Susan Starts .... Second Chapter

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16 Apr. '17

4. Tuesday

Susan over-slept the next morning, causing her to miss her first lecture, and turn up ten minutes late to her first lab session. By the time that she got there, somewhat out of breath from hurrying, everybody had paired up for the first experiment, everybody that is, except for ... `Oh no, ... Paul', Susan muttered to herself. Actually, he turned out to be a good lab partner, he seemed to know what had to be done, and managed to explain things to Susan clearly and concisely. He was obviously rather shy, and a bit awkward, but he seemed nice, and had a sense of humour that showed through from time to time, even if it was directed at her lack of organisation, and knowledge of what was going on. Susan even found herself warming to him by the end of the session. He was kind of comfortable to be around, not at all like David, who caused her to tingle with anticipation. Susan had to pull herself together more than once during the session to prevent herself drifting off into day-dreams about him.

After the lab was over, Susan headed back to her room. On the way, she saw David walking with a group of his friends in the distance; and she trotted up to greet him. `Hi', she said shyly, as she slipped into step beside him. `Hi yourself', he replied, `Had a good morning?' he asked with his usual economy with words. `Yea, it was okay, I overslept a bit though, and missed my first lecture', she answered. `Will I see you later?', she continued uncertainly.

`Sure, shall we meet in the SU Bar at eight?', he replied. `Yes, great, see you then', she confirmed, and left him to enter the Humanities lecture block. She felt somewhat bereft after he had left, laughing with his friends, whom he hadn't introduced her to. `Stop being silly', she scolded herself, `He was in a rush, and anyway, they'd organised a date didn't they?'. `Well sort-of', she confirmed, although she would have chosen a more special rendezvous. Susan turned round then, and returned to Cromwell Hall.

As she entered her room she fully intended to put in some time writing up the lab, but, after discarding her coat, she sat on the bed to relax a bit. Almost without being aware of it, she drifted off into a fantasy about last night. She remembered being held in David's arms, she remembered that scorching, but all too brief, kiss. A kiss that had caused her to lose her breath, and has caused her nipples to erect and to thrust through her blouse against his manly chest. Susan played the kiss over and over in her mind, savouring every nerve tingling moment of it. She found one of her hands sliding along her thigh towards her crotch as she remembered. She deftly undid the fastener, and the zip, and trailed her fingers over her panties. In her imagination, the kiss was going on longer. David was finding it harder to stop the kiss; he'd half pull away, but her lips would capture his again, and the kiss would continue, building in intensity. Little moans were escaping from their mouths, as their bodies were pressed hard against each other. His erection was noticeable through his trousers; Susan could feel it against her stomach. He was holding her hard against him, his tongue was plundering her mouth.

Susan's panties were wet now, her fingers were tracing the outline of her labia through the soaking material, teasing herself as the scene in her imagination heated up. With a groan of passion, David had backed her up against the door of her room, his body pressing her against it. His hands were now free to start running up and down her body, as his lips moved so urgently over hers. One hand squeezed her left breast, the other, under her chin, held her head tilted up so that she couldn't escape his kisses; not that she wanted too! Susan's other hand started to squeeze her breast, trying to emulate the feel of David's fantasy hand, while the first had slipped now into her panties. She couldn't withhold a moan at the touch of her fingers moving over her naked pussy. In her fantasy David was almost ripping open her blouse in a desire to get to her tits. Her blouse open, his hand closed on her bare breast; she'd not worn a bra last night. The sensation of his hand was emulated by her own having slipped inside her sweater, tee-shirt, and bra. As he broke their kiss, and lowered his head to take her throbbing nipple between his lips, her fingers squeezed her own nipple. The flick of her fingers were not as good as the imagined tongue that lathed them so thoroughly in her fantasy, but it still brought a moan to her lips.

Susan was masturbating now with two fingers up her sopping vagina, pumping up and down in that hot tight place. She thought she could feel her hymen stretching slightly, making it easier for her fingers to move. The brushing of her thumb on her aching clitoris coincided with David's imagined hand touching her between her legs. Her mini-skirt was rucked up, and he was masturbating her through her tights as she stood there against her door. In her fantasy she was bucking against David's hand, in reality she was lifting her bottom off the bed in time with her pumping fingers. Susan could feel her climax building and building. It was going to be a massive explosion, she could just tell. She removed her fingers from vagina, and slid them, sleek as they were with her juices, backwards and forwards rapidly over her pulsating clitoris. The climax broke just as her fantasy David slid his hand down inside her tights and panties and touched her bursting clit. Susan bit her lips to try and reduce the noise of her moans; it was such a good one that she almost wept with pleasure.

`Boy was that good', Susan concluded to herself; happy that her new experiences and beliefs had removed all guilt that had previously attended such pleasure. Susan didn't feel like working now, so she straightened her clothes, and popped out to the kitchen to make some lunch.


While she was cooking, Nicole and Melonie entered. Susan's initial feeling of frostiness towards her friends was quickly melted by their warm greeting, and the natural way they included her in their conversation. Eventually Nicole asked, `And where were you last night? We came around at nine but you weren't in.'

