered in oil.  He admired her perfect cheeks laying there for all to see, outlined by the tiny straps of her G-string around the middle of her hips, wrapping around her backside and disappearing between the crack of her ass.  He smiled and continued walking and placed his things on a chair a few over from Jen’s.

The young man slipped into the pool and started swimming laps.  After 15 or 20 minutes, the man stopped at the side of the pool to relax and catch his breath.  Jen was still deep asleep in the middle of her erotic dream.  By now, her legs had drifted apart and her feet were hanging over each corner of the end of the lounge chair.  This gave the man a good view of Jen’s barely covered pussy hidden by the start of the small triangle of the front of the tiny G-string.  With the straps pushed over her hips, the back strap of the G-string had worked its way down to partially reveal Jen’s pussy lips where the fabric ends and the string disappears between her butt cheeks.  The man continued admiring Jen’s beautiful body from the pool.  He decided it was time to get out and kicked his way over to the ladder at the side of the pool.

The splashing noises caused Jen to awake suddenly.  Her abrupt awakening combined with the noise confused her.  She again was not quite sure where she was.  Jen quickly flipped over to see who or what was causing the splashing noises.  In the process, she was unaware that she had left her bikini top untied.  As she flipped over, her top remained on the chair revealing her gorgeous 34 DD breasts.

Jen propped her upper body up on her elbows to get a better look.  Still in a daze, she watched the man climb out of the pool.  Jen watched him climb the ladder with water shedding itself from his chiseled physique.  Jen thought to herself that this looked like a scene from a movie and she must still be dreaming.  As the man rose out of the water it revealed to Jen his extremely tight speedo-like bathing suit.  The suit looked like it was two sizes too small and barely contained him.

The man started walking toward Jen.  In, a trance she continued admiring his fit body.  She noted that the tight speedo left nothing to the imagination as she could see his huge bulge.  Through the stretched fabric, Jen made out the shape of his dick.  Jen could tell he was extremely well hung.  She could even see the outline of his huge cockhead, making out the detail of the rim of his helmet.  The man stopped near the end of Jen’s chair.  She continued staring at his cock through his tight bathing suit.  The man caught her staring and smirked to himself.

The man said, “Excuse me miss, I don’t think topless sunbathing is allowed at this hotel.”  Jen broke her gaze at the man’s cock.  Embarrassed, she realized that she’s topless and quickly grabbed her coverup.  She also realized that he probably noticed she was hypnotized and staring at his cock.  She thinks about apologizing for staring, but apologized only about being topless, not wanting to admit out loud that she was in fact staring.

The man said, “Oh, no apology necessary.  That’s quite alright where I am from, but this hotel caters to foreigners where it is less accepted.  My name is Pablo.  Do you mind if I sit here?”

Jen replied, “I’m Jennifer.  No, go ahead.”  They start conversing and Pablo explains he is in town to visit his cousin.  Jen explains she is with her husband who is on a business trip.  Jen finds her eyes keep migrating back to stare at Pablo’s bulge in his swimsuit, so she puts on her sunglasses to hide her eyes.  Jen turns on her side facing him as they continue to talk for a while.  Deep in conversation, she is unaware that the lower half of her coverup has slipped slightly open revealing a glimpse of her nipple.

Pablo notices this, causing a slight arousal in his speedos.  Jen takes note of the movement in Pablo’s bathing suit as her eyes continue drifting back toward his crotch.  Without saying anything, she realizes that her top had come open and she reaches around to pull it closed.  They continue their conversation.

In his normal calm, deep voice, Pablo asks Jen, “Jennifer, may I see your beautiful breasts again?”  Jen is a little startled by how forward and bold the young man is.

Jen smiles at him, knowing that he has already seen them completely bare earlier, and politely says, “No, I don’t think so.”  She tightens her coverup further closed to ensure her boobs are hidden.

They continue conversing for a bit, and Pablo inquires again, “Jennifer, may I please see your breasts?”  This time Jen ponders his request.  She finds his determined desire to see her body flattering, especially since she must be 15 years older than him.  Jen finds his bold directness attractive as well.  She also thinks the thought of flashing him a peak to be quite naughty, which slightly excites her. 

Figuring there is no harm since he has already seen her anyway, she replies “Ok.  But, just a quick peak.”  Jen looks around to make sure no one else is there and pulls both sides of her coverup apart revealing her breasts to him.

“They are very beautiful.  They are the most beautiful breasts I have seen.  May I touch them please?” 

Startled again by how forward he is, Jen replies, “No, just a peak I said.” Jen pulls her coverup back closed.  They continue conversing as a small group of other people arrive at the pool.  The others arrange themselves close to the door on the same side, but at the other end, of the pool from Pablo and Jen.  Pablo and Jen continue to talk, finding they have a fair bit in common.  They both like to travel and have an appreciation for the arts.

“Can I see again?” Pablo requests as he motions toward Jen’s chest. 

“No, people will see,” Jen replies.

“You  can turn and face me so they will not see,” Pablo explains.  “Please?”  The thought of getting caught excites Jen further.  She finds Pablo’s confidence attractive.  She continues to think about his request, but she remains silent.  “Please?” Pablo pleads. 

“Ok, one last time, but that’s it,” Jen relents.  Jen sits up and faces directly toward Pablo with the people to her back at the other end of the pool.  She turns and looks over her should to make sure they aren’t watching and opens the cover up and drops her hands to her sides.  With the coverup hanging open at her sides it gives Pablo a full view of her large, round breasts. 

“They are so beautiful.  May I touch them please?” Pablo requests.

“No,” Jen replies as she begins to cover up again. 

Pablo interrupts her and says “Wait please.”  Jen stops.  Pablo continues “Before you cover up, please spread your knees apart so I may see all of you.”

“What?” she replies.  “No, people will see.”

“No, they can’t see,” he says.  “Please, I want to admire all of your beauty at the same time.”  Flattered by his new and bolder request, Jen begins thinking about the people behind her at the other end of the pool that might see.  The risk of getting caught continues to excite her further.  Reluctantly, she complies moving her knees slowly apart spreading her legs.  Jen feels vulnerable as she exposes her body to Pablo.  Jen also finds herself excited about the naughty little game of peek-a-boo they are hiding from the people at the other end of the pool.  

After gazing upon Jen’s body for a moment, Pablo inquires “Please may I see your pussy?”

“What?  No way,” Jen exclaims as she quickly covers up again.  They again return to their conversation as if nothing had happened. 

After some time has passed, Pablo asks, “Would you care to come to my room for a drink?”

