Susan Starts .... Third Chapter

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16 Apr. '17

7. Friday

It was nice waking up in the same bed as Nicole - even if it was a bit cramped. Susan felt extremely peaceful and happy that morning. Her body still felt relaxed and satisfied from the delights of the previous night. Susan lent over and kissed Nicole's soft nipples. They started to harden slowly, and Nicole moaned in her sleep. Encouraged, Susan started licking them in earnest. Nicole woke to feel a fire being lit within her, as her nipples where being lathed by a hot tongue. `Oh Suzi, that is wonderful', she moaned languidly. Susan continued sucking and licking for some time, and then moved down Nicole's body, pioneering with a trail of kisses. Susan closed her mouth on her friends pussy without the usual teasing. Nicole arched, as she felt the wet tongue part her labia, and stimulate the outer part of her cunt. Susan licked up, and found Nicole's clitoris, which she proceeded to strum rhythmically. Before long Nicole was whimpering, and she was holding Susan's head against her. Nicole came with the exquisite sensations moments later. Susan looked up, and smiled at her satisfied friend. Nicole smiled back, the smile of a satisfied woman.

Nicole had an early lecture, so they hurriedly washed, had breakfast, and headed off to the lecture block. Susan left Nicole there, and headed on to the library. Having got up so early, she intended to make good use of the morning by getting some reading done. She met Rachel there, and they worked together in companionable silence for a couple of hours. Susan found herself quite attracted to Rachel, who was a brunette, with rather small breasts. Her face was flawless; her lips were perfectly formed, and were always smiling, her eyes sparkled with life. However, she felt unsure about letting Rachel know her attraction. She may be horrified to receive an advance from another woman. If she was rejected, Susan knew she would die of embarrassment. Things had practically just happened with Nicole and Melonie, but to coldly plan to initiate a sexual encounter was something else again - Susan wasn't sure that she'd ever have the courage. Although, may be, at times, she'd feel so horny that she'd just take the risk anyway. Susan wasn't sure. It was a whole new complicated world that had opened up to her since she had arrived at University. At least with boys, they were supposed to take the initiative (well, that may not be necessary, but it was still common - Susan mentally edited her thoughts to be politically correct). However, when you were both women what was the protocol? Susan didn't know.

After lunch at the cafeteria, Susan had another lecture. She met up with Paul outside the lecture hall, and they sat together during the lecture. It was one of the most boring lectures of Susan's life. The lecturer seemed to mumble on about something or other, but there didn't seem to be any structure or direction to the ramble. `I can see that this is one subject we`re going to have to learn from textbooks', Paul commentated under his breath half way through the lecture. Susan couldn't help but agree. The next lecture was refreshingly different, and Susan felt glad that she'd decided to study her subject. The lecturer was young, but well organised and enthusiastic. It made all the difference. The third lecture was the second one on that subject, the first Susan had missed on Tuesday morning when she'd failed to get up. Susan struggled throughout to understand what was going on, and, just before the end, it started to make some sense - sort-a.

Susan walked back to the halls with Paul. He invited her over to his hall, to share his dinner, and she gladly accepted. Her own cooking wasn't too bad, but it wasn't up to her mother's standards. However, she believed, men fell into two categories, those that couldn't cook, and never attempted it, and those that cooked, and were potential chefs. The fact that Paul cooked, meant that he would obviously fall into the second category. Susan's philosophy was rudely shattered by Paul's attempt half an hour later. It was barely edible - worse than her own. They fell about laughing at the result. Susan laughed even more when Paul claimed that he was normally better than this, it was all the oven's fault. She had the giggles that just wouldn't quit. Eventually, she managed to explain to Paul her theory about male cooks, and he too dissolved into giggles, as Susan tried to explain that her whole philosophy of cooking had been overturned in moment of culinary catastrophe. `Who needs drugs or alcohol to get high?', Paul had asked when they had regained some composure. Susan agreed, she couldn't remember when she'd had such a good time.

However all good times come to an end, and Paul had another student coming round to study with that night, to study a subject that Susan wasn't taking, so she headed back to her own room. Just as Susan was about to enter her room, Nicole came out of her door. `Oh, hi Nicole, have you seen Melonie?', Susan asked. `Yea, she's got a date this evening with this hunk - a computer nerd', `Oh', said Susan, who had half planned on making sure there were no bad feelings between them about yesterday evening, and perhaps, if the truth be told, on seducing her.

