Everyone does it...

Anthropologists do it with culture.
Archeologists do it with mummies.
Architects do it late.
Bankers do it with interest, but pay for early withdrawl.
Bayseians probably do it.
Boy Scouts do it in the woods.
Carpenters do it tongue in groove.
Chemists do it in test tubes.
Chemists do it in the fume hood.
Chess players mate better.
City Planners do it with their eyes shut.
Computer Operators do it upon mount requests.
C++ programmers do it with class.
C++ programmers do it with private members and public objects.
Deprogrammers do it with sects.
Drivers do it with their cars.
Druids do it in the bushes.
Druids do it with animals.
Drummers do it in 4/4 time.
Drummers do it longer.
Drummers do it louder.
Drummers do it with both hands and feet.
Drummers do it with rhythm.
Economists do it at bliss point.
Economists do it cyclically.
Economists do it in an Edgeworth Box.
Economists do it with a dual.
Economists do it with an atomistic competitor.
Economists do it with interest.
EE's do it on an impulse.
Electrical Engineers do it on an Impulse.
Electrical Engineers do it with faster rise time
Electrical Engineers do it with large capacities.
Electrical Engineers do it with super position
Electricians do it in their shorts.
Electricians do it until it Hertz!
Electricians do it with spark.
Electricians do it with 'NO SHORTS'.
Elevator men do it up and down.
Elves do it in fairy rings.
Engineers do it any way they can.
Engineers do it in practice.
Engineers do it to a first order approximation.
Engineers do it with precision.
English majors do it with an accent.
English majors do it with style.
Entomologists do it with insects.
Entymologists do it with bugs.
Evangelists do it with Him watching.
Existentialists do it alone.
Fencers do it in a full lunge.
Fencers do it with three feet of sword.
Fetuses do it in-vitro.
Firemen do it wearing rubber.
Firemen do it with a big hose.
Firemen find `em hot, and leave `em wet!
Fishermen do it for reel.
Flagpole sitters do it in the air.
Football players do it offensively/defensively.
FORTH programmers do it from behind.
FORTRAN programmers do it with SOAP.
FORTRAN programmers just DO it.
Fuzzy theorists (and Zen Monks) both do it and don't do it.
F. B. I. does it under cover.
Gamblers do it on a hunch.
Geographers do it globally..... :-)
Geologists do it to get their rocks off.
Geometers do it constructively.
Gerald Ford does it on his face.
Gnomes are too short to do it.
Golfers do it in 18 holes.
Gravediggers die to do it.
Gymnasts do it with grace.
Gyneacologists mostly sniff, watch and finger.
Hackers do it absolutely.
Hackers do it all night long.
Hackers do it at link time.
Hackers do it attached.
Hackers do it automatically.
Hackers do it bug-free.
Hackers do it by the numbers.
Hackers do it concurrently.
Hackers do it conditionally.
Hackers do it detached.
Hackers do it digitally.
Hackers do it discretely.
Hackers do it during downtime.
Hackers do it during PM.
Hackers do it efficiently.
Hackers do it faster.
Hackers do it graphically.
Hackers do it immediately.
Hackers do it in a HRRI.
Hackers do it in batches.
Hackers do it in dumps.
Hackers do it in less space.
Hackers do it in libraries.
Hackers do it in loops.
Hackers do it in O(n log n).
Hackers do it in parallel.
Hackers do it in SEXTRAN.
Hackers do it in stacks.
Hackers do it in the microcode.
Hackers do it in the software.
Hackers do it in trees.
Hackers do it in two states.
Hackers do it indirectly.
Hackers do it interactively.
Hackers do it iteratively.
Hackers do it loaded.
Hackers do it locally (or globally).
Hackers do it randomly.
Hackers do it recursively.
Hackers do it reentrantly.
Hackers do it relocatably.
Hackers do it sequentially.
Hackers do it synchronously.
Hackers do it with all sorts of characters
Hackers do it with bugs.
Hackers do it with computers.
Hackers do it with DDT.
Hackers do it with demons.
Hackers do it with editors.
Hackers do it with fewer instructions.
Hackers do it with high priority.
Hackers do it with insertion sorts.
Hackers do it with interrupts.
Hackers do it with key strokes.
Hackers do it with phantoms.
Hackers do it with quick sorts.
Hackers do it with recursive descent.
Hackers do it with side effects.
Hackers do it with simultaneous access.
Hackers do it with slaves.
Hackers do it with their fingers.
Hackers do it with words.
Hackers do it without a net.
Hackers do it without arguments.
Hackers do it without detaching.
Hackers do it without proof of termination.
Hackers do it without protection.
Hackers do it without you even knowing it.
Hackers don't do it--they're hacking all the time.
Hams do it with frequency.
Hardware hackers are a charge.
Hardware hackers do it closely coupled.
Hardware hackers do it electrically.
Hardware hackers do it intermittently.
Hardware hackers do it noisily.
Hardware hackers do it on a bus.
Hardware hackers do it over a wide temperature range.
Hardware hackers do it with AC and DC.
Hardware hackers do it with bus drivers.
Hardware hackers do it with charge.
Hardware hackers do it with connections.
Hardware hackers do it with emitter-coupled logic.
Hardware hackers do it with female banana plugs.
Hardware hackers do it with male connectors.
Hardware hackers do it with maximum ratings.
Hardware hackers do it with power.
Hardware hackers do it with resistance.
Hardware hackers do it with transceivers.
Hardware hackers do it with uncommon emitters into open collectors.
Hawaiians do it volcanicly.
Helicopter Pilots do it while hovering.
Helicopter Pilots do it with autorotation.
Hikers do it naturaly.
Horn players do it French style.
Hunters do it in the bush.
Hunters do it with a bang.
Hurdlers do it every 10 meters.
Hypertrichologists do it with intensity.
Lawyers do it in their briefs.
Lawyers do it with extensions in their briefs
Lisp programmers have to stop and collect garbage.
Mathematicians do it in theory.
Metallurgists are screw'n'edge.
Moonies do it within sects.
Multitaskers do it Everywhere: Concurrently!
Nuns do it out of habit.
Philosophers think about doing it.
Photographers do it in the dark.
Physicists do it at two places in the universe at one time.
Physicists do it like Einstein.
Physicists do it with charm.
Physicists do it with large expensive machinery.
Physicists do it with the help of an absolute Bohr (ouch!).
Politicians do it with everyone.
Popes do it in the woods.
Programmers do it all night.
Quantum mechanics do it in leaps.
RISC assembly programmers do it 1073741824 times a second.
Scuba divers do it deeper.
Shakespearean scholars do it... or don't do it, that is the question
Smalltalk programmers have more methods.
Sociologists do it with class.
Statisticians do it with 95% confidence.
Statisticians probably do it.
Systems programmers keep it up longer.
Typographers do it with tight kerning.
Usenet freaks do it with hard drives!
Vicars do it with amazing grace.

(Posted Feb 23, 2017)