Susan was pleased to hear that they had come in search for her, so she explained that she'd gone to the SU Bar, in a voice free of any hint of censor that she'd felt abandoned. Changing the subject, Nicole went on to describe how she and Melonie had been keeping their eye out for a bloke for Susan, and thought that they had found a real hunk on their course that would be ideal for Susan to "get to know". Susan was pleased to explain that she'd found a hunk all by herself, and that she had a date with him tonight. This brought a laugh from Nicole, `Well, you certainly don't hang around do you! Tell us about this "hunk".

Susan proceeded to describe David to her friends; describing his personality, and rippling muscles in some detail. `Cor, he sounds good enough to fuck', said Nicole bluntly, which just a touch of envy. `He is!', affirmed Susan, happily, `But hands-off! I found him first. Anyway what would John say?', she challenged. `He wouldn't mind, as long as I told him all the details', Nicole laughed, `As I've said, we have a very open relationship'. `Open enough for you to tell him about us?', asked Melonie, running her hands over Nicole's breasts in a seductive manner. Susan was surprised again at how forward Melonie could be, once she'd over-came her shy-ness with someone. Nicole surrendered herself to Melonie's caresses, a dreamy expression coming over her face, as her breasts were squeezed and moulded through her blouse; she obviously wasn't wearing a bra, Susan couldn't help noticing. `I'm not sure. I've never told John about my attraction and experiences with girls. I don't know what he'd think.'

`Oi, you too, behave yourselves! This is a public kitchen, anyone could walk in!', Susan scolded her friends, in a light tone. Melonie stopped her caresses, but not before giving Nicole's nipples a tweak. `Unnm, niccce', was Nicole's response. `Um, why don't we all retire to my room?', she continued, hopefully. `Sure', was Melonie's eager response. `Sorry, I've just going to finish cooking this, then I've got a lecture to catch', apologised Susan. `Oh Suzi, we shall miss you', said Nicole, giving her bottom a very arousing fondle before leaving with Melonie. Susan found herself panting slightly with the feelings that Nicole's magic touch has evoked, even after her friends had left.


After lunch Susan had two lectures. She enjoyed the first, but found the lecturer a bit fast in the second. The afternoon past rapidly, and Susan soon found herself with free time again. Reflecting on how unsatisfactory her wardrobe had seemed yesterday, and her date that evening, she decided to head into town. It was either a short bus ride, or a long walk. Deciding to save as money for clothes, Susan headed off to town on foot. She'd not gone far down the road from the University, when a car honked her, and pulled over. `Who do I know with a car like that?', she asked herself, as she walked up to the car.

It was Paul, her lab partner. `Do you want a lift into town?', he asked cheerily. `Sure', Susan replied, as she got into the passenger seat. It was a bit of a banger, but at least it doesn't have furry dice or furry dashboard, she concluded, scanning the car. The interior was a bit untidy, but not as bad as her room. My room! I must tidy it before I go out tonight in case David comes back, Susan made a mental note to herself. Paul chatted freely as he drove them into town, mostly about their lecturers, but also about work. `How did you find writing up the lab?', `Oh, I haven't gotten around to it yet.', Susan replied, irritated to be reminded of the work waiting to be done, `It doesn't have to be in for a few days yet.'

They separated once they got to town, and Susan hit every boutique in sight. She ended up with a bargain, a short black mini-skirt; and a very nice, if somewhat expensive, red silk blouse. Stylish, but sexy, she concluded. The walk back to the University passed in no time, as she spent it in anticipating the evening.

Back in Cromwell Hall, Susan found no sign of Nicole or Melonie, so she made a snack for herself and she ate it alone in her room. After that, she dressed to vamp David, and set off for the SU Bar.

Entering, she hit by the wall of noise, and an even more staggering wall of alcohol fumes. Then she heard David calling to her from a seat near one wall. She made her way to him, and was greeted by a large smile. Her heart went pitter-patter, pitter-patter. `Hi', she said, sliding into the seat opposite David that he had saved for her. `Hi sexy, You look good', he replied, taking her hand and kissing it. Susan giggled, this oldy-worldy charm being so out of place in the heaving bar, with Tina Turner blaring out.

The evening was wonderful: David was attentive; he laughed at her stories; he gazed into her eyes with his beautiful blue ones; his hand captured hers from time to time, sending tingling thrills up and down her body. Susan flirted shamelessly with him. Life was good!

When the time came to leave, Susan nearly burst with pride as this hunk of a man publicly escorted her back to her halls. His strong arms were around her, supporting and warming her. From time to time on the short walk across campus, they stopped and kiss. Deep passionate kisses, which caused the whole world to disappear for Susan while they lasted. By the time that they reached her door, Susan had no doubt about what she was going to say. `Would you like to come in?', she asked shyly. `Yes', David replied, kissing the back of her neck as she fumbled with her key. She opened the door, and David stepped through. Before she entered, she caught the eyes of Nicole, Melonie, and another girl in the kitchen. She winked at them, and then entered behind David, closing the door after her.


Susan was nervous. She had this hunk of a man in her room, but he seemed to fill it, making it suddenly seem so small. `Would you, ah, would you like a mug of coffee?', she stumbled. `No, you are all I want', he replied with masculine assurance, reaching for her, and drawing her into his arms. `Relax, I won't bite', he said, as his lips closed on hers, cutting off any hope of a reply. His lips moved on hers, leaving her breathless. Susan broke contact to gasp for air, she was feeling light headed. Her senses were feeding her kaleidoscopic sensations. David's lips reclaimed hers. Susan moaned as David's tongue probed between her lips and made contact with her tongue. Her moan was answered by one from David, he seemed to lose control; his tongue was in her mouth, plundering hers.

