Susan Starts .... First Chapter

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16 Apr. '17

1. Saturday Night

Susan woke with a start. What was that noise? Where was she? Almost as quickly as the questions formed, the answers came. The noise was a quiet thumping sound coming from her neighbour's room, and she was in her new college room.

She'd only arrived yesterday for her first term, and she had yet to make any friends. Actually, although she would hate for anyone else to know, she had cried a little with homesickness when her parents had driven off, after having unloaded all her things and helped her get established in her room. The sense of loneliness after they had gone was impossible to shake off, and she'd decided that she couldn't face trying to make friends last night so she'd retired to bed earlier than she had in years, and she'd quickly fallen asleep.

Susan was disorientated, she couldn't begin to guess what time it was, however it felt like the middle of the night; it seemed far too late for such noise to be acceptable. She leaned out of bed to peer at her alarm clock across the room. Actually, it was only 11:30PM; not so late after all; especially for College!

Susan lay back on the pillow and listened to the noise, trying to puzzle out what could be causing it. It was a slightly a-rhythmic banging, and she blushed when it occurred to her that it might be the sound of a headboard of a bed hitting a wall as her neighbour made love; but she immediately scolded herself for having such a thought. She'd seen her neighbour briefly as she was moving in; she was a small brunette, and quite attractive; and seemed to have a lively, outgoing personality. She'd bounced up and introduced herself as 'Nicole', and had bounced off saying that she had more moving in to do. She seemed a nice, ordinary, girl. Surely she wouldn't be ...

Susan's initial guess was soon confirmed however, by the moan that came from Nicole's room. It was unquestionably a moan of sexual excitement; even Susan's limited experience with sexual matters enabled her to realise this. Actually, to be fair, the banging and the moans were not that loud. Susan found herself straining to hear Nicole's sounds. They were short little gasps of excitement; intermixed with groans that coincided with the banging from the bed.

Susan had never knowingly been this close to a couple making love before, and she was finding it intensely stimulating. She found she was imagining herself in Nicole's place, and that she was imagining the passionate bout in full HD. She could just see Nicole lying on her back amongst tangled sheets, her brunette hair all tousled; her legs parted and clasped around the back of a male, a hairy male, pumping between her legs.

Susan found her hands snaking over her body on a path they knew so well; a path that led to pleasure. Almost without thinking one hand had risen to clasp one of her breasts, the other was running up between her thighs, her night-dress had ridden up while she was asleep, enabling easy access to that magic spot. `Unnn', Susan groaned as a fingertip brushed her clitoris. It was throbbing madly at the thought of what was taking place next door, and that initial touch just doubled the frequency of the throbbing.

The groans from next door had risen in volume; and the banging was becoming more regular. Susan found that she was gently squeezing the nipple of her right breast in time with this rhythm. It had become engorged with blood, and was pushing up proudly against her night-dress. Her clitoris was engaged in one long throb now. A finger of her other hand was probing below her clitoris, amongst the folds of her labia. They were wet now; oiled with the juice that was oozing out of her vagina. She normally wasn't touching herself here and she could satisfy herself fully be just rocking her fingers on her clitoris. However, tonight Susan wanted to try and emulate the feeling that Nicole must be experiencing; the feeling of a hard, erect, penis, sliding in and out; in and out; in and out ..... `Ahh' moaned Susan, unable to be quiet as she felt her finger slide into her. It was very hot, and very tight, and she felt full to capacity.

The moans and thumps from next door were obviously rising to some kind of crescendo as Susan pumped her finger in and out of her vagina with the same rhythm; her thumb catching her clitoris on each down stroke. Susan found herself moaning quietly with the wonderful sensations. Susan could feel her climax building, building, building, and BUILDING! Suddenly everything exploded, she whimpered loudly, and felt a wave of pleasure sweep over her, to be followed immediately by a feeling of tiredness; satisfaction; and completeness.

She suddenly realised that it was completely silent next door; and she immediately worried that her neighbours had finished in time to hear her groans. With that came a wave of guilt. She shouldn't have masturbated. It wasn't a rational feeling; intellectually Susan could see no problem with it as it harmed no-one, including herself. Nevertheless she felt somehow unhappy that she had caved in to the demands of her body again. With melancholy thoughts of guilt and loneliness Susan turned over, and drifted off into sleep.

2. Sunday

The next day was a Sunday, and Susan spent the morning tidying up her room and getting it all sorted. She didn't have any lectures to attend until Tuesday, although there was some kind of induction lecture on Monday morning. At lunch time Susan was preparing a meal for herself in the community kitchen, a kitchen which served twelve rooms, when she saw Nicole's door open, and Nicole come out dressed in a short dressing gown. She'd obviously just got up. Susan blushed just thinking about what she'd heard last night.

Nicole ambled into the kitchen, and said, 'Hi, your Susan aren't you, I'm Nicole. We met yesterday'. Susan nodded, and said `Yes'. At that moment another figure appeared at Nicole's doorway. It was a man; well, a boy really, but dressed with only in a towel wrapped around his waist he certainly presented a very masculine image to Susan. Susan found herself blushing again, and hoped Nicole wouldn't notice. He came into the kitchen, stood behind Nicole, wrapping her in his arms, and kissing the back of her neck. Susan wasn't sure where to look, but Nicole seemed unperturped. She introduced him as 'John', and described him as her "boyfriend". John nodded and smiled at Susan, and said, `Excuse me ladies, I'm just off for a shower'. With that he left them, and went down the corridor to the community shower. Both girls found themselves watching him. Nicole turned to Susan, and stated `He got a great body hasn't he?'. Susan mumbled some indistinct reply.

Nicole continued by saying, `Sorry if we were too loud last night'. Susan was mortified that Nicole was bringing the subject up. However, she managed to mumble something about `No, it was quite alright'. Nicole however continued, `You see it will be the last time we will be able to do it for some time, as John has to return home. However, he hopes to be able to come up for a number of weekends throughout the term.' Susan was amazed at Nicole's easy manner in talking about Sex, in talking about "doing it".

`Um, I guessed that was what you were doing.' Susan said, with forthright honesty before she had time to censor herself. Nicole smiled at her and said, `Yes we guessed we'd got you going when we heard your cries immediately after ours - no don't blush; it is nothing to be ashamed of' continued Nicole seeing Susan's chagrin at having been "caught".