`By the way', Nicole continued, `John's just arrived, why don't you come in for a coffee?' Susan had forgotten that John was expected, so she was caught unprepared. `Oh, I don't know ... Um, I'm ... ', `At least come in for a coffee', Nicole interrupted, standing aside to let Susan enter. It was with some trepidation that Susan entered. John didn't notice her immediately, he had his back to the door and was busy struggling out of his motor-cycle gear. John looked really surprised when he turned and saw her, `Oh!, your ..., um, sorry I've forgotten your name', `Susie', Susan supplied. `Yes, of course, Susie, We met last week, you're the one who, um, yes', John wound down in confusion.

Susan, with her new confidence in interacting with men, simply raised a quizzical eyebrow, not letting him off the hook. `You're the one we had breakfast with', John ended lamely. Susan smiled, `It was lunch for me, but yes.'

Nicole said, `Suzi, I haven't mentioned anything to John yet about our little plan', as she handed out the coffees that she'd just made. `Oh, and what plan is this?', asked John curiously, as he settled back on Nicole's bed with his coffee.

`Do you want to tell him?', Nicole asked Susan with a grin. Susan could feel herself blushing furiously. `No!', was her explosive response. John looked from one to the other, slightly confused, but beginning to catch on that something interesting was afoot.

`Well, you see... You remember that we guessed that Suzi had heard us fucking last weekend, and that it had got her all excited? Well, we were right. Suzi got really hot over us and just couldn't help frigging her wet pussy. Anyway, as we were talking during the week I mentioned our open relationship, and Suzi was really interested. It seems that she hasn't got a regular boyfriend, and is constantly really horny, and needs a good fucking.'

Susan didn't know where to look as Nicole was saying this. She wanted to jump in and correct Nicole's story, but didn't know how without embarrassing herself even more. She could tell, without looking up, that John was intently studying her. Her body was beginning to tingle with sexual excitement now, in spite of the awfulness of the situation.

`Is that true, Susie?', John asked, his blue eyes catching hers, as she looked up when he asked his question. Susan felt utterly embarrassed, what was she supposed to say? `Sort of', she said eventually, looking down at her feet.

`Which parts are true, the bit about being constantly horny, or the bit about needing a good fucking?'. Susan could hear the good humoured smile in his voice, she didn't need to see his face. Was the answer to this question, the first, the second, both, or neither? Susan was spared answering, by Nicole, who said, `Don't tease, John. Susan and I are both eager to feel your hard, throbbing, cock up our hot, tight, pussies. We are going to give you the fucking of your life, we are going to drain you off every drop of spunk from your balls. The question is, are you man enough for us?'

John looked slightly taken aback by Nicole's words, but quickly recovered, as Nicole stood up, put on some music, and starting dancing, moving her hands up and down her body in the most seductive way. She ran her hands over her breasts, lifting them up, and thrusting her chest out at the same time, then provocatively running her hands down her thighs. Susan and Nicole both noticed the growing bulge in John's trousers. Susan found herself torn between wanting to watch the beautiful and seductive Nicole, or the lusting and horny John. She settled for John. She found her own excitement increasing as his did. If his cock was growing, her love juices were definitely beginning to flow. She wanted to part her thighs and rub her clitoris through her jeans, but she settled for pressing her thighs together, and feeling the delicious movement of her labia tugging on her clit.

Nicole meanwhile continued her erotic movements by starting to unbutton her blouse. John's eyes must have seen her undress a hundred times, but they still bulged. Nicole's blouse was thrown into the corner of the room, and she caressed her breasts through her bra. This in turn was un-clipped, and Nicole danced about holding the bra cups in place with her hands. John tried to catch her as she moved in near him, but she quickly retreated out of reach. The bra joined her blouse, and Susan and John both admired Nicole's perfect breasts, alabaster white, with delicate pink nipples. Nicole turned to Susan and said, `Join me'.

A few minutes ago, Susan would never have dreamt of blatantly performing a strip tease in front of John, but now ... now her clit was throbbing, now she was feeling very turned on, and the idea of exciting John, and Nicole, seemed very tempting. Nicole reached for her hands and helped her too her feet. Susan felt a few moments awkwardness, but as she started to move to the music her inhibitions seemed to melt like the snow at noon. She mimicked Nicole's moves of a few minutes ago, she couldn't help moaning however as her hands brushed her nipples, even through her clothes. As she danced, she noted John's response; he was almost drooling! That Nicole and Susan were both dancing provocatively before him was more than he could believe. Susan looked so young and virginal, her blond hair so beautiful, her movements so raunchy. John found himself rubbing himself through his trousers. This didn't help, it just made the discomfort at his tight confinement more intolerable. As Susan's blouse drifted over to join the Nicole's pile in the corner of the room, John released his erection from his jeans. It had long since escaped his boxer shorts, and it stood up proudly.

