Edging - confession

I'm 42 yo, always horny bi boy who decided to share his feelings in real time.
I'm really super horny because it has been 9 days I had my last orgasm and now I for over 2.5 hours gently play with my hard wet cock.
Few minutes ago I almost didn't make it because I was watching 2 boys and 1 girl having sex in gym after exercise, bodies pouring sweat and all three moaning. First had orgasm that dark hair boy, doing himself with hand, moaning and cumming on their girl. That blond hair boy ( exactly my type ) was fucking her. I loved I can see on the video these details, that boy was sweating from every pore. I was such aroused. Suddenly the girl moaned that she is coming and she had to feel like in heaven and that blond boy was already too aroused and her pulsing pussy made him such quick that he just pulled out cock from her pussy, screams such loud and at same time that sexy blond hair boy cummed three geysers. I felt such strong wave I was sure I'm cumming but not yet.
I'm on the couch , 3 big towels under myself because I'm also sweating, more and more. Now feel again growing pleasure, caressing my wet body.....
I closed my eyes and suddenly was thinking about my few hot adventures with my younger friend Adrian. The first day he agreed to exercise and ended up bathing in his sweat and then I made him orgasm, it was like explosion of pleasure in his sweating body. Then I was like in reality pressed to his body, imagined smelling his body, natural scent after such extreme sweating .
Trying to cool down but every naughty thought makes me feel pleasure
Like that cute boy I saw 3 weeks ago in our county gym. He could be 18-20 yo and had such sexy body. He was like after bath in his own sweat, I think I must cum....
I closed my eyes, saw that cute boy's sweating body and exploded
I was like in other world, shaking, indescribable pleasure. First spurt hit wall behind my bed and another 4 are on my towel and body.
I'm surprised how much did I sweat, my whole body is like after bath and 2 bath towels are all wet. Now need to drink and shower.

Edging is really amazing, I had such strong orgasm. Now such sweet relief, like in heaven.

It's all from me, bad boy needs shower :) somebody else will tell about your edging ?

(Posted Apr 08, 2019)