The Adventures of Melissa. 2

"Do you know that it's been exactly one month since we had our adventure at the adult theater?"

They sat in the living room, watching porn on their laptop. Bill had a joined website and they enjoyed watching amateur clips made by other users. They watched a couple a week, and then went to bed and screwed until they were exhausted.

"Are you thinking about me jacking off a couple of cocks, again?" Melissa asked, with a flutter of her eyelids for effect.

Bill smiled, idly rubbed the silky skin of her thigh just above the smooth curve of her knee, then moving higher on her sleek thigh, towards her heat and moistness. "Are you?"

"God, yes!" Melissa writhed as his fingers touched her panty-covered pubis, "I'm ready to go to that theater again, any time you are!"

"You liked that little jacking off adventure, didn't you baby? His soft voice murmured seductively, "And you dig getting your pussy finger-fucked while you jacked off two big, hard pricks."

His finger pushed through the silken fabric of her moist panties at her erect clit. Melissa began to squirm with delight at the soft fingering of her hot pussy.

"I think we were both really turned on that night. Yes, I'd like to either do that or some other adventure with you, again," Melissa purred, "I liked it when I had two fingers in my pussy and a prick spurting cum in each hand. Now that was really a turn on for me."

"What I'd also like to do is watch you either finger fuck another lady, or eat her, of fuck her, or something like that. You know what I mean, have dirty sex with another woman while I could watch, just like you watched me jack off those cocks there in the movie house."

"Well honey, I'd like that too. If we could figure out how to get another lady for me, or a guy for you. Maybe we could both watch each other fucking and sucking."

"I don't know whether I'd rather have you watch me, or me watch you."

"Or, maybe watch each other!"

After a few minutes of silence, Melissa spoke again, "You know that I do like these porn clips and I like to watch them with you and then make love, but...our adventure at the theater was more exciting than these stuff."

Bill probed harder at her clit, his finger worming under the elastic band of her panties, sinking into her wet pussy.

"Yes, I know. You'd like to see that night on video, wouldn't you Melissa?"

"Damn right I would. We're just as good, maybe even better than the turkeys we watch. Why don't we star in our own movies? We could use our camera and film us at the theater, then watch them whenever we wanted right here at home.

She squirmed as his plunging finger sent pleasure rippling down her belly.

"Too dark. Can't film there, not enough light for a video camera."

"Well, damn it, William! That's what I want to do. You're smart about cameras, can't you figure something out? You can if you put you mind to work."

She began to grope his cock as his finger worked on her clit. "But right now, let's get to bed. I want that hard cock in me, right now!"

In minutes, his feet were digging into the sheets, stroking his pounding prick into her open pussy. Melissa's legs locked around the small of his back and her ass lifted on his down stroke, as she felt the pussy juice run down the crevice of her shapely ass. Bill pulled her tight as his cock spurted into her tight pussy. Her pussy milked the cum from his prick, while she felt her own orgasm taper off and then slowly stop.

As they drifted into sleep, Melissa felt another small, quiet orgasm twitch her body as she again thought of jacking off two cocks, and especially as she thought about fucking the movie usher, and not telling Bill about it as he ate her pussy only a few minutes later. Finally relaxed and tired, she drifted into sleep.

Two days later, Bill burst into the house, excited about the package in his arms.

"Wait until you see it." Bill opened the box to reveal a professional video camera. "I've got a cam for us! I also bought a tripod, a remote control switch, and a lot of other stuff we might need. You're going to be a star baby!"

The remainder of the evening was filled with trying out the camera. Much giggling from Melissa while the conspirators planned just where and how they were going to shoot their "epic" movie, and how they were going to get some of their friends into the movies without their friends being aware that they were being filmed.

Bill filmed Melissa undressing slowly, lying on the bed and masturbating for the camera, her soft red tipped fingernails toying with her pink clit while Bill adjusted and fiddled with the settings on the camera, occasionally moving the lights in the bedroom.

Melissa demanded equal time, playing at being both a director and a camera man, with Bill holding a copy of Playboy magazine and jacking off. Melissa zoomed in as he spurted his cum from his cock onto the fold-out page, capturing on tape the squirting creamy juice.

In playback in slow motion later, Melissa was fascinated to watch the white jets arc out to softly splash and cling to the slick magazine pages as her husband milked every drop of cum onto the smiling Bunny.

In bed later, the camera in the closet, lens fixed on the bed, the overheated couple fucked for the camera, capturing the action to watch later. Performing for the camera, made Melissa feel sexy and extroverted, giving them both a night in bed they would enjoy watching over and over.