Susan felt weak at the knees: the sweetness of their kisses was almost more than she could bear. She found herself moaning at the back of her throat, and embracing David more animatedly. Rationale thought dissolved with the fire that was stoked within her. David was holding her tightly; wrapping her in his strong muscular arms. His kisses were a drug, and she was high on them; a helpless addict. Susan gasped as David's right hand closed on her left breast. It was as if a shock had passed through her. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her sensitive nipples erected immediately at the touch. Her red silk blouse moved over her nipples - exquisitely. Susan could hardly think as David gently squeezed and moulded her breast under his strong, sure, hand. Susan renewed kissing David with the desperation of total abandonment. Taking this a sign of encouragement, before she knew it, David's right hand was inside her blouse, and his left was clutching her bottom.

Susan felt herself to be at the centre of a storm of sensations; her bottom was being kneaded, and her bare breasts caressed, by this man. This hunky man who was .. unnnn, yesss! David had freed one of her breasts, and his mouth closed over the nubbin of her nipple. Susan's hands entwined in his hair, as she held his head against her breast. `Ohh, yes David, ahhh', she found herself moaning. David's was tonguing her nipple and it seemed to be growing harder and more sensitive, sending sensations down to her pussy. She could feel how wet her skimpy panties were getting.

`Do you like that Suzi?', he asked with his warm voice. `Yesss!', was Susan's urgent reply. He resumed his licking, and then Susan felt David's hand on her bare bottom. He had rucked up her mini-skirt, and had slid his hand inside her panties. Susan involuntarily pushed her bottom back against his hand, moaning at the same time. `Do you want me baby?', David asked, stopping his licking for a second. His voice was husky, and only added to Susan's growing passion. `Yes, oh yes!', was her breathless reply.

David stepped back from her, and observed her for a moment. Susan felt bereft for a second, and then self-conscious again. Had she come-on too strong? Did he think her a slut? Her worries dissolved as she recognised the look of lust in his eyes, and as he removed his trainers and socks, and started to unbutton his shirt. Susan stood there and stared as David's masculine and muscular chest came into view. The hairs at the centre were enticing, Susan wanted to run her hands through them, but she was rooted to the spot. Once he'd discarded his shirt, he stepped towards her again. Susan, suddenly feeling shy, had to stop herself from bolting. His hands finished unbuttoning her silk blouse, pulled it free of her skirt, and lowered it down her arms. His eyes devoured her pert breasts, as her blouse slid to the floor. Susan was proud of her breasts, they thrust up and stood-out well, but even so, she was tempted to cover them with her arms. No man had ever seen her breasts before; no man had ever stared so openly, so lustfully. David pulled her towards him for another kiss. Both were aware of when her naked breasts first touched, and then flattened against, his manly chest.

Susan's moan was swallowed up in David's kisses. It was caused partly from the sensations coming from her breasts, and partly from the feel of David's erection pressing against her crotch. David's hands ran up and down her back, and elicited incredible sensations. Susan was emboldened to try the same, raking her nails gently down David's back. He arched against her, and his tongue probed even deeper. He hands dropped to her sides and, without breaking their kiss, lifted her skirt. Susan could feel it happening, and knew that soon her soaking panties would be visible to David's sight. Any self-consciousness however was being swallowed up in the growing passion - the rubbing of her breasts against David's chest was absolute magic! David's hands were running up and down the tops of her thighs at the front, sometimes stopping before her panties, sometimes running over them. The sensations were amazing. Susan found herself trying to turn into David's caresses, so that his magic hands would touch her aching clit and sopping pussy. David however was teasing her.

Eventually, David drew away, and knelt before her. Susan was standing before him, her naked breasts heaving as she panted for breath, her legs slightly splayed, her skirt a band at her waist, and her white panties almost transparent at the patch where her love juices had flowed freely. Susan looked down mesmerised, as David leaned closer and then pressed his face against her panties. An involuntary `Ohhhhh David!' escaped her lips, as Susan's clitoris leaped at the long-sought for pressure. David's nose was pressed against her clit, as his tongue probed the wet patch, making it even wetter.

Then David hooked his hands into the band of her panties and slowly pulled them down. His response was to exclaim `Wow, Suzi, you're beautiful', in an awed whisper, as Susan was revealed before him. David then stood-up, and Susan boldly put her hands out to undo the buckle of his belt. Her hands trembled as they brushed his warm stomach. Eventually the belt was undone, the button at the waist-band freed, and the zip was inched down. Susan found herself holding her breath as David's pants were revealed. He was wearing sexy briefs, and the bulge at the front was gigantic! It jumped slightly when Susan brushed against it as she was unzipping him. David stepped out of his trousers, and removed his briefs. His erection sprang free. It stood straight-out in front of him, bold and throbbing. The purple head was engorged and angry looking. Susan stared mesmerised, and then, slowly, gently, touched it. It was so firm, so hard, and so warm. David moaned at her touch. It was so big, how was she ever to get that inside her? It was the instinctive fear of a virgin; the fact that she'd pushed Melonie's vibrator, which was a bit bigger, into Nicole's vagina only two days ago was long forgotten.

