Category Clarification/Suggestion


I'm about to post a story with a few themes that I don't really see covered elsewhere by the provided categories. Specifically, exhibitionism, voyeur, and masturbation. I think these would be well used tags that should be added. As of now, the only thing that fits is Fetish & Kink, which to me is things like latex, food, feet, etc. But that's what I plan to tag it with in light of better categories.

Also, can you clarify what "Fantasy" is? Is it like the genre of fantasy, with magic, knights, wizards, dragons, or is it the tag for things that are written as fantasies of the author/character, ie: "I have a fantasy about blah blah blah, so let me tell you about it."

If it's the first option,I'd suggest making the tag Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and the other Fantasies.

Thanks for listening!

(Posted Feb 16, 2016)