Watching her make love to another man was beginning to be an obsession with her husband. He dreamed up one scenario after another that would end with him filming another man fucking Melissa. Finally, they agreed to invite a few friends over and see what developed.

The next week flew by, as they tried camera angles and lighting in the bedroom. Another week and they felt that they had solved the problems, their camera work was good, the lighting fine, the finished product of their tests was as good as the videos online. They were all set to shoot their big epic movie.

Much planning went into the selection of the guests, with three couples invited, for a total of eight for dinner Saturday night. Polly and Harry were from Melissa's office. Polly was a free talking, very pretty lady with long black hair and big tits which Bill admitted really turned him on. Harry was the office manager over Melissa and although nothing had gone on between them, Melissa often felt his bold eyes on her tits and ass. His quick look at her legs when she crossed them indicated he definitely had an eye for the women, but Melissa could only guess if he fooled around.

Melissa invited another couple because she noticed the bulge in the guy's swimsuit when they met at a mutual friend's pool party. His name was Bill, also, but everyone called him "Bull" and his girlfriend was Susan. She was a petite blonde with a wide, sensuous mouth and a great ass that she loved to swing when she thought a man was looking, which was often. Melissa's Bill said, "She looks like she just got out of bed and can't wait to get back in." Melissa laughed.

Bill invited his old friend, George, and told him to bring a friend. George, a professional football player who had injured his knee five years ago, was selling insurance now. They did not know who George would bring to the dinner.

Saturday evening, just before the guests were to arrive, Melissa modeled her outfit for Bill. A new dress of an expensive gold woven fabric, it was slit from the hem to the upper thigh. It was a wrap-around that fastened at her waist with a wide black band and buckle.

When she bent over, the loosely wrapped top fell even more open and her lovely, creamy breasts were exposed to well below the nipples.

She wore no panties, and showed Bill how she could flash her naked pussy at whoever was directly across from her by sitting demurely with her knees tightly clasped, turning slightly and letting her thighs open, her slitted skirt falling away from her thighs, her skirt opened, exposing her thighs clear up to the crotch. By moving just another inch or so, Melissa then showed Bill her pussy.

When the guests arrived, Bill served cocktails. Melissa admired George's date's dress, and gave each of the men a chance to glimpse her pretty pink nipples as she served the napkins for the cocktails.

George's date was Betty, a beautiful light-skinned black woman for England. She had a charming accent and a magnificent ass, that undulated with each step.

After dinner, the couples relaxed in the living room with coffee and brandy. Melissa sat across from George, tantalizing him with flashes of her long slim legs, and letting the slitted dress part occasionally. George stared into the darkness of the space between her thighs.

Harry, at her right, was being treated to glimpses of her full breasts whenever she reached over for her drink. Each time Harry spoke to her, Melissa leaned slightly toward him, and she could feel her breasts nudging the wrapped opening on her blouse, parting the soft material, exposing her nipples.

Between showing George her thighs and Harry her breasts, Melissa was getting aroused. She could visualize the size of Harry's prick by the swelling bulge in his lap as she watched him dart glances into the dark cleavage of her full breasts. She enjoyed feeling the power to turn Harry on, feeling the moisture beginning to gather on the lips of her naked pussy.

The sensuous blonde housewife decided that she really liked being looked at and admired sexually, and besides looking at male buns, really liked looking at the swelling male lap, wondering about the size and shape of the masculine organ in hiding.

The dinner party slowly broke into couples, Bill and Susan, Melissa and George, with Bull talking to Polly. Heading for the bar to get another brandy, Melissa took George's hand and pulled him to the bar. "Would you help a girl George. I need someone to open a new bottle of brandy, and you look like you'd be good at uncorking and unscrewing."

"I don't know too much about unscrewing, but I'd be glad to help," George leered. "I never heard of anyone getting unscrewed."

"Well if you don't know anything about unscrewing," Melissa laughed, "what do you know about?"

"I know about football. I know about insurance. And I do know you're not wearing any panties. I know that you've been showing me your pretty pussy all night, and I know that you're the most desirable lady here tonight. I also know that if you weren't married, I'd sure give you a run." George touched her hip, his big black hand lightly caressing her flared hip through the gold fabric.

Pouring and warming the brandy, Melissa smiled at him, touching his hand with hers, scratching at the back of his big black hand with her fingernails while she moved closer to the big football star, lightly pressing the tips of her breasts into his thick arm.

"Not only am I not wearing any panties, just so you could see my pussy, but I'm not wearing any brassiere either. I'm totally nude underneath this thin material. And all of it is just for you, George."

The light grazing of her nipples against George's heavily muscled arm, made Melissa's nipples harden and she felt a delightful tremor of pleasure in her pussy as she became more excited by the second.

