Don't Make a Sound

“Don’t make a sound, do you understand me?”

I nod silently, while waiting for you to pull the blanket over us. I glance towards Trevor, and when I’m convinced that he is fast asleep, I look down, watching your dark hair disappear underneath the covers. I inhale sharply as a moment later your lips graze my rock-hard nipples. But I stifle the moan that wants to leave my lips so badly, because I know that we can’t get caught. That would ruin all the fun, you would say. You inch closer and I gasp involuntarily as your tongue flicks over my clit through the fabric of my thong. You suck it into your mouth, nibbling on the sensitive flesh. Boy, the heat radiating from your lips ignites a desire I can’t control, and your sweet breath tickles all my senses. I’m sure we are both going to Hell for this, but I sure feel like I’m in Heaven right now. I wiggle a bit, so that you can reach my pussy more easily, while shooting Trevor a sideways glance.

 “Are you sure he won’t wake up?”

I whisper as quietly as I can, then stifle a shriek as you bite down on my clit ever so lightly, and yet the aftershock sends ripples of delicious pain through every muscle of my body. That’s all I can do not to cum right here and now. I guess that’s my punishment for not being a good girl. But how could I be? You are eating me out like there was no tomorrow, when our best friend is sleeping peacefully on the couch. And yet you are surprised I have doubts about the sanity of all this.

Your teeth leave a slight mark on my tender flesh, I’m sure, and your long fingers find my wet slit at the same time. Otherwise ignoring my question, you push my pants halfway down my legs, your breath grazing my skin.

“Help me, would you?”

Now I’m sure you are making more noise than I am, but of course I don’t dare question you. I do as you asked, wiggling out of the fabric – not too gracefully I must say. But you don’t seem to mind, and I hold my breath as you shift, until your erection presses against my wet opening. I have waited for this for so long, but then so have you. We have been best friends for five years now. Five long years, without ever touching. God, how much I have always wanted this to happen. Well, maybe not with Trevor in the room, but what the hell? A girl has to take whatever she can, and I’m not about to let this go. I want you badly, and you know that. Without further notice you push deep inside, and it takes all my inner strength not to scream your name and cry out in pleasure. You move tentatively, placing a firm hand on my right breast, pinching my nipple. I hiss through gritted teeth:

“You aren’t going to make this easy, are you?”

I can feel your smile against my other nipple, seconds before you bite down on that this time, sending a shiver along my spine. It only hurts enough to turn me on even more. You thrust deeper, and I let out a soft moan, which might just be a tad bit louder than it should be, as Trevor stirs in his sleep. I glance his way again, only to find that he is facing us now, although his eyes are still shut tight. Could he be aware of what’s going on? Your movement ceases and I glance into those silver eyes, raising an eyebrow. Why haven’t I noticed before that they have a few amethyst spots in them? They seem to sparkle in the dim light. A crooked grin and a strand of black hair falls into your face, forming a gorgeous contrast.

“Now, if you want me to continue, you will be a good girl and stay quiet.”

I nod, not wanting you to stop. My fear of being caught is much less prominent than my fear of letting this incredible moment slip away. I turn back, my eyes on Trevor, while you move your hand from my nipple to my hip, steadying yourself. Your cock feels incredible inside me, and the pleasure is already building up in my belly. I’m not sure how long I can last like this, especially not being able to move or say anything. It’s strange, but hot as hell. I guess I just found the 8th sin. Wonder if Eve had as much pleasure while biting into that apple?

You slowly pull out, making me squirm under you, then push back in again. For a moment I think I will get a heart attack, as I can hear the sound of sex, our bodies grinding together to a sweet rhythm. I wonder if Trevor could hear us, too. God, do we smell of sex? Doubt it, at least not while the blanket is on us. You groan, and I shoot you a scolding glare. Is it only me, who has to shut up? You seal my lips though with a kiss, probably masking your own moans. Not sure it works, but I don’t fucking give a damn. It works for me alright. And as far as I’m concerned, Trevor can go and screw himself or enjoy the show for all I care. This feels so good, and something that’s been long overdue. It’s just about time we reap the benefits of our friendship, and I’m sure you agree. Tomorrow, everything will go back to normal, but now I want you to fuck my brains out.

“Do you want to cum?”

You whisper, gasping for air when your lips let mine go. I nod, mesmerized by the amethyst sparkles in your silver iris. God, I don’t want this to end. How about skipping tomorrow altogether? I don’t want to go back being your best friend. That sucks, while getting down and dirty with you is pure ecstasy. You did warn me about the dangers that could pull me in, and I didn’t listen. Now here I am, completely oblivious to what’s going on outside our little shelter underneath the blanket. Only this part of the world exists, nothing else. At least for today, at least for now.

You pull out once more, lowering your head to the curve of my neck, sucking on the sensitive spot behind my ear. I close my eyes in pure ecstasy, as another wave of pleasure ripples through me. I clench my inner muscles around your shaft as you push back in slowly, and you shudder.

“Oh, God, yes… Cum for me baby!”

You bite down on my neck, not so gently this time, reminding me to keep quiet. But I don’t mind. Fuck, if all it takes for me to scream to feel your teeth sinking into my flesh, I will gladly do that. Anything, just to make you touch me. I arch my back, breathing heavily, and you thrust even deeper, filling me completely. But you do more than that. This is more than just a simple fuck. I think I’m…

“I can’t hold back anymore…”

And with that your dick twitches inside me, and I lift my hips, driving us both insane. You grow even bigger than before, and the sensation itself sends me over the edge once again. You reach down and pinch my clit between your thumb and forefinger, and I cry out, forgetting about where we are for a brief moment. I would have never thought that once I would be fucked by you, especially not like this, with an audience. But right now I think I would let you do anything with me. Even if it meant that tomorrow we would be just friends again.

