Limits on this site?

Hello everyone! This is my first post so a quick intro: I'm a Finnish man in my mid 20's with a wild and somewhat dirty imagination. I've written an erotic story and I'm looking for a forum to publish it on when I found this site and I must say it looks inviting. I couldn't find any story guidelines or restrictions here so that's why I'm asking. Please redirect me if this belong to an other subforum.

So my story features some elements than some might consider rough or taboo or "not for me" types: namely non concentual sex, sexual violence, mental and physical abuse and mythological/fantasy creatures. No animal or child sex though, although one of the characters has horns. It's about a girl being trapped in a hell of sorts and not the kind of hell where everything is nasty and sinful in a lustful enjoyable way, but truly tormenting. Id like to hear a confirmation if any of these elements are forbidden in this site should I not go ahead and publish my story.

Thanks in advance and have a great spring!

(Posted Apr 18, 2017)