Jen’s mind raced with wild thoughts of what would happen if she said yes.  The thought of being taken in heated passion by this young stud was certainly appealing.  Almost irresistible.  She wanted to reply “Yes, take me to your room and drive your huge cock deep in my pussy over and over again.”  But, she knew she did not trust her ability to suppress these desires and be faithful if they ended up alone together.  So, she resisted her temptations and dirty thoughts and answered “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea.  I should probably go.”

Pablo pleads, “No, please stay a little while longer Jennifer.  I am very much enjoying your company.”

Jen replies, “Ok.  Just a little while longer though.  I really must go before it gets too late.”

They talk for another 10 to 15 minutes, and Pablo requests again “May I please see your beautiful body again Jennifer?”  By now, Jen was feeling like she was under Pablo’s control.  He had a way and a power over her that lead her to comply with his requests, even if they made her uncomfortable.  His desire for her made her feel sexy and attractive.  It made her feel electric and full of confidence.  It also felt rewarding for him to take such an interest in her body that she spent many a hour at the gym each week keeping fit and toned.  Because of this, despite her reluctance, she somehow felt obligated to obey his wishes.  Jen could easily say no to any of them with no consequence.  But, she felt she should please him in a way.

Jen began to rationalize the latest request in her head.  She thought to herself, one more peak won’t hurt as he has seen her several times already.  And, if it makes him happy then what is the harm?  Plus, Jen is thoroughly enjoying their naughty little game of peek a boo.  She relents and opens her cover up one final time.  Pablo motions his hands toward her knees.  Jen sighs and reluctantly spreads her legs for him again. 

After gazing her body up and down, Pablo asks “Please may I see your pussy?”  Instead of instant denial like the time before, Jen pauses to think about the request.  She is reluctant to have this naughty game get out of hand and go too far.  But the thrill of the game is exciting her.  And she feels compelled to obey his requests.

Jen looks over her should to again confirm no one is watching.  With her legs still spread she replies to Pablo “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”  Her mind is telling her she should stop now.  But her body can’t resist his requests.  Almost unwillingly, she takes her left hand and slowly grabs the fabric of her G-string pulling the tiny piece of fabric to the side revealing her cleanly shaved pussy to him.

“You have a very beautiful pussy Jennifer,” he comments.  “May I touch you?”

Jen desperately wanted to say yes, but she finds the self-control to say “No.”  She fixes her G-string and covers up again as they continue talking for another 15-20 minutes.  Jen then says, “Its getting late.  I’ve had too much sun.  I need to go.”

Pablo pleads with her “Please, stay just a few more minutes Jennifer.”

 Jen replies “I really must go.”  Jen didn’t want to leave, but she knew if she stayed any longer things would certainly get out of hand and get her in trouble.

Pablo says “Ok.  But before you go, please may I have one last look at you?” Jen rationalizes that she has committed to leave, so one more peak won’t hurt as she is leaving after this.  Plus, she strangely still feels obligated to comply.

With her back to the others, Jen again looks over her shoulder to make sure they can’t see.  She lets her coverup fall open again revealing her breasts to Pablo one last time.  He again motions to her legs and she spreads them apart again, this time without hesitation.  After Jen spreads her legs, Pablo motions toward her bathing suit.  Jen rolls her eyes, but complies with his request and shows him her pussy again.  Despite feeling completely vulnerable and a bit uncomfortable with her legs spread showing her pussy to Pablo, Jen really enjoys his gaze upon her body.

Jen allows him a minute to take in the view of her body, and then says “Ok, I think its…” but is interrupted by Pablo.

“Please show me your pussy,” he says.

“I just showed you,” Jen replies.

“No.  Please show me the warm pink inside your pussy,” Pablo requests.

Jen exclaims “No.  I’m not…” but is again interrupted by Pablo.

“Please?” Pablo firmly requests again.

Finding herself unable to deny his boldest request yet, Jen reluctantly and with some level of protest asks “How?”

Pablo instructs her “Please spread you pussy open with your fingers.”

Jen pauses as she thinks about his request.  She mutters under her breath “I really can’t believe I’m doing this.”  Jen slowly reaches down and places the fingers of each hand on the sides of her pussy.  She curls her fingers which slowly parts her lips, revealing her warm pink cunt waiting inside.  Pablo admires her pink pussy.  By now, Jen had gotten a little wet from the excitement of the game.  Pablo continues his gaze taking note of how the wetness of her pussy glistens in the sunlight.

Before Pablo can make any more requests, Jen states “That’s all you get.  Its time for me to go.”  Jen straightens the fabric of her G-string to cover herself and quickly closes her coverup.  She collects the rest of her belongings and stands up to leave.  Even though Pablo has pushed her way beyond appropriate boundaries and made her feel uncomfortable, they still exchange pleasant good byes. 

As Jen starts to walk away, Pablo says “Maybe I shall see you here tomorrow?”  Jen turns back and simply smiles at Pablo without responding.

Jen rides the elevator up to her room and reflects on the naughty little game she just played.  She thinks to herself she must be crazy flashing her body to a complete stranger like that.  But, having a gorgeous young, hunk like Pablo take interest in her was very flattering.  The attractive young man’s desire for her and gazing upon her body was also very exciting. 

When Jen gets to her room, she open the shades and looks out the window seeing Pablo still laying by the pool.  Being incredibly horny from their game, she starts to rub her pussy.  Jen sits in a chair and places one heel in each corner of the window sill as she spreads her legs and continues massaging her clit.  Jen becomes excited immediately and starts breathing heavily and panting.  Her back starts to arch and she clenches her butt cheeks.  But, she suddenly stops before having an orgasm.  She knows the only thing that will satisfy her hunger is a warm cock pounding her cunt.  And not having masturbated to orgasm will make it that much stronger when she finally does cum.

Jen soon gets a text from John.  He apologizes and explains they are working through dinner so he will be home late and she will have to get dinner on her own.  After relaxing a while in her room, Jen thinks about going to bar, maybe to see if Pablo is there.  She decides she doesn’t trust herself and that would be too risky if he was there.  So, she orders room service and waits for John to return.  When John finally does get back later that evening, Jen practically rips his clothes off when he enters the door.  She proceeds to wildly fuck him until she explodes in orgasm.  She was glad she hadn’t orgasmed earlier, as it did in fact intensify this one.

After they catch their breath, John says, “Wow.  You were on fire.  What gives?”

Jen replies, “I missed you.  And was really horny.”  They both laugh and quickly drift off to sleep.

