The Adventures of Melissa. 1

"What I'm trying to explain to you, is that I don't know if I'd get horny or not. Since we got married, the only other time that I've seen another man's cock was when we watched those porn movie together. I damn sure got horny that night! We couldn't wait to get into bed! Neither of us sleeping until daylight. We were so fucked out we just laid around most of the next day!"

"Did looking at cocks before we got married turn you on?"

The blonde wife looked at her husband, reflectively, "Well, I guess so."

"What do you mean, you guess so?"

"I mean yes! Of course it turned me on. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"I didn't want to hear anything except the truth, Dear. My point is that nudity can be sexy as hell."

"Of course it can be sexy as hell. I just don't know if only looking at just a man's cock would turn me on or not."

Bill's eyebrows shot up. "And that's what I'm trying to explain to you, that how could you know how your body and mind will act unless you have the experience. Sometimes, something might sound exciting, but in the real world, fact and fantasy might be totally different."

Melissa grinned back at Bill. "And just what have you got planned? The last time you started this kind of conversation, we watched some porn movies together. Now, you're asking me if seeing a guy with an erection, even jacking off, would turn me on? Okay, I say `yes,' it would turn me on a lot!"

"And, what if he wanted you to do the jacking?" Her husband asked with raised eyebrows.

The pert blonde grinned impishly at her husband. "Now I don't know who's talking about fact, and who's talking about fantasy. Did you want to watch another of those films? If you do, let's get it on. To tell you the truth, all this talking about sex already has me just a little turned on. In fact, it's got me a lot turned on. I'm starting to get damp just thinking about getting it on with you tonight."

"No, Honey, I didn't want to watch any porn at home, but if you're serious about seeing a film tonight, we can go to that adult theater in town and watch one, then come back home and make love and drink brandy, again."

"I don't know if I'd rather make love, or just fuck. Actually, I think I'd rather fuck, it sounds dirtier! Do they really show everything in the adult movies?"

"You bet your sweet ass they show everything. It's not any different than the video we watched last time."

"Then how do these theaters stay in business, if everyone can just go online and watch the same thing?"

"People go for the atmosphere. It's totally different than sitting home and watching them on a small screen."

"Do couples go to those movies?"

"I think that there are more single men, or maybe married men on a night away from their wives, but there are couples, and once in a while a single lady comes in."

"So, they only sit there and watch the movies, getting all horned-up, is that it?"

"Well, not always. Most of the time there are guys jacking off in the back row, also sometimes a couple will get so excited that they make it right there in the theater."

"Do you mean the men actually masturbate right there in the theater, with their pricks out, with everything showing?"

"Sure, although it's a little dark for sight seeing."

"But, what if someone should see them?"

"So what if they did?"

"Well, I don't know, Bill, but it seems to me that they wouldn't want anyone seeing them jack off."

"Not necessarily true, my love. Some of them may get off on having somebody watch them jack off, while others probably get off, on watching. Nothing like a little voyeurism to speed up the old body juices."

"Well, it's speeding up my body juices, just talking about watching. I wonder what it would be like, seeing some guy take his cock out and jack it off in a movie theater?"

"As much as you like seeing my cock, you'd probably go bananas, maybe even grabbing hold of it to help."

"I wonder how many strokes they'd let me take?"

"How many do you want to take?"

"Bill, you know me. I never get turned off, so I'd probably want to pump on the old handle all night long. Jesus, but I'm getting horny talking about all this illicit sexual action."

"Well then, Melissa, let's get going and watch a couple of guys jack off."

"Jesus, Bill, baby," Melissa groaned, "that turns me on, thinking about seeing some guys jacking off, so much so that I'd like to make love right here and now. All of this talking about sex, gets me excited, but if you want to go to a screw movie, then why not. I'm game if you are. So give me a few minutes to get dressed, I don't want to wear these Levis to the show."

She spun, then turned back to face Bill. "Do you really think that some man would jack off with me watching?"