`Do you like what you see?', David asked with a tremor in his voice. `Oh, definitely!', was Susan's positive response, `It is so big, so hard. I've never seen ..., David, I'm not sure, um, that is, um, You know I'm a virgin don't you?'. `Don't worry baby. I'll be very gentle, and anyway, by the time I've finished preparing you, you'll be so wet that you`ll take me, no trouble', was David's confident reply. `Touch me like this', David continued, taking Susan's hand, and showing her how to move it on his erection. `That's it, yea, .. wow, go baby!, Yes, as bit harder', he directed. Susan was enjoying touching his penis, his cock.., and she was enjoying being able to elicit these responses from him. On impulse, she bent down, and took the object that all her attention was focused on into her mouth. Actually, all she managed was to fit the head of his penis in, even with her mouth at full stretch.

Nevertheless, David groaned, and said `Yesss! Suzi, Suck my cock! Take my prick in your virgin mouth'. Susan was getting more and more steamed. It was so lewd, so dirty, so ... sexy, having the masculine taste of a hard cock in her mouth. One of her hands moved down between her legs, `Boy, am I wet', she said. `Sucking cock turns you on does it?', asked David between gasps, as her tongue licked and produced amazing sensations. `Mmmm', was all Susan could reply, her mouth full again with David's penis.

After a time, David said, `Better stop now, I can't last much longer if you keep on doing that', while he helped Susan to her feet. She took the opportunity to quickly step out of her mini-skirt, before she was embraced in David's arms again. This time they were both naked, and David's large erection flattened against her bare stomach, heating her even move. It was so sensual, being naked together. Then David led her over to her bed, and eased them both down onto it. Susan just laid back and enjoyed the sensations as David's hands caressed her body, and his tongue and mouth followed his hands. Susan closed her eyes and savoured the sensations coming from her sides, her breasts, her naval, her checks, her forehead, her lips, her thighs, her neck ... sensations were flooding in from everywhere, and she was having trouble processing them all. All she knew was that there was an ache between her legs, and she couldn't help parting them, and exposing herself to David's gaze.

Susan moaned as she felt David's hard prick nudging between her labia. She looked down, and saw David kneeling between her legs, with his hard cock ready to enter her. Thankfully, sometime, she wasn't sure when, he'd thought to put a condom on. She was ready - the head of his prick was glistening with her juices that coated her labia. She wanted him, she wanted to be filled. Susan lifted her hips to encourage him, but David moved back, content to let his cock just rest on her pussy. Susan moaned in frustration, and David asked, `What's the matter?'. `I want you'. `What do you want?' `I want you to enter me, I want you to fuck me', Susan boldly asserted. `Your virgin cunt is hungry for my cock is it? You want me to give you your first proper fucking, do you?'

`Yess!, Oh yes!', Susan replied, hardly knowing which way was up in the passion of the moment. Then she gasped, as David's hard prick slowly entered her. She was being stretched, she was stretching to accommodate him. Then there was a sharp pain, a tearing inside. `Aoww!' was Susan's cry. All sexual feelings vanished in an instance. All there was was a searing pain inside her. Slowly it dulled, and Susan was aware that David had sunk his full length into her. Then the sensations started to return. The delicious stretching, the weight on her throbbing clitoris, the whole-body sensation of being under a large male body that was enveloping and filling her. Then David moved, there was soreness, but there was also an indescribable thrill. Nothing at all like she got from moving her fingers in her vagina. David pumped slowly in and out. The pleasure rose, Susan became flushed. She was being fucked. This man was fucking her. The deep strokes seemed to fill her whole body; Susan couldn't help arching up into them and moaning. The steady rhythm was getting to her clitoris. Then David increased the tempo, and Susan found herself struggling for breath, `Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me', she encouraged. `Suzi, you're so hot, so tight. I'm fucking your virgin cunt', David gasped, his own pleasure growing rapidly. David slowed his rhythm, and brought himself under control, while continuing to drive Susan towards a peak of excitement. `Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh' she panted, in time with his thrusts. `Ohhh......', her face was beet-root red, her face contorted in a grimace, her mouth opened in a silent scream. David, seeing Susan coming under him, increased his tempo, and came uncontrollably while Susan was still climaxing. `Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck! You're so hot. You're a hot little fucker Suzi'.

Their movements stilled, and they caught their breath. Susan wanted to lie like that for a while, but David rolled off her, and disposed of his condom in her bin. Susan was suddenly aware of her nakedness. The magic of a moment before dissolved into the prosaic, and somewhat squalid, surroundings of her room. `David, come back to bed', Susan heard herself saying. `Sorry baby, got t'go. I'm meeting someone', replied David, curtly, as he pulled on his clothes. Susan was struggling hard to grasp what was happening. `You not leaving ...'. `Yea, 'fraid so', David asserted, with boorish insensitivity to Susan's feelings. `You're one hot little fuck, but my fiancie is waiting'.

It took a moment to sink in, but when it did ... `Your WHAT!', screamed Susan. Anger welled within her as it slowly penetrated that she'd just been used. `You pig! You fucking bastard! Get out, Get Out!', Susan knew she was losing control, but didn't care. Where an inner warmth of love and contentment has been, now only existed a void - the gaping emptiness of desertion. `Go on, fuck off!', she picked up a book and threatened to throw it at the smug economist.