The next morning after John leaves, Jen looks out the window.  There are a couple of people by the pool, but no Pablo.  She decides to go to the pool again anyway as she has no other plans today.  She lays around the pool for a while, but still no Pablo.  Jen jumps in the water to cool off and soaks for a while in the pool.  Still no Pablo. 

Jen is about to leave, and suddenly Pablo walks out from the hotel.  He explains he is going to swim for 30 minutes, but invites her to go to lunch and shopping after.  Jen thinks about it, still not fully trusting herself alone around Pablo.  She figures that maybe its ok since it will be a crowded public place.  She accepts his invitation but informs him she has to be back by 5:00 because she has a dinner with her husband.

After an hour, they meet in lobby and a hotel driver takes them to a nearby restaurant.  They enter the quaint restaurant that has big windows overlooking the waterfront.  The restaurant is a casual one and not popular with the business crowd, so it is only about half full.  They are seated in the far corner over by the windows at a small square table.  Jen sits down facing the windows and Pablo sits 90 degrees to her left.  They order wine and start to look at the menu.

After the waiter leaves the table, Pablo leans over and says “I enjoyed seeing your body yesterday at the pool.  Did you enjoy showing it to me?”

Reluctant to admit it to him, after a long pause Jen answers, “Yes, I enjoyed our little game.”

“Did you like showing me your pussy?” he inquires.

After an even longer pause, Jen bashfully admits in a soft voice, “Yes.”

“Did our game excite you?” he asks.

“Yes,” Jen softly replies again.

“Did you touch yourself when you returned to your room?” he inquires.

Jen pauses, again not wanting to answer, but softly confesses “Yes.”

“I would like to see your pussy again here please,” Pablo says.

“No, not here,” she protests.

“Please?” he again requests.

“No,” Jen quickly answers as the waiter comes back to take their order.

Sensing he was interrupting, the waiter says “I can give you a few more minutes if you like?”

“No, we are ready,” Jen quickly replies knowing the waiter has saved her from Pablo’s requests, at least for the moment.  They order their food and resume their conversation about art from the day prior. 

After concluding their meal, Pablo again asks, “Please may I see your pussy now?”

Jen replies “No.  Stop.  Not here. There are people all around.”

Pablo replies, “Please, at least show me your panties.”

Jen thinks about his request.  She is intrigued by this little game.  In addition to being naughty and exciting, she enjoys the challenge of finding a way not to get caught.  She ponders for a minute how she can fulfill his request without anyone seeing.  Unable to completely deny his requests, Jen acquiesces and says “Ok.  One quick peak and then we are leaving.”  She turns her chair toward him and her back to the rest of the occupied tables in the restaurant.  She looks over her shoulder to see that no one is watching, and slowly lifts the front of her skirt and tents it up so Pablo can get a look at her small red silk panties tightly covering her pussy mound.  After a quick moment, she drops her dress.

“Please show me the backs,” Pablo quietly replies.

In a whisper voice Jen quietly exclaims, “What?  How?  No.  Its time to go.”

Pablo replies “We can leave after you show me.  Please show me the backs.”

Jen is frustrated about Pablo’s persistence, but she knows she is under a spell and not able to resist his requests.  She thinks about how to execute this next challenge.  After a few moments, she says, “Ok, you can have a peak, but quickly.”  Jen reluctantly stands up and turns her back to Pablo.  She picks up her purse like she is getting ready to leave.  She quickly surveys the restaurant and sees that no one is paying too close attention to them.  She backs up with her butt practically in Pablo’s face as he remains seated.  Jen grabs the back of her skirt on each side with both hands.  She quickly flips the back of her skirt up revealing to Pablo the T-back of the red satin thong that splits her two perfectly shaped butt cheeks.  The back of her panties are revealed for only a second and she lets her skirt fall back down as she begins walking toward the door.  Pablo stands and follows her out the door.

They casually stroll down the sidewalk peeking in the windows of the stores along the waterfront.  There are a variety of stores selling things from tourist trinkets to boutique dress shops.  Pablo motions for them to go into one of the dress shops.  They slowly browse around the store, flipping through one of the racks.

“How about this one?” Jen asks as she holds up a cute flowery dress.  Pablo shakes his head no and she returns the dress to the rack.  “How about this one?’ she asks holding up another fairly conservative one.  Pablo again shakes his head no.  She repeats the process for a third time, and Pablo indicates his disapproval.  “Well, what do you like then?” Jen asks with a little bit of frustration.

Pablo walks over to a different section of the store, thumbs through the rack and pulls out a very racy black dress.  The back of the dress is cut to mid back.  The front is low cut and the length is very short.  Jen looks at the dress and thinks that she could never go out in public wearing that.  Handing her the hanger Pablo says “This is more suitable for your figure.”

“Figures you would pick that one,” she mumbles under her breath.  She knew it was useless to protest, so she takes the hanger from him and heads to the dressing room.  Jen quickly slips out of her clothes and into the dress.  She checks herself in the mirror and calls out “I don’t know about this one.  I think it’s way too sexy for me.”

“Please come show me,” Pablo replies.  Jen opens the dressing room door and gingerly walks out afraid of anyone else in the store seeing.

“What do you think?” she asks.

“You look very beautiful,” Pablo replies.

Jen blushes and says “You don’t think it’s too much?  I don’t think I could go out in this.”

“No, you look sensual and sexy,” Pablo assures her.

Jen replies, “Well, maybe.  Let’s keep looking.”  She starts to return to the dressing room and Pablo stops her.

He says “Wait.  Please show me your panties again.”  Jen stands in the middle of the dressing area hidden from the rest of the store and looks around to make sure no one can see.  She pulls the bottom of the dress half way up her stomach revealing her panties to him.  Pablo motions for her to spin around and she slowly turns so he can see the back of her thong again.  Pablo reaches out to touch her perfectly round ass and Jen swats his hand like she was scolding a child.

“Remember, no touching!” she exclaims as she walks away into the dressing room and closes the door behind her.  After changing, they leave the store and continue strolling along the waterfront.  The area was not crowded, but there were numerous people strolling about in and out of the stores. 

Pablo requests “Please, may I see your breasts Jennifer?”

Jen replies “Here?  No. There are people everywhere.  Someone will see.”

“Please Jennifer, I would like to see your beautiful breasts,” he asks again.

Not able to deny him, Jen looks around and spots a narrow alley between two buildings.  She motions to the alley and says, “Ok, over there.”  They walk halfway down the alley and Jen turns her back to the main street.  She looks over her shoulder to check that no one is looking and pulls up her shirt over her bra.  Then she pulls the cups of her bra down revealing her gorgeous 34 DD breast to Pablo again.

