Sex the art of the personal ad

You'll have noticed that Craigslist removed its personals section last year (March 2018, after the U.S. Senate passed the "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act Bill." The bill says assisting, supporting or facilitating sex-related crime is “participation in venture.” TLDR: online websites would be held responsible for the content posted on their platforms, making the personals section a liability).
I can't say whether this will truly have an impact upon sex trafficing. I'd like to think something positive would come of this infringement of Freedom to Post Sex Ads (it's in the Constitution somewhere, ain't it?), but all I think it's done is cut down on my entertainment. I honestly loved reading the ads - so much drama, adventure, and mystery was to be found! Didn't cost a penny, and I didn't have to leave the house or, God forbid, actually meet someone. Though I did once hire a guy to paint my house in the nude. Good times.
If you were fan, and miss them as I do, have you found a replacement? If so, what site?

(Posted Oct 18, 2018)