`I'm off baby. Boy, were you hot for my dick. You were one cherry that was ripe for picking, and you've got one wet and tight cunt', was David's parting shoot, as he walked out her door. The thud of the book as it hit the door as it closed was no consolation. She'd trusted him, she'd almost felt she loved him, she given herself unreservedly to him. Cold anger and hatred flowed into the void within her. She felt so used, so dirty. Tears of shame, anger, and self-pity welled up in her eyes, and the first one flowing down her check was the start of torrent that ended with her sobbing into her pillow.


There was a gentle knocking on her door. Susan eventually heard it over her quiet sobs. `Uh, Who is it?', she managed to ask in an almost ordinary voice. `It me Suzi, open-up', replied Nicole. `Go away', Susan didn't feel like company just at that moment. `Come on, open-up, you need a shoulder to cry on. Susan rolled off the bed and unlocked the door. Nicole opened it, and came in to the room. `Oh Susie, I couldn't help overhearing some of it, Oh baby', Susan found herself being hugged by Nicole, and slowly spilling the details of how that bastard had behaved.

Nicole got Susan to wrap herself up, and she put the kettle on and made a steaming cup of coffee. Susan's pain was numbed slightly in female camaraderie, and complaints against all men. It was late by the time Nicole left Susan's room.

5. Wednesday

Susan felt like death-warmed up the next morning. She spent a long time in the shower trying to scrub every memory of last night from her. Any remembered pleasure was washed away in a torrent of emotional pain. She oscillated between shame and burning anger. She should have seen the signs ..., but then again, he had been so attentive - until he'd got inside her pants anyway. There was definitely a fine line between being treated roughly in sexual excitement to add a little spice, and the cold contempt that lay behind some of his remarks last night.

After the shower, clean clothes, and a good breakfast, Susan felt more human, and even up to planning the day. She only had two lectures today, one at ten, and the other at eleven. How irritating to have an hours' gap between them. Too short to make it worth heading back to her room - she'd just have to go to the library or something. Susan got down to do some preparatory reading for her lectures, and was pleased with the progress she made. Work was clearly going to be interesting if she throw herself into it, and feeling decidedly off sex at the moment, that was exactly what Susan intended to do this term.

She sat next to a girl she hadn't spoken to before during the first lecture, whose name she discovered was Rachel. They decided to go to the Students Lounge for coffee between lectures rather that work in the library. It turned out that Rachel was from a neighbouring town to the one in which Susan grew-up, and that they knew many of the same places. Rachel was quite beautiful, but Susan was so uninterested in anything sexual that this barely registered.

In the next lecture, Susan sat next to Paul. They nattered away like old friends - writing messages to each other on one another's notes. Paul was definitely safe to be around. Susan was feeling dramatically happier as she headed back to Cromwell hall for lunch.

That afternoon she got down to some serious work in her room. She even managed to get most of the lab written up, although there were one or two results she wanted to discuss with Paul, 'cos she was sure they were wrong by an order of magnitude or more.

Her work in late afternoon was interrupted by Melonie knocking on the door. She was dressed in blue jeans, and a soft cream sweater, and she had her beautiful red hair up. She wanted to come and console Susan. Susan needed a break anyway, so they made some coffee and Susan told her what happened with David. Melonie was an attentive listener, and made appropriate noises of sympathy and outrage, and Susan warmed to her new friend all over again. In fact, Susan found herself beginning to think sexually about her. She was so feminine, so soft and so cuddly ... so completely different from David!

At some stage in their conversation, it became clear to both of them that the other was starting to have sexual thoughts. This was conveyed intangibly by an increased wetting of the lips and the subtle body language of position and movement. Eventually Susan took the initiative, and stood in front of Melonie as she sat of the edge of the bed. She pushed Melonie back on the bed and sat beside her, lowering her mouth to Melonie's. The kiss was long and probing, and left them both breathless. Susan's hand was just under Melonie's sweater - caressing her bare stomach. Determinedly, she pushed the sweater up, and revealed Melonie's large pale breasts - she'd not been wearing a bra. The nipples were erect already, as Susan lowered her mouth to enclose them.

Melonie moaned, and held Susan's head against her breasts. And Susan was more than happy to keep on sucking and licking. Melonie made little whimpering noises as Susan worked her magic. Susan noticed that Melonie was getting so hot that her legs had drifted open. `Is your pussy getting all hot and wet?', Susan asked, stopping her licking. Melonie's face was definitely flushed, and her eyes had that un-focused passionate look. She only managed a nod in reply. `Do you want me to touch your there?', Susan asked, unnecessarily, as she ran her hand up and down one of Melonie's thighs. Melonie's voice was husky with passion, as she whispered her `Yes!'. Melonie couldn't suppress a quiet moan as Susan's hand drifted lazily up the inside of her thigh, only to jump over to the other thigh, and begin a downward journey. Susan could feel her own nipples tingling and swollen as she watched Melonie lift her hips from the bed to thrust her heated pussy up as if seeking a hard cock. Susan's teasing caresses continued, and elicited a stream of soft `Ohhs' and `Ahhs' from the panting girl beneath her. Her own pussy was also getting very steamed by the whole situation. Susan pushed her skirt up with her free hand, and rubbed the wet spot on her panties.

Susan started rubbing both their pussies, Melonie's through her jeans, her own through her panties. Melonie was lost in the sensations Susan was generating, her eyes were closed, her freckled face flushed, she was panting, and her head moving slowly from side-to-side. Suddenly, Melonie arched on the bed beneath her, and let out a long `AhhhHHHH'. Susan found it incredibly exciting to see her friend writhe in ecstasy.