He gazes upon her and then asks “Please, may I touch them?”

Jen replies, “No.  No touching,” as she pulls her bra back up and lowers her shirt.

They leave the alley and continue looking through the stores.  They go into a few more dress shops and Jen tries on a number of dresses for Pablo.  She can tell he enjoys seeing her in all the sexy dresses.  This makes her feel more sexy and confident as she enjoys showing off for him.  Finding nothing she really likes in the shop, they continue strolling along the waterfront.  They come upon a lingerie shop and Pablo motions for them to go in.

“No.  I don’t want to go in there,” Jen argues. 

“Please Jennifer.”

“Ok, fine,” she sighs as she reluctantly follows him inside.  Jen wears sexy bras and panties, but she never really goes beyond that as far as lingerie;  nothing that’s meant to be worn solely in the bedroom.  So, she feels vulnerable and slightly uncomfortable looking through the intimate, sexy lingerie with Pablo as most of it is clearly made for only one thing.  They flip through the racks for a bit and then Pablo holds up a hanger with a completely see through, form fitting, white sheer, dress-like slip on it. 

He hands her the hanger and says “Please try this.”

“I would never wear that, its not me,” Jen replied.   

Pablo responds, “You should.  You have a beautiful body that needs to be shown properly.  To me.  To your husband.  To anyone.” 

“I don’t know,” Jen replies.

“Jennifer, please put it on,” Pablo requests.  “But just this and nothing underneath please.”

“It’s completely see-through, I have to wear something under it,” Jen protests.

Pablo replies, “No Jennifer.  Please do it properly.”

Knowing that arguing will do no good, Jen snatched the hanger from his hand and stomped off to the dressing room.  She was mad, but not at Pablo.  Jen was frustrated with herself.  Somehow she was unable to say no to him.  Even though she didn’t want to comply with his requests, she felt compelled to do so.  Something about his charm and the way he asked her had her mesmerized and unable to resist. She shed her clothes and slid into the sheer slip.

“This is way too revealing,” she called out behind the closed door.

“Please show me,” he replied.

“No, someone will see…” she started to reply as Pablo cut her off.

“Jennifer, please come show yourself to me,” he said.

Jen slowly cracked the door open, sticking her head out to make sure no one else was there.  She was fairly surprised that the dressing rooms in a store like this, although separated from the store, weren’t completely hidden from view.  She noticed a few other women were milling around in other dressing rooms, and could see a few couples out in the main part of the store; which meant they could obviously see her if they happened to look closely.

“Other people will see,” she protested.

“Please Jennifer, show me,” Pablo remarked.  Unable to disobey, Jen reluctantly sulked out of the dressing room with one arm attempting to cover her breasts and her other hand covering her crotch.

“I’m practically naked in this thing,” she exclaimed.

“Please drops your arms Jennifer,” Pablo instructed.  Jen complied with his request as if she would be punished if she disobeyed, even though she clearly would not be.  She let her arms fall to her sides and Pablo commented, “You look very beautiful.  Your figure is magnificent.”  His compliments made her blush and excited her.  He made her feel very desirable, which was empowering.  She loved the confidence it gave her. 

As she was standing in front of him on display, Jen was startled by a young girl that came around the corner.  The girl couldn’t have been much more than 18 years old and worked at the store.  She had come back into the dressing area to collect items others had left hanging on the rack.  Jen, in a panicked reflex, started to move her arms back to cover herself up.  Before she could do so Pablo said “Stop.  Please stay as you are.”  With apprehension Jen complied.  “Slowly turn please,” Pablo instructed.  Feeling very self-conscious and vulnerable standing in front of the clerk, as well as anyone that might peak around the corner, Jen again complied and slowly turned.

Pablo turned to the clerk and asked “Doesn’t she look beautiful?”

The clerk looked Jen up and down and replied, “Oh god yes.  You have an amazing figure.  I wish I had a body half as good as yours so I could wear our stuff like you do.  You really show that dress off well.”

Jen blushed, and again felt empowered receiving compliments from someone that much younger than she was.  She replied, “Ok, I’ll take it,” as she returned to the dressing room to change.  Jen changed and they checked out and left the store.  As they exited she exclaimed to Pablo “I can’t believe you put me on display in there.  I know other people around the store saw me.”

Pablo replied, “Jennifer, how did it make you feel?”

Jen thought for a moment.  She didn’t want to admit it, but confessed, “Well.  I felt like an exhibitionist.   It kind of excited me.”  They continued down the waterfront and tried another dress shop.

As they walked in, Pablo stated “You must buy a dress before we go back.”  Pablo again had her try on a number of dresses that she thought were more appropriate for a 20 something headed to a nightclub than anything she would wear.  She was excited to show off for him, but wasn’t sure she could ever go out in any of them.  Every dress he handed her was skimpier than the one before.  Jen decided she better settle on one soon before they got any racier.

She tried a short, white, silky dress that didn’t quite come down to her mid-thigh.  It had a long slit up one side extending most of the way up her hip.  She could barely sit in it with her legs crossed without exposing herself, which is probably why Pablo selected it she thought.  It had a very low cut back down to her waistline.  She could see the top of her thong sticking above the back, so she would have to wear a smaller pair of panties with it.  The front was also low cut and loose.  Even though she was wearing one now, she wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it, and would have to be careful not to lean too far forward as her boobs would be visible if she did.  As she finished displaying herself to Pablo in it and received his approval, she turned and headed to the dressing room.

Pablo stopped her and said “Jennifer, please may I see you naked?”

“What?” she replied as she turned to face him stopping a few feet short of the dressing room.

“Please show me your naked body all at once.”

“Now?  Here?” she inquired.

“Yes Jennifer, please show me,” he replied.

“How about inside the dressing room?” she asked.

He responded, “No Jennifer.  Here please.”

Jen looked around and fortunately this shop’s dressing area was more secluded.  She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she started to quickly pull up the dress over her hips.  She wanted to do this quickly before anyone had the chance to see.

Pablo stopped her and said “No Jennifer.  Slowly please.”  She complied with his request and slowly slid the dress up her body and over her head.  She tossed it on a nearby bench.  She then slowly reached around and undid the clasp of her bra behind her.  It slowly worked its way down her arms and she let it drop on the floor.  She reached down and with both hands slid the straps of her thong down her hips, then to her mid-thighs.  Once the back of the thong gently peeled out from between her perfect butt cheeks, she let it go and it dropped to the floor.  She stepped out of the leg holes and was now completely nude in front of Pablo wearing nothing but a pair of high heels.