Susan busied herself in her lunch preparations as she didn't know what to say next. Nicole came up behind her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. `Everybody does it you know, there is nothing to be ashamed about. I do it myself regularly'. Susan turned to her and said, `You do?, but aren't you ashamed of that?' `No of course not!', laughed Nicole, `It's natural. What could be wrong with doing it?' This was the very question that Susan often asked herself, and she knew she had no answer. Yet, it had always been something which was done in private; and never talked about; so it must be wrong, mustn't it?

Hearing Nicole boldly echo the very question that she often asked herself was like a gust of fresh air in a musty room to Susan. She felt a weight of guilt start to slip from her, and she smiled, and turned and gave Nicole a quick hug. `Thank you, I know that, but sometimes I don't feel it'.

John returned then, with wet hair, and a soapy smell. `What's for breakfast then?', he asked. Susan said, `I seem to have made more than enough lunch, would you both like to join me?' `Sure', John and Nicole replied together. `I'll just go and shower' continued Nicole, `And I'll go and get dressed', appended John.

John and Nicole joined Susan in her room a bit later. As they ate their food they got to know one another: what course they were doing; where they were from; what exam results they had got. Questions and answers which would quickly become very tired over the next few days, but which were still fresh at this time.

Shortly after lunch John said his goodbyes, as he had a long journey back home. Susan and Nicole saw John to the car park, where he got on his motor-bike, and roared off with a wave. `Do you want to come back to my room and help me unpack?' Nicole asked Susan when John had gone. `Sure', Susan replied, glad to have made a friend so quickly.

They chattered about all sorts of things as they worked to get Nicole sorted out. Eventually the conversation turned to sex; and Susan admitted that she was still a virgin; and that she'd never really had a boyfriend. The one boy who had taken her out had tried to grab her breasts, just before they'd got home, but Susan had pushed him away, and had quickly escaped home.

Susan learned that Nicole had had lots of boyfriends, although John was the first one that she'd gone all the way with. That was over six months ago; and that they had been doing it as often as they could ever since. Susan also learned that Nicole's parents had brought her up in the car yesterday; and they didn't know that John was coming up on his motor-bike. In fact, they didn't know their daughter was sexually active, nevertheless they did know that they weren't that keen on John. This explained how Nicole had so much stuff with her; it couldn't all have come on the back of a motor-cycle!


`John was very attracted to you, you know Suzi', Nicole said as they were sitting in her room with a coffee, after they had tidied it. Susan looked at her startled, she tried to read Nicole's face, but she didn't know her well enough yet to interpret the look she found there. `No I didn't. How do you know?', asked Susan carefully; uncertain as to her friend's feeling on the subject; yet slightly flattered at the same time.

`He told me, before we joined you for lunch. He said that knowing that you'd got hot from hearing him fuck me, and seeing you blush so prettily when he came out and joined us in the kitchen, had started to give him a "hard on". He had to rush off for a shower before you noticed.'

Susan could feel herself blushing again at hearing these revelations. Also she could feel a sexual tingling beginning between her thighs. She rubbed her thighs together surreptitiously, as she changed position on her seat. `And how do you feel about that?', she probed, trying to evaluate Nicole's attitude.

`Oh, I can see why he finds you attractive. Your hair is so beautiful, I wish I was a blond; your breasts are pert and full; you've got wonderfully long legs; and when you blush you are really devastating.' Nicole asserted all this while undressing Susan with her eyes.

Susan dropped her eyes; unable to handle all these compliments at once. She knew however that she was excited; her clitoris was throbbing slightly and she could feel wetness seeping into her panties. `But don't you mind that John finds me attractive?', she exclaimed, trying to understand her friend.

Nicole laughed. `No of course not. We have a very open relationship. We always talk about other people that we'd like to make love to.' Susan was both shocked and interested at the same time. Shocked a the revelation that John's "attraction" was actually sexual desire; shocked that Nicole and John talked so openly; and interested in how such a relationship worked.

`You mean, you actually don't mind him lusting after other girls? And you let him make love to them?' asked Susan with amazement. Nicole was pleased with the way that her words were being received by Susan. She was obviously agitated; sexually excited as well if the way that she was squeezing her thighs together was anything to go by.

`I couldn't stop him lusting, so instead we talk about it. I get to see who attracts him, and this sharing adds spice to our love life. But no, so far we have remained faithful to each other. But I suspect that this won't survive us studying at different colleges. But I'm keen to hear about all his exploits', explained Nicole. Truth be told, this conversation was starting to get her excited as well.

Nicole's next question shocked Susan to the core. Nicole turned to her, and said, `Suzi, would you like John to make love to you when he comes down next?'

Susan could feel her face burning; she could feel her clitoris throbbing; she could see Nicole waiting for an answer, but her brain seemed to have stopped working. She couldn't assimilate what was being suggested. A picture of John with just a towel on formed before her eyes; his masculine chest bare. As she "watched" an erection caused the towel to tent; and then the towel fell leaving John naked to her gaze. `Unn' was all that Susan managed to croak. She cleared her throat and tried again. `I, er, I, ...', again Susan trailed off in confusion.

`John would love to make love to you. He's very good you know, and can be very gentle. And his prick is, well, heavenly', continued Nicole, leaning forward in the eagerness of her sales talk. Susan mind filled with fresh images; she imagined herself on her back; with her virgin thighs open; with John between them; with his "heavenly" prick entering her with skilled gentleness. Without her awareness Susan's legs had drifted apart; and from her seat across the room, Nicole could see that Susan's love juices were beginning to form a dark patch on the crotch of her jeans.

`You like the idea don't you', probed Nicole. `Yes', croaked Susan, feeling impelled to be honest. `John will love the idea too', Nicole continued. `What is it like?', asked Susan, her arousal causing her to ask one of the questions that was foremost on her mind.

Nicole started to tell her; she spoke about an initial pain if you're still a virgin; she talked about the unspeakable thrill as the penis enters you; and starts to slide in and out. She spoke of the joy of feeling full and distended. As she was speaking Nicole closed her eyes and remembered, and her thighs parted and a hand started to caress herself through her jeans. Susan saw what her friend was doing, but rather than being shocked, her own arousal and the words that Nicole was saying meant that she was only too eager to join her in masturbating. Susan's hands rubbed herself through her jeans, she was unable to stop a low moan escaping her lips.

At the sound of Susan's moan, Nicole moaned as well. She stopped talking, and watched Susan caress herself. Susan became aware that her friend was watching her, but she had no desire to stop. Anyway, Nicole was still masturbating herself, so it was alright to continue. `Lets make ourselves more comfortable', suggested Nicole in a husky voice. `What do you mean?' asked Susan. `Lets take our clothes off, and masturbate in front of each other on the bed.' When Nicole saw the uncertainty in Susan's eyes, she jumped to her feet, went over to Susan, and pulled her out of the chair, and said, `Come on Suzi'.