Susan stood-up and pulled down her panties and left them on the floor. She backed up to a wall, and held up her skirt at the front. `Come and lick me!', she demanded, a bit more urgently than she intended due to her sexual excitement. Melonie, recovering from her own orgasm, rolled off the bed, and came and knelt before Susan. `Suzi, you're so wet', she whispered. `I know, eat me!', Susan demanded, taking hold of Melonie's head and pulling her against her sopping cunt. `Ah yesss!', she breathed, as Melonie's little pick tongue probed stiffly between her puffy labia. `Ooh, Melonie, your tongue is .. ahh .. wonder .. ahh .. ful.', Susan gasped, as Melonie licked from her vagina to her clitoris and back again, time after time.

Susan was shuddering uncontrollably as she stood there with Melonie lapping at her cunt. The sensations were amazing. Melonie wrought a big moan from Susan, as she worked two fingers of one hand up Susan's cunt while she licked her clitoris. `OHH, Wow', moaned Susan weakly. Susan suddenly stiffened as she felt Melonie try to push one of her fingers covered with her pussy juices into her bottom. `What .. ?', was Susan's startled question, but before she could finish it, Melonie's finger was up her ass and the sensation, given her current state of arousal, was amazing. Before Susan knew what was happening she was climaxing so hard from clitoral and anal stimulation that she slide down the wall to end up in a heap on the floor. Melonie kept up the licking of Susan's clit, and kept up the pumping of her finger in and out of her anus and Susan climaxed two more times in quick succession, leaving her a helpless rag doll on the floor.

When Susan had recovered she asked Melonie where she had learnt that trick, and Melonie explained that her second boyfriend had done it to her as they fucked in the back of his car, and she'd come `like a fire cracker'. `I don't know why, it's not so much the sensations as the thought of it - it is sooo dirty and depraved - but I love it', Melonie continued. `Yea, me too, I think', said Susan. `I'd have thought so!', said Melonie with a cheeky grin.

The interlude over, Melonie left, and Susan returned to her work. She decided to turn in early as she wanted to put in a hard day's study tomorrow. Susan fell asleep quickly, partly from tiredness from yesterday, and partly from much of the pain being dulled by the beautiful friendship she was developing with Melonie.

6. Thursday

Susan slept fitfully, being plagued with erotic dreams. Against her will, she found herself taking part in dreams where she was being fucked by David. In these dreams he was so skilful in wielding a massive erection that she would come time after time, being reduced to a sobbing begging slave of pleasure. Susan woke in a really foul mood. She hated him! She did not want to be his plaything, his conquest. She was her own woman. Nevertheless, she couldn't avoid the erotic remembrance of a how a hard penis had felt in her mouth, in her hand, as her fingers curled around it, and in her cunt, stretching her deliciously.

As she collected her milk for breakfast from the kitchen she met Nicole. They ate breakfast together, talking about their courses. Moving the conversation on, Nicole mentioned in passing that John was coming down tomorrow - `Horny bastard, can't keep away - he wasn't supposed to come down again for another two weeks', was her typically blunt assessment of his motives. `You're just as horny for him', Susan noted with amusement. `That's for sure', Nicole agreed, `Speaking of being horny, are you still interested in joining us, like we've discussed?'.

Susan thought hard about her reply. She could still remember how John had looked with just his towel wrapped around him - he was definitely "a bit of alright". Furthermore she was feeling definitely horny after her disturbed night of dreams. However, David had hurt her - he had used her, pretending to be interested in her when all he wanted was to get into her pants. `I don't know, I'm not very interested in men just now', she replied eventually.

`I know, I understand. Don't worry about it. You don't have to decide yet, see how you feel tomorrow', Nicole responded. Susan felt great warmth towards her new friend, Nicole had comforted her so well on that night, and now was being so understanding.


After breakfast, Susan had no lectures, so she decided that she would go and study with Paul, she intended to finish getting that lab written up. She headed over to Paul's room, in Randall Hall; enjoying the bracing air of early autumn, and admiring the array of colours that the leaves were proclaiming. Chlorophyll breakdown, Susan noted, with prosaic scientific commentary. When she reached Paul room, number 114, she banged loudly on the door. This was greeted with a sleepy groan from within, and a not particularly friendly, `Who-is-it?'.

`Susie, Susie Braddock', Susan responded cheerfully. Somehow the fact that `Perfect Paul' was not up and working from first light, and he was grumpy first thing in the morning like a normal human being, was somehow refreshing.

`Ah, hold on, just a second'. A minute later Paul opened the door dressed in a rather old dressing gown. `Come in, sorry I wasn't up', Paul said, standing aside to let her enter. Susan entered, and guessed that Paul had been busy trying to make his room a little more presentable before he asked her in. However, he had conspicuously failed: it was an utter tip. There were clothes in piles on the floor; unwashed coffee cups overflowed the sink; .... it would clearly take a lot longer than a minute or two to turn it into some sort of order, Susan noted with humour.