Susan found the sight captivating. It was only the second erect penis she'd ever seen (she'd seen her little brother's soft penis once, by accident). As she danced, her eyes remained fixed on it. Nicole was transfixed as well, but still managed to unzip, and step out of her skirt in a stylish movement. She was now only wearing lacy panties. John could feel his cock throb at the sight of the sexy thighs of his wonderful girlfriend. Susan felt another twinge of self-consciousness as she undid her bra and brazenly revealed her charms. John's hand closed, convulsively, on his erect member. Susan forgot about herself as she watched John's hand start to pump his erection. She'd never seen a man masturbate before. It seemed to connect with erotic excitement centres in her brain which she had never had stimulated before, pleasurable shivers ran down her body. Susan managed to shed her jeans next without feeling too clumsy, and Nicole removed her panties. These developments brought a very appreciative whistle from John.

Nicole came up behind Susan, and reached around and clasped her breasts as she danced, her own breasts flattening against Susan's back. Susan couldn't help the gasp that escaped her mouth. John could hardly believe what was transpiring before his very eyes, he even forgot to continue his pumping. His sexy girlfriend had talked one of her friends into coming into her room and performing a strip tease for him, and now she was feeling this girl up, right in front of him! And Susan was obviously enjoying it. Her eyes were closed and her movements languid. Susan gasped and John's eyes bulged again, as one of Nicole's hands drifted lower, caressing as it went, until it was running beneath Susan's panties into her bush. `Wow' was John's awed whisper. Susan and Nicole were both continuing to sway to the music, as Nicole's fingers touched Susan's labia. It was a moan this time that escaped from Susan.

Susan was in a blaze of sexual excitement, as she swayed to the music, practically naked before John. A naked Nicole was working wonderful magic as she caressed her right breast, and touched her pussy. Susan sensed some movement, and when she opened her passion laden eyes, it was to see John kneeling directly in front of her, his head level with her panties. His hands came up and, with some trembling, closed upon her panties at the sides. He pulled and Susan's pussy and Nicole's fingers came into view. It felt so sensual to Susan to be so exposed. She felt even more sensual and lewd, as Nicole held open her labia to reveal her glistening, dark pink cunt to John's captivated eyes. `Ummmahh', was all she could reply as John's tongue darted out to taste her juices, and probe within her.

Nicole was kissing and nibbling her neck, both her hands were now squeezing her breasts and rolling and pulling her nipples, and John's tongue was licking away like mad, creating crazy sensations. Susan was reeling with pleasure. It was all too much. A wave of pleasure was building within her, rushing towards the shore at a gallop. Susan started gasping and moaning incoherently, as both her hands clasped John's head in place. `Ohhhh, yea, yea, ah, ahh, ahhhoww, gosh, yes, yess!, yesss!'. It seemed incredible that she hadn't come yet, but still her pleasure built. Suddenly she was coming, `Aaaooowwwwwww, aaoww'. It felt like it would never stop, `Awwow, unnnm'. She wondered if it would continue indefinitely. `OHHHhhhhh'. It died away. Susan felt shaken to her core and weak all over. She had never come like that before.

John was continuing to lick away, but she was too sensitive, she had to pull his head away. John took the message, and stood up and kissed her on her mouth. It was strange tasting herself on his lips but it wasn't unpleasant. Nicole disengaged herself from Susan, and came and knelt between them. Susan could feel the groan and urgency in John's kiss as Nicole's mouth closed upon the end of his very erect cock. Susan broke the kiss, and staggered back and sat down on a chair, still weak from her orgasm, and watched the action that was taking place in front of her. She had never seen anyone taking a penis in their mouth before, but it sure looked sexy. She loved the way that Nicole would take about three inches of John's throbbing erection into her mouth, suck it, and then would pull it out twirl her tongue over the head, over and over again. John seemed to be enjoying it as well, judging from his groans, and how red his neck and face were getting. His breathing was laboured as well.

