Hi, everyone:

For years, I was a big partaker in cybersex. When I first got the Internet, I would spend hours and hours chatting away and, eventually, getting enthralled in a great cybersex seance that would get me all hot and bothered... and, especially, my cybersex partner because, obviously, I was already an author, a creator of moments, and I already knew my way around words, so I would know how to make things enticing. I was at it so much that I had put a pair of barbells next to my chair and would do curls while I waited for responses. You wouldn't believe how I built up my upper body! Wow!

Then, for over ten years, I did not do any "cybersexing". Because I was in a regular relationship, but also because it had gotten a bit old for me. And then today, out of nowhere, there I was again, talking about sex with a guy on the other side of the planet and driving him to three orgasms with my words. It made me realize that, when I write in a "chat" situation, it isn't that much different than when I write a full-fledged story to be read by... well, more than ONE person. :)

How do you guys feel about cybersex? Do you partake in it? Do you get off on it, just like to get OTHER people off on it... or both? Do you use it as inspiration for your writing?

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about this.


Tristan LeMay, author xx

(Posted Jan 09, 2016)