How my friend made me orgasm

Today i had orgasm i almost lost consciousness. I have one much younger friend, just 20 yo cute boy who is sometimes working for us. I always had younger partners and somehow started talk to Adam. Few days before he was doing harder garden work and i saw his body shiny with sweat. I started to really think of him and he ne evening told mě he has a girlfriend but back in his country and they had Some phone sex week ago. He knows I'm bi and we somehow got idea to try it. We took a shower together and I confessed to him I'f love some much see him exercising and sweating. He just smiled : " I play soccer and I sweat pretty lot but now didn't for a while. Maybe I should do some exercise. " I told him : " Adam, please show me how you can exercise and please sweat as much you can. You will arouse be si much. " Adam jumped on exercise bike and started to ride. In 33F . Without shirt and I saw he is started like pour sweat. It made my cock hard like stone. I had hands in handcuffs to avoid masturbation and i was Looking at him. I told him : " Adam, keep exercising, sweat out your body. I'm such aroused. " After 45 minutes was Adam sweating from every pore but kept exercising. It was like rivers pouring down his body. I knew i must press to him because his body will make me explode , he was everything for me at that moment. I told him : " Adam, look at my cock, please let me pet you, please. " He stopped exercising and freed my hand . Than smiled at me : " I'd never imagine I can sweat like this, I'm bathing in my own sweat. I really make you such aroused? I want to see you cum. " I kissed him and said ; " You are such amazing boy Adam and trust me you deserve the biggest pleasure. I want to see your body shaking in strongest orgasm possible. I know how tired you must be, I'm really curious to see how much you sweat out your body but I'm proud of you so much. Now you will try how it is to fuck a boy and I think it is tighter than your girlfriend´s pussy. And just enjoy your feelings because your body deserves to feel like in heaven. Try not to rush and you will see how extreme pleasure can give you your body. And I think you will cum a lot. I want to feel your warm cum flooding my body and then you help me. Your cock is such hard. You want to cum it out, a lot, right ? Think of something what makes you most horny, what about your girlfriend, I saw her sweating a lot at one picture. " He said : " Yes, I love her sweating, she is laying tennis, yes she would be such cute, sweating like river .... I feel such pressure, I must cum, I'm in you and i feel such amazing. I dont even feel how I'm pouring sweat. Yes, I must cum Patrik, I cannot last longer. " I could see he is very close, sweat was raining on me and he was moaning louder and louder. I said : " Ok, now you show me how my friend cum, I love boys juice allover my body, come my dear friend. I was such happy watching his extreme orgasm after such bath in sweat. He was screaming and cumming, 6 spurts of semen and guess he did feel like in heaven. He laid down, tired and gasping, totally bathed in sweat and he I knew I need to press to him. I started kissing him and got all wet from his sweat. My cock was pulsing and then I started to smell his body. Personal scent of this boy pouring sweat, its such personal and I know I need to cum. I told him : " Adam, you are the best boy in whole world, please caress my cock and let me smell you. I didn't think I can last another 20 minutes but Adam was amazing. I was at same edge and then exploded. My young friend said I was screaming and I could not believe how much juice I cummed out after just one day.
I know Adam has his girlfriend and is probably too young for me but I know I need a nice boy or girl who will be nice and honest. I hope they are boys and girls here who will sweat their bodies, I know I need it because it is such personal and intense to smell my partner after sweating and have such strong orgasm.
Now I'm masturbating with Undershirt what my dear friend sweated thru and I can again smell him.
Yes I'm going to cum again, soon ....

I had another amazing orgasm, cummed allover my towel. I saw again Adam pouring sweat and love so much to smell him.
Maybe I'm pervert but the pleasure is indescribable...

If Ipis here somebody like me write me please....
and I wish all girls and boys feel like me now

(Posted Aug 21, 2019)