Nicole had one hand on the floor steadying herself, her other was rubbing away at her madly throbbing clitoris, and her head was bobbing up and down on John's erection. Suddenly, John sort-of moaned, and gasped, `Ohh, I'm gonna come, OH, I'm gonna come, AHH, I coming .... I coming...'. Susan was captivated to see great globs of white cum spurt from his cock and land all over Nicole's face. Her mouth was open, and she was trying to catch it there, but John cock was jerking so much that it was landing all over her face. Susan slipped from the chair, and knelt before Nicole, kissing the cum off her face. It tasted slightly salty, but rather nice. Nicole meanwhile was still frigging her clit in desperation. `I'm nearly there, just a little bit more ..', she gasped. Susan and John watched as Nicole brought herself to a very satisfying climax. `Ummmm, that was good - for starters', Nicole stated, with a grin.

`Hey, I'm out of action for the moment', John said, defensively, and Nicole and Susan could see that that his penis had shrivelled since his climax. `Never mind, just finish undressing and get on the bed, and Suzi and I will give you a show, won't we Suzi?', Nicole asked. Susan, who was feeling rather horny again after having seen Nicole and John, and after having tasted John's cum, was more than happy with this suggestion. `Sure', she replied. John, therefore, removed his clothes, and stretched out naked on the small bed. `He looks all male', thought Susan to herself.

A slower song was playing now, and Susan and Nicole embraced in the middle of the room swaying to the music. It was very sensual, breast to breast and thigh to thigh. Susan kissed Nicole deeply, her tongue plundering her friend's mouth, their lips moving wonderful over each others'. Nicole's thigh moved naturally between Susan's own, and Susan sighed softly as she felt her labia press against Nicole's satin smooth thigh. Susan raised one hand and held one of Nicole's breasts as they rocked to the music. She squeezed it, and moved her torso so that her nipples brushed against Nicole's. Both their nipples became erect, and it was Nicole's turn to sigh. Her eyes were closed, she was really getting into this. Susan's love juices were making a wet patch on Nicole's thigh, as she continued to move sensuously against Susan's pussy.

John could feel his penis swelling again as he watched his girlfriend and her female lover caress and turn each other on. It was very exciting, seeing two beautiful women pleasuring each other. Susan was taller than Nicole and her breasts were smaller, but she was really sexy. Nicole sure knew how to choose them, he concluded happily. He had never guessed that Nicole was into other women. This opened up more possibilities for a very interesting sex life. John idylly played with his growing cock as he watched the two women getting more and more steamed from their slow dance.

Susan twisted Nicole in her arms, so that she was standing behind her, she kissed and nibbled at Nicole's throat, as she twisted her head around to continue their hot kisses. Their lips closed on each other and their lips continued their dual. Susan started rolling Nicole's erect nipples between her fingers, and every so often, she would pinch them lightly, pulling them out from Nicole's breasts. Nicole was panting and whimpering with passion.

John couldn't remain a passive observer any longer. His cock was hard and throbbing, and he longed to sink it deep into hot and willing pussy. He considered briefly about coming up behind Susan and fucking her from behind, but he wasn't sure if she was on the pill, or come to that, what her sexual history was. He decided he would fuck Nicole instead. He moved in front of Nicole, who didn't see him as she was kissing Susan deeply. Susan however did, she winked, and used her hands to hold Nicole's labia apart so John could see clearly where to thrust. In one smooth movement John positioned himself and thrust deep into Nicole. Her eyes flew open in surprise, but Susan continued to kiss her, probing her tongue into Nicole's mouth in time with John's thrusts. Nicole felt in heaven, being sandwiched between two very sexy bodies, both intent on helping her to experience incredible sexual pleasure.

Susan eventually released Nicole's mouth so she could kiss John. By now, Nicole was moaning in time with John's thrusts. Susan retired to the bed, and lay down watching them fuck. She drew her own feet up, and spread her knees, giving her fingers easy access to her throbbing clit and slick pussy. She slid two, then three fingers into her sopping cunt, as she watched Nicole and John. John had backed Nicole up against the wall, and was thrusting into her with a slow steady rhythm. Susan found the sight of his bobbing buttocks, with their clenching muscles, very stimulating, and she pumped her fingers in time with them. Nicole was gasping, her legs had raised off the floor and she had wrapped them around John, her ankles beating against his bottom as he thrust in to her. Susan could see over John's shoulder the grimace of unbearable pleasure on Nicole's face. Susan could also see his prick sliding in and out, in and out. It was glistening now with Nicole's juices. Was it really only a week ago that she'd first heard them fucking through her wall? And now she was there in the same room watching them, and publicly masturbating as well.