"If you don't get ready, you'll never find out, now will you?"

She rushed from the room, her curvaceous ass undulating as she almost ran down the hall to the bedroom. Stripping off her jeans and sweater, Melissa ran her hands over her bra and then removed it. Her luscious breasts spilled from the brassiere cups, standing out from her rib cage. Her quivering, pink-tipped nipples firm from thinking about screwing. After all, if she got turned on in the movie, it would be nice if Bill could touch her nipples.

She quickly rushed into the shower, lathered her body with soap suds and hot water, then just as quickly rinsed with cold water, almost leaping out of the shower to dry, humming while she rubbed the towel over her body until it glowed from the cold water rinse and the towel.

Melissa Williams stood nude in front of the bathroom mirror while she applied her make up. Her glowing complexion required very little aid from the few items of make-up sitting on the wash basin cabinet. However, Melissa enjoyed making the best of her looks. A touch of blue eye shadow on the lids of her ice blue eyes. A quick touch of eyeliner from a dark pencil outlined her lids, a little line drawn outward to make her already wide extra long lashed sensual eyes look even more sensual. A brush dusted in a pale pink blush make-up, applied to her high cheek bones brought just a highlight of color to her pink cheeks.

Carefully, the beautiful lady unscrewed the top of her lipstick and applied the glossy color to her full lower lip then more lightly to her upper lip. Satisfied, she stepped back one step, looked at herself in the mirror, turning her head first one way, then the other. "Not too bad for an old lady of thirty-two," Melissa thought.

She had no complaints about her thick mop of tawny blonde hair, with a hint of a soft natural curl which made it easy to both shampoo and brush.

Melissa's sun tanned skin with the pale marks of her two-piece bikini, almost made her body look as if she were wearing panties and bra when she was nude. She placed her hands on her hips, thrusting out her breasts, looking at herself in the mirror. The thick curls of fur on her pussy were exactly the same color and softness of curl as the hair crowning her head. The line of hair ending at the bottom of her firm belly was so straight that it looked as if it were shaved by a razor.

Her breasts were another matter entirely. They were a shade too heavy for her slim torso and very tiny waist. Melissa normally wore a thirty six bra with a true fit somewhere between a C cup and a D cup. Her breasts caused her no end of problems when buying a dress, since the tops were always made for someone with a smaller chest, or the bottoms for a bigger ass.

The last time Melissa had used a tape measure, she had a figure that totaled out to thirty six and a half around her chest, a very tiny twenty-three around her waist, and her buttocks were thirty five inches when measured at the fullest part of her ass.

Melissa turned around, looking at her naked buttocks and back over her shoulder, practicing a sexy look, eyes half closed, wetting her full lower lip with the tip of her pink tongue. She wriggled her body at her image in the mirror, looking at the deep cleft between the cheeks of her ass, watching to see how firm she was. The protruding cheeks of her ass were so firm that they hardly even quivered, even though they stuck out almost more than she would have liked.

Her full boobs, were another story. They quivered, shivered, and jiggled like jell-o any time she moved, and were the part of her anatomy that men always looked at hard, after they finished staring at her face. Sometimes it became most embarrassing the way men stared at her tits, even though it did turn her on and make her feel especially sexy. When they looked, she would fantasize about fucking the man staring at her, with him sucking and making love to her tits.

That was if she was facing a man. If he was behind her, Melissa knew that it was her curved ass that they liked as they looked. One of her favorite tricks, was to look suddenly over her shoulder and catch some poor man staring at her ass, look him straight in the eye and then smile. Most of the time they got caught looking and they turned red and looked away, but sometimes, when they smiled back, Melissa would feel the heated moisture gather in the folds of her soft pussy.

Casting her eyes over her nude body, Melissa decided that she was lucky that she was a beautiful woman as she dashed from the bathroom to her closet. She slid the hangers in her closet to find a dress to make it easier to have her pussy touched when Bill got turned on. She picked a silky jersey dress with a button down front and picked a wide black soft leather Italian belt to go with the dress.