“What the hell guys?”

The sound is so alien and unwelcome, coming from the couch. I don’t dare look at Trevor though, and I think I forgot to breath. But you don’t seem to care, instead you push the blanket aside, shocking me to the core. Oh, is this how you want to play? You start moving again inside me, and I’m surprised that you haven’t gone soft after your orgasm, feeling excited and ashamed at the same time. We provide an excellent view for Trevor, and I am too chicken to glance his way.

I shut my eyes tight instead, trying to enjoy the weird sensation of being watched. I would never admit that I’m actually enjoying this. It isn’t until I hear an unfamiliar groan that I force my eyes open, and that’s when they connect with Trevor’s hazel gaze. He is sitting upright now, moving his right hand up and down his massive (and very hard) cock. Oh, God, I am in big trouble.

“Do you enjoy being watched?”

You ask, a bit louder than before, and I’m sure this is part of the show. I blush, but nod anyway, and your grin widens. Another thrust and I’m fighting to bring air into my lungs. But before the oh-so-familiar release could come, you pull out suddenly, jumping off the bed. My breathing hitches, and I’m unable to take my eyes off Trevor massaging his dick. What the hell do you have in mind? Do you want to watch him fuck me? But you seem to have other plans (thank God). You round the bed, pushing your cock into my mouth, and I take it in without hesitation. Your voice is low and seductive, clouded by emotion:

“Now keep your legs apart, so that Trevor and I can have a good look. I want you to play with your clit and fuck yourself with your fingers, while you suck my cock. Do you understand?”

I nod, heat radiating from my cheeks. I push my legs apart even further, feeling wanton and very, very naughty. My head bobs up and down your shaft, while I start massaging my tits. I decide to take my sweet time, torturing both of you. Oh, God, how much I’m enjoying this. I know that Trevor is watching me pleasure myself, and I’m putting on hell of a show. I have never felt so aroused in my entire life. There is just something incredibly hot in this. You let out a sigh, and I move my fingers to my sensitive nub, unable to wait any longer. I circle my clit with two fingers, starting to shudder straight away. Your cock twitches in my mouth, and I know you are near. I tune in to Trevor’s moans, too, and I feel proud. Very proud.

What happens next is incredible and almost magical. The three of us cum at the same time. You shoot your hot load down my throat, while I shudder under my fingers, and Trevor groans on the couch. For a few second, our ragged breathing resonates the air. You towering over me, me sinking deep onto the mattress, and Trevor shifting uncomfortably on the couch. When you pull out, it’s an unwelcome feeling. Empty and lonely. So, it is over. Just like that. Tomorrow, we will be nothing but friends. The spell is broken. You sit down next to me, your weight pressing down into the mattress. I can no longer see your impressive member, and I feel like I should hide myself, too. I don’t dare glance towards Trevor, either.

I want to tell you that I’m not normally like this, that I wouldn’t do this with just anyone, but I stay quiet. Although, probably this isn’t the best time to obey your command, I can’t help it. You know that it’s you who brings this out of me, nobody else has even come close. And they probably never will. Which is a shame, considering that we will be just friends again tomorrow.

You run a hand through my unruly hair, playing with a red curl, and exhale sharply. Okay, here we go. I try to embrace myself for the dreaded ‘let’s just be friends’, but you surprise me when you say in a husky whisper:

“This was amazing, babe.”

You smirk at me, and I can’t help but return it with a weak smile. Then you raise a brow, and I curse under my breath. Damn, you look so sexy with your broad shoulders and messy hair. And those amethyst-laden silver eyes pulled me in the first time we met five years ago, never letting me go ever since. You seem to be in deep thought, and I’m aching to reach out and pull you in for a lingering kiss, but I’m not that brave. This was all the time you could give me, I know that. You might be telling the truth and it might have been fun. But that’s all it was. That’s all we are, friends with benefits. Nothing less, nothing more.

You trace your fingers along my lower lip, and it trembles against your gentle touch. I involuntarily moan, but this time I resist the urge and don’t close my eyes. I can already feel my thighs dampen again, and I know I’m in trouble. Big trouble, especially since this was our first and last time…

“For fuck’s sake, guys, cut it out, would you? It was fun watching you, but now you simply make my stomach turn.”

Trevor’s scolding doesn’t make no never mind though, as we are lost in each other’s gaze. The moment seems to last for ever, and yet it ends too quickly for my liking. You look at Trevor, then shake your head and turn back to me, the amethyst sparkle brighter than ever before:

“We should definitely do this again. What do you say?”

Nothing. I don’t say anything, just blink. Twice. Are you serious? You roll your eyes, as if reading my thoughts and add hastily:

“Of course, I would prefer it to happen when we are alone, you know.”

Trevor huffs, but I couldn’t care less. Not what I expected. Not at all. But who am I to complain? Could this mean that we are more than what I thought? Do you really want me? Of course, I don’t dare ask these questions aloud, as I’m not sure I want to know the answers. I’m not even sure whether it matters, really. For now, for today, and maybe even for tomorrow, you are mine to keep. And that makes up for all the ‘what ifs’. It makes up for the five years when you didn’t touch me. And it makes up for the years when you won’t...