The Lube Job

Info midnightdancer
17 Apr. '17

I'd been driving half the night when I pulled off the highway and into some antiquated gas station. It was obvious it was one of thousands that had been mostly left to rot when the interstate passed it by. No self-service in this place. Matter of fact, I was beginning to think there was no service at all when a sleepy looking dude in baggy overalls shuffled toward the car. I couldn't believe his uniform was unzipped almost to the navel. Since he wasn't wearing an undershirt, he gave me a good look at a bare muscular chest as he propped a hand against the side of the car and leaned close.

"Fill it up?" he muttered groggily. He yawned and scratched a hairy nipple as he waited for my reply. The heavy flesh of his pectorals rippled beneath his fingers and I felt a rubbing between my thighs. Because he rubbed so vigorously, I almost expected him to play with his nipples until they got hard!

"Yeah," I said.

"Coming right up, Mac."

He gave me a tired smile and his crotch a quick scratch before tending to business. The gas tank filled from the front, so I had a clear view of the sexy grease jockey. As he yawned again and leaned against the car, he sort of propped up his crotch in my direction. I was so tired from the drive that sex was the last thing on my mind. But as I watched this hunk flaunt his heavy equipment just a few feet away, my dick definitely began to hum. I kept staring until he finished filling the tank and started working on the filthy windshield.

As he cleaned the glass and I had an ever sharper view of what was going on, I noticed that the zipper on his uniform had taken on a life all its own. Those overalls were a one-piece job, like a jump suit, with a zipper that went from mid-chest to just underneath his balls. As he stretched to clean the windshield, the zipper slowly worked its way down until it reached his navel. I was mesmerized by the increased amount of bare flesh the man showed, especially when the zipper crept lower still and I saw the beginning of the guy's pubic bush. This was really unbelievable, not to mention hot!

The guy suddenly smiled and I felt my face redden as blood flowed to my cheeks. It was also flowing between my legs where I felt a healthy stiffness steadily growing inside my jeans. I couldn't believe this was happening, especially when the guy finished the rear windshield and came back to the front. As he put his cleaning scraper away, I noticed the zipper had worked its way almost as far as it could go and I really had something to see. The majority of the man's pubic bush was in plain sight, along with the thick base of his cock, which was flopping down his left pants leg.

It was more than obvious that he was putting on a show for my benefit, but what wasn't clear was just how I was going to handle it. Sex with strangers had never appealed to me, but maybe that was simply because I'd never had the opportunity before. If my dick was any sort of barometer, the atmospheric conditions for raw sex were ideal and steadily increasing. I swallowed hard as he came over and took the credit card I held out. When he walked to the office, I got my first good look at his ass. His butt cheeks moved inside those overalls like a couple of ripe melons, and I thought my dick was going to explode! By the time he returned for my signature, I was really sweating bullets.

"Anything else, Mac?"

His question was accompanied by a hand to his crotch. Instead of scratching from the outside like he'd done before, his fingers went inside the overalls and blatantly grabbed a handful of heavy meat. It was obvious that I wasn't the only one getting excited by this little game.

"Yeah," I said, making an effort to regain my composure. I was caught so completely off guard that this hunk really had me rattled. "Uh, where are the rest rooms?"

"I'm afraid they're out of order," he said with a crooked smile.


"Tell you what, pal," he said, leaning closer. The sleepy look was now completely gone from his eyes, replaced by something sharp, inviting and altogether sexy. "You can use my private john in the office there. Wouldn't want you to bust a bladder or something."

"Uh, thanks," I said, reaching for the door handle.

"No problem."

He stepped aside as I started to get out, wondering how I was going to hide the obvious bulge inside my jeans. Then it dawned on me! Why the hell should I care if the guy noticed I had an erection? After all, his dick was more than a little stiff and he was practically jacking off inside his coveralls! Boy! Was I a novice when it came to this sort of thing!

I finally got out and stood for a second, feeling his eyes burn into me as they raked from head to toe. They lingered on my crotch, of course, where my prick was making an enormous lump. Cramped by my underwear, it was actually hurting and I was dying to rub it, but I didn't quite have the nerve for that yet. Then the grease jockey did something that gave me that needed bit of courage.

Right there in the parking lot, he hauled out his meat and displayed it like he was prize livestock at some county fair. In fact, his enormous cock and balls reminded me of a bull's as they flopped out of the overalls and hung toward his knees. His cock was really impressive, half-hard with lust and with a clipped red cap that looked like it needed a good long sucking. As I stood there in astonishment, he stroked himself until his dick grew longer and longer. I licked my lips as I saw each additional inch, and by the time I saw something over 10 inches of stiff pecker meat, my mouth was watering like crazy.

"If you don't see what you want, just ask for it, pal."

"Uh ... thanks, Joe," I muttered, reading the name stitched to his coveralls.

"Don't mention it."