Pablo gazed up and down her lovely body taking in her beauty.  “You have a very beautiful body Jennifer,” he said.  “Slowly turn please.”  Jen was incredibly excited displaying her body to Pablo.  She slowly started to turn and she could see herself in a mirror.  As she turned she watched Pablo admiring her backside.  She was getting quite turned on and excited.  She was amazed at how just his gaze was causing her pussy to start to get wet.

As she completed her slow circle, Pablo asked “May I touch you please?”

“Not yet, not here,” she replied.  As soon as the words left her mouth she couldn’t believe what she just let slip out.  She meant to say “No”.  Even though she was thinking it, she did not mean to say “not yet” out loud.  She desperately wanted him to touch her, but didn’t mean to admit it to him.  Her subconscious was getting the best of her and it slipped out.

Pablo then requested “Please Jennifer, show me your pussy.”  Despite being totally naked in front of him, she knew what he meant.  She turned and looked around.  She wasn’t about to spread her pussy for him in the middle of a dressing hall.  She bent down and grabbed her bra and panties and walked into the dressing room.  She tossed them aside and motioned for Pablo to come closer.  There was nowhere to sit in the dressing room, so Jen sat down on the floor in the corner and faced Pablo standing in the doorway.  She spread her legs wide for him and reached down to spread her pussy lips for him.  By now, her clit was swollen and her pussy was totally wet from her excitement.

“Like this?” Jen asked as she looked up at him for his approval.

“Please touch yourself Jennifer,” Pablo instructed.  Jen was no longer in state of mind to make a feeble attempt at protesting, so she began slowly rubbing her clit with one of her fingers as he instructed.  “Jennifer, please slide two fingers from your other hand inside you.”  Jen followed his order and slid two fingers inside her dripping wet cunt.  She began to fuck herself with her fingers as she stared up at Pablo for his approval.  Jen was so wet and horny she felt like she would cum instantly. 

Jen was suddenly startled as she heard people coming down the hall.  She quickly jumped to her feet and pushed Pablo out of the doorway nearly hitting him with the door as she slammed it shut in his face.  After she caught her breath and the adrenalin of almost getting caught subsided, she gathered up her clothes and got dressed.  She left the dressing room and started toward the exit.  Pablo stopped her.  She thought to herself, no not again. 

As Pablo motioned toward the dress she had left on the bench, Jen replied, “Oh, I completely forgot.”  She grabbed the dress and took it to the register to check out.  They strolled around a bit more at the waterfront until it was time to go.  They hailed a taxi at the main road and climbed inside.

As the taxi pulled away, Pablo leaned over and whispered in Jen’s ear, “Please show me your panties.”  After what had gone on earlier, Jen thought this request was too easy.  There was a wall between the front and back seats of the taxi and Jen was behind the driver so he likely could not see her even in the rear-view mirror.  She pulled up her skirt and turned to look at Pablo.

“Like this?” she asked.

Pablo leaned over and whispered “Take them off.”

Jen thought to herself, ok, this was a little more daring but was pretty sure the driver couldn’t see so she reached down and wiggled from side to side as she slid her panties off and placed them in her shopping bag.

Pablo whispered “Jennifer, show me your pussy like before please.” 

Surprised and without speaking, Jen mouthed the word “Here?”  Pablo nodded affirmatively.  Jen shook her head no, but Pablo again nodded his up and down.  Jen looked up to check the driver again.  Although she was pretty sure he could not see, she slid over closer to the door to make sure.  She turned her back to the door and laid her right leg on its side on the seat with her knee in the back cushion and her foot pointed toward the driver.  She placed her other foot on the floor and her knee as far apart as she could against the wall of the taxi.  She was sitting half Indian style, half legs spread.  Jen pulled up her skirt to show Pablo.

“May I touch you now,” Pablo whispered.

“Not here,” Jen mouthed back again without speaking.  This time it was not an accident.  By now she knew she wouldn’t be able to continually resist her urge to fuck Pablo.  It was just a matter of time before she gave in.  The electricity between them was insatiable and the power he had over her was undeniable.  She could not continue to resist his advances much longer.

Pablo pointed toward her hand and Jen reached down and spread her pussy lips like before.  Pablo then pointed to Jen’s other hand and her eyes widened questing his gesture.  Pablo nodded his head.  Jen thought to herself, she couldn’t believe she was about to finger fuck herself in the back of a taxi driving down the road.  But she felt she must comply so she parted her slit with her two fingers and slid them inside.  Jen paused and looked back at Pablo as if to ask if he really wanted her to do this.  He nodded again, so Jen began fucking herself with her fingers. 

The depraved nature of her acts was driving Jen wild.  She was fearful she was going to uncontrollably orgasm soon right in the back seat of the taxi.  She feared if that happened she would scream out and the driver would have no question in his mind as to what she was doing.  Jen wanted to stop before that happened, but she didn’t feel like she had permission to do so.  And asking Pablo would do no good.  So, she continued fucking herself hanging on the brink of orgasm.

The driver then called back “Main entrance sir?”

Pablo responded “Yes.”  Jen could see they were pulling into the hotel drive so she stopped and quickly adjusted herself the best she could before the bellman opened the door to help her out.  Although she desperately wanted a release, she was thankful she was saved by their arrival before she came in the taxi with a screaming orgasm that would surely have ensued had the ride lasted a few more minutes.

As they climbed out of the taxi, Pablo said “Jennifer, please come up to my room.”

Jen replied, “My husband will be back soon, and I told you we have a dinner to go to.”

Pablo then explained, “My cousin has a bar at the top of the building around the corner from the hotel on 5th street.  I will be there tonight and I would like to see you again Jennifer.”

“I will be with my husband,” Jennifer responded.

Pablo said “Bring him there.  It is a very nice bar with a dancefloor.  You both will enjoy it.”

“We’ll see,” Jen replied as she headed toward the elevators.

“Wear your new dress,” Pablo said.

“I don’t think that dress will be appropriate for our dinner,” she replied as she got in the elevator.

“Jennifer, please wear the dress.  It looks amazing on you,” he said.  Jen just smiled in response as the elevator doors closed.

After Jen got back to the room, she got a text from John.  He apologized again that he would have to postpone their dinner.  But, he said that their work dinner shouldn’t run too late and they could meet for drinks after dinner at a bar across the street from the restaurant at 9 if she liked.  Jen responded she would and he sent her the address.