They stood there in front of each other, both hurrying to remove their clothes; both watching as the other's body was slowly revealed. Sweaters were discarded and were followed by blouses; blouses by bras; bras by jeans; jeans by panties; panties by socks. Their faces were flushed with sexual excitement as they stood naked before each other. `Gosh, your hair is beautiful', whispered Susan in a awed voice, as she reached to stroke Nicole's short hair.

`Come on, lets get on the bed', urged Nicole; eager to continue her self gratification. Nicole led Susan to the small college-room bed. And she arranged them so that they were lying on their sides, facing towards each other. Each had their bottom leg out straight, and their top leg bent so that they had easy access to their pussies. Nicole ensured that they lay with their heads at opposite ends, so that they each had a close up view of the other's cunt.

Susan was so excited to see Nicole's fingers slide into her own vagina. She pushed, three, no four fingers in; and pumped them in and out rhythmically. Susan could smell the arousal of her friend, and could see the love juice glistening on her fingers as they pulled out, only to be pushed back in again, over and over. Susan was whimpering with the feeling that her own fingers were eliciting from her clitoris and vagina. Inspired by Nicole, she had managed to squeeze two fingers into herself. It was slightly uncomfortable to start with, but she was soon lubricated well enough to slide them in and out easily.

Nicole in turn was fascinated to see her virgin friend frig her own pussy. She lent forward to inhale the womanly aroma of Susan, and this inspired her to pump her own fingers all the harder. Nicole's moans were sending warm air over Susan's heated clitoris, and she couldn't help bucking her hips so that her pussy came into contact with Nicole's face. Before she knew what was happening, Susan found her friend burying her face in her pussy, and licking around her labia. Susan collapsed back on the bed, she stopped masturbating as she felt the sensations that Nicole was producing sweep over her. Nicole had also stopped frigging herself, and was now sliding two fingers into Susan's cunt in time with her licks, which were now directed to her clitoris.

Susan was spiralling out of control; she wasn't thinking about what was happening; whether it was right or wrong; all she knew, all she could think about, was the building wall of passion that was growing in her loins. It was a tidal wave of pleasure that seemed about to break over her, yet the skilled tongue of Nicole prevented it from actually arriving. Susan found herself bucking all over the bed, desperate to come; desperate to find release. Yet still Nicole teased her; still Nicole withdraw her tongue at the wrong moment. `Oh Oh OH OH OH!!!' cried Susan uncontrollably. Yet just at the wrong moment Nicole changed rhythm, and the passion continued to rise rather than peaking as it was about to. Susan was twisting and turning under Nicole, and eventually was driven to shout, `FUCKING MAKE ME COME!!!!!', at which Nicole sucked hard on her whole clitoral region, while strumming her clitoris hard with her tongue. Susan's scream must have been heard in all the rooms on her floor. She bucked, and cried out, and collapsed. Susan lay quivering under her friend for minutes afterwards, drained and satiated. `Oh Boy, that was good' she eventually murmured.

`No! really?', quipped Nicole, with a very pleased grin. Her whole face glistening with Susan's juices. Susan looked well and truly fucked, as she lay there, her eyes closed, her face and chest pink with the fading flush of sexual excitement, her legs splayed open, lewdly revealing her puffy labia.

Nicole became aware of her own throbbing clitoris again; it was beating with a steady rhythm that called out for a touch. She touched herself gently, and moaned at the sensation. Susan opened her eyes at the sound, and found herself looking directly into Nicole's pussy as she masturbated. She was transfixed by the sight. Nicole was so excited that her pussy juice was oozing out of her vagina, making her thighs, bottom, and even the sheets, wet. Susan found the whole aroma most stimulating.

Nicole then moaned, `Lick me Suzi, lick me until I come!'. Susan was certainly tempted, but she was unsure. What exactly was she supposed to do?, What would it taste like?, What ...; further questioning was stopped as a wave of lust swept over her which caused her to bring her face into contact with Nicole's pussy. Susan tentatively licked with her tongue. Her tongue brushed Nicole's clitoris, and Nicole moaned, `Ohh, yes'. The taste was okay; a bit strong, but not unpleasant. Actually, Susan found herself enjoying it more and more as she continued licking. Nicole continued to whimper quietly as Susan licked her. After a while, Susan explored further, by sending her tongue on forays down between Nicole's labia. Nicole was obviously enjoying herself, and this in turn excited Susan. She plunged into the task with renewed vigour; not minding that her chin, her cheeks, her whole face, was smeared with Nicole's juices. Suddenly Nicole's thighs stiffened, her hands held Susan's head in place, and she bucked up against her tongue with a most satisfying wail; `Ahhhhh!!!', `Ahhhhh!!!', `Ahhhhowww'. Nicole climaxed and climaxed. Susan was most pleased with herself.

As their passion subsided Susan started to feel uncomfortable. What had she done? Was she a lesbian? Was it right? It sure felt good, but should she have enjoyed it? She felt a growing wave of guilt, shame, and confusion, and as it burst upon her, she started to cry quietly. `Hey, what's wrong, silly?', asked Nicole as she moved round to give Susan a hug. `I, I, I don't know', replied Susan between quiet sobs. `Come on, dafty, there is nothing to cry about. We've just been pleasing ourselves as best we can, until our man gets back.', consoled Nicole. This brought a weak smile to Susan's face, although she was surprised to be reminded of Nicole's intention to share John with her.

`Come on, lets get dressed and go and check on where the lecture theatres are; and see what facilities they have on campus.', infused Nicole, changing the mood. Susan smiled at her friend's, or was it her lover's?, energy and enthusiasm. She realised that her queries remained unanswered, but she suppressed them for the moment, and entered into Nicole's plans. They washed, dressed, and went off to explore the campus.


That night, alone in her room Susan thought back over the last two days. Yesterday, was it only yesterday?, she'd been living at home with her parents and brother; she'd packed her things into the car; they'd all driven off to college; she'd found her room, moved in, and gone to sleep early. She remembered that she'd been wakened by the noise of Nicole and John's love making, and that she'd masturbated as she listened to them. Her thoughts continued by surveying this day. She'd tidied her room; met John and Nicole; they'd had lunch together, waved John off; tidied Nicole's room. And then ...

