Info teacup
15 Apr. '17

It’s the end of a long day. Owen woke with a skip in his step and a smile on his face, but after noticing the dent in the driver’s side door of his brand new Mercedes, things quickly and drastically go downhill. The important conference call with buyers in Japan cuts out when an accident outside his office building takes down a power line, and they all have to be evacuated for three hours while the city makes sure it’s safe. Knowing these are events that are out of his control, Owen keeps his cool, focusing on the free time he’s been afforded and using it to grab a leisurely lunch. When the building is cleared and they are allowed back in, Owen calls the buyers, a heavy weight settling in his stomach when he’s bruskly told that in light of his rudeness, they will be using a rival company to supply them. Owen tries to explain, but they hang up on him and he spends the next twenty minutes being berated and abused by his boss for losing the account. For the next few hours he hides in an empty office, desperate to keep a low profile lest his boss decide to rant some more. Frustrated and subdued, Owen heads home at the end of the day.

Lost in thought, and three blocks from his apartment, it takes a minute for Owen to register the flashing red and blue lights behind him. He plasters on a smile and hands over his registration, apologizing for speeding and thanking the officer for his ticket when it’s handed over. He pulls into the parking garage and lays his head on the steering wheel, wondering if anything else could possibly go wrong. Five minutes later he curses himself for daring to wonder when he spots the out of order sign on the elevator. Twelve flights of stairs and one bruised shin from an upwards stumble finds him slumped against the door to his apartment, sweating through his shirt and more out of breath than he’d like to be.

He turns the key in the lock and pushes open the door, half expecting a burglar or something equally unnerving to jump out at him. He’s greeted instead by moist, warm air and the the muffled sound of someone humming. Owen instantly relaxes, tossing his keys in the dish, toeing off his shoes, and dumping his briefcase and jacket on the couch. Nila’s voice grows louder and more clear the closer he gets to the bathroom. She’s left the door open a few inches to let the steam escape, and as Owen approaches, the shower shuts off. Not wanting to startle her, he coughs, loosening his tie and pulling it over his head.

“Owen?” Nila calls, the sound of the shower curtain being pushed aside is loud, even with the door mostly closed.

“Yeah, babe, it’s me.” Owen pushes open the door, blinking as muggy heat assaultes him.

“You’re home earlier than I thought,” Nila says, wrapping her long, dark hair into a towel and twisting it on top of her head. “I wanted to be ready when you got here.”

Owen’s gaze travels over her, taking in the warm russet tones of her long legs and the soft, white towel that covers her from mid-thigh to the top of her full breasts. Nila is everything Owen has ever wanted, and somehow, she’s his.

“Suddenly I feel like staying in,” he tells her with a sly smile, working his shirt out of his pants.

Nila smiles and rolls her dark eyes. “We’re meeting Clark and Davis at the restaurant, we can’t cancel.”

“Sure we can,” he says, blocking the door and starting on his buttons. “We can text them, we don’t even have to call.”

“Owen, we haven’t seen them in months.”

“So what’s one more week? I’ve had a truly shitty day and all I want to do is be here with you. Preferably naked.”

Nila laughs, pulling him closer by his now open shirt. “How bad was your day?”

“On a scale of one to ten? Eleven.”

“Oh, poor baby,” Nila pouts, her plush bottom lip jutting out dramatically. Owen darts forward, catching it between his teeth and tugging playfully, making her laugh again.

“All right, all right,” she concedes. “But you have to text them. Tell them you’re not feeling well and that I’ll call tomorrow to reschedule.”

“All right,” Owen agrees, reaching around her to grab a handful of her ass. “As long as you go into the bedroom and wait for me. Just like this.”

“Hmm, did you have something specific in mind?” Nila gives him a teasing smile.

“Oh, I know exactly what I want. And I intend to get it.”

Nila shivers, going up on her toes to brush a kiss across his cheek. Owen smacks her ass as she hurries out of the room, then texts their friends to make their excuses. Nila is putting the dress she’d chosen back in the closet when Owen comes into the bedroom. She walks over to him and helps him out of his shirt, tossing it towards the hamper before peeling his undershirt over his head. Her dark gaze holds his as she unbuckles his belt and pulls it out in one long movement, the sound of the leather running through his belt loops enough to have his dick twitching. Nila coils the belt around her fist, raising her eyebrow at him before tossing it onto the bench at the end of their bed. Her fingers are light on his fly, barely brushing against his cock as she opens his pants and lets them drop to the floor.