While relaxing in the room, Jen thought about seeing if Pablo wanted to have dinner.  But, she decided not to as she definitely couldn’t trust herself alone with him now.  She ordered something from room service and then started to get ready to go out.  Jen went through what she had to wear, but wasn’t excited about anything she had brought with her.  She looked over at her new dress that was hanging in the open closet and thought to herself, “What the hell.  Why not?”

Jen got a text from John saying his dinner was wrapping up and he was headed across the street in a few minutes.  Jen replied, “Ok, on my way.”  She headed down to the lobby and outside to get a taxi.  When she arrived at the bar, John was already inside waiting.

As she walked over to him John exclaimed, “Wow baby, you look incredible.”

Jen gave him a kiss and replied, “Thanks baby.  You don’t think it’s too much?”

“No, you look amazing,” John commented.  They ordered drinks and talked for a while.  Jen told him about meeting a friendly young man at the pool yesterday and how she had gone to lunch and shopping with him today since he knew the city well.  She explained that was where she bought her new dress.  John told her about his day as they finished their drinks.

Jen asked, “Baby, would you like to take me dancing in my sexy new dress?”

John replied, “I’d love to.  But we’ll have to ask someone where can we go.”  Jen then told him that Pablo had invited them to his cousin’s bar nearby and that it had a dancefloor.  Not knowing anywhere else to go, they agreed and headed there. 

When they got to the bar, Pablo was nowhere to be found.  John and Jen sat at the bar and had another drink.  They went and danced for a bit.  When returning from the dancefloor, they ran into Pablo.  Jen introduced John and Pablo and they sat down at a nearby table together.  They proceed to have several rounds of drinks and conversed back and forth.  Pablo and John seemed to be enjoying talking as they too appeared to have quite a bit in common despite their age difference.  After a while, John excused himself to go to the restroom.

Pablo leaned over and said “Jennifer, you look stunning in that dress.  Did you wear it tonight so that I may see you in it again?”

Jen hesitated to respond, but confessed, “Yes.”

Pablo continued, “I enjoyed seeing your naked body by the mirrors today.  Did you enjoy showing it to me?”

Jen again confessed, “Yes.”

Pablo continued, “Did you enjoy rubbing your pussy for me in the dressing room?”

“Yes,” Jen replied.

“And in the taxi?” Pablo asked.

After a pause, Jen admitted, “Yes.”

Pablo then asked, “Jennifer, I would like to see you pleasure yourself again.”  Before Jen could reply, John returned from the restroom.

Flushed, Jen announced, “I need another drink.  Maybe a shot this time.”  The waitress came over and they all did a round of shots.  They proceeded out on the dancefloor and danced together for a while.  Jen would trade off dancing with John and Pablo.  After a while, John announced he needed a break but Jen and Pablo should continue.  John returned to the table and watched Pablo and Jen continue to dance. 

Pablo would pull Jen close and put his hands on her hips as they moved together.  From time to time Jen would dip her upper body forward toward Pablo as she danced.  Her loose blouse would fall forward enabling Pablo an unobstructed view of her braless tits as they dangled from her chest.  Every now and then Pablo would get behind Jen, and with their bodies together and his hands again on her hips, move and sway together to the music.  John didn’t seem to mind as Jen appeared to be having a good time and the two danced well together.  Others on the dancefloor were also dancing in a similar fashion.

After they finished dancing, they all decided it was time to go.  They decided to share a taxi back to the hotel and headed to the elevator.  As they got in, it was crowded with others entering and Jen accidentally backed into Pablo with her ass bumping his crotch.  As she started to step forward, Pablo placed his hand on her hip holding her back.  She relented and pushed back into his crotch feeling the mound in his slacks against her butt.  John was standing on the other side of her, but the elevator was crowded so he could not see. 

Jen slowly ground her ass cheeks into Pablo’s bulge.  She could feel his cock down the middle of her tight cheeks.  Jen desperately wished that Pablo would flip up the back of her skirt and drive his huge cock deep into her pussy right there in the elevator.

In the taxi, Jen snuggled her nose into John’s neck who was sitting on her left.  As she was turned a bit on her left side cuddling with John, she dropped her right hand behind her and it landed on Pablo’s leg.  John couldn’t see this as it was behind Jen.  Instead of moving her hand, she slid it to Pablo’s inner thigh.

As they pulled up to the hotel, Jen blurted out to Pablo, “Would you like to come up to our room for another drink?”  As soon as she said it, she couldn’t believe she had let that slip out of her mouth.  She couldn’t believe how forward she was with the invitation.  Jen hoped that John didn’t mind, but it was too late as it was already out there.  Pablo agreed and they proceeded up to John and Jen’s suite.  Jen poured three drinks and they all sat on the couch and talked for a bit.  Jen then excused herself and went into the bathroom.

Jen proceeded to remove her dress and laid it on the counter.  She stared at herself in the mirror, nude except for her small, silky black G-string, black stay up thigh high stockings and a pair of high heels.  Jen primped her hair and took a deep breath as she continued staring in the mirror.  She was convincing herself she could go through with what she was about to do next.  Jen lusted for Pablo and she couldn’t fight it any more.  She was worried though.  She hadn’t discussed with John the possibility of a sexual adventure involving Pablo.  But she convinced herself he would be ok with it.  Actually, she had no idea, but lied to herself because that is what she so desperately wanted.  Jen took another deep breath and mustered up the courage and walked back into the living room of the suite half naked.

She announced her presence, “You gentlemen like what you see?”  John and Pablo stopped their conversation and looked up at her.  They were stunned.  They remained speechless as Jen walked over to John and gave him a brief kiss.  She whispered in his ear, “Are you ok with this?”  John fully understood her request.  He knew his wife well and had sensed her attraction to Pablo all night.  He smiled and nodded his head with approval. 

Jen gave John another kiss and then stood back up and strutted over to stand in front of Pablo.  She stood there for a moment allowing Pablo to look at her.  Pablo scanned her body up and down several times.  Jen then proceeded to straddle Pablo on the couch placing one knee on each side of him.

“You may now touch me if you like Pablo,” Jen said in a soft voice.  Having wanted to do so since they met, Pablo did not hesitate and reached out and placed his hand on the outside of Jen’s thigh.  He proceeded to run it up her thigh to her hip, and then on up her rib cage to just below her breast.  His hand changed direction and cupped her breast as it continued moving North.  Jen shuddered as he brushed over her nipple, causing it instantly to get hard.  His touch felt magical. 