Even though she was alone, Susan blushed to remember what came next. She and Nicole had masturbated in front of each other; had stripped naked; got on the same bed, and continued masturbating, until Nicole had licked her pussy. Susan could feel herself getting wet at the memory of Nicole's magic tongue. Actually, to be absolutely honest, it was Susan herself who had initiated things by pushing her crotch into Nicole's face. Susan was horrified at that memory. What if Nicole had recoiled in disgust, how ashamed she would have been! She was also worried that maybe she was a lesbian: after all, she'd never got on well with boys, she was too shy, and she couldn't deny that Nicole had driven her to an amazing climax - undoubtedly the best of her life, she had almost blacked-out. Susan caressed herself as she remembered crying out for Nicole to make her come, had she really said those words? Susan also couldn't deny that she'd also enjoyed licking Nicole's pussy. Would it be so bad if she did enjoy making love to girls? Clearly, Nicole had enjoyed herself as well, and yet she had John. So you could obviously enjoy girls without being a lesbian. Good, because she wasn't sure about giving up all her dreams of a big wedding, marriage, babies, grandchildren. The idea of giving up all that filled her with an unspeakable dread. Surely without them, you couldn't have a really satisfying life, could you?

Having settled that just because she'd enjoyed this afternoon didn't mean she was necessarily a lesbian, and remembering Nicole's offer to let John fuck her, Susan concentrated on her caresses. She quickly brought herself to a small, not entirely satisfying, climax. She speedily made her bed-time preparations, got into bed, and dropped off to sleep almost immediately.

3. Monday

The next day found Susan crowding with hoards of other new students into the lecture block to attend introductory lectures. Susan made her way into her lecture hall, and found a place near to the front. The room was tiered, not at all like her classrooms back at school. Susan found herself slightly overawed at the thought that she was at university. The future seemed to hold unlimited opportunities and duties, and Susan wasn't at all sure that she was up to facing them. However the excitement; the freedom; the shear possibilities of university, were almost palpable in the air of that lecture room, full as it was with bright young students. Susan felt her spirits soar.

Susan noticed that she was sitting next to a boy; he was kind of nice looking, although Susan didn't like his taste in clothes. He was dressed a little bit too conservatively for Susan; too nerdish, she concluded, dismissing him from her mind. The lecturer entered then, and all conversations died down. She introduced herself as Dr. Shannon; the head of their faculty. She went on to explain the structure of their course; the fact that they were to be assigned to a tutor who was to help them with personal problems and to give them academic advice; the fact that they were expected to attend practicals; and the fact that they would need to do significant work in their own time if they were to keep up. She wished them well with their studies, and told them that there would be a revised timetable available from the faculty office from this afternoon.

The boy who had been sitting next to her tried to strike up a conversation as they filed out afterwards. `Hi, I'm Paul. So you are on this course as well?'. Susan pondered whether she should bother to respond, did she really want to get to know someone with such a terrible opening line? `Yes, that's right.', Susan confirmed simply, refusing to exchange names just yet. They got separated then in the crowd, and Susan made good her escape. What to do now?, that was the question. She had all the rest of the day to herself. She decided she may as well check-out the student coffee-shop and common room.

Entering the room left her feeling rather alone; the room was full of students; all were talking animatedly in small groups. She was just about to leave as she didn't fancy drinking a coffee by herself in such a crowd when she saw Nicole across the room, sitting amongst a group of girls. Nicole saw her at the same time and beckoned her over. As she arrived at Nicole's group, Nicole welcomed her, `Hi Suzi, meet everyone: this is Jeanette; Sally; Jean; and, sorry I've forgot your name', `Melonie', answered the redhead in question, shyly. `Everyone, this is Suzi, my next door neighbour in Cromwell Hall.', continued Nicole, finishing the introduction. There were a chorus of `Hi'es' and `Hellos' from around the table as Susan joined them. Susan tried hard to keep names with faces, but failed immediately. Susan learnt that they were all on Nicole's course, and that they had just met. She quickly felt at home with this group, swapping details about home-towns, courses, and grades etc.. As Susan was engaged in conversation with Sally, or was it Jeanette?, she noticed that the boy from her course, Paul, had entered the common room. He looked around, and promptly walked out again. `No social skills', Susan thought to herself, some-what unfairly.

It turned out that Melonie was also on the second floor of Cromwell hall, and that she'd moved in Saturday morning. This caused Susan to wonder if she'd heard her cries as Nicole had driven her wild the day before. But Melonie was so shy, it was obvious that she'd never bring the subject up even if she had. Melonie was very beautiful; no other word could describe her. Her red hair was long and wavy, and was stylishly cut; her face was very pretty, even her freckles were just right for her. Her breasts were a nice size, although not quite as big as Nicole's; and her legs looked good as well, as far as Susan could tell from where she was sitting. Susan was only slightly surprised to find herself evaluating another girl's body. All day she'd been noticing how sexy other members of her own sex were; she found herself wondering what they looked like under their clothes. As a consequence she'd felt a low sexual buzz all day.

Nicole leaned over and whispered so only Susan could hear, `Melonie's rather cute isn't she?'. Susan could feel a blush start to rise, which she manfully tried to fight down. Had she been so obvious in her appraisal of Melonie? Susan felt mortified that Nicole had read her thoughts so easily. Susan's embarrassment went unnoticed by the others because just at that moment Sally and Jeanette announced that they had to go as they were going into town for some shopping. They all left then, Susan, Nicole, and Melonie heading back to their rooms in Cromwell hall.


After Melonie had said goodbye, and entered her own room, Nicole invited herself into Susan's room. `Well, what do you think, she's adorable isn't she?', Nicole asked as soon as the door was shut. Susan wasn't sure if she was ready to admit openly her attraction towards other girls, but she found herself being swept along by Nicole's comments. `Oh, did you see the way her tits strained against her blouse?, you could see the outline of her nipples. Also, did you notice her tongue?, I would love to have that tongue flick my clit, wouldn't you?', enthused Nicole.

Susan soon found that her silence, and lack of objections, had implicated her in sharing Nicole's appreciation of Melonie. Also the topic of conversion was getting both girls excited. Nicole could see from the flush on Susan's face that she was getting very turned on by her words. Nicole came up behind Susan, and started to massage her shoulders, she felt Susan tense instinctively, and then relax. `Can you imagine what she must look like naked?', whispered Nicole in her ear, her hands slipping down Susan's front; brushing over her breasts beneath her clothes. Susan felt her nipples spring to attention, and she only managed a grunted `Unn ... Yes', as exquisite sensations rippled through her body. `Wouldn't you like to kiss those cherry lips, and squeeze those full breasts?', probed Nicole, her own hands working magic in Susan as they squeezed her breasts. Susan was rapidly losing all sense of which way was up, her clitoris was throbbing as though it would never stop; juices were flowing out into her panties which were getting sopping wet; her nipples were erect and tingling from being squashed, and from chaffing on her bra as Nicole played with her.

