Up & Adam

Hi, guys:

I don't know if you have had a chance to check out my series of stories titled "Up & Adam", but if you have, I would really like to know:

a) What you thought of the first four installments? (There will be a fifth and final one posted in the next few days)
b) Which of the first four installments you liked best:
1) My Hot Encounter in the Subway (Adam with Nick)
2) My Hot Encounter in the Men's Room (Adam with Gabriel)
3) My Hot Encounter in the Parking Garage (Adam with Enlai)
4) My Hot Encounter in the Park (Adam with Nathan)
c) Where you think the last installment will take place?

Can't wait to read your comments and responses. :)

Tristan LeMay

(Posted Dec 31, 2015)