Melissa placed her ice blue eyes on George's face. "I'm married George, not dead! Bill and I get along fine, but I do what I do, and Bill does what he does. We don't own each other."

Melissa leaned forward, hunching her shoulders slightly, allowing George free vision of her succulent pink nippled breasts. "Like to see more of these?" Melissa purred, moving her shoulders so her full, heavy breasts quivered and shook with ripples.

"Sure, I'm interested. What do we do about it?" the husky black growled.

"George, you can have me anytime you want me. Just whistle."

George pursed his lips and a slow, long whistle emitted from his mouth.

"Bill", she called out, "George and I are going to talk about that insurance policy on the house. Do you want to come along and talk about it now?"

Bill, deep in conversation with Susan waved a negative gesture. "You two can talk business, I'm busy here," his eyes devouring Susan. Susan's infectious laughter brought giggles from the ladies and a chuckle from Bull.

Bill knew where Melissa and George were going as he watched Melissa lead George down the hallway to the master bedroom, where the camera was hidden in the closet. The camera lens peeked out between the clothing hung in the closet. Focused on the bed and the mirror on the wall.

Before Melissa could close the bedroom door behind them, George's hands slid up under her skirt. Melissa pulled away from his hands, "Not so fast, my friend. Just sit down here on the bed while I close and lock the door." Melissa slipped the lock. "Now, my friend I've been showing you what I've got, now it's time to let me see what you've got. You sit down and let little Melissa do it all for you."

Positioning the husky black male where the camera was focused, she sat on the edge of the bed, her heel sliding to touch the floor switch that turned on the camera. Melissa reached her fingers to his zipper and drew it down, the teeth making a soft buzzing sound as she pulled it down from his belt buckle to his crotch.

Her hand found the opening and reached into the warmth of his groin, searching for his hardening organ at the opening of his jockey shorts.

Success! Her fingers touched the cock and drew it from it's hiding place. Still drooping like a ripe banana, his thick skinned male organ emerged. It hung, semi-soft, semi-hard, black shafted with a pinkish, mushroom shaped knobby head, half hidden with foreskin.

"That feel good, honey?" She asked as she stroked his heavy foreskin lightly back and forth over the bulbous knob of his black cock. She knelt between his outstretched knees and leaned forward into his crotch.

"Better and better," was his husky, low answer. His cock began to thicken as her hands fondled it lovingly, touching the silken skin lightly with her fingertips, tracing the heavy black veins that stood from the circumference of his mighty rod.

She began milking his black prick from root to tip, squeezing on the pulling stroke, lightly pushing the skin back toward his balls on the return caress, until she was rewarded by a clear drop of honey oozing from the deep hole on the tip of his pecker, a crystal jewel of liquid sparkling against the pink blackness of his knob.

"I really like it when a prick starts leaking!" Melissa murmured with a lascivious lick of her red lips. "I get turned on something fierce when I get to swallow even just a little bit of cum!"

She traced the heavy swollen veins standing out from the stem of his cock with one hand while the other opened the tie at the side of her blouse, pulling it open to bare her succulent breasts to him. His black hand covered one, squeezing and touching the soft flesh, his large, rough fingers rubbing the erect nipple, coaxing it further.

Her hand now pumped his prick with increasing pressure squeezing and pulling. The drops welling from the deep hole in the tip began to pearl and then to run down over the knobby head. Bending slightly forward, her pink tongue dipped into his honey, licking it from the smooth skin. Her palate, rewarded, savored the sticky liquid that spread to coat her tongue and the inner surface of her mouth.

Pumping more, Melissa caught another drop and then touched the opening of his black prick to the pink nipple of her breast. The nipple sparkled as she coated it with the honey welling from his cock. She ran her tight fingers to the base of his cock milking it toward the tip, squeezing the clear honey out to hang on his glans in a thick pearl. She bent, squeezing harder, until the quivering droplet hung, then left the dark knob to descend slowly to her pink erect nipple.

She pulled his long cock harder, jacking him off, her hand flew on the thick black root clutched between her grasping palm.

"George, I've always had this fantasy of sucking off a big black prick and swallowing the juicy cum. I'm going to suck all the juice from your prick, and then let it slide slowly down my throat."

George smiled at the blonde, "Be my guest, Baby!"

Melissa bent forward, touched her pointed pink tongue to the honey welling from the slitted hole in his black prick, wetting the head with her flickering tongue. She rolled his heavy foreskin out from his groin, gathering it around the head of his prick in her mouth, forcing her flickering tongue between the heavy folds of soft skin and the swollen head.