As if suddenly aware of the musty-ness of his room, Paul opened a window, and gusts of fresh air entered. As he was doing that Susan took the opportunity to observe him. He looked rather masculine in his robe, his hairy muscular calves and strong feet emphasising his manliness. His hair was definitely tousled, but as he'd just got up, so that wasn't surprising. He looked rather rugged, and Susan was surprised to find herself responding to the sight of him. She hadn't really thought of him as anymore than a friend before. Paul turned, and caught her looking at him. Susan blushed, turned away, and said, `I was hoping we could finish off this lab write-up this morning'.

`Yea, sure. Um, I'll just, ah, shower and get dressed', Paul replied. The look he'd seen on Susan's face was disconcerting ... She was very beautiful when she blushed. `Yes, you go and shower, and I'll start on the dishes', Susan ordered, taking control of the situation. `There's no need to ...', Paul started to reply but Susan interrupted him, `Yes there is, now move it, we've got some studying to do'.

`Just like my mother', Paul muttered, loud enough for Susan to hear, as he headed off to the shower. Susan just smiled. When he returned he found that Susan had really gotten into the domestic scene, and after finishing the mugs, had started on tidying the rest of his room. Susan waited outside his room while he got dressed. She was tempted to put her eye to the keyhole, but resisted successfully. `Show some dignity', she thought to herself.

Soon he was dressed, and they got down to some studying. Actually it wasn't as productive as it could have been. They spent too much time joking, and talking about all sorts of trivial things. Nevertheless, the lab was written up, and they finished their preparation for the next, which was that afternoon.

They had lunch together at the cafeteria, and turned up for their lab on time. Their preparation paid off, and Susan even understood what she was doing and trying to achieve most of the time! They finished half and hour early, and headed back to their halls. They reached Cromwell Hall first, and Susan invited Paul in for a coffee.

It was very different with Paul in her room compared with David. David had had a real aura of sexuality which had made her nervous. Paul, however, was a friend. A friend she was beginning to be interested in, true, but he was comfortable, nevertheless.

Susan had noticed that Paul had stolen the odd look at her through-out the day, looks that could almost be interpreted as lustful. He's interested, she had concluded, feeling rather pleased. Now, in the security of her own room, she felt safe enough to engage in a little light flirting. She made sure that their hands brushed as she gave him his coffee; her breast brushed his arm as she reached passed him for the biscuit tin; and she positioned herself in a discreetly provocative manner in the chair across from him. Susan was amused to see Paul become slightly flustered, not really being aware of what was going on, nor why he was suddenly finding himself responding to her more strongly than usual.

Susan was thinking about how she could take things further, and whether she really wanted to, when a knock come on her door. She opened it to find Nicole and Melonie, who were inviting themselves in for coffee. Susan felt a little put-out by this intrusion, but couldn't think of a polite way of rejecting her friends. So she found her self making coffee for her friends. Her room was small and she was less than delighted to find Nicole had taken her seat and Melonie was sitting on the bed beside Paul - a bit too close she thought jealously. Paul had not met Nicole or Melonie before, but they were quickly getting to know one another. `Perhaps he has better social skills than I first thought', Susan thought with a mixture of emotions; pride that he could handle himself socially, jealous that he was joking so freely with other women.

`Susan Braddock just stop this at once, You've got no claim on him, and anyway, you are not interested in any men at the moment', she scolded herself in her thoughts. `Pull yourself together woman!' Thus chastised, Susan forced herself to enter into the easy bantering conversation. However, she was acutely aware that Melonie's thigh would brush Paul's from time to time, and that, at one stage, Nicole reached over and placed a hand briefly on Paul's knee. Paul himself seemed unconcerned and unaware that her two "friends" were making a play for him. Before long, however, Paul made excuses about having to go and prepare his evening meal. Susan was glad to rescue him from her friends, and after seeing him to the door, arranged to met him for studying the next afternoon.

When Susan re-entered the room, Nicole stood-up, moved towards her, and whispered in her ear: `We know the thing to take your mind off your man problems'. And with that, Nicole captured both her hands in hers. Meanwhile, Melonie had also stood-up, and was moving behind her. while rummaging in her bag.

Susan was immediately apprehensive, and she wasn't feeling at all sexy yet, being still a bit irritated by her friends intrusion. However, the sexiness of the situation, the vice-like grip of Nicole's hands, and her sexy whispering about having been into town this morning and having bought a "toy" that they were sure that she'd like, surprisingly quickly started to get Susan turned on. She was more of a slut than she'd ever thought possible only a week ago, she concluded to herself.

Melonie meanwhile had come up behind her, and was running a hand over her breasts from behind. Susan could feel Melonie's soft breasts squashed against her back, and she couldn't help rubbing her bottom against Melonie's crotch. Melonie's other hand was rucking up her skirt, and caressing her thighs. Nicole meanwhile was nibbling her ear-lobe in between promising her sexual delights the likes of which she'd never dreamt. In spite of herself, Susan found it very flattering and extremely exciting to be the centre of attention of her two friends. Her sensations were starting to overload again. Her pussy was definitely getting wet.

Just then Melonie's questing hand started a slow climb up the inside of her thighs. Susan found herself parting her legs for her friend - it was as if her will had melted like butter. Nicole meanwhile had taken to unbuttoning Susan's blouse with one hand, while keeping her hands imprisoned with her other hand. Susan could have broken free at anytime, but she had no inclination to. The spice of being forced was intoxicating. Susan shuddered as she felt Melonie's fingers brush her vaginal lips through her panties. `Wow, you are wet. You really want to be fucked by us girls, don't you?', Melonie asked, partly with surprise, and partly to incite Susan into vocalising her arousal. `Un, oh, yes', Susan managed to force out, her breath suddenly seeming to be in short supply.

