Look around you

In the office, shopping, hiking, swimming, plowing, planting, baling hay, pouring concrete, collecting taxes, putting on a new roof, whatever. Take a closer look at the people and/or surroundings and then build a story on that. At least you have something real to build on. Erotic stories and movies are essential a tool to let voyeurs be voyeurs without risk. If you were a voyeur, you'd be a voyeur in a real state, in a real city, on a real street, in a real building and the people would be real. "We didn't want to go to a club in our city so we went to one in a nearby city" does not come across as real and neither do the 10.5 and 12 inch cocks that you find in that club.

Once you decide on some real surroundings and/or people, imagine the people they know and all the stuff that could transpire.

If you write from your own experience, don't be afraid to exaggerate and lie. Lies are not illegal unless you are under oath or talking to the FBI. If you tell enough lies, you might even get elected president.

(Posted Nov 27, 2018)