John started pumping more furiously, and Nicole started whimpering and moaning louder and louder. This further increased Susan's excitement, and she increased the speed of her pumping. All three came with shuddering climaxes within seconds of each other. John pumping his seed deep into Nicole. It was some time before they could catch their breath.

They shared a hot chocolate afterwards, and Susan got to learn more about Nicole and John. She was particularly interested in hearing John's answer to Nicole's question about whether he had had any sexual experiences in the last week. He claimed that he hadn't, but that there was a pretty blond on his course whom he had started to chat-up. Nicole wanted all the details, and at the end, extracted a promise to be kept informed of any developments.

Eventually thoughts turned to sleep, and Susan realised that she'd have to return to her own room, John and Nicole were going to be squashed enough in that bed without trying to fit a third in. Susan entered her own room, and quickly prepared for bed. It had been a really good evening, John had helped demonstrate that men weren't all as awful as David had been. However, it was Paul that Susan found herself thinking about as she slipped off to sleep.

8. Saturday

Susan was woken the next morning by the discordant clamour of her alarm. She tumbled out of bed, crossed the room and turned it off, then she realised that it was a Saturday - no lectures! She could have had hours more sleep. She'd been too preoccupied thinking about the loving she'd just shared with Nicole and John when she'd gone to bed to remember about the alarm. Oh, well, perhaps it was worth trying to get to sleep again. Susan crawled back into bed, and lay down. Her mind, refreshed from a night's sleep, was active, and started running over the scenes from yesterday evening in her mind. She remembered how she had brazenly stripped before John, how she had been licked out by his wonderful tongue, and brought to a shuddering climax, and had tasted cum for the first time, as she had licked it off Nicole's face. She also remembered seeing John and Nicole fucking as they stood against the wall. It was true that sex was a very visual stimulus.

Susan was rubbing her clitoris against the bed as she lay on her front, bouncing her bottom up and down. She had gotten really turned on remembering the loving of yesterday. The pleasure of her rocking movements was wonderful - she was going to be able to bring herself to a climax, all she needed was a little longer. Susan moaned into the pillow as her pleasure built. Her pussy was wet, and her clit was throbbing. `Ah, Ahh, Ahhhhh!', Susan cried into her pillow as the delicious friction sent her over the top.

Refreshed from her orgasm, Susan wrapped a dressing-gown around her, grabbed her wash-bag, and headed-off towards the shower. She had to wait for a stall to become free; eventually however, a beautiful woman stepped out (Susan didn't know her name, but she had seen her around, she had a room along the corridor from Susan's). Susan entered the stall, removed her robe, rescued her soap from her wash-bag, and entered the shower. It was hot, and the water pressure was adequate to drive the water in tight needles against her skin. It was invigorating, and Susan probably spent longer there than she should, given the regular warnings about saving water due to this year's draught. Nevertheless it was glorious, and Susan enjoyed each luxurious minute. Stepping out of the shower Susan could feel her spirits soar. She was young, she was at University, doing the course she wanted, and she looked good. Life was good!

Returning to her room she ran into a boy coming out of Melonie's room. Melonie was right behind him, and they both looked a little embarrassed to be seen coming out of her room together so early in the morning. Susan smiled at them both, and walked on down the corridor to her room. When she got to her door, she turned and looked back at them. The boy had his back to her, and was saying goodbye to Melonie. Susan, noticing that Melonie could see her, and feeling wicked, allowed her gown to drift open, flashing her naked charms momentarily to Melonie, before entering her own room. She felt good, in a teasing mood.

Susan had just pulled on her favourite red lace panties when there was a knock at her door. `Who is it?', she called. `Melonie' was the reply. Susan opened the door and stood back to let her enter. Melonie looked beautiful, her red hair tumbling around her formed the perfect frame to the glow of her smiling face. `Hi, I was just dressing', Susan welcomed, and was rewarded with a positive beam from Melonie, who seemed full of the joys of spring this morning. `So I see', she replied, looking Susan up and down, enjoying every inch. Susan's perky breasts especially forming a feast for her eyes. Susan didn't fail to notice that her bouncing boobs were captivating Melonie. Her nipples tightened under her friend's inspection.

