Becoming A Hot Wife

I've had play with 1 other guy besides my husband and he was there and wanted me to do it as well I wanted to also.We found a guy on Craigslist before they stopped the personals and we found him together. My dilemma is that I want to get into hotwifing and want to find guys myself without my husband helping. I want be picked up by guys and to be taken and played with and maybe fucked with and without my husband being there and telling him all about it, and he doesn't mind but I cannot bring myself to go out and do it or even to find one online and actually follow through. I was wondering if anyone who has done it before can tell me how I might get over the apprehension I am having to get out and actually do this. I want to do it really bad , I dream of it and I am consumed by the thought of it daily. Any suggestions ?

(Posted Apr 20, 2019)