Nicole tied Susan's wrists together with a scarf from Melonie's bag, and then took over the caressing of Susan's breasts. She pinched Susan's nipples quite hard. `OHH', was the urgent gasp that was brought to Susan lips. `Oh my clit throbs when you do that, oh, yes, yes', Susan panted, as Nicole's fingers elicited erotic sensations from her nipples that could not be denied. Melonie meanwhile was easing Susan's sopping panties down her thighs.

Before Susan knew it, she was naked, kneeling down on the floor with her bottom in the air, her face in one of her pillows from the bed, and her hands still tied together out in front of her. She was wiggling her bottom hoping that her friends would continue caressing her, but as she could see looking back between her thighs, Nicole and Melonie were busy undressing each other somewhat urgently. Somehow the exposure and wantonness of the position into which Nicole and Melonie had manoeuvred her, only added to Susan's horniness. Her clitoris was throbbing so that she couldn't avoid making little moaning noises from time to time as she waited for her friends, even though no-one was touching her. Her fevered imagination was anticipating the delights promised by Nicole. Apparently they were going to push Melonie's vibrator up her ass, and Nicole was going to fuck her with a double-ended dildo that they'd purchased from a sex shop that morning. Susan felt so wet she almost wondered if a drop or two of her love juice was dripping onto the carpet. She had never felt so much anticipation.

Susan almost swooned when she felt Melonie's hand return to her pussy. She was collecting Susan's love juices so that she could smear it all over her bottom, and especially around and in her anus. Susan couldn't help clenching her sphincter muscles as she felt Melonie probe with one finger. However, it was so slippery that Melonie's finger quickly sunk in to the hilt. Susan and Melonie moaned at the same time. It was so lewd and exciting. Then Susan felt Melonie's finger leave and the cold plastic of her vibrator take its place, probing her opening. Susan was so worked up that she couldn't help thrusting her bottom up to meet it. `You sure are horny', she heard Nicole saying from somewhere behind her, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was fucked. The vibrator slide in all-of-a-sudden, taking Susan by surprise, and she moaned her passion into the pillow.

Before she had quite adjusted to the amazing stretching and filling sensation of that, she felt the probing of something else between her labia. Looking back, she could see Nicole behind her with a giant dildo sticking out of her cunt. Nicole must have been pretty wet to have managed to fit the other end in her, Susan thought, just before rational thought dissolved with the sensation of her pussy being stretched as her friend slide into her. It was amazing. Different from how it had been the first time with David - not better, just different.

Susan felt so lewd with a vibrator stuck up her ass, and her friend fucking her with a double-ended dildo. She couldn't stop saying, `Oh, yes, yes, oh, wow, yes, fuck me, stick it up me, oh, oh, ... '. Melonie had turned the vibrator on at one point, and it was causing a deep throbbing somewhere deep inside her. Nicole was setting up a rhythm. It was deliciously different from fucking, the dildo sliding about in both their sopping pussies slightly out of step with their thrusts. Before Susan knew what was happening she was climaxing uncontrollably. She was moaning ecstatically into her pillow, she wanted to flail her legs about, but the way that Nicole kept hold of her hips and kept on fucking her didn't give Susan that freedom.

When Susan came down from her exquisite high, she realised that Nicole still hadn't come, and that she was continuing to thrust the dildo in and out of them. The sensations where pleasant, especially combined with the vibrations coming from the vibrator, but the urgency had gone for Susan for the moment, so she looked around for Melonie. She found her half sitting, half lying on the chair, with three fingers up her pussy. She was definitely flushed, and had that look of concentration that spoke of a climax not too far away. Susan found the sight very stimulating, and got back into thrusting back at Nicole as she thrust into her. This brought a cry of passion from Nicole who was approaching her own crisis. The groan was echoed by Melonie who was watching her friends fuck each other with the dildo, and it was enough to send her over the top to a satisfying climax, as her fingers pumped in and out of her.

Seeing Melonie finger-fuck herself spurred Nicole and Susan on, and before long they both came. Susan collapsed under Nicole, her breathing coming in very shallow gasps. As they lay there trying to re-gain their breath Susan could feel a third climax building from the vibrator still stuck up her bottom. Her moans brought Melonie over to start sliding the vibrator in and out of her. Within a minute Susan shuddered in a third and final climax, and then Melonie took the vibrator out and turned it off.

It had been a good time, but looking back on it, it made them slightly uneasy in each others' company. Susan felt embarrassed about how shameless she had been, and how she had responded to the crude things her friends had said and done to her. Nicole and Melonie sensed her embarrassment, and it made conversation slightly awkward. Before long they left.

Susan was by herself in her room. Her body was pleasantly satisfied with the afterglow of good sex, but she felt empty. A little-bit used by her friends perhaps? She curled up on her bed and cried herself to sleep, wishing that she was back at home with her parents.

Later that evening Susan woke to feel Nicole slip into bed beside her - she must have left her door on the latch, not a good habit to get into, she mentally noted. Nicole cuddled her, and apologised if they had been too rough with her earlier. They kissed sweetly, and fell asleep in one-another's arms.