Owen tugs at the towel around her, tossing it carelessly over his shoulder when it falls free. His eyes trace her body with hunger, her smooth skin on display for him. The towel on her head is next as he carefully unwraps it, not wanting to hurt her. Long, dark locks fall in waves over her shoulders, hanging just low enough to kiss her dusky nipples. Owen runs his thumbs over them, watching as Nila closes her eyes and hums with pleasure. She’s always so sensitive and over the years he’s become a master at playing her body like a finely tuned instrument. Plucking at her strings until she makes the most beautiful sounds he’s ever heard. A symphony of her bliss, written with love and dedicated to him.

“Lay down on the bed,” he tells her softly, nudging her lightly to get her going.

She slides onto the bed, not stopping until she’s positioned in the middle of the mattress, spread out perfectly for him. Owen pushes his underwear down, stepping out of them and climbing onto the end of the bed so he can crawl up her body, dragging his cock over her as he goes.

“What do you want?” Nila asks, tilting her head up to him.

“You,” he smiles, taking her wrists in his hands and kissing the pulse point in each each one before raising them over her head and curling her fingers around the lowest bar on the headboard. “Stay just like that.”

Nila grins, tightening her grip on the bar. For a minute, Owen just stares at her. Nila is smart and beautiful, and makes him the happiest he’s ever been. Even after a shit day like this one, just knowing she’s around is enough to bring a smile to his face. As long as he has her beside him, how can anything go wrong?

Owen bends down to kiss her, gently at first, like he’s reacquainting himself with the feel of her lips. They’re plump and soft, opening readily when he teases her with his tongue. Her mouth is warm and wet, sliding against his in slow, sensuous movements. Owen nips at her lips as he draws away, smiling and content.

“You’re so beautiful,” he tells her, working his way down her neck, leaving wet, opened mouth kisses in his wake. He runs blunt teeth over her collar bone, softening his touch as he trails up the swell of her breast. She arches under him when he swirls his tongue over her nipple, suckling at it until she cries out. He moves to the other one, slower this time, teasing gorgeous sounds out of her as he goes.

He dips his thumb into her bellybutton until she squirms, laughing when she kicks at him with her foot. He runs his fingers up over her ribs, tickling her gently and making her turn her face to smile into her arm. This is his favourite part. The places on her that few others get to see, nevermind touch. He discovered his love for her underarms early in their relationship when he walked in on her doing a breast self-exam. He’d been embarrassed for intruding, but curious, so she showed him how to manipulate the supple flesh of her chest to check for anything amiss.

As his fingers swept over the side of her breast, they slipped into her armpit, tickling her and making her clamp her arm down, trapping him there. He wiggled his fingers and she squealed with delight, trying to dance away from him while keeping her arm locked close to her body so he couldn’t escape. When he promised not to tickle her, she raised her arm and allowed him to stroke over the soft skin, smooth and still damp from her shower. It stirred something in Owen that day, something that comes back to him in jolts and flashes when he happens to catch a glimpse of her like this. Naked and unguarded, willing to open up to him and fulfil his wildest fantasies.

Owen dips his head and runs his nose up her side, over the bumps of her uppermost ribs and into the beautifully curved sanctum of her arm. She smells clean and earthy, but also slightly spicy, her own personal scent never completely erased by the soap she uses in the shower. Owen loves that smell. He inhales deeply through his nose, gasping in the delicious bouquet that is distinctly Nila. He’s never encountered anything like it and the knowledge that he’s the only one who gets this privilege sends the blood rushing to his cock.

Nila groans when he thrusts against her, leaving a sticky trail of precum against her leg. He knows she gets off on how much he enjoys this, so he thrusts again, the head of his cock nudging into the space where her thigh and groin meet.

“Owen,” she moans, the muscles of her arms flexing as she tightens her grip on the headboard.