With a groan, Susan twisted in Nicole's arms and placed a hot steamy kiss on Nicole's mouth. Susan held Nicole's head between her hands as her lips moved on Nicole's; their tongues met with an electric shock of sexual excitement, and Nicole's plundered Susan's mouth. Her hands meanwhile were not idle; she clutched and kneaded Susan's bottom through her skirt. Susan was so carried away by how hot Nicole was making her, that she had little time to reflect that this was the first time she'd kissed another girl on the mouth, and how good it felt. When they stopped, they were both flushed with excitement, and out of breath. `Quickly, lets undress', panted Susan urgently, driven into blatantly taking the lead by a strength of passion that was new to her.

Nicole stepped back, and stood still, as Susan hurriedly undid her cardigan. She couldn't prevent a moan from escaping as Susan's hands brushed her nipples in passing. She found herself panting slightly as Susan fumbled to undo the buttons of her blouse. Susan felt really emboldened by her friend's sudden passiveness; nevertheless she could feel her knees trembling, and her hands shook as they removed Nicole's blouse, and reached behind her for her bra clasp. This brought them closer together, into another steamy kiss. When Susan pulled back from the kiss, Nicole's bra came away, leaving her large breasts quivering freely. Susan was struck again by her friend's beauty.

Nicole used the pause in Susan's undressing to start to undress Susan. `Here Suzi, let me free you from that', she said, pulling her blouse out from the waistband of her skirt. Susan moaned as Nicole's heated hands brushed her naked stomach. Nicole's fingers deftly unbuttoned the blouse, pausing only to make arousing forays over Susan's nipples. Susan moaned with each caress; `Oh, Ohh, Ohhh', her nipples hardening and thrusting out as though to prolong each caress. Nicole slipped the blouse off Susan's shoulders; it slid down her arms, pinning them to her sides. Rather than freeing Susan, Nicole lent forward and closed her mouth over the nipple on Susan's left breast. Susan could feel a delicious weakness spread throughout her body; and she shivered with excitement as Nicole's tongue lathed her nipple through the bra. It was wet now and the material had become transparent with Nicole's saliva. As Nicole turned her attention to Susan's right nipple, Susan couldn't repress a moan that was louder than she knew was wise, given it was lunch time, and there were other girls in the neighbouring rooms.

Nicole could tell that Susan's legs wouldn't be able to hold her for much longer, burning up with passion as she was, so she lowered Susan to the chair behind her. A little nip with her teeth, brought a new moan from Susan. Nicole impatiently pulled the cups of Susan's bra aside, so that her breasts bounced free; their strawberry tips hard and glistening from her licking. Susan was so far gone that she didn't even notice the momentary discomfort that such a manoeuvre brought. While Nicole resumed her licking she worked her hands up Susan's legs; caressing slowly, rucking Susan's skirt up in the process. Susan could feel her skin quivering under Nicole's firm hands, and she couldn't help parting her thighs to encourage Nicole to caress the inside of her thighs. She also couldn't help lifting her bottom off the chair as Nicole's hands slid under her bottom to clutch her panties. Nicole smiled at Susan's eager compliance. Then she yanked Susan's panties down with a speed and a force which emphasised the passion of the moment. Nicole's mastery only intensified Susan's lust.

Nicole stood there in Susan's room, naked from the waist up, looking down at her friend. Susan was lying back in her college room chair; her breasts protruding from her bra; her arms pinned to her sides by her half discarded blouse; her skirt rucked up around her middle; her legs splayed lewdly, exposing her glistening pussy with its beautiful covering of blond pubic hair. She was panting; her breasts were heaving; her head was thrown back; and her eyes were closed. Susan was obviously "in heat".

Nicole speedily popped open the buttons on her own jeans, and removed them with her panties in one motion. She then knelt between Susan's legs, and placed a steamy kiss on her inner thigh. Susan moaned, `Unnnn'. Nicole slowly moved her kisses up her friend's thigh, nibbling and licking as she went. `Is it good Suzi?, do you like it?', she paused to ask, teasingly, enjoying Susan's struggle to keep her urgent `Yesss!!!', to an appropriate volume. Susan's groan was definitely too loud when Nicole's mouth avoided her crotch and continued to kiss her down the other leg. Susan tried to reach Nicole's head to guide her back where she wanted her, but her blouse kept her from just quite reaching, bringing a heart felt `Owwwh!'; a gasp of real frustration, noted Nicole. She continued to play Susan like an instrument as she let her tongue slowly snake back up her leg. She could taste Susan's juices as she neared her crotch a second time; Susan was overflowing in her arousal. Nicole allowed her tongue just a few brief licks of Susan's puffy labia, before moving past. Susan's head was rolling from side to side, she was looking very flushed as she tried to buck her hips up towards Nicole tongue. Nicole returned to Susan's pussy, after only a brief excursion down her leg. Her tongue pushing its way into Susan's vagina with a stiff urgency. Susan arched uncontrollably, and then managed to arch again as Nicole's hand reached up an pinched a nipple an instant later. The pain was really pleasure; the tingling feeling afterwards was incredible.

Nicole licked at Susan's clitoris; her friend was whimpering continually, `Awh, Ah, Ahh, Unn, Yes!!, Yes!!, Yesss!!!, Oh, Ohh, OHH!!'. Susan was bucking and rolling in her chair; all that existed were the sensations that Nicole were eliciting within her. Nicole could tell her friend's orgasm was approaching from the little twitches of her leg muscles. She decided not to torment Susan this time, so she continued licking with a steady rhythm, and then sucked hard just before the end. Susan exploded, `AhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!!!!!, oh! Oh!! OH!! OHHHHHH!!!, Wow!, oh wow!!, Ohhhnn!'. Nicole kept on sucking and strumming with her tongue as Susan climaxed, and before Susan was aware of it, a new wave of pleasure wracked her body, `AAAAHHHHEEEEOOWWW', she almost screamed. Susan's body sagged back into the chair, she was spent. Well and truly!


Susan was brought back to reality by a gentle knocking on her door. She looked quickly at Nicole, who was stark naked, while she was in a state of dishabille. Whatever could she do? A sudden surge of adrenalin brought her to her feet, `Quick!', she whispered to Nicole, `Hide out of sight!'. `Coming' she added in a louder voice for the visitor at her door. `You sure were!', whispered Nicole mischievously as she moved to where Susan had motioned her. Susan slipped out of her creased blouse and half off bra, she pulled her skirt down, and slipped on a T-shirt, and then opened the door. Susan was embarrassed to see the quizzical face of Melonie.

