Park & Ride

This is one experience I had as I was driving in the Washington DC area. It's intent is to illustrate the varied and sometimes unusual exploits I have witnessed. This is only one of many. This is the first time I have put these experiences in writing. Please excuse mistakes, I am liable to make plenty.

It all started one day as when I decided to stop at local Park and Ride to rest, I had started early that morning. The closest car was about 4 spaces to the right of my car. A man was sleeping (so I thought) inside. After making some notes concerning my work earlier that day I too decided to rest, and put the seat back and began to drift to sleep.

As a truck passed I awoke, looking around I noticed the man in the other car still there and not aware I was there. He was looking down and suddenly I noticed a blond woman's head bobbing over his lap. He was smiling while watching her head bob. As time went on she stopped and sat up. She was wearing no top and had perfect tits and body, from what I could see.

They kissed as I went unnoticed (thank God). Soon she started to climb onto his lap (I must be sleeping I thought). There she was bouncing up and down on his lap with me watching. I couldn't believe this would be happening in broad day light. As I watched from my laid-back position this wonderful woman would slow and speedup as her lover held and fondled her tits. This went on for quite a while (What staying power!), with her leaning over for her lover to take her tits into his mouth. After they had enough fucking she laid back against the passengers door and lifted her legs. The man, of course, lowered his head and returned the pleasure she had given him earlier.

The position she was in, however, gave away my hiding place. At first she seemed reluctant but she didn't stop him. She did put on dark sunglasses so I couldn't see her eyes or where she was looking. I suspect she was excited by watching me watch her. They again changed positions with her on top bouncing away. This time she was looking over to my car quite a lot. I was trying to hide myself the best I could, but I just couldn't stop watching this beautiful woman. When they had finally reached climax she just sat on top of him. I relaxed suspecting they would leave soon.

That's when I heard the car door open. As I looked over at them, she had gotten out of the car NAKED, and walked to the passenger side of their car, got in, and got dressed. Well, show was over. As they pulled away she looked back and waived...

I love Washington!!!!