I felt my face burn again as I hurried into the small office and hastily found the john. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it. My heart was racing like mad and I could feel the blood throbbing at my temples and between my thighs. My dick was completely hard now, and I forgot all about taking a piss. As I stood there trying to compose myself, my eye wandered to a hole in the wall. It was probably three inches or so in diameter and positioned right beside the toilet. I leaned over to examine it and saw that it opened to the outdoors. My first thought was that someone could look in and see whoever was sitting on the john.

My second thought was that the hole was definitely not for voyeurs. That was made clear when my view was suddenly blocked. I dropped automatically to my knees when I saw something red and shiny appear at the hole and force its way slowly through. In a matter of seconds, a good six inches of Joe's stiff pecker was poking through the hole and there was no doubt in my mind what I was expected to do with it.

I heard a low groan through the hole as I wrapped my hand around the hairy base of Joe's prick and squeezed. The shaft was amazingly hard in contrast to the spongy cock head which I kneaded with my fingertips. Joe shoved forward again, giving me a full 10 inches of meat to work on, but I still wanted more. I stuck my fingers through the bottom of the hole and groped for those monstrous balls, too. Joe responded by helping me pull them through the snug fit of the opening, and I licked my lips when I saw my prize.

Joe's huge, beautiful prick arched up from those furry, succulent nuts, a graceful curve that I knew would fit neatly down my hungry throat. His clipped knob was a deep red, almost angry looking in contrast with the column of pale flesh supporting it. The cleft of the fat cock head contained a deep piss slit which invited my tongue, but I forced myself to take my time with this juicy treasure.

First, I worked on the sweaty ball sac, temptingly propped up on the edge of the glory hole. I touched my tongue to the underside, tasting the sweaty funkiness and forcing another groan of pleasure from Joe. I licked hungrily and eventually drew both nuts between my lips. They made an enormous, hairy mouthful which I licked and sucked until Joe was moaning with excitement. His cock was twitching in anticipation of having my hot lips wrapped around it, but I still took my time.

After some five minutes or so of intense ball work, I let Joe's big nut bag flop out of my mouth. Then, I slurped at the base of his dick, sucking the sides of the silky shaft and working my mouth slowly up the succulent pole. Slowly, very slowly, Joe was starting to fuck the glory hole and as I watched his desperate efforts, I decided it was time to take care of my own dick. It was bent almost double inside my tight jeans, threatening to bust out if I didn't give myself some relief. While I kept my mouth stuck to the sides of Joe's meat, I hauled out my prick and started stroking. I drooled a long stream of spit onto my cock head and soon my fist was making slippery noises as it slid up and down the length of my hot poker.

"Suck me, man," Joe muttered in a low groan from the other side of the wall.

"Is that what you want, Joe?" I teased.

"You know damn well it is!"

"You sure?" I pressed, licking at the base of the flanged, fleshy dome and enjoying the way Joe's shaft responded with little spasmodic jerks.

"Shit, yeah!" he cried. "I'm gonna go crazy if you don't put your mouth on my dick."

I knew I had pushed the desperate man far enough and, besides, I was so cock hungry I was about to go crazy myself. I touched the tip of my tongue to his gleaming cock slit, tasting the droplet of pre-cum cream clinging to the swollen knob. The first contact between mouth and cock head shot through Joe's body like a bolt of lightning. His whole body rocked and shoved hard against the thin wall. The impact was so strong, I thought for a moment he was going to come crashing down on top of me. But the wall stayed intact as his fat cock head slid slowly, deliberately down my throat.

"Oh, yeah!"

His groan was so loud I wondered if it could be heard from the highway. It got even louder as I slipped my lips back to the flanged dome and tongued relentlessly. All the while, I was fisting my meat faster and faster, establishing a rhythm identical with what I was using on Joe.

"Suck me, pal!" he groaned wildly. "Suck my fat cock. Yeah! That's good. That's how to do it!"

"Feel good?" I teased.

"Yeah, man. Use your tongue under my cock head like that. That's it!"

"You like that, huh?"

"God, yes. Oh, that's it!" he sighed. "That's it!"

Joe shoved his crotch hard against the wall, as though he could force still more dick through the glory hole. But I had as much as he could get through, and I worked every glorious, succulent inch of it. I could feel the strange, wonderful hardness a man's cock always gets when his meat starts filling up with pre-cum juice. It's almost as though the pre-cum hardens it more than blood, because, suddenly, I felt like I was deep throating a slippery stone. Joe's incredibly stiff poker rammed hard against the back of my mouth, battering my tonsils and almost making me gag with so much meat. But I was determined to handle every delicious inch and concentrated on accommodating him.

"I wanna suck out your cum, Joe!" I grunted.

"Oh, yeah!" he cried. "Do it, pal. "Soon. Real soon, huh?"

"I'm ready when you are, man!"

I was totally unprepared for what happened next. Abruptly and completely without warning, Joe stepped back and literally pulled his meat out of my mouth. I stared in disbelief at the dark glory hole, feeling like my dinner had been suddenly stolen. I gasped in disappointment until I saw something else at the gaping aperture. I saw Joe licking his lips.