Owen hums against her, kissing every inch of skin that he can reach. Her tendons are firm and he bites at them carefully, listening for the sharp intake of her breath. Biting too hard will hurt, she knows, and it’s like a game between them, to see if he’ll add pain to his little game of theirs. Owen nibbles gently until her skin is turning pink and sensitive, then darts his tongue out to taste her. There’s something incredibly distinct about the flavor of Nila and Owen savors it as much as possible. It’s sharp and a little salty, the tang of her sweat mixing with the heat of her skin to create a delicate balance that explodes on his tongue.

Before he can stop himself, Owen is licking over her skin, the broad flat of his tongue dragging over her, catching on the very hint of stubble as it gorges on her flavor. Nila is shaking beneath him, her knees bent, feet pressing against the bed as she tries to push herself closer to his open mouth. He strokes her other armpit as his tongue sweeps over her, his stubbled cheek catching against her skin and drawing a flush to the surface. She gasps and he does it again, drawing his face over her roughly until her breath is coming out in choked out sobs.

He slips his fingers between her legs, rubbing over and into her heat, pleased with how slick she is just from his touch. He continues to stroke her armpit with his other hand, a quiet promise of what’s to come as he lines himself up and pushes in, groaning at the tight, wet heat that surrounds him. Nila mewls, pulling her knees up to take him deeper. Once he’s fully seated, his cock throbbing in time with the heartbeat he can feel inside her, he replaces his fingers with his mouth, dragging his lips over her flesh. He starts to thrust when she makes an impatient noise and clenches around him, urging him to move. Once his rhythm is set, he bends over her, sucking and biting kisses into the tender skin of her armpit, immersing himself in all that her glorious body has to offer.

She’s like warm silk, inside and out, and Owen can’t help but want to take all of it that he can. He trails his open mouth from the highest point, that little crease where Nila’s arm meets her torso, where her smell and taste is at it’s peak, to her nipple, biting down gently just to have her buck under him, squeezing his cock and dragging him deeper. He slants his hips, adjusting his angle just enough to make her gasp, the heels of her feet digging into his lower back as she begs him to do it again, just like that.

Owen shoves his face into her armpit, breathing wetly into the small space as he fucks her, Nila rocking up to meet his every thrust until she’s crying out and shuddering around him, goosebumps breaking out over her entire body. As soon as she’s come down, the grip of her thighs loosening around his waist, her arms going slack where they’re stretched out over her head, Owen tucks his face in tighter, nearly suffocating himself with her skin and with her smell as he speeds up, plunging into her heat again and again, feeling his release build at the small of his back, his balls drawing up tight to his body in anticipation. He’s almost there, so close he can taste it, when Nila’s fingers thread through his hair, scratching against his scalp and holding him in place, shoving him in closer to her underarm until his nose is pressed into her flesh and he’s forced to gasp for breath through the side of his mouth.

Owen’s thrusts go erratic, the combined scents of sex and sweat, the heat and friction of his cock inside her sending him careening over the edge. His vision goes black, but he’s still moving his lips, pressing kiss after kiss to Nila’s underarm, worshipping her until his cock stops pulsing and his body slows.

Her fingers card through his hair, soothing him as he regains his breath, his head resting against her breast. Each time is better than the last and Owen can’t believe he gets to have this.

“You alive over there?” Nila asks, a smile in her voice.

Owen grumbles something he hopes sounds affirmative and rolls off her, his softening cock slipping out to lay against his thigh.

“Good?” she teases, rolling onto her side to keep him in sight.

Owen nods, not quite ready to form words yet. His nerves are still alight, every point of contact with the sheets, a spark that jolts through him. He thinks he could be happy here, in this bed, forever with Nila. What else do they need if they’ve got each other?

“Aww, you get so sentimental after sex,” she tells him and Owen realizes he said all of that out loud.

He smiles sheepishly, his eyelids drooping closed. Before he slips into sleep he hears Nila sigh happily, feels her settle in beside him, close enough that he can feel the warmth of her body. Owen reaches out for her hand, tucking it under his chin and drifting closer to sleep. If this how they end, he’ll take any bad days that some his way.