The Perfect Fantasy

A hundred things go through my head when writing. Many times I've pictured a certain fantasy and I know it's never likely to come true, which is half the fun (right!?)

So lately, I've been working on a collection that's showcasing a wide range of those sexual fantasies that spice us up in the bedroom, or on the page!

For now too bashful to post story snippets, but the general idea is, it's a threesome (MFM) and involves a housekeeping maid working in a swanky five star hotel...

And she goes in to clean a suite one day and there are two sexy male occupants. Somehow they seduce her into a hot, indiscreet romp! It's going to be fast and freaky and totally worth the danger of being caught/discovered.

I'm playing around with a lot of ideas how she's going to get talked into this raunchy menage!

I think menages have that taboo factor that makes for a perfect fantasy. Still working on a few other prospects so I'm fishing for more great ideas, just in case!

(Posted Jan 11, 2016)