`Hi', Susan said, trying to sound normal. `Hi', repeated Melonie nervously, `I was just wondering if you were, unn, alright?'. Susan tried desperately to think of a story that could explain the noises that Melonie must have heard; her mind was a blank! `Oh yea, I'm fine, I was just ... , I was just, umm, watching a video! When Harry met Sally!!, Have you seen it?' Susan knew she was starting to babble, but couldn't stop herself. `Oh, yes', Melonie replied, her expression revealing enlightenment. Just then Melonie caught a glimpse past Susan into her room, she coloured slightly, and excused herself as quickly as possible.

Susan couldn't understand Melonie's behaviour until she turned back into the room, and saw two lots of clothes tangled on the floor in view of the door. Two pairs of panties, two bras, one pair of jeans, and one blouse that was obviously Nicole's, a very distinctive print. She also caught a glimpse of herself: her skirt creased, her hair looking tousled, and her face still had the flushed look of sexual arousal. Susan groaned when she realised what Melonie must have thought.

Nicole was finding the whole situation highly amusing. `When Harry met Sally!, That was brilliant Suzi, you're a genius! Hey, Cheer up, what's wrong?', she queried when she saw Susan's face. `I think she guessed!', Susan stated, with gloom. `So what?', demanded Nicole with bright unconcern. `I bet it only makes her horny to think of me licking you out'. Susan coloured at the thought that anyone else would know that she enjoyed doing it with a girl, but admitted that the idea that Melonie might even now be getting aroused at the idea of Nicole and her together was an exciting one. `I know', continued Nicole excitedly, `let's give her just long enough to start masturbating, and then lets go and knock on her door'. 'Susan liked the idea. It was beginning to make her hot again thinking of sweet little Melonie masturbating. Nicole borrowed one of Susan's dressing gowns, and popped back to her own room to 'change'. Susan met her outside her door seconds later; Nicole was now dressed in her own short, sexy, dressing gown. Together they went down the corridor and stood outside of Melonie's room. Checking that no-one else was around, Nicole placed her ear to Melonie's door. Susan did the same, and together they heard the faintest of moans that could have been Melonie in the throes of sexual excitement. Nicole motioned Susan away from the door, and then knocked loudly.

They heard some scrambling, and then a very red faced Melonie came to the door. She was bare foot, the buttons on her blouse were not buttoned straight, the darkness and prominence of her nipples indicated that she was no longer wearing a bra, and that they were aroused, and she was breathing quite hard. Susan could feel her clitoris throb at the sight. Nicole smiled, and said, as she stepped forward, `Hi Melonie, mind if we come in?'. Melonie mumbled something about `Of course not', as she retreated before them.

Susan's eye took in how Melonie had tried to make the standard college room her own; but she particularly noticed the creased bedding where Melonie had obviously just been lying, and the bedside cabinet draw that wouldn't close because of something pushed in clumsily. Melonie followed her gaze, and blushed furiously when she saw where she was looking. `What's this?', asked Nicole, going over to the draw and lifting up the offending object. Susan's eyes widened when she saw what it was, and Melonie cast her eyes down to the floor in shame. For there in Nicole's hand was an eight inch vibrator, and not only that, but it was still glistening with Melonie's love juices.

`My, oh my, we have been a naughty girl haven't we?', asked Nicole, looking at Melonie who was obviously wishing the ground would swallow her up. Susan came up beside Melonie, and touched her arm, `It's alright you know; I can understand how you got turned on by the idea of Nicole and me'. Susan ran her hands up and down Melonie's arm, as she continued, `We all masturbate. I do so almost every day, and I know Nicole does as well. I've never used a vibrator though, what does it feel like?'. Susan's words were starting to ease Melonie's anguish, although she was still mortified to have been caught red handed. Susan's words continued soothingly, as her fingers stayed so that they were brushing the outside of Melonie's left breast. Nicole joined in caressing her other arm. Melonie was obviously getting turned on by the situation; her breath was coming in shallower gasps; clearly they'd interrupted her while she was at a high stage of sexual excitement. Nicole ran the fingers of one hand through Melonie's beautiful hair; while the other slipped down and took one of Melonie's hands in her own. This hand she lifted up, and guided into her dressing gown and onto one breast. Nicole and Melonie gasped at the same time. Nicole's gown drifted open, revealing her beautiful charms to Susan and Melonie. Susan by now was boldly caressing Melonie's breasts through her blouse. The nipples were even more prominent, and Susan could feel her own pussy getting wet. Melonie had started to pant and groan quietly, `Ohh, Ohhhnnn'.

`Come on Suzi, let's get her on the bed', urged Nicole, slipping out of her gown. Between them they guided a now compliant Melonie over to her bed. Susan kissed Melonie hard on the mouth; it was a kiss burning with lust and passion, and Melonie returned it with vigour. A naked Nicole stood back. She picked up the vibrator, held it to her nose and sniffed Melonie's fragrance. Melonie blushed prettily at this lewd display. Nicole went on to place the vibrator in her mouth, and suck it clean of Melonie's juices. Melonie was transfixed by this, and was unable to prevent parting her lovely white thighs in response, which caused her short skirt to ride up. She had no panties on, and was obviously wet. Susan meanwhile was unbuttoning Melonie's badly buttoned blouse, freeing her big breasts, and taking her nipples into her mouth and tonguing them. Melonie closed her eyes, in danger of being overwhelmed with all the sensations coursing through her.

She didn't open them again until she heard the soft familiar purring sound of her vibrator being turned on, just before Nicole applied it to her inner thighs. The quivering sensation quickly caused her to open her legs wider, exposing herself to a new friends. `Ohhhhhhhhh', she couldn't avoid moaning. Susan meanwhile had speedily unbuttoned her skirt, and had tugged off her T-shirt, joining Nicole in being naked. Only Melonie was wearing anything, and that was only her skirt, bunched at her waist. As Nicole continued to run the vibrator up and down Melonie's legs, bringing it closer and closer to her aching clitoris, Melonie whimpered unashamedly.

Susan decided to leave Melonie, and go and sit on the floor between Nicole's legs. She was pleased to note Nicole's shudder as she ran her hands up her legs and clutched her bottom. Susan pulled on Nicole's bottom, and brought her sopping pussy into contact with her face. Susan flicked out a tongue and caught Nicole right on her clitoris. `Owhhhh', groaned Nicole, her legs almost giving away. The sensations that Susan was giving her caused her to allow the vibrator to pulsate over Melonie's pussy before she'd driven her insane with her teasing, as she had intended to do. The vibrator was causing Melonie to buck in a most un-shy way. There was a growing chorus of pants and groans from all three of them.