She decided not to wear pantyhose, instead, letting her long slim legs be smooth and naked under her dress. Quickly finding a pair of new panties in her dresser, she changed into the new lacy bikini bottoms that didn't cover much of the curvaceous cheeks of her ass.

Slipping the dress on over her head, Melissa buttoned the top to leave a generous cleavage of her soft tits showing. Her tiny waist, cinched even tighter, made her luscious figure even more sensual.

At the last instant, she turned, rummaging through her drawer full of lingerie. Finding a black garterbelt and a pair of black stockings. After putting them on, Melissa snapped off her bedroom light and left the bedroom, sauntering downstairs.

"Does this look like what the well dressed wife wears out when she goes to a fuck movie?" Melissa twirled to show off her dress, the dark orange jersey dress swirled around her slim legs. Her full tits strained against the warm fabric, quivering with no support from a bra.

Bill admired her dress, patted her curved ass and grabbed her hand. "Let's get going, sweetness, before I pull that dress off your gorgeous body and fuck you right here on the floor."

"No sir, No sir! You said you were going to take me to a movie, and then make love, or maybe even fuck, which ever comes first, and I'm holding you to that," Melissa said, pulling Bill to the door, smiling at his compliment.

The theater was dark and Bill guided Melissa to the steps that led to the upper balcony, walking higher up the long steep steps until they were at the back row. Peering into the dark, they both tried to see if anyone was in the seats at the rear. Bill led Melissa as they settled into the soft seats. Of the thirty or so seats in the last row, most were empty, as they sat back and looked at the screen.

The film showed two young women licking on the erect cock of a young man lying on the floor of what appeared to be a living room. Both girls slowly sucking and twirling their wet, pink tongues around the head of his prick, and one held his testicles, gently kneading and squeezing.

Melissa watched with interest. Her initial embarrassment being in the theater slowly leaving her, as the three beautiful people on the screen progressed into ever increasing sexual situations. The male ran his hands over the tits of one girl, pressing the soft flesh and pinching the pink nipple gently, then running his hand down to slide a finger into the wet hole of the other. The juicy pussy he was finger-fucking left a slick coating of oily lubricating wetness on his finger.

Melissa could feel the juices from her own pussy wetting her opening and she squirmed slightly in the seat and leaned over closer to Bill's arm, turning to face him, whispering in his ear. "I'll answer your question now," Melissa purred. "Yes, seeing a hard cock turns me on, and the pussies do too! I'm starting to really get horny now. I can really feel my pussy getting very juicy. Wouldn't you like to feel?"

Bill caressed her thigh, running his hand over the fullness of her upper leg. His fingers touching the hem of her dress, raising it, and drifting his fingers over the smooth warmth of her leg. His hand drew her dress higher, and his fingers touched the silky band at the crotch of her new panties, feeling the hot slick wetness seeping through the silky fabric.

Melissa squirmed again, slightly spreading her thighs so Bill's fingers could have access to her tingling pussy. She kept her eyes on the screen while his finger teased at her pussy through the wetness of her panties. Her breathing became shorter as he stroked the length of the crevice between her thighs, probing and moving around in the sweet, wet junction buried in her pussy hairs.

Melissa sensed a movement to her right and saw a man moving closer to them. He seated himself one seat over, leaving an empty seat between them. Melissa started to pull her dress down over her exposed thighs, and then realized that whatever the man could see was no different than what he could see on the screen. At first, she felt uncomfortable with the stranger sitting so close to her, then on second thought, she felt the sexual thrill of his voyeurism.

She watched him out of the corner of her eye. He was not watching them. Not directly, but his head was turned closer to them than to the screen. She was very excited by the thought of that man watching her husband stroke her pussy through the thin covering of her panties, knowing she could turn him on even more by showing him much more of her long legs and thighs.