She delighted in the different taste, the musky savor of skin between his black soft foreskin and the salty taste of the honey welling from the head of his cock.

"That's it honey. Suck me. Suck up my juicy cock. Take it all and suck the cum right out of my balls." His hoarse voice implored her to more suction, his black hands and fingers busy milking and squeezing her full breast and coaching her nipples to stand up hard.

"Uummm," her muffled answer came from deep in her throat, around the prick in her well-stuffed mouth.

His big black hands cupped her head tenderly, drawing her face down over the thick black stalk welling milky juices onto a thick glob of silver honey at the tip of his prick.

Her sensitive tongue could feel the surges in his cock head as the throbbing increased to a steady beat. Sliding her mouth farther, engulfing more and more of his prick, feeling the bulbous head go deeper and deeper until her nose rested against his belly, cushioned by the wiry black hair in his groin, the zipper teeth scraping her nostrils. She hadn't been sure if she could take all of him, but, in her excited state, it had been easier than she could have hoped.

She swallowed, her throat gulping, massaging his glans with her throat, then, tight lipped, she pulled back, milking his cock with her mouth, savoring the musky juice coating her oral cavity. Twice more her mouth sucked in the length of his black prick, deep throating him, when he started to shudder, his body tensing.

Once more her lips traveled from tip to root, then holding his surging prick with the hand farthest from the camera lens, she pulled her lips free and open mouthed, aimed his prick to the opening, a distance of about five or six inches.

She jacked and pumped the black rod, turned on by the thought of the camera catching the juice from his balls entering her mouth, thinking of the juice spraying out from the tip of his cock into her ready waiting and eager mouth.

The first hot squirt spanned the space to splash into her mouth, a glob of silver musky juice, and she leaned slightly closer to catch the second spurted offering, trapping it with her open mouth.

As the squirting black prick spurted less sperm, she followed with her mouth, closer now to the spitting squirting end of his cock, until she had captured the last of the sticky sperm in her open mouth.

Slowly, her lips slid over the pink black knob and she pulled all of his still pulsing prick into her mouth, feeling it soften. Melissa's fingers tightened at the base of his prick, squeezing the thick shaft upwards, her fingers on top of his rod, thumb underneath as she slowly squeezed the sticky hot cum from his prick, watching the pearly sperm form on the clefted black glans.

Her head slowly bent over his cock, as she began to lick at the sperm with the tip of her tongue, swirling her pointed pink tongue into the hole. Licking up all of his sticky silver juice from the tip of his knob, down to his balls, cleaning off all of the warm wetness, then she pushed his cock back into her mouth.

Gently sucking at the lump of flesh, savoring the juices and the feel of the softening satin smooth skin, Melissa played with his softening cock, catching and holding the glob of hot sperm, then turning her head slightly to face the hidden camera, she smiled lasciviously into the lens.

Pulling his cock back, George began to draw it from her lips, until it fell from her lips with an audible pop.

"Now it's my turn. My turn to suck you off, Melissa." The husky black male leaned forward, holding Melissa's shoulders with his big hands as he pulled her forward and up onto the bed.

"George, I'd rather not, we've been in here so long that someone will wonder what happened to us, and besides, when I get a tongue in my pussy, I like to keep it there one long time."

"To hell with the others!" George growled.

"Well, at least think of my husband out there," Melissa smiled demurely, eyes cast down, trying to look as virginal as possible.

"I do have a marriage and a reputation to protect, but I'd sure take a rain check for some time later, maybe even later tonight, if this party ever gets livened up like I hope that it will, especially if you help it along by sexing it up out there with the other girls."

"You mean you want me to help you turn this party into an orgy?"

"Now that would be fun, wouldn't it George. How would you like to fuck one of the girls out there? And which one would you like to fuck, besides me?"

"Well," his brow furrowed with thought, "I've already fucked Betty plenty of times, and you would be my next choice, but I'd like to fuck that sexy little blonde bitch, Susan, too."

"Then why don't you help me out and let's get sexy out there with the others until we get a full blown swinging orgy started."

"Let's do it, let's go get the fucking started."

"We need to slow down now." Melissa's voice calmed down the big ex-football player. "We've got to play this cool, letting the others warm up a little slow if we want to get a real swinging party started. We might get them all a little drunk, and relax any inhibitions they may have. Then, when they are all relaxed and happy, bang, we fuck all of them!"

George broke into laughter at her light hearted planning, not really sure if she was kidding him, or really planning a full blown orgy for the group tonight.

"Are you serious, Melissa?"

"You bet your sexy, black ass I'm serious, do you want to help out, and fuck Susan, or not?"

"Sure, I'll help. What do you want me to do?"


To be continued...