A Special Saturday Night at Home

Info Dave2
15 Apr. '17

It's finally Saturday. Both of us have spent a lot of time at work over the last week, and this is our first chance to relax. We both sleep in late this morning and then go out shopping. At the hardware store, you discover a wonderful toy that they are giving away for free - a paint stirring stick about 24" long, 1 1/2" wide, and about a 1/4" thick. We both quickly realize that such a stick can be used for more interesting things than stirring paint, so you take a couple of them with you. We then head for the grocery store to get what we need for tonight's dinner.

While I start cooking dinner later in the afternoon, you have been working on our new toy. The stick is too rough, so you sand it smooth and round its edges, and then apply some wood oil so it's ready for later tonight. Even just working on the stick is a bit exciting, because you know what it will be used for later tonight. You then place the stick on the coffee table in the living room and then come to the kitchen to finish dinner. I go to the living room to start a fire for when we use the living room later tonight. I see the stick on the coffee table, and I smile.

When dinner is just about ready, we undress and together we take a long, warm, relaxing shower. Because we're so busy, we haven't been showering together as often as we'd like, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it. Even when I shower by myself, I enjoy the feeling of the warm water cascading over my skin, but it's even better when you get to share that feeling with someone else. It's also great to have someone to scrub your back. I love the opportunity to run my hands all over your naked body as much as I love the feel of your hands on my skin. We tease each other a bit by using our soapy hands in a few interesting places, but the main event will be after dinner tonight.

After we get out of the shower and dry each other off, we put on our kimonos and go downstairs for dinner. You light a pair of candles on the table while I put on some dinner music. I open a bottle of wine and pour us both a glass. We have some pleasant conversation over a leisurely dinner. How wonderful it would be to be able to have such a dinner every night! I look into your eyes and think about how nice it is to be having dinner with you and how lucky I am to have you sharing my life.

After dinner, we go into the living to sit on the couch, listen to music and finish our wine. The fire is going quite nicely now, and it warms our skin as its flickering brightens the otherwise darkened room. By now, we're both starting to feel wonderfully relaxed and not a little bit horny. You take my wine glass from my hand and put the glasses out of the way. While I am sitting on the couch, you open the front of my kimono. You then stand in front of me and open the front of your kimono. You come forward to kneel on the couch while straddling my lap. Because you're a bit shorter than I am, this is actually a comfortable position for kissing, which we begin to do. I reach around under your kimono and begin to caress your back. I run my hand along the small of your back and give your behind a little squeeze.

I begin to kiss your neck and shoulders, working my way to your breasts. Anticipating, you sit up straighter, and I can see that your nipples are already hard like bing cherries. I cup a breast with my hand and begin to tease your nipple with my tongue. At the same, I brush my fingers lightly against your stomach and hear you give a little gasp. I squeeze one of your nipples with my fingers and bite the other lightly. By the way you're rubbing against my legs and hips, I can tell that you're ready for a change of pace.

Slowly I stand you up and remove your kimono and then I remove my own, so that we are both naked. I then have you kneel and bend over the coffee table. The coffee table height is just about perfect for this, and the edges are nicely rounded, so that you are quite comfortable. It also gives me a lovely view of your behind. I then use a pair of old silk neckties to tie your legs to the legs of the coffee table, which spreads your legs nicely. I stroke you along your inner thighs and admire your ass. You look all ready for a spanking, but I'm not quite ready to spank you just yet.

Instead, I pick up a camel hair artists paint brush with a fan of bristles that is about an inch wide. I begin to lightly run the brush along the curve of your behind, so lightly that at first you can barely feel it. I start to press a little harder, because I know that you enjoy the feeling of this soft brush against your skin. I move the brush to your inner thigh and I bring the brush up along the crack of your ass and then continue along your spine until I reach the nape of your neck. You always give a little gasp and shudder by the time that the brush reaches your neck. I continue stroking you with the brush, taking a slightly different path each time, but always following the crack of your ass and your spine.

Now I begin running my hand lightly over your lower back and behind. I love the way that your body responds to my touch. At the same time, I touch my lips to the nape of your neck and you begin to moan. Even just the feeling of my breath on your neck is enough to send shivers though your body. I can tell that you're starting to get excited, but it's not time for your spanking until a bit later. I take a dab of KY jelly and smear it on your asshole. While I continue to kiss your neck, I begin to work my index finger in and out of your asshole. Now you're really beginning to get excited because I can see that you're grinding against the coffee table and you're breathing pretty hard.

I start to spank you with my hand, alternating between your cheeks. I spank you lightly and slowly to begin with, and increase the speed and intensity of the spankings as I go. I like the sound of my hand hitting your ass and I can feel you raising your ass a bit to meet each spank. After a few minutes of this, your behind is starting to turn a light shade of pink and my hand is starting to sting a bit. I decide that it's time to try our new toy. Because of what the toy is for and the fact that you chose the toy, placing the paint stir stick in my hand is almost a sensual act in its own right.

I pick up the stick, and give it a few swings through the air to get the feel of it. I then begin to apply it to your ass and thighs. The stick makes a sharp little "thwack" each time it hits your skin. I apply the stick evenly up and down your ass and thighs, trying to achieve a uniform color of pink over your skin. Unlike the hand spanking, during which you would raise your ass a bit to meet each spank, with the stick, you "jump" a bit each time it touches your skin. Occasionally I stop spanking you and simply rub the stick lightly over your skin, and I can feel you shudder. I spank you with the stick for a few minutes more, but I'm getting quite hard myself, and I decide that it's time to move onto other things.

Your behind and thighs are now pink with red blotches, and I take some skin lotion and apply it gently to your ass and thighs. When I finish, I give you a little hug from behind, resting my dick in the crack of your ass. I am already so excited and the feeling of the warmth of your skin against my is so wonderful that I have to be careful not to cum too soon. I reach down to spread your lips and I feel how wet you are - my dick just slides right into you. I start fucking you with slow, deep thrusts. You're already starting to cum and by the way you're bucking, I can tell that you want me to go faster, but I'm in charge here and you're still tied to the coffee table. I cum soon enough, and we're both exhausted. I stop for a bit and rest my chest and head on your back. Then I untie you and we both get back on the couch.

We're now both very pleasantly tired and relaxed. We sit on the couch with each other and neither of us says a word. I hold you in my arms and you run your fingers through my hair while we look deeply into each other's eyes. Both of us think of our love for each other while we gently drift off to sleep.