Melissa tried to imagine what the stranger was thinking. "Look at that blonde and the guy with her. I bet she's getting turned on with his fingers in her pussy. I'd like to fuck her. I'd like to see her pussy. Maybe if I move over closer, I could see better."

In response to her own thoughts and urges, Melissa squirmed, sliding down in the seat, moving her dress higher and very slowly exposing her stocking clad thighs up to her new panties. She glanced over at the man on her right, finding that he'd turned his head and was staring at her legs and Bill's caressing fingers on her hot pussy.

Melissa squirmed around more in the seat, looking directly at the man's face, raising the hem of her dress higher, opening her legs to give him a better view.

He stared harder at her legs and thighs, looking at her stockings and garterbelt and panties, tempting Melissa to give him a really good show.

Melissa whispered in Bill's ear, "Dear, I've got to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back."

She carefully made her way past the others in the row, undulating down the steps at the side and, slowly moving to see if she could catch sight of any of the men masturbating. One man had both hands in his lap, moving, but before Melissa could see if he had his prick out, she was past him, not wanting to stop and look back.

Leaving the rest room, Melissa walked to the top of the stairs, slowly swinging her hips as she climbed, glancing at the men as she passed, moving to the rear row.

Melissa looked down at the lap of the man who had been seated to her right. She slowed as she brushed by his knees, waited for him to stand up, and then pressed her firmly curved ass against him as he stood to let her pass. Melissa imagined that she could feel the swelling bulge of the man's prick against her firm ass as she slithered slowly past, squirming her buttocks over and against his groin. She paused, pressing her ass harder against him, squirming slightly, teasing him with the firm roundness of her buttocks, pleased with the feeling of sexual excitement growing in her loins.

"Thank you," she whispered as she smiled in the dim light.

After sitting by her husband, she again looked over at the man, noticing now that he had both hands in his lap, covering his groin. "Bet he has a hard cock under those hands." thought Melissa, "Watching those people on the screen probably has his cock dripping and he is holding it down. I hope I made it harder when I brushed against him."

Bill put a hand back on her leg, fingers slipping slowly, ever so slowly, up her soft inner thighs, reaching for her pussy. Bill almost jumped as his fingers touched the soft ringlets of hair around her bare pussy, his fingers feeling the seeping moisture gathered at the pulpy slit between her legs.

She giggled, "That's right. I took them off so you could get a good feel! The trip to the bathroom was an excuse."

Bill's fingers sought the wet opening when she opened her thighs wider and raised her ass to let his fingers probe her slit. Melissa pulled her skirt from beneath her ass, pulling it up until her long slim legs and slim curved tummy were visible in the dim light. Her soft and curly pussy hair clearly visible in the reflected light from the screen.

She made an oblique glance at the man on her right to see if he had noticed her open thighs, and again, imagined his thoughts. "Look at that pussy spread her legs. My cock's so hard I think I'll sneak it out and flog it a little while I watch her get finger fucked."

Melissa decided that she'd try to entice the man to bring his prick out where she could see it. Her face turned to the screen, but her eyes watched the stranger out of the corner. Melissa watched, holding her breath, as his zipper drew slowly and quietly down. His hand slithering into the opening as he opened his fly. Melissa watched as he felt down inside, fishing for his cock, then slowly, slowly easing it past the metal teeth of his zipper.

She felt moisture gush from the folded pink lips of her pussy as he took his cock out. Sneaking it up, holding one hand over the head, covering the rest of his cock with the other. He was softly and surreptitiously stroking it beneath his hands until she turned and stared directly at his hands. Slowly his hand uncovered his cock, exposing his organ to her. Stroking his large, meaty prick slowly, while he stared at the wet junction between her open legs.

Hard and impressive, his thick dick filled his stroking hand, the upper length showing over his moving fist as he stroked. The thickness, even in the dim reflected light from the screen, was most impressive to her. Melissa's already wet pussy emitted even more honey, as she looked with unabashed glee at the semi-erect organ that she'd enticed into the open. Although his eyes didn't seem to leave the screen, his hand continued stroking and Melissa knew he was aware of her watching him jack off his cock. He raised his body, lowering his arm to allow an unobstructed view of his masturbation.