His motion stopped when his hand had reached the back of her neck.  Pablo proceeded to retrace his hand’s path, gently squeezing Jen’s large breast as it returned to her chest.  Pablo continued running his hands over Jen’s beautiful body for another minute or two.  Jen then arched her back, heaving her voluptuous bosom forward and closer to Pablo’s face.  Pablo took the cue and reached out and cupped both of Jen’s breasts.  He then leaned forward taking her nipple in his mouth and began licking and sucking on it.  This sent Jen over the edge.  She thought she might cum just from his sucking on her breasts.

As Pablo continued servicing Jen’s breasts, she reached down and began unbuttoning his shirt.  Once she had it open, she pulled her breast from Pablo’s mouth and leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his neck.  She worked her way down his chest laying a kiss every few inches.  Jen ran her hands over Pablo’s chiseled chest and abs as she continued working her way down until she had reached his beltline.

Jen unmounted Pablo as she stood up briefly to pull off his pants.  Waiting underneath for her was his massive bulge in his tight underwear.  After she had his pants off, Jen remounted Pablo and he took her hard nipple back into his warm mouth.  Jen reached down and started to rub Pablo’s huge member through his underwear causing it to rapidly grow.  As she did this, Pablo reached around and began caressing Jen’s beautiful ass.  He traced the lines of her G-string and gently squeezed her cheeks with both hands. 

Jen reached inside Pablo’s briefs and pulled out his massive cock.  Jen could not get her hand all the way around its girth as she started stroking him.  Pablo soon became fully hard.  With Pablo’s giant stiff prick in her hand, Jen looked down at his beautiful cock rising up right in front of her now wet panties.  She couldn’t believe his enormous size.  He must have been 11 inches or more in length.  She stared in awe for a minute or two as she continued stroking him.

Jen unmounted Pablo again and kneeled on the floor in front of him.  She leaned forward and took his enormous cockhead in her mouth.  Jen almost couldn’t get her mouth open wide enough to take him in.  She slid his cock deeper and deeper in her mouth until she had it half way in.  That was all she could take without gagging.  Jen loved the feel of his huge prick filling her mouth.  She began working it in and out, slowly at first, then increasing with enthusiasm.

Jen continued by licking Pablo’s shaft from the head to the base and back again.  She would stop to twirl her tongue around his giant cockhead before she took him back in her mouth.  As she was doing this, John stood up and moved behind Jen.  John began rubbing and caressing her ass and lower back as he gently pulled her soaked panties down.

John slid a finger into Jen’s drenched pussy while she continued sucking Pablo’s cock.  Jen again felt like she might cum instantly when John gently touched her clit.  John slid a second finger inside Jen’s warm cunt and began slowly finger fucking her from behind.  Jen responded by thrusting her hips back, fucking John’s hand as she continued ravishing Pablo’s thick cock.

John slowly removed his hand from Jen’s pussy.  Jen was too heavily engaged in filling her mouth with Pablo’s prick to stop and see why he had stopped.  A moment later Jen felt pressure against her pussy lips.  The pressure quickly gave way as her wet lips parted and John thrust his hard cock inside her.  Jen let out a gasp that was muffled with Pablo’s huge dick in her mouth.

John slowly fucked Jen from behind as she continued servicing Pablo.  John started slowly, but then increased the force of his thrusts.  He kept the tempo slow, but rammed his cock hard into Jen’s cunt with their bodies slapping together on each forward thrust.  The force of his thrusts caused Jen’s body to lurch forward.  Each time she did, her mouth was forced deeper down on Pablo’s cock causing her to gag slightly.  With her husband fucking her from behind and her mouth wrapped around Pablo’s massive cock, Jen was in sexual heaven and couldn’t get enough.

After a few minutes of this, John pulled his cock out of Jen’s dripping slit.  This time Jen did turn to look as she figured he was going to cum on her and she wanted to see the cum shoot from his cock.  To her dismay, John was not cumming.  Instead, he motioned for her to come closer to him.  She let go of Pablo’s cock as she backed up a bit.  John pushed gently on Jen’s hip, starting to turn her around.  Jen soon caught on, and turned herself the rest of the way around.  Now she was on all fours with John’s cock in her face and her ass and pussy in the air pointed toward Pablo. 

Jen took John’s cock in her mouth and started sucking him.  Pablo got up off the couch and kneeled behind Jen.  Jen felt more pressure against the lips of her now drenched pussy as Pablo pressed his cockhead against her.  She became incredibly excited as she had wanted to get fucked by that huge cock for two days now.  Jen was also slightly fearful as she had never been fucked by suck a huge dick.  She thought he might tear the walls of her vagina when he rammed it in her.

Even though John had already warmed her pussy up with his cock, Pablo’s huge prick did not easily slide inside Jen.  Pablo continued the pressure as Jen was licking John’s shaft up and down.  Pablo applied more pressure and his large cockhead began to part Jen’s pussy lips.  He continued slowly applying even more pressure and eventually Jen’s lips fully parted and he started filling her warm cunt with his huge cock.

Jen called out, “Oh Fuck,” as Pablo’s cock slid inside her, stretching the walls of her pussy.  “Oh my god,” she continued as Pablo slid further inside her.  It was like nothing Jen had ever felt.  The way Pablo was completely filling her pussy was unbelievable.  The sensation was indescribable.  She thought she was going to cum after the first thrust.  “Oh shit,” she continued as Pablo inserted his entire 11 inches deep in Jen’s cunt.

After Pablo had bottomed his cock in her pussy, he pulled it back and then slowly entered again.  “Oh fuck,” she cried out as Pablo pushed forward bottoming his cockhead deep inside her again.  “It’s so fucking big.  It feels so good.”  Pablo continued slowly fucking his cock in and out of Jen’s pussy.  The walls of her cunt stretched and gripped tightly on the huge shaft.  “Fuck,” Jen would call out each time Pablo thrust forward.  He increased his tempo a bit and Jen continued, “Oh my god its so fucking deep.”  Pablo continued and Jen soon lost control of her responses, “fuck… fuck… fuck… oh shit… oh fuck…”

Jen couldn’t contain herself and moments later cried out, “Fuck!  I’m fucking cumming!” as she burst into orgasm.  As she came, Pablo continued ramming his cock deep inside her;  deeper than anything she ever could have imagined.    Just as her orgasm subsided, Jen called out, “Oh shit.  I think I’m… Oh fuck, I’m cumming again,” and she exploded again with another orgasm even stronger than the first.  Jen almost blacked out from the sensation.  Giving her a break, Pablo pulled his huge shaft from Jen’s pussy.  Jen collapsed on the floor, rolling over on her back.  John moved over in front of her spreading her legs apart.  He lowered his cock to her pussy and began fucking her again. 