Nicole was struggling to retain her control, so that she could drive Melonie wild. Yet Suzi's tongue was unbelievable; `Ohh, Ohhh, Owwwh!!', she gasped. Jerkingly she moved the large white vibrator backwards and forwards over Melonie's pussy; pulsing over her clitoris one second, edging between her passion swallow labia the next. Melonie had shed any remaining embarrassment or shyness, all that mattered was her growing pleasure; all that mattered was to find release from this happy torture! Susan was enjoying herself too: she loved the power she felt over Nicole; she loved the whimpers that she was eliciting from her. She inhaled Nicole's aroused aroma deeply, she licked and licked, probing her tongue into Nicole's vagina one second, strumming light then hard against Nicole's clitoris the next. She loved her face being smeared with Nicole's love juices.

Nicole could hardly see, the passion was unbearable. She had to try and stay on her feet as well or she'd fall on Suzi; this was heightening her pleasure exquisitely, as she was not able to simply surrender to the sensations. Nicole managed to slide the vibrator into Melonie's cunt. It went in easily, Melonie was sopping wet. Five, six, seven, eight inches, all disappeared within, although Melonie's pussy was definitely bulging by the end! Nicole managed to flick the vibrator to a higher speed, just as Susan's tongue caught her clitoris again. Nicole's and Melonie's groans coincided. `Unnnnhhhhh AhhHHH', they panted.

Susan eased up then, she was determined to make Nicole beg for release, just as Nicole had forced her to yesterday. Nicole's groan of disappointment was lost in Melonie's growing moans of passion. She was bucking about like a mad thing, her vibrator filling her up to the hilt, producing a massive wave of pleasure with its rhythmic pulsations. Melonie's, `aaooww, AAAOOWWW, AAAAHHH!!', marked a series of orgasms that wracked her body.

By the time Melonie was aware of her surroundings again, Susan had manoeuvred Nicole into sitting on the bed, and Susan had returned to her task of teasing Nicole's clitoris. `Oh, Suzi, Suzi, make me come!, Come on, suck my clit!, yes, ohh, yesss!', She urged, trying to hold Susan's head in place, but Susan had an agenda of her own. Susan stopped at that point, looked up, and smiled at Melonie. Susan reached over and withdrew the massive vibrator from her cunt. It slowly emerged, causing Susan to wonder again how a vagina could accommodate such a monster. It emerged with a plop, wet with Melonie's juices. Susan, while looking Melonie straight in the eye, took it and licked it just as she'd seen Nicole do earlier. Melonie blushed scarlet, but didn't break eye contact.

`Come on, Melonie, help me with Nicole', urged Susan, returning her attention to her panting friend. As Susan brought the vibrator to Nicole's pussy, Melonie used her fingers to open Nicole's pussy lips wide: exposing her glistening vagina to their gaze. Susan slowly pushed in the sleek white throbbing plastic. Nicole tried to buck, but the way Melonie was lying over her prevented her from achieving much. `Ohh', she moaned, her frustration already unbearable. She had yet to come this lunch time; even her time with Suzi had been interrupted by Melonie before it had been her turn. `Pleasseee!!', she whimpered.

`Please what?', asked Susan, innocently, as she slid the vibrator in with exquisite slowness. `Please fuck me!', exclaimed Nicole, her voice catching with the pleasure. Susan winked at Melonie, and timed a savage push of the vibrator with the first flickering of Melonie's pink tongue over Nicole's steamy clitoris. `AHHHHOOWW!!', was Nicole's unavoidable response.

Susan then brought the vibrator slowly out; feeling Nicole's cunt trying to hold on to it, trying to suck it back in. Melonie then left her clitoris, and changed position so that she could suck on Nicole's nipples. Nicole was saying, `Oh, don't stop, don't stop, owww!, please, please!, make me come!'. Susan paused to lick the vibrator, before pumping it back into Nicole's wet vagina; setting up a steady rhythm. `Oh yes!, Yes!, Don't stop, Don't stop, I'm nearly there, YES, YES!. Oooowww Noooo!'. This last cry being caused by Susan removing the vibrator again. `Do you really want to come?', she asked cruelly. `Yes, oh YES', panted Nicole, her faced bathed with sweat.

Susan leaned forward and flicked Nicole's clit with her tongue. This caused Nicole to jump and moan. Susan flicked again, and Nicole moaned urgently, `Fucking make me come bitch!'. Susan stopped to ask, `Are you sure?', `OF COURSE I'M SURE!', Nicole cried. Susan smiled to see her friend so hot for it. `Say "please" then'. `Ohh, please, Please, Please!!, PLEASE!!!', Nicole begged, in time with Susan's licks. On Susan's signal, Melonie squeezed both of Nicole's nipples hard, just as Susan licked and sucked on her clitoris with more than enough force to send Nicole over the top. `AAAHHHHOOOOOWWW!!', was Nicole's satisfied howl, her body bucking with pleasure and release. Nicole arched with a few more spontaneous orgasms over about a minute, but eventually they subsided. It was a long time before she calmed down enough to talk.

`Oh Suzi, that was amazing! Boy, you are one fast learner.', Nicole praised. Susan felt inordinately pleased with herself. `And you Melonie, you almost drove me out of my mind when you squeezed my nipples like that, they are still throbbing now!'. `I hope I wasn't too rough', said Melonie contritely. `No, it was wonderful. Hey, Suzi, you must be ready to come again aren't you?', Nicole asked, realising suddenly that Susan hadn't come. `Actually, I came from just watching your pleasure, without even touching myself', Susan affirmed.

Melonie then offered them mugs of coffee and some toast. Perhaps surprisingly, the three of them found that they had many things in common, and that they felt at ease in each other's company. Even getting dressed was accomplished without anyone feeling awkward. Both Susan and Nicole were surprised as they learnt more about Melonie; once she'd overcome her shyness she was a very interesting and articulate person. Melonie further surprised them by her extensive sexual experience; apparently she'd had five previous boyfriends, and she'd left behind a sixth very horny boyfriend, he'd been the one who had bought her the vibrator; also and she had had three or four all girl romps before as well. Conversation eventually turned to finding a man for Susan. The consensus seemed to be that waiting for two weeks until John came down again was too long, and that they needed to find someone to relieve her of her virginity before then. Susan herself felt rather ambivalent about the whole matter; she was feeling fully satisfied with her sex life at the moment.