"Bill, the guy on my right has his thing out," she said.

"What's a thing?"

"He has his hard prick out, that's what thing!"

"Good. You said you wanted to see a hard cock being jerked off, now's your chance to get a really close look." Bill moved his head back, his finger pressing harder on her swollen and slippery clit.

Melissa turned her head back to watch the prick being stroked a few feet away from her eyes, while the pressure of Bill's finger brought her to a long shuddering climax. Her wetness washed over Bill's fingers as her breathing caught in the sheer sensuality of her husband's fingers buried in her pussy and a stranger's big, hot prick being masturbated before her eyes at the same time.

Melissa became more aware of the masturbator's eyes, looking up for a glance at his face. His eyes were fastened to the fingers at the junction of her slim legs as he continued to raise and lower his hand on his long prick. If anything, Melissa got more turned on.

Spreading her legs even more, her fingers slipped down to raise her skirt still higher. Slowly, her fingers pressed the cloth of her skirt against her smooth thighs, slowly pulling the soft dress higher on her legs, while watching the man's face.

The stranger leaned forward in his seat to watch the skirt being hiked higher on her slim legs, while Melissa wriggled with pleasure as she continued to raise the hem to allow him an unobstructed view of her pussy. She paused with the hemline of her skirt just below her wet warm pussy, then squirmed on the seat and raised the hem past the curly ringlets of her pussy, while staring at his face.

His intense gaze was centered on her pussy, his hand fondling his erect prick with lusty abandon at the show Melissa was putting on for him. Melissa continued to pull her dress higher, until her belly was totally exposed, her whole lower torso, naked to his staring eyes.

Enjoying the feeling of sensuality, she now toyed with the buttons on the front of her dress, slowly unfastening them one by one. When the last of the buttons were undone, Melissa shrugged her shoulders. Her dress split down the front. Melissa slowly lifted her fingers to the opening, pulling the soft jersey open past the nipples of her naked breasts.

Taking a deep breath, Melissa shrugged her shoulders, spilling her soft full breasts out of the opening, where they stood proudly, jiggling in the reflected light of the screen.

Her mind pictured Bill, "My wife really likes watching that guy jerk off. She'd really come if she had her hand on his cock, too. She's so hot with my hand on her wet pussy, she'll do anything and that'll turn me on, too."

Bill's voice in her ear said, "I think you just came with a finger in your pussy, while you watched him jerk off. Did you like having a finger in your wet pussy while you watched a hard cock get jerked off?"

"Oh yes! I'm hotter than a firecracker, just watching him and having you feel me. I like watching him jack off."

Bill's nose tickled her ear as he whispered, "Don't just talk about it, do it if you want to. I'll get my cock out so you can jerk off my prick at the same time. That way you can feel two cocks at the same time."

"Jesus, Bill, I was just kidding. I couldn't jack him off. I don't even know him. What if someone should see me?" Melissa whispered into her husbands ear. She was only faking reluctance to his suggestion, she was ready to try anything that sounded sexy at that moment.

"So what if they do see you," he whispered back at her. "What are they going to say with all of that going on up front on the screen? Besides, if you don't take hold of his prick, I'll quit finger fucking your pussy. I'd really like to see you jerk him off."

"Would you really like to watch me jack off his prick?"

"Your damn right I would. It would even make me hornier than I am right now. I'm going to pull my prick out so you can have a hard cock in each hand."

His fingers left her pussy to slide the zipper of his pants, and quickly his throbbing, erect penis was standing from his lap like a spear. Her fingers curled around Bill's prick, feeling the good, strong hardness and began to stroke him. She slowly lowered her right arm and hand to the empty seat between them, palm up, fingers curling as though holding his prick as her wrist made small jacking motions on the empty seat, as if she had his cock in her empty hand and was masturbating it.

