Fan Fiction Allowed?

Hi all! I guess I ought to start off this inaugural post with a friendly howdy! :D

I actually just had a couple questions about the content guidelines for new stories.

First of all, is erotic fanfiction allowed here? The guidelines don't seem to mention whether it is or isn't and I know that a lot of erotic literature sites forbid it.

Secondly, I wouldn't mind a little clarification on what is considered "reluctant" (which is forbidden by the guidelines). I have a story where a guy basically invites himself in to a sexual encounter between two other people. The woman doesn't want a threesome and so she pushes him away and the guy doesn't push the issue any further. There's a little bit of groping and dry-humping before it stops, but there's no actual non-consensual/reluctant sex, just reluctant foreplay.

Also, the scene certainly isn't a glorification of this sort of behavior and isn't presented as erotic. In fact, it actually kills the erotic tone that was taking place when the original two partners were having consensual sex. It's in the story solely for the sake of plot and character development.

All the same, does it sound too dark for the site?

(Posted Nov 30, 2018)