As John fucked away at Jen’s pussy, Pablo moved over and dangled his cock near Jen’s head.  Jen turned her face to the side and took Pablo in her mouth.  Pablo slowly fucked Jen’s face as John continued ramming his shaft in her pussy.  Jen loved being filled and used like a sex toy by the two men.  After a few minutes, John pulled out of Jen’s pussy and moved up toward her head.  As he did, Pablo moved down and took the position vacated by John and began fucking Jen again.  Jen turned her head the other way toward John and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it.

They continued fucking Jen like this for a while.  Each man would fuck her pussy for a few minutes, then hand her off to the next one for him to go at her pussy while they took another turn in her mouth.  Half way through John’s next turn at her pussy, John began to grunt and moan.  He suddenly pulled his cock from Jen’s pussy and lunged forward.  John proceeded to start dumping a hug load of cum on Jen’s tits.  With four full blasts he successfully covered a good portion of her large 34 DD boobs.  After John was done, he was spent and rolled over next to Jen on the floor with his hips near her head.

Pablo moved in and took his turn in Jen’s pussy.  As he fucked her, Jen played with John’s cum, rubbing it into her chest and over her nipples.    This time Pablo began fucking her much harder than the time before.  Pablo’s thrusts deep within Jen’s cunt caused her to start screaming out again, “Oh shit that’s deep… Oh fuck… Oh shit… Oh fuck.”  Jen’s screams got louder and louder as Pablo’s thrusts got harder and harder.  As his cock continued assaulting Jen’s pussy, she was losing control.  

Jen turned her face to her side and pulled at John’s hip rolling him on his side toward her.  She desperately took John’s half hard cock into her mouth.  Jen knew he was spent and wasn’t going to get hard this soon, but needed his cock in her mouth to muffle her screams.  Had she not done that, everyone on their hotel floor would have heard her screaming.  Jen continued her screams which were now muffled by John’s cock in her mouth.

Jen soon came again with yet another hugely powerful orgasm.  Pablo continued fucking her hard and then started to groan himself.  After a few more thrusts, Pablo pulled his massive cock from Jen’s stretched pussy.  He leaned forward and exploded.  He shot the first thick stream of cum landing it on her chest just above her tits.  The second landed on her nipple and trickled down the front of her breast.  A third covered the entire length of her stomach.  The fourth volley of sticky cum landed just below her belly button and streamed down close to the top of her pussy slit.  The final barrage landed across her pussy lips, draping up her inner thigh ending at the top of her stockings.  Jen looked down and saw the young stud’s exuberance as it covered her.  Despite the cum having blasted from the biggest cock she had ever seen, Jen still couldn’t believe that all that cum came from just one person.

After Jen regained her breath, she excused herself to the bathroom to clean up.  She grabbed a towel and quickly wiped the cum from her body.  While removing her stockings, Jen though to herself that she couldn’t believe just how wonderful that huge cock had felt inside her.  Nothing had come close to the sensation she felt with her pussy completely filled with cock.  She dropped the towel to the floor and looked in the mirror.  As she did, she spied the lingerie she had bought earlier hanging on the back of the door behind her.  Jen grabbed the hanger and quickly slipped herself into the sheer sexy lingerie.

When Jen returned to the living room, Pablo and John had retired to each end of the couch.  The men looked up with delight as they saw Jen in her lingerie enter the room.  Jen started walking straight toward Pablo.  She could not get enough of that huge dick in her and she wanted more.  It had only been a few minutes since Pablo had exploded all over her.   But as she got near him, she was pleasantly surprised to see his cock was already fully stiff and rock hard again.  She thought to herself, “Thank heaven for 23 year-olds with huge dicks.”  Without hesitation Jen mounted Pablo again with one knee on each side of him.  She pressed her pussy down over his big staff and began fucking him again.

Jen looked over at John as she rode Pablo.  John and Jen exchanged a deep stare into each other’s eyes.  John liked seeing his wife happy, so he enjoyed the look of pleasure on Jen’s face as she fucked this young stud.  Jen looked back in ecstasy as her pussy continued to get stretched as she pounded it up and down on Pablo’s huge cock.  Even though she had just been fucked by him, she still couldn’t believe the way Pablo’s cock filled her cunt.  The sensation was overwhelming.  Jen held off as long as she could, but she soon tilted her head back, arched her back and exploded with another massive orgasm, cumming all over Pablo’s cock inside her.

When she recovered, Jen unmounted Pablo and stood in front of him.  She took his hands pulling him up off the couch.  She then proceeded to kneel as he stood in front of her.  Jen began licking up and down Pablo’s stiff shaft, cleaning the mixture of her cum and pussy juices from his member.  She took his cock in her mouth and continued sucking it.  Pablo then reached down and placed both of his hands on the sides of her face.  He held Jen’s head in place and slowly started to face fuck her.  He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly at first then increasing in tempo.  Jen was loving this.  She couldn’t decide which she liked more;  Pablo’s huge cock in her mouth or pussy.

After a few minutes, Pablo began to groan.  He soon gives Jen what she had been waiting for all day.  Pablo explodes, dumping another large cumload inside Jen’s mouth.  Jen loves the taste of cum.  She finds Pablo’s cum is slightly thicker and stickier than John’s, but the taste is saltier.  She still finds it delightful.  Jen continues gulping in and swallowing Pablo’s streams of warm cum being unleashed down the back of her through, but the volume is larger and coming faster than she can fully deal with.  So, some of his cum leaks from her mouth and drips down her jawbone and chin. 

Once Pablo is done filling Jen’s mouth full of cum, Jen swallows the huge cumload and sucks on his cockhead to make sure she has gotten all that she can get.  She loves tasting his cum and can’t get enough of it.  When there is no more to be had, she releases his cock.  Jen wipes what she can of Pablo’s cum that is dripping down her chin.  She licks it from her fingers savoring the last taste.

Jen gets up and excuses herself back to the bathroom to clean up.  She takes off the sheer lingerie and grabs a towel to wipe herself down.  She returns to the living room nude and walks over to Pablo and gives him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Jen says to Pablo, “Thank you.  That was unbelievable.”  She then walks over to the couch and sits next to John and crosses her legs over his lap.  She puts her arm around John as he puts his arm around her.  Jen says, “Baby, you were wonderful too.  You are absolutely amazing.”

After they relax for a bit, Pablo gets up and gets dressed.  They exchange goodbyes and he heads back to his room.  John and Jen make their way to the bedroom and curl up together in bed.  Jen whispers to John, “I love you so much,” as they drift off to sleep.