That afternoon Nicole and Melonie went off for a special course lecture, and Susan was left all alone. She used the time to drop by the faculty office and pick up her new timetable. She also picked up a book list for her course, and decided that she may as well drop by the campus bookshop to see how expensive it was going to be to purchase them all. She always loved buying books; in some ill defined way, she couldn't help feeling that the very fact she owned a book on a subject meant that she'd started to know about that subject. Obviously that wasn't the case, but the feeling always returned when contemplating purchasing another book, and consequently her bookcase was always full of half read or never started books. Of course, she was responsible for budgeting her own money now, and needed to be careful that it lasted until the end of term. Her parents had lectured her at length about that, emphasising that they were not in a position to help her out if she ran up an overdraft.

That evening Susan was expecting to meet up again with Nicole and Melonie; however they failed to return to their rooms. Susan could feel herself getting more and more irritated as the evening dragged on. When she stopped to analyse her feelings she was surprised to discover that the root of her irritation was jealousy. A non-specific jealousy, whose cause was a feeling that Nicole and Melonie were off enjoying themselves without her. Susan found she couldn't rationalise the feeling away as she normally did with silly emotions, so decided to distract herself by going to the Student's Union bar on campus.

The decision made, it became necessary to choose appropriate clothes. She didn't have anything! Not actually true, but that was how she felt about her wardrobe. She had lots of jeans and sweaters, good casual wear for studying, but she wanted to feel a bit more glamorous tonight. She also had some very nice, elegant clothes; but they either were too dressy, such as her dress for the end-of-year Ball, or weren't suitable for a student's bar. She wanted clothes that were sexy, clothes that reflected her new self confidence with sexuality. She eventually managed to create an ensemble that wasn't too awful, although not quite the image that she was aiming for.

Within twenty minutes Susan was opening the door of the Student's bar. The noise level was certainly high; a juke box was playing early eighties dance music; conversations were being carried out in competition with the music; laughter and shouting peeled out stochastically from around the room. Susan made her way to the crowd at the bar, and eventually pushed her way through to the front. She ordered a barcardi and coke, being careful to avoid putting her elbow in the pool of beer that had been spilt on the bar. The problem then was to extradite herself from the crowd without pouring her drink down someone's leg, while avoiding the same fate herself. This accomplished, she scanned the room looking for either a free seat or a friendly face which she recognised from her lecture this morning.

Her scan was aborted by a male voice in her ear; `You look lost; You a fresher?'. Susan turned to look at her articulate inquirer. The voice has lead her to expect a burly engineer, or a bearded pot-bellied biker, instead he was clean shaven, dressed with T-shirt and jeans, but he undoubtedly had a muscular fit body. His biceps were visible as his T-shirt was sleeveless; and these hinted at an equally powerful torso. So what if he's a dumb jock, Susan thought to herself, quite flattered that such a hunk was trying to chat her up. `Eh, yes, that right. I came up two days ago.', she replied. `Are you a second year, then?', she probed. `What?, no I'm a final year economist', he explained, a nice smile lighting up his face. `Why don't you join me for a drink, I've a table over in the corner, with a few friends, or are you joining someone?', `No, I'd love to', Susan found herself responding; a little too eagerly, she scolded herself. `Good, follow me', said her acquaintance, starting off on a weaving path past tables of half drunk students toward one corner. Susan found herself following meekly.

The table she was led to, contained one man, and two women. `Hi gang, I like you to meet ..., hell I'm sorry, I never asked your name. I'm David, your ...?', `Susie', Susan provided on queue. `Nice name Susie, Susie this is Steve, Jackie, and Lora' `Hi nice to meet you', Susan nodded to each as she was introduced. `So are you all economists as well?' `Hell, no. We all part of the Wu Sho Khan martial arts club', exclaimed Lora with a laugh. `I'm a biologist', she continued, `Jackie's a social scientist, and Steve here is a second year mathematician'. Steve and Jackie were sitting on one side of the table, and David sat down next to Lora, `Move up, make room for Susie', he urged. Lora complied, and Susan slid into place next to David, little goose bumps forming when it became clear that they were going to have to sit thigh to thigh if she wasn't to fall off the seat.

Susan discovered that they were discussing whether socialism was still viable given the failure of communism in the Soviet Union. Steve was maintaining that a planned economy was doomed to inefficiency and failure, while Jackie and David were arguing that the totally unregulated market just couldn't work, and that every market had to have an element of planning or control in it, and hence there was not a simple dichotomy between capitalism and socialism but a spectrum to choose from. Susan found herself getting involved; her A-level economics was inadequate, but at least gave her something to say. She could feel herself getting high. The alcohol had loosened some ambitions, and here she was talking about real issues, with educated people, with original viewpoints. This was university!

The regular brushing of thighs with David, together with his clever witty conversation, kept a significant sexual tingle in Susan's consciousness as well. An hour later (was it really an hour?, it only seemed like five minutes) Jackie and Steve had to leave, but Lora, David, and Susan bought more drinks and continued talking. The topic ranged freely over numerous subjects, including how the first year was a year of wild parties and late nights, but that the work got harder in subsequent years; to whether or not there should be positive discrimination for women after centuries of male chauvinism. Susan could see from how Lora and David interacted that there was nothing between them, so she might have a chance. She blushed inwardly at such blatant scheming, yet couldn't deny a real attraction to David. Obviously, she was not a lesbian, but bi-sexual, if these feelings were anything to go by.

Eventually Lora left, but David asked Susan if she'd like another drink. She wanted the evening to continue, but was already light headed, so she ordered a coke. When David rejoined her they talked freely; David managed to steer the conversation so that he found out all about her. Susan was surprised to find herself confiding all sorts of things to him, such as how she got on with her little brother, what her pet hates were, and how she not had any serious boyfriends. He was such a good listener, that Susan found herself confiding almost everything to him.

All good things come to an end, and eventually David made noises about leaving. He insisted on escorting her back to Cromwell Hall, Susan complied gladly. She felt especially safe being escorted by a black-belt. At the door to her room, he swept her up, and placed a very powerful good night kiss on her lips. She stood there dazed as he went off, with a cheery wave. Wow!, was about all she could think. Susan entered her room, and quickly made it to bed; however sleep eluded her; all she could think of was the feel of those strong arms; the taste of that strong kiss; the features of that kind face. `Susan Jane Braddock, pull yourself together. Your mooning like a fifteen year old with a crush', she told herself sternly, to no avail. It was late by the time she finally drifted off.