`So, who was your man?', Susan eventually brokedown and asked, curiosity having mastered her. `His name is Mark', Melonie bubbled, positively overflowing with joy, `and he is third year Computer Scientist, and we met the day before yesterday in the cafeteria, when it was so crowded that we were forced to shared a table. We got chatting, and although he's shy, he's really sweet, and has a great sense of humour once you break through his shyness. Anyway we chatted most of yesterday afternoon, and then he asked me out. He's got his own car, (he took a year out to work in industry to earn the money for it), and he took me to a lovely French restaurant.'

`He sounds like a real smoothy', Susan said, breaking into her friend's flow. `Oh no. He's a real gentleman, but it's natural, totally unstudied ... and anyway, he was going to leave me after just a good-night kiss. I had to use all my charms to entice him into my room last night'.

`And what charms!', Susan added, running her hand down Melonie's cheek and neck, and sliding it under her cardigan to cup her left breast. Almost instantly Susan could feel Melonie's nipple erecting, and pressing against the palm of her hand. A dreamy look came over Melonie's face, and a gentle `mmm' escaped. Susan continued to mould and press Melonie's breast for awhile, as a definite flush rose to Melonie's face. `So what happened once you got him in your room?', Susan asked.

`We started kissing as we sat next to each other on the bed. He was so gentle with me, he caressed my hair as we kissed, and he ... Ummmm ... he kissed .... ahhh ... he kissed wonderfully', Melonie's description being interrupted by sighs caused by Susan's gentle tweaking of her nipples. Susan had moved behind her, and was now cupping both her breasts through her t-shirt, her nipples erect and caught between the spread fingers of each hand.

`So what happened next?', Susan asked in a husky voice next to Melonie's ear. `We kissed for ages, until it was obvious that Mark wasn't going to go any further without more encouragement, ohhh, so, mmm, so I ... ahh Susie ... I took one of his hands and placed it on one of my breasts. When I did that he moaned, and kissed me every more heatedly'. Susan could tell that Melonie was melting in her arms, and that she longed to turn in her arms and kiss her ... but she deliberately held Melonie tightly preventing that, while continuing to caress her breasts and to squeeze, tantalisingly, her nipples, under her T-shirt now. `I melted as he caressed me ... he was so passionate ... so ... mmm .. so hot!'. Melonie was starting to pant. Susan nibbled her neck, as Melonie panted: `I nearly swooned when ... he ran his hands up the ... outside of my thighs ... he had this way of doing it ... which was ... heavenly! ... mmmm ... I was burning ... up. .... We were feverish as we .... undressed each other ... Ahhh Susie!!'. This last exclamation being elicited by Susan's hand as it cupped Melonie's mound through her skirt. `Yes?', Susan asked, herself slightly out of breath from the excitement of turning on her sexy friend, while continuing her rhythmic caresses. Melonie formed no coherent reply in response to her friend's question ... all she emitted were the occasional moan and sigh.

`So what happened after you had stripped each other?', probed Susan, as her hand rucked up Melonie's skirt to remove an irritating barrier between her hand and Melonie's now decidedly juicy pussy. `Ahhmm, ohh, mmm, we.. ... that is, he ... mmm ... he was so gentle with me ... he caressed me so ... so tenderly ... ohh, yes, ohh ... and kissed me ... and entered me so slowly ... ahhh!'. Susan fingers had slipped inside Melonie's panties, had touched her pouting labia, and were now sliding backwards and forwards between them in Melonie's creamy sex juices. As Melonie gasped in her arms, Susan pinched and pulled gently on one of Melonie's nipples, and slid two fingers into her hungry cunt. They slid in easily, slick as it was with Melonie's excitement.

`It was so ...ahhh ... ohhh ... so ... romantic ... and ... huhhhh ... special .... he made love to me ... he ... Ohhh Susie, yesss ... he told me he loved me ... as I climaxed ... over and over ... AHHHoooohh!'. The last was a wholehearted cry as Melonie convulsed in climax on Susan's magic fingers. Susan held and kissed her friend as she shuddered in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Once Melonie had recovered, she continued to explain to Susan how she believed that she might be falling in love ... about how considerate and wonderful and caring and ... everything ... Mark seemed to be ... so different from previous boyfriends. Susan was really pleased for her friend, but couldn't help worrying slightly what it would mean for their friendship. Melonie remembered then that her friend had not come, and touched Susan between her legs: almost before she had started, Susan buckled and collapsed. `Whhhhhoohh, Ahhhhh', Susan gasped. `Boy was I ready for that!', she exclaimed after regaining her breath. Melonie couldn't help smiling at her sexy friend.