The stranger looked at her hand, then her face to see her level eyes open with invitation as she opened her naked thighs wider for his inspection.

With slow movements, he slipped from his seat into the empty seat next to Melissa, as she removed her arm from the seat and rested it on the armrest between them. Her hand was hanging over the armrest.

Melissa removed the stranger's hand from his cock, and replaced it with her own. She let a small moan escape her as she thrilled to the feel of another man's cock in her hand. She marveled at its hardness and heat.

Now, with both pricks in her hands, Melissa found and kept a rhythm, jacking both men off. It was obvious that they both were enjoying the blonde wantonly jerking them off in public. They were both moaning and beginning to hump their hips in response to her movements.

Very shortly, and from long experience, she knew Bill was about to come. She maintained her movements, stroking the length of both cocks, and was soon rewarded with a loud moan from Bill and a long spurt of his cum up and into the light from the screen. The stranger must have been watching, because almost immediately, he, too, shot stream after stream of thick cum on to the back of the seat in front of him.

Melissa never felt hotter than she did at that second. Her hands were covered with the men's cooling cum, so she pulled her top together loosely and made her way out to the restroom. She was almost to the Ladies' room door when she realized she was being followed. She turned to find the hot usher stepping up to her.

He smiled a charming smile, "I was watching your performance up there. You are terrific."

Melissa returned his smile, "You're a bad boy to be watching other people. You should be fired."

"How about jerking me off, now?"

"Why, how crude! Why should I?"

The usher grinned and lowered his zipper, "How's this for a reason?" He had produced a very hard and very large cock, pointing directly at Melissa.

"I'm not going to jack that monster off, but follow me."

They both stepped into the Ladies' room. Melissa raised her skirt up to her waist as she leaned back against the cold porcelain of a sink. The usher walked his big cock up to and into Melissa's hot, steamy, dripping pussy. There were no niceties. Both knew that this was going to be fast and furious, each seeking a needed release with the help of the other.

The usher was young and strong and pounded his hardness into her tight pussy. Out and in, almost its entire length on each stroke.

Melissa, fully aroused by the dual jackoff in the theater, was near a colossal climax when the usher penetrated her. Now, just a few strokes later, she surrendered totally to the immense wave of the orgasm that was washing over every cell in her body. The usher continued his pounding and Melissa continued coming, moaning, grunting, almost shouting with the pleasure each stroke was giving her.

The usher speeded up his thrusts, grunting, "Yea, oh, yea!" through his gritted teeth. Melissa could feel him tense up with his approaching orgasm, and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Come on! Fuck me! Really shove it into me! Fill my pussy with your cum!"

It was all the urging he needed. His cock erupted in her steaming pussy. Each of his thrusts was now lifting Melissa's feet off the floor with its force and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Finally, the usher slowed is assault on her pussy. His cock made a loud slurping noise as he removed it from her tight, wet pussy, causing both of them to laugh. The young man was zipping up when he smiled at Melissa and said, "I know it's a corny joke, but...Thanks, I really did need that!"

Melissa gave him a small kiss on the cheek and walked out the Ladies's room door and back to her seat. The stranger was gone and Bill asked, "Is everything okay?"

The blonde smiled a smile obvious even in the darkness, "Oh, yes! Everything is perfect!"

They left the theater a few minutes later. At home, they undressed each other, preparing to continue their night of lust.

Naked and on the bed, Bill was hard and ready to mount Melissa, when she stopped him and asked him to eat her, first. Bill was only too happy to oblige, and when his tongue was buried up her pussy, Melissa began her best orgasm of the night, thinking of the usher's cum in the same hole, only a few minutes before. She was sure Bill couldn't detect it and she was also sure she would never tell him; liking it as her little secret. She would never tell Bill he was eating a stranger's cum out of his wife's pussy! The thought took her over the brink, again and she thought, "Oh, God, what could possibly top this?"