"Hot shit!" I said.

I stood hurriedly when I understood what was to happen next. I pushed my jeans down to my knees and stepped against the wall. I had one more look at Joe's tongue protruding through the hole, waving in invitation, before I shoved my stiff dick through the hole and into his waiting mouth.

"C'mon, grease monkey. Put a lube job on this man's big meat. Yeah! That's it. Aw, shit!"

My knees trembled as I felt my stroking hand replaced by a hot, wet opening on the other side of that hole. I ground my pubic hair against the wall, shoving as far through it as possible, wanting to give Joe every available inch of my sex-crazed cock. I heard his hungry slurps which excited me a lot and at his insistence, I pushed my balls through the hole so he could work them too.

"Yeah," I sighed.

"Feel good?" he asked, teasing as he slid his ravenous mouth off my thrusting poker. I couldn't really complain. It was his turn to do me now.

"You know it does!" I moaned.

"Want me to work these big balls too?"

"'Oh, yeah. That's the way. Lick them real good, Joe."

"You like a man licking your nuts, huh?"

"Damned right," I sighed. "Especially when he's got a hot tongue like yours."

"Your nuts taste good, man. I like hairless nuts."

"Just keep licking," I urged. He did as I asked, tonguing my balls until they were soaking with his spit. Every lick sent a shot of ecstasy through me and when Joe sucked my balls into his mouth, my knees went weak again. "Yeah. Oh, yeah!"

I'd never been at a glory hole before and I have to admit it's a wild feeling that first time. When I was sucking Joe's dick and licking his balls, I was frustrated, because I couldn't grab his beautiful butt. I wanted to hold onto his ass while he pounded his meat into me, but instead I grabbed my meat and used my hands to jacked it with a frenzy.

"Yeah," I groaned. "Lick my cock head some more."

There was also the peculiar sensation of being on the other side of the wall, of getting blown by someone you can't see or touch. Joe's mouth was just an anonymous wet hole for me to fill with my hard dick. And I filled it! I pounded my crotch against that thin wall until it was shaking with the impact of my thrusts. I could hear Joe gagging and sucking and sometimes begging for even more.

"That's it, pal! Fuck this man's face. Make me choke on that fucking big dick!"


I closed my eyes and concentrated on nothing but my groin and that hot, wet feeling that only comes when another man's mouth is wrapped around your meat. I braced my hands against the wall, pushing my legs apart until I was spread-eagled. The complete focus of my energy was between my thighs, where I pounded relentlessly into that sweat-streaked glory hole.

"Yeah!" I groaned. "That's it. Suck my fucking cock, man. Take it real deep in that hot throat. Yeah. That's the way! "

As I began oozing pre-cum into Joe's hungry mouth, I could feel the cream start swelling up in my balls. I knew it was only a matter of time and a few more hot licks with that slippery wet mouth before the pre-cum juice would become the real thing. Up and down went his wet lips, coaxing out my load and pushing me beyond the point of return. I was fucking his mouth and that hole in the wall like a crazy man, losing control as I drove wildly toward release.

"Suck me!" I cried. "Suck out my fucking load, man!"

I felt Joe's fingers close around the base of my cock and hold tight, getting a firm grip as I let go with the first blast of cream.

"Oh, yeah! I'm fucking cumming!"

That first blast wasn't nearly as big as the second one. I heard muffled sounds telling me Joe was gagging on my load, but he never once took his mouth off my meat. He clamped his jaw on my dick and held tight as I poured my cum river into him.

"God, yes!" I groaned, feeling that liquid white heat drain from my dick and into Joe's waiting mouth. "Suck it out, man. Suck out all this man's cum. That's it! That's the way!"

I heard a loud moan and felt the wall tremble as Joe crashed against it. He was bracing himself with one hand, mouth still working hard on my stiff meat while he stroked out his own load. He groaned wildly, sounding almost in pain as he jacked it to the finish. At least, I thought that's what was happening. Suddenly, like before, Joe pulled a switch and yanked his mouth off my dick when I'd finally finished cumming. I took a step back as my dick started to shrink out of the hole. It was immediately filled with Joe's rock hard cock, the fiery red head looking angrier than ever. It was drooling a long stream of sticky pre-cum cream and I quickly dropped to my knees as I heard his pleading cry.

"Suck me, man! Hurry! Suck my fucking dick!"

Just as I opened my mouth to swallow that throbbing cock head, a gush of spunk blew out of the piss slit and struck me on the cheek. I barely got my lips wrapped around the head before the rest of the gusher followed. In a flash, my mouth was overflowing with cum. I gulped greedily, savoring every wad until finally there was no more.

Finally, I let him pull his dick from my mouth and took that long delayed piss. When I went back outside, Joe was waiting beside the car, a sleepy, contented look on his face. He grabbed me playfully on the ass as I got into the car and gave me the torn credit card receipt.

"That load of gas was on the house, pal," he said with a wink. "And so was the lube job!"