Eventually Melonie left, leaving Susan to finish dressing. Susan noticed that her red panties had dark stain on them where her juices had run. She considered changing them ... but she was running low on fresh underwear ... not having done any laundry yet this term ... and she was feeling wicked, so Susan decided to slip them off and go all day without any. The men would flock to her today if they only knew, she laughed to herself.


After dressing, Susan did a load of laundry, and then headed into town and spent the rest of the morning window shopping. Lunch time found her in McDonald's with some fries and a cheese burger, when in walked Paul. His face lit up when he saw her, and, after ordering, he joined her at her table. Susan felt a happy warm glow within to see him respond with such genuine pleasure at seeing her.

They spent the rest of the day shopping together. Susan managed to talk Paul into buying some trendy clothes. Susan revelled in her power over him, over her ability to change his image. In her own mind it was totally different when she decided that she didn't really want a blouse when he was less than enthusiastic about it. At the end of the afternoon, Paul asked her if she'd like to go for a pizza, and Susan had said `Yes' before she had noticed that this would be their first real "date". Once she'd noticed, she couldn't help smiling with happiness.

Paul drove her to another part of town, to a very nice Italian restaurant he'd discovered. It was suitably romantic, each table being lit by candles. Paul very tentatively reached out to touch her hand across the table as they waited for their first course, by the time their main course arrived they were holding hands and staring into each others eyes like the new lovers that Susan was sure that they would become.

The meal was everything that Susan had imagined a truly romantic rendezvous should be: the food was good, the service impeccable, and the company witty and attentive. Without actually knowing how she knew, or when it happened, Susan was aware that by the end of the meal, she was starting to fall in love. And not only was Paul her boyfriend, he was her best friend as well. What better start could they get?

Susan rested her head on Paul's shoulder as he drove her back to campus after the meal with one arm around her. The journey was far too short, and before Susan knew it they were pulling into the student car-park. They stayed in the same position after Paul had turned off the engine. Neither wanted the evening to end. Susan had just decided that she ought to do something to get Paul to kiss her, when he turned her slightly and brought his lips down to hers.

She'd expected a tentative kiss from Paul, but instead received an assured one. It was gentle and un-demanding, while being masterful at the same time. Susan didn't try to analyse it, she simply let the sheer love and erotic power of it flow over her. His lips were warm and soft, and moved tantalisingly over hers, catching and pulling her bottom lip from time to time, in a way that was causing Susan to steam! She wanted to deepen the kiss, and let their tongues dual for territory. Instead, Paul kissed away from her mouth, brushing his lips across her cheek, bringing them to her ear, to start nibbling on her ear-lobe. Susan had never felt sensations like this: the gentleness, the intimacy, the passion! Love welled up within her. Along with her love, accompanying it like a handmaid, rose her excitement. She had never felt anything as sensual as when Paul breathed gently into her ear. Her hands clutched him to her. She wanted him. She needed him. Any distance between them was too much. Their clothes were a nuisance.

Detecting her impatience, Paul brought his lips back to hers, and kissed her hard. His tongue entered her mouth, pushing its way past her soft lips and perfect teeth. Susan moaned in passion. His tongue retreated, causing her's to come in search of it into his mouth, like a captive brought into Rome. The fate which Cleopatra had avoided at such great cost, Susan embraced with delight. It was Paul's turn to moan.

With feverish urgency, Susan pushed Paul's sweater up, and, unbuttoning a few buttons of his shirt, ran her hand over his chest, his manly chest. Paul gasped as her fingers brushed, and then pinched one of his nipples. Susan broke their kiss, and, lowering her head, she took his other nipple into her mouth and tongued it. Paul could only hold her head against him, as his senses overloaded. He didn't know whether to turn into the kisses or away from them, the thrills were so intense.

Susan moaned into his chest as one of Paul's hands closed on her breast. It was so exciting being handled by him. She was so wet. She could feel the tops of her thighs getting all slippery. Paul kneaded her breast, while he held her head against his chest. Her licks and nibbles causing him to handle her slightly rougher than he realised, driven by exquisite sensations as he was. Susan revelled in his caresses.

Then Paul was using both hands, both of her breasts were now being handled. Her nipples erected, enjoying the slightly rough treatment. With fumbling impatience Paul started to undo her blouse. Susan sat up to make it easy for him. It was exciting for both of them as her lacy clad breasts came into view. Paul's whispered, `Wow!', was much appreciated.

Feeling bold, and with only a cursory glace around the car park, Susan reached behind her to unsnap her bra. Holding the cups in place, she moved so the straps fell from her shoulders. Paul was having trouble breathing, the tantalising curves of the sides of her breasts, visible to his attentive gaze, were very alluring. Paul could feel his erection growing uncomfortable in its tight prison. Susan smiled to see the growing bulge. With the tempting skill of a Siren, to a silent drum-roll which put butterflies in Paul's stomach, Susan slowly lowered her bra. Her breasts quivered in the silence. `They're beautiful', was Paul's heartfelt homage. Susan glowed with pleasure.

Paul tentatively reached out and cupped one breast, feeling its softness, taking its weight. With great concentration, almost like performing a scientific experiment, his thumb brushed against the hard pink nipple. Susan's involuntary gasp made them both smile. Paul leant forward and placed his mouth over the nipple of Susan's right breast. Teasingly, he waited a second before flicking it with his tongue. Susan ran her fingers through his hair, as his tongue toyed with her nipple, her breath getting increasingly short. As he pulled on her nipple with his lips, Susan's throwing of her head back and moaning `Mmmm oohhh' into the car's roof was instinctive. She was panting heavily as Paul moved his attentions to her other breast. Kissing around, but not quite reaching, her other nipple was torture most exquisite. Susan was reduced to clutching his head and guiding it to the wanton nubbin of need.

Determined to drive him as wild as he was driving her, Susan reached out and placed her hand on Paul's enticing bulge. His gasp was suitably gratifying. She ran her hand over it; it was excitingly large. Using both hands, she undid his belt, unbuttoned the waist-band, accompanying her actions with a most suggestive smile. That look alone was enough to cause Paul's cock to unfurl another inch! Susan unzipped his trousers, and slid her hands over his trapped penis. Paul's groaned "Unnnn" , was half pleasure, half frustration.

He gladly lifted his bottom to help Susan as she tugged his briefs and brought them, together with his trousers down to his ankles. Susan's eyes devoured his erect and throbbing penis as Paul kicked free of his clothes. Her hot hand closed around his manhood. The hunger of his kiss was intoxicating, but Susan didn't let go. Breaking the kiss, Susan lowered her head to his lap and licked the tip of his penis. A drop of pre-cum tasted slightly salty. Emboldened, Susan stretched open her lips, and lowered them over the purple head of his cock. She enclosed it, flicking the tip with her tongue. Paul's moans were almost constant.

As she sucked away, Paul had to lean close over her a number of times, to hide himself from the probing headlights of some cars pulling into the car park. Eventually he stopped bothering, whether from indifference to anything other than his pleasure, or from conviction that the windows were too steamed up for anyone to see in, Susan was uncertain. She just concentrated on lapping at the gorgeous cock between her lips. She enjoyed looking up and seeing the contorting grimace of pleasure on Paul's face.

Susan was getting so worked up she couldn't help herself, she had to rub her clitoris through her skirt as she sucked. Noticing her urgent actions, Paul lifted her up from his cock, and then slowly pushed her skirt up, running his hands up her silken thighs as he did it. Paul gasped as her naked pussy came into view. Susan lifted her bottom so the skirt could be bunched around her waist. She spread her legs open, revealing her glistening labia and thighs to Paul's enchanted stare. Provokingly, with an indescribably sexy smile, she opened her pussy-lips to reveal her throbbing clitoris and her juicy vagina, offering herself. `Fuck me', she said.

Paul was aware of how clumsy he was as he reclined the passenger seat, and moved into positioned between Susan's thighs as she lay back on it. Nevertheless, her sexy body, and her enticing words of encouragement were more than enough to keep him throbbingly hard. Slowly he lowered himself, and Susan guided him into her. Her gasp and his groan coincided as his full length sank into her wet cunt. She was ready for him. They kissed deeply as he pumped slowly in and out a few times. Susan wasn't satisfied with that: she lifted her legs higher, locking them around him, and used her heels to drive him into her harder and faster. The car began to rock, but neither cared. Their physical pleasure was great, but it was lifted to a higher plane as they looked with love into each other's eyes. They climaxed within seconds of each other: Susan coming first, racking his back with her nails, Paul coming soon afterwards, his semen squirting deep into her. They both declared their love as they lay in one another's arms.

Susan had started many things over the last week: university, living by herself, lesbian sex, and fucking, but the most important was this: starting to live her own love story.